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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 6 of 131)
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where with god hath pleased god to bless mee with in this life I give demis and dispos
of as followetb. Item that all my debts be truly paid by my executrix and executur in
conueniant time after my death. Item I doe giue and bequeth to mary my beloued wife
all the lot or Lands I now dweel on both fenced and unfeneed with all the priueleges
thereof to II ur withall the building theron and all my cattle hors and swin and all my
mouvable goods of all sorts and all the mony I bane in hand or in bonds in whos ha mis


so ever it is and all my lands -within the cow common excpt about seven and twenty
Acres that I haue in a deed give to my sun William near Stony brook to settle his sun
william on. all which I give to hur for Hur comfortable subsistance during Hur Widdo-
hood : with free leave for acts of charyty and if all the aboue said will not suffise I
further give Hur leaue with the aduice and consent of the minnister and decon to sell
of the outland for Hur comfort and if she should marry then the aboue said estate to
be restored to my sun william and he if she should be in want to'tak a filial care of
Hur : and as for my sun Jonathan Johnson I gaue him good part of his porshon before
he dyed and the remainder of what I did intend for him of his whole porshon I haue
giuen to his wife in a bond : and in Land and meadow which I haue sine his decece
haue giuen to Hur and his children : but still my fatherly loue is so to his children that
in this my Last will that I do giue to each of them, that is to say Timothy Jonathan
Jotham and Joseph six shiling apec to be by my Executer giuen to them that is to say
to Timothy Johnson his six shilings won year after my decease and Jonathan three yers
after end to Jotham and Joseph when they shall be aboue won and twenty years old and
as for his Daughters Sarah Martha Mary and Hanna I giue to each of them fiue shilings
apiece to be paid when they are of the age of eighteen yers old apeece by my executer.
and as for my Daughter Mary Mathes though shee be dead yet I do remember Hur and
I haue giuen to Hur in hur lifetim part of hur porshon in a deed of gift in land and
medow to Hur and Hur children and now I haue completed what I intended for their
porshon in a deed of lands to Hur chilldren : Item I giue to my grandaughter Hanna
that now lines with mee twenty pound ten wherof shee shall haue betwen this and hur
mariag and the other ten pound within three years after my decece. Itim I giue to
Hulda Whitny six pound if she Hue with my wif whil shee is eighteen years olid: to be
paid to her within won year after : Itim I giue to my sun in law Job mathes my
coopring tools to be deliuered to him within three month after my deceac. Item I giue
to my sun William all my Lands without the cow common to him and his Hairs executers
and asign for euer wiling him to take good care of his sun Thomas whil he Hues and
that he may be comfortably prouided for. when he is dead all the rest of my Lands and
and estate whatsoeuer that is not menshoned and disposed of before after my wiues
decece I giue to my sun William Johnson to him and his hairs Executers and asigns

Also I do order, will constitute and ordain and make my beloued wif and my sun
William Johnson Executrix and Executers to this my last wil and testiment ;

Further I Giue unto my Grandson Joseph Jonson (He being the youngest son to my
Late son Jonathan Jonson Deceased) my Cedar Lott Lying and being near Chaucy
Meadows : Further I make my well beloed son William Johnson overseer Trustee and
Keeper of a Deed of Gift of Lands made unto my Grandchildren to John Daniell and
Liddia Mathews and Ruth Matheus which sd Deed is to be by him my s d son Kept
untill such time as they my s d Grandchildren Pay unto me or my Heirs or Exec* the
sum of Ten Pounds to witt that John Mathews affores d Pay four pounds Daniell Liddia
and Ruth Mathews pay each and every of them Respectively the full and Compleat sum
of Forty shillings a Peace : at y e payment of all and every of the sums afforesd, my
will is that s<* Deed shall be Delivered to them ; the Lawful 1 Interest of y e s d ten pound
being by each person above named to be paid together with the Principall according to
each persons proportion therein In wittness whereof I have Hereunto affixed my Hand
and seal this eighteenth Day of march in the eleventh year of the Reign of our Soverain
Lady Anne over England &c Queen year 1712

