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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 124 of 131)
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doubtless akin to Capt. "Willoughby Newton of Westmoreland Co. whose wife
Sarah, dau. of George Eskridge," etc. . He is mentioned in the will of his
grandfather, Hon. Isaac Allerton, dated October 25, 1702, in this wise: "to
grandson, Allerton Newton, 1000 lbs. of tobacco when 21 years of age." Also,
"to daughter Sarah Lee, and grandson, Allerton Newton, two tracts of land in
Stafford County." He makes his son, Willoughby Allerton, residuary legatee
and executor.

This Isaac Allerton 2 (s. of Isaac 1 of the Mayflower), born 1630, at Plymouth,
Mass. ; graduated from Harvard College 1650 ; settled in Westmoreland County,

Va. ; wife Elizabeth; six children, of whom the fourth, , m. Newton

and had son Allerton.

7086. JOHN NEWTON born in Norfolk, Va., August 24, 1823; died in
New York City. May 1, 1895.

The most brilliant achievement of Gen. John Newton's career as an engineer
was the removal of the dangerous rocks at Hell Gate in the East River channel
in New York.

He was a graduate of the West Point Military Academy, and ranked second in
a class of fifty-six, which contained a number of men who afterward became
distinguished as generals in the Civil War. His high standing enabled him
to choose an assignment in the engineer corps of the army, and he was com-
missioned second lieutenant of engineers and appointed assistant professor of
engineering in the military academy. Until the opening of the Civil War he
was engaged in various engineering enterprises in the army, serving in the
construction of fortifications and other works along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts,
and in 1858 acting as chief engineer of the Utah expedition. He was the
chief engineer of the Department of Pennsylvania when the war began, and in
August, 1861, he was engaged in constructing the defences of Washington.

He received the rank of Brigadier General of Volunteers and served in the
Army of the Potomac in the Peninsular Campaign. At Fredericksburg he led
a division, and when Gen. John E. Reynolds was killed before Gettysburg,
General Newton succeeded to the command of the first corps. In command of
the second division of the fourth corps of the army of the Cumberland he
participated in the invasion of Georgia, and took part in the engagements that
culminated in the capture of Atlanta.

During the war he received the brevets of major general of volunteers, and
brigadier general and major general in the regular army and after the war
became lieutenant-colonel of engineers. He was made superintending engineer
of the construction of the defenses on the Long Island side of the Narrows
entrance to New York harbor, and was appointed to direct the improvements
of the Hudson River and of the fort at Sandy Hook.

The East River forms a large portion of the water front of New York and
Brooklyn, and is the most important avenue of coastwise trade in the United
States. Its channel is scoured by strong tides which keep it permanently free
from shoals of sand and mud, but in the strait called Hell Gate there were
immense obstructions in the form of numerous reefs encroaching on the channel
and giving rise to violent, currents which made navigation extremely hazardous.
In 1851 a French engineer named Maillefert was engaged to remove these



obstructions. He applied a process of surface-blasting whicb succeeded in
removing from the rocks the projecting prominences of small area, but were
of little effect on the main rocky structure.

Soon after the war General Newton was instructed to make an examination
of Hell Gate and present a plan to remove the obstructions. His plan was
submitted in 1867 and thereafter for nearly twenty years he was engaged on the
problem of the destruction of the reefs of Hell Gate. His plan was to sink a
shaft upon the rocky surface and from it excavate tunnels in the rock in a
radiating direction under the river and connect them with concentric galleries;
then, after removing from the interior as much of the rock as possible without
danger of letting in the water, to blow up the rock and supporting columns.
These plans involved the solution of novel engineering problems and the
invention of new apparatus, but they were carried out with complete success.

Hallet's Point was blown up in 1876 and Flood rock in 1885, the explosions
producing no great, noise or disturbance and causing only the slightest damage
in adjacent buildings.


Reference is to Numbers.

John, 1632 ; Anthony, 1640 ; Thomas, 1662 ; Thomas, 16S8 ; Jared, 1700 ;
Isaac, 1806 ; Joseph, 1800 ; Richard, 1822.

