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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 49 of 131)
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N. H. (2d wife), b. March 5, 1821, son of Stephen Clarke 5 (a descendant
of Nathaniel 1 and Elizabeth (Somerby) Clarke of Newton, Mass. 1642).
[He married (1) Jan. 1. 1850, Mary Jane Thompson, b. June 13, 1825;
d. Dec. 27, 1866, and had two daughters and one son.l By Laura, 2d
wife, he had two daughters and one son.

2912. v. Alvin H. 7 , b. Dec. 26, 1814; d. at Lowell, Mass., in 1836; m. Mary Sophia

Currier, daughter of Simon and Mary Stickney (Hills) Currier [whose
mother was Hannah Tenny]. Residence, Ipswich, Mass.

2913. vi. Charles Addison 7 , b. March 9, 1817 ; d. aged 8 years at Westminster, Vt.

2914. vii. Sarah Chaffin 7 , b. Feb. 2, 1819; d. aged 16 years, at Lowell, Mass.

2915. tviii. Alonzo Elliott 7 , b. Feb. 23, 1821 ; m. Sarah Jane Emery.

♦Robert Chaffin 3 , Jr., b. July 8, 1752, at Acton, Mass.; d. there Sept. 7. 1828. He lived
there in the house built by his father ; carpenter ; a soldier of the Revolution ; about 1775
was an officer in the East Company of Acton ; enlisted 1777 in Capt. Simon Hunt's Company,
Col. Eleazer Brook's regiment, served at Cambridge ; m. 1777, Hannah Tenney of Littleton,
Mass. ; b. 1756 ; d. 1850. He was son of

Robert Chaffin 2 , b. 1724, at Littleton, Mass.; d. 1775, at Acton, where he was a farmer;
housewright ; m. 1748, Hannah Powers; m. (2) Shippie Townsend of Boston. Twelve chil-
dren. He was son of

Robert Chaffin 1 and Abigail (Davis) Chaffin. who were m. at Concord, Mass.. April
15, 1719. He is the earliest known ancestor in this line. They lived in Stowe, Concord
and Littleton, Mass. Eleven children.


2916. ix. Henry L. C. 7 , b. March 21, 1823; d. at Lowell, Mass., , 1856. He

learned the printing business in Lowell, which he pursued in the same
city until his decease.

2266. EEV. GIDEON NEWTON 6 (Josiah 5 , Gideon 4 , Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 ,
Richard 1 ), son of Deacon Josiah and Elizabeth (Haynes) Newton of Southbor-
ough, Mass., was born there July 28, 1787.

He married at Hopkinton, Mass., January 14, 1812, Jane Dow. Perhaps she
was the Jane Newton who died at Hopkinton, November 12, 1838.

I am sorry not to have more of the records of this family than the one son.

2918. i. Horatio Gideon 7 (M.D.), b. July 22, 1829. Dr. Horatio Gideon Newton
(M.D.) was educated in the public schools and was fitted for college at
the East Corinth Academy of Maine. In 1849 he entered the Medical
College at AVorcester, Mass., where he was under the tutelage of his uncle,
Prof. Calvin Newton, A.M., M.D., and of Prof. E. Morgan Parret, M.D.,
and was graduated in 1853, in which year his uncle died, and he assumed
the editorship of the Worcester Medical Journal.

In 1854 he began the practice of medicine in Bangor, Maine, then went
to Portland, Maine, and thence to Provincetown, Mass., where he was
port physician, and physician on the board of health. In 1873, Dr. Newton
removed to Boston, Mass., where he resided until his death, which occurred
at his residence, 302 Columbus Ave., on May 17, 1890. Malignant disease
of the liver. Burial at Mount Hope Cemetery, according to the I. O. O. F.

