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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 40 of 131)
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Appoints Dr. Joseph Billiard executor.

Bond of Solomon Este appointed

Administrator of will annexed, dated January 7, 1840.

$200. Russell Flagg )

Henry Este j Sureties.
Affidavit of Notice.
Personal Property $113.73.

I the above-named men to be Elijah Flagg, father of Russell Flagg, who mar-
ried Mary Temple Newton", daughter of Seth 5 (Capt. Seth 4 ). Dr. Joseph Bullard. prob-
ably father of Thankful Bullard, who married Jonah Harvey, son of Widow Patience
Harvey Newton, widow of Capt. Seth Newton 4 .


2321. ti. RELIEF*, b. May 22, 1783: d. ; was living in 1848; m. at Southborough,

Jan. 3, 180."), Elijah Newton (1825), son of Jonathan 4 , Jr.. and Tabitha

( ) Newton of Southborough, where he was born Oct. 13, 1743,

and where he died Nov. 24, 1816, aged 73. C. R. They lived in South-
borough and had there three children, who are given under his heading.
She married (2) at Framingham, June 18, 1820, William Annetts, by
whom she had two children. [There died at Southborough, "William
Annetts, a foreigner, March 14, 1831, aged 52," who may have been the
husband of Relief.] Her children, born at Southborough, were:

2331. 4. ~Nancif Annetts, b. Nov. 17, 1821; d. July 22, 1822.

2332. 5. Mary 1 Annetts, b. Sept. 24, 1823; m. May 27, 1840, Jonathan Works.

The widow. Relief Annetts. married (3), at Southborough, May 20,
1840, Josiah Lawrence of Lancaster. Where they lived or when he died
I have not found ; but certain it is that his widow, aged 66, "Relief
Lawrence of Southborough," married at Marlborough, Dec. 11. 1848,
James Mallard, widower, aged 69, son of James and Elizabeth-. [He had
married (1) at Marlborough, April 21, 1806, Betsey Brigham (dau.
Jotham) and lived in Lancaster. She died in Marlborough, Sept. 20,
1847.] James Mallard was living when his wife Relief died. The
statement is that he "survived her."

2322. ii. Silas 6 , b. ,1785; bapt. May 1, 1785; d. Feb. 26, 1786.

2323. Hi. Levina 6 , b. April 11, 1787 ; bapt. April 15, 1787 ; d. Nov. 18, 1802.

2^24. iv. Experience Stow 6 , b. Nov. 6, 1789; was living in 1840. She married (1)
at Southborough, Oct. 17, 1813, William Ockinton of Needham, Mass., who












probably died there. She married (2) Elijah Hersey;* perhaps he was
son of Elijah, Jr., and Beulah (Waite) Hersey of Leicester and Spencer —
born at Leicester Aug. 11, 1786, bapt. at Spencer Oct. 15, 1786.
2325. tv. Joanna', b. March 8, 1792 ; d. at Southborough, Oct. 7,' 1825, aged 33. She
married at Southborough, April 29, 1812, C. R., Seth Newton, Jr. (4902),
son of Capt. Seth and Patience (Bent-Harvey) Newton of Southborough.
They had four children, who are given under his heading.

Elijah 6 , b. March 23. 1794 ; d. Nov. 16, 1802.

Erastus", b. May 5, 1796 ; d. Nov. 7, 1802.

Nathan 6 , b. Dec. 2, 1798 ; d. Nov. 12, 1802.

Louisa , b. Oct. 19, 1801 ; d. Nov. 15, 1802.

Anna 6 , b. Feb. 26, 1804 ; d. Feb. — , 1804.
"There were seven deaths from dysentery in their family in one week."

1870. NATHAN NEWTON 5 , JE. (Nathan 4 , Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 , Kichard 1 ),
son of Nathan and Lydia (Hager) Newton of Southborough, Mass., was born
there January 23, 1760, and died there April 18, 1798, aged 38. The estate of
Nathan Newton, Jr., of Southborough was administered there in 1798. Case in
Probate Court, No. 43,344.

