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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 71 of 131)
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of Micah Newton Eleven rods, then turning Easterly & by Newtons Land Thirty four
rods and one half rod to a heap of Stones, then North one rod and a half rod to a heap
of Stone, then East Crossing the Brook one rod & a half to a heap of Stones then
Northerly by a Stone wall Six rods then angling more west five rod & two thirds of a rod
to a heap of Stones then turing westerly twenty eight rod & one half rod to the End of
a stone wall by a Brook, then angling a little more South Thirty rod and one half rod to
a white oak tree marked, then angling more South Twenty four rod to a heap of stones
one rod North of a Cart Gate by said Town way. then Southerly by Said way Forty one
Rod to where it began with all the Buildings on the same : Except, a Small Building
Standing Southwesterly from the Dwelling house. Also four acres Lying in the Harry
Swamp Bounded as it Stands Bounded in the proprietors Book of Record for said Indian
Land the whole apprized at Seventy three pounds Eleven Shillings and Eight pence ....

73 : 11 : 8

We Set of to Hannah Newton Second Daughter to said deceas d . five acres adjoineing to
the thirds. Bounded Beginning at the heap of Stones a rod north of the Cart Gate being
the North West Corner of Said Thirds So running by Said Town way fifteen rod & one
half rod to a heap of Stones then Easterly a Strate Line Eighty three Rods to a beep
of Stones, then Southerly Nine rods & one half rod to a heap of Stones the Northeast
Corner of the thirds, then Westerly by Said thirds to when it began.

The whole apprized at fourteen pounds fourteen shillings and four pence .. 14:14 — 4
The Said Hannah is to have free Liberty to pass & repass across the Land set of to the
widow to Improve the small Building Standing near the Dwelling house


31y We set off to Uriah Newton. Eldest Son to Said Deceas d . all the Remainder of the
said Real Estate (viz) the Remaining part of the Homestead (not set off to the widow
and to Hannah) being about forty three Acres

Also. Eighty nine rod of Land Lying by Jonathan Barrits Bounded as Recorded in Said
Book of Records of Lands also a Thirty acre Right in the undivided Land in Said Indian
Land. The whole apprized at one hundred & thirty two pounds Nine Shillings £132 : 9 :
the Said Uriah is to pay to the Rest of the Children of the Deceased theirs full portion
of Said Estate in Money as the Judge Shall order.=

John Warren
John Weeks

i Comn*.
Nathan Gooddell'
Noah Church

Uriah Newton June 29. 17G1 Decree for Settlement Vol. 43—200.
Copy writ Entd. Lib 43 pe 26G.
Middlesex ss. To all People unto whom these Presents Shall Come

Samuel Dan forth Esq r . Judge of the Probate of Wills Etc in the County of Middlesex
within the province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, sendeth Greeting.
Know Ye, that pursuant to the Acts or Laws of the said province, relating to the settle-
ment or Distribution of the Estate of Intestates, and the Direction, Power, and authority
to me therein given, I do hereby Order and Assign unto Uriah Newton (Eldest Son of
Uriah Newton late of Marlborough in said County Yeoman Dece d Intestate & Hannah
Newton Second Daughter of the s d Deceas d all those Pieces and parcels of Land, with
the Buildinge and Appurtenances thereon and thereunto belonging being two thirds part
of the Real Estate of the said Intestate within the province aforesaid : The other third
part being Set off to the Said Intestates widow Patience Newton, for her Dower — during
her Natural Life, and the same is particularly set forth and described in the Return of
Commissioners by me appointed and sworn for the Apprisal thereof, and by them Valued
at one hundred forty Seven Pounds Three Shillings & Four Pence Lawful Money (as by
the Return of the said Commissioners in the Registry of Probate for the said County
dated April 20th 1701, may appear)

To Have and to Hold the hereby order'd and Assigned Land and Premises with the
Members and Appurtenances thereof unto them the above named Uriah & Hannah, in
the manner & proportion as to them severally is set off in the said Return, and to
their respective Heirs and Assigns forever.

Provided He the Said Uriah his Heirs, Executors and Administrators. Shall and do well
and truly pay or Causse to be paid unto the rest of the beforenamed deceased's Children
their legal Representatives or Guardians, the several Sums of Money hereafter in this my
Decree to them respectively ordered to be paid, together with the Interest for their respec-
tive Sums or Portions, After the Rate of five pounds per Cent per Annum, to com-
mence on and from the twentyith Day of April Anno Dom. 1701

and both Principal and Interest to be paid (if demanded) on or before the Twentyeth
Day of April which will be in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand seven Hundred
Sixty two.

