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Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America online

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M 1 n e r, W. P. "Cist Versus Fell," or the domestic use of anthracite coal. Proc Wyoming Hist Soc

N e w c o m b, H. T. The anthracite-tarrying railways. R of Rs 26(1902)66-9, map.

Rhone, Rosamond D. Anthracite coal mines and mining. R of Rs 26(1902)54-63, ill.

Roberts, Peter. With Intro, by Sumner, W. G. The anthracite coal industry: A study of economic con-
ditions, etc. N Y Macmillaa co. 1902. [ 74(1902)254-6 "Facts and conclusions. . .entitled
to consideration. . .opening chapters. . .too abstruse for... lay reading. . .we heartily endorse. . .work."

Robinson, Margaret Blako. Among the coal-miners [in 111.]. Miss R 25(1902)835-9, 111.
COAL strike, 1902.

The Anthracite Strike. Its social and religious effects. Outl 72(1902)585-9.

B o n J. A. des Rotours. La grfve charbon (t M. lloosevelt. Ref soc 16 Nov (1902).

Chaplin, Herman W. The coal mines and the public. Pamph. pp. 63. [Rev.ln:Nation 76(1902)258
"seeks to show how the mining of anthracite coal may be resumed by Judicial process"].

Coal-mining by receivers. Nation 75(1902)258.

Coal Strikes. Outl 72(1902)345-0.

Coal strike and the public, dun ton's M 23(1902)22-32.

de R o u s i e r g, P. La greve des charbonuazes cme'ricains. Sci Soc Dec(1902).

D e n s ex machlna. Nation 75(1902)278-9.

Goazion, L. La greve des mlneurs d'anthracito aux tats-Uuis. Humanity Nonv. Mar(1902).

Is the coal strike a conspiracy? Guntou's M 23(1902)240-5.

Light on the coal strike. Nation 74(1902)401.

L o w, A. Maurice. How the coal strike has ended. Indep 54(1902)2563-6.

The mining situation. Nation 75(1902)84-5.

Mitchell, John. The coal strike. McClure 20(1902-3)219-24.

A more excellent way. Nation 76(1902)338-9.

More light on the coal strike. Nation 75(1902)200.

Roberts, Peter. The anthracite coal situation. Yale R 11(1902-3)29-37.

Roberts, Peter. The anthracite conflict. Yale R 11(1902-3)297-307.

S p a h r, Charles B. The miners' strike: impressions in the field. Outl 7' <l'.M)2)"l!l-r.

The state of siege. Nation 75(1902)298.

The strike nnveiled. Nation 74(1902)478-9.

Triumph of arbitration. Ganton's M 23(1902)369-70.

W a r n e, Frank Julian. Organized labor In the anthracite coal fields. Outl 71(1902)273-6.

W a r n e, Frank Julian. The real cause of the Minerfi' strike. Outl 71(1302)1053-7.

W e 1 1 m a n, Walter. The settlement of the coal strike. R of Rs 26(1902)562-5.

Williams, Talcott. A general view of the coal strike. R of Rs 26(1902)64-6.
COBURN, F. D. (fl.1902). Kansas agriculturalist, writer.

M a t s o n, Clarence H. Worldwide lessonn from Kansas farms. World's Work 4(1902)2519-22, port.
COCKE family.

Hunter, Fanny B. Cocke, Gray, Bowie, Robb, &c. Va Mag 10(1902)100-1,202.
CODMAN, Robert (1823-1901). Boston lawyer.

Robert Codman, A.M. LL.B. N E Be* 56 Suppl(1902)xlvil-j:lviii.


CODNER family.

C o d n e r note. Gen Q M 3(1902)98.
CODY family.

Hubert, Sarah D. Genealogy of part of the Cody ami VVoinack families of America. Atlanta, Ga., Frank-
lin Print. & Pub. Co., 1902. pamph. pp. 23. 12o. [Rev.ln:N Y Rec 34(1903)304 "an unmistakable
quality... a goodly quantity of valuable matter."]
COFFEE industry. The raising and marketing of coffee.