He married at Framingham [the record of it there says "in Southborough,"
but no record of the marriage appears in Southborough], "November 8, 1783,"
and duplicate July — , 1784, Mary (called "Polly") Nichols, daughter of Lieut.
Joseph and Sarah (Goddard) Nichols:}: of Framingham, where she was born
October 16, 1762. She died at Southborough, November 22, 1850, aged 88.

* Elijah Hersey, a soldier of the Revolution, d. at Spencer, Mass., March 17, 1S50, aged
100 years, 23 days.

Elijah Hersey, b. . 1750. G. S., in Spencer. Martha, wife of Elijah Hersey, b.

, 1763. G. S.. in Spencer.

Elijah Hersey, Jr., of Leicester and Bedlah Waite of Brookline. m. in Brookline, Dec. 31,
1780. The int. in May. The children of Elijah, Jr., and Beulah Hersey, born at Leices-
ter and bapt. at Spencer and Brookfield, were : Achsah, 1782 ; Hervey, 1784 ; Elijah, b.
Aug. 11, 1786; Nathaniel Stone, 1788; Sarah, 1791; Heman, 1793; Huldah [bapt. 1795-
1797] ; b. 1806; Nathan, 1811. I have not traced the Hersey family, father or son.

i The following is from "a manuscript record of the family of Joseph Nichols. Jr., in the
hand writing of Capt. Martin Newton, in which every letter and figure is as clean and dis-
tinct as print. He probably copied it from the family Bible." The figures and names do not
always coincide with those of the town records [which I will here enclose in brackets] :

"A Record of Joseph and Sarah Nichols Family.

Joseph Nichols born at Framingham Mass. October 8th 1738. Sarah Goddard first wife of
Joseph Nichols born at Shrewsbury Jan 8, 1740. [Jan. 6]. Joseph Nichols married to

Sarah Goddard January , 1702. Joseph Nichols first wife died July 1, 1767.

Mary Nichols, (first child of Joseph and Sarah born at Framingham Oct. 16, 1702.

Joseph Nichols born March 17, 1764 — Died

Benjamin [Goddard] Nichols born August 18, 1705

How Nichols " May 27, 1767.

John Nichols " July 17, 1769

Mitty [Mitte] Nichols " January 21, 1771

Daniel Nichols " Deer 15, 1772

Sally [Sarah] Nichols " Jan 1, 1775.

Laban W.[heaton] Nichols " March 29, T30] 1777

Nabby Nichols " October 8, 1779. Died Deer 10, 1779 [bap. Oct. — . 1779.]

Alpheus Nichols " December 12 [111, 1780.

Patty Nichols " December 10 [12] 1782.

Ralph Nichols " June 19, 17S5. Died Noyr 1840.

Solomon Nichols " April 13, 1788."

Three is no record in Framiugham of the last two children. No death of any Nichols before
1850. All of these children are sons or daughters of '•Lieut." (or "Jr." or "2nd") "Joseph
and Sarah Nichols" as though there had been no change of mother. The int. of Joseph
Nichols and Sarah Goddard is at Shrews.. Nov. 20, 1701. She was the dau. of Benjamin*
(Edw. 3 , Wm. 2 , Edw. 1 ) and Grace (Fiske) Goddard of Shrews. Lieut. Joseph Nichols was the
son of Joseph and Martha 4 (Howe, dau. of Samuel 3 , Samuel-. John How*) Nichols of Fram-
ingham, who had there John, 1731 ; Martha, 1733 ; Joseph. Oct. 8, 1738 ; and Alpheus, 1762.
There were Nichols in Barnstable, Mass.. in 1070; and in Scituate, 1688-9; some of them
named Joseph. Later a Joseph was in Pembroke. Also there is a line from James 1 of
Maiden, 1660, through James 2 , James 3 , John 4 . Ebenezer\ Joseph", b. 1794, d. 1823. I give
these hints to anvone who cares to look further. I have not traced them.


