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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 125 of 131)
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M. Drury, who died in Upton, Mass., November 6, 1849. C. K. The first three
children were born in Grafton, the last three in Upton, namely :

i. Martha Jane, 1838.

ii. Henry Howard, 1839.

iii. Harriet Caroline, 1842.

iv. Ruth Eliza, 1844.

v. Mary A., 1846.

vi. Francis A., 1848.

DANIEL E. NEWTON (son of Otis (born in East Hamburg) and wife Ade-
laide Greene), born 1S36, at Springville, N. Y. ; farmer in Hewitt, Minn.;
married in 1870, Marion Elnora Kellogg, daughter of Austin Jabez Kellogg of
Waupun, Wis., where she was born in 1850. Their son:

i. Frank L., b. Jan. 27, 1S77.

EDWIN OAKLEY NEWTON, a carpenter, living in 1877 in Southwick,
Mass.; married, November 26, 1850, Clarissa Ann Lee, born January 5, 1832,
at Spring-field, Mass. ; died August 25, 1858 ; a descendant of Thomas Noble of
Westfield, Mass.

ELI NEWTON married (intention at Templeton, Mass., January 28, 1826)
Minerva Thomas of Greenwich, Mass.

ELISHA NEWTON, married at Sutton, Mass., November 18, 1782, Lucy
Willard, "both of Worcester."

EZRA NEWTON of Blissfield, N. Y, married Anna Torrey, and had a daugh-
ter, Lydia Emmeline, born June 14, 1828, at Lockport, N. Y. ; married, Septem-
ber 8, 1844, Almond Barrett, a farmer in Blissfield, where he died August 15,
1849. He was born in 1821; a descendant of John Dwight of Dedham. Mrs.
Barrett was living in Adrian, Mich., and had a daughter:

i. Lucy A. Barrett, b. Nov. 9, 1847, at Blissfield, N. Y.

EVEN L. NEWTON married May 17, 1858, Mary E. Wilcox, daughter of
Oliver. She was born at Hebron, Conn., August 30, 1835, and died at Charles-
town, Ohio, August 7, 1861. They had a daughter, Winnefred, born in 1860,
who was living, a widow, at Cyclone, Ohio. She married (1) Lyman Burr;
married (2) a Mr. Cook. She had two sons.

EZEKIEL NEWTON married Mrs. Mary (Morse) Wheeler, widow of Abra-
ham Wheeler of Keene, N. II., by whom she had two daughters, and daughter of
Thomas' 1 and Mary (Treadway) Morse of Sherborn and Dublin, N. H. [She
was a descendant of Samuel Morse 1 .]


ELIAS M. NEWTON, marriage intention at Leicester, Mass., August 14, 1844,
and Eliza A. Blanchard of North Bridgewater, Mass. They had a daughter,

i. Sarah Packard, b. Jan. 8, 1849, at Spencer, Mass. [See Samuel M. Newton
of Brookfield.]

ELIAS NEWTON "of Massachusetts," born September 2, 1774; married
Thankful Ilazzard, born September 19, 177G; had a daughter:

i. EMILY, b. Dec. 15, 1S07 ; m. Oct. 23, 1828, Frederick Webster Leonard, son of
Daniel and Polly (Kellogg) Leonard of Kingsbury and Gloversville, N. Y.
He was b. April 4, 1808, merchant, lumberman, farmer; lived in 1828 in
Johnstown, N. Y. ; 1842, Wirt Center, N. Y. ; then in 1880 to Ceres,
Allegany County, N. Y.

EBENEZER NEWTON of Groton (descended either from Thomas of Fair-
field or Matthew of Stonington) married and had a daughter:

i. Bridget, b. about 1781 ; d. June 7, 1833 ; m. David Kellogg ; b. about 1771,
at Groton, Conn., and d. at Stonington, Conn., Aug. 20, 18G3, aged 92.
Eleven children. For them see Kellogg Genealogy.

EDWARD NEWTON of New Haven, Conn., took oath of fidelity in 1645.

FREDERICK NEWTON of Jackson, N. Y., married Ruth McLean, daughter
of Francis and Almira (Cleveland) McLean of Jackson, N. Y. She was born
April 6, 1821, and died before 1S77. Mr. Newton was a mechanic.

