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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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his wife would not have it so — she did not want the child nicknamed "Little
Dollie." They compromised on the name, Cynthia Wood. It seems to me that
the father wished to name the child after his mother — Dorothy Wood — "Dolly."
Whatever the maiden name of Nathan Newton's last wife may have been, his
widow, "Dollie," after his death, sometime, went to live with her eldest son,
Lambert Newton, in Noble, Noble County, Ohio, where she died, February 26,
1859; burial at Haskinsville, Ohio, about four miles from the home of Lam-
bert Newton, near Caldwell, Ohio.

I do not find the parentage of either wife; and Dolly Wood may have been
a widow, born Morse. I merely suggest it — no proof.

It is stated by his descendants that Nathan Newton came to Andover, Maine,
from Duxbury, Mass. At what date they know not, nor whence to Duxbury.
but it is known that he lived the remainder of his life at Andover, Maine, and
died there.

The record of his children is imperfect. The order of their names here given
is not correct. No one seemed to know how they came.

The following from "Worcester County Warnings" I give in this connection
because of the similarity of names, and the date, and the town, and that per-
haps the name Nahum might be incorrectly written for Nathan. I do not
know who they are else. Namely: "Warned from Northborough, September
9, 1790, Nahum Newton, yeoman, wife Anna; children, Aaron Beaman, Holes-
worth, Polly, Winthrop; from Southborough. Notice given to the Selectmen by
Dea. Paul Newton."

The First United States Census, 1790, shows Nathan Neivton at Northborough,
head of a household, consisting of himself, three males under sixteen years, and
two females.


G98. i. Holdretii 7 . also written Holdrun, b. ; never married; lived with, and

was supported in his last years by bis brother. Winthrop.

699. tii. Winthrop 7 . b. [July 22, 1790] at Sudbury; m. Polly P. Dustin.

700. iii. Clarissa 7 , b. ; d. Sept. — , 1832. "She was daughter of the first wife

of her father." She died in Newry, Maine. She married at Bethel, Me.,
about 1819, Ebenezer Bean, son of John Bean of Bethel, Maine, where he
was born. He died in Berlin, N. H., June 8, 1861. Farmer. Their
children were all born in South Weymouth, Mass., where the family then
resided. Ebenezer Bean married (2) Mrs. Sarah Cumniings of Bethel,
Maine, and his son, Jonathan C, married her daughter. Children :

701. 1. Jonathan Clark 8 Bean, b. Aug. 31, 1820 ; d. Jan. 30, 1899 ; m. 1842, Sarah


702. 2. Clarissa Newton 8 Bean, b. Sept. 29, 1825 ; d. May 7, 1888 ; m. Lorenzo D.

Ward; res. in Boston, Mass., and Bethel, Maine.

703. 3. Ebenezer Newell* Bean, b. June 10, 1827; d. before 1909; m. Eliza M.

Pearson, sister of the wife of his uncle, Albert Newton 7 . They lived in
South Weymouth, Mass. Children :

704. 1. Edgar' Bean, b. ; lived in Brockton, Mass., 1909.

705. 2. Clarence 9 Bean, b. .

706. 3. Nellie 9 Bean, b. ■ .

707. 4. Mary Bean, b. .

708. 4. Stephen Sounders* Bean, b. May — , 1S29 ; went out West first to visit .his

grandmother in Ohio : then to Des Moines, Iowa, where he married and
had two children. He was a soldier in the Civil War and was killed in
the battle of Shiloh in 1862. His older daughter was


709. 1. Cynthia Estelle 9 Bean.

710. 5. Addison Saunders 9 Bean, b. April 13, 1832; living in 1909 in Bethel,

Maine, R. F. D. 4. In Sept., 1832, after the death of his mother, he was
adopted by Mr. Ashley Paine of Bethel, Maine, who brought him up.
He married in Manchester, N. H., Dec. 6, 1851, Irene Elizabeth Heald,
born Nov. 29, 1833, died June 8, 1907. s. p.