She had five children by this marriage. She married (2) in Southborough,
July 11, 1802, Joel Brewer,* Sr., by whom she had two children. He was a
widower with eight children, his first wife being Lovisa Newton, a sister of
Nathan Newton 6 , Jr., both of whom had died within less than a year and a
half of each other. For children by this first wife see under the heading of
her father, Nathan Newton 4 . The children of Joel and Polly Brewer were:
Polly, born February 27, 1803, married November 25, 1823, Elijah D. Whipple
(they had a son Adolphns Perley Whipple, born February 27, 1825) ; David, bom
March 16, 1806; married (int. November 29, 1834) Polly B. Howe of Marl-
borough, and had a second and a third wife, I am told.

Mrs. Polly (Nichols-Newton) Brewer must have been a remarkable woman.
Many characteristic anecdotes are told by her descendants of her mild and gentle
way of reproving, and the sidelights they cast on her manner of managing three
sets of children in the Brewer household — and a not always pleasant husband

She was a very small woman. Her son Martin was rather short in stature —
probably not over five feet, five or six inches — but when he held his arm out
horizontally, she could stand upright under it without touching. Her young
granddaughters thought it no hardship when they might carry her in their arms.
She was dearly beloved by all her family. Mr. Brewer died before she did, but
the record of his death I have not obtained.

Nathan Newton, Jr., lived all his life in Southborough, Mass., and died there,
according to the family records and all family knowledge of him; yet the town
records do not show his death nor the births of his children, who were born

The First United States Census, 1790, has : "Nathan Newton, Jr., head of a
household in Southborough, that consists of two males [one is himself] above
sixteen years, one male below sixteen years and two females."

Like his brother Paul, Nathan Newton, Jr., was a soldier of the Revolution.
An abstract of his service is: "Newton. Nathan, Private in Capt. Moses Har-
rington's Company, Col. Dike's regiment, muster roll Dec. — , 1776, to Feb.,
1777, credited to the town of Southborough, Mass., Enlisted Dec. 20, 1776, reg-
iment to serve to March 1, 1777. Also, Capt. Ephraim Lyon's Company, engaged
June 20, 1778, discharged. July 13, 1778, service 26 days. Company joined Col.
Wade's regiment June 22, 1778 for 21 days service at Rhode Island. Roll dated
at Grafton."


-. h. ; (1. aged three days. Smothered in a turn-up bod.

ii. Martin (Capt.), b. June 23, 1786; m. Susan Chamberlin.
2334. iii. SALLY 8 , b. Nov. 13, 1789; m. in Southborough, Jan. 9, 1812, Putnam Cowdin,
son of Thomas, Jr.. and Mary (Farrington) Cowdint of Fitchburg, Mass.,
where he was born, Dec. 4. 1788. They removed to Orangeville, Wyoming
County. N. Y., where he engaged in farming and made their home for
life. ''lie was a merry, jovial man."

* For Brewer pedigree see note to Nathan Newton 1 . (1523.)

$ Capt. Thomas COWDEJf, Cowdin. b. about 1720; d. at Fitchburg. Mass.. April 22. 1702, in
his 72d year. lie m. at Worcester. Mass., Nov. 24, 174S, Experience Okay, daughter of Rob-
ert and Sarab Gray of Worcester, where she was born Aug. 12, 1730. Her death is not recorded.
Slie had tour children: Hubert, 1749; Mary, "Molly," 17.">1 ; Thomas, Jr., 1754; Experi-
ence, 17.">7. ('apt. Thomas m. (2) at Rutland. Mass.. Oct. 2. 1761, Mrs. Hannah (Craigie)
of Rutland and after the birth of their first child in 1763 at Worcester they removed to
Fitchburg and settled, where he became a prominent man in the affairs of the town.
His children by Hawaii were: Hannah, 17(!."> ; Joseph, 170. - . ; Angier, 17G7 ; Daniel, 1760;
Jonas, 1772: Robert, 177.": Valium. 1780.

