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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 123 of 131)
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Middlesex ss. Nov r 7. 1748. W m Manning the administr r presented the
above Acct on oath ; I having examined the same, do allow thereof.

S. Danforth J. prob

6970. JOSEPH NEWTON 1 of Hull, England, was from a family of New-
tons that lived in Hull, Yorkshire, England, for several generations and before
that came from the adjoining County of Lincolnshire. Since our Richard New-
ton of Sudbury, Mass., probably originated in or near the home town of Sudbury,
England, it is not impossible that these two clans may have been nearly related.


This man, Joseph Newton, was born about 1809, at Hull, England, and died

there about 1853. He married there about 1831, Elizabeth , who was born

about 1811, and died about 1S95. They lived all of their lives in Hull. Their
ten children, born there, were:

6971-0975. 1, Charles 2 ; 2, George 2 ; 3, Isaac 2 (m. Miss Glenn) ; 4, Joseph 2 ; 5,
Alfred 2 .

6970-G978. 6, John 2 ; 7, Septimius 2 ; 8, Henry 2 (b. 1851, d. Oct. 2, 1912, at Los
Angeles, Calif. ; burial at Chicago, 111. He came to America when 17
years" old. He began work with the J. K. Arinsby Company of Chicago
and worked up — becoming its president. He m. (1) Miss Join's; m.
(2) Miss Steen ; no children).

6979-G980. 9, Caroline 2 (m. Mr. Clemenger) ; 10, Amy 2 (m. Mr. Garthorne).

6975. 5. ALFEED NEWTON 2 (son of Joseph 1 ), bom August 27, 1839, at
Hull, England; died at London, England, August 30, 1910; married there Jan-
uary 31, 18GG, Mary Machin, daughter of Thomas and Charlotte Machin of
London, England, where she was born July 12, 1841. Their cbildren were:

69S1. i. Joseph Gilbert 3 , b. , 18GG, at London, England ; came to America,

and in 1911 was living in Los Angeles, Calif. He m. in 1899, Grace D.
Goodwillie of Chicago, 111.

6982. ii. Arthur Williams 3 , b. , 18G8, at London, England ; came to America ;

m. at Chicago, 111., June 1, 1908, Miss Claire O'Neill, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Richard O'Neill of No. 1G57 Sheridan Road, Chicago, 111. They
reside (1911) ) at No. 3018 Sheridan Road, Chicago, 111. He is a banker —
vice president of the First National Bank in 1913.

6983. iii. Enid Mary 3 , b. , 18G9 ; unm. (1911) ; res. Ipswich, England.

6984. iv. Caroline Frances 3 , b. • , 1870 ; m. 1S95, William Saunders. They

were living in 1911 in London, England.

6985. v. Alexander 3 , b. , 1871; unm. in 1911; residing in Chicago, 111., in

1912 ; a broker there.

6986. vi. Margaret Aimee 3 , b. , 1873 ; unm. in 1911 ; residing in London,


6987. CHARLES E. NEWTON of Chicago, 111., of the firm of "Newton &
Catlin, wholesale and retail furs, 607 Masonic Temple," states in 1907, of his
ancestry, "I think they originally came from Norway."

6988. JOHN NEWTON 2 (son of Sir John Newton 1 of East Harptree, Som-
erset, Eng.) had a daughter who was his sole heir, namely,

6989. i. Frances 3 , b. ; m. in 1591, George Upton of Wells, son of Geoffrey and

Mary Upton. They had a daughter,

6990. 1. Frances Newton* Upton, b. ; sole heir, who d. s. p.

6991. JOHN NEWTON of Fairfield, Vt., had a cousin Benjamin Upton. [I
do not know if there is any connection between the two statements. They occur
in the Upton Family Records, 1893.]

6992. ISAAC NEWTON 1 and WILLIAM NEWTON 1 , brothers, of Lan-
cashire, England, emigrated to Canada, and their descendants to the United
States. It is a pleasure to give here a record of their posterity, that those who
shall come after them may be able to trace with some knowledge of whence they
came. Mrs. Julia M. Raynor has kindly contributed the data. She does not
state when they came to America.


