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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 81 of 131)
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Appeal of Heirs to the Court.

Worcester, ss. To the Honble. Joseph Dorr Esqr Judge of the Probate of Wills &c in
the county of Worcester &C

Thomas Craige & Katharine Craige his wife in her right and Bonter Newton a minor
under the age of twenty one years By David Burns his guardian, the sd Bonter &
Katharine being children & heirs of Hezekiah Newton late of Paxton deceased, claim
appeal from the order & decree of your Honour, made the third day of March Inst on
the settlement of Silas Newton's administration account on the estate of said Hezekiah
Newton for the following reasons to wit

1st. Because there is allowed to the sd administrator the sum of £6-4-0-0 paid to Adam
Proute and the sum of £3-13-9 as paid to adm Maynard which were not due from the
said estate & also the sum of £2-0 as due to himself.

2d Because there is allowed to the sd administrator the sum of £25 for his own labour,
as he says performed for the sd Hezekiah in his life time when in fact there was nothing


3rd Because there is allowed to the sd administrator the sum of £45-0-0 for supposed

improvements of a farm of the deceased occupied for a number of years by the sd

administrator in the life time of the deceases when in fact no improvements were made &

the whole rent of the sd farm was in arrears

4th Because the sd acct is unjust, illegal & fraudulent

Worcester March 30th 1789.

David Burns. Thomas Craige.

Worcester, ss. March 30th 1789.

Received and filed as the LAW directs.

Pr Joseph Wheeler Regr.

Abstract of Administration of Estate of Eunice, Widow of Hezekiaii Newton.
1792. Eunice Newton, Paxton. 43153

Bond of Daniel Estabrook — appointed admr. January 7 — 1792.
£500. Silas Newton 1 ti

Jedidiah Estabrook )
No relationships mentioned.


4806. i. Persis 5 , b. June 14. 1743; d. in Rutland, Mass.. Dec. 25, 1828. aged 80.
G. S. She married at Rutland, and is called "of Paxton," April 16, 1766,

Daniel Estabrook, Jr., son of Daniel and Hannah ( ) Estabrook* of

Rutland, where he was born July 26, 1737, and where he died "Sept. 11,
1816, in his 75th year. G. S." They resided in Rutland, where their
children were born.

4878. 1. Daniel 11 Estabrook, b. Nov. 15, 1767 ; d. March — . 1810.

4879. 2. Jedediah 6 Estabrook, b. Dec. 17, 1768; d. Feb. 3 or 5, 1845; m.

4880. 3. Jonah 6 Estabrook, b. Jan. 25, 1770 ; d. Nov. 4. 1818 : m.

4881. 4. Samuel" Estabrook, b. Aug. 11, 1772; d. March 14. 1776. [1775 G. S.]

4882. 5. Silas 6 Estabrook, b. June 26, 1774 ; d. Nov. 5, 1777.

4883. 6. Persis 6 Estabrook, b. Sept. 26, 1776 ; m. Samuel King.

4884. 7. Samuel 6 Estabrook, b. June 10, 1779 ; m. Hannah Robinson.

4885. 8. Warren 6 Estabrook, b. ; bapt. June 17, 1781. C. R.

4886. 9. Sophia 6 Estabrook, b. ; bapt. Nov. 3, 1782. C. R.

4887. 10. Sophia 6 Estabrook, b. ; bapt. Nov. 6, 1785. C. R.

4867. tii. Silas 5 , b. Dec. 10, 1744; m. (1) Delia Howe; m. (2) Matilda Gates.

4868. iii. Catherine 5 , b. Jan. 10, 1746-7; prob. d. y.

4869. iv. Mehitable 5 , b. Feb. 22, 1748; d. at Oxford, Mass., "Widow Lamb, June 1,

1834, aged 85." She married before 1772, Thomas Lamb, perhaps the son
of Jonathan, Jr., and Elizabeth (Richardson) Lamb of Leicester, Mass..
where he was born April 13, 1747. I think tbey lived in Paxton. They
had children buried there, viz. :

4888. 1. Artemas 6 Lamb (perhaps), b. [Sept. 12, 1772]; d. Aug. 8, 1790, aged

17 yrs., 10 mos., 26 dys. G. S. at Paxton.

4889. 2. Lueinda 6 Lamb (perhaps), b. ; d. 1777, in Paxton.

