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pany, Col. Asa Whitcomb's regiment, enlisted May 4, 1775, service 3
month 5 days." Also

"Zipron Newton, in Capt. Barnes Company" in a report of James Bar-
rett, muster master, to the Massachusetts State Council of the men he had
mustered and to whom he had paid bounty, dated Concord, April 25, 1777.
The last discharge to Ziphron Newton was given April, 1780. At this
date he would be only 22 years of age. His residence is given Westminster
always. I have no further account of this man unless the name of
Zaphone Newton, Halifax. Windham Co., Yt., head of a family that had
no other members, as given in the First United States Census, .1790,
should be he ; and the fact that his brother Shadrach lived there seems
to confirm the idea.

4800. SIMON NEWTON (Nathaniel 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ), son of Nathan-
iel and Abigail (Tozer) Newton of Southborough, Mass., was born there, Septem-
ber 27, 1730.

He married at Lexington, Mass., November 14, 1754, Amity Fassett, daugh-
ter of Joseph and Amity ( ) Fassett:}: of Lexington, where she was born

* There was another Shadrach Newton, born July 19, 1783, in Framlngham, son of Jane
Pike, dau. of William and Sabilla (Frost) Pike, she b. July 1, 1753. His name also appears
on the church records at Framingham as Shadrack Pike, son of Jane, bapt. Aug. — , 1786.
This Shadrach Newton-Pike died at Framingham March 7, 1860.

t The Fassetts came from Scotland. There were several families of this name early in
Billerica, Mass. John Fassett was freeman in 1654. Nathaniel Fassett was taxed in Con-
cord in 1666. It is probable the Lexington Fassetts are descended from the Concord or
Billerica family as they resided near the corner of these towns, their residence being in what
is known as the Page place in Bedford, which was formerly a part of Lexington. [Hist.
Lex.. Mass., 1868, by Chas. Hudson.]

J08BPH Fassett of Lexington owned land at the "Farms," 1699. [Cambridge.] His wife
was Mary Munroe. dan. of Win. Munroe. They were in Lexington in 1701. having been adm.
to the church at thai time. In 1708 lie was chosen assessor of the precinct, and in 1714
for the town. Subsequently be became quite popular — Assessor nine years: Selectman about
as long; several years Representative in the General Court. Both he and bis wife died at
Lexington about 175-'! or 1754. There is record of only one son:

Joseph Fassett. Jr.. b. Dec. 6, 1701; d. Aug. 14. 1755; m. about 1726, Amity .

In his will he mentions his wife and the then living children. His widow Amity, m. (2)


February 1, 1732. She died at Bedford, Mass.. "August 28, 1756, in her 25th
year. [Aug. 29 or 25. G. S.]" From the date, "August 5th, 1756," of Simon's
letter to the Probate Judge given below, I think the true date of her death was
August 2, but I give them as I find them. She left one child in whose interest
her estate was settled in 1757. The papers in this case in the Probate Court at
East Cambridge, Middlesex County, Mass., are:

#15.900. Oldest Series. Three documents. A'iz. :

#1. A letter from the father asking for a guardian for the child.

#2. Guardian's bond — Letter delivered, fees paid to Judge, Registered.

#3. Inventory of estate wherewith the Guardian chargeth himself.

Ellis Newton 1757.
To the Hon. Saime Danforth Judg of Prou bee plezed to put M r John Paig in Guordion
For my Dafter Alles Newton.

Bedford August 5 — 1756.

Atest Joseph Bridge. Simon Newton.

Printed form of Guardians Bond.
John Page. Bedford. Gent m and Joseph Bridge of Lexington, yeoman. £300.

4th April 1757.
Ellis Newton, in second year of her age, dau. of Simon Newton and his late wife
Amity Newton of Lexington.

John Paige [L. S.]
Joseph Bridge [L. S.]
The mother's wardrobe and chamber furnishings. Necklace £7-0-0. Money £134. Some
stove furniture. A total of £174-11-1. Old tenor.

The name of the child is Alice and is so given in the record of her marriage,
but is here given Alles, Ellis and Ellice.

Simon Newton married (2) at Southborough, Mass., April 7, 1760, Bridget
Bruce.* Six children.

[Simeon Newton married ( ?) at Grafton, he then "of Sutton," April 27, 1796,
Polly Fairbanks of Grafton.]

