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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 69 of 131)
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much from his manuscript, with the understanding that I was to give him due credit for
the same, should I publish. I herewith acknowledge the courtesy. Since he has recently
published in pamphlet form an extended and interesting account of the Barnard pioneer
settlers in much detail, with the Indian raid there on Aug. 9, 1780, and has copyrighted it.
I have omitted here what I should have given, although it was extraneous to my purpose.
[E. N. L.]


Mr. Newton, the son of a farmer, learned the carpenter's trade in his youth.
He worked his way through school and college, and was graduated from Ran-
dolph State Normal School, Randolph, Vt., June, 1884; from Montpelier Semi-
nary, Montpelier, Vt., June, 1890; from Wesleyan University, Middletown,
Conn., June, 1894; licensed a local preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church
by a quarterly conference held at Barnard, Vt., July 24, 1886; ordained a dea-
con at Bradford, Vt., Vermont Conference, April 22, 1894. At the same session
admitted on trial to conference and stationed at Waterbury, Vt., where he
remained 1894 to 1897; appointed Principal of Montpelier Seminary, Montpelier,
Vt., April, 1898, and served three years; ordained elder at the same conference
in Springfield, Vt. ; appointed Presiding Elder (District Superintendent) by
Bishop Cranston, on the Montpelier District (Vermont) Conference, in April,
1901, and served the full term of six years; stationed at Springfield, Vt., as
Pastor, April, 1907. and served two years; was transferred to the New England
Southern Conference and stationed at Woonsocket, R. I., March, 1909, where, in
September, 1911, he still was serving. Parsonage at No. 30 Summer Street,
Woonsocket, R. I.

For eleven years he was a trustee of Montpelier Seminary, and for four years
trustee of Wesleyan University.

Mrs. Newton, of New England stock, has lived up to the good traditions of the
early days. Naturally of a religious temperament, as a girl she united with the
Congregational Church, and after marriage, the Methodist Church. A devoted
mother and home-maker. She is efficient in the work of the parish — everywhere
a leader, greatly beloved.


4227. i. Dean William , b. Oct. 21, 1898, at Montpelier, Vt.

4228. ii. Elizabeth Marion 9 , b. Jan. 7, 1903, at South Royalton, Vt.

4036. ERED L. NEWTON 8 (Erastus R. 7 , Barnabas 6 , Timothy 5 , Timothy 4 ,
Josiah 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Erastus R. and Jennie E. (Hale) Newton,
was born August 18, 1871.

He married, August 2, 1894, Vinnie H. Reams of Belleville, Mich.


4229. i. Maude 9 , b. July 16. 1895.

4230. ii. Ruth 9 , b. Jan. 2, 1897.

4231. iii. Paul 9 , b. Feb. 13, 1898.

4232. iv. Hazel 9 , b. June 13, 1899.

4233. v. Max 9 , b. Oct. 29, 1901.

4068. BRADFORD ALLEN NEWTON 8 (Jeremiah Lee 7 , Lyman 6 , Jeremiah 5 ,
Solomon 4 , Ebenezer 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Jeremiah Lee and Harriet Allen
(Hart) Newton, was born at Tiverton, R. I., September 3, 1857.

He married, April 22, 1886, Ellen H. Adams, daughter of . She was

born in Southborough, Mass.

Mr. Newton resides (1906) in Marlborough, Mass. They had one child.

4234. i. Harvey Allen 9 , b. May 1G, 1888; d. Dee. 18, 1904, at No. 84 Church St.,
Marlborough. Mass., aged 16 yrs., 7 mos., 2 dys. ; burial at Woodville
Cemetery, Marlborough, April 29, 1905.



4075. ALBERT EMERSON NEWTON 9 (George E. 8 , George A. 7 , Calvin ,
Solomon 5 , Elisha 4 , Moses 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son of George Emerson and Emma
J. (Cole) Newton of Worcester, Mass., was born there May 14, 1878.

He married at Greenfield, N. II., November 27, 1902, Alice Maud Muzzy, born
at Antrim, N. H., February 27, 1881.

Mr. and Mrs. Newton were living at 21 Freeland Street, Worcester, Mass., in


4235. i. Darthea 10 , b. Jan. 5, 1904.

