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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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ber 19, 1829.

He married Miriam Newton (2216), daughter of Ezra and Elizabeth (Hager)
Newton of Southborough, where she was born October 20, 1764. She died at
Marlborough, N. H, September 22, 1852, aged nearly 88 years. Mrs. Newton
kept a diary for more than sixty years, in which she recorded important events : —
weather, the births, marriages and deaths of the townspeople, and other matters.
The diary was used by the compiler of the history of the town of Marlborough,
N. H, who considered it of great value to him. It was then in the possession
of her daughter, Miss Nancy Newton. 1881.

March 24, 1834, among the subscribers to the fund for repairing the old meet-
ing-house at Marlborough, N. H., are Mrs. Miriam Newton and Miss Nancy New-
ton, each $2.00. Also, December 9, 1834, subscribers to purchase a bell for said
meeting-house, Mrs. Miriam Newton $1.00, Nancy Newton fifty cents. Mrs.
Newton was a capable, energetic, industrious woman — a true helpmeet to her
husband in making a home in a new land. She worked at dressmaking and mil-
linery, spinning and weaving, for pay; which helped to supply many needs in
those early years. Her keeping of the diary through all those years shows that
she had a mind that could rise above the mere drudgery of the work, and take
pleasure in it. She is an ancestress to be proud of.

Luther Newton, with his family, came to Marlborough, N. H, in May, 1788.
Where he lived the first years after his marriage, and where the two oldest chil-
dren were born, does not appear. Arriving in Marlborough, N. H, they lived
for a short time on the farm owned in 1881 by Hon. R. S. Frost, and purchased
a lot of land now known as the "Newton Meadows." Here he erected a house
built of logs, which were hewn on the inside — a much better house than most
of the log houses of that day. Mr. Newton was a very industrious man, and,
possessing a strong constitution and great powers of endurance, was able to per-
form more labor than most men. His land was poor. He was obliged to work
out by the day to procure grain and other necessaries to support his family, and
often on his return home would make shingles until a late hour at night. He
soon purchased another tract of land, where he leveled the forest and built a
house, into which he moved in 1797. This house was owned by George Thatcher,
in 1881. While he was making shingles and raising stock to pay for his land,
Mrs. Newton was also busy as above stated.

Mr. Newton appears as head of a family in Marlborough, N. H., at the tak-
ing of the First United States Census, 1790, the other members being one male
under sixteen years, and two females. He was a voter in the town in 1794, and
seems to have been an active citizen in town affaire. September 22, 1795, a num-
ber of the citizens met and formed the "Marlborough Social Library," shares
$2.00 each. At a subsequent meeting eighty-four persons became members;
among them were Luther, Simeon and Calvin Newton and Luke Blodgett.

Three other children were born to them after 1788 ; I suppose born at Marl-
borough, N. H.

The following article from the will of Capt. Seth Newton : "Item. — I give to
my son Luther Newton fifty-five dollars, to be paid by my said Executrix in three
years after my decease, to be on interest after the expiration of the said three
years if not then paid, which, with what he has already had, is his full share of
my estate."


5252. i. Artkmas", b. June 18. 1785; d. May 14, 1S08 ; ra. at Southborough, Mass..
Feb. 17, 1811. C. R., Anna Mathews of that town, who died his widow.
May 25, 18G5. They removed to Shefford. Canada. Ten children.


5253. ii. Catherine 8 , b. Oct. 10, 178G ; d. at Marlborough, N. H., Jan. 1, 1860; m.

Oct. — , 1810 (1808 T. R.), Luke Blodgett, son of Jonathan and Susan

(Tenney) Blodgett* of Marlborough, N. H. He was born , 1787,

and d. at Roxbury, N. H., Oct. 16, 1871. Mr. and Mrs. Blodgett resided
for many years on what is known as the "Tozer Farm," where she died.
The farm was later owned by Augustus T. Woodward. Children:

5257. 1. Alton' Blodgett, 1>. April 1, 1812: d. 1878; m. 1837. Mary Ann Buttrick

(dau. of Daniel) ; resided in Fitchburg, where he died.

