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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 126 of 131)
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April 12, 1791, Lydia Tozer of Marlborough, N. H.

SAMUEL NEWTON of West Brookfield.

Abstract of Administration of Estate.
1876. Samuel M. Newton, W. Brookfield. 43394 A.

Died April 11, 1876.
Heirs —

Elias Newton, Skowhegan Me. brother
Tyler Newton, Worcester, Mass., brother

Mary A. Henckley, wife of A. J. Henckley, Worcester, sister
Emory Newton, residence unknown, brother

Eliza Rose, wife of Rose, Leeds, Me., Sister

Bond of Lucy A. O. Newton, widow, appointed November 7, 1876, $1000

Isaac S. Tyler ") c . .
Horace G. Rawson f feureties

Affidavit filed


Personal estate $417.23

SAMUEL F. G. NEWTON, a morocco-dresser in Lynn, Mass., in 1843. The
same in Marblehead, Mass., in 1848. The same name "of Boston," marriage
intention in Dedliam, May 8, 1831, with Miss Jane B. Lafavour of Dedham,
Mass. I- suppose the "F." in his name was Francis and that the following
children were his, although sometimes credited to the full name or initials or
"Samuel F." or "Francis, currier, and Jane," viz. :

i. Samuel F., b. 1832 ; d. 1838, G. S. Waterside Cemetery at Lynn,
ii. Mary Jake, b. 1833 ; d. 1838, G. S. Waterside Cemetery at Lynn,
iii. Abigail, b. 1835 ; d. 1838, G. S. Waterside Cemetery at Lynn.
iv. Abby Jane, b. 1843, at Lynn,
v. Rebecca, b. 1845, at Lynn,
vi. Lucy, b. 1848, at Marblehead.


SAMUEL D. NEWTON married at Sutton, September 27, 1838, Almira K
Goddard, daughter of John and Betsey (Hayward) Goddard of Sutton, Mass.,
where she was bom July 22, 1805. I suppose it is his house mentioned in the
history of Sutton, 1878, as "house now occupied by him" — Samuel Newton.

SAMUEL D. NEWTON, born November 12, 1832; died August 6, 1864;
married October 12, 1859, Lucy A. Pitkin, daughter of Henry and Lucy (Cur-
tiss) Pitkin, born November 7, 1838. She married (2) Jarvis O. Jloward, who
had been her sister's husband. Mr. Newton was a soldier of the Civil War;
taken prisoner at Plymouth, N. C., in 1864; died in Andersonville Prison. One

i. Ida E., b. Nov. 10, 1863.

SAMUEL T. NEWTON and Harriet H. Wicker married in Leicester, Mass.,
April 21, 1831. He is probably of Paxton, an abstract of administration of whose
estate follows :

1862. Samuel T. Newton, Paxton. 43395 A.

Died September 5, 1862.


Harriet A. Snow, Paxton, only living child of said deceased, Cbarles D. Snow,
husband of said Harriet A.

Bond of Charles D. Snow appointed administrator October 7, 1862.

Charles P. Howard ) glir _ tip _
Baniel L. Ware } Sureties

Real Estate $462.95
Personal Estate 825.
Affidavit filed.

STEPHEN NEWTON and wife Comfort Newton had three children baptized
in the Church at Templeton, Mass., all on October 1, 1807. Namely: 1,
Augustus; 2, Charles; 3, Emery.

SAMUEL NEWTON, a farmer in Pompey and Manlius, Onondaga County,

N. Y. ; married (1) Eice; m. (2) Alice Dean; m. (3) Sarah Kellogg

(daughter of Silas), born July 11, 1772; died in Galway, N. Y., October, 1792,
leaving one child; married (4) Hannah Bolton. He died in 1847. Child was:

i. Samuel Kellogg, b. Jan. 17, 1792; reared by his grandfather Kellogg; m.
Sept. 23, 1812, Annas Blanchard ; b. in Shaftsbury, Vt., July 23, 1790; d.
March 7, 1872 ; resided in Ludlowville, N. Y., harnessmaker ; five children.