Walsh, Jos. M. Coffee: its history. New Issue. Phila.. Coates. 1902. 12o. ill.
COFFIN, Enoch (1696-1728). N. H. clergyman.

T h o r u e, J. C. Reverend Enoch Coffin. Concord's first preacher, 1726-'28. Granite M 32(1902)21-6, ill.
COFFINBERRY, Andrew (b.1788). Ohio pioneer, poet and lawyer.

L o v e, N. B. C. The pioneer poet lawyer. Ohio Arch & Hist Pnb 10(1902)305-14.
COGHLON, Gerald F. (b.1848). Fhila. Catholic priest.

Griffin, Phllomena M. I. Our church and our rector 1889-1902. Am Cath Res 19(1902)102-6.
COGSWELL, George (1808-1901). Mass, surgeon.

Clarke, Maurice D. George Cogswell, A.M., U.I). N E Reg 56 Suppl(1902)lvi-lvii.
COHASSET, Mass. Village of Norfolk Co. 21 in. E.S.E. of Boston.

[Cohasset, Mass., Revolutionary soldiers.] Am Month M 21(1902)26-7.
COLCOCK family.

8 a 1 1 e y, A. 8. Capt. John Colcock and some of his descendants. S C Hist Mag 3(1902)216-41.
COLD HARBOR (Va.). Civil War campaign, June, 1864.

D u B o i s, A. Cold Harbor Salient. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)270-9.
COLE family.

W. J. J. Cole-Peter (note). Va Mag 9(1902)429-30.
COLEMAN, Samuel (fl.1780). Soldier.

C o 1 e m a n, Samuel. [Letter] to Dwight Foster [1780]. Host Bull 7(1902)498-9.

Bulletin of the Collamore Union. Newton L. Collamer, Editor. Washington, D. C. v. 8 1902. 15 1. 80.
COLLEGE settlements. Colonies of college graduates in poor districts.

S c u d d e r, Vida D. College settlements and college women, out 1 70(1902)973-6.

Woods, Rob. A., ed. Americana in process: settlement study. Boston, Houghton, 1902.
COLLEGES (and Universities). Institutions of higher learning.

B a b b 1 t t, E. H. The problems of the small colleges In tho Southern states. Sewauee 10(1902)86-104.

B 1 g e 1 o w, Poultney. Personal notes among our universities. Indep 54(1902)672-6.

A bisected college course. Nation 75(1902)301-2.

B r a u f o r d, V. The organisation of economic and political studies in American Universities. Econ J

E s c a r d, P. Le jeunesse universitaire americaine. Ref Soc 1C Oct(1902).

E 8 c a r d, P. Les universites americaines. Bull Soc Gen d'Ed Sept(J902)Oct(1902).

G 1 a 8 s o n, William H. The college professor in public service. So Atlan Q 1(1902)247-55.

H a n u s, Paul H. Graduate testimony on the elective system. Harvard Grad M 10(1901-2)354-63.

Hart, Lavlnia. Women as college presidents. Cosmopol 33(1902)72-9, port.

Jordan, Mary A. The heads of some women's colleges. Outl 71(1902)828-33, port.

MacDonald, William. The three year college course in New England. Nation 75(1902)322-3.

Ross, James H. The beginnings of American Universities' missions. Miss R 25(1902)761-4.

The small college. Nation 75(1902)6 7.

S p e e r, Robert E. The Christian movement among students. Ontl 71(1902)552-4.

Th w 1 n g, Charles F. Collegiate conditions in the United States. Forum 33(1902)372-82.

COLLINS family.

Haines, George. Ancestry of the Haines, Sharp, Collins, Wills, Gardiner, Prickitt, Eves, Evans, Moore,

Troth, Borton and Engle families. [For details see same title under subject, Haines family.]
COLMAN, Benjamin (1673-1747). Boston clergyman and writer.

