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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 79 of 131)
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Revolution (also written "Hatho") in Capt. Gideon Brownson's Company,
1776 (Vermont Revolutionary Rolls), or it may have been his nephew of
the same name.]

4804. ix. Abigail 4 , b. March 19, 1741.

4805. x. Susanna 4 , b. Sept. 4, 1743.


4697. DANIEL NEWTON* (Daniel 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Daniel, Jr.,

and Sarah ( ) Newton of Marlborough, Mass., was born there April 14,


He married at Framingham, Mass., December 12, 1728, Sarah Hudson [writ-
ten "Hutson" in the record, an instance of their queer spelling in those times.
Also the name Daniel is given "David," but there was no David then living
who could have married in Massachusetts in 1728.

This wife Sarah had two children that are recorded in Southborough and there
may have been others.

. Daniel Newton and Sarah Lawrence married in Southborough, December 25,
1745, I suppose to be a second marriage of Daniel Newton 4 . Where they lived
or where they died is unknown to me.

Daniel Newton was a soldier in the French and Indian War, in 1758 and in
1759, from the town of Marlborough. He may have been then resident of Marl-
borough. He would have been 54 years old at the last date.


4806. i. Martha 5 , b. June 10, 1730 ; d., perhaps, at Athol ; m. in Southborough, April

30, 1747, Samuel Phillips, son of Ebenezer and Mary (Smith) Phillips*

of Watertown. He was born at , June 22, 1726, and died at Athol,

Jan. 2, 1810, aged 83 years. C. R. They lived in Southborough, where
their ten children were born; then "removed, probably. as late as 1771, or
later, to Athol, where he died." Their children were :
4S08. 1. Samuel* Phillips, b. May 10. 1748: d. at Athol, April 9, 1796.

4809. 2. Sarah" Phillips, b. Dec. 2, 1749; d. Dec. 10, 1749.

4810. 3. Andrew" Phillip*, b. Dec. 26, 1750.

4811. 4. Zedekiah* Phillips, b. Feb. 7, 1753; d. Feb. 21. 1754.

4812. 5. Jedekiah* Philips, b. Dec. 20, 1754.

4813. 6. John* Phillips, b. May 3, 1757; m. April 6, 1779, Huldah Amsden, dau.

of Jesse and Betty (Ball) Amsden of Southborough, b. June 26, 1760.
4S14. 7. Nathaniel 1 Phillips, b. April 15, 1759.

4815. 8. Jonah* Phillips, b. May 11, 1761.

4816. 9. Elijah 9 Phillips, b. Jan. 23, 1764.

4817. 10. Mary* Phillips, b. March 20, 1766.

4807. ii. Zedekiah 5 , b. Jan. 29, 1732-3 ; d. April — , 1733.

4698. EZEKIEL NEWTON 4 , SR. (Daniel 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Dan-
iel and Sarah ( ) Newton of Marlborough, Mass., was born there August

27, 1707. He died at Southborough, probably in the last part of the year 1787,
as his will was filed December 22, 1787.

• Andrew Phillips of Charlestown, Mass.. m. Elizabeth , and had Elizabeth, 1657 ;

Ephraim, 1659 : Andrew, bapt. aged 25, 1686-7 = b. abt. 16412.

Andrew Phillips (Andrew), b. abt. 1642; d. 1717; m. 1683. Sarah Smith, bapt. 1661,
dau. of Michael of Mlstlc-side or Maiden. They had Andrew, 1687 ; Ebenezer, 1695 ; Joanna,
1697 ; Samuel.

Ebenezer Phillips (Andrew), b. Aug. 17, 1695; m. Mary Smith, b. 1697-8, dau. of
John, a tailor, and Ruth (Cutler) his wife. They had John, b. Sept. 11, 1722; Samuel, June
22. 1726, m. Martha Newton.


He married at Marlborough, Mass., March 31, 1730, Tirzah Newton (1507),
daughter of Jonathan 3 and Bethia (Rice) Newton of Marlborough, where she
was born August 16, 1709. She died at Southborough, August 10, 1755, aged
46 years. She was the mother of six children.

