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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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1826, aged 60, in Rutland.

1822. Samuel Newton, Rutland. 43389 A.

Assent of widow, heirs and creditors to appointment of Rufus Putnam, signed by Martha
Newton, Peter Newton. David Rice. John Frink, and James Estabrook. (The last three
appear to be creditors.)

Will disallowed Oct. 11, 1822. Mentions widow. Martha, nephew Samuel Newton, a
minor, brother Peter Newton and sisters Abigail Rice, Elizabeth Gates and Hannah

Appointed Jonas Howe executor.

bond of Rufus Putnam appointed administrator Sept. 3, 1822.
$10000. Calvin Howe)

Daniel King ) Sureties
Inventory, Real Estate $285.00, Personal Estate $222.87.
List of Debts.

Assignment of Dower ("includes' westerly part of the dwelling house, which was not
set out to Hannah Newton as Dower in the estate of her husband, Peter Newton etc."
Petition and bond for sale of real estate.

Petition and bond for sale of real estate.
Account of dividends to creditors.
Account of sales of personal property.

From the above abstract of administration the inference is that there were no children.

4960. ii. Abigail 5 , b. Oct. 27, 1760; d. ; m. at Rutland, Sept. 8, 1782, Joel

Read, son of Capt. Thomas, Jr., and Hannah (Nurse) Read of Rutland,
where he was born Dec. 5, 1760, and where he died — "Drownd in Musca-
poge pond" — June 13, 1783, leaving a posthumous son. She married (2 I
at Rutland, June 8, 1785, David Rice, Jr., son of David and Love (Moore)

commissions, and by the County Court. He d. 1663, aged 70, S. P. It is probable that Rich-
ard and John of Watertown and Benjamin of Iioxbury were his nephews, whom he men-
tions in his will.

Richard Child 1 , b. 1631 ; d. 1604 ; freeman. 1652 ; one of the heirs of Dea. Ephraim
Child; m. in Watertown, 1662, Mehitabel DlHHICK, who died 1676. and he m. (2) 1678,
Hannah Traine. dau. of John and Margaret (Dix) Traine of Watertown, where she was b.
1657. He had twelve children. The ninth was

Joshta Child 2 , b. Dec. 30, 1682. had by wife Sarah seven children. These moved from
Watertown. going to Shrewsbury, Worcester, Rutland and other towns. The third child was
Thomas 3 , b. Sept. 16, 1726; m. Anna Bullard and had Abiatho-*, b. 1754; m. Eliza Newton 7
(Timothy 6 ) ; the fourth child was Hannah 3 , b. Oct. 10, 1727; m. Peter Newton 4 (Abraham 3 ).
See Timothy Newton 8 , Jr. (Timothy 5 ), and note, for Child.


Rice* of Rutland, where he was born Feb. 18, 1757, and "where he died"
Sept. 2, 1825. They resided in Rutland, where he was a Magistrate and
Representative. The grave of "David Rice, died Sept. 2, 1825 aged 68,"
is in Princeton. There are also two persons whose deaths occurred in
Princeton either of whom might have been this Abigail Rice : "Mrs.
Rice, Oct. 6, 1808." "Mrs. Rice Jan. 28, 1820." or perhaps was living in
October, 1822 [see her brother's will]. I think she was. Her children,
all born at Rutland, were :

4904. 1. Joel Read. b. July — , 1783 : bapt. July 27, 17S3. C. R.

4905. t2. Hannah Rice, b. May 13, 1787; d. 1855; m. Preston Tond ; res. West-

496G. 3. John 6 Rice, b. Sept. 21, 1789; m. Nancy Gibbs ; settled in Guildford, N. Y.

4907. 4. David" Rive. b. Oct. 24, 1791; m. Nancy Davis; res. Princeton.

4908. 5. Aaron'' 1 Rice. b. July 30, 1793: m. Susan Davis; res. Princeton.

4909. 0. Betsey 6 Rice, b. — , 1795 ; d. at Princeton, Nov. 8, 1799, in 4th year.