4890. 3. Silas 6 Lamb, b. , 1776; d. , 1777, aged 1 yr., 2 mos., and — .

"Son of Mr. Thomas Lamb and Mehitable his wife." G. S.

4891. 4. Sophia 6 Lamb, b. Feb. 22, 17S4 ; d. at Paxton, March 15, 1825, aged 41;

m. June 19, 1816, Silas Bigelow, who was born at Paxton, Feb. 6, 1786,
and died April 10, 1829, aged 43. Graves in Paxton, Mass. Their
children were :
John Flavel 7 Bigelow, b.











4870. v.


Artemas Edwin 7 Bigelow, b.
Adeline Eulalia 7 Bigelow, b.
George Norman 7 Bigelow, b.
Nancy Judson 7 Bigelow, b.

Catherine 5 , b. May 16, 1751 ; was living in 1792 and signed with the other
heirs the deed conveying what was her mother's dower ; married Thomas
Craigie, before that date, and with him and her minor brother Baxter,
appealed from the decision of the Court in the settlement of her father's
estate in 1789. See legal papers below. I suppose they lived in Paxton,
but have not the records of that town.

4871. vi. Ruth 5 , b. April 25, 1753 ; d. at Brattleboro, Vt.. 1812 ; m. . 1772,

John Steward (Stewart) of Brattleboro, Vt. (afterward General), where

* For Estabrook, see notes" to No. 5162 and No. 3663.


he died in 1812, and his wife survived him eight months. He was a
brother of Mary Stewart, who married Nathan Brigham Newton 5 below.

4872. tvii. Hezekiah 5 , Jr., b. June 25, 1755 ; m. Lucy Coggswell.

4873. viii. Eunice 3 , b. March 17, 1758; m. in Holden, Mass., April 25. 1777, "Mrs.

Eunice Newton of Paxton," and James Davis of Hancock, N. H.

4874. tix. Nathan Brigham 5 . b. March 28, 1760 ; m. Mary Stewart.

4875. x. Elizabeth 5 , b. Feb. 4, 1763 ; d. at Leicester, Jan. 5, 1840, aged 78 ; m.

[int. Leicester she then of Paxton, March 15. 1781] Samuel Richardson,
Jr.. of Leicester. He was born about 1754, and died at Leicester, Oct. 11,
1838, aged 84. They lived the latter part of their lives in Leicester, and
perhaps all of it. The "Doctor's Record" gives the births of two children
there :

1. , dau. 6 . b. Dec. 11, 1790.

2. , dau. c , b. Jan. 20, 1792.

4876. txi. Edmund 5 , b. ; bapt. in Rutland, June 9, 1765 ; was living and signed

deed June 9, 1792. He is styled "Capt." in the Brigham Genealogy.

4877. txii. Baxter 5 ["Bonter" in appeal to the Court], b. about 1769 or 1770, was a

minor on March 30, 1789, and David Burns his guardian ; m. .

4728. ISAAC NEWTON 4 , JR. (Isaac 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Isaac and
Sarah (Belknap) Newton of Marlborough-Southborough, Mass., was born at
Marlborough, May 29, 1723, and died at Southborough August 9, 1797. C. R.

He married at Southborough, August 17, 1750, Sarah Collins, daughter of

Isaac Newton is styled "Jr." at his marriage and also in the record of the
birth of his son Isaac. The record of death as above is given, "Isaac, son of
Isaac," all in Southborough. No other children are recorded there.

Among the papers in the administration of his father's estate is the assent of
the widow, Sarah, the son Hezekiah, the son-in-law, James Gibbs, and, as I
suppose this son Isaac, who is there named Isaac C. Newton.


4897. ti. Isaac 5 , b. May 25, 1750 [? prob. 1751] ; m. Molly Bruce.

4732. CAPT. SETH NEWTON 4 (Isaac 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Isaac,
Sr., and Sarah (Belknap) Newton of Marlborough-Southborough, Mass., was
born at Southborough, September 10, 1732, and died there February 12, 1807,
aged 74. C. R.

He married (1) , some time between 1755 and 1759, or thereabout.

