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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 27 of 131)
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children, and giving his wife room in the house and life use of movables, which were to be
equally distributed among his children and his "son-in-law" [stepson], Edward Newton, at
her death : his son Jonas to be executor. The children were, Silas, 1710 ; Jemima. 1712 ;
Deborah, 1714; Col. Levi, 1716; Capt. Jonas, 1718; Maj. Asa. 1721, who m. Mary Newton 1
(dau. of Dea. Josiah 3 ).

Samuel Leonard 3 (son of Solomon 1 ), b. about 1645 or before, prob., at Duxbury, Mass.,
was living 1720. "Carpenter," "husbandman," "planter," he is styled; res. Bridgewater;

m. (1) Abigail Wood, m. (2) Deborah . The children were:' Mary 3 , b. ; m.

Edward Newton; Merey 3 , m. Richard Adams; Elizabeth?, m. Thomas Clark; Samuel 3 , m.

Lydia ; by 2d wife, Deborah, had Abigail 3 , m. Isaac Reed; Phebe 3 , 1703. [For

Solomon Leonard 1 , see note to Moses Newton 2 .]



These papers will be found in the Probate Court at East Cambridge, Mass.,
old series. The gentleman who copied them for me has traced many of them
and described all of them, thus presenting them to our eyes almost as the origi-
nals. The many signatures are of much interest. Those to the inventory are
John Newton 3 and Jonathan Johnson 3 , Jr., cousins of Edward Newton 3 .

Mary Newton her

Bond of Adminngton

taken Nov* 18^ 1704

Estate of Edward Newton

vol 6 page 454

#15.880. Edward Newton Estate
Old Series. Bond.

Know all men by these presents, that we. "Mary Newton widow relict of"
"Edward Newton Husbandman late of Marlborough deed Intestate. John"
"Newton of the Same. Marlborough and Samuel Gookin of Cambridge, all"
"in the County of Middlesex" within Her Majesties Province of the Massa-
chusetts-Bay in New England, are holden and Stand firmly Bound and
Obliged unto "John Leverett Esq r ." Judge of the Probate of Wills and
granting of Administrations, within the County of "Middlesex" — in the
full Sum of "One hundred & Eighty" Pounds, Currant Money in New
England : To be paid unto the said "John Leverett — his Successors in the
said Office or Assignes. To the true payment whereof. We Bind our Selves
and each of us by "her & hims" — our and each of our Heirs, Executors
and Administrators, joyntly and severally, for the whole, and in the whole,
firmly by these Presents : Sealed with our Seals. Dated the "Eighteenth"
Day of "November" Anno. Domini, One thousand "Sevenhundred & four."

The Condition of this present Obligation is Such, that if the above bounden "Mary"
"Newton admitted Acini* of all and singular the goods and chattels of her. late."
"Husband Edward Newton deed Intestate — " do make or cause to be made a true
and perfect Inventory of all and Singular the Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits of
the said Deceased, which have or shall come to the hands, Possession or Knowl-
edge of "her" the said "Mary Newton" or into the hands or possession of any
other person or persons for "her : And the same so made, do exhibit into the
Registry of the Court of Probate, for the aforesaid County of "Middlesex" at or.
before the "Eighteenth" day of "February" next ensuing: And the same Goods,
Chattels, Rights and Credits, and all other the, goods. Chattels, Rights and Credits of
the said Deceased, at the time of "his." Death, which at any time after shall come
to the hands or possession of the said "Mary Newton" or unto the hands or posses-
sion of any other person or persons for "her." do well and truly Administer accord-
ing to Law." And further do make or cause to be made a just and true Accompt of
"Her" said Administration upon Oath at or before the "Eighteenth" day of "Novem-
ber" which will be in the Year of our Lord, One thousand "seven hundred & five"
And all the rest and residue of the said Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits which
shall be found, remaining upon the said Administrators Accompt (the same being
first examined and allowed of by the Judge or Judges for the time being, of Probate
of Wills and granting Administrations within the County of "Middlesex" aforesaid)
shall deliver and pay unto such person or persons respectively, as the said Judge
or Judges by his or their Decree or Sentence pursuant to Law shall limit and
appoint. And if it shall hereafter appear, That any last Will and Testament was
made by the said Deceased ; and the Executor or Executors therein named, do
exhibit the same into the Court of Frobate for the said County of "Middlesx"
making request to have it allowed and approved accordingly : If the said "Mary

Newton" within bounden being thereunto required, do render and deliver

the said Letters of. Administration (Approbation of such Testament being first had
and made:) Then the before Written Obligation to be Void and of none Effect, or
else to abide and remain in full force and virtue.

