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Newton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, online

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Online LibraryErmina Newton LeonardNewton genealogy, genealogical, biographical, historical, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts 1638, with genealogies of families descended from the immigrants Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, Connecticut, Thomas Newton of Fairfield, Connecticut, → online text (page 9 of 131)
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m. (1) Tabitha Newton, m. (2) Deborah Boice, Feb. 21, 1733. See note to Dea. Josiah
Newton 6 (Gideon 4 ).


119. 1. Joseph* Balcom, b. Jan. 13, 1712-13; m. (I sup.), 1733, Deborah Boice.

120. 2. John 4 Balcom, b. March 13, 1714-15; m. (I sup.), 1737, Susannah Haynes.

121. ' 3. Elizabeth* Balcom, b. May 18, 1717; m. (I sup.), 1741, James Morrison.

122. 4. Mary* Balcom, b. Oct. 10, 1719; m. (I sup. ». her cousin, Ephraim Maynard.

123. 5. Sebesah*, Sybcl, Sybill Balcom, b. July 25, 1721; m. (I sup.), 1748, Samuel

Willis, Jr.

124. 6. Micah* Balcom, b. March 4, 1723-4; m. (I sup.), 1747, Thankful Smith.

6. ELIZABETH NEWTON 2 (Kichard 1 ), daughter of Kichard and Anne
(Loker) Newton, from England to Sudbury, Mass., was born, place not recorded,
about 1650, more or less. She died at Marshfield, Mass., the "wid. of Jacob
Dingley," and was buried at Marshfield, March 30, 1718. In 1693, her father
mentions her in his will in this wise : "unto each of my two daughters, namely
Elizabeth Dingley, sen r .... I bequeath Two Shillings, and no more, because
I have given a portion to each already, these shillings shall be paid . . . within
Two months after my decease." At this date she had been a widow for two years,
and she continued in that condition the remainder of her life.

She married at (I suppose Marlboro'), about 1668 or 1669, Jacob Dingley, Sr.,
son of John and Sarah (Chillingworth[ ?]*) Dingley^ of Sandwich and Marsh-
field, Mass., who was born , 1642, and died at Marshfield, August 18, 1691.

Where they resided during their married life and where their children were
born, I have not obtained. Their children, as copied from the Maine Historical
Eegister [Vol. 2, p. 120], together with what I have taken from the Marshfield
records, are as follows. That four of the daughters should have been married
at Marshfield, and the parents should have died there, would seem to indicate
that town as the family home — between the years 1698 and 1727, at least. The
children probably were born in one, or both, of those towns — Sandwich and
Marshfield. I have tried to find the will of Jacob Dingley, but have not been

* Thomas Chillingwobth 1 was probably the only male Chillingworth in New England in
the seventeenth century. After a short residence in Lynn and Sandwich, Mass., he settled at
Marshfield and was a Representative in 1648 and 1652. He was one of the men there able to
bear arms in 1643. The administration on his estate was granted, March 1652-3, to his widow,
Joanna. The inventory was taken by John Dingley, Arthur Howland and John Russell, and
was exhibited at Court June 7, 1653. Amount, £180. The will of Thomas Hampton of
Sandwich, March 1637, gives to Thomas Chillingworth. and to other names. His widow
married (2) Thomas Dogget. She was buried at Marshfield September 4, 1684. Mr. Chilling-
worth had four daughters and no son : 1, Elizabeth 2 , b. ; d. Sept. 28, 1665, unm.

2, ilehitabel 2 . b. ; m. May 2, 1661. Justus Eames of Marshfield. 3, Mary 2 , b. ;

m. about 1663, Dea. John Foster of Marshfield. 4, Sarah 2 , b. ; m. Samuel Sprague,

"the last Secretary of Plymouth Colony." It is questioned whether she was the wife also of
John Dingley, or whether another Sarah was. I do not know.