Thomas Cowdin, .Ii;., b. Mch. 7, 1754, at Worcester; m. 1774, Mary Farrington of
Lunenburg; res. Fitchburg; children b. there were: Thomas, $d, b. 1775; Experience, 1777;
Sophia, 1778; Philip Farrington (Ensign), 1780; Hannah, 17S1 ; Craigie, 1783; John Soley,
17S5; Polley, 1787; Putnam, Dec. 4, 1788 ; Nathaniel, 1790 ; Sally, 1794.


2335. iv. Martha", b. May 30, 1792 ; res. in Southborough, wbere she d.

never married. "She was scrupulously neat and nice, particularly in her

2336. v. FBANCIS", b. Jan. 23, 170."). He was living in 1825. He went to Warsaw,
Wyoming County, N. Y. : an ornamental painter. He became intemperate,
and finally insane, and disappeared; is supposed to have committed suicide
by drowning. The particulars of his death were never known. By reason
of his menial condition he was a source of anxiety to his friends. He
never married.

2:'.:;7. vi. POLLY', b. March :',, 1707; probably died young.

1882. LUKE NEWTON 5 (Elnathan*, Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son of
Elnathan and Jemima (Joslin) Newton of Southborough, Holden, Oakham and
New Braintree, Mass., and Marlborough, N. H., was born November C, 1755.
He died at Marlborough, N. H., July 22, 1839.

He married at Southborough, Mass., November 21, 1782, Sally Hayden, daugh-
ter of Thomas and Mary (Ball) « Hayden* of Sudbury, Mass., where she was
born March 28, 1758. She died at Marlborough, N. H., November 8, 1826.

Luke Newton is mentioned as the eldest son of Elnathan and Jemima and
was born November 6, 1755. He is supposed to be the same as Zeneth, born the
same date [or he may have been twin with Zeneth]. However that may be, the
name Zeneth disappears, and the boy, Luke Newton from Braintree, Mass.,
was "warned out" from Southborough, August 16, 1763. He may have been
visiting his grandfather and the zealous officers thought he staid too long.

I find him next, a young man of less than twenty, as a soldier of the Revolu-
tion. An abstract of service: "Newton. Luke. Southborough. Private in Cap-
tain Elijah Bellows' Company, inarched April 19, 1775, served 16 days. Also,
in Capt, Seth Newton's Company, Col. Whitney's regiment, engaged August 21,
1777, discharged August 26, 1777, alarm at Bennington, proceeded on horses."

Luke Newton apparently staid in the vicinity of Southborough for a num-
ber of years, long enough to become acquainted with the girl of Sudbury he
was to marry in 1782.

Whether he went with his father in 1771 to Marlborough, N. II., and returned,
does not appear. But he was there with his wife soon after marriage and their
children were born there.

. His father, Elnathan Newton, had settled on a farm in the southeastern part
of Marlborough, N. II., and Luke resided with him and was joint owner of the
property, and came into full possession, on the death of his father. This land
was in District No. 6, "The East School Squadron," and then contained ten
other families.

In 1800 the school had been kept in the house of Timothy Bemis, who received
four shillings per week for the use of his house. This price was considered too
dear. The following year the schools were kept at the house of Luke Newton.
who charged thirty-three cents per week. This house was 20 x 24 feet, 10 foot
posts, surmounted by a square roof, and attained great age.

The name of Luke Newton does not appear in the First United States Census.
1790, as head of a household or in any other way. It seems queer, when
Elnathan, Luke and Luke, Jr.. were all three living on and owning the home-
stead at Marlborough, N. H, at that date.

♦Thomas Haydex 4 (Josiah 3 ), b. Men. 1, 1725-6, in Sudbury; m. there Nov. 27. 1755,
Mart Ball, and had then-: Molly 6 , 1 ".">(!: Sally 6 , 1758; m. Luke Newton; David 6 , 17G0; d.
unm., aged 88; Josiah 5 , 1763 ; m. 1701. Parlslnata Newton; BezaleelP, 1765; d. 1827.