D a v e n p o r t, George H. An early coronation sermon. New Eng M 26(1902)476-80, 111., port.
COLMAN, Charles L. (1826-1901;. Wis. manufacturer, V. P. Wis. Hist. Soc.

T h w a 1 1 e s, Reuben G. Death of Vice-President Colman. Wist Hist Proc, '01 (1902)19.
COLOMBIA, S. A. Northwestern Republic of S. A., adjoining Central America.

Morales, Eusebio A. The political and economical situation of Colombia. No Am 175(1902)347-60.

Present conditions and prospects In Colombia. Miss R 25(1902)572-80, ill., port.

The struggle in Colombia. Sat R 92(1902)326-7.


COLONIAL period. History of Am. to the War of Independence.

Ames, Herman Vandenburg. Outline of lectures on American political and institutional history during the
colonial and revolutionary periods, with references for collateral reading. [Philadelphia] Department
of American history. University of Pennsylvania, 1902. 1 p., 5-95 numb. 1. 26cm. [Printed on one
aide of leaf only. 31.Men.ln:Am Hist R 8(1903)402 "revised edition." L.C. 2-24486]

C a r p e n t e r, A. H. Habeas corpus in the [Am.] colonies. Am Hist R 8(1902)18-27.

Cross, Arthur Lyon. The Anglican episcopate and the American colonies. . . New York, London [etc.]
Longmans, Green, und co., 1902. ix, 368 p. 23cm. (Harvard histiH-ical studies, vol. Iz) ["A list of
special works": p. 350-357. Hist R 8(1903)542-4 (Willistou Walker) "thorough and shatis-
factory. . .has searched with diligence the available sources ... result is ... commendable thoroughness,
clearness, and completeness"; Nation 76(1903)79 "to wide study... [is] added some skill In ... presenta-
tion ... appears to make his contention good without any forcing of the note"; Hist Pub Canad 7 79-80
"volume of original research ... of Harvard Historical Studies ... relating to the United States [only]."
L.C. 2-20794]

H a m y, A. Sentiments et condulte des Anglais avant ft aprfis la decouverte du Mississippi Et. 92,539-48.

Hart, Albert Bushnell. ...Colonial children ... with the collaboration of Blanche E. Hazard... New York,
London, The Macmlllan company, 1902. xvil, 233 p. incl. 111., pi., port, front. 19%cm. (Source-
readers In American history, no. 1) [Original imprint 1901 corrected to 1902. 75(1902)
421 "Free handling. . .of .. .naratives from... (1000 A.I).) to (1784) .. .commended for school or home...
[No] index... table of contents is very meagre"; Dial 33(1902)289 "spelling and the language. . .have
been modernized." L.C. 2-17870]

M a r s d e n, R. G. The High Court of Admiralty in relation to national history, commerce and the col-
onization of America. A.D. 1550-1850. Royal HUt S N S 16(1002)69-96.

O g g, Frederick Austin. The making of Greater Britain. Chaut 36(1902)126-37, 111., port., map.

O s g o o d, Herbert L. England and the American colonies In the seventeenth century. Polit Sc Q 17

Welsh, Luoie D. Colonial days. Boston, Educ Pub, 1902, ill.
COLONIAL possessions. All portions of the IT. 8. not present or prospective parts of the Union.

B i g e 1 o w, P. D. Amerikaiicr als Kolonlst. N. Dtsche. Runds. (1002)026-30.

Halatead, Murat. Pictorial hist, of America's new pot-sesslons. Chicago, Dominion, 1002. 12o.

J u d a o n, W. V. Strategic value of her West Indian possessions to the United States. Ann Am Aca<l
Pol Sci 19(1902)383-91.

Leroy-Beaulieu, Pierre. Les fetats-unis puissance colonial?. Rev Deux Mondes 7(1902)77-112.

Opportunities in the colonies and Cuba. By Leonard Wood [and others]. [For detail see same title under
subject Cuba.]