4093. CHARLES HENRY NEWTON 9 (Adoniram J. 8 , Lincoln 7 , Caleb 6 ,
Ezra 5 , Jonathan 4 , Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Adoniram Judson and
Caroline Arvilla (Arnold) Newton of Southborough, Mass., was born there
November 24, 1868.

He married at Southborough, October 10, 1899, Agnes Eunice Cowern, daugh-
ter of John and Agnes (Hopkins) Cowern, who were both natives of England.
She was born at Wolverhampton, England, September 26, 1868.

Mr. Newton resides in Southborough. He has been the Town Clerk for several
years. Farmer, with a milk route.


423G. i. Marjorie 10 , b. Dec. 1, 1902, at Southborough.

4096. EDWARD NEWTON 9 (Lyman 8 , Russell 7 , Caleb 6 , Ezra 5 , Jonathan 4 ,
Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Lyman and Georgianna (Brigham) New-
ton, was born about 1853, and died before July 21, 1912.

He married twice, the first wife, Mary Chandler, being the mother of the
three children given below. She was living in 1907. He married again, and
the second wife was living in 1913 at North 14th Street, Kansas City, Kans.

Mr. Newton came from Southborough and was living in Brockton, and had
three children. When the youngest was three years old (1881) the home was
broken up in Brockton, the mother's father taking the youngest child and the
other two being placed in a Home in Boston. These two were later taken by
two brothers — names unknown — living in Chicago. In 1907, Edward Newton
was working for a dressed-beef company in Chicago, his wife living with the
youngest child.


4237. i. Herbert Walter 10 , b. ; was living in 1913.

4238. ii. Ethel Louise 10 , b. .

4239. iii. Carlton Alden 10 , b. , 1878; was brought up by his mother's father;

has taken care of himself since he was 14 years old. In 1907 he was
married, had four children and was living in Dover, N. H. ; a member
of Maj. Waldron Council, Royal Arcanum. P. O. address, No. 358
Central Ave., Dover, N. H.

4097. CHARLES R. NEWTON 9 (Lyman 8 , Russell 7 , Caleb 6 , Ezra 5 , Jona-
than 4 , Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Lyman and Georgianna Baxter
(Brigham) Newton of Marlborougb, Mass., was born at Southborough, Mass.
[July 8, 1854 — calculated], and died at his residence in Marlborough, No. 142
Howe Street, May 22, 1897, aged 42 years, 10 months, 14 days. Burial at South-
borough on May 24.

Mr. Newton married and left a widow. He was a locomotive engineer.



4240. i. Charles L. 10 , b. ; d. .

4241. ii. Chester 10 , b. .

4135. ERNEST FRANCIS NEWTON 9 (Truman 8 , Albert 7 , Silence 6 , Paul 5 ,
Nathan 4 , Jonathan 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Truman and Sarah Elizabeth
(Cady) Newton of Montague, Mass., was born there May 20, 1866.

He married at Eitchburg, Mass., November 28, 1889, Alma L. Banks, daugh-
ter of John Banks. She was born at Lowell, Mass., September — , 1870, and
died at Mar's Hill, Maine, May 26, 1896, leaving two children.

He married (2) at Springfield, Mass., and has other children. He was a
painter. Lived in 1896 in Boston, and in 1910 in Springfield, Mass.


4242. i. Helen 10 , b. July 13. 1890.

4243. ii. Lenora 10 , b. Dec. 28, 1892.

4179. WILLIAM MORTIMER NEWTON 9 (Charles A. 8 , Silas W. 7 , Alvin 6 ,
Alvan 5 , Paul 4 , Josiah 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Charles Adelbert and Lucie C.
(Ballard) Newton, was born at Belleville, Ala., May 25, 1864.

He married, July 15, 1890, Nellie Maria Whelan, born at Sparta, Ala., July
13, 1867, daughter of P. S. Whalen (born in Wexford, Ireland, and raised
in Greensborough, Ala.) and his wife Mary A. (Finch) Whalen (born at Red
Oak Grove, Va., and raised in Belleville, Ala.).

William M. Newton is a merchant in Belleville, Ala., carrying on his father's
business, whose partner he was several years before his death. He resides at
Belleville, and has an only child, who was born there.