Declared signed and sealed

In presence of us wittnesses
Peter Rice
James Taylor
Benjamin Rice

Jonathan Johnson

[Reverse] * * * * *

Mids« Camb 13^ May 1712 This Will was this day Exhibited by the Widow & Son
Execut er . herein named for probate & y e three witnesses were psent and made Oath that
they see the testator Jonathan Johnson Signe & Seal & heard him declare this Will
to be his last will & Testatm — & that at same time he was of sound memory to the
best of their understanding And the same is proved & allowed. And ye Administation
thereof is Comitted to Mary Johnson & William Johnson ye Widow & Son of y e Testat
& Execut r in sd Will named as aforesd well and Faithfully to Execute the Same accord-
ing to the true Intent & Meaning thereof & bond is taken for ye paynmt of the Debts
& Legacys In Testimonie hereof I have hereunto set my hand & the Seal of the Office
Dated as Above s d £100* Bond

pr Fra: Foxcroft J. Prob*


36. i. Mary 3 Johnson, b. Sept. 9, 1604 ; d. at Marlborough, June 22, 1710; in. at
Marlborough, Sept. 20, 168G, John Mathews Lthis name is spelled also
Mathis, Mathes in the records], a physician. They resided in that part
of Marlborough that was set off as Southborough. Five children were
born to them in Marlborough. He m. (2) Dec. 3, 1713, Sarah Garfield.
Children were :

37-41. 1, Mart/ 1 , b. , d. 1706; 2, Lydia 4 , 1691; 3, Ruth 1 , 1693; 4, John, Jr.*,

1694; 5, Daniel 4 , 1697.

42. ii. William 3 Johnson, b. Dec. 15, 1665; d. June 5, 1754, in his 89th year; m.

(1) in 1688, Hannah Larkin, daughter of Thomas and Hannah (Rem-
ington) Larkin* of Charlestown, where she was born July 15, 1667. She
died at Marlborough, "1st w. William, Dec. 8, 1696." She had four
children. He m. (2) about 1699, Hannah Rider, who bore him eight
children. All of his children were born in Marlborough, where he resided.
His lands were in what became Southborough and his family was assigned
to No. 16, John Mathews' Garrison (his brother-in-law). I find nothing
further of Hannah Rider. William 3 Johnson joined deeds with Larkin
heirs, 1692. Children were :

43. 1. William* Johnson, b. Feb. 22, 1689.

44. 2. Hannah 4 Johnson, b. July 20, 1691; m. Jan. 20, 1713, Thomas Stow.

45. 3. Thomas 4 Johnson, b. Aug. 28. 1694.

46. 4. Mary 4 Johnson, b. Dec. 4, 1696; m. Nov. 12, 1718. Thomas Green.

47. 5. Moses 4 Johnson, b. Sept. 25, 1700; m. March 15, 1727, Sarah Bush.

48. 6. Ruth* Johnson, b. Jan. 16, 1702; m. Jan. 26, 1725. Daniel Woods.

49. 7. Hepzibah* Johnson, b. April 5, 1704; d. Jan. 19, 1719.

50. 8. Elizabeth 4 Johnson, b. July 18, 1705.

51. 9. Ebenezer 4 Johnson, b. Nov. 6, 1707.

52. 10. Mercy 4 Johnson, b. Dec. 14, 1709.

53. 11. Isaac 4 Johnson, b. April 12, 1713.

54. 12. Jacob* Johnson, b. April 6, 1717.

55. iii. Jonathan 3 Johnson, Jr., b. Jan. 2, 1667-8; m. Dec. 24, 1689, Mary Kerley,

b. about 1666, d. in 1741, aged 75. She was probably daughter of William
Kerley.S Mr. Johnson was slain by the Indians Oct. 12, 1708. They lived
in Marlborough, where their nine children were born. During the Indian
troubles, the family of Widow Mary Johnson was assigned to No. 6, Isaac
Howe's Garrison. The children were :

56. 1. Timothy 4 Johnson, b. May 18. 1690;. m. 1713, Ruth Mathews.
.">7. 2. Jonathan 4 Johnson, b. June 13, 1692; m. 1723, Abigail Bellows.

58. 3. Mary 4 Johnson, b. Sept. 5, 1694.

