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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 8 of 131)
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lawyer ; Representative ; Judge of Probate ; Chief Justice of Supreme
Court of Yt., and Senator of the U. S. from Yt.

96. 11. Anna 5 Robinson, b. 1759 ; m. Isaac Wheeler. She died ae. 84.

97. tix. Josiah 3 , b. Nov. 19, 1688; m. (1) Elizabeth Woods; m. (2) Ruhamah


98. x. Andrew*, b. .16—; died March 9, 1691.

99. txi. Ebenezer 3 , b. July 26, 1692 ; m. Joanna Larkin.

5. DEACON JOSEPH NEWTON 2 (Kichard 1 ), son of Kichard and Anne
(Loker) Newton from England, and of Sudbury, Mass., was probably born there
some time between 1647 and 1652. He died at Marlborough, Mass., September
24, 1727.

He married Katherine Woods, who died at Marlborough, January 26, 1716-17.
She had four children. I suppose Elizabeth Woods, who married Josiah New-
ton 3 (son of Moses 2 ), was related to this wife of Deacon Joseph Newton. That
she was brought up in his family is not impossible; that he gave her a mar-


riage portion and remembered her in his will is sure. The parentage of either is
unknown to me.

He married (2) at Marlborough, August 1, 1719, Ruth Stone. I suppose her
to be daughter of John 3 (Samuel 2 Gregory 1 ) and Rachel (Shepard of Concord)
Stone of Cambridge, born there August 27, 1700. She was living September 2,
1727, and signed with the other heirs for the probating of her husband's will.

Joseph Newton, Sr., was very young when his father moved from Sudbury to
reside in Marlborough. His father had five sons, all of whom may have been born
before he left Sudbury. There would need to have been provided habitation
before the family could remove into a wilderness. It is possible that the son
Joseph was left behind with his aunt, Mrs. Bridget (Loker) Davis, when
the family of his father went to their new home, and that later it was arranged
that he should stay with her a specified term of years. Mrs. Davis having only
the one child, and that a little girl, could very well accommodate and make use
of a boy in the family. When his uncle, Robert Davis, died, 1655, Joseph Newton
could have been only a small child. [See under Richard Newton, for will of
Robert Davis.]

As the second generation in Marlborough advanced in years and prepared to
settle in life, the fathers gave them portions, and the town, grants of land.
Thus we find, on the records, mention of lands granted to Joseph Newton and
his father mentions in his will that Joseph, Sr., had received his portion and
was to have but two shillings additional "and no more." But Richard Newton
makes this son, Joseph, Sr., to be executor of his will.

On the records is a petition of Joseph Newton and Thomas Barrett, granted,
for exchange of land with John Perry. Joseph Newton was one of those present
at the meeting, October 1, 1675, to adopt measures for defense against the
Indians, and to him was assigned some of the town's ammunition.

In 1684 Joseph Newton, Sr., was one who bought in, and received a deed in
the Indian Plantation. Later his son was a proprietor of lands there — perhaps
the same lands. July 21, 1685, Joseph Newton, Sr., of Marlborough and his
brother-in-law, Jonathan Johnson, Sr., were made freemen. In the case of
Joseph Newton this was certified to March 26, 1691.

The taxes under Governor Andros show Joseph Newton, Sr.'s, rate to have
been for "persons and estate," £00 05s. Old.

March 18, 1691-2, soldiers of the colony, 113 men, were sent for the protec-
tion of the town. Pamilies were grouped. Seven families were grouped and
eleven men quartered there. The families of Joseph Newton, Sr., his son
Joseph, Jr., his two brothers-in-law, Jonathan Johnson, Sr., and James Taylor,
Sr., his brother, Daniel, Sr., the Widow Pay and John Bellows were in this

In the controversy over the settlement of Rev. John Emerson as pastor of the
church at Marlborough, Joseph Newton, Sr., was opposed, while his son Joseph,
Jr., and grandson Joseph, 3d, were for it. [I think this last Joseph is a repeti-
tion of the name of Joseph 2 , Jr., as the third Joseph was born in 1699.] During
the Indian troubles that ended 1713, Deacon Joseph Newton was assigned to
No. 5. Isaac Amsden's Garrison, "on the Southborough road, near the now
Newton railway station."