5258. 2. Melinda 1 Blodgett, b. June 20, 1813; d. 1862; m. 1841, Joseph Brooks

Wilson of Mason, N. H.

5259. 3. Catherine 1 Blodgett, b. Nov. 13. 1814; unm.

5260. 4. Cyrus' Blodgett, b. Sept. 29, 1817; d. 1880; m. 1855, Lorinda Smith of

Fitchburg, N. H.

5261. 5. Barton 1 Blodgett, b. March 13, 1819; d. 1879; m. 1843. Corbi Tenney

dau. of Calvin and Tabitha (Baker) Tenney.

5262. 6. Edmund 1 Blodgett, b. Sept. 9, 1820; d. 1873; resided in Marlborough,

Keene and Fitchburg, N. H. ; m. 1853, Clara A. Esty of Keene, N. H.,
where she was born 1834.

5263. 7. Miriam 1 Blodgett, b. Feb. 3, 1822; unm.; res. Fitzwilliam, N. H.

5264. 8. Persis S. 1 Blodgett. b. Feb. 7, 1826 ; m. 1864, Joseph Brooks Wilson. See

above. Resided in Mason, N. H.
5264a. 9. Elizabeth 1 Blodgett, b. April 28, 1827; m. L. D. Tompkins of Orange,

N. J., where thev were living in 1881.

5265. 10. Hannah 1 Blodgett, b. March 15, 1829.

5254. tiii. Calvin 6 , b. Feb. 1, 1791; m. five times; (1) Sally Newton (2224).

5255. tiv. Dana 6 , b. June 17, 1795; m. (1) Nancy S. Moffett; m. (2) Martha Reed.

5256. v. Nancy", b. Feb. 16, 1801 ; d. ; unm. ; was living in 1881 in Troy,

N. H.

4900. SIMEON NEWTON 5 , JK. (Seth*, Isaac 3 , Daniel 2 , Eichard 1 ), son of

Captain Seth and his first wife, ( — ) Newton of Southborough, Mass.,

was born about 1768. He died at Templeton, Mass., May 3, 1829, aged 61. C. R.

He married at Holliston, Mass., February 21, 1792, "Sally" or Sarah Fiske,
daughter of Ensign David and Sarah (Bullard) Fiske:}: of Holliston, where she
was born December 17, 1771. She died in Marlborough, N. H, October 18, 1854,
aged 83 years. She brought up the two daughters of her own daughter, who died
at the birth of the younger one. "She was a noble woman. So wonderfully kind,
and thoughtful of others."

Simeon Newton is styled "Jr.," probably to distinguish him from his uncle,
Simeon Newton, who also was married at, and lived in, Holliston.

•Jonathan Blodgett (not traced), b. 1755; d. in 1851, aged 96; was a soldier of the
Revolution. He entered the service when 20 years of age ; was at the battle of Bennington
and at Ticonderoga. About 1794 he came to Marlborough, N. H., having previously lived in
Harvard, Mass., and Jaffreys, N. H. He m. (1) (pub. in Jaffrey) Susan Tenney, who died

. He m. (2) 1795, Parney Goodenough (dau. of Benjamin). About 1800 he removed

to Gilead, Maine, where he died. Children by first wife : Luke, b. 1787 ; Nathan, d. in
Jaffrey ; Sarah, d. in Berlin. X. H. ; Polly, m. 1811, Levi Whittemore, and d. in Troy, N. H.,
1858. He also had eight children by second wife, not here given.