Abigail. 6040.
Alexander, 6085, 6905.
Alfred. 6975.
Alice, 7039.
Allerton, 7085.
Amy, 6980.
Anne S., 6961.
Anthony, 6937.
Arthur W., 6982.

Basil, 7080.
Bessie L., 7070.

Charles, 6971.
Charles E., 6987.
Caroline, 6979.
Caroline F.. 6984.
Christian, 0942, 6945, 6953.
Cincinnati W., 7052.

Edward A., 6056.
Edward C, 7065.
Edward E., 0958.
Edward M., 7069.
Eliza, 7019.
Elizabeth, 7043, 6944.
Elizabeth S., 6957.
Emily S., 7037.
Emma. 7025.
Enid, 6083.
Ephraim, 6939.
Evelyn, 7014.

Fen wick, 7079.
Frederick. 0998, 7007.
Frances, 6989.
Frank L., 7040.

George, 6969, 6972, 6994,
7004, 7011, 7016, 7046,

Gilbert S., 6960.

Hannah, 6946, 6954.
Henrv, 6935a, 6952, 6962,

6978, 7015.
Hibbard, 6943, 6949, 6947,


Isaac, 6973, 6992.
Sir Isaac, 6993.

James, 6997. 7006, 7083.

James K., 7066.

Jacqueline A., 7071.

Jane, 7078.

Jared, 7072.

Jesse 7082.

John. '6935, 6936, 6938, 6041.

6951, 0002. 6967, 0070.

6988, 6991, 7033, 7044,

7056, 7072, 7078, 7080,

John B., 7062.
Joseph. 0070.
Joseph G., 6981.
Judith W., 7064.

Kenneth, 7042.

Larkin, 7081.
Eucretia, 6959.

Margaret A.. 6986.
Margaret, 7005.
Maria, 7003.
Martha, 7035.

Mary, 6935, 7012, 7077,

Mary W., 7067.

N. C, 7084.
Nellie, 7017.

rhillips, 6048.
Pompey, 6941.

Rebecca, 6999.

Rebecca P., 7068.

Richard. 7020, 7030.

Richard Heber, 7031.

Robert, 7063.

Robert C, 7072, 7074, 7075.

Ruth, 6939.

S. B., 7010.
Sally, 7000.
Samuel, 0908.
Sarah, 7021.
Selina, 0096.
Septimius, 69, 77.

Thomas, 6942. 6947, 7043,
7045, 7048, 7049, 7050,
7054, 7077.

Thomas W., 7073, 7076.

Virginius, 7053.

Wilber, 7041.

William. 6950, 7009, 7013,

William B., 7059.
William W.. 7032. 7036.
Willowbv. 7055, 7057, 7058,

7061, 7072.



Ames, 7008.
Adams, 0043.
Allen, TOT."..
Allcrton, 7085.
Arnett, 7003.

Raines, 7013.
Britt, 6996.
Brockenborough, 7058.

Crawford, 6994.
Clark, 7072.
Claybrooke, 7064.
Clemenger, 0979.
Cooke, 7032.

Eskridge, 7055.

Garthorne, 0978.
Goodwillie, 6981.
Granville, 7021.
Greatorex, 7030.
Green, 0902.

Hazzard, 6999, 7000.
Humphrey, 7025.

Surnames other than Newton
Hutching, 7048.

Jones, 6978.
Johnson, 7073.
Jordan, 7050.

Kirkland, 7003.

LeBarron, 7038.
Lee, 7057.
Leggett, 6998.

Machin, 6975.
Mann, 7004.
Mason, 7046.
Marshall. 7061.
MeNab, 7005.
Miller, 7020.

Naylor, 7007.
Nichols, 7016.

Oakley, 6960.
Oakes, 7011.
O'Neil, 0982.

Page, 7059.
Poythress, 7057.
ruffer, 6940.

Raynor, 7000.

Sayer, 7046.
Shore, 7017.
Smith. 7000.
Spaulding, 7019.
Steen, 0978.
Stuart, 6952.
Swan, 6960.

Talbot, 6936.
Tucker, 7049.
Tyler, 7005.
Tyng, 0956.

Vennum, 7012.
Vickers, 0993.

Wainwright, 6945.
Williams, 6956.
Williamson, 7062.
Wilson, 7047, 7081.



