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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 37 of 131)
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Ezekiel 6 , b. March 1, 1778 ; appointed administrator of mother's estate ;
d. at Southborough, "Dec. 17, 1845, aged 67. Found dead." I suppose
he did not marry. He had the homestead, which he seems to have used up.
See abstracts above.

Asahel , b. Feb. 13, 1781.

Hephzibeth 6 , b. Jan. 10, 1783 ; d. ; m. at Southborough, Dec. 26,

1809, Timothy Batherick, son of Solomon and Thankful (Warren) Bath-

erick of Westborough, where he was born, Sept. 26, 1783 ; d. . They

lived in Westborough. Four children there were :

2187. 1. David M. 7 Batherick, b. June 21, 1811; d. in Shrewsbury, Feb. 1, 1844,

aged 37.

2188. 2. Edwin 7 Batherick, b. May 28, 1813 ; m. .

2189. 3. Curtis 7 Batherick, b. April 21, 1815; d. in Shrewsbury July 26, 1840,

age 25.

2190. 4. Elizabeth 7 Batherick, b. June 2, 1817.

1800. EZEKIEL NEWTON, 3d 5 (Ezekiel 4 , Jr., Moses 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ),
son of Ezekiel, Jr., and Hephzibah (Newton) Newton, of Southborough, Mass.,
was born there, October 15, 1749, and died there May 3, 1773.

He married at Southborough, May 13, 1772 [T. R], Lucy Ward, daughter of
Absalom and Mary (Wilkinson) Ward of Southborough, where she was born
October 17, 1744. She had one child that died, and she married (2), at Marl-
borough March 17, 1791, John Fessenden. They lived in Westborough, where she
died, his widow, about 1814. No children by this marriage. Two of her sisters
married Newtons. See note to Amos 4 , Sr. (1498).

Mr. Newton lived in Southborough, where his child and he were born and died.


2191. i. Betty , b. June 27, 1772 [T. R.] ; d. Aug. 21, 1773.

















1804. EZEKIEL NEWTON 5 (Edward 4 , Edward 3 , Moses 2 , Kichard 1 ), son of
Edward and Elizabeth (Allen) Newton of Marlborough and Shrewsbury and
Lancaster, Mass., was born at Hopkinton, Mass., October 13, 1725, and died at
Lancaster [before Sept. 7], 1779.

He married at Lancaster, Mass., June 21, 1749, by Kev. John Mellon, "Dorothy
Osgood, Jun., of Lancaster," daughter [perhaps, of David and Eunice (Carter)
Osgood* of Lancaster, who were married there November 3, 1724]. She sur-
vived her husband and was appointed administratrix of his estate, and was liv-
ing June 5, 1780, when the last account was allowed.

Ezekiel Newton and his wife were admitted to communion in the Second Con-
gregational Church in Lancaster, Mass., September 2, 1750, at which time their
daughter Dorothy was baptized. The family appear to have lived in Shrewsbury,
where their children were born, but to have identified themselves with the town
and church at Lancaster, where all of their children were baptized, a short time
after birth, in each case. His lands probably lay in the North Province of
Shrewsbury, which was set off to Lancaster in 1768.

He was a farmer in Lancaster, owning his farm of fifty-one acres. He left
no will and the estate was settled by the court as usual in such cases. A list
of the papers and abstract of administration follows. [Perhaps his widow,
Dorothy, married again, see Dorothy Newton:}: footnote below.]

Abstract of Administration.
1779. Ezekiel Newton, Lancaster. 43157.


Bond of Dorothy Newton, widow appointed admx.
Sept. 7, 1779, £10,000.
Abner Wilder {
David Osgood j Sureties.
Warrant of appraisal,
Inventory filed June 5, 1780.

Real £3700. (51 acres).
Personal £2139-18-4.
Includes horse, cattle, corn, hay, rye, wool, hops, utensils &c.
Account allowed June 5, 1780, showing payment of bills.

2192. i. Dorothy 6 , b. March 28, 1750 ; bapt. Sept. 2, 1750 ; m. at Lancaster, April 8,
1772, David Goodale, "both of Lancaster." He was son of Nathan and
Persis (Whitney) Goodale§ of Marlborough, where he was born Aug. 14,

* Notice that Dorothy Osgood above is styled "Jun." There were two others of the name,
Dorothy, who m. 1757, at Lancaster, Josiah Whitcomb, and Dorothy, who m. 17G6, Phineas
Ward. It does not follow that her mother was Dorothy, since it was the custom to desig-
nate older and younger cousins as "Sen." and "Jun." Besides this David and Eunice Osgood
living at Lancaster, there was also Joseph and Katherine (Wetherby) Osgood (m. May 12,
1726), and Aaron and Eunice (White) Osgood (m. May 15, 1729). Any one of these three
couples might have been the parents of "Dorothy Osgood, Jun." The early Lancaster records
were destroyed.