4970. 7. Reuben Rice, b. March 8, 1797; m. Mary Gibbs; res. Guildford, N. Y.

4971. 8. Nathan" Rice, b. Oct. 3, 1800; m. Cynthia Derby; res. Ilubbardston.

4901. tii. Peter 5 , Jr., b. Aug. 7, 1703 ; m. (1) Martha Browning; m. (2) Annis


4902. iii. Elizabeth 5 , b. Sept. 28, 1707; d. at Templeton, May 29, 1829. aged G2,

C. R. ; m. at Rutland. Oct. 7, 1789, Benjamin Gates, son of Makepeace
and Katherine (Smith) Gatest of Barre, Mass., where he was born "Oct.
5, 1770." T. R. He died at Templeton; "farmer (married), s. Makepeace,
July 0, 1840, a?. 07. Consumption. Born in Barre." T. R. They resided
in Rutland, where two of their children were born and recorded. The
others are not recorded there.

4972. 1. Betsey 6 Gates, b. Jan. 31, 1790, at Rutland.

4973. 2. Asa 6 Gates, b. Jan. 15, 1792, at Rutland.

4974. t3. Hannah Gates, b. Jan. 25, 1794; m. her cousin, Daniel Newton (5324)

and had six children. See his number for further account.

4975. 4. Polly 6 Gates, b. Sept. 19, 1795.
4970. 5. Reuben 6 Gates, b. Feb. 5, 1798.

4977. 0. Amiable Gates, b. May 21, 1802.

4978. 7. Abigail 6 Gates, b. March 12, 1804.

4979. t8. Julia Ann 6 Gates, b. March 23, 1808; m. her cousin, Joel Newton 9 (2d

wf. ) . See his number for children.

4903. iv. Hannah 5 , b. Aug. 3, 1770 ; "died in Templeton, Mass., about 1839, aged 69."

P. R. She married at Templeton, March 18, 1824, "Benjamin Gates of
Barre." This may be the same man as above, and the dates in error. She
died without children. See note below.

♦David Rice 8 , Jr. (David 5 , Daniel 4 , Daniel 3 , Edward 2 , Edmund 1 ), b. 1717; d. 1801; m.
Love Moore of Rutland, dau. of Paul and Hannah (Hubbard) Moore. She d. at Templeton,
1823, aged 89. Oldest child was Da rid 5 , b. 1757. This pedigree traces back to Daniel Rice 3
as above whose son Daniel 4 was a brother of Bethia Rice 4 , who m. Jonathan Newton 3 . See
note there for early Rice generations.

t Stephen Gates 1 and wife Ann were of Hingham, Mass., 1638, and of Lancaster,

Mass., 1654; d. Cambridge, 1662. His son, Simon Gates 2 , bapt. at Hingham, 1646; wife
Margaret, d. 1705 ; had son, Jonathan 3 , b. Cambridge, 1683 ; d. Worcester, 1755 ; wife Persis
. They had a son John*, b. 1710, d. 1797, m. Violata Rice, and ^YiUiam t , b. at Wor-
cester, March 27, 1735; m. at Barre. Jane Rice, Sept. 21, 1756 (T. R.). They (Wm. 4 and
Jane) resided several years in Barre ; "had four children there" [not recorded] ; "removed
to Conway." The one child recorded in Barre was Benjamin 5 , born May 3. 1757 (who mar-
ried Elizabeth or Hannah Newton 5 , dau. of Peter 4 , Sr.) ; William*, b. abt. 1758, was a drum-
mer in the Revolutionary Army 4 yrs., 7 mos., and d. 1852, aged 94, at Vienna, N. Y. ;

Solomon 5 , b. ; Aaron 5 , b. ; Thomas 5 , b. . The last two also settled in

New York state.

Benjamin Gates of Barre m. in 1817, Esther Gates Jenny of Hardwick. She had a dau.
b. Dec. 16, and d. Dec. 28, 1820.

Benjamin Gates of Barre m. in 1S24, Hannah Newton.