59. 4. Sarah 4 Johnson, b. March 25, 1695.

60. 5. Jotham* Johnson, b. March 30, 1699.

61. 6. Martha* Johnson, b. Jan. 26, 1701.

62. 7. Mary 4 Johnson, b. Oct. 2, 1704.

63. 8. Joseph* Johnson (twin), born March 2, 1707: m. 1730. Hannah Bruce of

Mendon. This is the Joseph Johnson who is mentioned in the will of his
grandfather and given a lot of land.
<!4. 9. Hannah 4 Johnson, (twin), born March 2, 1707.

4. MOSES NEWTON 2 (Kichard 1 ), son of Richard and Anne (Loker) New-
ton from England, and of Sudbury, Mass., was born at Sudbury, October 20,
1645, or March 26, 1646. Both dates are given in the records, and as that there
could not have been two children born at those dates, I have supposed the first
date was the birth and the second the date of baptism. He died at South-
borough, May 23, 1736.

He married at Marlborough October 27, 1668, Joannah Larkin, daughter of
Edward and Joanna ( ) Larkin§ of Charlestown, Mass., and sister of

* See note to John Newton 2 for Thomas Larkin 2 , son of Edward 1 .

% William Kerley was early in the Colony, and a man of prominence. Lands were assigned
to him on Pedoek's Island, Nantucket, in 1642. and in Marlhorough in 1657. He was for
several years a Selectman ; was appointed by the General Court to lay out a tract of land
between Concord, Lancaster and Groton. He died in 1684. His will mentions his wife, Anna.
dau. of Thomas King ; his brother Henry, to whom he gives his sword, belt and other arms
and military books ; bis brother-in-law. Nathaniel Joslin, and his father-in-law, Thomas King.

§ Larkin. See note to John Newton 2 .


his brother John's wife. The date of her birth is not given ; but it would
be about 1645 or 1646, as she is placed in the order of her father's children.
She was the mother of all of Moses Newton's children. She died at Marlborough,
December 25, 1713. "Wife of Moses Sr."

fHe married (2) at Marlborough, April 14, 1714. Sarah Joslin, whom I suppose
to be daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (King) Joslin* of Lancaster, and after
the destruction of that town of Marlborough, whose will, dated 1694, mentions
several daughters besides daughter Sarah, and sons Nathaniel and Peter. Peter's
family was killed by the Indians, 1692. Nathaniel (the son) lived in Marl-
borough, and requests an administrator for his sister, Sarah Newton's estate,
as below. She was probably born at Lancaster, and the town record of it was
destroyed. Born about 1660.

To us who are not familiar with such documents, having no further need
of them, the contract of marriage given below, of Moses Newton and Sarah Jos-
lin, is interesting. Interesting, also, for its many signatures. Here Moses New-
ton signs with his mark. On the inventory of James Taylor's estate he signs
his own name; as also here do his brother, Joseph Newton, Sr., and Nathaniel
Joslin. Sarah Joslin seems to have had enough of "whether money moveables
Lands or whatsoever :" to require that the court appoint an administrator of
her estate; and at the request of her brother, Nathaniel Joslin, Isaac Temple
of Marlborough was so appointed. He calls him, "my Brother Isaac Temple."
Isaac Temple and Martha Joslin, married 1699, in Marlborough, may be the ones,
and probably were.

I Sarah, "wife of Moses Newton, Sr.," died at Marlborough, November 4, 1723,
aged 63. The following March 9, 1724, her brother asked to have an adminis-
trator appointed, and on June 1, 1724, Isaac Temple was appointed and gave
bond in the sum of £100.

In regard to the present condition of these old legal papers, the copyist states
of the marriage contract: "This was too faint for me to trace, and has been
through the emery process, as it is all to pieces." Of the second paper — the
request for administrator: "This was a small slip of paper and has been emery
processed." Of the fourth paper — appointment of administrator : "This is a
large sheet of good rag paper, and written in large hand on the upper half of
the sheet." Number three paper is the bond of usual wording, the body of it
omitted here. [See the Bond in administration of Edward Newton's 3 estate.]
There was no inventory or other papers.