± The Lincoln Genealogy, p. 41, has the following statement : Enoch Goodale of Oakham,
Mass., married Dorothy Newton. They had a son, Enoch Goodale, Jr., born Nov. 6, 1786, at
West Boylston, Mass., who died in Saco, Maine, March 4, 1874 ; m. Lucy Lincoln, who was
born at Oakham, Mass., and died at Saco, Maine. I have thought this might be Dorothy,
widow of Ezekiel Newton 6 .

§ Robert Goodale, in his 31st year, embarked at Ipswich, England, with his wife, Kath-
erine, in her 29th year, April, 1634. They brought with them three children ; they settled

at and had five more children. The first born (perhaps first) in this country was

Zachariah 2 , b. 1639, who m. Eliza Berchaji and had in Salem, Mass., eleven children. One

Jons, Goodale 3 , b. 1679 ; d. 1752 ; m. 1703, Elizabeth Witt, who d. 1738 ; m. (2)

Elizabeth , who survived him. They came to Marlborough about 1702 and had there

three children : Solomon*, 1707 ; m. Anna, and moved to Brookfield ; Nathan*, b. June
10, 1709; Elizabeth*, b. 1715; m. 1733, Joseph Goodale?

Nathan Goodale 4 (s. John 3 ), b. 1709; d. at Marlborough Jan. 14, 1780; m. Persis
Whitney, dau. of Benjamin. They had thirteen children. The oldest was Nathan 5 , who m.

Dinah Weeks [see note to ], and the seventh was David 5 , b. Aug. 14, 1749, who m.

Dorothy Newton.


1749. They lived in Shrewsbury and had four children born there,
namely :
219G. 1. David 7 Goodale, b. Sept. 10, 1775.

2197. 2. Dorothy 1 Goodale, b. Sept. 10, 1777.

2198. 3. EzehieV Goodale, b. Sept. 24, 1780.

2199. 4. Azubah Netcton 1 Goodale, b. Oct. 1G, 1782; d. April 11, 1849, aged 66,

G. S., at West Boylston. She m. Paul Goodale, Jr., who died at West
Boylston, Oct. 19, 1S47, aged 69. G. S. They lived in Worcester, and had
there seven children.

2193. ii. Ephraim 6 , b. Nov. 10, 1752 ; bapt. Nov. 26, 1752.

2194. iii. Azubah 6 , b. Jan. 10, 1758 ; bapt. Jan. 29, 175S.

2195. iv. Elizabeth , b. Jan. 20, 1761 ; bapt. Feb. 1, 1761.

1805. SAMUEL NEWTON 5 (Edward*, Edward 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son of
Edward and Elizabeth (Allen) Newton of Marlborough, Hopkinton, Shrewsbury
and Lancaster, Mass., was born at Shrewsbury, November 5, 1727, and died at
Shrewsbury, September 28, 1756.

He married at Lancaster, Mass., by Rev. John Williams, December 18 or 19,
1751, Sarah Douglas. [Perhaps she was the Sarah Newton who married in
Shrewsbury, in 1762, Solomon Bigelow and had there three children: Barna,
1762; Silas, 1764; Silas, 1766.]

Samuel Newton 5 moved to Shrewsbury and settled. His lands were set off
to Lancaster in 1768 ; thus he died in Shrewsbury, where two children were born
to him, Samuel 6 and Elijah 6 .


2200. i. Samuel 6 , b. Aug. 2, 1752. [I am not sure of anything further in regard to this

Samuel Newton. I shall give such facts as I have gathered and what I
suppose about them. Some one may be able to explain if I am wrong. I
suppose he married at Westborough, May 25, 1783, Abigail Warren, dau.
of Thaddeus and Abigail (Whipple) Warren of Westborough, where she
was born Feb. 11, 1760. They probably lived in Lancaster and had chil-
dren there, then moved to Weathersfield, Vt., where the First United States
Census in 1790 found him head of a household consisting of, besides him-
self, one male above sixteen years, five males under sixteen years, and four
females. I suppose that one of his sons was

2201. 1. Samuel Newtoti 7 , b. about 1788; who with a young man, Mr. Felton, were

drowned in Sandy Pond in Lancaster, Mass., April 18, 1815, by the
upsetting of a canoe — Samuel was 27 years old at the time. Another
record of the event from the History of Clinton, Mass. : "Samuel
Newton, in 1815, a young man of 27, married and wife living, drowned
in the night while spearing fish." That his wife was the Miriam
Newton who administered on his estate, would appear from the following
abstract of administration.]