711. 6. Abial Chandler 3 Bean, b. ; settled in New York City, where he died;

m. and had two daughters. "He was only a half brother."


712. f iv. Lambert 7 , b. Sept. 29, 1795 ; m. Martha Nicholson.

713. tv. Nathan 7 , Jr., b. ; m. Lucretia McFarland.

714. vi. Sophia 7 , b. ; d. at Andover, Maine, at the home of her daughter ; m.

James Buchannan ; removed to Wisconsin, where they had a large family ;
one child was :

715. 1. Adelaide* Buchannan, b. ; m. George Merritt Newton, her cousin,

and resides (1909) in Andover, Maine.

716. vii. Anna 7 , b. .

717. tviii. Benjamin Thorla 7 , b. Dec. 26, 1810 ; m. Clarine Dunn.

718. ix. Lydia 7 , b. ; m. Joshua Dunn, brother of Clarine Dunn (above) and

son of Aaron and Keziah (Chandler) Dunn of Poland, Maine, where he
was born. They lived in Andover, Maine, and had six children. Later she
was in Bethlehem, N. H. Children were :

719. 1. William Horace* Dunn, b. ; d. before 1909.

720. 2. Henry Wellington 6 Dunn, b. .

721. 3. Albert* Dunn, b. ; d. at Littleton, N. H.

722. 4. Clara* Dunn, b. ; m. Erastus Bean.

723. 5. Eunice* Dunn, b.

724. 6. Martha* Dunn, b. .

725. tx. Albert 7 , b. Sept. 5, 1814 ; m. Phebe R. Pearsons.

726. xi. Dollie 7 , b. .

483. JOHN" NEWTON 6 (Levi 5 , Thomas 4 , Thomas 3 , John 2 , Eichard 1 ), son
of Levi and Lucy (Billings) Newton of Montague, Sunderland and Deerfield,
Mass., was born in Montague, January 17, or 27, 1755, and died at St. Omar,
Ind., September 20, 1839.

He married, January 29, 1789, Abigail Parker of Deerfield, born about 1768.
She was living in Rush County, Ind., in 1850, aged 82.

John Newton was in Deerfield in 1775. He was a soldier of the Eevolution
from there, a Minuteman in the Company of Capt. Jonas Locke on the Lexing-
ton alarm, April 19, 1775; served a short term in Capt. Timothy Child's Green-
field Company, in Col. David Field's regiment, service four days on alarm at
Bennington August 14, 1777; Capt. Joseph Stebbins' Company marched there,
but arrived after the battle; was at the capture of Burgoyne, and out at other
times. He was first sergeant in "Alarm List and Train-Band" of the town in
1787-92. He removed first to Cherry Valley, N. Y., in 1794, and afterward moved
to Ohio and Kentucky. He was living in St. Omar, Ind., in 1835, and died
there in 1839. There may have been other children. The only one I have
found is:

727. i. Calvin 7 , b. ; was living in Indiana with his mother in 1850.

489. JEREMIAH NEWTON 6 (Solomon 5 , Thomas 4 , Thomas 3 , John 2 , Rich-
ard 1 ), son of Solomon and Mary (Taylor) Newton of Montague, Sunderland and
Deerfield, was born in Sunderland, Mass., October 12, or December 18, 1756, and
died at "Great River," Deerfield, January 24, 1841.

He married Prudence Chase, or Case, who survived him.

Mr. Newton lived at Great River, in Deerfield, Mass. He was a soldier of the
Revolution ; a Minuteman in Capt. Jonas Locke's Company, Col. Williams' regi-


merit on the alarm at Lexington, April 19, 1775 ; out fourteen days ; was out in
Capt. Child's Company, February, 1777; and again in Capt. Shelden's Com-
pany, July, 1777; and with Capt. Stebbins' Company, September, 1777, in the
Burgoyne campaign. They arrived at Bennington after the battle, and saw the
Hessian prisoners confined in the Meeting house. He marched under Capt.
Stebbins to Fort Edward, where he was with a small party which surprised a
British outpost across the river, capturing the stores. Other expeditions are
recorded in which he took part; his final discharge was November 22, 1779.