ASA NEWTON, whose wife was Candace Hawthorne, had a son, Ilial Haw-
thorne, born October 31, 1825, at Reading, Vt. ; died at St. Augustine, Fla.,
November 16, 1891, aged 66; married Feb. 5, 1854, at St. Johnsbury, Vt., Sarah
Gibson, who was born at St. Johnsbury, December 2, 1834, and was living in
Aurora, 111. Children :

i. Charlotte, b. Jan. 5, 1855, at. Newbury, Vt. ; m. June 5, 1878, at Nottingham,
Ohio, Charles Stone Kilbourme, son of Horatio and Francos (Stone) Kil-
bourne of St. Johnsbury, where he was b. in 1850. They were living in
Aurora, 111.

ii. Eudora, b. March 15, 1859 ; d. March 15, 1860.

ABNER NEWTON, whose wife was Susanna, had three children born at
Templeton, Mass., one of whom died there, namely :

1, Abner, b. 1759; 2, Susannah, b. 1760; d. 1763; 3, Benjamin, b. 1763.

ALFRED WHARTON NEWTON [son of Richard— who may be the one
who came from England in 1822 and settled in Philadelphia] married, October
22, 1863, Maria Louisa Swift. They had a first child born in Philadelphia, Pa.,
and two others at Fort Scott, Kans., namely:

i. Alfred Edmund, b. Aug. 26, 1864 ; m. Babette Edelheim.
ii. Emily Matilda, b. Dec. 12, 1870.
iii. Sarah Thomas, b. Nov. 24, 1872.

This family is taken from Kollock family of Sussex County, Del.

ASA NEWTON married Tamar Vinton, daughter of Abiathar and Rhoda
(Wheelock) Vinton of Leicester, Charlton and Hadley, born July 30, 1766. She
m. (2) Jonas Belknap.

ABRAHAM NEWTON and wife Lucy had a daughter, Thankful Emily,
born January 9, 1817, in Shrewsbury, Mass.

ABRAHAM NEWTON and wife Mercy had a daughter, Elizabeth Myrie,
born September 11, 1820, in Phillipston, Mass.

ADIN NEWTON married Esther Burnham, born March 11, 1807, daughter
of Walter Burnham.

ALBERT NEWTON married Agnes TIpham, daughter of Louis and Sally M.
(Bigelow) TJpham of Bennington, Vt.

ALONZO NEWTON married in 1872, Henrietta Lydia Davidson, born 1844,
died October 6, 1884, daughter of Samuel and Lydia W. (Ball) Davidson of
Royalston, Mass.

ALDRED NEWTON married at Southborough, March 23, 1815, Anna Tozer,
daughter of Josiah and Louisa Tozer of Southborough, where she was born
August 16, 1796. Later they appear in Ipswich, Mass., where it is recorded that


Capt. John Choate Kinsman (s. of Nathaniel) sold house and land to Warren
Nurse, April 7, 1846 (366:77), who sold half of it to Anna Newton, wife of
Aldred Newton, April 18, 1846 (369:127). One child was born in Southborough,
Louisa Ann Mitchell, born September 8, 1820.

A. O. NEWTON married April, 1881, Cynthia E. Kent, born December 2,
1853. They had :

Ralph A., b. July 23, 1883.
i. Hollis K., b. March 31, 188(5.
ii. Harry L., b. Feb. 26, 1888.

AKTHUR NEWTON of Boston, mariner.

Suffolk Co. Mass. Registry of Probate.
Reg rs Certificate of administration. Vol. 57 : p. 380
December th Martha Newton of Boston in the County of Suffolk Widow, Admitted by y e
Judge Administratrix of the Estate of her late Husband Arthur Newton, late of Boston
aforesaid Mariner deceased Intestate — ■ John Gibbs Painter Stainer & John Sterling
Terukemaker both of Boston aforesd became bound with said Martha for her faithful
discharge of her trust Att r . W m Cooper Reg

AUGUSTUS NEWTON (— ), a soldier of the Civil War from Harvard,
Mass., aged 25, August 31, 1862; Sixth Massachusetts regiment; credited to
Stow, Mass. ; mustered out June 3, 1863. Nine months' man.