1815. Samuel Newton, Lancaster. 43388. A.

Bond of Miriam Newton appointed administratrix, May 16, 1815,

$10000. Joseph Rice )

John Larkin j Sureties
Affidavit filed.
Personal Estate $86.07.

2203. ii. Elijah , b. March 13, 1754. [In the same fashion as with his brother
Samuel , I am sure of only the birth. I suppose he married and removed
to Weathersfield, Vt., where he was enumerated in the same Census of 1790,
his family besides himself consisting of two males under sixteen years and
two females. One reason I think these two brothers are the men in
Weathersfield, Vt., is because it is known that their uncle, Capt. Edward
Newton, removed to that town, from Lancaster, and is enumerated at
Weathersfield, Vt., in 1790.]

The following may be the Revolutionary service of this Elijah Newton
(or of another one) : "Newton. Elijah. Hubbardston. Private, Capt.


Jonathan Sibley's Company, Col. Luke Drury's regiment, entered service
Aug. 9, 1781, discharged Oct. 3, 1781, service 2 m. 5 d. including 10 days
(200 miles) travel home. Resides in and engaged for Hubbardston.
Regiment raised for 3 months. As also of the previous service, 1778 in
Capt. Marean's Co."

1812. CAPTAIN" EDWARD NEWTON 5 (Edward 4 , Edward 3 , Moses 2 , Rich-
ard 1 ), son of Edward and Elizabeth (Allen) Newton of Marlborough, Hopkin-
ton, Shrewsbury and Lancaster, Mass., was born at Shrewsbury, January 18 or
23, 1738, and died probably at Weathersfield, Vt, February 28, 1819.

He married at Worcester, Mass., February 7, 1760, Sarah Winch, daughter of
David and Naomi (Gibbs) Winch* of Framingham and Shrewsbury. She was
born at Framingham, July 12, or 23, 1735, and died (probably at Weathersfield)
July 3, 1807.

He married (2) Betty , who was born June 6, 1766.

Mr. Newton resided in Shrewsbury, Mass., until after the birth of his fourth
child. On the records there, he is styled "Edward, Jun." at the birth of the
first three children. In 1767 the "Jun." is omitted. The inference is that his
father had died between the two dates, which was the fact. In 1768, he and his
father with their lands were set off to Lancaster, where his remaining children
were born.

The Records of the Second or West Precinct Church at Lancaster open with the
usual covenant. Among the eighteen subscribers is the name of Edward Newton.
April 27, 1760, he is dismissed and recommended to the Second Church at Shrews-

Capt. Edward Newton was an officer in the Revolutionary Army. His service
covered the entire period of that war. An abstract of service follows : "Newton.
Edward. Lancaster. Ensign, Capt. Samuel Robinson's Company of Militia, Col.
Asa Whitcomb's regt., marched on alarm April 19, 1775 to Cambridge, returned
May 1, 1775, served 14 days. . . . also First Lieut, Capt. Fortunatus Eager's
(7th) Co., Col. Josiah Whitney's (2nd Worcester County) regt. of Mass. Militia;
list of officers to be Commissioned as returned by Lieut. Col. Ephraim Sawyer
and Major Silas Bailey, dated Lancaster, March 18, 1776. . . . Reported Com-
missioned March 20, 1776; also. First Lieut., Capt. Solomon Stuarts Company,
Col. Josiah Whitney's Regt. ; . . . other services — Bennington, Northern Army,
ect. ; also. Captain of Seventh Company, Col. Whitney's regt. (2nd Worcester
County) Mass. Militia, Commissioned April 12, 1780." [From Mass. Soldiers
and Sailors of the Revolutionary War.]

The Massachusetts Archives, Vol. 13, page 77, contain the Revolutionary
services of Capt. Edward Newton.

After the war was over, the family are quite sure that Capt. Edward Newton
lived in Weathersfield, Vt. The First United States Census, 1790, gives his
family there as consisting of two males above sixteen years, two males below
sixteen years, and three females. Edward Newton was one of a "Committee of
six to supply the families of those who are gone to the Continental Army." The
town so voted October 26, 1778. [Military Annals of Lancaster.]