Reinsch, Paul S[amuel]. ...Colonial government; an introduction to the study of colonial Institutions...
New York, London, The Macmillan company, 1902. x, 386 p. lOMicm. (The citizen's library of econ-
omics, politics, and sociology) ["References at end of each chapter. Contents. pt. 1. Motives and
methods of colonization. pt. 2. Forms of colonial government. pt. 3. Institutions of colonial govern-
ment. [ Pub Canad, '02, 7(1003)1-3 "admirable little volume. . .well-informed and accurate
...has examined exhaustively the literature. . .bibliography. . .specially valuable. . .great insight and
understanding of... the British colonial system"; Am Hist R 8(1903)375-6 "bring[s] . . .into small com-
pass. . .essential facts of colonization. . .ample bibliographies. . .of value... in giving ... succient, lucid
and suggestive statements"; Nation 75(1902)98-9 "British colonies receive the principal. . .attention. ..
bibliography appended to each chapter. . .scholarly;" Dial 33 (1902; 286 "collection of essays. . .lucid and
entertaining, rather than a thorough aud systematic treatment. . .popular." L.C. 2-16778]

Snow, Alpheus H[enry], The administration of dependencies; a study of the evolution of the federal
empire, with special reference to American colonial problems. New York and London, G. P. Putnam's
sons, 1902. vi p., 1 1., 619 p. 23%cm. [ Hist R 8(1903)553-7 (P.S.Relnsch) "a notable
legal argument and a highly valuable analysis of an important part of American political thought...
has somewhat misplaced the emphasis in his Interpretation of history . . . views the thought of the past
...too much from the point of our present needs of constitutional development;" Nation 75(1902)386-7
"Written for. . .purpose of [showing] .. .that our Revolutionary forefathers were imperialists ... conclu-
sion... fatal to... present claims of imperialists. .. notwithstanding. . .display of research in. . .citation
of ancient documents ... we cannot regard this work as giving correct views of the past"; Dial 34(1903)
42-4 (J.O. Pierce) "elaborate treatise. . .exhaustive study of the precedents. . .in French and English
history ... not merely a valuable contribution ... it is an epoch-making book. . .defects. . .largely in mat-
ters of detail." L.C. 2-23770]

TT. 8. War dept. Reports on the law of civil government In territory subject to military occupation by
the military forces of the United States. Submitted. . .by Charles E. Magoon... Washington, Gov't
print, off., 1902. 808 p. 23%cm. [Rev. in: Nation 75(1902)482 "embody opinions relating to routine
business. One or two Involve broad Constitutional. . .questions." L.C. 2-20481]

Yerelnlgte Staaten v.N.-A. Amerikas Kolonien. Gartenlaube (1902) no. 12,


COLORADO. Western, Rocky Mt. State of U. S.

Representative men of Colorado in the nineteenth century; a portrait gallery of many of the men who
have been instrumental in the upbuilding of Colorado, including not only the pioneers, but others who,
coming later, have added their quota, until the once territory ia now the splendid state. [Ed. de luxe.]
New York, Denver, The Rowell art publishing company, 1902. sil, [2], 272 p. of port. 23%cm. [No.
23 of an edition of 1,000 volumes. L.C. 2 18463]

Rice, George M. A trip to Colorado.-'92. Wor Soc Ant 18(1902)219-32.

Walker, Francis. Colorado Springs and 'round about Pike's Peak. New Kng M 25(1901-2)236-55, 111.
COLORADO R. River flowing S. W. from Col. to Gulf of Cal.