He married (2) at Sherborn, Mass., May 25, 1757, Mrs. Mercy, Mary Morse,
widow of Obediah Morse* of Sherborn, and daughter of William and Sarah
(Goodenow) Walker:}: of Sudbury, Mass., where she was born October 30, 1706.
The date of her death is not recorded at Southborough, where she probably died
about 1777, or just before.

He married (3) at Southborough, May 19, 1779, Sarah Whiteing, for so is the
record, who had a daughter, Sarah Belknap, as shown by the will of Ezekiel
Newton, Sr., in which he provides for both of them, and appoints his widow,
Sarah, and son Ezekiel, executors.

This Ezekiel Newton of Southborough is called "Sr." many times in the
town records, to distinguish him from the Ezekiel, son of Moses, Jr., who is
called "Jr." of the same town.

The children of Ezekiel and Tirzah Newton were all born at Southborough.
He was a farmer in that town. He was appointed administrator of his father's
estate in 1748.

Ezekiel, Sr., either succeeded to, or bought in, a part of the grist mill that
was part of his grandfather's estate on Stony Brook.

The following is an abstract of the will of Ezekiel Newton, Sr.

1787. Ezekiel Newton, Southborough, 43158y 2 .

Will, filed Dec. 22, 1787. (No other records.) About 8 pages. To wife Sarah the

use. of the S.E. room with chamber, kitchen, and garret and cellar etc, during her life,

also one third of all crops and produce of farm, and one third income of grist mill to

the use of widow and her daughter, Sarah Belknap, while she remains my widow.

To wife also one heifer, use of horse & chaise, furniture, certain amount of wool, flax

etc. "so long as she remains my widow." To Sarah Belknap use of a room and a

chamber above and kitchen, use of horse, support by son Ezekiel, so long as she is


To my son, Alexander 176 bushels of corn or its value

to my son Nehemiah 458 " " " " " "

TO my son Daniel 350 " " " " " "

To my daughter Elizabeth Mathews, certain household utensils

to my daughter Fersis Gleason certain household utensils

All the residue, real & personal, to son, Ezekiel. Sarah, widow, and son Ezekiel

appointed executors.


4818. i. Elizabeth 5 , b. Feb. 19, 1731-2; d. . I do not feel sure I am right

about the marriages of this Elizabeth Newton. I give what I find on the
town records. I leave it for another to prove or disprove. She married
at Southborough, Dec. 12, 1750, Jonas Woods, son of David and Ruth

* Obediah Morse 5 (Daniel 4 , Daniel 3 , Daniel 2 , Samuel Morse 1 , from England to America in
1635), son of Daniel and Susannah (Holbrook) Morse of Sherborn, Mass., was born there
Aug. 15, 1704 ; died there in 1753. He inherited the homestead of his father at Sherborn
and continued to reside there. He married at Sudbury, Nov. 28, 1728. Mercy Walker,
daughter of William, and by her had ten children. He left a large estate. Among the
items of the inventory was "one negro manservant" valued at £300. His widow, Mercy,
was appointed administratrix. Their fifth child was Benajah Morsef, who m. Betsey Eames,
dau. of Henry and Ruth 4 (Newton, John 3 , Jr., John 2 ) Eames. And their tenth child was
Mar;/ Morse" who m. Asahel Newton 5 (Samuel 4 , Jr., Samuel 3 , Daniel 2 ).

t William Walker 2 (son of Thomas 1 of Boston and Sudbury) was born at Sudbury July
22, 1666, and died there Oct. 3, 1732. He m. there. May 6, 1686, Sarah Goodenow 3 , born
July 2, 1666, in Sudbury, and was living in 1734. (She was dau. of Capt. John 2 , 1635-1721
(son of Edmund 1 , 1611-1688. immigrant, 1638).