Mary III Newton
Sealed and Delivered Mark

in Presence of us
Sam 1 ' : Gooken Jun 1 '. Jonathan Johnson

Jane Davies Sain 11 : Gookin



#2. Edwd. Newton's Inventory.
Exhibited & Sworn

Nov. 18, 1704
Entd Vol 6 p 456.

This is true inventorey of the estaate of Edward Newton desesed acording

to the iudgment these men undernamed

one house and Land 60 — —

one chest and his close in it 6 — 13 —

one bead and beadstead and curtains linning and wooling

couereing belonging to it 9 — 15 —

Armes and ammunission 1 — ■ 9 —

three cows 5 — —

two oxen 6 — —

Swine - 1— 0—0

Puter and wooden platers and dishe and poringes — 15 —

barels and tubs 1 — —

chains and wheels — ■ 8 —

Pots and cetle and warming pan tongs fire shovel tramel 2 — 2 —

chest and boxes and nails and iron toles 2 — 2 —

sadles and pillion — 12 —

Flax and looking glass — 7 —

bibles and other bookes — 13 —

glas botles and other small thing — 7 — 6

meat 0—10—6

cradle and table — 4 —

debbts all reconed up to gether and ware found 6 — —

dues nothings — ■ —

the sume total is 93 — .8 —

ninety thre pound eight Shillig

Middles* ss Cambr. Nov. 18th. 1704.

Mary Newton admr of all and Singular the Goods & Estate 93 — 12 — 00
of Edward Newton deed Intestate psonally appearing Ex-
hibited the Above written and made Oath that it contained John Newton
a true & pfect Inventory of the Estate of her late Husband

so far as it came to her hands, that when more shall com Jonathan Johnson
to her hands or knowledge She will cause the Same to be

Cod J. Leverett. J. Prob.



Mary Newtons %t of


Mar. 22 1704

March 22. 1704

Vol 6. page 546

The accompt of Mary Newton Adm* of all and singular
the Goods and Estate of Edwd Newton late of Marlbury
deed as well as and for such and so much of the Same
Goods and Estate as came to her hands as of and for her
paym ts and disbursm ts out of the same as Followeth. Viz.

Thes e accomptant Chargeth herself w th
all and singular the Goods and Estate of
the s<i dec d . specified in An Inventory
thereof Exhibited into the Court of Pro-
bate in the County of Middlex the Eigh-
teenth day of Nov r . 1704 Am ts . as pr the
same Inventory appeareth to the sum of —
10 th One Mare 30 s and one swine as
sole for 11 s Since come to hand

\ £93—12—00


And the s d Accomptant petitons for

Allow As followeth. Viz

For Sundry paymts.

To Moses Newton for the Doctor and )

for funeral charges j

To her. Charge of. Adminion Appuring )

ye Estate & travell )






To the Charge of bringing home one mare ) .qq q^ qq

& one Swine j

For the Necessary Snbsistance of the ~|

Accomptant and the Child r of the sd I ..._ _..

dec d out of the provisions and previous j
Inventory & rates J

For Allow s and registering the accompt ) ™^ n - — 06

&c )

Ballanee Remaining in the Accomptants "1

hands to be disposed of according to the I £77 — 05 — 11.

direction of the Law J

Erro 18 Excepted.

Mary M Newton

Cambridge March 22<1 1704
Middlesex ss/ The abovenamed Mary Newton Adm x . of all and Singular
y e Goods & Estate of Edward Newton deed psonally
Appearing made Oath that the above & w th in written
contains a just & true Ace*, of her adminion to this day.
and the Same is allowed.

J. Leverett J. Prob

Edward Newton

Account of expenses

referred to in acct.