Benjamin Gates 6 (s. of Henry 5 ), b. Aug., 1792, in Framingham. This is prob. the same
person. I do not know. It seems to me that the Benjamin Gates, b. 1776, son of Make-
peace, was not the one who m. Elizabeth Newton. The confusion is readily dispersed by
some one who has the data.

This Henry Gates 5 (above) is of the same family and his pedigree runs through the
following : he was born 1757 ; was a soldier of the Revolution and wounded at Bunker Hill ;
wf. Anne Ernes ; res. Sud. ; was son of Capt. Amos Gates 4 (Amos 3 , Simon 2 , Stephen 1 of

The family of Elizabeth and Hannah Newton did not know about their marriages, but
thought there were two men and not related.


4792. LEMUEL NEWTON 4 (Samuel 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Samuel
and Mary (Tozer) Newton of Marlborough, Mass., was born there March 17,
1718, and died at Southborough, Mass., September 27, 1793. C. R.

He married Abigail .

Mr. Newton lived in Southborough, Mass. His children were born there. He
was not the "head of a family" as per the United States Census, in 1790; prob-
ably was living with his children. There is no record of the settlement of his

Lemuel Newton was a soldier of the Revolution. The Massachusetts archives
show his name on the Revolutionary rolls in the following services. His son
Winslow 5 , and his brother, Samuel Newton, Jr. 4 , were out with him in the same
company and regiment. They were so much younger than he that they served
several enlistments; but at the age of fifty-eight years, Lemuel Newton could
not do more than to show and to satisfy his patriotic desire. Abstract of service:

"Lemuel Newton. Private, Capt. Moses Harrington's Company Col. Nicholas
Dike's regiment, mustered Dec. 1776 — Feb. 1777, regiment to serve to March 1,
1777. Credited to the town of Southborough."

His grandson, Asahel Newton, was also a soldier of the Revolutionary War.
Three generations of patriotic soldiers.


4980. i. Charles', b. Feb. 7. 1740-1 ; d. ; m. July 22, 17G2, at Southborough,

Eunice Bellows, dau. of James and Sarah (Sherman) Bellows of South-
borough, where she was born April 8, 1738. Whether they had children,
or where they died, I do not find. Her sister Thankful married Amos
Newton 4 , Sr. (1498).

4981. ii. Mary 5 , b. Sept. 23, 1742; d. ; m. at Southborough, May 5, 1767,

John Witherbee. They lived awhile in Southborough, where they had
four children :

4988. . 1. Joseph" Witherbee, b. March 1, 1768.

4989. 2. Huldah" Witherbee, b. May 13, 1769.

4990. 3. Judith" Witherbee, b. Jan. 3, 1771.

4991. 4. Caleb" Witherbee, b. Feb. 19, 1774.

4982. iii. Jane 5 , b. Sept. 27, 1744; d. at Framingham , 1785; m. at South-

borough, May 16, 1765, Lieut. Joseph Mixer, son of Benjamin and Sarah
(Garfield) Mixer* of Southborough, where he was born March 7, 1742.
He died in Boston in 1802. He was Ensign in Capt. Drury's Company in
the Revolutionary War. He lived in Framingham, "near Mr. Temple's, on
the Goddard place, and moved to Southborough in 1785." The births of
their first two children are recorded in Southborough. The baptisms of
the others are recorded in Framingham. It is interesting to note the inter-
marrying of this Newton-Mixer branch through four generations.
Children were :

4992. tl. Levinah" Mixer, b. Feb. 11, 1766; m. Dec, 1808, Jeremiah Newton 5 (Sol. 4 ).

4993. 2. Sarah" Mixer, b. Sept. 28, 1767; alive 1845; m. William Stow of


4994. 3. Ebenczer B." Mixer, bapt. Oct. 8, 1769; m. Thebe Stow of Southborough;

d. in New York.

4995. 4. William" Mixer, bapt. July 21, 1771 ; d. , aged 3 mos.