Thomas Walker 1 (fr. of Wm. 2 ), d. 1697, at Sudbury. He was an Innholder at Sudbury.
Was a teacher also. His widow, Mary, m. (2) Capt. John Goodenow, above. He left to
her the "negro Sambo," to whom she gave his freedom at her decease.


(Johnson) Woods* of Marlborough, where he was baptized Jan. 9, 1728-9.

C. R. He died . They lived in Southborough, where their four

children were born :

4824. 1. Jonas Woods, Jr., b. Jan. 21, 1752 ; m. 1773, Hannah AVard.

4825. 2. Silas* Woods, b. Feb. 6, 1754 ; d. Oct. 24, 1755.

4826. 3. Elisabeth Woods, b. Dec. 30, 1755; m. 1785, Abner Parker (2d wf.).

4827. 4. Anne" Woods, b. Dec. 2, 1757.

"Elizabeth 5 Woods and Asahel Mathis" (Mathews is the correct spelling)
married in Southborough, Nov. 25, 1700. He was the son of Daniel and
Eunice (Morse) Mathews! of Marlborough-Southborough, born in South-
borough, Aug. 9, 1732, and may be the Asahel Mathews who died there
Jan. 24, 1811. G. R. In his will her father gives "To my daughter,
Elizabeth Mathews," so there is no doubt about her having married a
Mathews. And also that she was living when he made the will, probably
about 1780. She lived in Southborough. The children born there were :

4828. 5. Levina e Mathews, b. Jan. 29, 1702 ; m. 1783, Charles Ripley Burnett.
4S29. 0. Eunice Mathetvs, b. Sept. 0, 1703 ; m. 1780, Peter Fay.

4830. 7. Oliver 6 Mathews, b. June 3, 1705 : m. 1790, Olive Nurse.

4831. 8. Charlotte Mathews, b. April 7, 1707.

4832. 9. Frederick Mathews, b. Jan. 18, 1709.

4833. 10. Patty Mathews, b. Sept. 7, 1772; m. 1791, Josiah Bemis.
4833a. 11. Asahel Mathews, b. Nov. 18, 1774 ; m. 1791, Martha Mills.

4819. ii. Alexander 5 , b. Feb. 14, 1733 ; was living in 1788, when he was the only

claimant, and by the order of the Judge the balance on account, in the
administration of the estate of Ezekiel Newton of Southborough (whom
I suppose to be his brother) was paid to him. He was a soldier of the
Revolution. An abstract of service : "Alexander Newton. Private in
Capt. Moses Harrington's Company, Col. Dike's regiment, muster roll,
Dec. 1770 — Feb. 1777, credited to Southborough. Enlisted Dec. 20, 1770,
to serve until March 1, 1777. Also, in Capt. Ebenezer Ingalsbee's Co.,
Col. Job Cushings regiment, enlisted Sept. 12, 1777, discharged Nov. 29.
1777, served in Northern department. Roll sworn to at Worcester."

4820. tiii. Nehemiah 5 , b. June 23, 1730 ; m. Elizabeth Morse.

4821. iv. Persis 5 , b. Feb. 18, 1741 ; d. . I suppose this is the Persis Newton

who married at Southborough, Jan. 0, 1703, as his second wife, Daniel
Gregory of Framingham, son of Daniel and Sarah (Eames) Gregory!, of
Framingham, where he was born Feb. 10, 1733-4. They lived near Saxon-

* David Woods 4 (John 3 ), b. Jan. 5, 1696, at Marlborough; d. Southborough, Feb. 16, 1774;
res. Southborough ; Deacon of the Church ; m. at Marlborough, Jan. 26, 1725-6. C. R.,
Ruth Johnson, dau. of William 3 (Jonathan 2 , Wm. 1 ) and Hannah (2d wf.) Johnson of Marl-
borough, where she was born Jan. 16, 1702. [She was granddaughter of Mary Newton 2
(Richard 1 ), wf. of Jonathan Johnson 2 , Sr.] Their children were: David 5 , in Marlborough,
1727 ; Jonas 5 , 1729 ; m. Elizabeth Newton ; Martha 5 , 1736 ; Ruth 5 , 1738.