Aprl ye 8 1704
an acount of the chareges
nessesary expended

paid to moses nuton that was due to him
For Doctor and funeral charges

and yoke of oxen 6 — —

charges for lying in 1 — —

in corn 2 — 9 —

more in corn — G —

more in meat 1 — —

more in- butter and ches 1 — —

more for changes in takeing in
envmtory and my iourny down. . 0-18 — 6

more for an hogs pen — 2 — ±

more for oxen and wool — S — 6

more for weaveing — 7 —

more one rate — 5-10

more in suger — 1 —

more in still waters — 1-15

more in indian corn 5 bushels

and an half 0-11—0

more one bushel of wheat — 1 —

more in sugar — 1 —

more in shoes 0-10 —

more for bringing home a mare — 4 — <•
more for bringing home a hog . — 2 —

more in wood 1-10 —

more in weaveing and fulling cloth — 8 —

more for making clothes — 4 —

more in salt one bushel — 7 —

more in pins — 2—0

7-04— G




(On the back are these figures.)

11 2—7


Middles 1 /

18— 7— 1

75— 4—11

93 12


18— 7— 1

77— 5—11

A further Accompt of Mary Newton adm*
of the Goods & Estate of Edward Newton
Late of Marlboro' in the County of Middles x
de c e d Intestate
The s d Aeconiptant chargeth herself with the Ballance of.
her former Accompt Exhibited to and allowed by the
Judge of Probate for s d County afores d . amounting
(as by the foot of y e s d Ace* Begistred 1
Lib. 6- fol. 346. apears) to the Sum of I
£60 house & Land psonal Estate £17-5-ll d J £77—05—11.
And prays further allow
as followeth. Viz*.
For necessary Expences for Subsisting
the widow & her young Children from

Mar 22' 1704 to Septr 25' 1706 J £09—12—00

for Letter of Guardianship, bond &c —
Quiet— settling the psonal Estate Reg- J-
istering the Same.

Remaining in hous e & Land £60.

Exhibitid psonall Estate £ 6 15 11

Sept 26" 1706/

& allow d Mary M Newton

her Mark


Edward Newton.

allow d Sept 26 1706

Regt Sept. 26 1706.

Rec. Vol 11. Page 155.

Of the psonall Estate w ch amounts as on the
other side to £ 6 15 — 11

The widows 3 d pt. is £2—05—5

Edw d Newtons pt.— is £5—00 — i

Mary Newton's pt. is £1 — 10 — 2


Sep*. 26. 1706.

J Leverett.

#15.887. oldest

Edward Newton & Als

Mary. Newtons Bond of G'd'nsh'p taken Sept 26. 1706

Letter in Vol. 11. page 147

She. Widow of Edward and with her as Sureties
Jonathan Johnson of Marlborough, and
Jonathan Nutting of Cambridge.
Gave Bond £100 — to care for
Edward. Son. in 5th year and
Mary dau. " 3rd "

Judith Georg.
Elizabeth Berry



(Large double sheet four pages. The below is half of one page and contains docket
memorandum and Mary (Newton) Brigham's acknowledgment. Coarse paper and
ruled uith pencil. )

Edw d Newton

5 X 1722


&, o>


1 p


1— 1








Reg d lib. xvi p. 457 gj

Marlbur— % g g g S

Examined g B g* S?

B g §«<
o"&3 a-

CO r+ rT 2.
- O crq (w

CO <( CP

n 2. £


° * 2,
W 1*3.8


Know all Men by these preasens that I Mary Brigham of whestborough in the county
of Midilsecks within his Majgestis provence of the Masachusets bey in New engLand
gaurdian unto Mary Nutun daughter of Edward Nutun Late of Maiiberough in y e
coimty of Midilsects in the aforesaid e prouenc Deseased intestate — have in ye Name and
Behalfe of the sa. d Mary Nutun Recived The sume of twenty pounds of curant money
or security for the Same of Edward Newtun of Whestberough son of The said Edward
Newtun Late of Maulberough Deseased intestate upon the Fiveteen th day of Noumber
in the yeare of ouer Lorde one Thousand seuene hundred & twenty & two it being her
part of her father — Edward Newton Deseased his estate And upon the account of his
aforesaid twenty pounds money secuered in the Law unto y e sa. d Mary Newtun her
heiers or asignes | I the aforesaid Mary Brighum as gaurdian do by these preasenc
upon his curtain paymens of y e aboue said twenty pounds money according unto the
security Acquit the sa.d Edward Newtun his heiers exsectors & Administrators in ye
name of ye sa d Mary Newtun from all others & fur ther payments demands or challinges
of any thing or things Lands or mouibles that did heretofore belong unto the said
Edward Newton Deseased from or by my self the sa d Mary Brigham gaurdian or any
by my order or procuerment or by the sa d Mary Newtun giuing herein full & firnie
discharg unto the sa d Edward Newtun from the payment of any further or more soms
or sums depts or dues then what is secured at the day of the date hereof and further
more I y e sa d Mary Brigham do bind myself unto the said Edward Newtun his heirs
or sucsesers that the saide Mary Newtun shall by no means or actions in y e Law vex
or ever anoy the sa d Edward Newtun in quiet posession of the estate of his said father
Edward Newtun deseased | in whitnes whereof I y e sa d Mary Brigham haue here unto
set to my hand & my Seal this fiveteenth day of Nouember Anoque Domini one thousund
seven hundred and twenty two signd sealed and delivired in the off us