728. i. Nabby 7 , b. May 6, 1794.

729. tii. Harry 7 , b. April 19, 1796; m. Emily Gunn.

490. MOSES NEWTON 6 (Solomon 5 , Thomas 4 , Thomas 3 , John 2 , Richard 1 ),
son of Solomon and Mary (Taylor) Newton of Montague, Sunderland and Deer-
field, Mass., was born in Deerfield, January 18, 1858, and died at Great River
in Deerfield, March 20, 1834.

He married (int. in Deerfield, November 16, 1799) Lydia Miller. She was
born September 25, 1777.

Moses Newton lived at Great River in Deerfield, Mass. He was a soldier
of the Revolution. As a youth he went out in place of his father, who was
drafted, 1775. On the rolls his service states that he was from Deerfield, private
in Capt. Samuel Taylor's Company, Col. Nicholas Dikes' regiment, service at
Roxbury, Dorchester Heights, November 26, 1776 ; under Capt. Child, May, 1777 ;
in Capt. Amasa Kemp's Company in the Northern army guarding stores and
prisoners at Brookfield and Rutland in 1778 ; Corporal in Capt. Abel Densmore's
Company, Col. Elisha Porter's (Hampshire County) regiment at New London
in 1779; Order Sergeant in Capt. Isaac Newton's Company, Col. S. Murrey's
regiment; last discharge was dated October 10, 1780.

He received a United States pension of $177.00 yearly from March 4, 1831,
until his death.


730. i. Clarissa 7 , b. Oct. 10, 1800 ; m. Jedediab Bagg.

731. tii. ALPnEUS 7 , b. Aug. 8, 1803 ; m. Roxanna Carey.

732. iii. Calvin 7 , b. Jan. 26, 1806 ; m. March 20. 1825, Mary Edwards.

733. iv. Richard 7 , b. March 9, 1809 ; m. Mary Law, went west.

734. tv. Solomon 7 , b. July, 1811 ; m. Electa Carey.

735. vi. Mary Taylor 7 , b. Dec. 25, 1816 ; d. , 1833.

494. CAPT. ELIJAH NEWTON 6 (Solomon 5 , Thomas*, Thomas 3 * John 2 ,
Richard 1 ), son of Solomon and Mary (Taylor) Newton of Montague, Sunder-
land and Deerfield, Mass., was born probably about 1768 to 70; and died in
New York State.

He married in 1801 (int. Aug. 15, 1801, in Deerfield), Lavina Pratt, daughter
of Stephen and Phebe (Merriman) Pratt* of Oxford and Charlton, Mass., born
at Oxford, May 30, 1775 ; at date of marriage she was of Gill, Mass., and died
probably in New York State.

* Stephen Fratt 4 , b. 1749, d. 1813 ; res. Oxford and Charlton, Mass. ; m. 1772, Phebe
Merriman of North Gore. b. 1751, d. 1812. They both died at Greenfield. [She was dau. of
Ebenezer 5 and Esther (Gleason) Merriman of Oxford (s. of John 4 , Joseph 3 , Joseph 2 . Wm.
Merriman 1 of Hadlow. Kent Co., Eng., d. there 1635)]. He was son of Jonas Pratt 3 , will filed

1798 at Ward, where he died ; blacksmith ; res. Oxford ; rem. 1786 to Ward ; m. Ann ;

son of Jonathan Pratt 2 , of Oxford; will proved 1760; m. Sarah Gale 4 of Watertown [b.
1681, dau. of John 3 and Elizabeth (Spring) Gale of Watertown and Framingham, son of John 2 ,
son of Richard Gale 1 of Watertown 1640]. He was son of Thomas Pratt 1 of Watertown
1647 ; rem. to Framingham. Had ten sons and one daughter.