Josiah Hayden 3 (fr. of Thomas 4 ), b. : m. 1721, in Marlborough, Sarah Axtkt..

who d. there 177:2. They had in Sudbury, Barah, 17^; Thomas, 1725-6 : Elizabeth, 172'.):
Josiah, 1730; Samuel, 17.".:;: Daniel, l T.U-.". : Healed, 17.".'.». Josiah Haydbn* (fr. of
Thomas 4 ), I suppose, was son of Josiah- (and Elizabeth of Braintree), who was the son of
Johx Haydex 1 of Braintree by wife Hannah Ames.



2338. ti. Luke 6 . Jr.. b. April 5, 1785; m. Susannah Parmenter of Notown, Mass.

2339. ii. Sally*. 1). May 11, 1789; d. April 26, 1810.

2340. iii. MARY*, b. May 13, 1703; d. Jan. 6, 1813.

1890. ANDREW NEWTON 6 , JK. (Andrew*. James 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son
of Andrew and Mehitabel (Bellows) Newton of Southborough and Framingham,
Mass., was born at Southborough, October 23, 1748, and died in Framingham in
17i»2. Xo town record of it.

lie married Sarah Merrett, daughter of William.

Mr. Xewton "held his father's estate" in Framingham. as I understand it,
together with the forge and gristmill on Hopkinton river near the Southborough

I have not found where he resided in his early married life nor where his
children were born.

The following are his children as given by the historian of Framingham. They
were probably born there and not recorded.


William", b. , 1773; m. Abigail Newton (745).

, son, b. 177- ; d. young.

Luther", b. Jan. 21, 1779; ra. (1) Tatty Bruce; m. (2) Anna Merritt:
m. (3) Ruha[mah] Godfrey or Serena Goda.

Situbael , b. , 1784; m. Abigail Pike.

MARTIN 8 , b. , 17 — ; d. in Boston of smallpox.

Sally", b. ■ , 17 — . Tbe historian of Framingham states that she

married Edward Rawson* of Westhorough. The record of the marriage 1
do not find. They lived in Westborough, where their twelve children were

horn. I suppose he was the son of Levi 5 and Thankful ( 1 Rawson

of Mendon. born Ang. 23, 17*7. Children:
234S. 1. Eliza 1 Rawson, 1>. .Tidy 11, 1800.

2349. t2. Charles Edwin 1 Rawson, b. Jan. 25, 1808; d. : m. at Westborough,

June 1. 1837, Mary Newton i4r>."><;i. See her number for her children.

2350. ::. Danforth Eemenway 1 Rawson, 1>. Sept. 26, 1809.

2351. 1. Lewis A. 1 Rawson, 1>. July li<5. 1811: int. m. April 20. 1836, with Chloe

IT. Leach of Shutesbury. Three children in Westborougli.

2352. 5. Fallii A. 1 Rawson, b. Feb. 14, 1S13: m. 1S42. Rue! Dean of Worcester.
•_•:::>::. 6. Charlotte I'.' Rawson, h. May 29, 1814.

2354. 7. Elisha <>.' Rawson, b. .Ian. 5, ISKi; m. Emeline A. — — — ■ of Grafton.


2355. S. Susan I',: Rawson, b. Nov. 120, 1817; in. 1S44. Milvin Swift of Bridge-

2:;r.i;. 9. Mary \: Rawson, b. Oct. 17. 1819.

•j::.")7. 10. Emily M: Rawson, b. Sept. 17. 1821 ; m. 1849, Edmund IT. Priest.

* Levi Rawson 5 (s. of Edward 1 ). 1'. Mar. 27. 1748; m. Thankful - — . They res.
-. and had six children. lie m. i2i












Edward Rawson 4 is. of Nathaniel*, Sr.) b. Apr. 19, 1724: sett, in Mendon; m. Deborah
Warrbn of Upton, who died Feb. 11. 1802. They had eleven children, the eldest being
Levi*, b. 174S.

Nathaniel Rawson 8 , Sr. (s. of William-), b. 1689, at Braintree (now Quincy) ; m. Han-
nah Thompson, dan. of Samuel of Braintree, and had six children. One was Edward*,
b. 1721.