Dr. Newton had practiced medicine thirty-eight years ; he was a mem-
ber of the local, state and national eclectic medical societies. He was
prominent in several fraternal societies and in temperance circles. Dr.
Newton for a number of years was chairman of the board of censors of the
Eclectic Medical College of the City of New York. At the alumni meeting
just previous to his death he presided. In response to the toast, "Our
College," Dr. Newton delivered one of his crisp and encouraging speeches,
which made the company enthusiastic and happy. His intellectual ability
was only equalled by his moral worth ; the expression of his sympathy was
tenderness itself ; his genial fellowship was social sunshine ; his counsel
was safe guidance in any doubtful way ; his active brain, his kindly heart,
and his helpful hand was devoted to the cause he loved and served ; as
physician, conscientious ; as man, just and noble ; as friend, faithful and

2269. CHARLES NEWTON 6 (Josiah 5 , Gideon 4 , Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 , Rich-
ard 1 ), son of Deacon Josiah and Elizabeth (Haynes) Newton of Southborough,
Mass., was born there February 1, 1794, and died .

He married in Southborough, Mass., February 10 or 14, 1819, Betsey Bellows,

daughter of Stephen and Lydia ( ) Bellows* of Southborough, Mass., where

she was born September 22, 1797.

Charles Newton 6 and wife resided in Southborough, where five children were
born to them. Two others, born in Westborough — perhaps.

♦Stephen Bellows 5 (Jothanr 4 ), b. 1757; res. Southborough; m. Lydia and had

eleven children. The ninth was Betsey, b. 1 707 ; m. Charles Newton.

Jotham Bellows 4 (Isaac 3 ), b. 1729; res. Southborough, where he d. 1817; m. (1) In
Sudbury, 1753, Abigail Knight, b. 1735 ; dau. Samuel and Mary. She had nine children.
The first was Liicretia, b. 1753 ; m. Jesse Newton. The third was Stephen, b. 1757. He in.
(2) 1780, Abigail Bellows, who had two children and died his wid., 1825, aged 84. She
was dau. of Moses 3 and Abigail (Lyscom) Bellows. Moses, son of John 2 (John 1 ) Bellows.

Isaac Bellows 3 (Isaac 2 ), b. 1697; m. 1725, Thankful Witherbee ; nine children.

Isaac Bellows 2 (John 1 ), b. 1663; m. Elizabeth ; nine children.

John Bellows 1 , the immigrant of Concord and Marlborough, Mass., in 1635 ; m. 1655,
Mary Wood, dau. of John ; had ten children.


2919. i. Calvin Brigham 7 , b. June 11, 1819, at Southborough.

2920. ii. Harriot Rice 7 , b. April 30, 1821, in Hopkinton.

2921. iii. Julia Aim 7 , b. May •_'.">. 1823. at Southborough.

2922. iv. Mary Bellows 7 , b. Feb. 27. 182G. at Southborough.

2923. v. Eliza Maria 7 , b. July 4, 1827, at Southborough.

2924. vi. Ann Eliza 7 , b. Dec. 22, 1844. at Westborough.

2925. vii. Charles Hudson 7 , b. June 28, 1848, at Westborough.

2270. BENJAMIN NEWTON 6 (Josiah 5 , Gideon 4 , Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 , Kich-
ard 1 ), son of Deacon Josiah and Elizabeth (Haynes) Newton of Southborough,
Mass., was born there, July 21, 1796. He died at Southborough, July 26, 1833.
[T. E.] 1834 aged 38. [C. R].

He married at Southborough, Mass., January 26, 1818, Sally Este, daughter
of Nathaniel and Levinah (Ward) Este* of Southborough, where she was born

February 13, 1797. She died . She married (2) in Southborough, April

10, 1839, John Haven Barber % (2d wife), son of Joseph and Chloe (Haven)
Barber of West Medway, Mass., where he was born May 5, 1801. He resided in
Medway, and died there October 20, 1878. The children by this second marriage
were: Newell Barber, born August 14, 1840; died August 14, 1863; Edson
W. Barber, born December 26, 1841.