He married (2) at Southborough, February 6, 1783, Mrs. Patience (Bent)
Harvey,* widow of John Harvey of Marlborough, by whom she had six children,

as below, and daughter of Peter and Mary ( ) Bent, a prominent man of

Marlborough, where she was born February 13, 1740-41. During her widowhood
she lived with her son, Seth Newton, Jr., until his decease, when she went to

♦John Harvey (also written Hervey), b. ; d. ; m. at Marlborough, Mass.,

Jan. 29, 1760, Patience Bent, daughter of Peter and Mary Bent of Marlborough, where she
was born Feb. 13, 1740-'41. They had six children and perhaps others :

1. Patience, b. July 22. 1760 ; m. Sept. 9, 1779, David Fay, who d. 1827. She d. Nov. 1,

1847, aged 87. Westborough ; is not mentioned in her mother's will ; 11 children.

2. Jonathan, b. about 1764 ; d. Oct. 31, 1830, aged 66 ; m. at Southborough, Feb. 26, 1793,

Lvdia Spaulding. They had :
, inft. child, that d. June 5, 1793.

1. Spaulding, b. ; his dau. prob. m. Seth Newton, Jr.. which see. Mentioned in his

grandmother's will, $20.

2. Lydia, b. ; mentioned in her grandmother's will, $30.

3. James, b. June 1, 1768 ; not mentioned, and prob. dead.

4. Esther, b. July 28, 1770; m. July 10, 1792, Caleb Newton (Ezra 6 , Jonathan 4 , Jonathan',

Moses 2 ) ; given $200 by her grandmother's will.

5. Jonah, b. Oct. 12, 1772 ; living 1837 ; made trustee for his sisters, and given $50 by his


live with her son by her first marriage, Jonah Harvey, in Southborough, where
she died January 23, 1837, aged nearly 96. An abstract of her will and a list
of the administration papers are given herewith. The many names given in this
will are helpful in verifying the data obtained from other sources regarding
this family.

Capt. Seth Newton was about nineteen years old when his father made his
will in 1751, and about twenty-two years old when he presented that will in
Court and was appointed executor of it, the other heirs who were present assent-
ing, in 1751. He seems to have been a person in whom others could put trust
with safety, even in his early manhood. This is instanced also in his being
made an officer of the "Train Band" when about twenty-five years old.

When, where and to whom Capt. Seth Newton was married the first time,
or where he spent the years of this married life, does not yet appear. He seems
to have been in touch with Southborough all through his army life, and prob-
ably was married somewhere near 1760. After his second marriage he seems to
have lived the remainder of his life at Southborough, and his two youngest sons
were born there. He may have had other children by his first wife, but only
Martha, Luther and Simeon are mentioned in his will. Notice that his sec-
ond marriage did not occur until after the Revolutionary War was over.

Seth Newton was a member of the Southborough militia under Captain Tim-
othy Brigham, in 1757, and a Corporal in the "Train Band" under the same
captain in the same year. — Mass. Archives.

Seth Newton was Captain of the Eighth (Southborough) Company of the
Sixth Worcester County regiment of militia, in a list of officers chosen in said
regiment, as returned by John Goulding and others, field officers, dated West-
borough, April 15, 1776; ordered in council April — , 1776, that said officers be
commissioned ; reported commissioned April 5, 1776 ; also

"Seth Newton, Captain in Col. John Smith's regiment, list of officers, year
not given; also

"Seth Newton in a report made of enlistment committee for the County of
Worcester, dated Watertown Sept. 6, 1776, of men raised to re-enforce the Con-
mother's will; m. Dec. 30, 1804, Thankful Bullard of Holliston, and in Holliston. She
died Sept. 22, 1840.

6. Elizabeth, b. ; living in 1837 ; m. at Marlborough. Sept. 4, 1797, Moses Stratton,

son of Jonathan and Abigail. He was born 1776 and died June 10, 1832. aged 56.
They lived in Marlborough and had there five children. She is given $100 by her
mother's will.

John Bent 1 , aged 35 years, with wife, four sons and one daughter, sailed from Southamp-
ton. England, in 1638, and settled the same year in Sudbury, Mass. ; farmer. He was born
at Penton-Grafton, Co. Hants. Eng., and bapt. Nov. 30. 1596, son of Robert and Agnes (Biggs)
Bent of that town. He died at Sudbury, Sept. 27, 1672. His will is dated Sept. 14, 1672. He
married Martha , b. in England, who died May 15. 1679. They had two more chil-
dren, b. in Sudbury. Children were: Robert, 1624-5; William, 1626; Peter, bapt. 1629;
Agnes, abt. 1630 ; m. Edward Kice ; John, about 1635 ; Joseph. 1641 ; Martha, abt. 1643 ;
m. 1663. Samuel How of Sudbury, where they had seven children, the youngest being David
How, the first proprietor of the "Wayside Inn," made famous by Longfellow.