* Thomas Joslin 1 , aged 43. and Rebecca, hi* wife, aged 43, with five children, embarked
at London. April, 1635, for America, and settled in Ilingham, Mass., where he was a pro-
prietor in 1637. He and his son Nathaniel? subscribed to the town covenant in Lancaster.
1654. Thomas 1 died 1660, aged about 68. His widow m. (2) 1664. William Kekley. The
ages of the five children are given at embarkation, and there was an older son Abraham 2 who
came a short time after (1647), also a brother of Abraham, Henry 2 , who was conspicuous in
New Hampshire and Maine in the early Indian wars. Children were : Abraham", b. abt. 1615.

m. Bettrice ; Rebecca 2 , "aged 18," b. about 1617 ; Dorothy 2 , "aged 11," b. abt. 1624 ;

Xathanicl 2 , "aged 8," b. abt. 1827; m. Sarah King; Elizabeth 2 , "aged 6," b. abt. 1629, and
Henry 2 .

Abraham Joslin 2 , b. England about 1615; mariner; moved to Lancaster before 1663 and
died before 1670 ; wife Bettrice ; most of their children born in Hingham : Abraham 3 ,
Philip*, Xathanicl 3 , Joseph 3 , Mary 3 , Henry 3 , Rebecca 3 .

Nathaniel Joslin 2 (Thomas 1 ), b. England abt. 1627; settled first in Lancaster, and after
the destruction of the town by Indians, he rem. to Marlboro. He d. 1694. He m. Sarah King,
dau. of Thomas. She d. 1706. The births of his eight children are not all preserved. The
oldest was Xathanicl 3 , b. 1658, d. 1667, and the second was Sarah 3 , b. about 1660, m. Moses
Newton 2 (2d wf.) ; the sixth was Xathaniel 3 , Jr.; and one was (?) Martha 3 , who m. Isaac

Nathaniel Joslin 3 , Jr., b. ; d. 1726; m. 1682, Hester Morse 3 (Joseph 2 , Joseph 1 ).

who d. 1725, se. 61. Their children, b. in Marlb., were : Hester*, 1683 ; Mary*, 1685, m. 1709
James Newton 3 ; Patience*, 1686. d. y. ; Xathaniel 1 , 1689. d. v.; Xathanicl*. 1691; Israel*,
1692; Martha*, 1694, d. y. ; Experience*, 1696; Abigail*, 1698; Joseph*, 1699; Susanna*,
1701 ; Abraham*, 1704, m. 1728 Jemima Snow (whose oldest child, Jemima Joslin 5 , b. 1729.
m. Elnathan Newton) ; Thomas*, b. 1707, m. (2) 1740 Lucy Forbush (whose 2d child, Israel
Joslin 5 , b. 1743, m. 1765, Ann Newton, dau. of Gershom, Jr.).



15.898. series

Sarah Newton. 1723


Moses Newton S

Sarah Newton

Lodged by Isa temple

13. March, 1723
Cited Next Kin. Etc.

Copy writt for Fay.

Know all men By these Presents ; that : y*. I. Moses
Newton Snr. of the Town of. Morlbroug in the County of
middlesex. in the Masatusets Bay in New Ingland Do Agree
and bargin, with Sarah. Joslin of the Above sd Town and
county, in manor and forme as followeth : That if the said
Moses Newton Snr. do marrie with the abouesd Sarah.
Joslin. that I do. Acquet all the Estate that the abovesd
Sarah Joslin now has whether Mony moveables Land or
whatsoever : never to have Rite Title or interest therein
In the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and
fourteen And in the Thirteenth year of Her Majesties Raign.
Dated the twelfth day of April : 1714
Signed Sealed and. Delivered

in the presence of us. Moses Newton Snr

witnesses His m. Mark.

Joseph Newton sen

Isaac Temple Moses.

Nathanl Joslin

Moses. Neton Senr. personly apeared before me
and acknowledged this above writen Istrument
to be his act and deed —
Jeanuary 2 : 1723 4 - Tho How

Justces. Peaces


Sarah Newton

Request for

appt of Admr.

* S.S

To the Honorable Frances Foxcraft Judg of probate of
Wills for the County of Midilsx, I desire you to put in my
Brother Isaac Temple of Marlborough Administrator of. the
Estate of my sister Sarah. Newton Dece'd of Marlborough.