1. SAMUEL NEWTON 1 , whose family had "lived on Long Island many
years," and "had several — about 4 — brothers," had a son:

i. William E.% who d. before 1907, and had several cousins living then in New
York City ; m. and had a son,

1. Frank C. 3 , b. at Sayville, Long Island ; moved in the spring of 1907 to
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., where he was manager of the Grand Union Tea
Company's store at 227 Main St.; res. 35 Mansion St. [I suppose this
Samuel is descended from Thomas 1 of Fairfield.]

S. C. NEWTON, elected president of the Young Men's Mercantile Library
Association of Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1866, 1867.


SAMUEL NEWTON of Boston, soldier.

Inventory Vol. 23 : p. 4G
.... Samuel Newton a Soldier at the Eastward . . . Samuel Jordan Admin r ... of the
estate of Samuel Newton [lately] ... deceased ... Boston Novemb r 25th 1723.

Account p. 440
The Accompt of Samuel Jordan of Biddeford in the County of Yorke Trader Adminr f
all & Singular the goods ... of Samuel Newton a Soldier- in His Majesty's Service at
the Eastward lately Deceased .... Boston December 7 th 1724

TILLY NEWTON [not traced, but perhaps was a son of Jotham Newton 5
(Nahum 4 , Joseph 3 , Joseph 2 ), and born about 1788 or later. I merely suggest it]
lived in Brookfield. Mass. ; married there December 22, 1811, Emily Olds,
daughter of Joseph and Bethia Marsh Olds of Brookfield, where she was born
October 24, 1792. She died there May 9, 1847, aged 54 years, 6 months, 16 days.
Their three children were born at Brookfield, namely:

i. Frederick, b. May 16, 1812.

ii. Welcome, b. Oct. 29. 1816; m. in Brookfield, May 28. 1839, Lucia Rice 8
daughter of Liberty 7 and Bethsheba (Walker) Rice of Brookfield. where
she was b. Sept. 2, 1819. They had a son — not named — b. March 11, 1845,
in Brookfield.

ii. Charles Henry, b. July 1, 1828.

The Rice pedigree runs back from Liberty Bice 7 through his father Peter
(and wife Azubah), son of Elnathan 5 (Elisha 4 , Peter 3 , Thomas 2 , Edmund 1 )- The
will of widow Azubah Rice gives to Tijly Newton, above.

THOMAS J. NEW^TON of Dedham, Mass., married there by Dr. Ebenezer
Burgess, September 17, 1S43, Eliza P. Coffin, widow of Dedham.

TRUMAN W(ISWELL?) NEWTON of Deerfield, Mass.; born September 4,
1831 ; died August 19, 1S58 ; married Cemina Lilly Jenkins, daughter of David
Henry and Hannah (Lilly) Jenkins. She was born January 20, 1834. They
had a son :

i. Truman Charles, b. Aug. 30, 1855, at Deerfield, Mass. ; d. July 24, 1908, at
Athol, Mass. He m. Louisa Betsey Huntley, daughter of Adniael and Mary
Ann (Perkins, b. in Northfield. Mass.) Huntley of East Machias, Maine,
where she was b. March 23, 1858. In 1910 she was living in Athol, Mass.
Their children were :

1. Harold Charles, b. Aug. 21, 1882, at Turners Falls. Mass., is a professor

in the College at Hebron. Maine; m. Florence May Waterman.

2. Avis Cemira, b. April 20, 1880; d. Sept. 20, 18S7.

3. Lila Huntley, b. Sept. 21. 1888. at Athol. Mass.

4. Earlc Marshall, b. June 30, 1890, at Athol, Mass.

THOMAS NEWTON married at Burlington, Vt., by George Robinson, justice
of peace, January 7, 1828, Orilla Vickery, "both of Burlington."

THOMAS L. NEWTON, Detroit, Mich., proprietor of the "Newton Beef
Company," divorced December 16, 1910, by Ellen Newton. Mrs. Newton and
son, Thomas Newton, Jr., the only witnesses.

THOMAS NEWTON, born July 5, 1833; married Mary May Mahan, born
May 1, 1851 ; had a daughter, Anna M. Newton, born at Rock Island, HI., 1868,
who married at Wyocena, Wis., November 22, 1893, William Israel Kellogg (son
of Oscar Alonzo), born 1868, at Clintonville, Wis.; a farmer at Pardeeville,
Wis. ; four children.


