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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 80 of 131)
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to appraise the estate.

(Printed form and contains the Justices certificate of their oath.)


William Newton's Inventory Copy fid Lib 158 fol 383
Homestead Including Land. 1-40 A. & bldgs. )
in Marlborough )

16 Acres Pasture Fram m . & Marlboro.
5% " in Marlborough
a pew in Rev. Mr. Bucklands Meeting House

April 3. 1821.


, '


personal inc. Livestock. Farming tools House-
hold Furniture. Wearing apparel, and the
following Notes of Hand.

Elijah Sanderson's 106.50

Peter Newton's 19.08

Martin Dadmun's 427.00 }- 1.342.12

John Stockwell's 65.00

Caleb Newton's 201.40

Charles Eames's 21.37

Elijah Saundus's 12.25

«S"one five dollar bill Wiscasset Bank 3.00

March 21st 1821

John Trowbridge ~1
Josiah Warrun [ appraisers
Ephraim Hager J

(Signed) James Prescott J. Prob.

(Jonathan Edmands administrator's petition to sell the personal estate.
James Prescott, Judge of Probate, April 3, 1821.)

Granted by

(Jonathan Edmands files, Oct 10, 1821, his affidavit that he published his notice of
appointment as administrator. See Lib. 301-230.)

(Signed) Sam] P. P. Fay J. Trob.


(Jonathan Edmands files his detailed account sales on printed form, showing in sep-
arate columns the valuation of each article in the appraisers' valuation, the price it sold
for and a column for the gain and loss and a column for the buyer's name. This is four
pages long. I will give the purchasers' names as this list may be of interest.)



Jesse Pratt
Samuel Lewis
Joseph Parmenter
William Walkup
Ezekiel Howe
Levi Cutting (Cotting)
Thomas Hastings
Abraham Loker
Lucy Newton
N. Rand
S. Hastings

(The sale realized a small loss of $4.03, and took place April 13, 1821, at Marlborough.
His acknowledgement was taken by Saml P. P. Fay, Judge of Probate, on Oct. 10, 1821.)

Martin Dadmun
Matthew Gibbs
Abraham Gibbs
John Gal lot
Adam Howe
Israel Howe
I. Howe
William Barnes
Truman Hager
Ezra Parmenter

Josiah Bartlett
Jacob Barns
Daniel Winch
John Boyd
Amariah Forrister
Feter Coolidge
Aaron Arnold
Joseph Arnold
Levi Winch
Jonathan Sawin

Joseph Williams
Charles Eames
Josiah How 2nd
J. Edmands
John Trowbridge
Elijah Saunders
Buckley Parmenter
Ephraim Hager
Windsor Childs
(?) Tayntor


(Jonathan Edmands' first account of his administration, showing he charged himself
with personal property as appraised and some few things found later.)

Paid Elias Parmenter 3.51, John Trowbridge for services 4.75, Josiah Warren 2.25.
Eph m Hager 2.25, Martin Dadmun on account 107.15, Abner Wheeler the Auctioneer 4.00,
Dr. B. W. Hildreth 2.00, Saml. Chapman for coffin 3 50. attending appraisal 2.25, probate
time 4.50, probate fees 8.63, articles lost and used 3.50, posting the sale notices and
adtg. 1.75, attending sale 2 days 2.00, paid advtsg 1.00. time and trouble in the adm. so
far 10.00, loss on sale 4.03, preparing this account (4.00) and one day (2.00) at court
6.00, paid office dues 9.20.

(This document was signed by the following persons.)

Charles Ernes, John Trowbridge (attorney for Lucy Newton). Josiah Stockwell
(attorney for John Stockwell). Abraham Loker, John Gallot, Danl. Burnam, Moses
Burnam, Reuben Bridge, Reuben Bridge (attorney for James Stockwell), Samuel
Lewis X his niark.