Nathaniel Joslin.

Dated Marlborough.
March. 9 : 1723/4.

O t-c 3


Sarah Newtons
Admin Certif ct Paid


of Appt. of Admr.

To. all. concerned. Greeting

It is hereby Certified that Administration of the Goods and
Chattels of Sarah Newton (late the wife of Moses Newton
of Marlborough in the county of Middlesex) formerly Joslin
deceased Intestate was Committed to Isaac Temple of Said
Marlborough Husbandman & tc .

Done at Cambridge the 19th of June 1724

P. F Foxcroft Jd- prob.
Attest ffran ffoxcroft Jun Reg


paper #3 in

docket. Envelope


oldest Series

Sarah Newton.

Isaac Temple of Marlborough and Jonathan Paige
Groton Husbandmen in the County of Middlesex



Francis Foxcroft Esqr
One hundred pounds


Nineteenth June One thousand

Seven hundred and twenty four annoque Regni Georgii



Isaac Temple this day admitted admin* to the Estate of Sarah Newton
(the wife of Moses. Newton of Marlborough abovesd) formerly Joslin
deceased Intestate.

Sealed and Delivered
in Presence of.

Edward Larkin Jur & Isaac O Temple
Fras Foxcroft Jnn r mark

Jonathan Page

Moses Newton received his portion of his father's estate during the father's
lifetime. It was probably part of the thirty acres granted to Richard Newton
for a house-lot, and was what in the will is described as "bounded, Eastward
with the land of my son Moses'' of the land given to son John. The records also
mention "lands granted to Moses Newton," and again, "Some plats of Land
excepted Granted to Moses Newton sen r a Liberty to make use of the stream of
Stony Brook And the use of the Land about where his Iron works are."

I was glad to find this about the "Ironworks." Very many of the Newtons
of the Richard branch have been blacksmiths, gunsmiths, etc., workers in iron.
The genius for it seems something inherent. They called them "Smiths" in
those days, and the ability to be a "Smith" was counted as an asset to the
town one lived in.

What these Ironworks of Moses Newton, Sr., were I do not know. It was
probably a smelter, or a blomary, or a foundry; something more than a
blacksmith's shop. They did things in a small way in those days, but got the
results they desired. What leads me to think the ironworks at Southborough
was of the kind above mentioned is that it is said by the historian of Sudbury
that within the present [1800] century, iron ore dug in the town was laden on
boats at Old Town Bridge and taken down Sudbury river to Chelmsford.

Moses Newton, Sr., was of those who bought lands in the Indian Plantation
and got illegal deeds. What his venture was in acres does not yet appear.

Some of this — 34 acres of it, he sold in 1700, to Daniel Rice [see below].
In 1688, taxes under Governor Andros, Moses Newton, persons and estate,

In the controversy over the settlement of Rev. Mr. Emerson, Moses Newton
and his sons David and Edward were opposed to it. He became freeman April
18, 1690. This of course carried church membership with it. In one mention
of him which I have seen he was styled "Deacon Moses Newton." I do not know
about that. In the Indian wars and troubles 1700-1713, Moses Newton, Sr., his
son Moses, Jr., and John Newton with their families were assigned to Isaac
Howe's Garrison, No. 6, which was on the road to Southborough, near the now
Newton railroad station.

In the settlement of the "Garrison of the West Regiment of Middlesex, March
1692," there were stationed in Marlborough 113 men. Of these, twelve men
were apportioned to a group of Moses Newton and five other families.

Moses Newton and his wife, Joanna, were members of the church at Marl-
borough. They had their son Edward baptized in the First Church in Charles-
town, that being the church of her parents. The record there is: Baptized,
3-4-1676. "y e son of Moses Newton & Joanna his wife, of y e ch of Xt in Marl-
borough." In regard to this wife Joanna, I desire to call attention to the fact
that she was permitted to put her "mark and seal" to at least one of the deeds
by which her husband conveyed his real estate. It was not then customary, I
am told, nor needful, that the wife sign.