Bicknell, P. C. Guide book jf the Grand Canyon of Arizona with the only correct maps in print; a vol-
ume of interesting facts and gossip... [Los Angeles, Cal., Press of G. Rice & sons (inc.) 1902]. 1 p..
1., [7]-07 p. ill., pi., fold. map. 17cm. [L.C. 2-17241]

Dellenbaugh, Frederick S[amuel]. The romance of the Colorado River; the story of its discovery in 1540.
with an account of the later explorations, and with special reference to the voyages of Powell through
the line of the great canyons. . . New York and London, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1902. xxxv, 399 p. Incl.
ill., port., maps. col. front., map. 23cm. [L.C. 2-29425]

The Grand Canyon of Arizona; being a book of words from many pens, about the Grand Canyon of the
Colorado River in Arizona. [Chicago] Passenger department of the Santa Fe, 1902. 2 p. 1., 9-123,
[1] p., 1 1. incl. ill., map. front. 24 x 19cm. [L.C. 3-10713]

Higgins, C[harles] A. Titan of chasms; the Grand Canyon of Arizona. The scientific explorer, by J.\V.
Powell. The greatest thing in the world, by Chas. F. Luinmis. Information for tourists. . . 15th thou-
sand. Chicago, Passenger dep't, The Santa Fe, 1902. 32 p. ill. 23cm. [The article by Higgins is an
abridgement of his Grand Caflon of the Colorado River, 1893. L.C. 3-5053]

Llpplncott, J. B. The Colorado river. Out West 16(1902)430-4, ill.

M u i r, John. The Grand Cafion of the Colorado. Cent 05(1902-3)107-16.

Peabody, Henry G[reenwood1. Glimpses of the Grand Canyon of Arizona... Kansis City, F. Harvey,

1902. 3 p. 1., [34] p. of ill. 23 x 29cm. [L. C. 3-1267]
COLORADO Springs: Colo. City of El Fasco Co., 76 m. 8. of Denver.

Walker, Francis. Colorado Springs and round about Pike's Peak. New Eng M 25(1901)236-55, ill.
COLUMBIA, 8. C. City of Richmond Co., 130 m. N.N.W. of Charleston.

Conrad, August. The destruction of Columbia, S. C. A translation from the German by Wm. H. Pleas
ants, of 19th, 20th, 21st, and 22d chapters of "Lights and shadows in American life during the war of
secession." Published at Hanover, 1879. Roanoke, Va., The Stone printing and manufacturing com-
pany, 1902. 31 p. 23cm. [Title of tho original: "Schatten und Hchtblicke aus dem amerikanischen
leben wahrend des secessionskrieges." L.C. 2-23889]

Qihbes, James G[uiguard]. Who burnt Columbia? Newberry, S. C., E.HAull company, 1902. 137, ill p.
front., port. 23%cm. [ Mag 1(1902)71. L.C. 3-13008]

N o u r a e, Henry S. [Burning of Columbia, S. C.] Mass Hist Soc Proc II 15(1901-2)274-8.

Rhodes, James Ford. Who Burned Columbia? Maes Hist Soc Proc II 15(1901-2)264-74.
COLUMBIA University. Founded at New York in 1754 as King's College, incorp. as Columbia 1784.

B u r d i c k, Francis M. Legal instruction at Columbia. Columb Q 4(1902)120-32.

C a r d o z o, Ernest A. The Philolexlan Society at Columbia: its history from 1892 to 1902. Columb Q 5

The election and Installation of Nicholas Murray Butler as pres. of Columbia. Columb Q 4(1902)
1-92, port.

Pine, John B. The finances of the University 1889-1901. Columb Q 4(1901)18-24.

President Butler, of Columbia. R of Rs 25(1302)170-2, port.

Smith, Munroe. Columbia University. Indep 54(1902)907-14, ill., port.
COLUMBUS, Christopher (1446 or 7-1506). Discoverer of America.