(Judge Fay's printed decree, allowing this account, etc., is pasted on and dated Oct. 10,

(Lucy Newton, spinster, of Marlborough, petitions Judge Fay in printed form for a
division of the real estate, claiming her portion is one-sixth. Jonathan Edmands signs
for her as her attorney. To this petition is pasted another one of the same tenor, hand-
written, and signed by) :

Charles Emes, Samuel Lewis X his mark, Danl. Burnam, Josiah Stockwell (attorney
for John Stockwell), Reuben Bridge (for himself and Jas. Stockwell), Elijah Stockwell,
Geo. McFadden & Sally McF in her right —

N. B. we take the liberty to reccommend to Your Honour
William Hunt Esqr of Sudbury

Willard Newton Esqr. of Southborough las a committee
& Joshua Trowbridge Gent m of Framingham J

(The following is also pasted on.)

I Jonathan Edmunds Attorney for John Gallet in right of his wife, Abraham Loker
in right of his wife & Moses Burnam : and a agent duly appointed to Elijah Stockwell
& Edward McFadden & Sally his wife in her right they being out of the Commonwealth,
hereby take notice for the above persons, of the foregoing petition. & hereby consent that
partition of said real estate be made, I also certify that the said petitioners, together
with the persons whose names are born on this paper are all the persons interested in
said real estate.

Jonathan Edmunds.

(On the second inside page of the printed petition is the printed form of the court's
order and has in it the names suggested by the heirs.)

William Hunt Esqr of Sudbury ) , ..

Joshua Trowbridge Gentleman of Framingham j
Willard Newton of Southborough in Worcester Co. Esquire
Oct 10. 1821

(This committee decree is signed by Judge Fay.)

Middlesex Co.


(This memorandum is on the back of document #10.)

Charles Ernes & Olive Ernes in her right, Saml. Lewis in right of his wife, Lucy
Newton, Jno. Stockwell in right of his wife —

Children of James & Stockwell : Elijah Stockwell, James S , Sally McFad-

den wife of Geo. McF., wife of Reuben Bridge.

Children of Mi 8 . Burnam wife of Job B— ■ : Daniel B , Moses B ,

wife of John Gallot, wife of Ab r Loker.

11 13—18

William Newton real estate, settlment eft

Jan>- 5th 1822. Lib 140 fol 416.

to be paid in one year & interest 6 per cent.

Accepted Jan? 8^ S. P. P. Fay


(Printed form. Court's (Judge Fay) order of partition given (Oct. 10, 1821) to Hunt,
Trowbridge and Newton. Under the signature of Judge Fay is the certificate of John
Trowbridge, Judge of Probate, that he administered the oath to the three committeemen.
Dated Oct. 23, 1821.

The Committees division of the Real Estate which they called $3,881.00
at the request of the heirs. They set of all the r. e to Lucy
Newton Containing the following lots of Land with the buildings
thereon and the pew in the church.

(The Homestead (153 A.) joining Ames heirs, John Temple, Daniel Winch,
W m Hager, John Harrington, Heirs of Daniel Hayden Stephen Morse
Heirs Robert Ames and Stephen Ames.

r. .- ™ ( Pasture called "Pratt" Pasture. (16 A.) joining land of Azariah Forrester
24 (.00



m Hager. Adam How.
(The Gravel Pit Hill Wood Lot. (5% A) joining land of Isaac Gibbs. Joseph
\ Hemenway. Daniel Darling Ephraim Hager.

35.00 j pew in Meeting House.

And as there are six legal heirs a share will be $646.83
which Lucy is to pay to each of the following.
(Sarah) Samuel Lewes & Wife of Dedham. She a Sister

(Catherine) John Stockwell & Wife of Leverett. " " "
(Olive) Charles Earns & Wife of " " " "

deceased Heirs of James Stockwell of Warwick whose wife was a sister

deceased (Tabitha) Heirs of Job Burnam late of Littleton "
Signed 24th Oct. 1821.

Given under our hands this twenty fourth Day of October 1 in the year of our Lord one
thousand eight Hundred and twenty one.

(Signatures to the partition) :

William Hunt, Joshua Trowbridge, Willard Newton.

Countersigned by Danl Burnam, Danl Burnam (attorney for Moses Burnam), Charles
Emes, Reuben Bridge, Reuben Bridge (attorney for James Stockwell), Josiah Stockwell
(attorney for John Stockwell), John Gallot, Abraham Loker, Lucy Newton X ner mark,
Samuel Lewis X his mark, Jonathan Edmands (attorney for Elijah Stockwell), Edward
& Sally McFadden.