THOMAS NEWTON, probably born during the last two decades of 1700,
married Avis Humphrey, daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Enos) Humphrey,
born in Connecticut, about 1804 ; died 1S84, aged 80. They had several children ;
all except two died infants. The two were:

i. Ann, b. — ■ ; m. a Mr. Lord, who d. at Andersonville, Ga., a prisoner, in

the Civil War.
ii. Franklin, b. .


Inventory — Administration.

Vol 7: p. 107

Inventory of the Estate of Thomas Newton Seaman Deceased drownd out of the Ship
house of ffreindship Zachary Long Master the 26 th of January 1070. . . .

Isaac Addington made oath in Court . . . 1671. No mention of relatives in the
Administration and Inventory. Names : Zachary Long, Master of the ship ; Mr. Jona-
than Tyng who sued Thomas for clothes and gave in the amount to the Inventory ;
Isaac Addington, Adm'. ; Free Grace Bendall, Clerk. 10th 12mo 1671.

WHEELER NEWTON married, April 1, 1814, Polly Hitchcock, daughter of
Benjamin and Mary Hitchcock, born December 19, 1793. She married (2)
Mr. Barnes.

WILLIAM NEWTON died October 6, 1874. He married in Barre, N. Y.,
October 5, 1848, Mary Amelia Fassett, daughter of Nathan and Azubah (Mon-
tague) Fassett, born at Cambridge, Vt., December 2, 1822. After his death she
was living with her sister, Mrs. Eliza Fassett in Kockford, 111. One son, George
Merrill Newton, born 1852, died soon.

WILLIAM NEWTON and Polly Rice married (intention in Rutland, Mass.,
November 30, 1792) and had :

i. Betsey, b. 1793.
ii. Betsey, b. 1794.

WILLIAM NEWTON of Virginia married Jane Stuart and had a daughter,
Eliza, born November 9, 1801, who married (1) June 28, 1827, Charles William
Woolsey, born March 2, 1802. He perished in the Lexington on Long Island
Sound, January 13, 1840, leaving seven daughters and one son. [See Descendants
of John Dwight of Dedham.]

WILLIAM NEWTON, by wife Margaret, had a daughter, Rosinah, who
married at Flora, 111., December 25, 1862, James Monroe Humphrey, born at
Danville, Ohio, August 31, 1840. Had one son and four daughters. He was a
soldier in the Civil War — Captain of Company C, 142d Illinois Regiment
Volunteer Infantry, and served through the entire period of its service.

WILLIAM H. NEWTON married, February 28, 1856, Sarah Osgood Johnson,
daughter of Philip C. and Mary (Chandler) Johnson of Washington, D. C.
At date of marriage he was "of New York City," a manufacturer at Harlem,
N. Y.

WILLIS NEWTON of Southborough and Margaret Morris married at
Charlton, April 10, 1838.

WILLIS NEWTON of Paxton and Pamelia Elmer were married at Holden,
Mass., May 8, 1839.



W. H. NEWTON of Hamilton Center, Madison County, N. Y., married, and
living there in 1906; had sons; Leslie, b. about 1893, and Lewis, born about

WILLIAM A. NEWTON, for fifty-one years a resident of Minneapolis, Minn.,
died at his home, October 27, 1913, aged 82 years. He was associated with
William S. King in a weekly publication, the State Atlas, which in 1867 was
merged with the Minneapolis Tribune. Afterward he engaged in the flour
milling business.

WALLACE S. NEWTON of Brooklyn, N. Y., and Harriet Whitney married
at Hatfield, Mass., June 24, 1891, by Kev. R. M. Woods.

WORTHINGTON D. NEWTON and wife Lovinia had, in Becket, Mass. :
i. Almira, b. Dec. 19, 1844, at Becket. [Probably from Thomas of Fairfield.]

ABIGAIL NEWTON and Benjamin Phelps of Western married there Novem-
ber 24, 1791. (Western is now Warren.)

ABIGAIL NEWTON and Joseph Arnold married at Grafton, Mass., October
9, 1755.

ABIGAIL NEWTON married Benajah Benedict, son of Joseph and Mary
(Bostwick) Benedict. He was born February 26, 1756, and died July ■ — , 1832.