Peter Bent 2 (John 1 ), bapt. April 14, 1629, in England, as well as his father, was a
petitioner for Marlborough in 1656, and settled there, where he had a grant for a mill on
Stony Brook. During King Philip's War his son was scalped by Indians, his house gar-
risoned and burned. He made his will Dec. 21, 1674. He went back to England several times
and finally died there in May, 1678, aged 49. His wife was Elizabeth of Cam-
bridge. They had eight children, the oldest was Peter 3 , 1653.

Peter Bent 3 (Peter 2 ), b. Oct. 15, 1653, at Sudbury; died at Marlborough. March 3, 1717;
m. 1705, Abigail Barns (who was his 2d cousin), daughter of Richard and Deborah (Dix)
Barns, who died in 1788, aged 84. They had six children born in Marlborough. The second
was Peter*, b. 1707.

Peter Bent 4 (Peter 3 ), b. March 20, 1707; will dated Feb. 1, 1786; d. March 11. 1798,
aged 91. Res. Marlborough ; a prominent citizen ; Selectman ten years ; Rep. to Genl. Court
five years, and member of the first three Provincial Congresses ; one of six of the largest

tax payers in Marlborough. His wife was Mary , who died June 3, 1803, aged 93.

They are buried in the old cemetery in Marlborough, near the present Fitchburg Railway
station. They had eleven children born at Marlborough. The fifth was Patience, b. Feb. 13,
1741. who m. (1) John Harvey, and m. (2) Capt. Seth Newton.*


tinental Army; Said Newton with his Company of 73 men marched to North-
ward, or Canada Department July 20, 1776, under command of Col. Smith. Also

"Capt. Seth Newton in Col. Whitney's regiment, engaged Aug. 21, 1777, dis-
charged Aug. 26, 1777 ; service six days on an alarm at Bennington ; company
proceeded from Southborough to Hadley on horses, by order of the Brigadier
General, horse hire and milage allowed home (80 miles). Also

"Capt. Seth Newton of the Fourth Company in Col. Job Cushing's Sixth
(Worcester Co.) regiment of Mass. Militia; list of officers; commissioned Aug.
7, 1777. Also

"Seth Newton, Capt. in Col. Abijah Stearns' regiment; engaged April 1,
1778, discharged July 2, 1778 ; service three months, two days, at and about
Boston ; roll endorsed, 'Guards at Boxbury.' "

An account of the Batification of the Constitution of the United States by
the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts convened at Boston on
the ninth day of January, 1788, and continued until the seventh day of Febru-
ary, was printed in the Massachusetts Gazette of February 8th, 1788, at Boston.
It gives me pleasure to note that Capt. Seth Newton of Southborough was a
member of that convention and was one of the majority who voted "Yea." 187
yeas, 168 nays, majority of 19. The whole account, the jubilation of the City
of Boston, the next day, is pleasant reading.

In the First United States Census, 1790, occurs the name of Seth Newton,
head of a family consisting of (himself counted) four males above sixteen years.
two males below sixteen years, and three females. By looking closely at the dates
of births and marriage of his own, and his wife's children by her previous mar-
riage, it is not difficult to imagine who the several persons were.

In several references to him, as also in the record of his death, he is styled
"Esq.," instead of "Capt." Seth Newton.

Series A. Case 43410. Seth Newton Will. Filed Apr. 14. 1807.
Allowed June 2, 1807. Recorded. Vol. 36, p. 35.

In the Name of God, Amen. I Seth Newton of Southborough in the County of Wor-
cester and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Esqr.- considering the uncertainty of this
mortal life, but of sound and perfect mind and memory, blessed be almighty God for the
same, do make and publish this my last Will & Testament, in manner and form following,
(that is to say)

First. My will is that all my Just debts and funeral Charges be paid out of my
Estate, by my Executrix hereinafter named. —

Item. I give and Bequeath to my beloved Wife Patience Newton the Improvement
of one third of all my Real Estate during her remaining my Widow, also two cows to
her own disposal one horse and Chays, two feather beads and beading compleat, Also
all my household firniture except three feather beads and beading one Case of Draws, one
Desk & Book Case with the Books in the same. I also give and bequeathe to my said
wife all the Estate Real or personal, that now is, or may heareafter be given to her, by
her friend or Relations, forever.