4244. i. Hermione 10 , b. April 10, 1891.

4184. WILLIAM SKEELS NEWTON 9 (George W. 8 , Silas W. 7 , Alvin 6 ,
Alvan 5 , Paul 4 , Josiah 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son of George Whitcomb and Mary
Lucretia (Skeels) Newton of Swanton and St. Albans, Vt., Cincinnati, Ohio,
and Bismarck, N. Dak., was born at Highgate Center, Vt., April 3, 1867.

He married at Spokane, Wash., May 22, 1895, Pauline Smith, daughter of
Charles Frederick and Anna (Fisher) Smith* from Germany. She was born
at Adrian, Mich., January 18, 1870, and was living in 1912.

Mr. Newton is a buyer — a merchant in dry goods. He resided for several
years after marriage in Spokane, Wash. — all of his children were born there.
Later he removed to Seattle, Wash., where both he and his wife were living in


4245. i. William Skeels 10 , Jr.. b. Jan. 7, 1899.

4246. ii. Paul Smith 10 , b. July 4. 1900.

4247. iii. Richard Louis 10 , b. Sept. 17, 1902.

4185. GEORGE GORDON NEWTON 9 (George W. 8 , Silas W. 7 , Alvin 6 ,
Alvan 5 , Paul 4 , Josiah 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son of George Whitcomb and Mary
Lucretia (Skeels) Newton of Swanton, Vt., Cincinnati, Ohio, and Bismarck,
N. Dak., was born at Highgate Center, Vt., November 1, 1868.

• Charles Frederick Smith, an orphan at 7 years, came here from Germany at 10 years.
Anna Fisher was dau. of George Fisher.


He married at Jamestown, N. Dak., November 21, 1894, Winnifred May
Storms, daughter of George E. and Mary E. (Rose) Storms* of Hannibal,
Oswego County, X. Y. She was born at Red Creek, N. Y., August 25, 1870;
living in 1914.

Mr. Newton is in the real estate business, "The Geo. G. Newton Co.," Superior,
Wis., with office at No. 1111 Tower Avenue, Superior, Wis. He resides in that
city (1914).


4248. i. George Storms 10 , b. Nov. 18, 1898, at Duluth, Minn.

4249. ii. Ernest Rose 10 , b. April 19, 1908, at Superior, Wis.

4186. JOHN HENRY NEWTON 9 (George W. 8 , Silas W. 7 , Alvin 6 , Alvan 5 ,
Paul 4 , Josiah 3 , Moses 2 , Richard 1 ), son of George Whitcomb and Mary Lucretia
(Skeels) Newton of Swanton, Yt., and Bismarck, N. Dak., was born at High-
gate Center, Yt., November 7, 1870.

He married at Duluth, Minn., November 28, 1893, Louisa Cornish, daughter
of Richard and Mary (Ramsey) Cornish:}; from England. She was born at Brant-
ford, Ontario, July 4, 1869.

Mr. Newton resides at Mandan, N. Dak. Wholesale grocer.


4250. i. Marion Newton 10 , b. Nov. 24, 1894, at Bismarck, N. Dak.

* George E. Storms was son of John Post Storms. Mary E. Rose was dau. of Phineas
Rose and wife, Strong.

t Richard Corxish came from Plymouth, England. Mary Ramsey came from Jersey,



116. JOSEPH NEWTON 3 , JR. (Joseph 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Deacon Joseph

Newton of Marlborough and Abigail ( ), his wife, was born at Marlborough,

Mass., May 21, 1673, and died there July 29, 1756.

He married Abigail . She died at Marlborough, January 12, 1748-9.

She was the mother of his nine children and he seems to have had no other wife.

Both Joseph Newton'* and his son Josepb 4 . who <lied before his father did, are
called "Joseph Newton, Jr." The father mentions him in his will, "my fifth
son, Joseph Newton, Deceast."

Joseph Newton 3 was made executor of his father's will, and residuary legatee.
His son, Jazzaniah 4 , having by bequest the lands and dwelling house of Deacon
Joseph, Sr., gets but ten shillings, by will from his own father. It is interest-
ing to notice how the fathers of those days provided before death for their chil-
dren, and at the last by their wills balanced up the portions.