4996. 5. Joseph? Mixer, bapt. Jan. 10, 1773 ; d. y.

4997. 6. Anna* Mixer, bapt. March 30, 1774; m. Luther Angier of Southborough.

4998. 7. Joseph" Mixer, bapt. April 7, 1775 ; in. Nancy Fay of Southborough ; res.

Oxford, Maine.

4999. 8. Thcodad" Mixer, bapt. Sept. — , 1777; m. Ilollis Jewell; res. Southborougli

and St. Albans.

* Benjamin Mixer 4 Twas son of Benjamin 3 and Rebecca (Newton) of Marlborough, and
Benjamin's 3 (the father's) widow married Moses Newton], m. (1) Sarah Garfield who died
In 1754. and he m. (2) Dinah Newton 5 (John 4 ). Then Benjamin's 4 son Joseph 5 , m. Jane
Newton 5 and their dau. Levinah Mixer, m. Jeremiah Newton 5 (Solomon 4 ). This line of Mixers
runs through Lieut. Joseph 6 , Benjamin 4 , Benjamin 3 , Isaac 2 , Isaac 1 Mixer from England, 1634,
aged 33, to Watertown, Mass. See notes to Isaac Newton 2 and Solomon Newton 4 . A mixed




















fviii. Y\


5000. 9. WUHam* Mixer, bapt. Aug. 1, 1779: in. Patience Churchill; res. Paris,


5001. 10. Benjamin* Mixer, bapt. Jan. — , 1783; m. Betsey Shepherd, Marlborough;

res. Hillsborough, N. H.

4983. iv. Submit 5 , b. June 16, 1747. Perhaps she is the one who died July 2, 1747,

and the recorder wrote "dau. of Samuel" instead of Lemuel.

4984. v. Levi'', b. May 20, 1748.

4985. tvi. EDMUND 5 , 1>. Aug. 7. 1751; m. Hepzibah Witherbee.

4980. vii. ANNA 6 , b. July 29, 1754; d. widow, at Southborough, Sept. 10. 1843. aged
S9. Old age; married at Ilopkinton. Mass.. Dec. 2, 1777, Elisha Bemis,
Jr., son of Elisha and Lucy (Ellton) Bemis* of Watertown and South-
borough,, born at Watertown, , 1754, and died in South-
borough. Nov. 11, 1817. Where they lived the first years of marriage, is
not known to me. The first child is said to have been born at South-
borough ; if so. the record of birth escaped the printed copy. All of the
others here given were born at Southborough, and recorded there :
1. Elijah" Bemis, b. June 25. 1778; m. 1805, Sally Wilson of Framingham.
They lived in Southborough and had there eleven children. One was
il. Elijah 7 Bemis. Jr., b. Feb. 20, 1815: m. (1) Susan Este Newton (2920) ;
m. (2) Julia Ann Newton (3593).
Elisha" Bemis. h. March 27, 1783; m. 1818, Phebe Fay.
Anna' Bemis, b. May 26, 1785: d. March 13. 1790.
Peter" Bemis, b. April 26, 1787.

Ezra" Bemis, b. April 13, 1789; m. 1815, Lavina Woolson.
Jacob" Bemis, b. June 1, 1791; m. (1) Eunice Rice; m. (2) Lydia Rice.
,Salh/" Bemis, b. July 26, 1793.

Polli/" Bemis. b. Oct. 11. 1795; d. Feb. 22. 1835, aged 39; unm.
Wixslow 5 , b. April 9, 1756 ; m. Anna Bemis.

4794. SAMUEL NEWTON 4 , JR. (Samuel 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Sam-
uel and Mary (Tozer) Newton of Marlborough, was born there February 9, 1727,
and died (I suppose) at Phillipston, Mass., February 9, 1792. C. R.

He married at Southborough, Mass., December 23, 1748, Mary Morse, daugh-
ter of Zachariah and Huldah (Whitney) Morsel of Southborough and Water-
town, Mass. She was born at Southborough, December 25, 1728.