William Rawson 1 is. of Edward 1 ), b. May 21. 1651, O. S. : m. July 11. 1G73. Ann

Glover (dau. of Nathaniel and (Smith) Glover. Her mother m. (2) Gov. Thomas

Hinkley). William Rawson 3 , res. in Boston, Dorchester, and Braintree. He had twenty chil-
dren. All except five died young or in infancy. The thirteenth was Nathaniel". Sr.. b. 1689.

EDWARD RAWSON 1 , for so many years Secretary of the Massachusetts Colony, was horn April
16, l<»i •". in the village of GiUingham, County of Dorset, England. lie m. Rachel Perns,
daughter of Thomas l'erne. and granddaughter of Rev. John Hooker. They had twelve chil-
dren. Only two of the sons settled in this country: William 1 and OrindaP.

Edward Raw SON 1 , Secretary, came to New England in 1636 or '37, and settled in Newbury,
Mass.. later moved to Boston. Be was a man of ability and great worth to the new colony.
Be died Aug. 27, 1693, aged 7S.


2358. 11. George Martin 7 Raicson, b. June 12, 1823.

2359. 12. Frances Maria 7 Rawson, b. May 27, 1825.

2346. vii. Fanny 6 , b. , 17—.

2347. viii. Anna 8 , also Ann and Nancy, b. . 17 — ; m. at Framingham, wbere

the record is "Nancy," July 3, 1808, Nathan Hudson,* b. April 17, 1787.
G. S. Their children in Framingham were :
23G0. 1. Henry Smith 1 Hudson, b. Jan. 20, 1809; d. in Framingham, Nov. 6, 1848,

aged 39 yrs., 2 mos., 20 dys. C. R. ; delirium tremens ; m. 1830, Sarah
P. Bacon of Framingham.
2301. 2. Fanny Hickey 7 Hudson, b. Nov. 4, 1810; m. 1835, Archibald Bent of


2362. 3. Martin Newton 1 Hudson, b. Sept. 10, 1812; m. 1836, Maria Reed of


2363. 4. Nancy Hoicc' Hudson, "b. , 1814"; d. "March 10, 1832, aged 18."

G. S.

2304. 5. Henry Smith 1 Hudson, b. ; d. 1814. [I suppose these last

two were twins.]

1891. JAMES NEWTON 5 (Andrew 4 , James 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son of
Andrew and Mehitabel (Bellows) Newton of Southborough and Framingham,
Mass., was born at Southborough, August 24, 1751, and died February 23, 1824,
probably at Truxton, Cortland Co., N. Y.

He married at Hopkinton, Mass., November 15, 1769, Bathsheba Nurse, daugh-
ter of Joseph and Sarah (Walkup) Nurse:}: of Hopkinton, where she was born
November 9, 1752. She had nine children.

He married (2) Rachel Greeley, who was born April 22, 1765, and died, possibly
in Medina County, Ohio, September 24, 1841. One child.

James Newton was "of Framingham" at date of his marriage, and before
that his name appears with his father's family in the history of that town.
As a soldier of the Revolution, he was enrolled as of Framingham. There are
no births nor deaths of this family in Framingham nor in Hopkinton; but the
five children given below were all baptized in Christ Church at Hopkinton. There
was no James Newton head of a family in Massachusetts at the taking of the
First United States Census, 1790. After the war he went to Putney, Windham
County, Vt., and is the James Newton there, head of a household that consists
in all of two males above sixteen years, three males under sixteen years, and five

In 1775, as a man skillful in working in metals, he was given a position in
the shipbuilding yards at Plymouth; later at Salem, and after the evacuation
of Boston by the British, in that city. It will be remembered that his father had
a forge in Framingham.