* John Dingley 1 , bora in England in 1608, is said to have been in Lynn. Mass.. as early as
1637. The settlement of the town of Sandwich, Mass., was commenced by a number of families
from "Saugus," the early name for Lynn, In 1637. The original grant was from the Old
Colony of Plymouth the same year. There were fifty-six proprietors, who were given "liberty
to view the place to sit down on" and form a town, among whom is the name of John
Dingley 1 . August, 1643, in the list of all males at Sandwich, between the ages of 16-60 years,
inclusive, able to bear arms, is the name of John Dingley 1 ; as also his name in a Marshfield
list the same year, forty-nine such men. The earliest list of freemen, taken about 1644 — only
eleven were of Marshfield — one was John Dingley 1 . June 7, 1653, John Dingley 1 with
Arthur Howland and John Russell took the inventory of the estate of Thomas Chillingworth
of Marshfield. Amount, £180. Also, inventory of the estate of William Haloway of Marshfield,
taken (no date) by John Dingley 1 , Robert Carver and John Russell. Amount, £65. 15s. JOHN

Dingley 1 , was buried at Marshfield, , 1658. The Maine Historical Register gives

Sarah as the name of his wife. "Chillingworth," states one in Boston Transcript, newspaper.
The children of John Dingley 1 as hoiv given are not in their order, and may not be all of
them. I give them as I have found them in the above-mentioned authorities: 1, John

Dingley, Jr. 2 , b. ; d. ("son of John"), buried at Marshfield, July 9, 1665. 2, Mary

Dingley*, b. ; m. at Marshfield Dec. 19, 1654, Lieut. Joslah Standish 2 , and "dyed and

was buried at Duxborough July 1, 1665." This is the record of her marriage and death. The
History of Bridgewater has that she married and died the same year. She Is the daughter-in-
law mentioned in the will of Captain Myles Standish, near whose grave and that of his
daughter Lora he desired to be buried. Josiah Standish- was second son of Captain Myles 1 ;
lived awhile in East Bridgewater ; moved to Duxbury about 1686, where he became a prom-
inent citizen ; and removed to Norwich, Conn. He married (2) Sarah Allen, and is mentioned

















John 3 Dingley, b. in 1670 ; d. iu 1763.

Joseph 3 Dingley, b. in 1672 ; d. ; m. and had two sons.

Hannah 3 Dingley, b. in 1673 ; d. in 1746 ; m. at Marshfield, Feb. 28, 1698,

James Ford, son of Michael and Abigail (Snow) Ford of Marshfield, Mass.;

b. there, in 1675, d. at Norwich, Conn., in 1757. Their children were :

1. James* Ford, b. about 1699; m. Elizabeth Bartlett.

2. Abigail* Ford, b. in 1701; m. John Joyce.

3. Hannah* Ford, b. in 1705 ; m. Samuel Baker.

4. Michael* Ford, b. , 170-.

Alice 3 Dingley, b. in 1678 ; m. Joseph Adams.

Elizabeth 3 Dingley, b. in 1681 ; d. ; m. at Marshfield, Jan. 31,

1716-17, Philip Delano.

134. vi. Sarah 3 Dingley, b. in 1684 ; d. ; m. at Marshfield, Feb. 25, 1712-13,

Elnathan Fish.

135. vii. Abigail 3 Dingley, b. in 1687 ; d. ; m. at Marshfield, June 18, 1727,

Robert Waterman of Plimpton.

7. SAEAH NEWTON" 2 (Eichard 1 ), daughter of Eichard and Anne (Loker)
Newton, from England to Sudbnry, Mass., was born probably at Sudbury, and
between the years 1645 and 1655. The executor of his will named by her hus-
band refusing to serve, the widow was appointed by the Court; her exhibit of
the inventory of the estate, as administrator, was made October 10, 1713 ; thus
we know she was living at that date. She would then have been sixty years old,
or thereabout. Her death, I do not find, and she may have married again, as
was the fashion for widows in those days.

She married about 1670, — the record does not appear, — James Taylor, Sr., one
of the early proprietors of Marlborough, although not of the firstcomers. His
name appears with grants of land and divisions of the Cow Commons, about
the time, and along with the names of the children of the petitioners for Marl-
borough. Where he came from, and who he was, I have not traced. The
family lived in Marlborough, and near to Daniel Eice's Garrison, No. 17,
"some two miles easterly of the Meeting House" — if she is the "Widow Sarah
Taylor" so assigned. Some of his land "bounded" with land willed by Eichard

in the will of her father, Samuel Allen of Braintree. as his son-in-law. 3, Sarah Dingley',

b. . 1639 ; d. . 1727, married at Marshfield, Nov. 4, 1658, William Ford, Jr., and

had ten children. See below. 4, Jacob Dingley 2 , Sr., b. , 1642 ; d. at Marshfield, Aug.

18, 1691 ; married Elizabeth Newton 2 , dau. of Richard 1 as above, 5, Hannah Dingley-, b.
; d. ; m. Josiah Keen.