Elijah Newton in 1791 was Captain of militia in Deerfield. His four chil-
dren are recorded there; removed later to Middlefield, Otsego County, N. Y.


736. i. Ira 7 , b. Dec. 26, 1801 ; d. , 1803.

737. ii. Solomon Priestly 7 , b. Nov. 8, 1803 ; d. Oct. 7, 1805.

738. iii. Rodolphus 7 , b. Jan. 3, 1806.

739. iv. Elijah Avery 7 , b. Jan. 14, 1808.

497. PHINEAS NEWTON , Jr. (Phineas 5 , Obediah*, Thomas 3 , John 2 , Eich-

ard 1 ), son of Phineas and Abigail ( ) Newton of Worcester and Spencer,

Mass., was born in Worcester, August 4, 1750, and died probably at Croydon,
N. H.

He married in Grafton, Mass., September 2, 1771, C. E., Mary Winchester,
daughter Joshua and Mary (Whipple) Winchester of Grafton, where she was
born June 6, 1751. She died, probably, at Croydon, N. H.

Phineas Newton of Spencer and Widow Eachel Commins, intention of mar-
riage May 27, 1782, in Leicester, may be a second marriage of Phineas, Jr.

Phineas Newton, Jr., was a soldier of the Eevolution. He served a long time
and through many enlistments, beginning May 12, 1775, private in Capt. Joel
Green's Company, Col. Ebenezer Learned's regiment, residence Spencer. The last
date, March 18, 1780, mustered out. Spencer was a part of Leicester until 1775.
At date of first marriage he was "of Sutton."

He was assessed by the selectmen of Leicester 8s. to build bridges. After the
Eevolution he probably moved to Croydon, N. H, where his father had gone
about 1770, for the Eirst United States Census, 1790, shows Phinehas Newton,
Croydon, N. H, his family consisting of himself, four males under sixteen years,
and five females. The History of Newport, N. H, has the following:

740. i. "Phineas Newton, grandson of Phineas Newton, married Sept. 24, 1805, Sabra

Ball ; resides at Newport, N. H."

498. OBEDIAH NEWTON 6 (Phineas 5 , ObediahS Thomas 3 , John 2 , Eich-

ard 1 ), son of Phineas and Abigail ( ) Newton of Worcester, Spencer, Mass.,

and Croydon, N. H., was born in Worcester October 21, 1751.

He married in Grafton, Mass., February 23, 1775, Mehitabel Whitney, daugh-
ter of Joshua and Mehitabel (Wilson) Whitney of Spencer, Mass., where she was
bom July 17, 1756.

She married (2) Williams, who died, and she married (3)

Hanks, and removed to Ohio.

Obediah Newton lived in Spencer, Mass.; his children were born or baptized
there. He lived for a time in Leicester and Stockbridge, Mass. He was a sol-
dier of the Eevolution, serving many enlistments. The service roll states that
his residence was Spencer; enlisted for that town; term three years; mustered
May 10, 1777 ; also private Capt. John Holden's Company, Col. Thomas Nixon's
(6th) regiment; other service — a long list, the last date being April 1, 1780.


741. i. Phebe 7 , b. Sept. 6, 1775.

742. ii. Betsey 7 , b. March 15, 1777.

743. iii. Polly 7 , b. Nov. 12, 1779. C. R.

744. iv. JosnuA 7 , b. ; bapt. Feb. 17, 1782. C. R.

500. BENJAMIN NEWTON 6 (Phineas 5 , Sr., Obediah*, Thomas 3 , John 2 ,
Eichard 1 ), son of Phineas and Abigail ( ) Newton of Worcester, Spencer,


Mass., and Croydon, N. H., was born at Worcester, May 6, 1755, and died there.
His will was allowed September 3, 1811. See below.