ABIGAIL NEWTON of New Providence married John Baker of Rehoboth,
Mass. ; intention at Rehoboth, November 26, 1779.

ABIGAIL NEWTON, born October 1, 1777, at Brookfield, Mass. ; died March
11, 1861, aged 83 ; married, at Plaisted, N. H., January 12, 1796, Levi Thurston,
who was born June 1, 1770, at Leominster, Mass., and died August 20, 1861,
aged 91. They had ten children.

ABIGAIL NEWTON married, at New Braintree, Mass., June 4, 1783, James
Stewart, probably his second wife, for the record at New Braintree has deaths,

" , wife of James Stewart, October 24, 1781." Also, " , Wid.

Stewart, July 26, 1786" ; this last probably wife Abigail.

ABIGAIL S. NEWTON of Framingham, Mass., and William Smith— also
spelled Smyth — of Waltham, Mass., luarried at Framingham, June 11, 1837.

ABBIE JACKSON GREENOUGH NEWTON, born July 18, 1814, died
November 2, 1880; married at Boston, Mass., June 4, 1843, George N. Kent (s.
of Ezekiel), born April 20, 1810, died February 21, 1873. Their children were:

i. Emmieliene G. Kent, b. 1844.
ii. George W. Kent, b. 1848.
iii. Franklin W. Kent, b. 1853.
iv. Henry N. Kent, b. 1857.

ALMIRA NEWTON, born May 13, 1831, married as his third wife, September
11, 1878, Henry H. Fletcher, son of Pelatiah and Susan (Hamlin) Fletcher of
Pepperell, Mass.


AMANDA NEWTON married David Kinney Knowlton, son of Curtis and
Annis (Tinney) Knowlton. He was a farmer in Fowler, N. Y. In 1897 he had
deceased. His brother, Charles Knowlton, married Anna Newton.

ANN NEWTON married at Westborough, Mass., November 28, 1840, Charles
Boynton (second wife), son of Nathan and Cyrene Boynton of Westborough,
born there in 1807. They had four children, of whom two died in infancy; the
others were :

i. Alice W. Boynton, b. 1847.

ii. Austin Davis Boynton, b. 1849.

AUGUSTA VINCENT NEWTON ( ), born at Patchogue, L. I., April

27, 1862 ; married March 17, 1884, James Humphrey, son of James and Charlotte
E. (Deming) Humphrey of Litchfield, Conn., born August 11, 1864; died April
27, 1893. Their children :

i. James Humphrey, b. 1886.
ii. Evelyn Humphrey, b. 1890.

AUKELIA NEWTON and Sumner Putnam married at Kutland, Mass.,
November 26, 1835.

AZUBAH NEWTON of Southborough, Mass., married there, July 15, 1802,
Elijah Ward, son of Abner and Elizabeth (Fay) Ward of Southborough, where
he was born in 1783. They had three children born in Southborough, and
removed to Chautauqua, N. Y., where he died. The children were:

i. Melinda Ward, b. 1802.

ii. Loring Ward, b. 1803 ; d. 1805.

iii. Polly Ward, b. 1805.

ANNA NEWTON and Ebenezer Goodell married at Brookfield, Mass., Sept.
3 or 23, 1773.

ABIGAIL "NUTTIN" of Groton, Mass., and "Thomas Chamberlieg" were
'•'marryed by Justice Minott, August y e 16th, 1699," at Concord, Mass.

ANNA NEWTON married at Marlborough in 1825, Capt. William Loring, 2d,
born 1789 ; died 1843 ; son of John and Mary (Beeman) Loring of Marlborough.
Six children born in Marlborough.

BETSEY NEWTON and Johnson Coney of Ware, Mass., married at Brook-
field, April 17, 1806.

BETSEY NEWTON married at Antrim, N. H, about 1790, John Cheney 7 ,
son of Elias 6 , Tristram 5 , who died at Lyndon, Vt., September, 1827. Seven

BETSEY NEWTON married at Sutton, Mass., December 15, 1796, Oliver
Putnam, son of Nathan and Betty Putnam of Sutton, where he was born July
19, 1773.

BETSEY NEWTON of Greenfield, Mass., married Dexter A. Clark. Intention
at Gill, Mass., October 28, 1848.