It will be noticed that this man wrote his name Simon Newton — and not
Simeon as it is frequently given in the records and on the rolls. His grandfather
was Simon Tozer, and the grandson was probably named for him.

I only suppose the marriage at Grafton was a third marriage of this Simon
Newton. I have no proof of it, unless the fact that there seems to be no other
man of the name whom it might have been. I give the item as a pointer — or a
matter for discussion. When one is tracing ancestry, even a point that can be
discarded helps. It is better to speak of what one finds.

I have traced this Simon Newton to many towns. The last account is from
one whose great-grandmother was his daughter, Lavina, and he says : "I remem-
ber traces of this man in Marlborough or Southborough and Royalston. A shoe-
June 15, 1756, John Page of Bedford. Children were: Joseph. 1727; d. soon; Mary, 1729;
d. v.: Joseph, 1730; m. Dorothy Pollard of Bedford; Amity, Feb. 1. 1732: m. Simon New-
ton of Bedford: Mary, 17:'.C>: John, 17M9 ; Jonathan. 1742; rem. to Shrewsbury; Sarah, 1744.

The name Pack is also spelled Paige on the records. It will be noticed that this man
wrote his own name John Paige." in the above documents. Mrs. Amity Paige died Dec.
25. 1771.

The name Amity is also spelled Ammittai. Perhaps it sometimes degenerates into "Mitte"
and "Mitty." as does the name Submit.

• Josei-h Price and wile Bridget had. in Southborough, two children: Abigail, b. May :;,
1754; David. March 22. 1756. What became of the family is unknown to me. It will do
no harm to say here, that I have thought the Bridget Bruce who married Simon Newton
may have been the widow of this Joseph Bruce.


maker. I think he went to Vermont." My tracing is as follows : Southborough,
born 1730; Bedford, 1754 and 1756; Lexington, 1755; Southborough, 1759 and
1760; Westborough, 1764; Boyalston, 1769-1773; Sudbury, 1775-1781; Brook-
field, 1790; Sutton, 1796; and perhaps, instead of going to Vermont, that he
went to Westmoreland, Cheshire County, N. H., where his son Hananiah resided.

Simon Newton was a soldier in the French and Indian wars. The History of
Lexington mentions him as being one of twenty-one men who went out from
that town in 1755. The History of Northfield states : "Simon Newton of South-
borough, in Capt. Fay's Company, Col. Timothy Buggies' regiment, in the
expedition to Ticonderoga and Crown Point, March 31 to December 25, 1759.
Among the sick men left at No. 4 (now Charlestown, N. H), November 1759,
was Simon Newton of Southborough.

Simon Newton and his son, Hananiah Newton, were soldiers in the Bevolu-
tionary War. The name of the father is given in both spellings, Simon and
Simeon. He served many enlistments not here given, and he seems to have been
one of the first to go and one of the last to quit, notwithstanding his age. I
am always glad to find a "description" of a man on the rolls. It is interesting
to note how much alike these Newtons were as to height, complexion, hair and
eyes. The following items of service as a soldier are enough to show his patriot-

"Simon Newton. Sudbury. Marched to the Alarm at Concord, April 19,
1775, under Isaac Locker, Captain of the Sudbury troop, Col. James Barrett's
regiment, three days. Also

"Simon Newton, in Capt. Maynard's Company, Col. Ezekiel How's (Fourth
Middlesex Co.) regiment, residence Sudbury, term, during the war." Then fol-
lows much other service, description: "age 48 years, stature 5 feet 10 inches,
complexion ruddy ; engaged for the town of East Sudbury, and arrived at Spring-
field, August 6, 1780" ; (other service) the last discharge, February 8, 1781, nine
days travel home from West Point, N. Y.

After the death of his wife in 1756, it would seem that Mr. Newton went
back to Southborough, from which place he went out in the expedition to Ticon-
deroga in 1759. Beturning to Southborough, he married (2) there in the spring
of 1760. They moved sooner or later to Westborough, where two children (twins)
were born in 1764. We next find them in Boyalston in February, 1769; where
they had two children baptized on the same day, the church records, also, fur-
nishing the death of another child newly born, in 1770, and the baptism of a
last one in 1773. Where these children were born is unknown to me. The family
evidently removed again; this time to Sudbury, which seems to have been the
residence, and is so given, all through the years of the Bevolutionary War,

"Simeon Newton, Brookfield, Worcester Co. Mass. 1-1-3." is the item from
the First United States Census, 1790, which indicates that Simeon Newton was
head of a family there, and had, besides himself, one male under sixteen years
and three females, in his family.