He married about , 1778, Mary, Molly Holbrook. She was given a life

interest in all of his estate and made executrix of his will. I have not found
her ancestry.

Benjamin Newton lived in Worcester. His children were born there. The
First United States Census, 1790, states that his family there consisted then
of himself, one male under sixteen years, and five females.

He was a soldier of the Kevolution. On the rolls he appears : "Newton, Ben-
jamin. Worcester. Private Capt. Edward Hodges' Company, Col. Joshua Whit-
ney's regiment; enlisted May 5, 1777; discharged July 6, 1777; served at
Khode Island ; 2 months and 5 days. Pensioned."

His brothers Phineas and Obediah were also soldiers in that war.

Mr. Newton was a farmer in Worcester. Made his will June 4, 1811.

List of papers in the Probate Court and the Will.
1811. Benjamin Newton, Worcester, 430G8 A.

Will copied, allowed September 3, 1811.

Bond of Molly Newton, widow, appointed Exx.

Sept. 3, 1811,

$10,000 (Silas Hemenway)

(Abel Wesson) Sureties.

Affidavit. of notice,

Inventory. Real $1122.67

Total $1769.05

Personal includes cattle, farm products and tools, furniture and notes.
Letter to Judge from Daniel Holbrook.

Will allowed Sept. 3, 1811.

In the name of God Amen, I Benjamin Newton of Worcester, in the County of
Worcester and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Yeoman, considering the uncertainty
of this mortal life, and being of sound and perfect mind and memory, blessed be Almighty
God for the same, do make and publish this my last will and Testament, in manner and
form following ; that is to say —

First I give and bequeath unto my son Benjamin Newton Jur. and to my son
Daniel Newton, all my wearing apparel to be equally divided between them — And I also
hereby relinquish unto my son Benjamin the payment of all monies due from him to me
on Notes of hand or otherwise, excepting one hundred Dollars and the Interest thereof
from the date of his note, on the sole condition however, that he shall not bring any
demand against me, or my estate after my decease : which with what I have heretofore
given him, will make his full share in my estate —

Also I give and bequeath unto my eight Daughters (viz) Nabby, Molly, Esther,
Thankfull Susanna, Anna, Sally and Harriet, one Dollar each, and I also give unto my
said Daughters the aforesaid one hundred Dollars, due from my son Benjamin, with the
Interest thereof from the date of his note, to be equally divided and paid to them respec-
tively by my Executrix hereafter named in two years from and after my decease —

And also my will is, that my said Daughter Anna shall have the privalege of making
my house her home free of any expence to her, so long as she shall remain single and

Also, my Will is, and I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Molly Newton, after
the payment of my just debts and funeral charges, the remainder of all my personal
estate of every denomination — And I also give and devise unto my said wife the use
and improvement of all my real estate wherever the same may be situated during her
natural life, subject however to such annual support as I am under obligation to fur-
nish to my venerable Aunt Thankful Stearns, widow and Relict of Bazelael Stearns dec —

Also I give and devise unto my son Daniel Newton in fee, after his mothers decease,
the remainder of all my real estate, wherever the same may be situated, to him his Heirs
or assigns forever

And lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my said wife Molly Newton sole Execu-
trix of this my last Will and Testament ; hereby revoking all former wills by me made
or executors by me appointed —

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this fourth day of June
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and Eleven —

Benjamin Newton (Seal)


Signed, sealed, published and declared, by the above named Benjamin Newton, to be
his last Will and Testament, in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our
names as witnesses in presence of the Testator —

Hevy Heywood —
Jason Blake
Saml Harrington Jr.
A true copy,

Attest : H. H. Atwood

Asst. Register.


745. ti. Abigail 7 , called Nabby, b. March 4, 1779; m. William Newton (2341), son
of Andrew 5 , Jr., and Sarah (Marrett) Newton of Framingham, where they
had eleven children ; see his number, where they are given.