BETHSIIEBA NEWTON of Leicester, Mass., married there May 30, 1749
Zebediah Smith of Sunderland, Mass., son of Daniel and Ann Smith of Mon-
tague. Their children, born in Sunderland, were :


Sarah, b. , 1750.

i. Meiiitable, b. , 1751.

ii. Asa, b. ■ , 1753.

v. Patience, b. , 1750.

v. Zebadiah, b. , 1758 ; and "Probably others."

CLARISSA NEWTON (untraced) married Merlin Merrill, and had a son :

i. Monroe Erastus Merrill, b. ; m. in Hartford, Conn., April 5, 1S66,

Frances Kinsman, daughter of "Willis and Fannie (Warren) Kinsman of
RoyaLston, Vt., wliere she was b. November 26, 1834. They lived in Hart-
ford, Conn., and bad son:
1. WiOiam Eaton Merrill, b. July 8, 1870.

CONTENT NEWTON (untraced) of West Arlington, Vt., married Tyrus
Hurd, born July 1, 1759. They had a daughter at West Arlington, Vt. :

i. Clara Hurd, who m., as his second wife, Curtis Hawley, Jr., whose first wife
was Clarissa Nicholson, dan. of William and Patience (Newton) Nicholson,
whom he had m. Jan. 30, 1822, and she d. in 1832.

CERENA H. NEWTON (untraced) married, intention at Millbury, Mass.,

July S, 1S2S, Ezra J. Crossman.

CANDACE NEWTON and Needham Howe of Marlborough married in
Shrewshury, June 10, 1841. They had

i. Hannah Howe, b. , 1843.

ii. Neediiam Wilbur Howe, b. 1S47 ; d. 1S48.

CAROLINE A. NEWTON and Hosea Barns married in Shrewsbury, July 4,

CAROLINE E. NEWTON, born November 28, 1828. G. S. in Grafton
County, N. H.

CARRIE ALETTA NEWTON married, March 1, 1892, Edward Franklin
Wilder (second wife), born January 29, 1846, son of Edward and Emily Wilder.

CHARLOTTE NEWTON (untraced) married Henry Kingsley and had a
daughter :

i. Lucia Kingsley, b. May 24, 1845 at Tonica, 111. ; m. George Grant Manning.

CORNELIA MARY NEWTON (untraced) of Sherburn, N. Y., married,
September 29, 1847, Rev. Charles Little. She died and he married (2) Susan
Robbins. Children were by second wife.

CATHERINE NEWTON (untraced) married in Worcester, Mass.. April 9,

1834, Amos Thayer, son of Benjamin and Rachel ( ) Thayer of Worcester,

Mass., where he was born July 28, 1810, died . They resided in Worcester,

where five children were born :

. Mary Elizabeth Thayer, b. June 11, 1835.

i. Cynthia Ann Thayer, b. April 30, 1839: d. Oct. 7. 1843, aged 4% yrs.
ii. Catherine Augusta Thayer, b. March 22, 1841.
v. Benjamin Davis Thayer, b. March 16, 1S43.
v. Ellen Arabella Thayer, b. Sept. 8, 1S45.

CAROLINE NEWTON married, July 22, 1832, Jasper Ladd, son of Robert
and Olive (Chapman) Ladd of Chelsea, Vt. Their children were:


i. Aurilla Ladd, b. , 1833 ; m. Ethan George.

ii. Laura H. Ladd, b. , 1835 ; m. Ivewis C. Beckwith.

iii. Louisa Ladd, b. , 1840 ; unm.

DELIVERANCE NEWTON of Wilbraham, Mass., married at Palmer, Mass.,
April 4, 1771, Moses King.

DORCAS B. NEWTON of Wilton, N. Y., married, September — , 1831,
Thomas Jefferson Runciman, who was born at Wilton, N. Y., in 1805, and died
in 1886. They had no children, except an adopted daughter, Ann E. Runciman.