FREDERICK J. NEWTON was living in 1897 in Fessenden, North Dakota,
and had no children. He married at Hudson, Wis., March 27, 1865, Aurelia May
Claflin, daughter of Cornelius and Sarah (Kinkead) Claflin of Boonboro, Iowa.
She was born at Morning Star, Iowa, May 23, 1845 [ ?] .

FRANK HERBERT NEWTON, in 1896 living at No. 37 Hoyle Street,
Providence, R. I.; married in 1879, Laura Anna Fiske, daughter of Edmund
Arnold and Mary Elizabeth (Battey) Fiske of Fiskville, R. I. She was born in
1848. No children.

F. M. NEWTON was living in 1877 at Seneca, Kans. ; married in 1870, Ada
Pel ton, born 1851, daughter of Ferdinand and Mary (Blue) Pelton of Piqua,
Ohio, and Warsaw, Lid., and had a daughter, Lena Newton.

GEORGE NEWTON married Julia Hitchcock, bom September 1, 1844,
daughter of Caleb S. and Emily Hitchcock.

GEORGE D. NEWTON married, February 8, 1S66, Luena A. Libby, born
January 10, 1850, at Durham, Maine, daughter of Abraham and Lavina A.
(Lane) Libby.

GEORGE WILLIAM NEWTON, a printer in Gloucester, Mass., married,
November 24, 1889, Grace Tburston, born August 30, 1869.

GILMAN NEWTON married in 1881, Stella M. Noyes, daughter of Edmund
K. and Clarissa (Paine) Noyes, who was born at Orange, Vt., November 24,
1851. and died in 1891.


GEOBGE NEWTON, born July 16, 1817; died September 2, 1898; married
May 3, 1881, Susan Maria Kellogg (third husband), daughter of Ebenezer. She
married (1) W. W. Wood; married (2) S. D. Hinsdale, who died in 1875. No
children by third marriage.

HAEVEY F. NEWTON (perhaps son of Alexis), born May 2, 1838, at
Vernon, Vt., was living in Worcester, Mass. He married, November 6, 1870,
Mrs. Emeline (Burnett) Carey, widow of Charles E. Carey and daughter of
Harvey and Louise (Pratt) Burnett. She was born in Worcester, April 1G, 1842.
Children :

i. CnAKLES H., b. 1874; d. y.
ii. Arthur T, b. 1877 ; d. y.
iii. Minnie A., b. Aug. 23, 1880.

HENEY E. NEWTON, taxed in Framingham, Mass., 1836-1837; married
[intention in Weston, April 1, 1838] Charlotte Seavens of Weston; he of

HENEY NEWTON married, before 1885, Mrs. Cleveland, a widow of Lowell,
Vt., and removed to Belvidere, Vt. "She had a family."

HENEY NEWTON married Elizabeth Overton, daughter of John and Lois
Overton of Coram, Long Island, N. Y.

HENEY G. NEWTON married, September 23, 1869, Marcia J. Pike, daughter
of Elisha and Jane (Harwood) Pike of Pittsford, Vt. They lived in Holly,
N. Y., and had a son : •

i. George, b. Aug. 16, 1873.

HEEBEET W. NEWTON, a farmer of Shrewsbury, Mass., married, January,
1891, Alice Belle Temple, daughter of Calvin Sawyer and Mary Adelaide
(Knowlton) Temple. She was born May 18, 1875, and died February 28, 1893.
Their daughter:

i. Flora Maud, b. Aug. 12, 1891.

HENEY NEWTON and JAMES NEWTON, sons — Newton and wife

Sophia (Stearns-Stockwell) Newton. She was widow of Ashley Stockwell and
removed to Hartford, Washington County, N. Y., and had by him two sons and
two daughters. She was daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Davis) Stearns of
Lunenburg and Chesterfield, N. II. Of her two sons by the second marriage,
Henry died, and James settled in Charles City, Iowa.

HIEAM S. NEWTON married, October 2, 1879, Agnes Adella Temple,
daughter of Ebenezer and Diana (Lewis) Temple of Waterloo, P. Q. ; born
May 13, 1857; died September 27, 1883, without children.