74G. ii. Mary 7 , called Molly, b. Aug. 8, 1780 ; d. at Somerville, Conn., June 5, 1867 ;
m. at Medway, Mass., Feb. 25, 1800, Moses Cleveland, son of Samuel and
Molly Cleveland. He was born May 6, 1778, and died April 2 or May 10,
1851, aged 73 years. They lived last in Wellington, Conn., where both
are buried. Their children were :

747. 1. Mary 8 Cleveland, b. May 18, 1800, in Worcester. She is called "Polly."

748. 2. Moses 3 Cleveland, b. Oct. 30, 1801, in Medway.

749. 3. Elizabeth* Cleveland (twin)', b. July 5, 1803, in Medway, called "Eliza."

750. 4. Angeline* Cleveland (twin), b. July 5, 1803, in Medway, called "Telina."

751. 5. Roxana B. 8 Cleveland, b. , 1805, in Medway.

752. 6. Susan W* Cleveland, b. , 1807, in Medway.

753. 7. Harriet* Cleveland, b. , 1809, in Medway.

754. iii. Esther 7 , b. Feb. 11, 1782 ; was living 1811, and probably married.

755. tiv. Benjamin 7 , Jr., b. Sept. 2, 1783; m. Sabra Titus of Sutton.

756. v. Thankful 7 , b. March 2, 1785; m. at Shrewsbury, Jan. 1, 1810, Solomon

Munroe, son of Capt. Nathaniel and Lucy (Bartlett) Munroe, who was
from Carlisle to Shrewsbury. He was born at Shrewsbury Oct. 31, 1778.
They removed to Grafton, where he died Sept. 10, 1840, aged 61. Her
death I have not. Child :

1. Harriet* Munroe, b. Oct. 5, 1810, at Shrewsbury.

Susannah 7 , b. April 22, 1786; living in 1811, and probably married.

Anna 7 (twin), b. May 9, 1789; living in 1811; unm. [father's will].

Roxanna 7 (twin), May 9, 1789; d. June 5 or 16, 1789.

Sarah, called Sally 7 , b. March 10, 1790; d. at Great Falls, N. H., Dec. 6,
1865 ; m. by Rev. Elisha Fiske of Wrentham, Nov. 23, 1809, Levi Nason,*
son of Thomas and Sarah (Worsley) Nason. He was born at Walpole,
Mass., March 25, 1779, and died at the home of his son, William W. Nason.
at Great Falls, N. H., March 11, 1854. She died leaving eight children, all
heads of families, and all except one were members of the Congregational
church. Seven of them were living in 1889. Children were :

762. 1. Elias* Nason, b. ; d. .

763. 2. Eliza Edwards* Nason, b. ; m. Bates.

764. 3. Mary Holbrook* Nason, b. ; m. Foolman.

765. 4. William Warren* Nason, b. ; res. at Great Falls, N. H.

766. 5. Edward Shepard* Nason, b. .

767. 6. Pamela Ann* Nason, b. ; m. (1) Searle; m. (2)


768. 7. Charles* Nason, b. .

769. 8. Susan Arabella*, b. ; m. Dearborn.

770. x. Harriet 7 , b. Nov. 11, 1791 ; living in 1811, and probably married.

771. xi. Daniel 7 , b. June 20, 1794. By his father's will he is to receive "in fee,

after his mother's decease, the remainder of all my real estate," the mother
having a life interest in it. Probably he was living on the farm with his

506. JONAS NEWTON G (Phineas 5 , Obediah*, Thomas 3 , John 2 , Richard 1 ),

son of Obediah and Abigail ( ) Newton of Shrewsbury and Grafton, Mass.,

was born at Worcester, Mass., February 3, 1764.