Benjamin Newton resided in Southborough. Two of his children were born
at Jonesborough, Mass., and the others at Southborough. His estate was settled
without a will, 1834, at Southborough. Case in Probate Court, No. 43,069.


2926. i. Susan Este 7 , b. June 30, 1818; d. at Southborough, June 16, 1845, aged 27.

Brain fever. She married at Southborough. March 22, 1840, Elijah Bemis.
Jr..§ son of Elijah and Sally (Wilson I Bemis of Southborough, where he
was born February 20, 1815. They lived in Southborough, where her
three children were born — and he married (2), soon after her death
(intention Jan. 31, 1846), Julia Ann Newton (3593). Susan's children
were :

2933. 1. Leonora Adelia 8 Bemis. b. May 6, 1841.

2934. 2. Adelhcrt Warren 1 Bemis, b. Feb. 4, 1843.

2935. 3. Susan OrUla Janette* Bemis. b. June 9, 1845.

2927. ii. Elizabeth Harris 7 , b. Sept. 18, 1820; d. ; m. at Medway, Mass.,

July 13. 1S42, Elias Blake, b. at Wrentham, Mass. They lived in Medway,
where their children were born :
2930. 1. Darius A. 8 Blake, b. Feb. 15, 1S44.

2937. 2. Martha 0. s Blake, b. June 13, 1S40.

2938. 3. Agnes Loella* Blake (twin), b. Nov. 2, 1848.

2939. 4. Aliee Louisa 8 Blake (twin!, b. Nov. 2, 1848; d. Nov. 11. 1848. aged 8 days.

2928. iii. Julia Roxana 7 . b. Aug. 25. 1823, at Jonesborough ; d. at Southborough,

Oct. 28, 1844, aged 21. Constipation. She m. (int. March 1, 1844)
Morgan Woods. II son of Jesse and Julia (Babcock) Woods of North-
borough and Westborough. He was born at Westborough Sept. 23, 1817.
She was his second wife, lived but a few months after her marriage, and
he married again. (See 3606.)

2929. tiv. Benjamin Franklin 7 , b. Dec. 26, 1825, at Jonesborough, Mass. ; m. Persis

H. Muzzy.

* Nathaniel Este (no further traced by me), m. in Southborough. Dec. 20, 1790, Levinah
Ward, dau. of Solomon and Lydia Ward of Southborough, where she was born Feb. 8. 1772,
and where she died Oct. 9, 1849. aged 77. Lung fever. They lived in Southborough, and

had there : , inft. child, that died June 8, 1773 ; Daniel, b. 1795 ; Sally, b. Feb. 13,

1797; m. Benjamin Newton; Patty, b. 1799; Snlccy, b. 1802.

$ John Haven Barber 6 (Joseph 5 . Joseph 4 , Joseph 3 , Zachariah 2 , George 1 ), m. (1) at Fram-
ingham, March 29, 1825, Eunice Smith of that town, born there May 17, 1804: died at
Medway. May 13, 1838, dau. of Ephraim and Patty Smith of Framingham. One daughter :
Martha S. B*arber 7 , b. April 26. 1826.

§ Elijah Bemis. See note to Lincoln Newton 7 (Caleb 6 ).

II Morgan Woods. See note to Russell Newton (2844).


2930. r. George Washington 7 , b. April 24, 1828; m. at Medway, March 30, 1847,

Mrs. Lucretia M. Duggan.*

2931. vi. Josiah Este 7 , b. June 30, 1830; d. Oct. 17, 1832. C. R.

2932. vii. Henry Marshall 7 , b. Sept. 11, 1833; d. Feb. 11, 1836.

2274. JOSIAH HAYNES NEWTON 6 (Josiah 5 , Gideon*, Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 ,
Richard 1 ), son of Deacon Josiah 5 and Elizabeth (Haynes) Newton of South-
borough, Mass., was born there July 29, 1806.

He married in Southborough, Mass., November 4, 1830, Jane Chamberlin of
Westborough, Mass.

They had three children, born in Southborough.