Isaac Newton of Lancashire, England, as a young man, sang in Lincoln
Cathedral. lie married and had a son to whom he gave the name of the great
philosopher, and had him so baptized, namely :

0993. i. Sib Isaac Newton 2 , b. , 1800, in Lancashire, England; d. at Mon-

treal, Canada, , 1881. He in. in Lincolnshire, England, Elizabeth

Vickers, daughter of Woodward and Mary Elizabeth Vickers of Lincolnshire,
England, where slie was b. May 12, 1808. She d. at La Prairie, Canada,
April 17, 1800. They emigrated to Canada about 1820 or 1827 — (their first
child was b. here) — and settled near and in Montreal. They had twelve
children, six of whom became adults. Their second, third, seventh, ninth,
eleventh and twelveth died young; the others were:

0994. 1. (Jcoryc?, b. March — , 1S27, at Montreal, Canada; an engineer; m. Mary

Crawford, who died, leaving a son. They lived in Central City, Colo.;
Chicago, 111., and Lal'orte, Ind. Child was:

0995. 1. Alexander 4 , b. , at Montreal, Canada; d. in 1908, in Colorado;

0990. 4. Selina*, b. Jan. 1, 1832, at Montreal, Canada; m. Henry Britt. Both had

d. before 1011).
0997. 5. James 3 , b. Jan. 22, 1834, at Montreal, Canada; was living in 1910; unm.

6998. 10. Frederick", b. — , 1837, at LaPrairie, Canada; m. Isabelle Leggett,

who died.

6999. 8. Bebeccca", b. Feb. 23, 1841, at LaPrairie, Canada; was living in 1910.

She m. Charles Henry Hazard, and had a daughter,

7000. 1. Julia Maria 4 Hazard, b. Eeb. 18, 1804, at Montreal, Canada ; m. June

21, 1894, Rev. Charles Tefft Raynor, rector of Grace Church at
Waverly, N. Y., where they were living in 1910. Their children are:

7001. 1. Charles Hazard 5 Raynor, b. Dec. 25, 1899.

7002. 2. Mary 6 Raynor, b. Nov. 10, 1904.

7003. 10. Maria 3 , b. , 1845, at LaPrairie, Canada ; m. Thomas Kirkland. She

had died before 1910.

G998. FREDERICK NEWTON* (son of Sir Isaac 2 ), born in 1837, and his
wife Isabelle Leggett had four children, namely:



George 4 , b. ; m. Mary Mann. No children.

Maugaret 4 , b. ; m. William McNab. One son.

James 4 , b. ; d. before 1910 ; unm.

Frederick 4 , b. ; m. Maud Naylor. One son.

7008. v. Minnie 4 , b. ; m. Frank Ames. No children.

7009. WILLIAM NEWTON 1 (brother of Isaac 1 , No. G992) of Lancashire,
England ; emigrated from England after his brother Isaac did ; came to
America; lived awhile in Montreal, then went to Kingston, Canada, where he
died and was buried. He had no children.

7010. S. B. NEWTON, M.D., a physician at Ampersand, N. Y., in 1907,
states: "My father came from England and I have no relatives in America,
save a brother, by the name of Newton."

7011. GEORGE NEWTON 1 , born , 1818, in Sheffield, England. His

daughter thinks his parents died when he was young. He married in Sheffield,

England, Sarah Oakes, who was born there , 1816, and died at Sterling,

111., in 1880, after a long period of suffering from a fever-sore. Their children
were all born in England. Mr. Newton had a brother, who came to America,
"who was a well-known Methodist minister in Toledo, Ohio"; married; died
before 1911. "They had two daughters, one of whom is a professor in some col-
lege out West — I cannot say where," is the statement.


George Newton came to America . . He came West in 1855 and settled in

Sterling, 111., where he engaged in the manufacture of wagons, carriages, sleighs,
etc. He was successful in business and left a few hundred dollars apiece for
his children. In 1861 he enlisted as a soldier in the Civil War, for the town of
Sterling, 111., for a term of three years, in Company D, Seventy-fifth Illinois
regiment, and was discharged in 18G4. During the last years of his life he joined
his comrades in the Soldiers' Home at Quincy, 111., where he died in 1901.

He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church — a minister in that
church — officiating as a local supply, but without a regular charge. His chil-
dren were:

7012. i. Mary 3 , b. , 1841; m. at Morrison, 111., Edward Vennum. They were

living in 1911 in Morrison, 111.

7013. ii. William 3 , b. , 1843; d. at Missouri Valley, Iowa, in 1910; m. at

- Sterling, 111., Frances Barnes. Their children are :

7014. 1. Evelyn 3 , b. ; was living in 1911 in Elroy, Wis.

7015. 2. Henri/ 3 , b. ; was living in 1011 in Missouri Valley. Iowa.