In King Philip's War, Marlborough, being a frontier town, was severely
checked in its growth by the invasion of the savages. Though there were soldiers


stationed there (some in the home of Moses Newton were hilletted), yet so
stealthy was the approach of the Indians, tha£ the troops afforded little pro-
tection. After a while they were withdrawn. Within four days after the with-
drawal of the troops the Indians again appeared. The following I quote from
Mr. Packard's account of the town, as given in Barber's Historical Collection.
The story is told in many other books; but in whatever phraseology the story
runs Moses Newton is given credit for being the hero of the day. It is stated,
that "on a Sabbath, when Mr. Brimstead was in sermon, March 20, 1676, the
worshiping assembly was suddenly dispersed by an outcry 'Indians at the door.'
The confusion of the moment was instantly increased by a fire from the enemy ;
but the God whom they were worshiping shielded their lives and limbs, excepting
the arm of one, Moses Newton, who was carrying an elderly and infirm woman to
a place of safety. In a few minutes they were sheltered in their fort with the
mutual feelings peculiar to such a scene. Their meeting house, and many
dwelling-houses, left without protection, were burnt. Fruit trees pilled and
hacked and other valuable effects rendered useless, perpetuated the barbarity of the
savages many years after the inhabitants returned . . . many left their farms
until the seat of war was farther removed." Hudson, in his history of Marl-
borough, states that Moses Newton "received a ball in his elbow, from the
effects of which he never fully recovered."

There are many deeds on record conveying lands to and from Moses Newton,
Sr. Some "lots and parcels" he received from his father, some by grants from
the proprietors of Marlborough and the Indian Purchase, and some by pur-
chase f"om the other proprietors. I have taken from the records only a few of
these deeds — those that he gave to his sons — making a specialty of them, as being
somewhat historical of himself and of them. I give an abstract of them here,
all in one place, where they can be the more easily consulted. He began to
settle some of his lands on his sons in 1702, and continued to one after another
the gifts until all had had a portion. In 1713 he made over his homestall
(containing over 140 acres) to his two sons, Jacob and Ebenezer, who were then
unmarried and living with him. In 1722 Ebenezer married a niece of his
mother (who bore the same name) and in 1724, Moses, Jacob and Ebenezer
made other deeds, dividing the property their father had given them jointly.
Moses Newton was part owner of other lands in Marlborough, which were sold.
Al streets of two such deeds are here given.

V<First and last Moses Newton, Sr., was quite a large landholder for those
times. Just the extent of his holdings is unknown to me. There was certainly
the more than 230 acres he gave to five of his sons; and the more than 140
acres of homestead settled on the sons Jacob and Ebenezer; with the interest
in "A certain lot of land, Quonsiganiog Farm," acreage not given, and the
part interest in the tract of more than 360 acres conveyed in 1725. As for the
other deeds, they may be consulted.

Middlesex County Deeds, vol. 13, 713 :

I, Moses Newton Sen r of Marlborough, in Massachusetts Bay. in consideration of


30 A. of Upland aud

4 A. of Meadow

received already of Daniel Rice of the above mentioned town of Marlborough, do sell

unto said Daniel Rice

30 A. of Upland

2 A. of Meadow and

4 A. of Swamp

and all the appurtenances lying thereon,

being my first division of land, swamp and meadow in a parcel of 6,000 A. purchased

from the Indians by certain inhabitants of Marlborough, to have and to hold "without


disturbance or Contradiction of me y e said Moses Newton Sen? or of Johannah Newton
my wife." "We y e above named Moses Newton Sen r and Jobannah Newton bave
hereunto put our bands & Seals."

Witnesses: "Moses Newton cG a Seal" July 27, 1700

Caleb Rice Acknowledged, May 24, 1705.

Joseph Rice Received, Charlestown, May 29, 1705.

warrantee deed

Middlesex County Deeds, vol. 13. page 759 :

I, Moses Newton Senr G f Marlborough, in Massachusetts Bay, husbandman, in Con-
xiilt ration of a fatherly affection for my son, Edward Newton of the same town, hus-
bandman, do give unto said Edward Newton
30 A. of Land bounded (etc.)

the lot formerly granted to Nathaniel Rice in the first division of the 6000 acres pur-
chased from the Indians.

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