2940. i. Lucy Ann Snow 7 , b. Oct. 19, 1833.

2941. ii. Newell Webster 7 , b. June 28. 1830 ; d. Oct. 17, 1836.

2942. iii. Angevine Wainwright 7 , b. March 6, 1838.

2287. HEALY NEWTON 6 (Dea. Nathaniel 5 , Gideon 4 , Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 ,
Richard 1 ), son of Deacon Nathaniel and Hannah Grout (Heard) Newton of
Southborough, Spencer and Hawley, Mass., was born September 30, 1795 (?),
and died October — , 1852.

He married September — , 1841, Roxana Shepard.

Healy Newton 6 was residing, in 1859, in York, New York State, and had there
three children.


2943. i. Edward N. 7 , b. 1842.

2944. ii. John E. 7 , b. 1843.

2945. iii. Eliza 7 , b. 18—.

2302. EDWARD NEWTON 6 (Paul 5 , Nathan 4 , Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ),
son of Paul and Martha (Newton) Newton of Southborough and North Leverett,
Mass., was born at Southborough, January 16, 1779, and died at Brookfield,
Vt., June 14, 1869, aged 90 years, 4 months.

He married at Montague, Mass., March 7, 1803, Esther Montague, daughter
of Medad and Ruth (Dinsmore) Montague:}: of Sunderland and Montague, Mass.

♦"Widow Lucretia M. Duggan (a?. 19)" was dau. of Herman and Keziah Williams, b.
about 1828, and widow of William Duggan of Worcester, wbo died there May 12, 1846, aged
30. They had a son, Amos A. Duggan, b. Oct. 6, 1846, at Medway, Mass.

t Richard Montague 1 , the immigrant, son of Peter (William, Robert, William in England)
and Eleanor (Allen) Montague of Boveney, Parish of Burnam, Buckinghamshire, England,
where his ancestors for several years resided, was born there about 1614, and died at Hadley,
Mass., Dec. 14, 1681. His brother Peter 1 was in Virginia in 1634. The earliest record we
have of Richard 1 is 1646, when he removed from Wells, Maine, to Boston, Mass., where his
wife was received by letter from Wells into the Church at Boston. He m. between 1636 and
1641, Abigail Downing, dau. of Rev. Dr. Downing of Norwich, England. In 1651 they
removed to Wethersfield, Conn., and thence in 1659-60 to Hadley, Mass., where he was one
of the original proprietors ; farmer and baker. His will was proved March, 1682. Wid.
Abigail died 1694. Six children. One was

John Montague 2 , b. prob. Wethersfield in 1655-6 ; d. about 1732 ; m. in Hadley 1681,
Hannah Smith, b. 1662, dau. Chileab and Hannah (Hitchcock) Smith of Hadley. They
had ten children born in Hadley. The seventh was

Samuel Montague 3 (Dea.), b. 1695; d. 1779; rem. to Sunderland, where he was one
of the first forty settlers; prominent man; m. (1) 1716, Elizabeth White; m. (2) Mrs.
Mary (Root) Billings. Ten children by 1st wife. The third was

Hon. Daniel Montague 4 , b. 1725 ; d. 1814 ; res. Sunderland ; was a soldier of the Revo-
lution, and also a member of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress during the Revolution.
He m. 1750, Ltdia Smith ; d. 1805 ; dau. of Nathaniel and Abigail (Allis) Smith. Eleven
children. The third was

Hon. Medad Montague 5 , b. 1755 ; d. 1837 ; res. Sunderland, and later Montague ; select-
man ; rep. Genl Court; many terms; soldier of the Revolution; m. (1) Ruth Dinsmore,


She was bom at Montague, Mass., December 5, 1781, and died at Sunderland,
February 29, 1819.