As a member of the First Congregational Church of Marlborough, Joseph
Newton, Sr., was elected Deacon June 1, 1710, and continued in that office till
his death.

Deacon Joseph Newton made his will April 18, 1726, more than a year before
his death. Being then "in Bodily health and of Sound and Perfect mind and
memory," he signed his own name to it. Many of the old wills are signed by the
testator's "mark"; because the will is made so short a time before the death


occurs, or from his feebleness due to advanced age; even when he can write
very well. It was not then considered necessary for a woman to know how to
write. And even if she could do so, her modesty was so great that she would not
sign her name lest she should be thought vain or egotistical. Thus Joseph
Newton's wife and daughters signed with a mark.

By his will, Deacon Joseph Newton makes his son, Joseph, Jr., residuary
legatee and sole executor. He calls himself, "yeoman." He gives his dwelling
house, barns, mills, and all other lands he possesses to his grandson, Jezzaniah
Newton, son of Joseph 2 , Jr., on condition he fulfills the trust regarding his wife,
Ruth — these conditions clearly specified and her needs provided for. Other-
wise all that he gives Jezzaniah is to go to Joseph Newton, the executor.

Jezzaniah had married January 5, 1725, — about fifteen months before this will
was made — Deliverence Newton 3 , daughter of John 2 , Jr., and from the read-
ing of the will, one would infer the young people were living in the house with
Deacon Joseph Newton and his wife. Not necessarily as one family, but as
occupying the same building as two families. They evidently found the arrange-
ment congenial and desired to make it permanent. The mills mentioned might
be cider mills or grist mills. He divides his moneys and household stuff between
his daughters, and remembers the granddaughters who have at some time lived
with them and served them, probably in their school days and teens, and the
books mentioned in each case were mostly school-books; the same applying to
Elizabeth Newton, wife of Josiah (son of Moses 2 , Sr.).

Notice there is no mention of cattle, or stock of any kind, in the will. These
had probably already been disposed of to Jezzaniah or others, by sale or gift.

There is no inventory with the will. • I like this will. I think it was a
shrewd proviso that the daughter Hannah divide the household stuff into
equal parts, and then daughter Tabitha have first choice of them.

Deacon Joseph Newton was not so very old when he died — perhaps 71 would
cover his years. We do not know.

Joseph Newton's will is interesting for the number of autographs. It was
well written and has been well preserved. The papers in the Probate Court are
the will, the petition to the court for probate, and the allowing of the will.
There is no inventory of the estate on file, as I understand.

Note that in the following abstract of deed from "Joseph, Senor" to his
brother Daniel, as also the deed of gift from Richard Newton 1 (which see) to
his son Joseph, he is called "weaver."

Middlesex County Deeds, vol. 20, page 5 :

I. Joseph Newton Senor of Marlborough, in the county of Middlesex, weaver, in
Consideration of "a vallueable Sume of Money" to Daniel Newton Senor
10 Acres bounded, East by lands of Isaac Newton, (etc.), being a part of the third
division of Upland granted to my father. Richard Newton, by the proprietors of Marl-
borough, and all appurtenances thereto belonging, to have and to hold.

Witnesses : "Joseph Newton and a Seal"

Mary Pleniton her mark Dec. 16, 1698

Hannah Mainard her mark Acl-noicledrjcd,

Simon Mainard Received, Cambridge, March 11, 1717.

warrantee deed


#1 Copy of Deacon Joseph Newton's Will.

Dean Joseph Newton's Old Series, No. 15,893.

Will [Made January. 1910. for Ermina Newton Leonard.

Proved y e 20 th of Oct Derere, Wisconsin, by Sunnier F. Brown.]

Entered Lib° 18 pp 3S5.6.7
Copy writt out Examined


Vol. 18. 385.7.

at bottom


Copy writ out.