The following is from the History of Marshfield, Mass. While not exactly in the Newton
line the data is relative and may help some one: "Widow Ford 1 " (widow of William Ford 1 )
came to New England in 1621, in the Fortune. She brought with her a son William Ford 2 .

b. 1604; d. 1676; m. Ann, who d. 1684. They had William*, b. 1633; Michael*, b. ;

Margaret 3 , b. ; Milliccnt 3 , b. ■ , m. John Carver.

William Ford 3 , Jr., b. 1633; d. 1721; m. Nov. 4, 1658, Sarah Dingley (dau. John), b.
1640, d. 1728. Their ten children were: John 4 , b. 1659: Mercy*, b. 1662, m. Samuel Putney ;

Sarah*, b. ■ , m. Jones ; Josiah*, b. 1664 ; Mary*, b. , m. John Wilder ;

Margaret*, b. , m. Porter; Joseph*, b. , m. (1) Lois Stetson, m. (2) Sarah

Durque ; Bethia*. b. ; Experience*, b. . m. Dengue : Bethsheba*, b. ,

d. y. Child, Anthony Snow.

Michael Ford 3 (son of Wm. 2 ) b. ; m. (1) Dec. 12. 1667, Abigail Snow, who d. 1682:

m. (2) 1683, Bethia Hatch. He had 19 children. By 1st wf. Lcyilca*, Hannah*. William 1 .
Elizabeth*, James*, b. 1675, m. Hannah Dingley; Abigail*, Patience*, b. 1681. By 2d wf. :
Twins, b. and d. 1683 ; Thomas*, b. 1685, m. 1739, Jane Thomas ; Deborah*, Susanna*, b.

1689, m. John Tilden ; Bathsheba*, b. , m. 1730, Ebenezer Sherman ; Bertha*, Ephraim*,

b. , m. Jane Delano ; Elizabeth*, b. , m. 1694. Richard London ; Elisha*, b. 1696 ;

Mehitabel*, b. 1698, m. 1729, Caleb Lamson ; Martha*, b. 1700, m. 1728, Joshua Carver.

James Ford 4 (son of Michael 3 ), b. 1675; m. Feb. 28, 1698, Hannah Dingley (dau. of

Jacob and Elizabeth (Newton) Dingley). They had: James 5 , b. , m. Elizabeth Bartlett;

Abigail 5 , b. 1701, m. John Joyce ; Hannah 5 , b. 1705, m. Samuel Baker ; Michael 5 , b. .

[Copied by C. G. Hubbard, M.D.]

Elizabeth Dingley, dau. of Jabez Dingley of Marshfield, married June 8, 1801, Isaiah Brad-
ford. They lived in Duxbury, where he died in 1849 in his 80th year. They had 10 children,
of whom one was Newton Bradford, b. 1813. and died the same day. I do not know the
relationship, but the names set one speculating. [See Bradford Family.]



Newton 1 to his son John; which may have been some of her portion from her

James Taylor was one of those who bought in the Indian Plantation in 1684.
His rate for taxes, under Governor Andros, was for person and estate, 04s. 02d.
Inventory of his estate was £140, more or less. James Taylor always signs his

Will of James Taylor.
E. Cambridge Probate. No. 22,192, Old Series.



James Taylor Will

Exhib 10, 8*h 1713

Regt Lb* 14. p. 12 - 13.

New Srs

pages 15-17


(This will is on the
front page and has been
through the Emery silk

I James Taylor Senr of Marlborough in the County of Middx in

the Province of. The Massachusetts Bay in New England being

of sound and Disposing Memory Do make this my Last will

and Testament in Manner and form following.

First. I will and Bequeath my soul to God that Gave itt Ho.

ping in the Meritts of. Christ to obtain the free Pardon of my

sin and Justification in His Sight, and my Body I bequeath to

the earth from whence it was taken to be Decently Buried at

the Discretion of mine Executor Hereafter Named.

Further I will and Bequeath unto my Well-Loved son James

Taylor Twenty shillings which is in full of his Part in mine

Inheritance : Not to be Paid Before all My Lawfull Depts and

funerall Expences are Defreyed and Paid.

Item I Will and bequeath unto my well beloved son Samuell

Taylor all my Tools for Husbandry and so much of my other

moveable Estate as shall in all amount to one third Part of my

Persona 11 or. moveable Estate.