John, "Jr." (s. John 2 ), b. April 20, 1670; m. (1) July 8, 1734, Martha , who d.

April 1, 1697; and he m. (2), about 1711, Patience . Four children, the oldest

being David*, 1696.

Dea. John Woods 2 (s. John 1 , Sr.), b. May 8, 1641; d. April 5, 1716, aged 75; m. Lydia

, who d. Sept. 24, 1723 ; a man of some prominence in Marlborough ; elected Deacon,

1704. Nine children. The oldest was John 3 , b. 1670.

John Woods 1 , Sr., the immigrant ; of Sudbury, and a petitioner for Marlborough ; shared
in the divisions of the land ; was selectman in 1663, '64 and '65 ; was one of the early

members of the church. His wife was Mary , probably Farm enter ; for in his will,

dated Nov. 26, 1677, and proved March 8, 1678-9, he mentions his wife ; "father Parmenter" ;
son-in-law John Bellows; and sons, John 2 , Isaac 2 and James 2 ; who were all born at Sud-
bury. Wid. Mary Woods died at Marlborough, Aug. 17, 1690, aged 80. He died at Marl-
borough, July 10, 1678, aged 68. The dau. was Mary 2 , "Wid. Mary Bellows, Sr." died Sept.
16, 1707.

J John Mathews, M.D., m. (1) at Marlborough, Sept. 20, 1686, Mary Johnson, dau. of
Jonathan and Mary (Newton 2 ) Johnson of Marlborough, where she was born Sept. 9, 1664.
She had four children and died June 22, 1710, aged 46. He m. (2) at Marlborough, 1713,
Sarah Garfield. He resided in the south part of Marlborough and was set off to Southborough.
His wife Mary received her portion from her father, who by will gave to her husband his
•"Coopering Tools." [See will of Jonathan Johnson, Sr.] His children were: Lydia, 1691;
d. 1706: Ruth, 1693; John, 169."); Daniel. 1697; m. Eunice Morse.

Daniel Mathews (John), b. March 16, 1697; d. May 22, 1755; m. at Marlborough,

Nov. 5, 1724, Eunice Morse, dau. of Samuel and Grace ( ) Morse of Marlborough,

where she was bapt. Sept. 16, 1705. "Mrs. Eunice Mathis and James Wark" m. July 27,
1768. Fourteen children. The fifth was Asahel, b. Aug. 9, 1732; m. Elizabeth (Newton)

§ Daniel Gregory 1 , McGregor of Watertown Farms (Weston), m. Dec. 20, 1603, Eliza-



ville. She bore him five children. He was burned to death in firing land,
June 15, 1709. "His widow married and moved to Southborough."
"Persia Gregory of Framingham, and Phinihas Gleason," intention of
marriage in Westborough. Nov. 9, 1771. They had five children born in
Westborough. I do not find either his death or hers. She was living about
1787, when her father gives in his will "To my daughter Persis Gleason."
Her children were born — the first five in Framingham, the last five in
Westborough. namely :

4834. 1. Persis 6 Gregory, b. Oct. 15, 17G3 ; m. Newton of Southborough.

4835. 2. Josiah 6 Gregory, b. May 17. 17(55 ; d. June 26, 1765.

4836. 3. Sarah 6 Gregory (twin), b. Sept. 24. 1766.

4837. 4. Daniel 6 Gregory (twin), b. Sept. 24, 1766.

4838. 5. Nabby 6 Gregory, b. Sept. 5, 1768.

4839. 6. Josiah 6 Gleason, b. July 8, 1772.

4840. 7. Katherinc 6 Gleason, b. Oct. 26, 1773.
4N41. 8. Elijah 6 Gleason, b. Dec. 31, 1775.

4842. 9. Bettee 6 Gleason, b. Jan. 7, 1777.

4843. 10. Phinehas'' Gleason, b. April 7, 1779.