Alba, [Maria del Rosario (Falco y Osorio) Fitz James] 9. duquesa de Berwick y 16. duquesa de. Nuevos
autografos de Crist6bal Col'm y relaciones de ultramar. Los publica la duquesa de Berwick y de Alba,
condesa Siruela. Madrid, 1902. 2 p. 1., 294 p., 1 1. 5 facsim. (incl. map) 28%cm [Title in red and
black. Facsimiles: 1. Tapa superior del cuaderno de a bordo de C. ColSn. 2. Trazo de la costa de la
isla EspaCola. (De mano Oe Col6n. 1492) 3. Fragmento de un escrito de ColOn. 4. Carta de Col6n a
su hijo Diego. 5. Mapa de los reinos de Camboja, Siam, Cochinchina, &c. (Lamina 2a del atlas de Vaz
Dourado, 1568). Contents. [Autfigrafos de Cristobal CoWn y otros] Indice y extractos de docnmentos
varies referentes a las Indies, 1514-16**. 78 nos. Relaciones de ultramar: textos y extractos, 1581-
1646. 43 nos. Cat&logos y extractoe de varlos documentos relatives al virreinato de Nueva EspatSa y
especialmente al Yucatan (J563 ft 1763) 47 nos. TItulos y servicios del adelantado Francisco de Mon-
tejo (1522 ft 1748) 7 nos. Cat&logo de documentos referentes a las islas Filiplnas (del virreinato de
Nueva Espafia) 1688 ft 1683. 7 nos. L.C. 3-18025]

Dscendance de Chrlstophe Colomb. Tout Monde 10 at 30 Juil(1902),


The discovery and conquest of the New world, containing the life and Toy ages of Christopher Columbus
by Washington Irving... a separate account of the conquest of Mexico find Peru by W. W. Robertson. ..
A perfect history of the United States from the works of Bancroft, Flske, Blalne, Grant, Sherman,
Johnston and others. By Benjamin Rush Davenport, master of the art of critical condensation. Intro-
duction by the Hon. Murat Halstead. ...W.H.Ferguson company [1902] 1 p. 1., Ix-xlvlll, 49-922
(I. e. 888) p. incl. 111., pi., port, front. 27cm. [Paging Irregular. The selection from Robertson
comprises books v and vl with parts of book 111 of his History of America. L.C. 3-3299]

(5 a 1 1 o 1 s, L. Toscanelll et Chrlstophe Colomb. Ann GeoK Mars(1902).

Gonzalez de la Rosa [Manuel Toribio] La eolation >.le tous les probldrnes relatlfs & Chrlstophe Colomb et.
en partlcnller, de celul des orlglnes on des prfiteudus Inspirateurs de la dScouverte du Nouveau monde. . .
Paris, E.Leroux, 1902. 22, [1] p. 25cm. . ["MSmolre extralt du Compte rendu du" Congres Interna
tloaal des amerlcanlstes, tenu en septembre 1900." Rev.ln:Am Hist R 8(1903)341 (E.G. Bowme) "that
the pretended correspondence of Columbus with the astronomers played no part In the discovery of
America." L.C. 3-16087]

Hugrues. Luigi. La lettera dl Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli a Fernam Martins a proposlto dl un llbro recent"
del Slg. Enrico Vignaud. Casale Monf., Tip. casalese Fr.lll Tardltl, 1902. 1 p. 1., 32 p. 20^cm.
[L.C. 3-24624]

Irving', Washington. The life and voyages of Christopher Columbus, by Washington Irving. . .with an
introduction by G. Mercer Adam... New York, The Perkins book company [c!902] vill, 111-vl, 7-307 p
front, (port.) pi. 19cm. ([Heroes of history]) [L.C. 3-10051]

M n r c e 1, G. Toscanelll et Chrlstophe Colomb, d'aprfcs uu onvrage recfint. La Geog Avrll(1902).

Ricard. Chrlstophe Colomb. Tours. Mame et Flls. 1P02?

Rcsenptirten, J. G. Colninbus and the Toscanelll letter (Rev.). Dial 32(1902)241-3.

Ruge. Sophus. Ooiumbus, *on Sophus Ruge; 2. aufl. ... Berlin, E. Hofmann & co., 1902. 3 p. 1., 2>4,
(1] p. incl. 2 maps. 3 port. 'incl. front.) 19%cm. (Added t-p. : GeUt>3helden. FOhrer.rle fcnstnri . . .
5. bd.* [Frontispiece after the Glovlo portrait of Columbus; another after that In the BlDlloteon
uac-tonnl, Madrid. Also portrait of Toscanelll, after the one In the Vecchlo palace, Florence. "Ul>>
wichtiRSten schriften tlbcr Columbus und die entdeckung Amerlkas" : p. [206]-214. L.C. 3-32534]

T h a c h e r, John Boyd. A bibliographical romance. Bibllog 1(1902)269-84 [Pseudo-ambroslan Columbu*

ToscanelH and Cr-'iuntiu. N. Y., E. P. Dutton. 1902, pp. 19+365.