♦David Winch (s. of John), b. Dec. 9, 1714; res. Framingham, where seven children were
born, rem. to Shrewsbury, where youngest was born. He m. Naomi Gibbs, b. Jan. 11, 1712 ;
dau. of John and Naomi (Pike) Gibbs. Children were: Sarah, b. July 12. 1735 [m. Edward
Newton] ; John, b. July 17, 1736 [m. Oct. 30, 1758, Keziah Lovell, b. 1742, dau. of Jonathan
and Mary Lovell of Hoklen ; res. there and had eleven children. One was Rachel Winch, b.
June 30, 1775, who m. Bezaleel Turner, whose dau. Sally m. Ezra Beaman Newton of W.
Boylston] ; Naomi, 1738 ; Elisabeth and Silence, twins, 1739 ; David, 1743 ; James, 1746 ;
Aaron, 1748 ; Rachel, 1754.

John Winch (father of David), b. ; res. Framingham; wf. Elizabeth , had

Elizabeth, 1706; John, 1710; David, 1714; m. Naomi Gibbs; Jonathan, 1716; Deborah,

















2204. i. Naomi , b. May 13 or 15, 1761 ; m. at Sterling, Mass., Dec. 13, 17S1, David

Nichols, then of Holden, Mass., son of William, Jr., and Miriam (Ward)
Nichols* of Holden, where he was born. Naomi Newton was "of Sterling"
at marriage. They lived a year or more in Holden, where a daughter was

2205. 1. Miriam 7 Nichols, b. Jan. 1, 1782.

2206. ii. Elizabeth 8 (also Betsey and Betty), b. Feb. 21 or 24, 1764; d. at ;

m. at Sterling, Mass., July 20, 1782, Levi Nichols of Holden.

2207. iii. Asa 6 , b. Aug. 21 or 31, 1765 ; d. Oct. — , 17S4 ; m. Katherine Jennison.

2208. iv. Edward 6 , Jr., b. Feb. 16, 1767; was bapt. at Lancaster, Feb. 18, 1767; d.

Dec. 15, 1815, at Weathersfield, Yt. The First United States Census,
1790, shows "Edward Newton, Jr.," as living at Weathersfield, Vt, head
of a family which consisted of himself, two males under sixteen years,
and one female.

Ephraim 6 , b. Sept. 17, 1768 ; d. Sept. — , 1775.

Annts 6 , b. March 21, 1770.

Samuel 6 , b. Feb. 24 or 28, 1773 ; d. May — . 1796.

Sarah 6 ,' b. March 12, or 14, 1775 ; d. March — , 1778.

James 6 , b. Dec. 18, 1776 ; d. March 7, 1850.

David 8 , b. Dec. 21 or 22, 1778 ; bapt. , 1779.

Ezekiel 6 , b. Oct. 13, 1780; m. (1) Kispah Bisby ; m. (2) Olive L.

1823. EZKA NEWTON 3 (Jonathan 4 , Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son of

Jonathan, Jr., and Tabitha ( ) Newton of Southborough, Mass., was born

there July 29, 1740, and died there October 16, 1803.

He married at Southborough, January 8, 1760, Elizabeth Hager. Who she
was is unknown to me.

Mr. Newton was a farmer in Southborough — his lands being in the northern
part of the town; he seems to have obtained by purchase at various times from
different people, as the deeds show. This property remained in the possession
of his descendants until 1896, when it was purchased by the Boston Water
Board, to become a part of its great reservoir.

Before his death he executed a deed giving all of his real estate to his son
Caleb ; but the deed was not registered until after his death.

He was a soldier of the Revolution — a minuteman on the first alarm. An
abstract of his service is here given: "Ezra Newton. Southborough. Corporal
in Capt. Elijah Bellows' Company, marched on Alarm April 19, 1775, to Lex-
ington, served 15 days. Also. In Capt. Seth Newton's Company, Col. Whitney's
regiment, enlisted August 21, 1777, discharged August 26, or 27, 1777, served
six days on Alarm at Bennington, Vt. ; Company proceeded from Southborough
to Hadley on horses; by order of the Brigadier; horse and milage (80 miles)
allowed home."

His children were born in Southborough. He was head of a household there
according to the First United States Census, 1790. The other members of it
were one male above sixteen years and two females.