Further I Will and bequeath unto my well-beloved Daughter —

Hanna Lamb one Third Part of. my moveable Estate

farther my will is that my Loving and Tender wife Sarah Tay

lor shall Injoy the Third Partt or Residue of my moveable

Estate to Dispose of at Her Pleasure

further My will is That my Wife aforenamed shall During her

Life or Widowhood be alowed out of and from my Real Estate — ■

twelve Bushell of. Indian Corn Four Bushels of Ry two Bushels

of wheat sixteen Pounds of Flax and winter Meat and suteable

tendance for two Cowes and one fire Room in my Dwelling

House and fire wood Convenient to be paid unto and found Her

my sd wife Anualy and Convenient Celler Room

further My Will is that My Well Beloved son samuell Taylor

abovesaid (Paying and finding to and for my wife above Named

as is abovesaid in all the severall species) shall Have and

Injoy forever all my Reall Estate in Marlborough aforesd in

Houses Lands fences and all other improvements therin or

therupon ;

Further I Do Hereby Name and ordain my true and trusty

friend Joshua Hemenway of Framingham in the County abovesd

to be sole Execr of this my Last Will thereby Declaring all my

former Wills to be null and void.

In Wittness wherof I have Hereunto affixed my Hand and Seall

this first Day of March one Thousand seven Hundred and eight

and in the sixth year of the Reign of our soverain Lady Anne

over England &c Queen.

Read Singned and sealed in presence of.

Joshua Hemenway James Taylor, [seal]

Ichabod 5. Hemenway

Daniell S Newton




By Francis Foxcroft. Esq. Judge of the probate of Wills &c
in the County of Middlesex &c.

Before me at Cambridge the lO*' 1 day of Octob" - anno Dom. 1713
This within Instrument was exhibited by Sarah Taylor relict


(This is on second page. ) Widow of James Taylor late of Marlborough in the County of
Middlesex Dec d . as his last will and Testament for probate and
Joshua Ilemenway Exect 1 ' in the same named was prsnt. and
renounced his said office and Trust, and the three Witnesses
thereto were by and made oath They see the sd Testator signe &
seal this within written Instrument and heard him publish the
same to be his last. Will & Testamt. and that he was of sound
mind then & that they set to their hands to it in his psence as
Witnesses. And this Will is proved and approved, and the
administration thereof is committed unto the aforesd Sarah
Taylor (who desired the sd Trust might be committed unto her,
and she declaired in Court her content, with what her sd hus-
band D C <1 hath left her in this will). Faithfully to admiuis the
same according to the true intent of this sd Testator. & to
Exhibit an Inventory & render an Acct &c according to Law

Witness my hand and seal of Office.

Dan Foxcroft J/ Reg*. Fra Foxcroft/ J Pro.

These May certefie that whereas the P.erson named execr in y e
within writen Refuses to accept therof and if trouble being by
(On third page.) * Law to Decend to me who am ye widow Relict of y e Deceased

I do Hereby Desire because of Diverse Reasons which might be
alleaged it may Decend to my Elder son James Taylor.

Enterd 9. 8 th : 1713 — ye Excr. refused his Trust Sarah X Taylor
ye Widow accepted y e adm m of the will & declaired mark

her. self, content. &c
y e witneses sworn.

(The will is then folded twice and the caption first written is on the back. t

Inventory = will of James Taylor. Second document and last.

Agust : the : 11th : 1713 prized by us

The Inventory of Jams Taylor, Desct. of

Marlbourough. his personal and Real estat

As followeth £ s p

(1) The neat chatels 3—04—00

(2) The sheape

7 sheape 01—00—00

3 lambes 01—00—00

(3) The horses

1 mare 03—00—00

another ould mare 00 — 00 — 00

(one sadel and 2 bridles 00—10—00

one feether bed and furniture 00 — 10 — 00

Another bed bedsted and furniture 02 — 10 — 00

Another bed and beding to it 02—00—00

Sheats and tabel linen 03—00—O0

waveing cloths 04—10—00

The puter ware 00—18—00

brass ware 00—12—00

Iron ware within dore 01 — 10 — 00

The Armes 01—00—00

books prized 00—14 — 00

The husbandry tools without dors 02 — 10 — 00

The provision sr : meat : and meal 00 — 11 — 07

one bushel of corne 00 — 03 — 00

wooden ware 02 — 11 — 06

color and trases and whipltre chain 00 — 06 — 00

sheeps wool 00 — 02 — 00

swine 01 — 00 — 00

lands and biddings 100—00—00

A razor and hone 000 — 02 — 00

* The two paragraphs on the third page are crossed off, as is also this signature of Sarah


10 b . 8°. 1713 Moses Newton senr

Exbib & Sarah Taylor adm — *
cum tessam a . annoq 1 to the Estate of the sd Deds Isac Temple
upon oath as of all from of what she knows of the
sd Deds Estate & what more shall come to her John Woods

knowledge she will add it
D Hays Jd Cor. F F. J. P.