HENEY NEWTON, representative from 8th district, Norfolk County, Mass.,
to the General Court, 1S68. Eesidence, Weymouth.

IV All NEWTON and Molly Eugg were married at Southborough, Mass.,
September 12, 1776. There died at Phillipston, Mass., "Widow Molly Newton,
August 22, 1819." The church record of the same death adds, "Wid. of Ira,


aged G3." There is no Ivah Newton enumerated, head of a family, in the
United States Census, 1790. There is also on the church record at Phillipston,
Mass., the baptism of:

i. Ivah, son of Ivah Newton, bapt. Oct. 23, 1791.

ISAAC NEWTON, born in Bedford County, Tenn., and moved to Dunton or
Dallas County, Texas., in an early day. His grandson states : "I think my
father was only a child when the family moved to Texas." "Grandfather had
four sons and one daughter, I remember the facts — 1, William; 2, Alfred; 3,
Lee, and 4, Elihu; two of whom are living" (1906).

LEE NEWTON (son of Isaac, above), born ; died in 1883; married

who was living in 1906. They had nine children, only two of whom

were living in 1906, namely:

i. Burr, b. ; of Denison, Tex.

ii. Joseph Fort, b. July 21. 1870. at Decatur, Wise County, Tex.; a clergyman
of the People's Church at Dixon, 111., for several years : moved from there
to Cedar Rapids. Iowa, in 190S. He gave me the above data of this
family. I regret there is so little of it. In addition to his pastoral work,
Mr. Newton is a writer of books. It is stated of him : "Mr. Newton is
one of the most virile thinkers among western preachers, and his literary
power and mental grasp are remarkable." His biography of Rev. David
Swing is a book of unique and compelling charm — set forth with a skill,
clearness and tenderness, which reveal the forces of his genius. His
"Lincoln and Hernd'on," the world will forever be grateful for.

JAMES L. NEWTON married Elizabeth Wilkinson. They had three children,
and perhaps others : 1, Caroline ; 2, Flora, and 3, Lee.

i. Caroline, b. ; m. July 6, 1S59, William Edward Clark of Cleveland.

Ohio, who was b. at Providence. R-. I., May 18, 1S30, and d. Jan. 9, 1898.
He was for sixteen years private secretary to Amasa Stone. At time of
his death he was the auditor for the Standard Oil Company. Before her
marriage. Mrs. Clark was a teacher. She was living in 1907 — address No.
89 Prospect St., East Orange, N. J. [See No. 125, Thomas of Fairfield.]

DE. JAMES NEWTON, formerly of Hanover, N. H., married Martha L.
, who died his widow, at Roxbury, Mass., January — , 1911, aged 82.

DR. J. R. NEWTON died before December 25, 18S6. There appeared an
advertisement in the Banner of Light of that date to the effect that his widow,
Mrs. J. R. Newton, 954 Ninth Avenue, New York City, "controlled by Dr.
Newton, cures disease by Magnetized Letters," etc.

JAMES NEWTON, JR., wife Sarah, children: Rachel, James, Ebenezer,
were warned from Grafton, Mass., September 12, 1761. Warrant returned to
court November 5, 1764.

JAMES HOOD NEWTON, born December 26, 1812 ; married Harriet Clark,
born May 19, 1818. Their son,

i. James Thomas, b. April 25, 1848, at Hamilton. Ohio ; d. Lafayette, Ind.,
Dec. 27, 1900; m. in Monon, Ind.. Nov. 4, 1809. Mary Ellen Kellogg (dau.
of Jonathan M.). He was a mechanic; res. Lafayette, Ind. Children born
there :


1. Jennie Elizabeth, 1SG8.

2. Charles Edgar, 1875.

3. James Brock, 1879; soldier in the Spanish-American War.

4. Earl Kellogg, 1884.

5. Per sis Mary, 1887.

JAMES NEWTON and wife Harriet had a daughter, Sarah A., born about
1828, and married, aged 20, August 16, 1848, at Millbury, Mass., Orvis McKnight,
aged 2G, son of Elijah and Mary McKnight. Their son, Franklin McKnight,
was born May 24, 1849, at Grafton, Mass.