Daniel Thurstun X his mark Mary N Brigham [L. S].

Ilariet Thurstun her

Know All Men By These presenc that wee Mary Nutoun of the towne of Whestberough
in the county of Midilsectx in his Magistis prouenc of the Masachusits Bey in Nuengland
dayghter of Edward Nutun of the town of Marlberough in the county of Medilsects in
the prouinc aforsaid Deceaced & Mary Bridgham in the towne and prouenc aforesaid as
gaurdian unto the said Mary Nutun Do Remise Release and quit claim and By thes
preasenc we have Remised Released and foreuere quited claimed unto Edward Nutun of
the towne of Whesberough in the county of Midilsecks in the provinc aforsai d Brother
of the aforsa id Mary Nutun him his heiers exsecetors and Administrturs of & from
twenty pounds which was du unto Hher ye sai d Mary Nutun for here portion and of and



frome all othere claimes and demands whatsoeuer which we y e sa d Mary nutun & Mary
Brigeham as gaurdian Ever had now have of which we ouer heirs Exsectors Administrturs
or assignes at any time here aftere May Might or could have so — with or against him y e
sai d Edward Nutun of any part of that which was his fathers estate or his heirs
Exsctors Administraturs for or by Resone of any mater or thing from the beg in ing of the
world untill the day of the Date hereof in witness whereof we y e s aid Mary Nutun &
Mary Brigham haue hereunto set to ouer hands and ouer seales this fiueteenth Day of
Nouember in the Ninth yeare of the Raigne of ouer Souerain Lord George Anoqu e
Domini one thousand seuen hundred and twenty two

Signed Sealed and delivered Mary N Brigham [L. S.]

in the preasenc of us her


Daniel Thurstun se mark

ennic Thurstun ju Mary M Nuton [L. S.]



Edw d Newton
5 . X 1722
Reg d lib. xvi p. 457
Marlbro —


Mary brigham apeared before me and
acknowleged the within writen Instr
uement to be hur act and deed —
desemr 3 : 1722

Tho How Justes
of peace

Know All Men By these presenc that we Davied Brigham of the towen of Whestberough
in the county of Medilsects in the prouenc of the Masachusits bey in New england yeo-
mon and Mary his wife do by these preasents fully and absolutley dischurg the said
Edward newtun from y e thirds or pouer of thirds which by law do belong or apertain
unto me frome the estate of Edward Newton Late of Maulberough deseased intestate
and we the said Davied Brigham and Mary brigham his wife do bind ouerselues ouer
heirs exssutetors Administraturs or any of ouer order or any procuered by or from us
shall not foreuer either vex or anoy the above said Edward Newtun his heirs exsectetors
Administraturs or his asignes from the quiet and peacible injoyment of y e aboue saide
thirds or pouer of thirds and do hereby acknowledg ouerselves to haue Reciued the same
to full consent and satisfaction where unto we haue set to ouer hands and ouer seals
thise fiueteenth day of Nouember Annoquii domini one thousand seuen hundred twenty
& two.

Signed sealed and deliuered
in the preasenc of us

Daniel Thurstun s e
Daniel Thurstun ju

Mary N Brigham [L. S.]

david Brigha m [L. S.]