He married in Hubbardston, Mass., December 15, 1785, Tryphena (Phene)
Pond, daughter of Ezra and Sarah (Morse) Pond:}: of Wrentham and Hubbard-

* The Pedigree of Levi Nason 4 , son of Thomas*, son of Thomas 2 , son of Willougliby'.
% See Pond footnote, page 90.











stem, Mass. (and sister of Levi Pond, who married Lucy Newton, sister of
Jonas). She was born at Wrentham August 12, 1769.

Jonas Newton lived a few years after marriage in Hubbardston, Mass., where
two of his children were born. The First United States Census, 1790, shows
Jonas Newton head of a family at Hubbardston, consisting of himself, one
male under sixteen years, and two females. Removed, probably to Vermont.


772. i. ABUAn, b. June 21, 1786.
77;;. ii. HANNAH, b. March 12, 17S9.

531. DANIEL NEWTON 6 (Marshall 5 , Obediah*, Thomas 3 , John 2 , Richard 1 ),
son of Marshall and Eunice (Taylor) Newton of Shrewsbury, Mass., was born
there March 13, 1752. He died at Shoreham, Vt., February 24, 1834, aged 80.

He married in Worcester, Mass., February 19, 1792, T. R., Elizabeth, Betsey

Morse, daughter of Isaac 5 and Ruth ( ; — ) Morse* of Worcester, Leicester,

Mass., and Newfane, Vt.

Mrs. Newton survived her husband. They were buried at Shoreham, Vt., and
have gravestones with inscriptions.

Before the War of the Revolution, in 1773 or '74, Daniel Newton was sent,
with others, to commence the settlement of Shoreham, Vt., on the lands granted
to his father. At the beginning of the war they buried their tools and returned
to Shrewsbury. After the war he dug out his tools and went on with his
work. He married his cousin, who shared with him the hardships of pioneers.
But they lived to enjoy the results of their labors, in the fruitful fields, and
civilizing influences about them. He was active in promoting town improve-
ments, establishing schools, building roads, erecting public buildings. He was
forward in founding the Academy of Shoreham, which was incorporated in 1811
and named for him. He was a man of influence, and a Christian. He was
administrator of his father's estate, and as such on October 16, 1783, presented
a claim against the town of £10 with interest for eighteen years, which was

He was a soldier of the Revolution. When Ethan Allen's party came through
the town in May, 1775, he was surveying lands for the town and chopping on
his land. He set his ax against a tree and joined the party, and was left with
Seth Warner on the Vermont side, so did not assist in the taking of Fort Ticon-
deroga, but was with Warner at the capture of Crown Point. He first joined
the American Army, as a servant to Gen. Artemas Ward (a neighbor and a
relative, his grandmother being Record Ward), in Philadelphia. He served
through the war. On the rolls his name appears : "Daniel Newton, Shrewsbury,
resided in and enlisted for Shrewsbury; men raised to serve in Continental
Army for 6th Worcester County regiment as returned by Capt. Asa Rice. Also,
joined Capt. Ward's Company, Col. Wesson's regiment, term three years. Mus-
tered June 7, 1777. Also other services. Continental Army pay accounts for
service from May 28, 1777, to Sept. 21, 1779. Reported discharged."

* Isaac Morse 5 , son of Isaac 1 and Elizabeth (Drury) Morse, b. 1722 ; rem. to Grafton, and to
Leicester, Mass. ; left a widow, Ruth.

Isaac Morse 4 , son of Capt. Joseph 3 and Hannah (Babcock) Morse, b. 1697 ; d. 1749 ; res.
Holliston. Shrewsbury and Worcester, Mass.

Capt. Joseph Morse 3 , son of Joseph 3 and Hannah (Phillips) Morse, b. 1649, d. 1717 ; res.
Sherborn, Mass., m. (1) Mehitable Wood; m. (2) Hannah Babcock; m. (3) Mrs. Hannah
Baxter Dyer.

Joseph Morse 3 , son of Samuel 1 and Elizabeth ( ), b. abt. 1615, in England; came

to New England ; aged 20 yrs., with his parents ; res. Watertown ; removed to Dedham.

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