In the name of God amen I Joseph Newton Senior of Marlborough in the
County of Middlesex in his majesties Province of the Massachusetts Bay in
New England. Yeoman Being in Bodily health and of Sound and Perfect
Mind and memory for which Thanks be Given to God : Do make and ordain
this my last will and Testament Viz. first and Principally I commit my Soul
to God that Gave it hoping for Remission of Sins & life Everlasting thr°. the
Merits of my Redeemer and my Body to the Earth to be Decently Buried at
the Discretion of my Executor hereafter named in hopes of a Glorious Resur-
rection and Touching my Temporal Estate that God hath Blessed me with I
Dispose thereof in manner and form as followeth —
Imprimis I will that all my Debts & funaral charges be paid.

Item. I Give and bequeath to Ruth my well beloved Wife all the Goods and Chattels
that she brought with her To me when I married her To her and her heirs
forever and annually to be paid her by my Grandson Jezzaniah Newton as
follows Six Bushels of Indian Corn four Bushels of Rye Two Bushels of
Wheat fourty Pounds of Beaf fourty Pounds of Pork four Pounds Sheeps Wooll
three Pounds of Cotton wooll Eight Pounds of flax or hemp teer and also
such a Room in my house as she shall make choice of on Condition she shall
continue to abide with my fore said Grandson as also then wood to maintain
a fire But and if my said Wife be not satisfied with what is Given her above
But will have what the laws will Give her then my will is that my sd. Grand-
son be Released from Performing the above said articles only Doing all accord-
ing to the laws of the province and that which is Given to my wife & her heirs
above Be a part of her thirds Etc

Item. — Memorandum my will is that the Grain Meat &c above Given my wife be
Delivered her as she has occasion by my sd Grandson.

I Give to my Grandson Jezzaniah Newton on Condition that he fullfill the above
said articles relating To my wife my land on which I now Dwell Together
with all the housen Barns Mills that I am now in the Possession of also that
piece of land I purchased of my Children lying by Chericoe with all other lands
belonging to me to him and his heirs for Ever as also one half of my utensils
for husbandry and one half of my wearing apparel both Linen & Woollen and
also one Red thread Coverlets a pair of Sheets the other Moiety of my hus-
bandry utensels wearing apparel I Give to my Executor hereafter named.

Item I Give to my Daughter Hannah Maynard my Great Brass. Kettle one Great
Iron Pot my Great Cheast one Cupboard one Tramil one Great Chaier two
small chaiers. one hand Iron, one fire slice one warming pan one Box one
Great wheel one Bedstead and all the Books having her name written in them
and one half of what Remains after Debts & funerall Charges are paid : of
moneys & household stuff not otherways Disposed of in this my will : further
my will is that all my Linen & coverlets not being Disposed of in this my
will be Divided By my Daughter Hannah into Two equal parts & Tabitha to
chuse first & Hannah to have the other.

Itim. I Give to my Daughter Tabitha Balcoru one feather Bed one Bolster two
Pillows three Coverletts two pairs of sheets my least Brass Kettle two Brass
Skillits one Iron pot one Tramil one hand Iron, that chest Bot of. Richard
Singleterry one Bedstead s cl Single#rry made one Great chaier two small
chaiers one small spinning wheel one Box one pair of Tongs one cupboard
and all the Books having her name writen in them and one half of all my
moneys & household Stuff after Debts and funeral charges are paid & not other
ways Disposed of in this my will

Item I Give Elizabeth Newton the wife of Josiah Newton one pewter Plater only
having already advanced her portion for her service Done me before her
Marriage also she is to have all the Books having her name Writen in them.

Item I Give to my Grand Daughter Elizabeth Horn one pewter Plater only, having
already advanced her a portion as a Grand Daughter & for her service Done
me before marriage She is also to have all the Books that her name is writen in

Item I Give To my Grand Daughter Catharine Maynard one Great new pewter plater

Item All the rest of my Estate I Give to my Son Joseph Newton whom I constitute
sole Executor of this my last Will Revoking all formerly made as also all that
Given conditionally To my Grand son Jezzaniah Newton in (his will in Case
he fullfill not the Condition of which I constitute my beloved friends — Samuel
Brigham & Benjamin Woods both of Marlborough the sole Judges to Determine
whether said Jezzaniah Newton — Performs the said articles & in case they