In the deed given by himself and his sisters in settlement of his father's estate,
he calls himself "yeoman" and "JunV

The will of Joseph Newton 3 , Jr., which follows, is a much-worn document and
pasted together — it could not be traced. It has four pages 7| x 32^ inches. Page
1 and part of 2 is the will. Page 3, the original superscription, was the outer
one, evidently sent by messenger as no postmark appears. Page 4, the docket-
ing. The three other documents are: 1, the will; 2, probate of will; 3 is a
printed probate letter, dated 23d Aug. 1756. Micah Newton is allowed executor's
letter by S. Danforth ; document 4 is a printed bond. Lib. 29, p. 34.


Joseph Newton's


fees pd for Rec<i & Copy

23d : Augt: 1756.

Copy writ

Eutd : Lib 27 p 32


In the name of God amen, the fourth Day of .Tune one thousand seven Hundred
and fifty one I. Joseph Newtoni of Marlborough in ye County of middlesex and
Province of. ye. Massachusetts Bay in New England Husbandman Being aged
and weak in body but of. Perfect mind and memory, thanks be Thanks be Given
to God therefor falling to mind ye mortality of my body and Knowing that it is
appointed for all men once to Dye Do make and ordain this my Last Will and
testament that is to Say Prinsaply and of all I Give and Kecomend my
Soul into ye hand of. God that Gave it and my body I recomend to y e Earth
to be Buried in Decent Christian Burial at ye Descrition (?) of my Executor
Nothing Doubting but at ye General Resorection I Shall Receive ye Same again
by ye mighty Tower of. God and as touching Such — worldly Estate wherewith
it hath pleased God to Bless rue in this Life I give and Dispose of. ye Same in
the following manner, and

Imprimis I Give to my Daughter Bethsheba the wife Jonathan Foster the feather Bed
which I now Ly on two Shears and two Cover Lids also my Brass. Kittle and
Iron pott.

Item I Give to Eldest Son Jazzaniah Newton Ten Shillings to be paid by my

Executor Hereafter mentioned

Item. I Give to my Second Son Now Living viz Uriah Newton my Little Iron Kittle

Item. I Give to my third son now Living Nahum Newton his heirs and assigns for

Ever all my Right in ye Ceder Swamp in Westbury


Item. I Give to my Grand Son Hezekiah Newton Son to my fifth son. Joseph
Newton Deceast a Two year old Heffer.

Item. I Give to my fourth Son now Living Micah Newton all my Husbandry tools
utensils for. making Ropes or my chest with a Lock and Kee too it and my
Gun all my Cyder, Barrell and meet tubs and a flock Bead a pair of Stilyards
a Shave agures and Chesells a tennant Saw and hand Saw and a frying pan.

Item I. Give to my Grand Daughter Abigail Daughter to my Eldest son Jezzaniah

Newton and wife to Jacob. Bryant, a pewter platter.

Item My will is that all my Waring apparell Be Eaquely Divided Betwixt my four

Sons now Living.

Item. Also my will is that all my House Hold Goods not allReady Disposed of Be
eaqualy Divided Between my Children and their heirs.

Item. My will is that my youngest Son Micah Newton Shall have all the Rest of
my Estate which I have not allready otherwise Disposed of. and that he ye
said Micah Should pay all my Leagises that are to Be paid in money as.
mentioned and my funeral Charges and all my Just Debts if any aRise.

Item. My will is that my Son Micah Newton Should be my Soul Executor of this
my Last, will and testament whom I Likewise Constitute and ordain and I do
hereby utterly Disalow Revoke, and Disanull all and Every other testaments
Wills Leagises — Bequests and Executor's by me in any ways before named
willed or Bequeathed. Ratifying and Confirming this and no other.
To be my Last will and Testament In wuwtness whereof. I have hereunto set
my hand and Seal the Day and year afore written :

Signed Sealed published

Pronounced and Declared by the His

Said Joseph Newton as his Last Joseph -f- Newton

Will and Testament in the Mark

presence of. us the Subscribers

Nathan Gooddell
Aaron Kidder
Ezra How

(O) Wafer mark and hole.