JAMES NEWTON of Cincinnati, Ohio, married, 1838, Mrs. Sarah Peal
(Hills) Anderson and had two daughters: 1, Adeline L., born 1839; died in
Boston, 1840, and 2, Elizabeth B., born 1844, in Boston, and died 1856, at Oxford,
Ohio. Mrs. Newton was daughter of Joseph Hills. Her first husband was
Martin Anderson, whom she married in 1816, and who died at sea about 1833,
leaving three children. She married a third time and had another child. She
was born in 1S07, in Boston, Mass., and died in 1878, at Columbus, Ohio.

JAY NEWTON of Pharsalia, N. Y., died there July — , 1S90. He married
December 31, 1872, Ellen A. Felton, daughter of Lyman B. and Eleanor (Baker)
Felton of Pharsalia, N. Y., where she was born September 3, 1853. They had
four children :

i. Charles, b. May — •, 1875 ; m. Flora Preston.

ii. Lena, b. .

iii. Carrie, b. .

iv. Fred, b. 1882.

JOEL NEWTON married Hannah Bruce and had a daughter, Abigail, who
married Stephen Shattuck.

JOEL NEWTON of Weston, Mass., married there June 11, 1835, Harriet
Dudley of Weston.

JEPHTHAH P. NEWTON "of Grafton," married April 2, 1840, at Sutton,
Mass., Mrs. Charlotte E. Simmons.

JOHN NEWTON died in Millbury, Mass., January 20, 1824. He married
at Sutton, Mass., January 1, 1793, Eliphel Brown. They had a daughter,
Eliphel Brown, who married at Millbury, June 14, 1827, Elias Lovell, Jr., son
of Elias and Betsey Lovell of Millbury, where he was born January 22, 1804.
Their children, bora at Millbury, were :

i. Harriet Eliza Lovell, b. 1828.
ii. William Franklin Lovell, b. 1829.

JOHN NEWTON of Putney, Vt, married Annis Ward, daughter of Jonas,
Jr., and Levina (Glazier) Ward of Shrewsbury and Boylston, Mass. She was
bora August 13, 1770.

JOHN NEWTON of Bolton, Mass., intention of marriage there January 3,
1802, with Arathusa Sawyer, daughter of Josiah, Jr., and Judith (Ross)
Sawyer of Bolton, where she was born August 15, 1780.

JOHN NEWTON, aged 30, married, September 25, 1S56, at Deerfield, Mass.,
Abigail Bardwell of Montague, Mass., who died at Deerfield, August, 1806,
aged 60.


JOHN NEWTON and wife, Phebe Wright, had a daughter,

i. Caroline, b. Jan. 28, 1808, at Clifton, Saratoga County, N. Y., and later was
of Northville, Fullerton County, N. Y. She was living in 1881 with her
daughter. She in., 1831, at Northville, N. Y., Humphrey Slocum, son of
Joseph and Elizabeth (Wright) Slocum of Eastern township, Washington
County, N. Y. ; b. at Northville, ISO") ; d. there in 1871; burial there.
Children were :

1. John Newton Slocii7n, 1S32.

2. Julia E. Slocum, 1842.

3. Humphrey E. Slocum, 1S49.

JOHN T. NEWTON and wife Rebecca had a daughter born in Framingham :

i. Mart E., b. June 10, 185G.

Abstract of Administration of Estate of John Newton.
1852. John Newton, Sutton. 43241 A.

Petition, Decree and Bond of Sullivan Newton of Sutton, "next of kin to said intestate,

excepting an aged mother who waives her right of administration" etc.
Appointed. April 6, 1852.
Bond $1000. \ Jonas Brown )

Sam'l. H. Allen j Sureties.

SULLIVAN NEWTON of Sutton, probably the same person as above, men-
tioned in the history of Sutton, 1835-1878 — "house where he now lives." "He
with Mr. Brown bought the place in 1835. They improved it to its present grand

JOHN NEWTON, age 29, embarked, November 20, 1G35, in the ship
Expedition, Peter Blacklin, master, for Barbadoes.