Determine that he Doth Not then the sd Quota allowed to Jezzaniah to fall
unto my son Joseph Newton he performing the above mentioned articles Refer-
ring to my wife & in Case Either one or both of the above named Sam 1 Brigham
& Benjamin Woods should Die or Remove out of Town before my wives Decease
in such Case I constitute those that shall be the Deacons of Marlborough
Church to be Joyned with the survivor of them be one in the same power with
them as the Deacons had. and in Case of the Decease of both then the said
Deacons to have the sole power & the like I will in Case one or both remove
out of this town, provided always & I Do will & ordain by these presents that
if any of my Children do make any suit Trouble or Demand in law of or for
any part

of my Goods or Chattels otherwise then according to the True meaning of this
my last will & Testament that then Every of them so doing shall Clearly Lose
all such legacies or other Benefit as they or any of them might have thereby
& that all my sd Children to any of them made which shall commence any such
suit trouble or Demand as aforesaid, shall be as clearly void as if the same had
never been Given or made, in witness whereof I the said Joseph Newton have
subscribed this my last will and Testament with my own hand and thereunto
put my seal the eighteenth Day of April one thousand Seven hundred and
Twenty Six and in the Twelfth year of the Reign of our Sovereign lord George
by the Grace of God of Great Britain france & Ireland King Defender of the
faith &c
Signed Sealed and Declared in Presence of us witnesses —

Caleb Rice
Thomas Amsden Joseph Newton Senr.

James Woods

(a small piece of red wax is left) [ ]

This will of Joseph Newton, Sr., is written on a sheet about 12 x 15 inches,
closely written. The three papers of the probate, which follow, are written on
balf of the back side of the will, after that paper had been folded into four
pages. The whole has been through the Taunton process of sill?: preservation,
called the "Emery" process.

To all unto whom these presents shall come Jonathan Remington Esq r duly
Commissioned Judge of the Probate of Wills E tc within and for the County of
Middlesex in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England sends
Greeting Know Ye That on the twentieth day of October 1727 at my house in
Cambridge in the in the said County came Joseph Newton of Marlborough in
said County Yeoman and presented the within written Instrument for Probate
when also personally appeared Caleb Rice Thomas Amsdeu and James Woods
the three witnesses to said Instrument subscribed and they did by solemn Oath
before me then and there declared that they were present and did see Joseph
Newton Senr. f Marlborough aforesaid Y'eoman within named sign and seal
and and heard him as his last will and Testament declare the Instrument
within written and that they the Deponents did subscribe their names together
as witnesses to the Execution thereof and that the sd Testator was then to
the best of their Judgments of sound and disposing mind — ■

Said Executor brought also from under the hand of Ruth (the widow) and
sundry of the heirs of said dac'd (namely Simon Mainard Joseph Balcom
Hannah Mainard & Tabitha Balcom (countersigned by several persons as wit-
nesses) that they were satisfied with the aforesaid Instrument and that I would
proceed to the Proof thereof — And accordingly I do hereby prove approve and
allow of said Instrument as the last will and Testament of the aforementioned
Joseph Newton sen* - , and commit the admission thereof in all Matters the same
concerning and of his Estate whereof he died seiz'd and possessed in the County
of Middx aforesaid unto the aforesaid Joseph Newton sole Executor in said will
named well and faithfully to execute said will and to administer the Estate
of the said deed according thereunto who accordingly accepted his Trust, and
I order him to Exhibit an Inventory of s d deed's Estate according to Law and
he shall render an acc't of his Proceedings upon Oath when thereunto lawfull
required — In Testimony whereof I have here unto Set my hand and affixed the
seal of the office of probate for the aforesd County on the twentieth of Oct 151
By order of the Judge & c Jon* : Remington —

Fras Foxcroft Reg'.

Entered Libo. 18 par 385,6.7.

By Fras Foxcroft Reg.





Joseph Newton

Petn. for

Prob. of will.

Marlborough sepr. 28 :1727.
Joseph Balcom. &
Tabitha Balcom
Signed This paper
Before us the
Subscribers T^oz
John Balcom —

Thomas c x : Brown
Ephraim Maynard.