"Simeon Newton of Sutton," married at Grafton, 1794, as above. There is
no settlement of his estate in Massachusetts, Worcester and Middlesex Probates.


5034. i. Alice 5 (also Alles, Ellis), b. June 6, 1755, at Bedford, Mass.; inherited
from her mother's estate, and was left motherless when in her second
year as shown in the documents given above. It is probable that she was
brought up by her mother's people, the Fassetts. John (Page or) Paige,
who was appointed her guardian, having recently married her grandmother,
Amity, widow of Joseph Fassett of Lexington, she would naturally live
with them. She married, being then "of Bedford" and in Bedford, Sept.
16, 1773, Thomas Hadley, Jr., son of Thomas and Ruth (Livermore)



Hadley* of Lexington, Mass., where he was born July 8, 1754. "He
probably died about 1784." Mrs. Alice Hadley united with the church
at Lexington. July 16, 1778. and in September, 1778, had three children
baptized there. She married (2) at Lexington, Feb. 21, 1785, Samuel
Merriman of Bedford. The record of the marriage has this addendum :
"Said Alice Hadley married in a borrowed suit of cloathes." [Thus Mr.
Merriman could not be held for the debts of her previous husband — as
the law stood. ]t Her children were:

5041. 1. Amity" Hadley, b. ; bapt. Sept., 1778; m. prob. Feb. 26, 1792,

Thomas Statson of Boston.

5042. 2. Alice" Hadley, b. ; bapt. Sept., 1778.

5043. 3. Callif Hadley, b. ; bapt. Sept., 1778.

5035. ii. Amity 5 (twin), b. Nov. 25, 1764, at Westborough. C. R.

5036. iii. Hanantah 5 (twin), b. Nov. 25, 17G4 ; m. [int. in Lunenburg, Mass., July

10, 1785.] Mrs. Chloe Wood of Fitchburg, "for Marriage July 10, 1785."
Phineas Hartwell. T. C. is the way the publishment reads. At this
date he was "of Lunenburg." He probably moved soon after marriage
to New Hampshire. I regret not to have more information of his family.
They will have to supply the lack later.

The First United States Census, 1790, shows Hananiah Newton head
of a family, which consisted of himself, one male under sixteen years, and
three females, at Westmoreland, Cheshire County, N. H.

As a youth and a young man he enlisted as a soldier in the Revolution-
ary War and served many terms of enlistment. I give only a few of
them. His name appeal's on the rolls as

"Hananiah Newton. Chelmsford. Private in Capt. Joseph Fox's Com-
pany, Col. Henry Jacksons (16th) regiment, Continental Army, pay
accounts July 10, 1777 to July 10, 1780, residence Chelmsford, and
credited to that town, at which date he was discharged. During this
period he was in various camps and on muster rolls. Also

"Hananiah Newton. On List of men to serve to the credit of East
Sudbury. Also. Descriptive List. Age 19 years, stature five feet ten
inches, complexion light, hair light, eyes grey, occupation, fanner, term
three years."

No date is here given, but it would be about 1781 or just before the
close of the war.

5037. iv. Lavina 6 , b. about 1766 ; bapt. Feb. 19, 1769, at Royalston.

5038. v. Miriam 5 , b. about 1768 ; bapt. Feb. 19, 1769, at Royalston.

5039. vi. Silas 5 , b. Sept. — , 1770 ; d. Oct. 3, 1770, at Royalston.

5040. vii. Martha 5 , b. about 1773 ; bapt. Dec. 13, 1773, at Royalston.

4801. JOEL NEWTON 4 (Nathaniel 3 , Daniel 2 , Kichard 1 ), son of Nathaniel
and Abigail (Tozer) Newton of Southborough, Mass., was born there October
28, 1739, and died there March 31, 1796, aged nearly 57. C. K.

* Thomas Hadley (prob. son of Benjamin and Mehitable of Groton), b. Aug. 11, 1712;
d. July 15, 1788, in his 75th year ; m. April 15, 1741, Ruth Livermore (dau. of Samuel
and Elizabeth), who died at Lexington May 26, 1819, aged 94. They had twelve children.
The seventh was Thomas, Jr., b. 1754.

Thomas Hadley, Sr., was a member of Capt. Parker's band of minute-men at the battle
of Lexington.