Davide & Mary Brighams

Discharged of her 3d of

Newton's widow

Exhib Dec 21. 1722



Reg d lib. xvi

p 45'

Mary brigham and davied brigham
apeared before me and acknowledged
this above writen Instruement to

be their act and deed

desemr 15. 1722 Tho How

Justece peace.




1504. ti. Edward 4 , b. Oct. 5, 1701. at Marlborough; m. Elizabeth Allen.

1505. ii. David 4 , b. July 24. 1703, at Marlborough; d. Oct. 1, 1703.

1506. iii. Mauy 4 , b. Aug. 28, 1704, at Marlborough, after the death of her father. Her

mother gave bond of guardianship, £100, to care for her and her brother,
Sept. 2G, 1700. November 15, 1722, Mary Newton and her mother Mary
Brigham,* guardian, signed a release and receipt to Edward Newton, Jr.,
for his sister's portion of their father's estate. Mary Newton, daughter of

Edward, died at Westborongh, , 1728. It would appear she never


79. JONATHAN NEWTON 3 (Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Moses, Sr., and
Johanna (Larkin) Newton of Marlborough, Mass., was born there September 30,
1679, and died at Southborough, Mass., December 22, 1753.

He married at Marlborough, October 26, 1708, Bethiah Eice, daughter of Dan-
iel and Bethiah (Ward) Rice:}: of Marlborough, where she was born October 29,
1682. She died at Southborough, June 7, 1754.

Mr. Newton lived in Marlborough, where his large family of children was born.
He lived in that part of the town that became Southborough. During the
troublous times with the Indians and Queen Anne's War his house was one of
the "Garrisons," No. 25; and to it were assigned the families of Isaac Woods,
Thomas Witherbee, Isaac Amsden, Moses Leonard and Roger Bruce. This list

* Thomas Brigham 1 , immigrant to America 1C35, aged 32 years, settled in Watertown : was
set off to Cambridge ; freeman 1639 ; selectman 1640 and subsequently ; m. abt. 1637 Mercy
Hurd, b. in England. He died 1653, and she m. (2) 1655, Edmund Rice 1 , who died, and she
m. (3) William Hunt, who died 1667. She died 1693. Five children. The second was
Thomas 3 , b. 1641, m. Mary Rice. See notes to Hezekiah Newton 4 .

% EDMUND Rice 1 , the immigrant, b. about 1594. came from Barkhamstead, Hertfordshire.
England, and settled at Sudbury, Mass., in 1639. He was selectman for the town, and one
of the deacons of the church. He was authorized to solemnize marriage, and was honored
with several appointments by the General Court. He was a petitioner for the grant pf
Marlborough, and moved to that place. His wife, Tamazine, died at Sudbury. June 13, 1654,
and he m. (2) Mercy, widow of Thomas Brigham, on March 1, 1655. He died May 3, 1663,
and was buried at Sudbury- His wid. Mercy, m. in 1664, William Hunt of Marlborough — an
early settler of Concord. He died 1667 ; she died 1693. "Wid. Marcy Hunt." We have no
record of the births of the children of Edmund Rice 1 . All but the three youngest were born
in England. We have their names, though the order of them we have not. Children were :
Henry 2 , m. Elizabeth Moore; res. Sudbury and Framingham ; in 1667 was 50 years old;
Edward 2 , m. Agnes Bent; res. Sudbury and Marlborough; d. 1712, aged 93; Thomas 2 , m.

Mary ; res. Sudbury and Marlborough ; d. 1681 ; Lydla 2 , bap. 1627 ; m. Hugh Drury ;

res. Sudbury; Mathew 2 , bap. 1629; m. Martha Lamson ; res. Sudbury; Samuel 2 , bap. 1634;
m. 1655, Elizabeth King; m. (2) Mary Brown; Joseph 2 , bap. 1637; m. Mercy King; m. (2)

Martha ; m. (3) Mary Beers; Edmund 2 , b. ; Benjamin 2 , b. 1640; m. Mary

Brown; res. Sudbury; Ruth 2 , b. 1659; m. Samuel Wells; Ann 2 , b. 1661; m. Nathaniel Gerry.