(The decree of Judge Fay (two pages pasted on) does not give the name of James
Stockwell's wife but gives the detailed specifications of the settlement and settles the
whole property on Lucy, she having paid all of them except the McFaddens, Elijah
Stockwell and Samuel Lewes (or Lewis). The Judge was satisfied that she had given
security to pay these and ordered her to do so within one year, with interest at 6 per cent,
and ordered this settlement to be recorded. Dated Jan. 8, 1822.)


(Received from Lucy Newton, to whom the real estate of William Newton was
assigned, "Six hundred & Forty six Dollars and eighty three cents," and for payment
of which sum they released their right therein. Dated Nov. 3, 1821.)

(Signed) John Stockwell, Catherine Stockwell X ner mark. Attest Dexter Stockwell.



(A similar written receipt and release, and of same date, for one hundred and sixty-one
dollars and seventy cents.)

(Signed) James Stockwell. Attest David Stockwell.


(A similar written receipt and release, and of same date, for one hundred and sixty-one
dollars and seventy cents.)

(Signed) Reuben Bridge, Rebeckah Bridge. Attest Eli Stockwell.


Oct 29th 1S21. We ch. & heirs of Job & Tabitha Burnam Etc re'd from Lucy Newton
Six hundred forty six Dollars & Eighty-three cents for Etc.

(Signed) Danl Burnam, Danl Burnam (attorney for Moses Burnam), John Gallot,
Sally Gallotte X ner mark, Susanna Loker, Abraham Loker.

(Same date. Receipt for $640.83.)
(Signet!) Charles Ernes, Olive Ernes. Attest Susan Broad.


(Samuel 1*. P. Fay, Judge of Probate, gives to Jonathan Edmands of Framingham,
the right to represent the heirs now out of the Commonwealth, viz. : Elijah Stockwell,
Edward McFadden and his wife Sally, in the partition of Wm. Newton's estate, provided
for by decree of court, Oct. 10, 1821. Dated Oct. 10, 1822.

(Signed) Saml. P. P. Fay Judge of Probate.

#10, 20. 21.
Know all men by these presents, that we Lucy Newton of Marlborough Spinster as
principal & John Trowbridge of Framingham in said County Esqr. & Ephraim Hagar
of said Framingham, Yeoman, as Sureties are holden & Stand firmly bound & obliged
unto Samuel Lewis of Dedham in the County of Norfolk, husbandman, and Sarah Lewis
wife of the said Samuel, in the full Sum of twelve hundred Dollars to be paid unto the
said Samuel Lewis & Sarah Lewis, their heirs. Executors, Administrators or Assigns. —
To the true payment whereof we do bind ourselves & each of us. our, and each of our
heirs. Executors and Administrators jointly & severally, firmly by these presents.
Sealed with our seals. Dated the eighth day of January in the year of our Lord one
thousand eight hundred twenty two.

The condition of this Obligation is such, that whereas the Hon. Sam 1 P P Fay Judge
of the Court of Probate in and for the County of Middlesex, by his order or decree of
even date with these presents, made for the settlement of the real estate of William
Newton, Late of Marlborough, in the said County of Middlesex, yeoman, deceased
intestate, made in pursuance to a report of the Commissioners for that purpose hath
assigned & settled her above bounden Lucy Newton, her heirs, and assigns forever, the
whole of the Real Estate of the said deceased & in & by said decree has ordered that
the above bounden Lucy pay to the said Samuel and Sarah Lewis the sum of six hundred
& forty six Dollars & eighty-six cents, on or before the Eighth day of January next, with
interest after the rate of six percent.

Now therefore if the said Lucy assignee as aforesaid or the said John Trowbridge and
Ephraim Hager, or either of them, their or either of their heirs, executors or adminis-
trators shall well and truly pay to the said Samuel Lewis & Sarah Lewis their Executors
Administrators or assigns the said sum of six hundred & forty six Dollars & eight six
cents with interest agreeably to the said decree & according to the true intent & Meaning
thereof without fraud or delay : then the above written obligation to be void, otherwise
to abide & remain in full force & vertue.
Signed, sealed & delivered in presence of