4822. tv. Ezekiel 5 , b. Aug. 14 or 30, 1745 ; m. Tabitha.

4823. tvi. Daniel 7 ', b. May 20, 1749 ; m. Mary Rice.

4700. WILLIAM NEWTON 4 (Daniel 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Daniel

and Sarah ( ) Newton of Marlborough, Mass., was born there, November

29, 1711. He died .

He married at Framingham, Mass., December 1, 1737, Elizabeth Wright,

daughter of Edward and Hannah ( ) Wright* of Framingham, where she

was born March 11, 1716-17. She died .

Mr. Newton continued to reside in Marlborough after his marriage. The
births of his first six children are recorded there, the last two I do not find.

In the French and Indian War, in 1757, his name appears among the list of
"Alarm men" attached to the Company of Capt. Jonathan Weeks, organized in
Marlborough. The older men, or those otherwise exempt, were organized into
"alarm lists," to be ready for any emergency at home while the younger men
marched as occasion required. William Newton would be about 46 years old at
this time.

The United States Census, 1790, gives William Newton of Marlborough, head
of a family consisting of himself, one male above sixteen years, one male below
sixteen years, and two females.


4844. i. Sauaii 5 , b. Aug. 1, 1738; d. at Dedham, Mass., Nov. 12, 1822, aged 85,
C. Ii. ; m. Samuel Lewis of Detlham, who was living there in 1821, and
appeared for his wife in the administration of her brother William's

beth Robinson, dau. of William. He d. March 20, 1736. Five children ; the oldest was
Daniel, 1605.

Daniel Gregory 2 (Daniel 1 ), b. Dec. 9, 1695; d. June 25, 1758, at Framingham; m. there,
July 13, 1732, Sarah Eames of Framingham. Thev had at Framingham, Daniel 3 , b. Feb. 16.
1733-4 ; Josiah 3 , b. 1736 ; Lydia 3 , b. 1738.

Daniel Gregory 3 (Daniel 2 ), b. Feb. 16, 1733-4; d. June 15. 1769; res. Framingham; m.
(1) July 1. 1755, Abigail Eaton, who died April 26, 1750. She had Xoah*, b. May 1, 1756;
Daniel*, b. Oct. 13, 1757, d. y. ; and the father m. (2) 1763. Persis Newton of Southborough.

Phineas Gleason and Rebecca Allen, m. at Sudbury April 6, 1732. They had three sons
b. in Sudbury. One was Phinehas, b. Aug. 16, 1732, who may be the one who m. Persis (New-
ton) Gregory.

•Edward Wright ( ), b. — ■ . "Capt. Edward" d. Aug. 7, 1703; m. in Sud-
bury, June 18, 1659, Hannah Epson, who d. wid. May 18, 1708. They lived in Sudbury and
had there Hannah, 1660; Dorothy, 1662; Sarah, 1664; Mary, 1666; Elizabeth, 1668, d. y. ;
Abigail, 1672; Edward, 1677; Martha, 1681. [It does not seem as though those were all
one woman's children. E. N. L.]

Edward Wright (I sup. son of Edw.), b. March 18, 1677, in Sudbury; m. Hannah

res. in Framingham. They had there Nehemiah, b. 170[7?] in Sudbury; Bezaleel, 1710
William, 1711; Tabitha, 1713; Mary, 1714; Elisabeth, March 11, 1716-17; Hannah, 1719
Edward, 1720-1.


4845. ii. Catherine 5 , b. Nov. 1, 1739 ; d. . She was living at Leverett, Mass.,

in 1821 ; m. at Southborough, Aug. 8, 1758, John Stockwell. 3d, of Lev-
erett, where they resided. He was living in 1821 and appeared for his
wife in the administration of her brother's estate. I suppose he was a
half-brother of her sister's husband, James Stockwell, and son of David
and Marcy (1st wife) Stockwellt of Sutton, where he was baptized Nov.
13, 1737. They had one child that died in Athol ; and probably other
children in Leverett. Child was :

4852. 1. Emmons Stockwell, b. ; d. Sept. 22, 1777.