Mr. Newton resided in Southborough. His children were born there. I sup-
pose he is the Samuel Newton, head of a family in "Gerry" (Phillipston)
mentioned in the First United States Census, 1790. There was no Probate set-
tlement of his estate in Worcester County, Mass. The whole family, head and
all, the Census gives as: 2 males upward of sixteen years, 2 males under six-
teen years, and 3 females.

Samuel Newton, Jr., was a soldier of the Revolution. His name appears on
the Revolutionary rolls many times, and these rolls are to be seen in the Massa-
chusetts archives. All of the service there given was not performed by this
Samuel Newton, who died in 1792, while one of the others had a longer service
and lived to become a Revolutionary pensioner. This Samuel Newton was forty-
five years old when the Alarm at Lexington was sent out. Age made very
little difference in those times; if a man could walk, he "went out" once, any-
how. What I suppose to be the service of this Samuel was :

"Samuel Newton, Southborough, Private, on A Muster Roll of Capt. Elijah
Bellows Company in the Colony Service, marched on Alarm April 19, 1775,
travelled forty-eight miles, served eleven days. Also

* For Bemis pedigree see note to Winslow Newton 5 (4987).

t Zachariah Morse 5 , son of Joseph 4 and Elizabeth (Sawtell) Morse of Watertown. was
born there in 1000 ; rem. to Southborough, where his estate was administered in 1734 ; m. there,
Huldah. dau. of Isaac and Elizabeth (Bridges) Whitney. They had Benjamin, 1725; Joseph,

b. ; in. 1753. Joanna Newton 1 (dau. Jona. 3 ) ; Mary, 1728 ; m. Samuel Newton 4 , Jr.

(Samuel 3 ); Elizabeth, 1731. d. y. : Elizabeth, 1733; m. Nehemiah Newton 5 (Ezekiel 4 ) ;
Samuel, m. Mary Rice. Joseph Morse 4 , son of John 3 (Joseph 2 , Joseph 1 ).



"Samuel Newton. Southborough, Private on A Muster Roll of Capt. Moses
Harringtons Company, in Col. Nicholas Dikes regiment, for Dec. 1776-Feb.
1777. Credited to Southborough, enlisted Dec. 24, 1776 to serve until March 1,
1777. Also

"Samuel Newton, Southborough, Private on A Pay Roll of Capt, Seth New-
ton's Company in Col. Whitney's regiment of Militia, for six days, going on an
Alarm at Bennington, with Company on horses, being additional pay from the
State for their further encouragement, one pound per month. Enlisted August
21, 1777, discharged August 27, 1777."


5011. ti. Asahel 5 , b. June 15, 1749 ; m. Mary Morse.

5012. ii. Elizabeth 5 , b. Oct. 10, 1751.

5013. iii. Jeduthan 5 . b. Aug. 10, 1754; a soldier of the Revolution. Ho, with his

brother Asahel, joined a company of minutemen and was ready when the
"Alarm" should be sounded. The Revolutionary rolls show that he served
several enlistments. I now regret that I copied so little of them. What
I here give is enough to show his patriotic spirit, and to indicate which
Newton performed the service. The first roll on which his name
appears is :

Jeduthan Newton. Southborough. Private in Capt. Josiah Fay's Com-
pany of Minute-men. in Col. Jonathan Ward's regiment, marched April 19,
1775, seventeen days service, reported returned home." Also, record of
much other service from that time until November 29, 1777, when his
rank was corporal.

I do not know what became of him. No Jeduthan Newton was head of
a family in the U. S. Census, 1790, anywhere.

5014. iv. Rhoda 5 , b. Dec. 28, 1758.

5015. v. Rebecca 5 b. April 14, 1761 ; d. at Belchertown. Oct. 2-J, 1828, the "Widow

of Eneas Ward." She married , 1774, and is then called "of

Southborough." Mass., Eneas Ward, born at Southborough, Mass.. May 30,
1754, died at Stanhead, Lower Canada, May 27. 1822, aged 68, son of

Ephraim and Hannah ( ) Ward of Southborough. Mr. and Mrs.