% Ensign David Fiske 9 (John 8 ), b. April 16, 1732; d. Dec. 23, 1817; res. Holliston, Mass.,
his native town. The Fiske Genealogy says of him : "David Fiske, son of John and Abigail
Leland Babcock . . . was a noted descendant from many noted English families, viz. :
Fiskes. Lelands and Babcocks ; the latter name being among those old, noted and true Pil-
grims who sailed from Holland in the ship Anne, and came to this country to worship God
according to the dictates of their own consciences. Mr. Fiske was a man of great energy
of character ; faithful to the trusts confided to him ; an active business man ; a large and
successful farmer ; owner of large tracts of land in this vicinity." He served in the Colonial
wars, through New York state, capturing forts and dispersing enemies, 1758, as recorded in
a daily diary that he kept. Returning to his home he took up his farm work ; and rear-
ing and educating a large family, he gave each of his sons a farm as they became of age.
except the youngest, who chose a college course and was graduated at Harvard as M.D..
besides goodly sums of money to all his children at their majority. He married Sarah Bul-
lard of East Medway. Mass. (dan. of John), who died in 1830. Their children were: John,
1760; Nathan, 1761; David, 1763; Levi, 1765; Nathaniel, 1707; Salty, b. Dec. 17, 1771;
Oad. 1774: Keren, 1770: Timothy, 1778 (M.D.) ; Aner, 1780.

The pedigree of John Fiske 8 , his father, runs through John 7 , Nathaniel", Nathan 6 .
Nathaniel 4 , William 3 , Robert 2 , to Simon 1 , the immigrant to America, and Simon, Wil-
liam, Symond in England.


Mr. Newton continued in Holliston for a year or so after marriage, then
removed to Marlborough, N. H., where he settled. He lived "for a short time
in a house that formerly stood near the residence of the late George Harvey."
He afterward purchased the farm now (1881) owned by George A. Porter, where
he resided until 1818 or 1819, when he sold the farm and moved to Templeton,
Mass., where he died.

His oldest child was born at Holliston. All of the others were born at Marl-
borough, N. H.

He was one of the members of the "Marlborough Social Library at its forma-
tion in 1795."

At a meeting of the "North Westerly School Squadron," April 5, 1797, to
choose officers, Jonathan Frost, Simeon Newton and Kimber Harvey were chosen
School Committee.

The mention of him in his father's will is as follows: "Item. — I give and
bequeathe to my Son Simeon Newton one hundred dollars to be paid to him
by my said Executrix in two years after my decease, if not then paid to be on
Interest till paid, which with what he already has is his full Share of my Estate."
His father died in 1807.

He left no will and his son Amos Newton was appointed administrator. The
following is an abstract of the papers in the case. George Newton, one of the
sureties, is probably the son of Peter Newton 5 , Jr., of Templeton.

1829. Simeon Newton, Templeton 43423 A.

Bond of Amos Newton son. appointed Administrator, May 21, 1829.

$10,000 Joshua Richardson )

George Newton (sureties
Assent of Sarah Newton, widow of Simeon Newton.
Affidavit filed.
Real Estate $1225.
Personal Estate $2352.13.


5266. ti. Amos , b. Sept. 3, 1792 ; m. Lydia Larned.

5267. ii. David Fiske , b. Dec. 18, 1796 ; d. in New York ; married. His nephew

says of him : "Was a preacher and teacher, newspaper editor, an aboli-
tionist." He was in the dry goods business in New Jersey and later was a
publisher of religious works in New York. Had twin children, who died
at or soon after birth.

5268. iii. Dexter", b. Dec. 29, 1799 : unm. ; d. of small pox in New York ; had been

away from home but a short time when he died.

5269. iv. Sarah Buixard 6 . b. Dec. 1. 1805 : d. at Templeton, Mass., April 1, 1835; m.

John Dexter Cooper. They resided in Templeton until after her death,
when Mr. Cooper gave the two daughters to their grandmother Newton and
removed to Concord. N. H.. taking the three sons with him. He soon
married again and died at Antrim, N. H., in the autumn of 1874.
Children :

5273. 1. John 1 Cooper, b. in Templeton: m. Margaret Sutherland: was killed in

the Civil War. He had one dau., Ada Cooper.

5274. 2. Richard 7 Cooper, b. in Templeton ; unm.

5275. 3. George 7 Cooper, b. in Templeton ; m. Betsey ; d. in Boston ; had

four children.