Accordingly I Order the before named Assignee Uriah, his Heirs Etc in the first Place
to pay and Clear all Charges relating to this Settlement, amounting in the whole to
Seven Pounds Seven Shillings & Sixpence

Then to pay to the Widow of the said Deceased in Satisfaction for what she has
advanced for the Repairs of the Dwelling house, four pounds fifteen Shillings & four
pence: I also order him the said Uriah- — to pay to his Brethren & sisters (children of
the Said Intestate) viz David, Jonas, Bathsheba, Katharine, Abigail, Unice, & Ruth,
Each fifteen pounds seventeen shillings and three pence & 3/£ths of a Penny :
And to his Sister Hannah Twenty two Shilling and Eleven pence & ^th of a penny : in
like Money, manner, and with the Interest before mentioned. All which aforesaid Sums,
with the Shares of the said Assignees amount to the apprized Value of the two thirds, and
(together with what was advanced by the said Deceased in his Life Time to the said
Uriah make each child's share therein to be agreeable to the Direction of the Law.
Provided also, in case all or any Part of the hereby assigned Land and Premises shall be
legally evicted from the before named Assignees or Either of them, their Heirs, Executors,
Administrators or Assigns, that then the Rest of the aforesaid deceased's Children, their
Heirs Etc (Sharers in this Division) shall refund their rateable Parts, with Law

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto Set my Hand, and the Seal of the Probate Office
for the County Aforesaid, the Twenty ninth Day of June Anno Dom. 1701 and in the
first Year of His Majesty's Reign.

S Danforth , '


Uriah Newton of Rutland in the Co. of Worcester Housewright
as principal John Weeks Esqr. & Josiah How
both of Marlborough Co. Middlesex as Sureties
are Bound unto Samuel Danford J. P. for £200— June 29, 1761
Annoque Regni Georgii tertii primo.

to indemnify the heirs parties to the Decree of Distbn of the Estate of
Uriah Newton Etc.

Uriah Newton

And w Bordman John Weeks —

Giles Alexander Josiah How


Abigail Eunice & Ruth

Guard™ Bond 1 -

Lett'. Deliv'd
Fees p d to Judge 4/6.
Regd 4/6

Ent.d Lib
638 page 801
Marlbro 59
Bond £500

Patience Newton Widow of Uriah principal

Daniel Ward Gentleman both of Marlborough Surety

on bond of five hundred pounds £500.

unto Samuel Danforth Eqr J. P.

To protect Court in Guardianship of three daughters of the Late

uriah. Etc & under fourteen years of age

dated June 25. 1759 Patience X Newton


Andr w Bordman

Jos Twitchel Daniel Ward


Jonas Newton's
Guard"* Bond
Lett' Delivd.
fees p d to Judge 3/
Reg'. 3/6

Ent Lib 38
Bond £500 Page 80

June 25, 1759—

Marlborough June ye 20th 1759
These are to Certifie the Hon™ Samuel Danforth Esq' Judge of
probates &c for the County of Middlesex that I have made choise of
Mr. Daniel Ward of Marlborough Gentleman for My Gaurdian :
and Desire he may be appointed, and your Honour wills much

oblige your Serv*.


Francis Weeks Jonus Newton

Micah Newton

Daniel Ward. Gentleman principal ).■»»„ ,

Josiah How. Yeoman Surety } of Marlborough

holden to Samuel Danforth Esqr J. P. for. -£500.

to secure performance of Gd'n's duty.

Dated 25th June. 1759

Choice of Jonas Newton in 16th year, of his age

Daniel Ward

Andw Bordman Josiah How

Uriah Newton



4272. i. Bathsheba 5 , b. Sept. 14, 1730 ; d. . I suppose she married at

Shrewsbury, Mass., March 27, 1754, Stephen Choat. A family by the
name of Choat was in Ipswich as early as 1650. Stephen Choat and wife
Bathsheba had four children in Shrewsbury, namely :

4282. 1. Patience" Choat, b. Jan. 16, 1755.

4283. 2. William" Choat, b. Feb. 15, 1757.

4284. 3. Bathsheba" Choat, b. May 27, 1761.

4285. 4. Rebecca 6 Choat, b. Nov. 20, 1763.

4273. ii. Patience 5 , b. July 24, 1732 ; d. Nov. 7, 1752. N. S.