The Last Will &
Testament of M r
Joseph Newton


Joseph Newton. To the Honourable Samuel Danforth Esq r . The Judg of Probate for

Assent to the County of Middelsex These are to sertyfy That we y e Subscribers

Prob. of. Will. are fully Satisfyed and Contented with The last will and Testament

of Joseph New r ton Late of Marlborough Deceased as Witness our


Marlborough July Jaazaniah Newton

ye 31 1750. Uriah Newton

Jonathan Foster
David Hemenway

(Document 4 is printed bond.)

Micah Newton principal Husbandman. ]

Nathan Goodale Yeoman. V all of Marlborough £300.

Ezra How.

Micah Newton
Nathan Gooddell
Ezra How


4251. i. Bathsheba*, b. Sept. 19, 109- [about 1098] ; m. Jonathan Foster, who I
suppose, is one of the Ipswich Fosters, descendants of Reginald Foster
from England 1038. She is mentioned in her father's will, and given
bequests. Without the will, I had thought she was the Bathsheba who
married, Jan. 23, 1871-22, in Marlborough, John Crosby. Unless his
name is an error, that could not have been; for there was an unnamed
child of Jonathan Foster baptized in the church at Marlborough, April 15,
1722. No other mention of the family there.


4252. ii. Joseph 4 , b. Aug. 25, 1699 ; d. Feb. 4, 1712.

4253. tiii. Jaazaniah 4 , b. May 1, 1702; m. Delivereuce Newton 4 (223).

4254. iv. Katherine 4 , b. Feb. 17, 1704; d. Jan. 25, 1706.

4255. tv. Uriah 4 , b. Aug. 20, 1707; m. Patience Newton 4 (226).

4256. vi. Jonas 4 , b. Nov. 15, 1709 ; d. July 1, 1729.

4257. tvii. Nahum 4 , b. Nov. 20, 17 — ; bapt. April 27, 1712, at Marlborough;

Tabitha Sanderson.

425S. tviii. Joseph 4 , b. March 1, 1719 ; m. Elizabeth Morse.

4259. fix. Micah 4 , b. Dec. 8, 1722 ; bapt. April 7, 1723 ; m. Mary Howe.


4253. JAAZANIAH NEWTON" 4 (Joseph 3 , Joseph 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Joseph,

Jr., and Abigail ( ) Newton of Marlborough, Mass., was born there May 1,

1702, and died at Paxton, Mass., between the making of his will, March 17, 1773,
and the probating of it April 2, 1780.

He married at Marlborough, January 5, 1725-26, Deliverence Newton (223),
daughter of John 3 and Hannah (Morse) Newton of Marlborough, where she was
born January 1, 1705. She died, probably, in Paxton. She was living there in

Jazzaniah Newton lived in Marlborough until after his first four children were
born. The others were born in Rutland.

By the will of his grandfather, Deacon Joseph Newton 2 , he received the home-
stead and all remaining lands of his grandfather, on condition that he take
care of the widow, as specified. This trust I suppose he fulfilled. Prom his
father's will he received ten shillings.

Mr. Newton moved from Marlborough between 1736 and 1740 and was in Rut-
land from 1740 till 1745, and perhaps longer. In 1765 a part of Rutland was
included in the new town of Paxton, and he may have been set off to Paxton.
Be that as it may, he describes himself as "of Paxton" in his will. He there
mentions only his four older children; the two younger may have died young.
He makes careful provision for his wife and for his son Jazzaniah, who seems
to have been physically, and perhaps mentally, not quite competent.

The estate of Jazzaniah Newton could not have been large at the date of his
death, if w T e consider the small amount of the bond given by his executor. His
estate consisted of farm lands, tools and stock, buildings and money; the money
not available at once but to be distributed within a time limit. His second
son, Jonah, — the name is also Jonas on the records — is given everything after
the death of the mother, who' has a life interest, and is made sole executor of the
will. The following is the list of papers in the case, and the will.