5276. 4. Jane 7 Cooper, b. in Templeton; m. John Vose. Mrs. Vose is living, 1913,

in Milton. Mass.. with her daughter. Her children were:

5278. 1. John Franklin 8 Vose, b. Oct. 17, 1855; m. Mary Patten. Their children

are :

5280. 1. Elizabeth Patten 9 Vose. b. Feb. 13. 1886.

5281. 2. Grace Edith" Vose, b. Jan. 11, 1889.

5282. 3. Helen 9 Vose, b. Dec. 7, 1891.

5279. 2. Grace Adelaide 8 Vose, b. Jan. 1, 1860 : m. Arthur A. Hibbard, who died

May 30, 1908. No children. "Mrs. Hibbard is an unusually capable
lady, with literary tastes and talent."


5277. 5. Sarah Smith 7 Cooper, b. in Templeton ; d. October, 1858, at Dorchester;


5270. v. Myra , b. Aug. 23, 1807 ; d. at Hyde Park, Mass., Nov. 8, 1890 ; unm. The

following, appreciative of her life and work, is from a letter written by
one of the daughters of her sister — the children that were given to their
grandmother, who, with the assistance of Miss Myra, brought them up :
"Myra Newton's early life was spent in Templeton, where she taught
school. She was most successful in her work, and was loved and respected
by everybody. She was asked to go to Boston, and become teacher and
afterwards matron of the Perkins Institution for the Blind at South
Boston, where she had the privilege and honor to work under the direction
of Dr. Samuel G. Howe. After leaving the above institution she was
matron in a children's institution in Boston." "She was a lovely woman,
and taught us both by precept and example, what we ought to be."

5271. vi. Cyrus 6 , b. July 12, 1813 ; "never married ; died at old age in the poor-

house," at Templeton, where he had long resided.

5272. vii. Simeon 6 , b. ; "was a banker ; lived in Rhode Island, and had children

when past middle life." He m. (1) Clara Sanford, who d. in Worcester.

He m. (2) , and had a daughter, who is Mrs. Clinton Alford, in

1913 living in Worcester, Mass. He d. in Worcester in 1893 (?).

4901. SETH NEWTON 3 , JR. (Seth*, Isaac 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ), son of
Captain Seth and Patience (Bent-Harvey) Newton of Southborough, Mass.,
was born there January 20, 1784, and died there January 5, 1830, aged 46. C. R.

He married at Southborough, April 29, 1812, C. R. Joanna Newton (2325),
daughter of Silas and Lovina (Newton) Newton of Southborough, where she was
born March 8, 1792. She died at Southborough, after a long illness, October 7,
1825, aged 33.

Mr. Newton lived in Southborough, where his children were born. The early
deaths of this father and mother left the four young children to be brought up
by their relatives. The administration of his estate occurred in 1830. There was
no will. Case in Probate, No. 43,411.


5283. i. Elmira 8 , b. June 10, 1813; d. at Milford, Mass.; unm. She received by

will of her grandmother, household furniture.

5284. tii. Seth , Jr., b. July 23, 1815 ; m. Mary Hervey.

5285. iii. Mary Temple 8 , b. Dec. 30, 1817 ; d. at Southborough. Oct. 7, 1847, aged 30 ;

dysentery. She married at Southborough, May [T. R.] or June 14, 1837,
Russell Flagg, son of Elijah and Ruth (Chamberlin) Flagg* of South-
borough, where he was born April 8, 1808. They lived in Southborough,
where their children were born. He m. (2) in Southborough ("a wid r .
se. 40"), Nov. 2, 1848, Betsey Ann Walkup, aged 35, daughter of William
and Esther Walkup of Framingham. The family later lived in West-
borough. Mary Temple Newton received by will of her grandmother,
Patience Newton, household furniture and $10.00. Her children were :

5287. 1. Darius Curtis 7 Flagg, b. April 14, 1838.

5288. 2. Franklin Eugene 7 Flagg, b. Dec. 23, 1840; d. .

5289. 3. Almira Patience Mary Newton 1 Flagg, b. Oct. 7, 1842 ; m. Place,

and had three children, two of whom died infants. The other :
1. Edson Granfel 8 Place, b. .