JOHN HENRY NEWTON, born in Kingston, N. H., "was an only son.
His mother married again when he was very young." He lived in Salem, Mass.,
and in New York. He married in Salem, Mass., 1848, Emily M. Jepson, daugh-
ter of John and Anna (Rand) Jepson. She was born in New York City in 1830;
was living in 1909 in Framingham, Mass. Their two children were:

i. Emily M., b. Aug. 1G, 1856, at Salem ; m. May 20, 1S80, at Cambridge, Mass.,
Walter Trowbridge Bent, son of Newell and Mary Emery (Trowbridge)
Bent of Cambridge, where he was b. May 5. 1851. They were both living in
1909 in Framingham, Mass. He is a stockbroker ; member of the firm of
Joseph B. Ames & Co., Boston. Mass. Their children are:

1. Mary Emily, b. 1881.

2. Walter Gregory, b. 1884.

3. Lcavitle Newell, b. 1S86.

4. Harold Troirhrklge, b. 1891.

5. Franklin Auugstvs, b. 1892.

ii. Nellie F., b. , 1857, at Salem : m. George C. Richardson. Both were

living in 1909 in Evanston, 111.

JOSEPH NEWTON married a Miss Meeker. They had a daughter, Nancy
R., who married Peleg Slocum, son of Peleg and Ruth (Hill) Slocum of Darian
township, Genesee County, N. Y. He was born in 1807, and died at Hamilton,
Ind., in 18G2 ; burial there. He was a carpenter, and farmer on his land near
Hamilton, Ind. They had four children. He married (2) Esther Carskadden,
and a third time to Mary Egbert, who bore him three children. All of the
children were:



i. Harriet Ann, b. 1833.

ii. Norris, b. 1835.

iii. Cornelia, b. .

iv. Horace, b. .


v. Benjamin Hebron.

vi. James, b. .

vii. Ellen Slocum.

LEONAED H. NEWTON of Leroy, Greene County, N. Y., married March 6,
1844, Adaline Nancy Ward, daughter of Daniel and Lois (Whitney) Ward of
Marlborough, and later Greene, Chenango County, and last, Leroy, N. Y. She
was born December 11, 1822. Their daughter:

i. Galena Lois, b. Dec. 26, 1845.

LUTHER C. NEWTON of Woburn, Mass., married there June 8, 1865, Abby
C. Fuller, daughter of Edwin and Clara Fuller of Framingham, where she was
born in 1842, and died at Woburn in 1883. Children :

i. Edwin or Edward Gilman, b. Nov. 20, 1865 ; d. Aug. 24, 1868.
ii. , son, b. Oct. 20, 1867.

LUCIUS NEWTON of Sherburne, N. Y, married Georgianna Gertrude
Bigelow, daughter of Dr. Leander and Mary A. (Brown) Bigelow of Colchester,

[Edwin O. Davis and his wife, Julia A. (Brown) Davis, residents of
Fowler, N. Y., farmers, and he a native of Marietta, Ohio, had three children
born at Fowler, all of whom married Newtons, namely : Amasa S. ; Almira J. ;
Sally and Susan, twins. This Davis pedigree runs back through Edwin O. 7
(Daniel , Daniel 5 , Daniel 4 , Samuel 3 , John 2 , William Davis 1 , the immigrant).]

1. LORENZO CHAUNCY NEWTON, born May 10, 1824, at Champion,
N. Y. ; died July 7, 1864, aged 40, in Andersonville Prison, Ga. lie was a
soldier of the Civil War, serving in the Fourteenth New York Heavy Artillery.
By trade a carpenter. He married, January 1, 1850, Almira J. Davis (see above),
born May 5, 1832, at Fowler, N. Y Children :

i. Emery S., b. Feb. 2, 1851.
ii. Olney S., b. March 20, 1852.

iii. Julia A., b. March 27, 1854; m. Aug. 16, 1872, Addison F. Sprague, a
carpenter. Resides in Denmark, Lewis County, N. Y. Children :

1. Nettie J. Sprague.

2. Florence Sprague.

iv. Clark L., b. July 7, 1856.

v. Adelbert Albert, b. Sept. 12, 1858, at Fowler, N. Y., where he was living in
1903; farmer, carpenter, Republican; m. (1) at Fowler, Nov. 4, 1SS0,
Eunice Entillie Kellogg, dau. of Erastus H. Kellogg of Fowler, where she
was b. Oct. 10, 1859. She had one child, and died Dec. 27, 1885, and be
m. (2) her sister, Hattie Lurania Kellogg, b. in Antwerp, N. Y., 1865,
m. Nov. 9, 1887. Child :
1. Malcl Pearl, b. March 7, 1882, at Fowler.

vi. Fred A., b. March 7, 1861.