1782. Jaazaniah Newton, Paxton. 43221.



Bond of Jonah Newton, appointed executor Apr. 2, 1780,


Paul Howe ) o«««««-
mi t u (■ bureties

Thomas Lamb )

In the name of God Amen. I Jaazaniah Newton of Paxton in the County of Wor-
cester and Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England through the abundant
goodness and mercy of God though somwhat infirm in Body, yet of a sound under-
standing and memory do constitute this my last will and testament and desire it may be
received by all as such — as for my burial I will and desire that it may be decent and at
the discretion and charge of my dear wife. As for my woldly estate, I will and posi-
tively order that all my just debts due to any person or persons from me be paid and
satisfied by my wife I also give to my wife during her term of life the west end of my
dwelling house with the Bed room at the northeast corner with all the cellar belonging
to the west end of the house with a sufficient privildge in the. well for her during her life


and a sufficient priviledge in the kitchen for her to perform her kitchen work, during
life. I likewise give to my wife & my son Jaazaniah a sufficient priviledge in my Pew
in the meeting for them during their term of life. I also give to my wife during life
all my household goods and furniture with all the utensils used in the house and cellars
and at her decease to be equally divided with her apperal betwixt my two daughters
Abigail Briant & Deliverance Hunt their heirs & I also give my said wife and positively
order my son Jonah Newton his heirs &c To procure for and get a sufficiency of good
firewood at the door cut suitable for firing During her life I likewise order my son Jonah
his heirs To deliver to my wife yearly during her life fifteen bushels of Indian corn
three bushels of wheat flour seven bushels of rie three bushels of malt also ten barrels
of good winter Cyder with as many summer and winter apples as she shall need or
desire for her family Likewise three hundred weight of good pork well fatted and two
hundred weight of good beef four bushels of potatoes three bushels of turnips and like-
wise twenty weight of good flax well swingled (I also positively order my son Jonah his
heirs Newton to keep for my wife During her of life one horse three cows and six sheep
Both summer & winter and to be kept well.) The above articles to be delivered her
yearly. I likewise give to my wife the whole of my live stock & bees with all my notes
bonds book debts and accompts of what name and Nature soever with all the money I
have in the house I likewise give to my wife during her life a garden spot suitable to
produce same as she shall need for her family I also will and order that my eldest son
Jaazaniah be under the care of his mother during her life and his time be entirely at
her disposal and in case of sickness so that he is not capable of business all necessary
charges to be reimbursted to my wife from my son Jonah his heirs &c. att my decease
the maintenance of my son Jaazaniah Both in sickness and in health to be performed
By my son Jonah his heirs during his life altho his time given to my wifes disposal with
the care of him &c I aud if Jaazaniah should survive his brother Jonah & his mother
then the immediate care of him to decend one of his sisters if living which he shall choose
either Abigail now Abigail Brinatt or Deliverance now Deliverance Hunt. I give to my
eldest daughter Abigail now Abigail Briant her heirs &c the sum of seventy three pounds
six shillings & eight pence L money & thirteen pounds six shillings & eight pence L
money to be paid her her heirs &c by my son Jonah at the end of twelve months after
my decease & the same sum once in two years untill the whole is paid. I give to my
other Daughter Deliverance (now Deliverance Hunt) her heirs the sum of sixty six
pounds thirteen shillings and four pence L money to be entirely at her disposal during
her term of life & at her decease To desend to her children in an equal distribution The
above sum I order my son Jonah to pay & satisfie her her heirs &c In the following
manner viz. Thirteen pounds six shillings & eight pence L M to be paid at the end of
two years after my decease & the same sum to be paid one in two years untill the whole
sum is paid I order my son Jonah his heirs &c to give my wife a decent burial at her
decease I give to my sons Jaazaniah & Jonah all my wearing apperral for them to
divide equally I likewise order my son Jonah his heirs & handsomely and decently to
maintain Jaazaniah Both in sickness and in health during his term of life and at his
death to bury in a christian manner and Jonah to have the immediate care of him after
my wife decease and at Jonah decease the care of him to desend to his sisters as aforesd
I likewise give to my son Jonah his heirs (upon his paying satisfying & faithfully full-
tilling my will as aforesd in living respect) who I make my sole executor of this my last
will and testament The whole of my lands building of what kind soever with all the
appurtenances commodities & priviledges thereto belonging or in any wise appertaining
thereto to enter into full possession of the premises at my decease except the part of the

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