5290. 4. Lorenzo E. 7 Flagg, b. Jan. 9, 1844 ; d. May 3, 1845 : lung fever.

5291. 5. Edmund R. 7 Flagg, b. April 30, 1847; d. June 4. 1848; cholera infantum.

5286. tiv. Darius , b. March 11, 1819 ; m. Harriet Augusta Fay.

4952. JONATHAN NEWTON 5 (Nahum 4 , Ephraim 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ),
son of Nahum and Thankful (Stow) Newton of Marlborough and Shrewsbury,

•Elijah Flagg (prob. from the Watertown Flaggs), d. at Southborough April 1, 1842;
m. at Southborough, June 18, 1801, Ruth Chamberlin (dau. of Edmund and Ruth), b. 1776.
They had in Southborough : Sukey. 1802 ; Dana, 1803 ; Otis. 1805 ; Russell, April 8, 1808 ;
Elijah, Jr., 1810; Edmund Chamberlin, 1813; Curtis, 1816; d. y.



Mass., was born at Marlborough. May 8, 1738, and died at Shrewsbury. June 24,
1808, aged 70.

He married at Shrewsbury, September 25, 1765, Sibillah Harrington, daughter
of Isaac and Miriam (Eager) Harrington* of Grafton and Shrewsbury, Mass.
She was born at Grafton, January 8, 1747, and died at Shrewsbury, March 14,
1827, aged 81.

Mr. Newton lived on the homestead of his father in the south part of Shrews-
bury, where his children were born.

He left no will and his estate was administered the year he died. The case
in Probate is: "1808. Newton. Jonathan, Shrewsbury, Adm. No. 43,250."

The First United States Census, 1790, shows Jonathan Newton of Shrews-
bury head of a family consisting of persons besides himself, two males above six-
teen years, four males below sixteen years, and three females.


5302. ti. Nahum 6 , b. June 14, 17GG ; m. Martha Bellows.

5303. ii. Relief", b. Nov. 20, 17G8; d. March 30. 1772, aged 3 yrs., 4 mos., 10 dys.

5304. tiii. Martin (Capt.), b. Dec. 21, 1770; m. Mrs. Lucretia (Bigelow)


5305. iv. Antipas 6 , b. Feb. 19, 1773 ; d. Oct. 11, 1790, aged 17 yrs., 8 mos.

5306. v. Relief 6 , b. April 25, 1775; d. at Shrewsbury, April 5, 1835, aged 60. She

m. (int. at Shrewsbury, April 2. 1804), Moses Bellows (brother of Martha
Bellows above), son of John. Jr., and Susannah (Whitney) Bellowst of
Southborough and Shrewsbury, Mass. He was born at Southborough,
Jan. 21, 1781, and died at Shrewsbury, Dec. 22, 1831, "aged 52." They
resided in Shrewsbury, where their children were born :

5313. 1. Roxana 7 Bellows, b. June 26, 1804.

5314. 2. Rhoda 7 Bellows, b. March 26, 1806.

5315. 3. Robert 7 Bellows, b. Nov. 14, 1807 ; d. Feb. 21, 1834, ae. 26.

5316. 4. Dorinda 7 Bellows, b. Sept. 10, 1809 ; m. Abner Fiske. Three children.

5317. 5. Irene' Bellows, b. Sept. 1, 1815 ; d. Oct. 22, 1821.

5318. 6. Rosilla 7 Bellows, b. Aug. 15, 1817.

5307. vi. Thankful 6 , b. Jan. 4, 1778; d. ; m. at Grafton, Mass., Sept. 15,

1796, Joel Wessen, Jr., of Grafton Gore, son of Joel and . He was

b. at Brookfield, Mass., April 7, 1773, and d. at Millbury, Mass., Dec. 26,
1832, aged 60. Their children, born at Millbury, were :

5319. 1. Charlotte- Wessen, b. Oct. 20, 1796.

5320. 2. David' Wessen, b. Sept. 8, 1798.

5321. 3. Andrew 7 Wesson, b. Nov. 14, 1806.