4274. iii. Hannah 6 , b. March 30, 1734 ; d. at Templeton, Mass., Feb. 17, 1798, in her

64th year. G. S. 1. She was present at court, June 29, 1761, at the
settlement of her father's estate, and signified her satisfaction in the
manner of the settlement. For some reason not shown, but probably for
her satisfaction, she is given real estate, mostly, as her portion; it, how-
ever, being equal to that of the other children. She was then aged 25.
She married, then of and at Athol, Mass., Dec. 13, 1769, John How, son

of . Where they settled is unknown to me — but stayed not long

in Marlborough. They had a son born at Templeton — probably other
children somewhere else.

4286. 1. John" How, Jr., b. May 25, 1773.

4275. tiv. Uriah 5 , Jr., b. May 17, 1736 ; m. Hannah Eager.

4276. tv. David 5 , b. March 17, 1737-38; m. Miriam Smith.

vi. 5 , child, b. May 30, 1740, stillborn.

4277. vii. Katherine 5 , b. May 7, 1741 ; d. — ; m. at Marlborough, Nov. 29, 1764,

Silas Marble, son of [prob.] Mary and Marble, whom she had

baptized at Marlborough, Oct. 25, 1741. C. R. After their marriage
Katherine and Silas Marble lived in, or near to, Athol, Mass., where they
had nine children baptized, probably soon after the birth of each. Kather-
ine's portion of her father's estate was the same as the others, in money,
"fifteen pounds seventeen Shillings and three pence & y$ of a penny :"
Her children were :

4287. 1. Abijah" Marble, bapt. Sept. 7, 1766 ; d. Sept. 17, 1768.

4288. 2. Patience" Marble, bapt. May 1, 1768.

4289. 3. Abijah" Marble, bapt. April 1, 1770.

4290. 4. Elizabeth" Marble, bapt. May 17, 1772.

4291. 5. Abigail" Marble, bapt. April 9, 1775.

4292. 6. Miriam" Marble, bapt. June 14, 1777.

4293. 7. Abel" Marble, bapt. June 14, 1779.

4294. 8. Paul" Marble (twin), bapt. Dec. 9, 1781.

4295. 9. Silas" Marble, Jr. (twin), bapt. Dec. 9, 1781.

4278. viii. Jonas 5 , b. April 6, 1744. As will be seen above, he chose Mr. Daniel Ward

to be his guardian, and received his portion of his father's estate.

While it does not seem as if this Jonas Newton could be the one referred
to, there' was no other Jonas living who was a "child" in 1756. The
Worcester County Warnings has : "Warned from Southborough, Sept. 25,
1756, Jonas Newton, a poor child from Marlborough, now at W m .
Onthanks." Warrant returned May 16, 1757.

Jonas, also given Jonah, Newton was a soldier of the Revolution. He
was a minuteman, private in the company of Captain William Brigham
(Marlborough), Col. Jonathan Ward's regiment, of Militia, which
marched, April 19, 1775, to Cambridge, served nine days. Also his name
is on a receipt given to Capt. Silas Gates for travel allowance from
Albany home, dated at Marlborough, March 14, 1777. There are other
accounts, and service in other companies, the last date being May 15, 1780.
He was one of the first three years men— or "during the war." He prob-
ably received at least some of the bounty offered by the town. Whether
he married or not I cannot say, nor when he died. He may have been the
Jonas Newton in Hubbardston, in 1790, which the United States Census
gives as a family of one male above sixteen years (himself), one male
below sixteen years, and two females.

4279. ix. Abigail 5 , b. June 17, 1746; d. . I suppose she married at Marl-

borough, Dec. 8, 1763, John Goodale (the int. in Rutland, Nov. 19,

4280. x. Eunice 5 , b. Oct. 20, 1748; d. . As a child, Eunice, and her sister,

"minors from Marlborough," was warned from Lancaster, May 28, 1764,
and the warrant returned to court, Aug. 21, 1764. [Perhaps she married
at Marlborough, Nov. 28, 1768, Nicholas Watts.]


4281. xi. Ruth 5 , b. Aug. 14, 1751 ; d. . Ruth, with her sister, warned from

Lancaster as above. They were probably there visiting a relative. [Per-
haps she married at Salem, March 11, 1770, Isaac 5 Hunt (Ezek. 4 , Wm. 3 ,
Saul 2 , Wm. 1 of Concord) of Ipswich, twin, bapt. 1753; b. 1746.]

4257. XAHUM XEWTOX 4 (Joseph 3 , Joseph 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Joseph, Jr.,

and Abigail ( ) Xewton of Marlborough, Mass., was born there, November

20 [prob. 1711] ; baptized there April 27, 1712. C. R. He died .