Some ancient deeds in possession of Mrs. Sophia Newton, widow of Lincoln,
are described by Mrs. E. C. Temple :

"Deed given by Abraham Amsden and Hannah his wife the 26 day of August,
1769, to Ezra Newton of Southborough, Mass., conveys 40 acres, one of the bounds
being stake and stone at Castle Hill [Elijah Bellows' land]. Price, £105. 9s. 4d.
Witnessed by Nathan Newton and Elijah Newton. Registered October 25, 1769."

"Deed Given the Twentyeth day of March anno domini one thousand seven
hundred & seventy and in the tenth year of the Reign of our Souverign Lord

* William Nichols and Miriam Ward were m. at Holden, July 26, 1749. They had twin
sons born there, David and William.


George the third of Great Isrittain, France and Ireland, King &c, by Abraham
Joslin and Sarah his wife, to Ezra Newton, conveys 22 acres, Angle Brook being
• the N. E. corner. Price, sixty four pounds. Eegistered May 30, 1770."

"Deed given by Jonathan Newton to Ezra Newton, on the 8th day of October,
A.D., 1773, in the thirteenth year of his Majesties Reign, conveys ten acres.
Price £26. 13s. 4d. Registered March 30, 1773."

"Deed given by Joseph Arnold to Ezra Newton, conveys twenty acres, in
bounds mentions land of Jonathan Newton, 'top of Peters' Hill' and land of
T>oct. Parker.' Price £30. Registered , 1785."

"Deed given by William Boyd and Lydia his wife, to Ezra Newton, called
Angle Neck, 20 acres. Registered , 1786."

"Deed given by Ezra Newton to Caleb Newton his son, all his Real Estate.
Registered Dec. 7, 1803."


2216. ti. Miriam , b. Oct. 20, 17G4; in. Luther Newton (4899), son of Capt. Seth

Newton by his first wife. For their children see under his number.

2217. tii. Caleb", b. Nov. 16, 1769 ; m. Esther Harvey.

2218. iii. Cloe , b. Oct. 9, 1773.

1825. ELIJAH NEWTON 5 (Jonathan 4 , Jr., Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ),

son of Jonathan, Jr., and Tabitha ( ) Newton of Southborough, Mass.,

was born there, October 13, 1743, and died there November 24, 1816, aged 73
years. O. R.

He married at Southborough, January 3, 1805 [T. R.], Relief Newton, daugh-
ter of Silas 5 and Lovina 5 (Newton) Newton of Southborough, where she was born
May 22, 1783. After the death of Mi'. Newton she married in succession, Wil-
liam Annetts of Framingham, Josiah Lawrence of Lancaster, and "James Mal-
lard, who survived her." [See her number, 2321.] Her three children were born
at Southborough.

Elijah Newton was a soldier of the Revolution. I suppose the following to be
an abstract of his service: "Elijah Newton, Sergeant, Capt. Adam Henry's Com-
pany of Guards. Engaged Jan. 7, 1779; discharged April 6 (also 1) 1779; Com-
pany detached from militia to guard troops of Convention at Rutland for three
months from Jan. 1, 1779. Also. Elijah Newton, Spencer, in Capt. Jonathan
Carriel's Co., Col. Josiah Whitney's regt." ,

At date of the First United States Census, 1790, Elijah Newton was head of
a family consisting of himself and two females in Southborough. The females
may have been his widowed mother and a sister.

Abstract of Will of Elijah Newton :
1817. Elijah Newton, Southborough 43125
Will filed December 3—1816.
Gives to wife, Releaf Newton, real & personal estate.

Mentions youngest son, William
To son Nahum Newton $100 —
To daughter, Anna Newton $100.
Appoints wife executrix.
Allowed Jan. 7—1817.

Executor's bond, $10,000. Jeremiah Newton ) „

a t-u tvt *. V Sureties

Seth Newton j


2219. i. Nahum Stow 6 , b. April 4, 1805 [T. R.].

2220. ii. Anna Boynes", b. April 7, 1807.

2221. tiii. William Beveredge , b. Aug. 11, 1S09 ; m. Charlotte Spear.


1828. REUBEN NEWTON 5 (Jonathan*, Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son

of Jonathan, Jr., and Tabitha ( ) Newton of Southborough, Mass., was

born there April 16, 1747, and died there September 13, 1827, aged 80. C. R.

He married at Southborough, June 24, 1784, Sarah Brewer, daughter of Peter
and Elizabeth (Pratt) Brewer* of Southborough, where she was born December
18, 1760. I suppose the mention, "Sarah Newton, Nov. 9, 1837," at Southbor-
ough, to be- a record of her death. She was living in 1832. See will below.