7010. iii. George 2 , b. — - — — , 1845 ; was living in 1011 in Washington, D. C, where
he was employed in the United States Treasury. He m. at Sterling, 111.,
Emma Nichols. Their daughter.

7017. 1. Nellie 3 , b. ; m. a Mr. Shore. They were living in 1911 in Wash-

ington, D. C, and had "a daughter four years of age,"

7018. 1. Dorothy 4 Shore, b. , 1907.

7010. iv. Eliza 2 , b. , 1847; d. at Tacoma, Wash., in 1890; m. at Sterling, 111.,

Henry Spaulding of Tacoma, Wash. Their daughter,

7020. 1. Myrtle 3 Spauhling, b. ; m. Miller; living in 1911 in

Tacoma, Wash.

7021. v. SARAn 2 , called "Jennie," b. , 1852; m. at Sterling, 111., Richard

Granville. They lived at Elm Creek, Neb., and at Grand Island, Neb.
Their children are :

7022. 1. Edith 3 Granville, b. ; was living in 1011 at Grand Island, Neb.

7023. 2. Raleigh 3 Granville, b. ; was living in 1011 at Elm Creek, Neb.

7024. 3. Gordon 3 Granville, b. ; was living in 1011 at Tacoma, Wash.

7025. vi. Emma 2 , b. March 25, 1854; m. at Sterling, 111., , 1877, Myron William

Humphrey, son of George B. and Susan Mitchell (Hawley) Humphrey,
a farmer in Morrison, 111., where they were living in 1011. Mrs. Hum-
phrey has contributed the data for this family record. It is w r ell to have
it recorded here, that there may be less confusion in future tracing.
Children are :

702G. 1. Royal L. 3 Humphrey, b. , 1878, at Mt. Pleasant, 111.; res. Rock

Falls, 111.

7027. 2. Guy C. s Humphrey, b. , 1880, at Sterling, 111. ; res. Rock Falls. 111.

7028. 3. Glenn RJ Humphrey, b. , 1895, at Moline, 111. ; res. Morrison, 111.

7029. EICHAED NEWTON 1 , "from near Liverpool, England," came to
America and settled in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1822. His wife was Elizabeth, who
came with him "and the rest of the family"; of whom I have knowledge of
none except the son Richard, said to have then been ten years of age. This son,

7030. i. Richard 2 (D.D.), b. , 1812; d. . 1882, at Chestnut Hill, Phila-

delphia, Pa. He was a noted clergyman of the Episcopal Church, in charge
of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, on Third St., Philadelphia. Jay Cooke and
wife belonged to this church. He m. Lydia Greatorex, daughter of Lawrence
and Elizabeth Groatorex. TGreatorex was owner of paper mills on the
Brandywine, near Wilmington. Del., said to be the first paper mills in
America. He must have lived toward the latter part of 1700 and the first
of 1800.] The order of the children here given is probably nut correet.
Children were :

7031. 1. Richard Hcber 3 (Rev. and Dr.). b. about 1840, at Philadelphia. Pa. ; d.

at his home at Scarborough, N. Y., Dec, 1914, in his seventy-fifth
year. Dr. Newton was an Episcopal clergyman, and one of tbe mosl
noted of the country. He was graduated from the University of Phila-
delphia in 1S02; from the Episcopal Divinity School of Philadelphia
in 1803, and made deacon in St. Paul's Church by Bishop Alonzo



Potter ; was ordained priest in 1SG9. While deacon he served four
years as assistant to his father in Philadelphia : for two years had
charge of Trinity Church in Sharon Springs. N. Y. ; for a time was
rector of St. Paul's Church in Philadelphia, where his energy and elo-
quence soon made him prominent. In the spring of 18G9 he was called
to take charge of All Soul's (the Anthony Memorial I Church in New
York City, where he continued until 1902. His liberality of thought
made him widely known and brought upon him the so severe criticism
of other clergymen of his church that in 1891 he was charged by them
with entertaining "liberal religious views, and violating Canon XIII.
in admitting other denominations to his pulpit," and a board of inquiry
to investigate the charges was appointed by Bishop Potter. The matter
became of wide interest and shortly after Dr. Newton resigned his
charge. In 1903 he was appointed rector of Memorial Church and
select preacher to Leland Stanford Jr. University, in Berkeley. Calif.,
but resigned the charge in April of the same year. He was active in
his efforts to harmonize the differences in creeds and bring more unity
to the churches of California. Dr. Newton was the author of a num-
ber of sermons, and studies of the Bible and religion.