To the HonMe Jonathan Remington

in Cambridge Esqr. Judge of Probate of

Wills for Middlesex County

we the Subscribers the widow of and heirs
To the Estate of Deacon Joseph Newton Late
of Marlborough Deceased pray your Honour
to proceed to the proving the will the

Executor Joseph Newton Brings herewith of the

sd. Deacon Joseph Newton &c.

Ruth ( Newton

Simon Mainard
( Joseph Balcom


Hannah X Maynard



Tabitha (|) Balcom


Caption Midd*.

3 Octob r . 20*h. 1727. Caleb Rice. Thomas Amsden. James

Joseph Newton Wood witnesses to this Will were sworn in the usual Form.

Memo, of and I do. approve this last Will of Joseph Newton &

Probate & the administration thereof is committed to Joseph Newton

said deceased's son who is ordered to exhibit an Inventory
according to Law.

J.R. J.P. 6s pd for probate.

In connection with the following deed, given by the then living children of
Dea. Joseph Newton 2 to "Benjamin Woods, trader," what apparently was the
homestead of "our late teacher, James Woods of Marlborough," I would suggest
that this James Woods, — "teacher" or "minister" in those days — may have been
their grandfather, father of their mother Katherine Woods. (Will some one
look into the matter?) Perhaps he was their uncle.

Middlesex County Deeds, vol. 21, page 48 :

We, Joseph Newton Jun r , yeoman, and wife, Abigail Newton, Simon Mainard, yeoman,
and wife, Hannah Mainard, all of Marlborough, and Joseph Balkom, yeoman, and wife,
Tabitha Balkom of Sudbury, all in Massachusetts Bay, in Consideration of £60, to
Benjamin Woods, trader, of said Marlborough, town rights which belonged to our late
teacher, James Woods of Marlborough,
3 A. 40 Rods in the houselot, bounded (etc.)
2y 2 A. 26 Rods of Meadow, bounded (etc.)
2y 2 A. bounded, (etc.)
12y 2 A. town right within Cow Commons
8 A., 146 rods yet to be taken up in Cow Commons
together with timber or whatsoever grows thereon, to have and to hold
Witnesses "Joseph Newton and a Seal"

Abraham Eager , "Simon Mainard & a Seal"

Thomas How "Joseph Ballcom and a Seal"

"Hannah Mainard her mark & a Seal"
warrantee deed "Abigail Newton and a Seal"

"Tabitha Ballcom and a Seal"
Nov. 17, 1719.
Received Cambridge, Feb. 18, 1719. Acknowledged, Jan. 29, 1719.



100. i. Hannah 3 , b. Sept. 13, 1671; cl. at Marlborough, April 5. 1748; m. Simon

Maynard, son of John, Sr., and Mary (Gates) Maynard* of Sudbury and
Marlborough, born at Marlborough, Jan. or June 15, 1666, died there
Jan. 10. 1747-S. They lived in Marlborough, where they had ten children.
Hannah 3 is mentioned in her father's will with special gifts and given one-
half his personal estate. Children were :

101. 1. Hannah* Maynard, b. June 0, 160-4; m. 1714. Joseph Crosby.

102. 2. Simon* Maynard, Jr., b. March 4, 1605-6: is called "Sergeant"; settled

in Shrewsbury; five children; m. 1718. Sarah Church.

103. 3. Elizabeth* Maynard, b. Sept. 26, 1608; d. widow in Southboro, March 16,

1066; m. there. Aug. 7. 1723; Robert Horn. J who died in Southborough,
Sept. 27, 1760. This is the Elizabeth Horn mentioned in the will of
her grandfather, Dea. Joseph Newton, where she is given "one pewter
plater only," and some books. Child :

104. 1. Robert 5 Horn, Jr., b. Aug. 6, 1726, in Marlborough; m. there. Nov. 1,

1740, Thankful Moore, and had four children in Marlborough. ; viz :

105. 1. Elizabeth Horn, b. Aug. 28, 1750; m. in Southborough, April 22. 1777,

Moses Newton 5 (1704). born Aug. 13, 1740. She died at South-
borough. March 10, 1780.

106. 2. Samuel Horn, b. Feb. 26, 1753; m. Elizabeth , m. (2) Mittie


107. 3. Robert Horn, b. Dec. 25, 1754 ; m. Molly •.