Martin Dadmun \ Lucy X Newton

Susan Parmenter John Trowbridge

Ephraim Hager



The second account of Jonathan Edwards Administrator on the Estate of
William Newton late of Marlborough in the County of Middlesex yeoman

deceased intestate in which said administrator charges himself with the

Ballance of his first account amounting to $1167 : 46

also with Interest on said Ballance to Feb r 10 103 : 40

also with Rent for the Real Estate Rec<l April the 1. 1822 70 : 00

also with Interest on sd Rent to Feb. 10 1824 7 : 70

$1408 : 08
And prays allowance for the following charges (viz)
October 20 1821 Said Warren Nixon for making inquiry respecting Land Sold

for taxes : 50

Paid for Recording a Mortguage : 67

24 Paid the Committee for appraising and making a distribution of

the Real Estate 12 : 75

To notifying the Committee & Surveyor 2 : 00

To 3 Days atending s d Committee & Surveyor 3 : 00

To Interest on the above to Feb 10 1824 .* 2 : 54

Paid Lucy Newton in part for services 18 : 00

Paid Moses Woodward on Account 4 : 79

Paid Mary Dexter for Bread : 63

Paid J Trowbridge Esqr for swearing ye Committee : 50

29 Paid Lucy Newton in part for Service 205 : 34

To Interest 38 : 08

Dec r 4 Paid Daniel Darling for diging a Grave 2 : 00

$350 : 80

January Amount brought forward .... 350 : 80
1-1822 To a journey to Dedham to obtain Samiel Lewiss signiture to

the distribytion of Real Estate 3 : 00

5 Paid Lucy Newton in part for Services 40 : 00

8 To attending Probate Court at Cambridge to return the report of

the Committee of distribytion 4 : 00

Probate Fees same time 3 : 60

19 Paid Lucy Newton in part for services 200 : 00

Interest 16 : 40

Feb r 5 To Loss on a Wizcaset Bank bill 00 : 75

March 4 Paid Jonas Claye for surveying 2 : 00

March 9 Paid Lucy Newton in part for services 17 : 00

23 Paid Samuel Lewes for Lucy Newton for D c 15 : 00

To Interest 3 : 77

Jone 8 Paid Micah Gibbs for shoes 1:17

Paid Martin Dadmun for boarding the Committe &c 3 : 75

Nov 19 Paid Lucy Newton in part for services 100 : 00

Paid Benju Wheeler &c Co for W. I Good for the Auction 2 : 52

January 4

1823 Paid Lucy Newtons Attorney in part for her services 160 : 10

To Interest 19 : 18


8 1824 Paid Lucy Newton on Notes 176 : 00

Paid Lucy Newton in full for her services 184 : 56

To making the Account & sending it to the Probate Office 1 : 50

To extra Time & Expences 5 : 00

To Interest 1 : 83

Amt. carried forward .... 1319 : 53

Amount brot forward .... 1319 : 53

1824 Jany Pd M* Carter for going to probate office & printing office $0 : 37

" " For time & expence in notifying the heirs 5 . 00

P d B. Russell for advirtising 1 . 25

Feb r y 10th Attending probate O. to settle this one 3 50

Paid office dues 2 98

$1332 : 63

Balance in admrs hands now to be Distributed among next of kin 75 : 95


S. P. P. Fay J. Prob
% alld & ordered filed.



(On presenting his second account Jonathan Edmands was ordered to notify all the
interested parties to the Win. Newton estate to be present at the Probate Court at
Concord, Mass., on the second Tuesday of February next, by personal service on those
within fourteen miles, and notifying others by publication in "Columbian Sentinel"
printed in Boston. "Given under my hand and seal at Cambridge this" "Eighth day of
January A.D. 1824.")

(Signed) Sam 1 . P. P. Fay Judge of Probate.

Middlesex ss. To the heirs at Law and all others interested in the estate of William
Newton, late of Marlborough in said County. Yeoman, deceased, intestate.

Whereas Jonathan Edmands administrator of the Estate of said deceased, has pre-
sented the Second account of his administration upon the estate of said deceased,

You are hereby notified to appear at a Court of Probate to be holden at Concord in
and for said County on the Second tuesday of February next to shqw cause, if any you
have, against the allowance of the same.

Witness Sam 1 p. p. p ay Judge of Probate at Cambridge
this Eighth day of January A. D. 1824.

Isaac Fiske Register.

Middlesex ss. Framingham Febry 10. I have served this citation as above ordered.