As a boy Mr. Newton removed with the other members of his father's family
from Southborough, Mass., to North Leverett. After his marriage, in 1803, he
continued to reside in that vicinity until 1810, when he moved to Charlestown,
Mass., where he continued to reside until the fall of 1814, when he returned to
the western part of Massachusetts and settled in Sunderland, where his wife
died. He did not marry again and his family of young children was broken up
and lived in the several families of relatives, while he resided in the various
places his business called him.

While in Charlestown, he was employed in the blacksmith's shop at the ship-
yards. While he had never served the long apprenticeship in that trade that his
son served, and they would not admit that he was a blacksmith, per se, yet he
worked there in that shop for about five years — the heavy work of "striker"
and such like falling to him; now that work is done by machine.

Mr. Newton had been in Charlestown nearly four years, and the War of 1812-
1814 was on. In that war the troops of Massachusetts were not under the United
States Government at Washington — "States Rights" were having a flurry, and
the Massachusetts militia was raised by draft and must serve within the state.
Thus it was that Edward Newton was drafted into the army and became a sol-
dier of the War of 1812. His term of service was short, from September 13,
1814, to November 7, 1814, in the Company of Capt. Knight and the regiment of
Lieut.-Col. Dudley, on Castle Island, in the harbor at South Boston. After the
war he became a contractor, taking jobs and contracts for heavy work. After
1819 he was a long time in Westfield, Mass., where he was engaged on his con-
tract to build an aqueduct across Westfield river. Sometime between 1835 and
1840 he went to live with his son, Marvin Newton, at Brookfield, Vt., where he
spent the remainder of his life, and where he was buried.

Marvin's daughter writes of him: "He was a very pleasant man, and always
seemed happy. He was not able to do any work for many years before he died."
His great age became a burden to him, and he brightened up when he spoke
of the future and said he "wanted to go home."

His first three children were born at North Leverett, the fourth and fifth at
Charlestown, and the last at Sunderland.


2946. ti. Marvin 7 , b. Dec. 9, 1804; m. Lois G. Smith.

2947. tii. Abel Densmore 7 , b. Sept. 2, 1S0G; m. Betsey Leonard.

2948. iii. Esther 7 , b. Jan. 5, 1809 ; from a child she was afflicted with a scrofula, which

seemed to develop into consumption. After her mother's death she lived
with her aunt, Mrs. Tryphena (Montague") Thayer, in Hadley, Mass..
where she died, aged 25 years. She was a tailoress. Her hair was almost
without color so fair was it, and like that of a child.

2949. iv. Rufus Montague 7 , b. July 23, 1811, at Charlestown, Mass. ; d. Feb. 16,

1S39, aged 27 yrs., 6 mos. Consumption. He m. Julia Kilbourne of
Ashfield, Mass. No children.

2950. v. Ruth Montague 7 , b. March 17, 1814; d. at Sunderland, Aug. 17, 1815.

2951. tvi. Walter 7 , 2d, b. June 26, 1816 ; m. Lucinda Smith.

2303. PAUL NEWTON 6 , JR. (Paul 5 , Nathan 4 , Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ),
son of Paul and Martha (Newton) Newton of Southborough and North Leverett,

nine children ; m. (2) Mrs. Mary Redding ; m. (3) Mrs. Eunice Bangs. His second child
was Esther, b. 1781 ; m. 1803. Edward Newton.

Ruth Dinsmore 3 , b. 1758 ; d. 1S13 ; dau. of CArT. Abel Densmore 2 , an officer of the

Revolutionary War, and Esther , his wife (the son of Thomas Dinsmoor, Densmore 1 ,

the immigrant, and Hannah , his wife, who settled in Hollis, N. H.).


Mass., was born at Southborough, October 27, 1780, and died at Sunderland,
Mass., July 20, 1855.

He married, August 1, 1804, Polly Albee, daughter of Stephen and Mary

( ) Albee of Chesterfield, Mass. She was born at Milford, Mass., ,

1780, and died at Sunderland, November 22, 1862.