5322. 4. Eliza 7 Wessen, b. April 7, 1811.

5308. tvii. Isaac 6 , b. April 6, 1780 ; m. Sarah Nelson.

* Robert Harrington 1 was a proprietor of Watertown as early as 1642-44. Freeman,
1663; m. 1648 or 1649, Susanna George, b. 1632; d. 1694. He d. 1707. His will, dated
Jan. 1, 1704-5, mentions seven sons and three daughters. Inventory mentions sixteen lots
of land, amounting to 642J acres. "It is very probable that all the families of the name of
Harrington in New England are descended from Robert of Watertown." sajs Bond. There
were thirteen children born to him. Some died before he did. The fifth was

Daniel Harrington 2 , b. 1657; d. 1728; freeman. 1690; blacksmith; m. 1681, Sarah
Whitney, who d. 1720; m. (2) same year, Mrs. Elizabeth (Bridge) Garfield of Cambridge.
He had six children by first wife. The first was

Daniel Harrington 3 , b. 1684 ; moved to Marlborough, where he d. 1724 ; m. 1705, Eliza-
beth Warren 3 , dau. of Capt. John 2 of Watertown (John 1 ), b. 1673; d. Marlborough "1774,
ae. 100 y. 7 m. 13 d." G. S. Both have gravestones in Marlborough. Four sons. The sec-
ond was

Isaac Harrington 4 , b. 1709 ; settled in Grafton, where he had eight children. He m. 1730,
Miriam Eager, dau. of Zerubbabel and Hannah (Kerley) Eager of Marlborough. In advanced
age he and his wife lived with their son Isaac in Shrewsbury, where he d. 1782, and she d.
1801, aged 88. Their children were : Luci/ 5 , 1730 ; Isaac? (Capt., Selectman, Representative,
member of the Convention that adopted the Constitution of the U. S.), b. 1735; d. 1805
[his son Adam 9 m. Lucretia Bigelow, who m. (2) 1794, Capt. Martin Newton] ; Miriam*, 1738 ;
Phebc 5 , 1740 ; Sibillah 5 , 1747 ; m. Jonathan Newton 5 ; Zipporuh 5 and Moses 5 , 1749 ;
Antipas 5 , 1753.

See notes to Moses Newton 6 (Elisha*, Sr.), and to Adam Newton 3 (Jonathan).

% Bellows. See notes to Nahum Newton 6 (Jonathan 6 ).


5309. tviii. Dana 6 , b. Aug. 17, 1782; m. (1) Miriam Smith.

5310. tix. Adam 6 , b. May 26, 1787 ; m. Lucinda Loomis.

5311. tx. Joxathax", b. Feb. 20, 1789 ; m. Anna Knowlton.

4961. PETER NEWTON 5 , JR. (Peter 4 , Abraham 3 , Daniel 2 , Richard 1 ), son
of Peter and Hannah (Child) Newton of Rutland, Mass., was born there August
7, 1763, and died at Templeton, Mass., March 27, 1829, aged 66 years. G. S.
Burial in the Central Cemetery "by the Unitarian Church. And both his wives
are buried there."

He married (1) at Rutland, April 15, 1790, Martha Browning.* [It is possi-
ble she may be dau. of James and Rebecca (Scott) Browning of Rutland.] She
was born about 1765, and died at Templeton, October 9, 1811, aged 46. G. S.
Eight children.

He married (2) at Templeton, November 3, 1813, Annis Wilder, daughter of
Deacon Josiah and Abigail (Osgood) Wilder:}: of Templeton, where she was born
May 28, 1771. She died there. One child. [Annis and Capt. Josiah, brother
and sister.]

Peter Newton, Jr., while but a youth of sixteen must needs follow the example
of his father and go out to be a soldier of the Revolution. His name appears
on the rolls : "Peter Newton, Jr. Private, Capt. Phineas Walker's Company of
detached guards, Seventh Worcester County regiment, entered service October
3, 1779, discharged October 20, 1779. Stationed at Rutland."