2. ADALINE L. NEWTON (sister of Lorenzo C), born August 15, 1825;
married May 7, 1851, Amasa S. Davis (see above) born August 8, 1830, at
Fowler, N. Y, a farmer there, where all of their ten children, except one, were
born, namely:


i. Orville F. Davis, b. Nov. 25, 1852 ; d. July 27, 1873.

ii. Mary A. Davis, b. May 9, 1854.

iii. Eugene L. Davis, b. March 7, 1856, at Summer Hill.

iv. Edwin H. Davis, b. Feb. 4, 1858 ; d. Aug. 11, 1859.

v. Anna S. Davis, b. Feb. 25, 1860 ; d. Sept. 26, 1865.

vi. Eudora A. Davis, b. Dec. 28, 1861 ; d. Feb. 2, 1874.

vii. Lois A. Davis, b. April 16, 1864.

viii. Amasa E. Davis, b. June 22, 1866; d. Nov. 10, 1866.

ix. Stephen A. Davis, b. Sept. 17, 1867.

x. Arthur J. Davis, b. March 25, 1870.

FRANCIS B. NEWTON (I suppose brother of Lorenzo 0.), married, Novem-
ber 19, 1857, at Fowler, N. Y., Sally Davis (twin), born November 20, 1840, at
Fowler, N. Y., daughter of Edwin O. Davis (above). Child:

i. Album Francis, b. Nov. 15, 1858, at Fowler, N. Y. ; d. July 12, 1860.
I suppose these two families are from Thomas Newton of Fairfield.

MARK NEWTON of Andover married Sarah Phillips, daughter of William
and Margaret (Wendell) Phillips. She was born April G, 1765.

DR. MARCELLUS NEWTON, living in 1892 in Montpelier, Vt, married
Helen Mara Forbush, daughter of Elijah and Sarah (Packard) Forbush.

MARTIN C. NEWTON married Gertrude B. Noyes, daughter of Amos and
Lavina C. (Crocker) Noyes, born at Manchester, Ind., May — , 1846.

ORRIN NEWTON, a cabinetmaker in Somers, Mass., died of consumption
at Springfield, Mass., April 10, 1861. He married, April, 1825, Miranda Hall,
daughter of Josiah, Jr., and Esther (Dwight) Hall, who was born January 2,
1803. She married (2) December, 1862, Ozias Truesdell, who previously was her
sister Esther's husband. He died in 1863 and she was living in Somers, Mass.
No children.

O. G. NEWTON married, March 20, 1881, Celia Elzetta Taft, daughter of
Levi and Caroline M. (Claflin) Taft of Upton, Mass., where she was born
February 19, 1895.

PETER K. NEWTON, born in Vermont in 1811, married Catherine Whee-
lock of Warwick, Mass., who died at New Braintree, Mass., in 1868. They had
three children born at Warwick and later the family resided in North Brookfield,
Mass. Children :

i. Marietta, b. ; m. Henry Tucker of New Braintree.

ii. Frank (twin), b. , 1850.

iii. Frances D. (twin), b. , 1850; m. August 10, 1876, Sarah Walker of

North Brookfield.

R. BARNARD NEWTON and wife Martha admitted to Second Congrega-
tional Church at Greenfield, in 1853, on profession. He or another of the same
name admitted in 1874. In 1892, Mrs. Martha Newton, member of same
church, resided at 105 Federal Street, Greenfield, Mass.

ROLLIN C. NEWTON married, October 23, 1873, Eleanor Zerviah Blatchley,
who was born June 18, 1851. Their children were:

i. Helen F., b. March 17, 1878.

ii. Lena Z., b. Sept. 4, 1879.

iii. Clarence B., b. Feb. 5, 1885.

iv. Grace M., b. Sept. 29, 1891.


EALPH W. NEWTON of New York married at Arlington, Mass., November
16 or 18, 1843, Eliza or Elizabeth G. Schouler. They had a son,

i. Isaac W., b. Nov. 2, 1845, at Arlington.