108. 4. Katherine" Horn, b. Jan. 24, 1757 ; m. 1777. Jedediah Parker.
100. 4. Tabitha* Maynard, b. Feb. 2, 1700-01; died April 17, 1724.

110. 5. Elisha* Maynard, b. March 20, 1703 ; m. Huldah Bannister and settled in

Shrewsbury ; eleven children.

111. 6. Eunice* Maynard, b. Nov. 17, 1705; m. 1730. Nathaniel Falkner.

112. 7. Ephraim* Maynard, b. Oct. 7, 1707; m. (1) Sarah ; m. (2), Jan. 3,

1742, Mary Balcom, who was, I suppose, his cousin.

113. 8. Benjamin* Maynard, b. Dec. 1, 1700: died Oct. 27, 1711.

114. 0. Zerviah* Maynard, bap. April 16, 1710.

115. 10. Catherine* Maynard, bap. July 25, 1714: d. Oct. 1. 1720. at Marlborough.

This is the granddaughter Dea. Joseph Newton mentions in his will and
gives "one Great pewter plate."

116. tii. Joseph 3 , Jr., b. May 24, 1673 ; m. Abigail .

117. iii. Mary 3 , b. Dec. 31, 1674; probably died young, though there is no record of

her death. Her father does not mention her in his will and she does not
sign the deed with the other heirs in 1710. She is married by the his-
torian of Marlborough to David Brigham (an error), who married Mary,
the widow of Edward Newton 3 , as shown by the settlement of his Estate ;
which see under his heading. She was Mary (Leonard).

118. iv. Tabitha 3 , b. Oct. 18, 1681; d. between 1727 and 1733: m. June 28. 1711,

at Marlborough, Joseph Balcom, son of Henry and Elizabeth (Haynes)
Balcom, § of Charlestown. Mass.. born about 1672. died at Sudbury. Sept.
17, 1745, a?. 73. They resided in Sudbury, where their six children were
born, viz. :

* Simon Maynard 3 (s. of John 2 ), b. June 15, 1666, m. Hannah Newton^.

John Maynard 2 , called Sr. (s. of John l ), b. in England about 1630; came to Sudbury with
his father in 1638, then aged 8 years. He died in Marlboro Dec. 22. 1711 ; m. in Sudbury

April 5, 1658, Mary Gates [dau. of Stephen of Hingham 1638]. born . They had 9

children. I suppose the following to be children of this "John, Sr.. and Mary" : John 3 Jr.
(Ensign), b. Jan. 7, 1661, m. Lydia Ward: Elizabeth 3 , 1664, m. Capt. Nathan Brigham:
Simon 3 , b. June 15, 1666, m. Hannah Newton 3 : Zachary 3 , 1668; David 3 , 1669; Zachariah 3 ,
1672 ; Sarah 3 , 1680 ; Lydia 3 , 1682 ; Joseph 3 , 1685.

John Maynard 1 , from England, was in Sudbury in 1638, where he shared in the division
of the Sudbury Meadows in 1639 ; was one of the petitioners for Marlboro', and moved there
soon after 1657 ; Freeman 1644 ; m. in Sudbury June 16. 1646. as second wife. Mary Andell,
by whom he had five children in Sudbury. Children of John 2 , b. in England about 1630 :

Zachary 3 , b. 1647, d. 1723-4; Mary 3 and Elizabeth 3 , May 26, 1649; Lydia 3 -; Hannah 3 ,

1653. The father d. Dec. 10, 1672. See notes to Dea. Josiah Newton 3 (Moses 2 ) and to
Hezekiah Newton*.

% See Marlborough and Southborough records for further notice.

§ Henry Balcom, Blacksmith, admitted inhabitant of Charlestown 1665 ; d. 1683 ; inven-
tory 1683, f 354 ; m. (1) ; m. (2) 1666, Elizabeth Haynes, dau. of Dea. Haynes

of Sudbury. Children: Sarah 2 , prob. by first wife, d. 1665; Hannah 2 , b. 1668, d. soon; John 2 ,
1669; Elizabeth 2 , 1672, m. Gershom Rice; Joseph 2 , b. 17 (10) 1674, was of Sudbury in 1709,

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