± Marriage of a Widow. The following will be found in the Records of the town of
Warwick, Kent County, R. I. :

"These are to signify unto all ministers of Justice that henry Strait Jur of East Green-
wich In ye Colony of Rhoad Island & Providence plantations Took Mary Webb of ye Town
of Warwick in ye Colony aforesd, Widow, in onely a shift, and no other Garment, in ye
Presens of Avis Gorton, Mary Collins and Presilah Crandall witnesses, and was Lawfully
Married in sd Warwick, ye first day of August, 1725, by me John Warner, Justice.

Recorded ye 5th of Novembr, 1725, per. John Wicks, T. C."

The Salem (Mass.) Gazette of April 21, 1818, contains the following: "At St. Johns, Mr.

Samuel to Mrs. , widow. She was in a state of nudity while the ceremony

was performed, which according to an old custom exonerates the new husband from any
liability for the former husband's debts." The surnames are here omitted, but were given
In the newspaper. [From New Eng. Hist. Gen. Reg.)

The manuscript Records of Dartmouth, Mass., contains as follows : "Sept. ye 5, 1749 — then
did Nathan Shearmane take the widow Mary tailor, in her shift, without head-cloath, and
barefoot, and led her across the highway, where two highways mett, as the law directs
in such cases, and was then married, according to law, by Mr. Philip Taber, minister of
Dartmouth." — Extracted by J. L. 1856. [From same.]


Mr. Newton lived in Southborough all his life. His children were born there,
although the birth of the son was not recorded. The First United States Census,
1790, shows him in Southborough, head of a family, the other members being
one male under sixteen years and two females. He died intestate and his estate
was administered by the court in 1796. Case in Probate, No. 43,235.

He married at Southborough, June 3, 1763, Lydia Beary. I cannot find her
parentage. She was living in 1801 in Southborough and was given a bequest
by her son's will. She died toward the end of 1816.

Abstract of Will of Mrs. Lydia (Beary) Newton.
1816. Lydia Newton, Southborough, 43301 A.

Will allowed December 3, 1816.

Gives furniture to William Onthank ; clothing to Lydia Flagg, wife of William Flagg ;
furniture to John Jenison ; residue to Samuel Jenison and his wife Zibah.
Bond of Samuel Johnson appointed executor December 3, 1816, $10000.

John Nichols )

William Flagg j Sureties
Affidavit of Notice.
Personal Property $288.55


5044. i. Submit 5 (Mitte, Metey, Mittey), b. Oct. 14, 1764, at Southborough; d.

there, Jan. 28, 1812; m. there Feb. 14, 1781, William Onthank, Jr., son

of William and Elizabeth ( ) Onthank of Southborough, where

he was born July 1, 1757. He died there Jan. 6, 1820, aged 62. They
lived in Southborough. Their children were born there :

5047. 1. Joel* Onthank, b. Aug. 14, 1781; m. 1801, Nancy Flagg of Hopkinton.

They had in Southborough :

5065. 1. Daniel Gregory 7 Onthank, b. April 15, 1808.

5066. 2. Joel Newton 7 Onthank, b. Aug. 21, 1813. In 1835, being then of

Weston, Mass., he had his name changed to Joel Newton.

5048. 2. Lydia* Onthank, b. Oct. 29, 1783; m. 1802, William Flagg of South-


5049. 3. Barbara* Onthank, b. June 22, 1785; m. 1804, William Williams of


5050. 4. Sabra* Onthank, b. Dec. 18, 1786; m. 1805, Joseph Belknap, Jr., of


5051. 5. Emerson Newton* Onthank, b. Aug. 2, 1789; m. (1) Catherine ;

m. (2) 1840, Ann Eliza Williams.

5052. 6. Lovel* Onthank, b. June 15, 1791.

5053. 7. Mitte* Onthank, b. May 7, 1793; m. (1) Newton; m. (2) "Mrs.

Mitte Newton, a widow of Southborough, aged 54," Dec. 14, 1847,
"Solomon Prentice of Grafton, a wid r aged 73." He was son of Henry
(Rev. Solomon of Grafton).

5054. 8. William* Onthank, 3d ("Bille"), b. Dec. 28, 1794; m. 1819, Susannah

Ball of Westborough.

5055. 9. Curtis* Onthank, b. Nov. 6, 1797.

5056. 10. Nabby* Onthank, b. Jan. 29, 1799; m. 1819, Antipas Bellows.

5057. 11. Sally* Onthank, b. April 30, 1801; m. 1819, George Baltimore Russell.