484G. iii. Tabitiia 5 . b. May 7. 1741; d. ; m. at Marlborough. Nov. 3. 1707,

Job Burnham, then of Littleton," son of Josiah and Ann ( ) Burn-
ham of Hopkinton, where he was born Dec. 15, 1740. He died before
1821. They resided at Littleton, Mass., and had four children. He
married (2) at Hopkintou, Dec. 11, 1777, Abigail Merritt. Children of
Tabitha were :

4853. 1. Daniel" Burnham, b. ; heir to his uncle's estate, and living in


4854. 2. Moses 6 Burnham, b. ; heir to his uncle's estate, and living in 1821.

4855. 3. Sally 9 Burnham, b. ; heir to her uncle's estate, 1821 ; m. John

Gallot. They were both living and signed the necessary papers in the
administration of the estate.

4850. 4. Susanna" Burnham, b. ; living in 1821; m. at Hopkinton, Mass.,

Nov. 11, 1811, Abraham Loker, who represented her in the settlement
of her uncle's estate in 1821.

4847. iv. Elizabeth 3 , b. April 3, 1743; m. at Athol, Mass., Dec. 0, 1709, James

Stockwell, son of David and Rebecca (McClallan) Stockwell of Sutton,
where he was baptized May 14, 1750. At marriage he was "of Warwick,"
and both had died before 1821, when their children became heirs of her
brother William Newton. Their children were probably born at Warwick.
Two of them were baptized at Athol. The following list of their children
is meager of dates, and there may have been others. Children were :

4857. - 1. Phebe" Stockwell, b. ; bapt. Nov. 23, 1772. C. R.

4858. 2. Elijah Stockwell, b. ; bapt. Nov. 22, 1772. C. R. Res. in New

York State in 1821, and represented by Attorney Jonathan Edmands.

4859. 3. James R." Stockwell, b. ; living in 1821, and represented by his

brother-in-law, Reuben Bridge.

4800. 4. Sally" Stockwell, b. ; m. George (or Edward) McFadden. They

were living in 1821, and were represented by Attorney Jonathan
ICdmands. Living in New York State.

4801. 5. Rebecca" Stockwell, b. ; m. Reuben Bridge. Both were living in

1821, and he represented their interests in the settlement of her uncle
William's estate.

4848. v. William 5 , b. May 13, 1745; d. at Marlborough, March 2, 1821, aged 70.

He was a farmer in Marlborough, and never married. His sister lived
with him and survived him twenty-one years. His estate was distributed
among his sisters and their heirs, in the manner set forth in the legal
documents given below. I am indebted to these papers for much in com-
piling a record of this family. The papers in settlement of the estate are
many ; but all are interesting, as illustrating the manner of those times.
The many names of persons then living there, as well as the traced auto-
graphs, are well worth preserving. In the twenty-four legal papers there
is much printed matter which is here left out as usual and unimportant.
The size, condition, material and general appearance of the papers, as
described by the copyist, is all very interesting. I make no apology for the
space giVen to them.

t David Stockwell married Marcy ; resided in Sutton, where they had two chil-
dren born and five children baptized. He m. (2) at Sutton, March 11, 1745, Rebecca
McClallan, and had two other children bapt. the same day. The children were : Jeremiah
and Joseph, 1731 ; Ephraim, 1733 ; Mary, 1735 ; John, bapt. Nov. 13, 1737 ; Abigail, 1741 ;
Evens, 1742; and last, David and James, bapt. May 14, 1750.

There were many families of Stockwell in Sutton. The oldest of all was Capt. John
Stockwell, who died "March 20, 1778, aged almost 01 years. Old age." I suppose his
wife was Mary. They had a son Nathaniel, b. 1720. I suppose the John, Jr., was his son.
Said John, Jr., m. (1) 1730, Margaret Smith (two children) ; m. (2) Lydia Elliot (five chil-
dren) ; m. (3) Lydia King, 1740 [and per. (4) Abigail]. This John, Jr.. and 2d wife had
a son, John. b. March 0, 1740, who may have been "John 3d" but it seems to me the son
of David (above) was "John 3d," being born first.