136. i. Sarah 3 Taylor, b. Dec. 19, 1671, M. R. ; died Nov. 29, 1698, at Marlborough.

137. ii. James 3 Taylor, Jr., b. April 22, 1674, at Marlborough; received 20 shillings

by will of his father; m. Elizabeth . They lived in Marlborough,

and had seven children born there; but their deaths are not on the record.
His name appears as one opposed to the settlement of Rev. Mr. Emerson,
and he had a grant of land. Children were :

138. 1. Elizabeth* Taylor, b. Feb. 16, 1696; m. Daniel Rice, Feb. 12, 1712-13.

139. 2. Othniel*. Taylor, b. Oct. 19, 1698 ; m., 1725, in Marlborough, Mercy, Mary

Newton (179), m. (2) Dinah Woods.

140. 3. Sarah* Taylor, b. Aug. 26, 1700 ; m. 1718, Benjamin Mills.

141. 4. Amity* Taylor, b. May 5, 1704.

142. 5. Hannah* Taylor, b. April 10, 1706.

143. 6. James* Taylor, b. Aug. 1, 1708.

144. 7. Abraham* Taylor, b. March 24, 1710.

143. iii. William 3 Taylor, b. Aug. 6, 1676, at Cambridge; buried June 7, 1681.

146. iv. Hannah 3 Taylor, b. July 1, 1679; m. Abiel Lamb, Jr., of Framingham, in

1699, and had four children born there. She is given one-third part of his
personal property by her father's will.

147. v William 3 Taylor, b. June 7, 1681 ; d. Aug. IS, 1705.

148. vi. Samuel 3 Taylor, b. April 10, 1688 ; m. 1716, Hannah Greeley. They lived in

Marlborough, it would seem in the house of his father, who, after reserving a
room in his dwelling house for the wife, Sarah, gives all real estate and
one-third of personal, with the care of said wife, to this son Samuel.
Four children :

149. 1. Eliphalet* Taylor, b. Dec. 15, 1716.

150. 2. Mary* Taylor, b. Nov. 12, 1718.

151. 3. Hannah* Taylor, b. March 22, 1721-2.

152. 4. Isaiah* Taylor, b. March 17, 1724-25.

9. DANIEL NEWTON 2 , SR. (Richard 1 ), son of Richard and Anne (Loker)
Newton from England to Sudbury and later of Marlborough, Mass., was born
at Sudbury, December 21, 1655, and died at Southborough, Mass., November
29, 1739.

He married at Marlborough, December 30, 1679, Susanna Morse, daughter of
Joseph and Susanna (Shattuck) Morse* of Groton and Watertown, Mass. She
was born at Groton, January 11, 1662-3, and died at Southborough, May 13,
1729. She was his only wife, and the mother of eleven children.

Daniel Newton, Sr., lived in Marlborough, Mass. All of his children were
born there.

In the deeds given below he calls himself "husbandman" and "yeoman,"
which are words then used for farmer. In one deed he mentions "my interest
in the Grist Mill at Stony Brook."

In all these deeds he signs with his "mark & seal."

Daniel Newton, Sr., as a very young child, removed with his parents from
Sudbury to Marlborough, and continued to reside in the same place the rest of
his life, although the name of his part of the town became Southborough.

His father gave him his portion; he married and settled, and his children were
all born, except one, during the liftime of Richard Newton, who, in his will,
adds no more to said portion except the legally required two shillings.

* For ancestry of Joseph Morse, see note to John Newton.*



I do not find that he received from the town grants of land, more than the
mention of ''Land laid out to Daniel Newton for allowance for an Highway."
I suppose they had taken some of his land for a road, and gave some other in
lieu of it. However, he did have grants from the township, as the annexed
papers show.

In the controversy over the settlement of Kev. John Emerson, 1702, he voted
as opposed to it.

Taxes under Andros, 1688, his rate was for "person and estate" £00-03-06.

In the assignment of the families to their respective forts in the Indian
troubles, ending 1713, his name does not appear, while three of his son's families
are assigned to John Newton's Garrison. Perhaps one of them lived in the same
house with him.