He married (I suppose) at Leicester, Mass., "February 30" (sic) 3, 1741,
Tabitha Sanderson, daughter of John and Hannah (Stratton) Sanderson* of
Watertown and Leicester, Mass., born at Watertown, June 22, 1721, and died

Nahum Newton lived in Leicester, where five children were born, and he prob-
ably had other children.

In 1737, he, with his brother Joseph and certain other citizens, petitioned the
authorities to have their minister's tax returned to them, should they be set off
as a separate town. The petition was refused. They lived then in the easterly
part of Marlborough.

By his father's will he received "All my Right in y e Cedar Swamp in West-


429(3. i. Epiiraim 5 , b. Oct. 2, 1742.

4297. ii. Sarah 5 , b. July 12. 1744; d. at Marlborough, N. II., Sept. 17, 1820, "aged
75." She married at Leicester, May 24, 17G2, "Robert Converse, Jr.,"
who may have been the son of John and Abigail Converse of Leicester,
born there April 2, 1737. They continued in Leicester for a time after
marriage. The births of two children are on record there. He moved
from Leicester and it is stated that he was in the town of Marlborough,
N. H., as early as 1776, settled on a farm known as the Converse Place.
He probably died there. Their ten children were :
4302. 1. Dinah" Converse, b. Sept. 29, 1762, at Leicester. Mass.; d. at Marl-

borough. N. H. Jan. 8, 1820; m. April 14, 1786, Daniel Woodward,
son of Jonas and Rachel (Holmes) Woodwardt of Worcester and
Leicester, Mass., born at Leicester, Nov. 2, 1760 ; died at Marlborough,
N. H, May 3, 1837. He settled in Marlborough, N. H, on the farm
known as the Joseph Woodward place. Their nine children were :

* Edward Sanderson 1 (this name in the records is frequently written Sanders and Saun-
ders) of Watertown m. 1045. Mart Bggleston, perhaps eldest dau. of Bagot and Brigget
Eggleston of Dorchester, and afterwards of Windsor, Conn. His descendants are found
in Watertown, Waltham and Weston. His dau. Hester, "a young person," was bapt. March
20, 1686-7. His son, only other child, was

Jonathan Sanderson 2 , b. Sept. 15, 1646, in Watertown ; d. 1735, aged 89 ; m. 1669,
Abia Bartlett, b. 1651, youngest dau. of Ens. Thomas and Hannah Bartlett of Watertown.
She died in 1723. Graves at Waltham. Res. Watertown, Cambridge and Waltham ; con-
stable, 1695 ; selectman, ten years. He had eight children born at Cambridge. One was

John Sanderson 3 , b. March 25, 1677 ; Rep. of Watertown, 1711 and 1712 ; m. at Woburn,
Jan. 10, 1700-1, Hannah Stratton, perhaps dau. of Samuel and Hannah (Wheat) Stratton
of Watertown and Concord. He moved from Watertown to Leicester between 1730 and '40,
where he died in 1750. Of his twelve children, the tenth was Tabitha 4 , b. June 22, 1721, who
m. at Leicester, 1741, Nahum Newton.

t Woodward. For the first three generations, see note to Nathan Xewton 8 (Timothy 6 ).

Daniel Woodward 4 , b. 1681 ; d. 1749 ; res. Newton ; m. Elizabeth Greeley, and had there
five children. The oldest son. third child, was

Jonas Woodward 5 , b. Feb. 8, '1712; d. 1764; m. 1734, Mart Cook of Needham, who d.
1750. They rem. to Worcester, where their nine children were born : Jonas Woodward 9 , Jr.,
b. April 8, 1736; Solomon", 1738 [I suppose he is the one who married, 1762, in Worcester,
Priscilla Holmes, where they had two children, and others bapt. in Sutton, among whom were
Solomon and Samuel, who settled in Marlborough. N. II.] : John". 1739; Mary 6 , 1741: Eliza-

betli 9 , b. Nov. 9, 1743 ; m. 1769, Levi Newton (- ) ; Samuel 6 , 1745 ; m. (1) 1769, Submit

Hager, who d. 1770; m. (2) 1772, Eunice Bigelow ; Abigail 9 , 1747; Esther 9 , 1750; Jedidah 9 ,
1751 ; Eleano)- 9 , Sept. 3, 1754 ; m. 1773, Francis Newton ( ) ; Daniel 9 , Nov. 23, 1760.