5058. 12. Gulielmus* Onthank, b. May 31, 1803; d. June 16, 1804.

5059. 13. Gulielmus" Onthank, b. March 28, 1805.

5045. ii. Zibah 5 , b. March 21, 1768; d. at Southborough, Oct. 19, 1824, aged 56, C. R. ;

m. Samuel Jenison. He died at Southborough, Sept. 2, 1834, aged 70.
C. R. They lived in Southborough. Children, born there, were :

5060. 1. John* Jenison, b. May 14, 1786; d. 1828, aged 42.

5061. 2. Sylvester* Jenison, b. Dec. 5, 1789; d. March 19, 1830, aged 40; m.

April 19, 1818, Anna Williams Amsden.

5062. 3. Silas* Jenison, b. April 12, 1792 ; d. April 15, 1848.

5063. 4. Dana* Jenison, b. Aug. 24, 1799; d. Aug. 31, 1835; m. 1822, Sally Howe

of Framingham.

5064. 5. (perhaps) Samuel" Jenison, Jr., b. ; m. 1819, Anna Parker.

5046. iii. Alvan 5 , b. about 1776; d. at Southborough, Jan. 7, 1801, aged 24, unm., and

left a will, an abstract of which follows :


1801. Alven Newton, Southborough. 43038.

I? M DP 1" *?

Will, Filed Feb. 3, 1801. allowed Mar. 3, 1801.

To mother, Lydia Newton, furniture, horse etc.

To sister, Submit Onthank $10.00

To nephew John Jenison gun and military accoutrements.

Residue to sister, Ziba Jenison, wife of Samuel Jenison.

Appoints Samuel Jenison executor.


affidavit of notice of appointment.

Bond of executor $10,000 Ezra Taylor )

Luther Stone j Sureties.


4820. NEHEMIAH NEWTON 3 (Ezekiel 4 , Sr., Daniel 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ),
son of Ezekiel, Sr., and Tirzah (Newton) Newton of Southborough, Mass., was
born there, June 23, 1736.

He married, February 28, 1758, Elizabeth Morse, daughter of Zachariah and
Huldah (Whitney) Morse of Watertown and Southborough, Mass. The only
daughter of these parents named Elizabeth is the one in Southborough, born
June 20, 1731, with no record of her death. The Morse Genealogy gives this
one as having died young, and another of the same name "born in 1733." I
find no record of the birth. Her sister Mary married Samuel Newton 4 , Jr.
(Samuel 3 ), and her brother Joseph married Joanna Newton (Jonathan 3 , Sr.,
Moses 2 ).

I suppose Mr. Newton lived at some time in Lancaster. His son, a young
man — a minor — would not be "at his own house" in 1775. I regret that I can-
not find the children of this Mr. Newton. There are several who "might be"
his, but I have no proof. The First United States Census, 1790, shows Nehemiah
Newton head of a household at Winchenden, Mass., the other members of it
being one male under sixteen years and three females.

5067. i. Jeremiah 8 , ; the following is from the Lancaster records : "Jeremiah

Newton, son of Mr. Nehemiah Newton, being dangerously sick was
baptized August 21, 1775 at his own house, and died, August 23, 1775."

4822. EZEKIEL NEWTON 5 (Ezekiel 4 , Sr., Daniel 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ), son
of Ezekiel, Sr., and Tirzah (Newton) Newton of Marlborough- Southborough,
Mass., was born at Southborough August 14 or 30, 1745, and, according to family
private records, died "December 5, 1792 aged 47." I had supposed he died in the
early part of 1788. See below.

He married Tabitha , born August 14, 1746. P. R.

Of this Ezekiel Newton I am not able to give a perfect record. Where he
was married, the maiden name of his wife, where they lived their married life
as a whole, and where all of their children were born is unknown to me. The
several accounts received from as many of his descendants differ, and do not
in all particulars agree with the town records obtained. Just how many chil-
dren he had is uncertain. I give here all those the family can recall to mind
and the four recorded in the town records of Marlborough, Mass. In the case
of the daughter Caty, I have "supposed." The son Ezekiel was born in North-
borough, it is said. There is no record there of the birth, but it probably did


occur there, since it is so written by Ezekiel, the son, in his own Bible, now in
possession of his descendants in Groton, N. Y. The following is further evi-
dence. The birth and death dates of the daughter Betsey I take from the Brig-
ham Genealogy.