Item. I give and bequeath to my Daughter Martha Taplin one hundred Dollars, to be
paid to her by my said executrix in four Years after my decease to be on interest after
the expiration of the Said four years if not paid.

Item. — I give to my son Luther Newton fifty five dollars, to be paid by my said
Executrix in three years after my decease, to be on interest after the expiration of the
said three years if not then paid, which with what he has already had is his full share
of my estate.

Item. — I give and bequeathe to my son Simeon Newton one hundred Dollars to be
paid to him by my said Executrix in two years after my decease if not then paid to be
on Interest till paid, which with what he already has is his full Share of my Estate.

Item I give and demise to My two Sons Seth Newton and Peter Bent Newton, All
ray Real Estate within the said town of Southborough that I shall die seized and Pos-
sessed of to be equally divided between them. Excepting the one third which I have
given to my said Wife, which is to equaly divided between them after her decase or
Marraige to them and their heirs and Assigns forever. I also give to my said tow Sons
Seth & Peter Bent Newton my Case of Draws, Desk Books and Book Case which will
be their full share of my Estate.


Item ; — I give to my said Wife Whom I hereby constitute ordain and appoint my
Sole Executrix to this my last Will and testament all the remaining part of my Personal
estate that is not otherwise disposed of that I may die seized and Possessed of, to enable
her to pay the aforesaid Debts and Legacies. And also I do hereby Revoke all former
Wills by me made.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this Twenty fourth day of
March in the Year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Ninety Eight.

Seth Newton. (Seal)

Signed, Sealed Published and declaired by the above named Seth Newton to be his
Last Will and Testament, in presence of us, who have hereunto subscribed our names as
Witnesses, in presence of the testator.

Samuel Jenison
Silas Kindal

Ebenezer Stocker Richards
A true copy,

Attest: H. H. Atwood,

Asst. Register.

Abstract of Will.
1837. Patience Newton, Southborough. 43354 A.

Will, allowed March 7, 1837.

To son Jonah Harvey in trust for her daughter, Elisabeth Stratton, wife of Moses
Stratton $100.

To Jonah Harvey, in trust for her daughter Esther Newton, wife of Caleb Newton $200.
To son, Jonah Harvey. $50.

To grandchildren, Spaldin Harvey $20. and Lydia Harvey, $30. children of Jonathan

To grandchildren, Seth Newton Jr. and Derias Newton $50. with interest when they
become 21 years of age — children of Seth Newton

To granddaughers, Almira Newton and Mary Temple Newton, children of Seth Newton,
household furniture, and $10. to Mary Temple Newton.
Residue to grandsons Seth Newton Jr. and Derias Newton
Appoints Joseph Bullard executor $10000

Administrator will annexed Seth Newton $5000

Affidavit filed.

Petition to sell real estate.


Real Estate $1205.

Personal Estate $564.50

Elijah Flagg

Sylvester Newton ( Sureties


Sylvester Brigham ) ,

Larkin Newton 1 Sureties

The persons mentioned in the execution of this will, I suppose, are : Dr. Joseph
Bullard, father of Thankful, who married Jonah Harvey, her son; Elijah Flagg, father
of Russell Flagg, who married her granddaughter, Mary Temple Newton ; Major Larkin
Newton, Sylvester Brigham (s. of Elijah and Ruth) ; Sylvester Newton (s. of Stephen").
All were people of prominence and worth in the town.


4898. i. Martha 5 , b. ; d. at Corinth, Yt., about 1&38 ; m. at Southborough.

Mass., April 29, 1783, Elisha Taplin. son of Col. John and Hephzibah
(Brigham) Taplin* of Marlborough, Southborough, Newbury, Mass., and

•Mansfield Tapley', the immigrant: carrier; came from Cambridge, Mass., to Charles-
town, and shortly after his arrival married, on Aug. 20, 1718, Mary Johnson, dan. of Isaac
(Isaac 2 . Wm. 1 of Charlestown) and Alice Johnson of Charlestown. She died Aug. 31, 1731,
aged 32 yrs. They had in Charlestown, Mart/, 1710; m. Joseph Lewis, Jr.; Anne. 1725;
John, 1727 ; Isaac, 1729 ; Mansfield, Jr., 1731. Widow Sarah Kidder of Cambridge took the
last two children, aged respectively 2 yrs. 1 mo., and 10 mos. in 1731, their father and
mother having; both died about 1731. All of the children except Mansfield. Jr.. changed the
spelling of the name to Taplin, by which name their descendants have been known.