Jonathan Edmands Adm r .

Middlesex ss. Febry 10 th A. D. 1824. Personally appeared Jon 11 Edmands above named
and made oath to the truth of this return by him subscribed

Befor me. S. P. P. Fay J. Pr.


William Newtons estate Distribution of

Feby 10th 1824 Copy deld Lib 148 Fol 148

Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

At a Court of Probate holden at Concord within and for the County of Middlesex, on

the tenth day of February A D 1824

Whereas it has appeared to the Hon. Sam 1 P. P. Fay Esqr. Judge of said Court from
the account of Jonathan Edmands this day allowed as admr of the Estate of William
Newton late of Marlborough in said County, Yeoman, deceased, intestate, that the debts
and charges already arisen against said Estate are fully paid and satisfied, and that a
balance still rests in said Admrs hands, amounting to the sum of seventy five dollars
and ninity five cents, which is to be distributed to and among the next of kin of said
deceased, after paying such charges as may hereafter arise.

It is therefore decred by me the said Judge, that said Admor distribute and pay out the
same as follows :

That he retain to pay future charges five dollars 95 cents $ 5.95

That he pay to Lucy Newton 11.66

That he pay to Charles Eames in right of his wife Olive 11.66

That he pay to Sam 1 Lewis in right of his wife Sarah (dec'd) 11.66

That he pay to Catherine Stockwell 11.66

That he pay to Daniel Burnam 2.91

That he pay to Moses Burnam 2.91

That he pay to John Gallot in right of his wife 2.91

That he pay to Abraham Loker in right of his wife 2.91

That he pay to Elijah Stockwell 2.91

That he pay to James Stockwell 2.91

That he pay to George McFadden in right of his wife 2.91

That he pay to Reuben Bridge in right of his wife 2.91

lost in distribution 08

All of which sums amount to the aforesaid balance and are to be paid to them or their
respective legal representatives

Witness the said Sam 1 . P. P. Fay Judge as aforesaid under his hand at the Court

S. P. P Fay ^

Record Examined Attest Isaac Fiske Reg r

(N. B. In the real estate documents McFadden's name was Edward and Jonathan
Edmands is also given Edwards.)


4703. ROBERT NEWTON 4 (Daniel 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Daniel and
Sarah ( ) Newton of Marlborough, Mass., was born there April 30, 1720.

He married at Southborough, April 24, 1744, Mary Mills.

Robert and Mary Newton lived in Southborough until after their four chil-
dren were born.


4862. i. Rebecca 6 , b. July 4, 1745 ; d. Oct. 20, 1760.

4863. ii. Sarah 5 , b. July 9, 1749.

4864. iii. Mary 5 , b. July 12, 1752.

4865. iv. Robert 5 , b. April 10, 1755.


4726. HEZEKIAH NEWTON 4 (Isaac 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Isaac
and Sarah (Belknap) Newton of Marlborough, Mass., was born there July 28,
1719. He died at Paxton, Mass., February 4, 1786, in his 67th year. His grave-
stone in Paxton cemetery is inscribed :

"Death is a debt to Nature due
Which I have paid & so must you."

He married at Southborough, Mass., September 8, 1742, Eunice Brigham,
daughter of Lieut. Nathan and Dinah (Rice) Brigham* of Marlborough -South-
borough. She was born at Marlborough, October 4, 1721, baptized at the church
there November 19, 1721. (The baptisms of both Eunice and her sister Dinah
are recorded as daughters of "Nathaniel, Jr.") She died, and an administrator
was appointed for her estate January 7, 1792. See below.

Hezekiah Newton lived several years after his marriage in Southborough;
the first three of his children were born there. The fourth child was born at
Leicester, and he probably lived there at the time, as he is described as of Lei-
cester in a deed dated December 27, 1748 [see Deed Book 27, pg. 287, at Wor-
cester, Mass.], by which Nathan Brigham conveys to him a tract of land in
Rutland. This land seems to be what became the family home, to which he
moved between 1748 and 1751, and the next six children were born in Rutland.
On February 12, 1765, a part of Rutland was included in the new town of Pax-
ton, after which date he is spoken of as "Hezekiah Newton of Paxton," where
he became a man of property and influence. Two more children were born to
him there and the older of the two baptized in the Rutland church, showing he
still held his membership there in 1765.