December 16, 1698, he bought of his brother Joseph ten acres of land.

February 18, 1706, he gave to his son Daniel, Jr., ten acres of the land that
had come to him from his father and grandfather.

December 9, 1714, he gave to his son Benjamin, "upland, meadowland and

February 26, 1721-2, he joins with John Newton, his nephew, in giving
twenty acres to his son Abraham, who had married Eachel, daughter of John

October 17, 1722, he signed two deeds, transferring to his sons Samuel Newton
and Nathaniel Newton all of his personal estate for a sum of money, and all
of his real estate for money and bonds. In this last deed he mentions "All
grants from the township of Marlborough to me."

Thus it will be seen why there is no will of Daniel Newton, Sr., on record.
Having disposed of his estate in 1722, he lived seventeen years afterward — long
enough to use up the money received in exchange. And probably died in the
family of either his son Samuel or Nathaniel.

Middlesex County Deeds, vol. 20, page 2 :

I, Danniell Newton Senr of Marlborough, in Middlesex County, husbandman, in Con-
sideration of a fatherly love for my son, Danniell Newton, of the same town, husbandman,
do give unto said Danniell Newton,

10 Acres bounded East by land of Izaac Newton, (etc.), being a part of the third
division of Upland granted to my father, Richard Newton, by the proprietors of Marl-
borough, and all appurtenances thereto belonging,
to have and to hold.

Witnesses : "The mark of Daniell Newton and Seall."

Tamicen Rouse Feb. 18, 1706,

Joshua Hemenway Acknowledged, Dec. 28, 1706

Received, Cambridge, March 11, 1717.
warrantee deed

Middlesex County Deeds, vol. 22, page 143 :

I, Daniel Newton Sen r of Marlborough, in Massachusetts Bay, yeoman, in Considera-
tion of a fatherly affection for my son, Benja Newton of the same town, yeoman, do give
unto said Benja Newton

a certain tract of Upland Meadow land and Swampland bounded, (etc.) and all Commodi-
ties belonging thereto,
to have and to hold.

Witnesses : "Daniel Newton with mark & Seal"

John Woods Dec. 9, 1714.

Eliza Taylor's mark Acknowledged, Middlesex, Dec. 29, 1715.

James Taylor Received, Cambridge, Nov. 28, 1722.

warrantee deed

Middlesex County Deeds, vol. 23, page 242 :

We, Daniel Newton Senr and John Newton Secundus both of Marlborough, in Massa-
chusetts Bay, husbandmen, in Consideration of a fatherly affection for our children,


Abraham Newton and Rachel, his wife, do give unto said Abraham and Rachel Newton

20 A. of Swamp and Upland in Marlborough, bounded, (etc.)

2% A. of which, laid out upon the right of NathU Johnson, I, Daniel Newton, settle

upon Abraham Newton,- my son, and the rest of which, I, John Newton, settle upon my

daughter, Rachel, to have and to hold.

Witnesses : "Daniel Newton his mark & & Seal"

Obadiah Walker "John Newton his mark — | & Seal"

Hezekiah Bird his mark X Feb - 26 ' 1721 - 2 -

Samuel Lyscom Acknowledged, Middlesex, Apr. 10, 1724.

Received, Cambridge, Apr. 24, 1724.
warrantee deed

Middlesex County Deeds, vol. 22, page 142 :

I, Daniel Newton Sen* of Marlborough, in Massachusetts Bay, yeoman, in Consideration
of a valuable sum of money, do give unto my sons Samuel and Nathaniel Newton of
Marlborough, yeomen,

all my interest in the Grist Mill at Stony Brook,

my personal estate viz : neat cattle, horses, sheep and swine, all my tools for husbandry
and all my utensils for housekeeping
to have and to hold.

Witnesses : "Dan 1 ! Newton's mark & Seal"

James Newton Oct. 17, 1722.

Joshua Heminwav Acknoicledged, Middlesex, Nov. 23, 1722.

Received, Cambridge, Nov. 28, 1722.
warrantee deed

Middlesex County Deeds, vol. 22, page 143 :

I, Daniel Newton Sen" - of Marlborough, in • Massachusetts Bay, yeoman, in Considera-
tion of a valuable sum of money and bonds for my subsistance do give unto my sons
NathU and Sam 11 Newton all lands I am now possessed of
also, all grants from the township of Marlborough to me,

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