Ward resided in Southborough, Mass., where their first four children were
born. They moved to Royalston. Mass., where their next two children
were born ; then to Fitzwilliam, N. H., where the youngest was born.
The children were :
5019.' 1. Rebecca Ward, b. Jan. 2. 1775 ; d. Jan. 10, 1775.

5020. 2. Pattif ^Yard. b. May 15. 1776: d. same day.

5021. 3. Hezekiah 6 Ward, b. March 3, 1777; d. March 24, 1777.

5022. 4. Ezra 9 Ward, b. Sept. 4, 1778.

5023. 5. Mehitalle* Ward, b. . 1782.

5024. 6. Isaac" Ward, b. , 17S5.

5025. 7. Manf Ward, b. , 1793.

5016. vi. Susanna 5 , b. Aug. 24. 1705.

5017. vii. Mary 5 , b. Dec. 5, 1768; d. same day.

5018. viii. Samuel 5 , b. Dec. 4, 1775.

4795. RICHARD NEWTON* (Nathaniel 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ), son of
Nathaniel and Abigail (Tozer) Newton of Southborough, Mass., was in Marl-
borough, Mass., May 27, 1722, and died (probably at Westminster, Mass.,
although there is no record of it there) , 1772.

He married at Framingham, Mass., January 27 [1741, probably. T. R. gives
1743, an error], Martha Pike of that town. She died at Westminster, January
18, 1767. Eight children.

He married (2) at Marlborough, Mass., April 20, 1768, Widow Mary Flagg
of Marlborough.

Mr. Newton resided in Southborough until after the birth there of all of
his children, when lie removed to Westminster, Mass.. where he settled. The his-
torian of Westminster says of him: ''He lived in his native town for some
years, but bought. March 23, 1757. Lot 14, 2d Division, lying west of the Bige-
low farm, where he built a house and made a home. lie was cbosen 'Sealer of


Leather' at the first meeting of the District of Westminster. The date of his
death is unknown, but it occurred before 1773, in which year his homestead was
sold by the administrator of his estate, Daniel Hoar. He probably had no
children, none being named in the distribution of his property."

In reply to my inquiry as to the practice in the Probate Court, the Register
at Worcester states: "In these earlier cases, it seems to have been the practice
to simply present the will and ask orally to be appointed, instead of presenting
a petition in writing setting forth the names, residences and relationship of all
the next of kin, which is now required."

This being the case, the historian is excusable in judging tbere were no chil-
dren, since the records there showed none. Richard Newton died without making
a will, and his estate was settled by the Administrator appointed by the Court.
The case in Court is listed: "1772. Richard Newton. Westminster. Admin-
istrator. No. 43,377."

That Richard Newton was a patriotic spirit and transmitted the same to his
children, is evidenced in the fact that four of his sons were soldiers in the Revo-
lutionary War; three of them serving many terms of enlistment. The son
Cyprian served thirty-seven months, and Shadrack, three years.

In the procession at the celebration, in 1869, of the one hundredth anniversary
of the incorporation of the town of Westminster — men who turned out on the
Lexington Alarm and enlisted for eight months immediately after, were, Alpheus
Newton and Cyprian Newton, sons of Richard 4 , at Westminster. [Cyprian is
also written Ziphron.]


T>020. i. Huldaii 5 , b. April 30, 1742 ; m. at Lancaster, and also recorded at West-
minster, March 24. 17G5, Jonathan Townsend.

5027. ii. Piiebe 5 , b. Nov. 4. 1744.

5028. iii. Nathaxiel 5 . b. Feb. 17, 1740-7. [Perhaps he or his uncle Nathaniel 4 also

called "Hatho" may have been the Revolutionary soldier, 1776. in Capt.
Gideon Brownson's Company, on the Vermont Revolutionary rolls.]