ARAD B. NEWTON ( ) married December 4, 1825, Zilpah Baily, both

of Lancaster, Mass.

ALVA NEWTON at one time lived in Herkimer, N. Y. ; married twice and
had sons Louis A. Newton, in 1007, of 92 Eulton Street, Middletown, N. Y., an
alderman ; and W. H. Newton of Hamptonburgh, Orange County, N. Y. ; and
George Newton, who was half-brother to Louis A. The mother of Louis A.
Newton, now Mrs. A. C. Burtis, was living in 1907, at 18 Sprague Avenue,
Middletown, Orange County, N. Y.

BENJAMIN S. NEWTON, a lawyer of Northborough, Mass.; died there
married, in 1853, Sarah W. Rugg, daughter of Ephraim and Betsey

(Warner) Rugg. She was born at Leominster, October 4, 1809, and died there
December 2, 1S99.

BENJAMIN NEWTON, born February 3, 1777; married August — , 1803,
Phebe Stearns, daughter of Joseph and Rhoda (Tingley) Stearns, born in
Attleborough, Mass., October 10, 1781. They lived in Susquehanna County, Pa.,
until 1835, when they removed to Wyoming, Putnam County, 111. Children:

i. Fiiebe. b. April 15, 1804; m. Feb. 7, 1821, Hiram Miller and had two

children. He d. and she m. (2) July 25, 1830, Robert Sharer, and had

four children,
ii. Nelson, b. Nov. 22, 1805 ; m. Dec. 5, 1830, Hannah Burdick, b. March 25,

1814, and had five children,
iii. Sarah, b. April 8, 1809 ; m. March 20, 1828, Peter Sharer, b. March 29, 1801,

and had nine children,
iv. David, b. Sept. 6, 1811; m. Sept. 4, 1834, Sarah A. Brondage, b. July 5,

1814; d. Feb. 11, 1838, leaving two children. He m. (2) Adah Delmater,

b. Dec. 6, 1816, who had four children,
v. Joseph, b. April 12, 1813; m. Jan. 3, 1841, Jane White, b. Jan. 24, 1822.

Three children.
vi. Benjamin, b. May 4, 1817 ; farmer,
vii. Newman, b. April 19, 1819 ; farmer and carpenter.
viii. Flora, b. Aug. 29, 1821 ; m. May 3, 1845, H. S. Gregory.


ix. Naomi, b. ■ ; m. March 24, 1844, C. A. Mount. She had two children,

and d. Nov. 16, 1847.
x. Riioda, b. May 14, 1827 ; d. Nov. 6, 1827.

CHAELES NEWTON (ped. untraced) married March 29, 1843, as her second
husband, Mrs. Sarah Ann (Hays) Loomis, widow of John Loomis, a farmer of
Milton, Wayne County, Ohio. She was born at Kupert, Vt, May 13, 1810.
Mr. Newton was a farmer, living in 1877 in Saville, Ohio.

CHAELES D. NEWTON (ped. untraced) married Adeline A. Wilder, born
March 25, 1830, daughter of Jonas and Arathusa (Manning) Wilder.

CHAELES H. NEWTON (ped. untraced), married Arethusa Adaline Wilder,
born March 5, 1836, died August 15, 1868, daughter of Jonas and Arethusa
(Manning) Wilder of Sterling.

CHAELES H. NEWTON (ped. untraced) married August 31, 1872, Mittie
Belcher Abbott, born September 10, 1849, daughter of Asa and Elizabeth Mayhew
(Butler) Abbott of Farmington, N. H.

CHAELES HUMPHEEY NEWTON (ped. untraced), born July 13, 1842;
married November 6, 1864 or 1865, Mary Elizabeth Dana, born November 21,
1843. Mr. Newton was graduated from Marietta (Ohio) College in 1860; was
a soldier in the Civil War — Second Lieutenant in the Second Ohio Heavy
Artillery. He is a merchant in Marietta, Ohio. Both Mr. and Mrs. Newton
are members of the Mayflower Society — he, being ninth in descent from Francis
Cook, was elected to membership June 6, 1899 ; she, being ninth in descent from
William Bradford, was elected May 1, 1900, Ohio Society. Children:

i. Stephen Dana, b. Sept. 10, 1865 ; d. Sept. 8, 1869.
ii. William, b. Nov. 29, 1867.