7032. 2. WUliam ^Yilbcrforc<■ 3 (Rev.), b. Nov. 4, 1843, at St. Paul's Rectory.

Philadelphia, Pa.; graduate of the University of Pennsylvania 18G5;
was class poet ; spent one year in Europe : entered Philadelphia Divinity
School in I860, and was graduated in 180S ; ordained priest 1S69 ; held
charges in Philadelphia, Brookline, Newark. N. J., Boston and Pittsfield,
Mass. In Pittsfield, where he was in 1890, he was a member of the
school committee; member of the World's Red Cross Society: of the
G. A. R. — having been in Landis' Battery of Artillery in Philadelphia
in 18G3. He visited Europe again in 1888-1889, and received the
degree of D.D. from the University of Pennsylvania on his return. He
is the author of many books. He m. at Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 16,
1870. Emily Stevenson Cooke, daughter of Rev. James W. and Emily
(Stevenson) Cooke. Their children were :

7036. 1. William Wilberforce 4 , Jr.. b. May 18, 1872.

7037. 2. Emily Stevenson 4 , b. April 19. 1874.

7033. 3. John 3 , b. , 18—.

7034. 4. Elizabeth 3 , b. , 18—.

7035. 5. Martha 3 , b. , 18—.

7038. WILLIAM NEWTON 1 (unknown), bora in England, July 15, 1840;
was living in 1904, at Bloomer, Chippewa County, Wis. He married October 9,
1867, Amelia Harriet LeBarron, bora November 2, 1843. Their children were:

7039. i. Alice.

7040. ii. Frank LeBaron.

7041. iii. Wilber.

7042. iv. Kenneth.

7043. THOMAS NEWTON 1 of Kingston-upon-Hull had two sons who came
to America in 1662, John 2 and Thomas 2 .

7044. i. John 2 brought with him sons. 1. John 3 ; 2, Joseph 3 ; 3. Benjamin*. He

settled in Stafford. Ya. [county just north of Fredericksburg], while his
brother settled in Norfolk County, Ya. The Yirginia land records^ show
grants also to John Newton in Xansemond County. Ya. [adjoining Norfolk
to the westward], Oct. 23. 1673.

7045. ii. Thomas 2 , b. about 1626; settled in Norfolk County. Ya.. near the present

city of Norfolk. The records of Accomac County. Ya.. show that -Thomas
Newton aged 3G," testified. May 22, 1GG2. as to a deed of bargain and sale
from Joseph Newton (see above) to Henry Picott, and that Joseph Newton
united in a deed in Accomac County, Nov. 16, 1G70. The Yirginia land
records also show land grants to George Newton (presumably son of
Thomas 2 ) in Lower Norfolk County, Ya.. April 26, 1684.


7046. 1. George 3 , b. ; d. in 1G94 ; was one of the overseers of the will of

Widow Sarah Willoughby, proved 1G73 ; he "to live in the house and
care for the estate" ; m. Frances Mason, daughter of Lemuel and Anne
(Sewell) Mason. Letter's testamentary were granted to Frances, widow
of George Newton, Jan. 15, 1095. She m. (2) before 1705, Maj. Francis
Sayer, who d. before April 13, 1708, and administration of his estate
granted to widow, Frances. They had several children, among whom was
a son,

7047. 1. George 4 , b. ; whose will was proved July — , 17G2. He is

mentioned in the old charter of Norfolk, Va., the third name on the
list. He was a member of the house of burgesses of Virginia, 1723-2G ;
alderman of Norfolk, 173G, and its first mayor. He m. 1700, Alphia
Wilson, dau. of Col. James Wilson. They had several children, among
whom was a son,

7048. 1. Thomas 5 , b. March 14, 1713; d. Sept. 15, 1794; m. Amy Hutchins,

dau. of Col. John Hutchins (whose name also appears on the
Norfolk Charter). They had five children, all of whom d. in infancy
except the son,

7049. 1. Tliomas 6 , b. March 15, 1742 ; member of Virginia Convention of

177G and of the committee of safety ; member of Congress, etc.
He m. Martha Tucker, dau. of Col. Robert Tucker (a Norfolk
charter man). They had several daughters, two of whom were
living in 1853, "estimable ladies who married into highly respect-
able families," and at least two sons, namely :