Jonas Woodward", Jr., b. 1736 ; res. Worcester and Sutton ; m. 1759, Rachel Holmes
(dau. Jacob and Rath) of Worcester, They had Beven children. The eldest was DanieV.
b. Nov. 2, 1760 ; m. 1786, Dinah Converse (dau. of Robert and Sarah (Newton, 4297) Con-
verse). He moved from Sutton to Marlborough, N. H.


4312. 1. Caty 7 Woodward, b. 1787; m. Dr. Elias Ketcher, who was a soldier of

the Revolution for three years. He was a son of Benjamin.

4313. 2. Sally 7 Woodward, b. 1789; d. unm.

4314. 3. Daniel 7 Woodward, b. 1791 ; d. young.

4315. 4. Joseph 7 Woodward, b. 1793; m. Nancy Lincoln (dau. of Jesse).

4316. 5. Allen 7 Woodward, b. 1796 ; m. Lydia Knight of Leominster, Mass.

4317. 6. David 7 Woodward, b. 1798 : m. Patty Moore of Worcester, Mass., where

they settled and he died 1858.
4318 7. Roxanna 7 Woodward, b. 1800; m. 1823, John Robb of Stoddard.

4319. 8. Esther 7 Woodward, b. 1804; m. 1836, Silas Buttrick of Winchenden,


4320. 9. Stillman 7 Woodward, b. 1807; m. 1834, Eunice Buttrick, who died in

1866; m. (2) Mrs. Maria (Smith) Newell.

4303. 2. Jonas* Converse, b. Oct. 6, 1764, at Leicester; d. April 29, 1878; was

killed by the fall of a tree in Marlborough, N. H.

4304. 3. John 6 Converse, b. Feb. 21, 1767; d. Sept. 22, 1849; m. 1789, Polly

Wright, who died in 1814, dau. of Oliver and Lois. He m. (2) Mrs.
Betsey Brabrook, a sister of his first wife. He was a carpenter; a
great thinker and of retentive memory. He could solve difficult mathe-
matical problems quicker mentally than most persons with a larger
schooling could with a slate.

4305. 4. ~Xabby° Converse, b. July 21, 1769; d. 1803; m. 1799, James White, and

settled in Boston, Mass.

4306. 5. Sarah Converse, b. Jan. 15, 1772; m. , and removed to Windham,


4307. 6. Robert* Converse. J v.. b. April 14. 1774; d. 1848; m. Ednah Hale.

4308. 7. Uriah* Converse, b. Nov. 22, 1776 ; d. , 1778.

4309. 8. Ltither* Converse, b. April 23, 1779; d. , 1780.

4310. 9. Amasa* Converse, b. March 1, 1782; d. . 1843; m. Sophia White.

dau. of Thomas and Rebecca (Metcalf) White, and widow of Samuel

4311. 10. Lovisa* Converse, b. July 15, 1784; d. , 1786.

4298. iii. Samuel S. 5 , b. Feb. 6, 1746.

4299. iv. Prudexce 5 , b. May 21, 1748.

4300. tv. Jotham 5 , b. Feb. 27, 1751-2 ; m. Sarah Howard.

4301. tvi. (Perhaps) Naiium 5 , Jr., b. about 1756; m. 1778, Damaris Brigham.

4258. JOSEPH NEWTON 4 (Joseph 3 , Joseph 2 , Kiehard 1 ), son of Joseph,

Jr., and Abigail ( ) Newton of Marlborough, Mass., was born there March

1, 1719, and died there October 3, 1744.

He married at Marlborough, August 25, 1742, Elizabeth Morse, daughter of
Joseph, Jr., and Abigail (Barns) Morse* of Framingham, born at Marlborough,
July 18, 1717. She was living April 21, 1777, as appears in the will of her son.
She married (2) at Marlborough, June 3, 1752, Thomas Stow, Jr., son of
Thomas and Hannah (Johnson) Stow:}: of Marlborough, where he was born
October 15, 1720. He died at Marlborough, January 11, 1810, aged 90. They
had, born in Marlborough: Ephraim Stow, born November 2, 1752; married in
1780, Sarah Baker ; Dorothy Stow, born August 13, 1754 ; married in 1776, John
Temple, Jr.,§; Abraham Stow, born January 10, 1756; married in 1782, Eliza-
beth Hager.

This second marriage is clearly shown in the will of her son, Hezekiah Newton,
given below. He gives to his mother; his brothers and sisters; his uncle,
Micah, whom he makes executor and residuary legatee, and to Nahum, Thankful.