DEBORAH NEWTON, who died October 18, 1846; married, November 12,
1832, George W. Goodrich, son of Butler and Lydia Goodrich of Pittsfield,
Mass., where he was born in 1810, and died in 1886. "He resided in Pittsfield
all his life." He had seven children by first wife, and married (2) 1847,
Henrietta Blim. The children were:

i. Butler Newton Goodrich, b. , 1834.

ii. Charles Dwigiit Goodrich, b. , 1830.

iii. Martha Cornelia Goodrich, b. , 1838.

iv. Abigail Maria Goodrich, b. , 1840.

v. Charles West Goodrich, b. , 1842.

vi. John Goodrich, b. , 1844.

vii. Ernest Holwill Goodrich, b. , 1840.

ELEANOR (also ELLEN) NEWTON of Plymouth Colony, received her
portion of land in a division in 1623. May 22, 1627, she received her portion
on the division of the cattle. She married in America (1) John Adams, who
came in 1623 in the Fortune. She married (2) June, 1634, Kenhelm Winslow,
born 1598, died 1681. Another authority has: "He died while on a visit to
Salem in 1672." They lived in Marshfield, Mass. He had sons,

i. Keniielm Winslow, b. .

ii. Nathaniel Winslow, b. .

iii. Job Winslow, b. .

ELIDA NEWTON married, March 10, 1892, Frank Phelps Currier, son of
William and Emeline (Phelps) Currier, from Marlborough and Glastonbury,
Conn., to Cuba, N. Y. He was born at Cuba, N. Y., 1860. No children.

ELIZA NEWTON and Amasa Jackson married at Newton, Mass., May 25,

ELIZA S. NEWTON married Abraham Babcock, and had a daughter,

i. Sarah E. Babcock, b. ; m. in 1880, Arthur Weed Marvin, b. in 1858,

son of Daniel W.

ELIZABETH NEWTON from Westborough, May, 1766, warned from Sutton.

ELIZABETH NEWTON married James Black, and had a son,
i. William Black, b. Jan. 3, 1840, at Oswego, N. Y.


i. Helen Amanda Howard, b. 1844, at North Girard, Ala. ; m. Thomas P.


ELIZABETH NEWTON married Manson Seamonds of Bourbon County.
They had a daughter:

i. Elizabeth Seamonds, b. , 1S13, in Bourbon County ; m. Edwin M.

Dodge, b. 1809, at Winchester, Ky.

EMMA J. NEWTON married, as his second wife, September 20, 1872, Edwin
Baily Stone, son of Isaac and Martha Stone, born October 26, 1838.

EMMA L. NEWTON married a Mr. Gridley. She is a member of the
M;i.vflo\ver Descendants, through descent from William Brewster.

EMELINE NEWTON married Jonathan Bacon of Sturbridge, Mass.,
mechanic, shoemaker, cordwainer. They lived in Sturbridge, where seven
children are recorded; five of whom died young. The adults were:

iii. Abner Newton Bacon, b. , 1843.

vi. Emetine A. Bacon, b. , 1S4T.

vii. Theresa Maria Bacon, b. , 1849.

ESTHER NEWTON married, in 1807, Amos Morse, son of Jothan and
Abigail (Gregory) Morse of Walpole, Mass., where he was born in 1777. They
lived at Wrentham.

ESTHER NEWTON of Greenfield, Mass., married at Gill, February 27,
1808, Athenodorus Bascom (called "Dorus"), son of Moses and Anna (Sheldon)
Bascom of Gill, Mass. He was born at Greenfield in 1784. Eight children,
born at Gill, where he was living in 1864. She died May 19, 1S55, aged 69. His
brother, Elijah Sheldon Bascom, married, in 1827, Chloe Newton, who died
September 17, 1836, aged 36, leaving five children. And he married again. [See
"Thomas Bascom and his Descendants," 1S70, for further record.]

EUCLA G. NEWTON and Samuel Spooner married at Petersham, Mass.,
May 1, 1822.

ELIZABETH NEWTON, born 1791, in the old fort at Marietta, Ohio; a
granddaughter of Colonel Stacy, one of the pioneer settlers of Ohio; married
Isaac Walbridge [perhaps the Isaac, born 1781 ; died 1822, in Morgan County.
Ohio], a descendant of Henry Walbridge of Norwich, Conn.; had two daughters,
names not stated, and

i. Ira Walbridge, b. .

ii. Sylvanus Newton Walbridge, b. .

iii. Eliza Walbridge, b. .