EALPH W. NEWTON (who may be identical with the above), in 1856, was
a member of the Boston Board of Trade and a partner in the firm of "Tucker,
Newton & Mills" (Alanson Tucker, Lewis Mills), whose place of business was
No. 25 Federal Street, where they carried on the business of "Domestic Goods,
Commercial Merchants." The following might also be the same person :

EALPH W. NEWTON of Great Barrington, Mass., member of the New
York Exchange, died at Great Barrington, Mass., October 20, 1906, of apoplexy.
Mention in the New York World of October 22, 1906.

E. A. NEWTON of Auburn, Mass., and wife S. A. Newton had a daughter,
Carrie Persis, who died September 2, 1872, aged 8 months, 2 days. Monument
at Auburn.

EOBEET SAFFORD NEWTON, Professor in the Eclectic Medical College
at Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1856.

EUFUS NEWTON married Mary Partree, born in 1838, daughter of Charles
and Abbe (Buel) Partree; Waterbury.

EICHAED NEWTON, 1776. Record of the Boston Committee of Safety.
At a meeting October 21, 1776, papers of a treasonable nature were found upon
one Mrs. Hill and her daughter. "Mrs. Hill being asked who it was that delivered
the Paper wrote by her Husband answered, that she could not well recollect,
but thought it was one Richard Newton." It was ordered that a committee
immediately go to Mr. Newton's lodging, apprehend him and secure his papers
for inspection. This being done, and finding nothing of a criminal nature, it
was "Voted, that M r . Newton shall have his Trunks of Papers returned him by

the Committee — also — Voted, . . . that the complaint against Mr. Newton

be withdrawn."

RICHARD NEWTON (see Alfred Wharton Newton) and wife Lydia of
Wrentham, Mass., had a son:

i. Isaac Lafayette, b. ; m. Feb. 2(5. 1803, Elizabeth Finney, daughter

of Jeremiah and Deborah Finney of Bristol, Mass. [Jeremiah Finney, a ship-
master, a soldier in the Revolution, served in 1778, private in Col. Nathan
Miller's regiment of R. I., and died in 1807.]

Reg" Certificate Vol. 85 : p. Ill
March 8 th 1786 Lemuel Kollock Gentleman Nathan Hawes yeoman and Benjamin
Haws Gentleman all of Wrentham and Selectman of Said Town — Assignd and appointed
to be Guardians of Richard Newton of said Wrentham — a Person incapable of taking
care of himself or Affairs by reason of excessive drinking . . .

SAMUEL NEWTON married at Northborough, Mass, September 5, 1810,
Miriam Larkin, and Mrs. Miriam Newton married there December 25, 1817,
James Stearns.

SAMUEL NEWTON (son of Samuel) died at Worcester, March 3, 1847,
aged 64.


SEWELL NEWTON married Francis Hayward and had a son :

i Berton E. Newton, b. ; d. March 2, 1893; m. in Worcester, Mass.,

Jan. 21, 18S9, Jennie L. Hinds, daughter of Sylvanus and Eliza D. (Froctor)
Hinds of Eden, Vt., where she was born July 23, 1S6G. She was living in
1899 in Worcester.

SEWELL D. NEWTON, aged 24, a soldier of the Civil War, mustered in
August 9, 1861, Fifth Massachusetts Infantry, discharged at expiration of
service, March 8, 1865.

SHEFFIELD NEWTON of Michigan married Lucy Moore, daughter of
Washington and Susanna (Rice) Moore of Conway, Mass., and Phelps, N. Y.
She was born at Phelps, N. Y., in 1811.

SILAS NEWTON married in Brookfield, Mass., January 10, 1782, Mary Rice,
daughter of Solomon and Mary Rice of Brookfield, where she was born January
1 or 21, 1764.

SIMEON NEWTON, who died before 1844, married at Millbury, Mass.,
December 1, 1834, Ahnira Morris, who was born at Providence, R. I., Almira
Bassett and was adopted by Paraclete Morris. She married (2), as his second
wife, Cyrus Cross, whose first wife, Relief Wakefield, died December 4, 1844,
aged 51.

STEPHEN NEWTON of Marlborough, N. IL, married at Keene, N. H.,

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