7050. 1. Thomas 7 , b. about 17G8 : d. Aug. 15, 1847, aged 79; lawyer;

member of Congress, 1801, and for thirty years ; "a Southern
gentleman of the old school". No man was better known in
Norfolk and the District." He and his brother are spoken of as
"the late respectable and intelligent citizens." He m. Margaret
Jordan. Of their children, one was :

7052. 1. Cincinnati W. s , b. ; m. Martha Tucker, and had,

7053. 1. Virginius 9 , b. ; resides in Richmond, Va. ; repre-

sented the city in the state legislature ; member of the
Society of the S. A. R., No. 1574 ; member of the N. E.
Hist. Gen. Society ; living in 1S9G, and later.

7051. 2. George 7 , b. 17 — ; res. Norfolk, Va. ; "was a very wealthy gentle-

man. He had the esteem and confidence of his fellow citizens,
having filled many important public offices." He m. and had
children. One was :

7054. 1. Dr. Thomas 8 , b. ; "an accomplished physician" ; was

an alderman of the City of Norfolk in 1853.

The Newtons of Virginia, heads of families in the First United States
Census, 1790, are probably descended from the four men, John 3 , Joseph 3 .
Benjamin 3 , and George Newton 3 , above.

At Wilmington, Va., "the family homestead of Newtons," is the following
inscription : "Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of Mrs. Sarah New-
ton, daughter of George Eskridge, and late wife of Capt. Willowby Newton of
Westmoreland Co., who after justly established the character of dutiful
child, a faithful friend, an affectionate mother and sincere Christian, departed
this life on the 2nd of December 1753, in the 46th year of her age."

The name of Willowby, Willoughby, was an early one in the Colony of Vir-
ginia. A Thomas Willoughby 1 was a settler there, a prominent man of the
Colony and a large landholder. The Willoughbys and Newtons intermarried.
The widow, Sarah Willoughby, whose will is mentioned above, is either widow of
this Thomas 1 or his son. Mead, in his "Old Churches of Virginia, 1861," quotes:
"from an old document of Mr. Willowby Newton, father of the present Willowby,
and grandson of a Willowby Newton, I learn that at an early period four
brothers" [the proverbial four] "imigrated to Virginia. One settled in Norfolk,
another in Alexandria, one in Westmoreland and one in Stafford."


7055. 1. CAPT. WILLOWBY NEWTON of Westmoreland County may
have been a descendant of any one of the above Newtons and of the fourth or
fifth generation to have a wife born about 1727, as was Sarah Eskridge, whom
he married, and who died in 1753, aged 16. lie is spoken of as the "First
Willowby Newton." He had a son,

705G. i. JOHN, b. ; m. . in Virginia, who was a vestryman of the church

there. He m. and had a son.

To.'T. 1. Willowby, 1). : who was a vestryman in the same church and m.

the widow of Richard Lee of Lee Hall, in Westmoreland County. Vir-
ginia. She was a Miss Poythress. I suppose it was their son who is
mentioned above as "the present Willowby." and that he was the

7058. 1. Hon. Willoughby Newton of Westmoreland County. Virginia, mentioned

in "The Marshall Family." by Paxton. 1885, who m. Mary S. Brock-

, enborough, daughter of William is. of Dr. John and ( White I

Brockemborough. Their children were:

7059. 1. William B., b. , m. Mary Page of Winchester.

70(10. 2. Sally, b. ; m. Philip Smith of Winchester.

7061. t3. Willoughby, b. about 1830: m. Elizabeth Marshall.

7002. 4. John B., b. . 1S3- ; m. Roberta Williamson.

7063. .">. Robert, b. . 18 — : m. Annie Arnett.

7004. 6. Judith W.. b. . 18—: m. Edwin Claybrooke.

7005. 7. Edward C. b. ; 18 — ; m. Lucy Y. Tyler.

7061. WILLOUGHBY NEWTON (son of W T illoughby), bom about 1836, in
Westmoreland County, Va., married November 10, 1863, Elizabeth Lewis Mar-
shall, born June 10, 1811, at "Carrington," educated in Mr. Powell's Female
School at Richmond, Va. Their children, born in Westmoreland County, Va.,
were :

7066. i. James Keitii. b. April 3. 1805.

7007. ii. Mary W.. b. Nov. 0. 1800.

7068. iii. Rebecca Payton, b. March 7. 1868.

Toco. iv. Edward Marshall, b. Oct. 10. is7o.