Mr. Newton resided in Templeton — so his descendants affirm. The town rec-
ords show only the birth of his youngest child, and the church records give the
baptism of the first five. The full family record of births is given by the

Mr. Newton was a farmer in Templeton. He seems to have settled there
immediately after his marriage, for the First United States Census, 1790, shows
Peter Newton head of a family at Templeton, which consisted, besides himself,
of two females. It will be noticed that Mr. Newton's children were all sons. The
administration of his estate is without a will. The case in Probate: "1829.
Newton. Peter. Templeton. Adm. No. 43,361."


5323. i. Joseph", b. Feb. 1, 1791 ; bapt. July 3, 1791. C. R. ; d. at Templeton, Oct.

27. 182G, aged 35, O. R. [aged 55, G. S.].

5324. fii. Daniel 6 , b. Feb. 3. 1793; bapt. June — , 1793; m. Hannah Gates (4974).

5325. tiii. George 6 , b. Jan. 25, 1795 ; bapt. May 17, 1795 ; m. Maria T. Brigham.

5326. tiv. Joel , b. May 8, 1797 ; bapt. Sept. 3, 1797 ; m. Betsey R. Pond.

5327. v. Sewell 6 , b. March 19, 1799; bapt. May 19, 1799; d. at Templeton, Oct.

28, 1812, aged 13.

• James Browning and wife Elizabeth had ten children in Rutland. One was

James Browning, b. 1727 ; m. 1756. Rebecca Scott of Leicester and had In Rutland.
Thomas, b. 1763, George, 1768 [and perhaps Martha, 1765].

See note to Charles L. Newton 8 (Hezekiah 6 ) for other Rutland Brownings.

t Dea. Josiah Wilder of Templeton (no further traced), b. about 1740; d. at Temple-
ton, 1818, aged 78. He m. Abigail Osgood. She is probably the Wid. Abigail who died July
31, 1818, aged 79, C. R. [and erroneously "wf. Dea. Joseph," aged 78. G. S.] They resided
at Templeton and had there, Josiah, Jr., 1765; Asenath, 1767; Elijah, 1769; Annis, May 28.
1771 (m. Peter Newton, Jr.); Martin, 1773; Rhoda, 1776; d. unm., 1839; Oillam, 1779;
Osgood, 1782.

Capt. Josiah Wilder, Jr. (Dea. Josiah), b. in Templeton, Jan. 29, 1765; d. there Aug.
11, 1847. aged 82. Disease of the heart. "Farmer, (married)." The following marriages of
Josiah Wilder in Templeton, I give as they are recorded. The first two may, or may not, be of
Capt. Josiah, Jr., viz. : Josiah Wilder and Sarah Orcutt, 1791. In Wendall. Lieut. Josiah
Wilder and Betsey Smith, 1802. Capt. Josiah Wilder, Jr., and Rebecca Kendall of
Athol, 1707. She d. 1826. C. R. Capt. Josiah Wilder and Dinah Sawyer, 1827. She d.
Wid. 1848, aged 80.


5328. vi. Samuel", b. Jan. 4. 1801 ; d. Jan. 22, 1820, aged 19, at Templeton.

5329. tvii. William 6 , b. Sept. 5, 1803 ; m. .

5330. tviii. Asa 6 , b. Oct. 31. 1805 ; m. Rebecca P. Dolbear.

5331. tix. Peter 6 , III, b. Dec. 21, 1814; m. Mrs. Arathusa (Pond) Brown.

4985. EDMUND NEWTON 5 (Lemuel 4 , Samuel 3 , Daniel 2 , Eichard 1 ), son of

Lemuel and Abigail ( ) Newton of Southborough, Mass., was born there

August 7, 1751, and died at Phillipston, Mass., April 6 or 7, 1816, aged 61.

He married at Southborough, June 5, 1775, Hepzibah Witherbee, daughter
of Thomas and Anna (Berry) Witherbee of Southborough, where she was born
September 20, 1757. She died, his widow, at Phillipston. November 11, 1842,
aged 85, suddenly, of old age.

Mr. Newton settled in Phillipston, where all of his married life was spent.

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