CHAELES H. NEWTON, cashier of Dime Savings Bank, Marietta, Ohio.
Living in 1911. Forebears from Connecticut. See Thomas of Fairfield.

CHAELES WOETHINGTON NEWTON (ped. untraced), a descendant of
William Brewster of the Mayflower, 1620, and a member of that society, was one
of those who, in 1903, contributed to the purchase of "Perth Assembly," printed
at Leyden, Holland, in 1619.

C. W. NEWTON (ped. untraced), in 1896, resided at No. 1202 West Fayette
Street, Baltimore, Md. He married Ellen Maria Fisk, born January 14, 1838,
daughter of Carlisle Alancent Fisk of Pleasant Valley, Conn., and Springfield,
Mass. Child:

i. C. P. Newton, b. ; was living in 1896 in New York City.

CHAELES W. NEWTON (ped. untraced) married at Woburn, Mass., August
20, 1888, Emily C. Marshall, "both of Woburn." Child :

i. Abby S., b. March 27, 1890, at Woburn.

CHAELES A. NEWTON ( ) was living in 1906-1908, in Oaks, Dickey

County, N. Dak. "His father lives in that country, too."

CHAELES NEWTON ( ) of Worcester and Silence J. Boyden were

married at Holden, Mass., January 27, 1842.



KEV. CHRISTOPHER NEWTON, a clergyman of the Episcopal Church,
had a daughter, Abigail, who married David Shelton, who married in 1830,
Jane P. Perry, bom 1811, at Huntington.

CHARLES NEWTON and Sarah A. Rice of Sturbridge married at Wor-
cester, 1835. I suppose she married (2), 1843 at Sturbridge, Josiah Cummins of
Thompson, Conn.

CHAUNCEY NEWTON married Ellen C. Keep, daughter of William Lester
and Sophia (Cook) Keep of Granville, Mass.

CHARLES F. NEWTON, Tunbridge, Vt.; carpenter; married Roxanna
A. Ladd, daughter of James (or John) Ladd (son of Edward) of Tunbridge, Vt.,
and his wife Sally (Clough). She was born October 1, 1814. They had ten
children. Three of the sons were soldiers in the Civil War, one of whom starved
to death in Andersonville prison. Both Mr. and Mrs. Newton were living in
1891, aged 96 and 88, respectively, and in good health of mind and body.
Children were:

1, Charles; 2, Isaac; 3, Norman; 4, Truman; 5, Roxanna; 0, Diana;
7, Rix L. (b. 1853) ; 8, Fanny.

RIX L. NEWTON (son of Charles F., above), born at Tunbridge, Vt., March
14, 1853, was living in Shoreham, Mass., in 1891. He was educated in the
schools of his native town and at Washington, Vt. September 17, 1886, he went
to Shoreham, Mass., to work for J. B. Swan, contractor and builder, who after-
ward became his brother-in-law. In 1888 he was a special policeman of Shoreham,
and in April, 1889, he was appointed chief of police, which position he continues
to hold (1891).

He married (1) at Chelsea, Vt., November 30, 1873, Jennie O. French, who
had three children, only one of whom was living in 1891. He m. (2) at Chelsea,
Vt., January 16, 1886, Georgia Swan of Granville, Vt., who died without children.
He married (3) September 19, 1889, at Stoneham, Mass., Julia S. Cleveland of
Newport, Vt., who was living in 1891. Child :

i. Myrtie Belle, b. ; resides with her father, 1891.

CHARLES F. NEWTON (ped. unknown) married May 9, 1867, Minerva J.
Boughton, born July 27, 1844 ; died February 3, 1886. They had a daughter :

i. Etta Dean, b. Jan. 27, 18G8.

1, fCHESTER; 2, +ELISHA, and 3, fSAMUEL NEWTON, brothers, lived
in Bernardston, Mass.