♦Joseph Morse*. Jr. (Joseph 3 , Joseph 2 , Joseph 1 ), b. 1691, in Watertown ; d. in Marl-
borough in 1756. Will 1756. Married in 1716, Abigail Barnes, who d. 1741. aged 46. She

had ten children. He m. (2) Joanna . The oldest child was Elizabeth 4 , b. July 18.

1717; ni. Joseph Newton, and the youngest was Dorothy, b. Sept. 21, 1730 ; m. 1760, Jonathan
Temple (Abraham, Isaac, Abraham of Concord), b. 17:;.">.

% Thomas Stow 5 , Jr. (Thomas 4 , Samuel 3 , Thomas 2 , John 1 ). See nole and Mary Newton 2 .

§ John Temti.e, Jr.. d. Feb. 11, 1838, aged 87 : m. April 18, 1776. DOROTHY Stow, who died
Dec. 28, 1838, aged 87. Ten children. One was Ira Stow, b. 1704 ; m. 1821, Mrs. Betsey
( ) Maynard.



Lydia Newton his cousins, children of Micah Newton. This is an important will.
It establishes without a doubt so many relationships.

Joseph Newton 4 lived in Marlborough. He is mentioned in the will of his
father as "my fifth son Joseph Newton, Deceast," and the will was dated 1751.
where he gives "to my grandson Hezekiah Newton a Two year old Heiffer."

Joseph Newton 4 bad two children. This is shown in the will of his son Heze-
kiah, who mentions first his "Honored Mother," and next his "sister Lydia
Rise," and next his brothers and sister by his mother's second marriage, giving
to each an equal amount. That he names Lydia first, would indicate she was
the eldest of all. To be so she would have to be the daughter of his father, or
of his mother by a previous marriage. But as Joseph Newton clearly married
Elizabeth Morse, she was not then a widow Rice.


4321. i. Lydia 5 , b. perhaps the summer of 1743— there is no record : m.

Mentioned in the will of her brother as, "to my Sister Lydia Rise."

4322. ii. Hezekiah, b. 3, 1744; d. unm., at Marlborough. June 9, 1777.


Ctfct of

Choice of Gd'n.



records show that he was born the year his father died and possibly a post-
humous child. His mother married again when he was between six and
seven years old. October 10, 1758, "having attained more than the age
of 14 years," he chose his uncle, Mr. Micah Newton 4 , to be his guardian.
Micah Newton accepts the guardianship and gives bond to the Court in
£1000. April 1, 1777, "Being very sick and weak of body," he made his
will, as given below, making his uncle Micah Newton executor and residu-
ary legatee. The will and papers follow :

Middlesex ss. October 10. 1758.
These may Certifie that Hezekiah Newton Son of Joseph
Newton late of Marlborough in the s<* County of Midd* Deed
having attained more than the age of 14 years on the Day
above written Declared to me the Subscriber that he made
choice of Mr. Micah Newton of Marlborough to be his
Guardian and prays he may be accepted accordingly

To the Hon We Samuel

Danforth. Esq r Judge of Sam". Brigham Justice of Peace.

Probate for the County

aboves d


Hezekiah Newton

Guardns Bond

Lett' Delivd

fee p d Judge 3/

Entd Lib 38 p

Micah Newton, principal "Yeoman"
John Weeks Surety "Gentleman"
both Marlborough. £500.

23rd. Oct. 1758


And w Bordman
Benj Whitney

micah newton [L. S.]
John Weeks— [L. SJ


The Last Will axd Testament of Hezekiah Newton

No. 15888. Oldest Series 1777. Recorded in Vol. 57, page 4G5. Lodged 1 July 1777.

Proved 8 July 1777.
In the Name of God amen the Twenty first Day of April one thousand seven
hundred and Seventy Seven. I Hezekiah Newton of Marlborough in the County
of Middlesex and State of the Massachusetts Bay in new England Husband
Man Being very Sick and weak of Body but of perfect mind and memory
thanks be given to God therefor calling to mind the Mortality of my Body
and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Dye Do make and ordain
this my Last will and Testament that is to say principly and first of all 1
give Give and Recomend my Soul into the hands of God that Gave it and my
Body I Reacomend to the Earth to be buried in Decent Christian Burial at
the Discretion of my Executor hereafter named Nothing Doubting but at the
General Resurrection I shall Receive the Same again by the mighty power
of God.


Imprimis I give to my Honoured mother Elisabeth the wife of Thomas Stow the Sum

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