The following from the will of his father shows that he did not leave his
father's home at age with empty hands : "'As to my eldest son Hezekiah Newton
I having given him already great part of his portion, but I will give, grant to
him, his heirs and assigns twenty pounds, to be paid seven years after my

♦Thomas Brigham 2 (Thomas 1 , the immigrant), b. 1641; d. 1717; m. (1) Mary Rice;
m. (2) Mrs. .Susanna Morse of Watertown ; res. Marlborough, a prominent man there.
Eight children. The fifth was David 3 , b. 1678 (who m. wid. of Edward Newton 3 ; see note
there) ; the second was

Capt. Nathan Brigham 3 , b. 1671 ; d. 1746-7 ; res. Marlborough, where he filled many
town offices; m. (1) Elizabeth Maynard, dau. of John and Mary (Gates) Maynard of
Marlborough; b. April 2, 1664; died "March 29, 1733, aged 69 lacking 4 days." [See
the wills of John Maynard 1 and Abraham Howe 1 , which correct the errors of Hudson's His-
tory of Marlborough as to these marriages. Elizabeth Howe m. Samuel Brigham.] He m.
(2) Mehitable (Gould) Eaton, wid. of Jonas of Charlestown. Eight children. The first

Lieut. Nathan Brigham 4 , b. 1693 ; d. "1784 in his 91st year" at Southborough, where
he resided, his lands being set off to that town. He inherited the Bible, law book, cane and
sword of his father. He m. (1) 1717, Dinah Rice; (2) Mas. Elizabeth (Ward) Snow.
Of his thirteen children one was Eunice 5 , b. 1721, m. Hezekiah Newton*. See notes to Josiah
Newton 3 and Joseph Newton 2 , and David Newton. 3


Mr. Newton's lands in Paxton were high but level and covered many acres.
Waehusett Mountain, not many miles away, was in full view. Here he built his
first home- house. The house has disappeared ; the foundations of it are in place,
now covered with grassy mounds and shrubbery. Some of the first out-build-
ings are still in use. A grand old elm near the site of this house bears a marker
with the words, "The true central tree of Worcester Co."

Later Mr. Newton built on another part of the farm another house — more pre-
tentious and more suitable to the numbers and needs and means of the family.
This second house is still in good condition and is inhabited.

Mr. Newton owned land in Royalston ; a deed for which bears the signatures
of his then living children and is in possession of tu"s descendants. This is, I
suppose, the 100-acres inventoried as "real estate in Royalston" in the settle-
ment of his estate. He left no will and his son Silas Newton was appointed
administrator of his estate. The papers in the case are here listed. An appeal
to the Court, giving the reasons for it, is here given in full. This is particularly
interesting on account of the name of the youngest son, "Bonter Newton a minor
under the age of twenty-one years." The officer of the Court who copied this
for me states that the name is clearly every time "Bonter," whereas the son
clearly signs his name to a deed in 1792 as Baxter. I am inclined to think
Baxter is what the other is intended to spell.

This old deed is dated June 9, 1792, and conveys real estate with buildings
thereon, of Hezekiah Newton of Paxton, to Silas Newton of Paxton, it being
the widow's thirds of Hezekiah Newton's estate; for the consideration of £20
to each heir; is signed by the heirs. The number of acres is not given. Those
signing are: Edmund Newton, Persis Estabrook, Mehitable Lamb, Ruth Stew-
ard, Nathan Brigham Newton, Eunice Davis, Elizabeth Richardson, Catherine
Craigie, Baxter Newton, Hezekiah Newton, Jr.

List of Papers in Administration of Estate.
1786. Hezekiah Newton, Paxton. 43204.


Bond of Silas Newton, appointed admr. Feb. 28, 1786.

£1000. Absalom Russell 7 g

Phineas Mann j
Assent of Eunice Newton, widow.
Warrant of Appraisal.

Inventory of real estate in Royalston, 100 acres, of wild Land £30.
Account Aug. 7, 1787.
Inventory £1104.

Account Mar. 3, 1789. Balance after payment of debts & expenses. £83-9-9%
Reasons for appeal (giving names of heirs).
Appeal bond.
Indemnity bond.

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