1. CHESTER NEWTON (not traced), born .November 18, 1804; died
December 5, 1845. [The data regarding the three brothers, Chester, Elisha and
Samuel, are taken from the History of Bernardston, Mass.] He married Lucia
R. Potter, who died at Bernardston, Sept. 26, 1898, aged 83 years. Mr. Newton
was a farmer at Beaver Meadows, Leyden, Mass. Children were:


i. Laura, b. ; iu. Nov. 3, 1858, Lucius M. Weatherhead. They moved

to Riverside, where he died. One child :

1. Emma Weatherhead, b. ; m. Henry Barton of Riverside.

ii. Galusiia P., b. ; m. Juliette Streeter 7 (Dea. David 8 , Joel 5 , Ebenezer',

Joseph 3 , Stephen 2 , Stephen 1 of Gloucester in 1042) of Bernardston. Mr.

Newton was a farmer in Bernardston. His children were:

1. Christine, b. Feb. 20, 1879.

2. Win, b. Oct. 14, 1882.

3. Henry, b. Jan. 31, 1885.

4. Clifton, b. ; d. — .

5. Horace, b. .

iii. Edmund C, b. ; d. at North Bernardston, Aug. — , 1883; m. Harriet

Tyler, dau. of George Tyler of Fitchburg. Mr. Newton was a soldier in
the Civil War, serving in the 52d regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer
Infantry. He purchased the "Old Chase Tavern" at North Bernardston;
there he lived and died. His children were :

1. Chester, b. ; m. Miss Reed. They lived in Fitchburg.

2. Florence (twin), b. ; m. Streeter.

3. Francis (twin), b. ; m. Lyman.

2. ELISHA NEWTON (brother of Chester), bom , 1804— [same year

as his brother] ; died from an accident, July 30, 1841 ; m. Climena Frizzle,
daughter of Reuben Frizzle, Jr. She m. (2) Dec. 18, 1853, James D. Shattuck,
Jr. (3d wf.), whose first wife was Rachel Frizzle, and whose second wife was
Dency Frizzle. Mr. Newton lived in Leyden, Mass., until the last years of his
life, when he moved to Newcomb, Mass. His children were:

i. George Elisha, b. July 5, 1835.

ii. Allen, b. April 29, 1839 ; lived in Bernardston ; unm.

iii. Frank, b. ; m. Ella H. Slate, daughter of Chauncey Slate. They

lived in Suffield, Conn. One child was :
1. Edicin Frank Slate, b. .

3. SAMUEL NEWTON (brother of Chester and Elisha), born ; mar-
ried Rehecca Packer, daughter of Packer of Leyden, Mass. They lived in

Leyden, but Mr. Newton died in Bernardston at the home of his son, Horace H.
Children were:

i. Belinda, b. .

ii. Sophia B., b. ; m. N. N. Bixby, and lived in North Adams, Mass.

iii. Emily, b. ; m. Dr. O. A. Wheeler, and lived in Monrovia, Calif.

iv. Eva J., b. ; m. March 27, 1873, Harris Freeman Williams, b. Sept. 11,

v. Horace H., b. ; m. ; res. Bernardston. "His eldest daughter m. Oct.

10, 1900, Harry T. Lazelle."

I suppose these three brothers descend from Rev. Roger Newton 1 — no

DAVID S. NEWTON (s. of ) born about 1805; died at Worcester,

Mass., Sept. 23, 1838, aged 33. He married there, April 7, 1831, Lucy Henry.
The only child I have knowledge of was a daughter, Emma Elizabeth, born
February 28, 1835, at Worcester. Abstract of his estate settlement follows:

1838. David S. Newton, Worcester. 43100 A.

Petition — Decree & Bond of Edward Earle of Worcester,

appointed admr. Oct. 2, 1838.

$5000. | Elisha Darkness 1

\ Joseph Pratt J Sureties
Consent of widow, Lucy Newton, and Elisha Harkness and Joseph Pratt,

creditors, to appointment.
Inventory. Total, $4258.51

House & lot, $1800.

Cooper's shop and livery stable, $900.

Personal, $1558.92


Petition, and license for sale of real estate assented to by widow, "as guardian

of children of deceased," Nov. 6, 1838.
Commission, of Insolvency, List of claims, etc.