Ezekiel Newton was surely at one period of years a resident of Marlborough.
He may have lived in that part that was set off to Westborough, and from West-
borough set off to Northborough. However that may be, at the taking of the
First United States Census, 1790, Ezekiel Newton was head of a family in
Northborough that consisted of, besides himself, one male above sixteen years,
two males below sixteen years, and four females.

His grandson says in a letter to me that Ezekiel was a tailor and died of heart-
failure while measuring a man for a suit of clothes.

The following abstract of administration of the estate of Ezekiel Newton
seems to refer to this Ezekiel, whose youngest child was not born until the April
following this administration. It would seem only natural that his brother Alex-
ander should appear for the widow and small children. Be that as it may, ten-
tatively I place it here.

Abstract of Administration.
1788. Ezekiel Newton, Southborougli 43150.


Bond of Ezra Taylor, appointed administrator.

Mar. 29, 1788, £200.
Jonas Ball )

Benony Shurtleff ] Sureties.
Warrant of Appraisal.
Inventory. £29-11-8 personal,
property, hay, cattle, household utensils &c.

Account Citation. Judge orders balance of £22-2-5% shown on the account paid to
Alexander Newton, the only claimant.


50G8. i. Persis 8 , b. March 16, 1771 ; d. March 2G, 1771, at Marlborough.

50G9. ii. Polly 6 , b. March 29, 1772, at Marlborough. [It would seem to me that
this was the "Polly Newton of Marlborough" who married there (after
publishment in Northborough), Feb. 25, 1803, Samuel Woodward. But
there is the marriage at Hubbardston, Dec. 23, 1790, of roily Newton
and Stephen Hunting,* and the death of "Polly Hunting, wife of Stephen.
April 1, 1808, aged 37. G. S." The date and age on her gravestone would
indicate this Polly Newton. I will leave it so.] (See 6900.) Stephen
Hunting, Jr., son of Stephen and Hannah (Converse) Hunting of

* John Hunting, the immigrant into America, was b. 1597, in England ; came to Ded-
ham, Mass., 1638 ; was ruling elder in the Church in England and its first elder in Dedham
church, and active in church affairs. He married Hester Seaborne, about 1G17, who died
at Dedham, 4-3-1676. He died April 12, 1689 ; buried at Dedham. Children were : Mar-
garet 2 , b. in England ; m. Robert Ware ; Mary 2 , m. Buckner ; Hester 2 , m. N. Fisher,

Dec. 26, 1649 ; Elizabeth 2 , m. John Pecke ; John 2 , b. about 1628 in England ; and in Ded-
ham, Samuel 2 , 1640; Nathaniel 2 , 1643, d. y. ; Mathew 2 , 1648. (Hester Seaborne was 2d
cousin of John Rogers.)

John Hunting 2 (John 1 ), b. about 1628, in England; d. Sept. 19, 1718; m. in Dedham.

Mass., April 18, 1671, Elizabeth Paine; res. Dedham; and had, John 3 , ; Thomas',

1674, d. y. ; Nathaniel 3 , 1675 ; Esther 3 , 1677 ; Rebecca 3 , 1679 ; d. 1696 ; Samuel 3 , 1681 ; d.
1704, unm. ; EUzabeth 3 , b. 1683 ; Ebenczer 3 , 1684 ; Stephen 3 , 1687 ; Jonathan 3 , .

Stephen Hunting 3 (John 2 ), b. May 14, 1687, at Dedham; m. there April 11, 1709,

Rebecca Woodward 2 , b. 1683, dau. of John 1 of Newton, Mass.; and had, Samuel 1 , ;

Stephen*, 1719; Daniel*, 1721; Israel*, ; m. Abigail Hunting, 1747.

Stephen Hunting* (Stephen 3 ), b. March 6, 1719; rem. to Hubbardston, Mass., where he
died, "Sr.," Dec. 11, 1815, aged 96 yrs., 9 mos. ; m. (1) M. E. Tyler; m. (2) 1757, Hannah
('(inverse, who died at Hubbardston. Nov. 19, 1812, aged SO yrs.. 8 mos.. 7 dys. Tiny resided
at Needham and had. 1. Stephen*, b. Dec. 23, 1750; m. (1) 1790, Polly Newton ; m. (2) 1810.

Mrs. Eunice Dupee. _'. William*, b. ; m. l"7'.». Lydia Wbeelock ; res. Hubbardston.

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