An abstract of his service in the Revolutionary War: "James Newton.
Framingham. Petition addressed to Col. Samuel Bullard, dated Framingham,
June 1, 1776, signed by said Newton and others belonging to Capt. Jesse Eames'
Company, Col. Bullard's regiment, asking that the company be divided into two
companies. Also. Private in Capt. Aaron Gardner's Company, Col. E. Brooks'
regiment. Company return endorsed '1776'; service Sept. 10, 1776 on North

* Nathan Hudson and Martha Dbuet married in Framingham September 21, 1815. She
was dau. of Thomas and Lois (Wood of Newton) Drury of Framingham, and born May 18,
1795. G. R. 1. [bapt. Jan. 20, 1795. C. R. 1.] They had a dau.. Harriet A". Hudson, born Dec.
12, 1827. G. R. 1., who m.. aged 19, in Southborough, April 17, 1847, Lucian C. Woodbury,
aged 21, son of Simon and Olive (Whipple) Woodbury of Southborough, born there Feb.
9, 1827.

{Joseph Nurse (John. Jr.), b. 1724; m. 1746, Sarah Walkup; res. Hopkinton; 8 chil-

John Nurse, Jr. (John), b. 1701 ; m. Bathsheba Ri go, granddaughter of Sarah Newton
No. 29. See notes to No. 184." and John Newton 2 , No. 2.

John Nurse, Sr. (not traced) m. 1700 in Bberborn, Elizabeth Gale; res. Framingham,
had there 5 children.



river until November 19, 1776, 62 days. Said Newton reported as having lost
articles, and as sick in Camp."

When this James Newton was in "Deerfield River Valley, Mass.," as stated,
seems not clear to bis family. They think some of his children were born there
and the (it hers at Putney. Vt. About 1800 he moved with his family to Westward,
Otsego County, N. Y. — twelve miles east of Cooperstown. About 1820 he
removed to Truxton, N. Y., and probably died there, because of this fact: In
1822 he gave his property into the hands of his son, Elijah, who gave bonds to
his father for the support of James and his wife, Rachel, until death. The
father died in 1824 and Elijah did not leave Truxton, N. Y. until 1830.


2366. i. PATTY 6 , b. March 9, 1770; bapt. at Hopkinton July 4, 1773.

2365. ii. JOHN 8 , b. June 14, 1772; bapt. at Hopkinton, July 4, 1773; d. Oct. 24,
1791, at Putney, Vt. [I suppose this is the John Newton who married
Annis Ward, daughter of Jonas, and a granddaughter of Aaron Newton. 4
See No. 1758 and note.]

2367. tiii. Rkuben", b. June 17, 1774 ; bapt. at Hopkinton, July 17, 1774 ; m. in

Hopkinton. Nov. 6, 1803, Betsey Burnham. dan. of Zadock and Sarah
(Haven) Burnham.* She was born at Hopkinton, Mass., Feb. 27, 1785.
2367a. iv. Sally , b. April 0, 1778.

2368. v. Submit 8 , b. July 30, 1780; bapt. at Hopkinton, Sept. 24, 1780.

2369. vi. MART 6 , b. Sept. 5, 1782 ; bapt. at Hopkinton, Oct. 20, 1782.

2309a. tvii. Elijah 6 , b. Sept. 27, 1784; m. (1) Jane Taggart ; m. (2) Lydia Holmes.
See note for his family.? He is styled "Dr."

* Josiah Burnham (not traced) of Hopkinton died there in 1793, aged 74. C. R. His
widow, Anna, died there of old age March 0, 1803, aged 87. C. R. They had there, Job,
b. 1740 [m. 1767, Tabitha Newton 5 (dau. Wm. 4 , Danl. 3 , Danl. 2 ), m. (2) in Hopkinton, Dec.
11, 1777, Abigail Merritt] ; Ruth, 1743; Hannah, 1745; Reuben, 1747; Lydia, 1749; Josiah,
Jr., 1752; Joshua, 1754; Anna, 1759, d. 1801, and perhaps. Zadock, about 1761.

Zadock Burnham of Harvard, Mass. (see above), b. ■ ; m. in Hopkinton, Nov. 24,

1784, Sarah Haven [per. dau. Moses and b. 1765]. They had in Hopkinton, Betsey, b. Feb.
27, 1785 ; m. 1803, Reuben Newton 8 (s. James 5 ) ; Moses, 1787 ; Alason. 1789 ; Lovett, 1791 ;

Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 40 of 131)