Account allowed, May 1840.
Balance, $1509.83, giving dividend to creditors of GO cents and 9 mills on a

Widow decreed $250 dower.

CAPT. D. C. NEWTON, late of Company D, 52d regiment, Illinois Volunteer

Infantry, married Mary M. , who died his widow, at her home in Batavia,

111., June 29, 1913, aged 78 years.

DANIEL BUTLER NEWTON of Easthampton, N. Y., married Susanna
Cook, daughter of Moses of Chatham. He died and she married (2) 1801, Henry
Strong Kellogg. His sister, Lydia Bartlett Kellogg, married Stephen Newton 7 ,
Jr. (Stephen 6 , Paul 5 ).

REV. DANIEL NEWTON, a clergyman of the Methodist Episcopal Church,
and one of the earliest settlers of Ottawa, 111., had a daughter," Hannah, who
married, 1850, Sellick J. Burr of Seville, Medina County, Ohio, son of Gershom
and Mary E. (Norris) Burr of Ottawa, 111. Her children :

i. William N. Burr, b. 1851 ; res. Colorado Springs,
ii. Edward N. Burr, b. 1854 ; res. Pueblo, Colo.

DANIEL NEWTON of Binghamton, N. Y., was born there December 9, 1815.
He married there January 3, 1837, Eliza Jane Bostwick, daughter of Joseph and
Charlotte Bostwick of Binghamton, N. Y., where she was born January 2, 1819.
She died at Piano, 111., October 13, 1886. They had nine children, namely:

Charlotte, b. Nov. 18, 1839. Unmarried.

Charles Westley, b. Oct. 15, 1840.

Isaac, b. ; served as a soldier in the Civil War in the 104th Illinois

regiment, infantry, and died in the service,
iv. Hiram Bostwick, b. July 19, 1845 ; m. Dec. 25, 1880, at Piano, 111., Jane

Cook, who was b. June 9, 1851, at Iron Hill, Canada. Their children

were :

1. Grace Cook, b. Oct. 27, 1881.

2. Oscar Warren, b. Nov. 6, 1882.

3. Fannie Pearl, b. Nov. 6, 1887.

v. Alpheus, b. July 27, 1847 : d. July 4, 1897 ; m. Clara E. Williams.

vi. John Franklin, b. April 20, 1849 ; unro.

vii. William Graves, b. Feb. 9, 1851 : m. Aug. 10. 1887, at Yorkville, 111.,

Fannie Maria Cook, b. Nov. 29, 1849, at Iron Hill Canada. [See above.]

They had a son,
1. Earl Robert, b. Aug. 9, 1888.
viii. Etta Maria, b. March 4, 1853 ; m. David Coo.
ix. Joseph, b. Sept. 8, 1855 ; m. Cora Thurston.

DANA NEWTON and wife Laura had a daughter, Mary Ann, born in 1828,

in Holden; died 10, 1856; married at Worcester, March 2, 1847, DeWitt

Clinton Cleveland, son of Whitney and Hannah Cleveland. He was born in
1825 at Pierrepont, N. Y. No children. Divorced. [Perhaps this is Dana 6
(Moses 5 , Elisha 4 , Moses 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ).]

DEXTER NEWTON married Sarah Davis, daughter of Winslow and Lydia
(Learned) Davis of Templeton and Gardner, Mass. She was born March 27,
1837, at Gardner, and after the death of Dexter Newton she married (2) in 1867,
as his second wife, Sidney Patterson Emory.

DAVID NEWTON married Sarah Grove, daughter of David and Irene
(Abbott) Grove of Ware, N. H., who married (2) Samuel Johnson.


DAVID NEWT OX had a daughter, Anna K. Newton, who married, May 5,
1849, George C. Hitchcock, son of Spencer and Mary C. Hitchcock, born at New
Preston, December 10, 1826. A breeder of horses. She died s. p.

DANIEL NEWTON of Milford, N. H., was one of those men who were
specially licensed to sell liquors for three days. That is, the day before, tbe day
of, and the day after the ordination of the Kev. Humphrey Moore. There were
already eight annual licenses in the town. His special license was issued October
13, 1802.

DANIEL E. NEWTON married in Grafton, Mass., October 19, 1837, Amanda

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