FANNIE J. NEWTON, who died November 24, 1857, married at Canandaigua,
N. Y., January 19, 1853, Augustus Frederick Hart, son of Frederick and Sylvia
(Rowley) Hart of Victor, N. Y., where he was born December 29, 1820. She
left two children, and he married (2) her sister, Nancy Newton, also of
Canandaigua, November 24, 1858. Children were:

i. Sylvia Nelia Hart, b. -, 1853.

ii. Fannie J. Hart, b. , 1857.


iii. Maryette Eliza Hart, b. .


HANNAH NEWTON married Hon. Jonathan Bonney (second wife), born
at Hull, Mass., January 7, 1724-5. He was a member of His Majesty's Council
at Halifax, N. S. [Epitaphs in King's Chapel Cem., at Boston.]

HANNAH NEWTON and Nathan Tombs married, November 29, 1792,
Framingham, where they had eight children ; recorded on town records.

HANNAH NEWTON and Simon Perry, "both of Lancaster," married there
in 1786.

HANNAH NEWTON and Ensign Cushing, Bridgewater, married, March 15,

HANNAH NEWTON, born about 1807, married Adna Wilcox Noble, born
October 7, 1790 (second wife). They had seven children. He married (1)
Electa Ruhamah Smith ; "had two children and then they parted."

HANNAH NEWTON of Newport, N. H., at date of marriage. Intention at
Westborough, Mass., November 5, 1808, and Nathan Fay, Jr., of Newburyport,
Mass. They had:

i. Armille Persis Fay, b. July 5, 1818 ; ni. Parsons Rhoades.

HANNAH NEWTON and Joseph Chamberlin of Netchawog married at
Leicester, Mass., June 17, 1840.

HEPSY NEWTON of Dalton, N. H., married, as his second wife, Thoma-3
Smith, born March 4, 1794; died at Dalton, October 24, 1876; farmer; repre-
sentative in New Hampshire Legislature; member Methodist Church; soldier
of the War of 1812. His first wife was Hannah Huntoon of Unity. Nine

HATTIE A. NEWTON, born March 8, 1849 ; married at Bound Lake, N. Y.,
1894, Dr. Edwin J. Fiske, son of Gilbert and Christiana M. (Borst) Fiske of
Oswego, N. Y. He was a successful physician, settled at Troy, N. Y. ; made a
specialty of throat and lung diseases and had a large practice. Five children.
[See Fiske Genealogy for them and further notice.]

HULDAH NEWTON and Jonathan Townsend, both of Westminster, married,
March 24, 1765, at Lancaster, Mass.

HANNAH NEWTON ( ) married, September 20, 1660, Joseph Phelps,

born about 1629, in England, and emigrated with his father, William Phelps, in
1630; settled in Dorchester, Mass., and removed to Windsor, Conn., in 1635-
1636. Hannah had five children, and died at Simsbury, Conn., in 1675. He
married (2) Mary Salmon. Hannah's children were:

i. William Tiielps, b. , 1664.

ii. Joseph Phelps, b. , 1667.

iii. Hannah Tiielps, b. , 1668.

iv. Timothy Phelps, b. , 1671.

' v. Sarah Phelps, b. , 1672.

JOAN NEWTON, sister of Hannah above, married Benedict Alford.

JERUSHA NEWTON and James Emerson married, December 24, 1728, at
Holliston, Mass.


JENNIE S. NEWTON of Perrysburg, Ohio, married. September 9, 1876,
Silas Davis Stearns (second wife), born September 9, 1835. They removed to
Willapa, Wash. He married (1) April 7, 1859, Hannah Adelia Jordan, who died
in 1875. He had nine children.

JANE B. NEWTON and James N. Cross married, intention April 10, 1836,
Washington, Mass.

JULIA C. NEWTON, born March 10, 1847; died July 31. 1869; married,
September 26, 1867, Francis A. Bigelow, son of Cryton and Rosanna R. (Cobb)
Bigelow, born at Little Prairie, Walworth County, Wis., July 22, 1840. They
had a daughter who was living at LaCross, Wis.

LAURA O. NEWTON married [int. in Shrewsbury, April 7, 1837] Samuel

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