Edward Rice 2 , (Dea.), b. about 1619, d. Aug. 15, 1712. aged about 93. He m. Agnes, also
callerl Axx, Bent, dau. of John Bent of Sudbury and Marlborough, from England. She died June
4, 1713, aged 83. Their children, born in Sudbury and Marlborough, were : Lydia 3 , b. 1648 ;
d. y. ; Lydia 3 , b. 1649; John 3 , b. Dec. 20, 1651; Edmund 3 , b. 1653; Daniel 3 , b. Nov. 8, 1655;
m. Bethiah Ward ; Caleb 3 , b. 1657 ; d. y. ; Jacob 3 , b. 1660 ; Anna 3 , b. 1661 ; Dorcas 3 , b. 1664 ;
Benjamin 3 , b. 1666; Abigail 3 , b. 1671.

Daniel Rice 3 (Edward 2 ), b. 1655; d. July 6, 1737, in his 82d year; m. (1) Feb. 10, 1681,
Bethiah, dau. of William and Elizabeth (Storey) Ward of Marlborough. She was born about
1658, and died Dec. 8, 1721, aged 63. He m. (2) May 9, 1725, Mrs. Elizabeth (Wells)
Wheeler, wid. of John Wheeler 3 (d. 1721), son of Thomas 2 (Thomas 1 ). Daniel Rice 3
resided in Marlborough. His children born there were : Bethiah*, b. Oct. 29, 1682 ; m.
Jonathan Newton 3 (Moses 2 ) ; Daniel*, b. 1684 ; m. Elizabeth Taylor ; Judith*, b. 1687 ; Luke*,
b. 1689 ; m. Rachel Snow ; Priscilla*, b. 1692 ; d. unm. ; Eleazer*, b. 1695 ; m. Thankful
Fletcher; Deborah*, b. 1697; m. James Brown (2d wf.) ; Hopestill*, b. 1702; m. Edward

William Ward 1 , the immigrant, was in Sudbury in 1639, a proprietor of lands there.
Deacon, selectman, representative 1644 In General Court, freeman 1643, petitioned for Marl-
borough and moved there in 1660. His wife was Elizabeth Storey — (his second wife) —
who came with him, and several children, from England. He died Aug. 10. 1687. aged about 87,
She died Dec. 9, 1700, aged 87. Children: John 2 , b. abt. 1626; Joanna 2 , b. 1628; Obadiah 2 ,
b. abt. 1632 ; Richard 2 , b. abt. 1635 ; Deborah 2 , b. abt. 1637 ; Hannah 2 , b. abt. 1639 ;
Samuel 2 , b. Sept. 24, 1641; Elizabeth 2 , 1643; Increase 2 , b. Feb. 22, 1644; Hopestill 2 , b.
Feb. 24, 1646 ; Mary 2 , b. abt. 1647 ; William 2 , b. Feb. 22, 1648 ; Eleazer 2 , b. abt. 1649 ;
Bethiah 2 , b. abt. 1658; m. Daniel Rice.


of names tells us who were the neighbors of Jonathan Newton as late as 1711.
They were all more or less closely connected with the Newton family.

He was a farmer, like everybody else, to a greater or less extent, in those

He had distributed his property among his children and his wife during his
lifetime, as his will would suggest. I do not know that Nathan Newton, the
son who was made sole executor, then resided with his father, but at one time
he resided in the "garrison house."

This was known to Sophia Newton, granddaughter of Nathan, who so reported
to me. Nathan may have been living in the house with his parents at this
time and in charge of the farm. A "garrison house" was always selected on
account of its being larger, more central, and more easily defended than those
about it. There were frail pickets inclosing the houses, which soon perished after
the use for them was gone. Near to this garrison house was the house of John
Newton, Jr., to which many other families were assigned, and both were in
what became Southborough.

As Mr. Newton does not provide for his wife by will, we suppose he had already
done so while living, in the same way that he had given to his children. And
now, the will seems principally to have been made to ensure that his unmarried
daughters shall have a roof-covei*ing by right always in their father's house.
The widow, Bethia, died the year after her husband. She, too, seems to have
given away all while living, as there is no settlement of her estate.

The papers of the Administration and the will are here given :

1754 Jonathan Newton, Southborough, 43249.


Will, presented by Nathan Newton.

Assent to probate, by Bethiah Newton, widow.
Jonathan, David, Gideon, Bethiah, Joseph Morse, Joanna Morse, Ezekiel, Elnathan,

Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 27 of 131)