Paul Newton, Jr., learned the blacksmith's trade, serving a seven years' appren-
ticeship. When a young man he had the misfortune to sever the chord of the
leg just below the kneepan, which made him a cripple all his days — but did not
prevent his living an active and useful life.

Soon after his marriage he was in Belchertown, Mass., for a while. He moved
thence to Marlborough, N. H, where he resided for a time in a house since owned
by Mr. Jonah Davis.

"The first blacksmith shop in Marlborough, N. H, was built by Abijah Tucker,
occupying the site of David Wilkinson's garden on Liberty Square. Joseph Wil-
son succeeded to it and removed the shop to another lot where the town lines of
Marlborough and Keene ran through the house. Aaron Lombard succeeded and,
about 1805, sold to Paul Newton. Mr. Newton added a small foundry to his
establishment for casting small articles."

Mr. Newton continued to reside in Marlborough, N. H. His three children
were born there.

At the reorganization of the Universalist church at Marlborough, N. H., in
1816, Paul Newton is one whose name is affixed to the new Constitution, as a
member of it. He removed from the town in 1817, going to Hadley, Mass.,
where he continued his business and resided many years. One says of him:
"In 1842 he was living in Hawley, Mass., working at his trade, where he did
honest work." Prom Hawley he removed with his son to Sunderland, Mass.,
where they both settled for the remainder of their lives. He lived there for
several years on the place later owned by William E. Dwyer, where he died.
The house in which he lived was burned in 1876.

His nephew, Rev. Baxter Newton, writes thus of him: "He always struck me
as being a sincere, upright man. In no one thing did he impress me so much
as in family worship. He read the Scriptures so reverently and thoroughly;
and his prayers were as artless and simple as a child. He asked his Heavenly
Father for just what he wanted and left all there. He was not remarkable for
anything unless it was his sincerity, simplicity and faith."


2!>r>2. ti. LYMAN Albee 7 , b. July 22, 180G ; m. Sarah Clark.

2953. ii. Seville 7 , b. Sept. 10, 1808, at Marlborough, N. H. ; was living in 1888, in
Cicero, Syracuse County, N. Y., with her daughter. She m. as his second

wife , 1833, Elisha Robinson,* son of Elisha, Sr., and Eunice

(Ricet) Robinson of Franiingham, Sudbury, Marlborough and Granby,
Mass. His father moved to Granby previous to 1778, and he was born
there Dec. 5, 1781, and died at Cicero, N. Y., July 17, 1857. The family
removed to Hawley, Mass., and later to Cicero, N. Y., where they settled.
The four children by this marriage were :

•Elisha Robinson (s. Elisha 6 , Sr.), b. Dec. 5, 1781; m. (1) Nov. — , 1801, Sophia
Cooley, dau. of Gideon and Eunice (Rowe) Cooley of Sunderland, where she was born Feb.
15, 1781. Her death is not given ; but she had eight children, who were all baptized the

same day — Oct. 24, 1S19 — at Sunderland. Their names were: Harriet (m. Puller);

Laura Cooley ; Willard (res. Cicero, N. Y.) ; Sophia; Elisha; Lucretia Maria; Alrin ;
Luther. His father, Elisha Robinson, Sr. (s. Jonathan), b. 1751, at Framingham ; d. at
Sunderland, 1819 ; m. 1773, Eunice Rice, who d. 1834, aged 83. Ten children. His father.
Jonathan Robinson (who might be son of George and Sarah (Behoney) Robinson of Water-
town, born Feb. 4, 1705-6), resided in Framingham. His first wife was Martha ,

who died there April 28, 1752, and he m. (2) in Needham, Patience Hunting, Jan. 11, 1753.
She d. Aug. 11, 17GS. Eight children by first wife. One by second wife. The eighth was
Elisha, b. 1751. No further traced by me.

t Eunice Rice 6 , b. 1751 ; d. 1834 ; m. 1773, Elisha Robinson, Sr., was dau. of John
Rice 4 (Bphraim 3 , Thomas 2 , Edmund Rice 1 , the immigrant 1639).