Mr. Newton resided in Southborough. His children were born there. The
Eirst United States Census, 1790, shows Reuben Newton at Southborough, head
of a family, which besides himself consisted of two males under sixteen years,
and two females. He was a soldier of the Revolution. Abstract of service
reads : "Reuben Newton. Southboro. Private, Capt. Elijah Bellows Company,
marched April 19, 1775, served 16 days. Also in Capt. Seth Newton's Company,
Col. Whitney's regiment, engaged Aug. 26, (27) 1777. Six days service on Alarm
at Bennington. Company on horses from Southboro to Hadley." Other service.

His estate was administered without a will, in 1827, at Southborough. Case
in Probate Court, No. 43,375.

The following document, appeal of Peter Newton, would indicate that he was
not satisfied with the division and desired a re-hearing.

Case 43374.


Peter Newton,

Lovisa Newton
A citation to issue returnable
on the first Tuesday of March next.
N. Paine,

J. Prob.

To the Hon. Nathaniel Paine Judge of Probate in and for the County of Worcester :

Peter Newton of Southborough in said County, one of the heirs at law of Reuben
Newton late of said Southborough deceased intestate complains and represents, that he
suspects that Lovisa Newton of said Southborough singlewoman has concealed embezzled
and conveyed away one hundred dollars in money, one piece of cotton and linnen cloth
and divers articles of bedding and household furniture with other personal estate goods
and chattels, all which were left by the said Reuben Newton at his decease

Whereupon the said Peter prays that the said Lovisa may be called before your
Honor and examined upon oath for the discovery of said money and other property and
further dealt with as law and justice shall require
Dated at Worcester this 25th day of January A D 1828

Peter Newton
A true copy,

Attest :

II. H. Atwood,

Assistant Register.


2222. i. Jonathan 6 , b. Oct. 31, 1785 ; d. March 20, 1832, aged 47. C. R. From the
following abstract of his will, it would appear that Jonathan Newton",
never married. I find no record of it, if he did marry.

1832. Jonathan Newton, Southborough 43252. A.

Will filed Apr. 3, 1832. Allowed May 1, 1832.

To brother, Peter Newton. $1.00.

To sister, Sally wife of Calvin Newton $1.00

To brother, Dana, half of remainder.

To brother Moses, & sister Louisa Newton, half of residue.

Appoints Willard Newton of Southborough executor.

Appeal by Teter Newton. Appeal Bond.

Executor's bond May 1, 1832. $10,000.

* For Brewer pedigree see notes to Russell Newton 7 (2844), and Nathan Newton* (1523).











Jonas Ball, Sylvester Brigham, sureties.
Inventory Real. $675.
Personal, $915.61
Partition of real estate not disposed of by will. Assented to by Dana Newton, Stephen
Newton "agent to the heirs at law of Sally Newton wife of Calvin Newton" Moses
Newton, John Annets, Louise Annets"

Citation "To Sarah Newton, widow of Reuben Newton, and mother and heir at law
of Jonathan Newton."
Account etc.

Moses , b. May 28, 1787; m. Polly Ball.

Sally , b. Nov. 14, 17S9; d. May 25, 1832, probably at Marlborough, N. H.
She married (intention at Southborough, Nov. 13, 1815), Calvin Newton
(5254). Her children are given under his heading. They resided in
Marlborough, N. H.

Peter 6 , b. Feb. 9, 1792 ; m. Jane Houghton.

Dana , b. Sept. 2, 1796 ; m. at Southborough, Sept. 20, 1832, Nancy Temple,
daughter Moses and Elizabeth (Stratton*) Temple of Southborough. She
was born Aug. 2, 1819, and died Nov. 21, 1851.
vi. Lovisa (called "Visa"), b. Oct. 12, 1800. In 1S28 she was unmarried—
"singlewoman" — who is represented by her brother as having sequestered
some of her father's property, etc. [I hope she did ! "Single women" in
a family are many times not supposed to need much else besides food
and air.] I suppose she married at Southborough, Aug. 8, 1832, Joseph B.
Sawyer of Upton.

1836. DAVID NEWTON 5 , JR. (David 4 , Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 , Eichard 1 ), son
of David, Sr., and Sarah (Pike) Newton of Southborough, Mass., was born there
August 29, 1751, and died .

He married at Southborough, February 7, 1775, Abigail Stone, daughter of

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