Col. John Taplin 2 (Mansfield 1 ), bapt. at Charlestown, Feb. 7, 1730-1; m. at South-
borough. March 21, 1748-0, Hephzibah Brigham. dau. of Lieut. Nathan 4 and Hephzibah
( ) Brigham of Southborough, where she was born June 1, 1732. They lived In Marl-



Corinth, Vt., born about 1758, probably at Marlborough, Mass. They set-
tled at Corinth, Vt., soon after their marriage, where they lived and
died and where their children were born. Elisha Taplin was a soldier of
the Revolution. He was a member of Capt. Josiah Fay's Company, Col.
Artemas Ward's regiment in 1774. This Company with fifty-six men,
marched to Lexington and Concord (but the record does not state whether
he went with them or not). [History of Worcester County, Mass.] He
was a private in Capt. Seth Newton's Company, Col. Whitney's regiment
in 1777. [Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in Revolutionary War.]

The "Old records of the Church of Christ" of Berlin, Vt., as published
in the Genealogical Department of the Boston Transcript, state that in
1794 two children of Elisha Taplin died in Berlin, and that in 1795 Elisha
Taplin himself died there. Family tradition states that he was killed
by a fall from a horse, or was kicked by a horse and died as the result.

The land records of Berlin, Vt., show that in Aug. 1792, Elisha Taplin
bought quite a tract of land there, his residence being given as Corinth ;
but before his death he had sold all of this and left no real estate.

His widow, Martha (Newton) Taplin, returned to Corinth, Vt., where
the parents and a number of brothers of her husband lived, and she
remained there until her death at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Bond.
Her children were :
4903. 1. Nathan Brigham 6 Taplin, b. ; was captain of a Corinth, Vt., com-

pany in the War of 1812 ; m. Hannah Stearns. They had :

1. Nathan Brigham 7 Taplin, Jr., b. .

2. Amanda 7 Taplin, b. ; m. Bliss Corliss.

3. Michael S. 7 Taplin, b. ; m. Nancy Moore.

4. Aristarchus 7 Taplin, b. , 1812 ; d. 1880.

, 5. Lowell Greenleaf 7 Taplin, b. Jan. 11, 1814 ; m. Jane Bassett.

G. Martha Stearns 7 Taplin. b. ; m. William Dickey.

Calvin* Taplin, b. March 20, 1789.

Two children", who d. at Berlin, Vt., in 1794.

Catherine 8 Taplin, b. ; m. Carpenter.

Mehitable* Taplin, b. June 8, 1791 ; d. at Burlington, Vt, April 8, 1872 ;
m. at Corinth, Vt.. Jan. 12, 1812, Ebenezer Roby, son of John and
Mehitable (Hall) Roby* of Candia, N. H., where he was born May 26,

borough, Southborough, Newbury, Mass., and Corinth, Vt. John Taplin served as Captain
In Col. Jonathan Bagley's and other Massachusetts regiments between 1755 and 1759, on
Lake Champlain and elsewhere, and 1759 to 1763 under Col. Bagley and Col. Richard Salton-
stall he took part in the Louisburg campaign with the rank of Major. [Mass. Archives.]
He was always thereafter called Col. Taplin, and is said to have received that rank in the
Louisburg campaign. In 1770 he was appointed by King George and the Governor of New
York, Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas for Gloucester County, which comprised
a large part of Northern Vermont, and served until 1774. His son Elisha Taplin 3 was a
soldier of the Revolution and married Martha Newton, dau. of Capt. Seth Newton, in whose
Company he served.

The "Old Records of the Church of Christ, of Berlin, Vt.," state there were thirteen
families in that town in 1789, and that John Taplin from Corinth, Vt.. came in 1790. Among
the deaths are: 1794. Mrs. John Taplen, and two children of Elisha Taplin. 1795. Elisha
Taplin and Mrs. Doctor Taplin.

* Henry Robie, b. at Castle Dunnington, Eng., Feb. 12, 1618-19, was in Dorchester, Mass.,
in 1639, and removed the same year to Exeter, N. EL, and in 1651 to Hampton, N. H., where

he died April 22, 1688. He m. (1) Ruth , who died May 5, 1673. He m. (2) Jan.

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