2955. 1. Lyman A. s Robinson, b. Sept. G, 1834; m. Dec. 3, 1854, Lydia Stimmons.

They reside in Cicero, N. Y. One child :
2955a. 1. Alfred 9 Robinson, b. Nov. 3. 1850; m. Kittie Thompson.

2956. 2. Sarah C* Rolinson, b. Oct. 20, 1837; m. Feb. 24, 1853, Chauncey Par-

menter. They reside in Cicero, N. Y. Four children :
2! 151 1. 1. Lewis E. 9 Parmenter, b. Jan. 22, 1S5G ; d. Dec. 15, 1857.

2960. 2. Irving- C. 8 Parmenter, b. March 0, 1858; m. Dec. 31, 1870, Mary Ter-

pany. They have a son:
20G3. 1. Lewis E."' Parmenter, b. Jan. 20, 1887.

2961. 3. Celestia A." Parmenter, b. June 5, 1801: d. June 17, 1864.

2962. 4. Delia S. 9 Parmenter, b. Aug. 22, 18G7 ; m. Nov. 1, 1883, W. M.


2957. 3. Polly N* Robinson, b. June 5, 1S40 ; d. March 15, 1856.
2!t58. 4. Rufu8" Robinson, b. March 27, 1845; d. Nov. 6, 1862.

2054. iii. Alhekt 7 , b. Jan. 11. 1812; d. Feb. 0, 1814, at Marlborough, N. H.

2304. STEPHEN NEWTON (Paul 5 , Nathan*, Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 , Rich-
ard 1 ), son of Paul and Martha (Newton) Newton of Southborough and Leverett,
Mass., was born at Southborough, June 13, 1782, and died at Cazenovia, New
York, July 17, 1864, aged 82.

He married, January 14, 1807, Achsah Smith, daughter of Samuel and Sally
(Chauncy) Smith* of Hadley, Mass. She was born at Montague, Mass., July
23, 1786, and died at Cazenovia, N. Y., February 20, 1862, aged 76.

Stephen Newton was a farmer. In 1807, the year of his marriage, he went
with his wife to Cazenovia, Madison County, N. Y, where he bought a farm
two and one-half miles from the village, which he improved, added to, and where
he made a home in which he lived and died. In person, Mr. Newton was about
five feet ten inches in height, with broad shoulders — strongly built. He was a
hard worker, vigorous, economical. He was well informed, though with the care
of so large a family he had not much time for reading. He held only the
offices of school trustee, and town pathmaster; and was a trustee of the Baptist
Society, of which church both he and his wife were devoted members, and with
which church his children united. Mrs. A. D. Newton, in 1834, writes thus of
him: "Our uncle talked intelligently and well upon subjects pertaining to this
life; but when he spoke of the life to come, his face was all aglow, and you
saw at once that it was the subject that lay nearest his heart. His wife was a
pleasant, lovely woman. In most things a contrast to him, yet so perfectly

They were able to train four sons who became excellent citizens, and of their
daughters Rev. Baxter Newton writes : "Without exception they were amiable,
pious and useful women. Their advantages of schooling were small, the public
schools being the place of their education. They were intelligent in proportion
to their times and opportunities. They were thoroughly domestic women; had
abundance of practice at the spinning wheel and loom before marriage, and after
marriage their families were the great objects of their care. They all united
with the Baptist Church in their youth and from location and surroundings their
Christian work was inside of their families."

In their declining years, and at their earnest request, their son, Rev.* Baxter
Newton, came back to the homestead in Cazenovia, N. Y., lived with and took
care of his parents until their change came — the period in their lives from 1855
to 1862 and 1864. Mrs. Newton, the first to go, retained her faculties of mind
in a remarkable degree, although for several years she was physically helpless.

* Samuel Smith ( ) of Hadley m. Sally Chauncey. [The Chaunceys of Hadley

are descended from Rev. Israel Chauncey, graduate of Harvard College 1693, ordained over

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