7070. v. Bessie L., b. Nov. 8, 1875.

7071. vi. Jacqueline A., b. Jan. 2, 1881.

7072. JARED NEWTON 1 , from England, near Hull. The following- from
a letter of August 13, 1907, written by his descendant, Mr. Thomas W. Newton,
Little Maumee P. O., Ark. (Little Rock, Ark.), is the extent of my knowledge
of this immigrant. "My father, who was born at Alexandria. Va., many years
ago, made a chart of our branch of the Newton family, which begins, I think,
about the year 1700 with a Jared Newton, who came from England — somewhere
near Hull — and left two sons, John and William. Our side branches, I think,
from William, and whose descendants are located both north and south through-
out the United States. This chart has been copied several times for different
branches of the family and I am of the opinion the original is with my nephew,
Robert C. Newton, in business with 'Swift & Company.' Chicago, 111." 'T have
a cousin. Miss Emma Clark of Delaware City. Del., who interests herself and
knows much about the Virginia branch of the family."

The following from "Historical Families of Kentucky,"' by Green, 1889, and
an article by Professor Shim, historian of the state of Virginia, gives all I know
of the posterity of this immigrant.

7073. 1. THOMAS WILLOUGHBY NEWTON, SR. (styled "General"),
born in 1803, in Alexandria, Va.. died in New York City, 1853, aged 50 years.
In 1820, aged 17 years, he went to Arkansas — Little Rock, where he evidently


studied law. In 1829 he went to Shelbyville, Ky., and married Mary Kelsey
Allen, fourth daughter of Col. John and Jane (Logan) Allen of Shelbyville, Ky.
He remained at Shelbyville and practiced law until 1837, when he returned to
Arkansas, and is mentioned as "of Little Rock." He was a member of the
Twenty-ninth Congress from Arkansas. "His sons were gallant officers in the
Confederate service, and not less accomplished in civil life." The sons were :

7074. i. Robert Crittenden, b. , 18 — ; d. before 1907 ; had a son,

7075. 1. Rohert C, b. , 18—; res. Chicago, 111., in 1914.

7070. ii. Thomas Willougiiry, Jr., b. , 18 — ; living in 1014 at the "Newton

Farm, Little Manmee P. O.," near Little Rock, Ark. ; a man of ability ;
was speaker of the state house of representatives of Arkansas for several

terms; postmaster during Cleveland's first, term; m. ; wife living

in 1914, at Little Rock, Ark. "They had a large family of boys who are
all dead except the youngest," 1907, and a daughter, who was graduated
June, 1907, at Washington.

Colonel, and later General, John Allen (above) of Shelbyville, Ky., was a
hero of the War of 1812. Another of his daughters, Anna, married Col. Richard
Johnson, an editor and lawyer of Little Rock.

It seems to me that the above family of Newtons must in some way be related
to Thomas 1 of Norfolk, immigrant. I have not tried to trace any of the
Virginia Newtons— just to recognize them.

7077. THOMAS NEWTON, who seems to be the earliest immigrant of all
Newtons in Virginia, was in the Colony in 1G37 ; had wife Mary in 1639 ; and
was living in February, 1643-4.

7078. JOHN NEWTON [whether descended from the Virginia Newtons or
the Massachusetts Newtons is unknown to me] was living in Pulaski County,
Ark., on the north side of the Arkansas river — (that is across from Little Rock) —
before 1820. He was a man of family and had an estate. He died at his home
in Pulaski County, December, 1822; on November 11, 1822, his wife, Jane, died
at the same place.

7079. FENWICK NEWTON of Pulaski, Ark., appointed cadet, 1828, to
West Point Military Academy.

7080. BASIL NEWTON and LARKIN NEWTON of Crawford County,
Ark. (descent unknown to me). The "first Court of Crawford County, 1820,
was held in the storehouse of Basil Newton & Larkin Newton." In July, 1825,
Basil Newton administered on the estate of John and Mary Newton.

7081. LARKIN NEWTON married in Hampstead County, Ark., September,
1829, Mary Ann Wilson, daughter of John Wilson of that place.

7082. JESSE NEWTON of Drew County, Ark., "came there at a later

7083. JAMES NEWTON of Calhoun County, Ark., in 1850.


7084. MR. N. C. NEWTON, July 23, 1881, was accepted a member of
Virginia Historical Society.

7085. ALLERTON NEWTON of Westmoreland County, Va., was a con-
necting link between the immigrants of the north and south colonies. He "was

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