4849. vi. Bartholomew 1 , b. May 4. 1749 : nothing further of him. He probably died

unmarried, and before 1821, as he is not mentioned in the administration
of his brother William's estate, who is said to have "left no brother."
He may have died in childhood.

4850. vii. Lucy 5 , b. about 1751 ; d. at Marlborough. "Miss Lucy Newton. May 19,

1842. aged 91, G. S. 5." Burial in "Farms Cemetery." beside her
brother. She always lived with him and kept house for him. It is a
satisfaction to read in the court records : "At the request of the heirs
they set off all the real estate to Lucy Newton." containing "the home-
stead." "The pasture," "The Gravel Pit Hill Wood Lot," and tha
"Pew in the Meeting House." Thus she was permitted to complete a
useful life in familiar surroundings.

4851. viii. Olive 5 , b. : was living in 1S21 ; m. at Marlborough. March 25, 1790,

Charles Eames of Leverett. where they were living in 1821. He signs his
name Charles Emes in the administration of William Newton's estate, in
right of his wife.

15905. Oldest Series. William Newton. 1821.


William Newton, adrnors mem° & bond April 3 d 1821 — Letter in Vol. 212 Page 15

"To the Honorable James Prescott Esqr. Judge of Probate of Wills &c for the County
of Middlesex. It being inconvinient for either of the Heirs of William Newton late of
Marlborough Deceased to administer on the Estate of the said deceased, we hereby
signify the same to your Honor & request that Jonathan Edmands of Framingham be
appointed to that Trust.

Lucy Newton
Dan 1 Burnam
Moses Burnam
Salley Gallot

To the Honorable James Prescott Esqr. Judge of Probate of Wills for the County of

Sir: William Newton late of Marlborough deceased was a Bachelor about 76 years of
Age, he left no Brother he had six Sisters four of whom are now living the other two
have left heirs, one of his Sisters was never Married but has always lived with him
& kept his House She is now about 70 years two of the others now live in the Town
of Leverett about 70 miles distant the other lives at Dedhain. their Husbands are all
old Men the Heirs which were present wished to have M r Jonathan Edmands admin-
istrator on M r . Newtons Estate and desired me to write to the other Heirs on the
Subject I have had no return from those at Leverett but from my acquaintance with
them I presume there will be no objection I have seen M rs Lewis of Dedham who is
content & wishes that Mr Edmands may be appointed to that Trust — I also hereby
Certify that Ephraim Hagar and Warren Nixon who have signed a Bond with M r .
Edmands for the faithful discharge of his Trust as Administrator on the Estate of
William Newton deceased are both Freeholders and in my opinion are amply suffi-
cient for the Purpose.
March 25th 1821. John Trowbridge



To the Honorable James Prescott Esquire Etc.
The Memorial of Jonathan Edmands of Framingham Yeoman.
Represents, that

William Newton. Yeoman, Etc. within three months last died intestate leaving an
estate unadministered. never having been Married: Etc

The next of kin have declined ad™" and requested your petitioner to be appointed
Thereto. That he is eligible & Can give the Bond. Etc

Signed Jonathan Edmands
Then follows the Decree

Signed by

James Prescott J. Prob.



as principal

all of Framingham

William Newton. Bond of Adrnr
Jonathan Edmands Yeoman
Ephraim Hager 1 Yeoman
Warren Nixon I Yeoman
as sureties J

Gave Bond for $10,000.00
3rd. April 1821.
Mary Rice (Signed)
Jewel Parmenter

Jonathan Edmands

Ephraim Hager

Warren Nixon

April 3 d . 1821. Examined approved & ordered to be filed — ■

James Prescott J Prob

Court. (James Prescott.) apt<l John Trowbridge Esqr. ]

Josiah Warren Yeoman, v ~
Ephraim Hager. J

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