V I g n a n rt, H. Columbus not the real discoverer of America. Everybody's 6(1902)549 (Je).

Vljnaud, Kenry 1. e. Jean Henry. M4molre sur 1' authenticity de la lettre de Toscanelli du 25 Jnln 1474.

i-tc. Varls, E. Leronx, 1902. [For details see same title under subject Toscanelll.]
COMMERCIAL marine. TJ. 8. Ships used for passengers and freight.

Bates, William W[allace], American navigation; the political history of its rise and ruin and the proper
mi-ans for Its encouragement . . . Boston and New York, Honghton, Mlfflln and company, 1902. rrl,
IOC p., 1 1. front, (port.) 22 14 cm. [4l.Men.ln:Am Hist R 8(1903)401-2 "Important. . .of historical as
w.-ll ns practical Interest. L.C. 2-24334]
COMMTTKIPAW, N. J. Hamlet on N. Y. Bay, new part of Jersey City.

Van A r k e 1, Garret. The house of the four chimneys [Commnnlpaw]. New Eng M 27(1902)59-66, ill.
COMMUNISM. The holding of property in common.

]: I r, Richard T. Amana: A study of religions communism. Harper 105(1902)659-68, HI.

Hinds, William Alfred. American communities. Rev. ed., enl. to Include additional societies, new ami
old, communistic, semi-communistic and co-operative. Chicago, C. H. Kerr tc, co., 1902. 433 p. front.,
pi., port. 20cm. [L.C. 2-11623]
COMPOUNCE Lake, Conn. Lake of Hartford Co.

Norton, Alice J. Compounce, 1846-1902. Bristol, Conn., 1902. 37 p. Incl. front., ill., facslm. 18%x34cm.

[L.C. 2-18613.]
COMSTOCK mine. Famous silver and gold mine in Nevada.

M o f f e t t, Samuel E. The Comstock and its great bonanza. Cosmopol 34(1902-3)212-18, 111., port.
CONCEPCION del Oro. Mexico.

Wallace, Wm. A truly apostolic church. Ass Her 6(1902)223-5.
CCNCORD, Mass. Village of Middlesex Co. 20 m. W.N.W. of Boston.

Tolman, Adams. Indian relics in Concord. Concord Antiquarian Soc. 1902, pp. 26, 80.

Whiting, Lilian. Boston days, the city of beautiful Ideals; Concord and its famous authors; the golden
age of genius; dawn of the twentieth century... Boston, Little, Brown and company, 1902. xll, 485 p.
front., pi., port., facsim. 20%cm. [For details see same title under subject Boston, Mass. L.C.


CONCORD, N, H. City of Merrimack Co. 18 m. N. of Manchester.
C o m 1 n g, C. R. Concord High School. Granite M 32(1902)2-8, ill.
Hammond, Otis G[rant], Bibliography of the newspapers and periodicals of Concord, N. H., 1790-189S.

Concord, I. C. Evans co., printers, 1902. 32 p. 22cm. ["Printed as a part of the report ftf the N. H.

state library for 1901-2, and 50 copies struck off In separate pamphlet form." Letter from author, Feb.

1, 1903. L.C. 3-5116].
O r d w a y, J. C. Publishments and marriages In the township of Rumford (now Concord), N. H., 1732-

'39. Granite M 33(1902)38-40.
W a 1 k e r, J. B. The controversy between the proprietors of Bow and those of Penny Cook, 1727-1789.

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Army & Navy.]

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Not received in time for analysis in this volume.]

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