5029. iv. Alpiieus 5 , b. March 21, 1749. He was living in 1869. and was in the pro-

cession at Westminster as above stated. I have not obtained data regarding
his family — if lie had one, nor when he died. No Alpheus Newton had an
estate in the Probate Court up to 1881. There was an Alpheus Newton
head of a family consisting of, besides himself, two males under sixteen
years and three females, at Montgomery. Mass., as given in the First
United States Census of 1790, who may be this man or another Alpheus
Newton not known to me. As a child of thirteen years, and probably on
a visit to his relatives, Alpheus Newton from Westminster was "warned"
from Southborough. Oct. 25, 1762, and the warrant returned to the Court,
Nov. 2, 1762. — So jealous were the towns then of their citizenship.

As a soldier of the Revolution, his name appears on the rolls : 'Alpheus
Newton. Westminster. Private Capt. Noah Miles Company, marched
April 19. 1775 to Cambridge and joined Col. John Whitcomb's regiment ;
served six days. Also

"Alpheus Newton in Capt. Edward Bemis' Company. Col. Asa Whit-
comb's regiment, marched August 1, 1775. enlisted August 25, 1775, the
account for wages dated Aug. 1775 at Cambridge camp at Prospect Hill.
.1 lao

"Roll of the Company's return" [prob. Oct. 1775].

At this date he would have been 26 years old. His name is not on the
United States Pension Roll of the Massachusetts Pensioners.
B030. v. Mabtha*, b. March 18, 1751.

5031. vi. Shadrach 5 , b. June 15, 1753, at Southborough. Mass.: probably d. in
Warren County. X. Y., after 1818. He m. at Westminster, Mass., April

— . 1784, Mary Dike, dau. of Nicholas aud ( ) Dike of

Westminster, .Mass.. and Halifax. Vt. She was born at Westminster. April
28, 1757. That they had children — probably three before 1790. there seems
to lie little doubt. I have not the record of his family. Ferhaps he had
a first wife. Jane Pike. I do not know.

Shadrach Newton was a soldier of the Revolution. First and last he
served three years in that war — representing many terms of enlistment.


His name appears on the Revolutionary rolls : "Shadrach Newton.
Southborough. Private in Capt. Silas Gates' Company, Col. Ward's regi-
ment, enlisted December 4, 1775 ; return for milage from Dorchester,
January 13, 177G (6 miles). Shadrach Newton, on a report from James
Barrett Esq r . Muster Master's return of men enlisted and to whom he
had paid bounty since last report, dated at Concord June 23, 1777, Capt.
Cory's Company. Shadrach Newton, Westminster. Private in Capt.
Elisha Jackson's Company, Eighth Worcester County regiment, term three
years, Residence Westminster." Also — other services that I did not copy.
The last date was May 19, 1780.

At date of his marriage, and in the publishment, he is "of Manchester."
In the First United States Census, 1790, the only person of the name
mentioned was Shadrach Newton* of Halifax, Windham Co., Vermont,
head of a family consisting of himself, two males under sixteen years, and
two females.

Shadrach Newton appears on the Revolutionary pension roll as :
"Private. Annual allowance $90.00. Sum received $1528.23. Service.
Mass. line. Placed on pension roll January 11, 1819. Pension commenced
April 4, 1818. Age 82." (Warren Co., N. Y., Vol. 2, p. 253.)

I suppose the age refers to the date when he first made application ; and
that he was then living in Warren County, N. Y.

5032. f vii. Henry 5 , b. May 7, 1755 ; m. Rhoda .

5033. viii. Cyprian 5 , also written Ziphron, Zophar; which he signed is unknown to

me; but probably Ziphron, since so is the name spelled in 1780, and on
the Revolutionary rolls. He was born March 20, 1758, at Southborough.
I have no further data in regard to him except as a soldier of the Revolu-
tion, — his name occurs on many rolls, not here mentioned. The rolls were
dated at Peekskill, Highlands, N. Y., Westminster, Mass., and other
places, and in various companies and regiments. The First Roll :

"Ziphron Newton. Westminster. Private, Capt. Edmund Bemis Com-

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