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Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America online

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William Henry Egle, A.M., M.D. N E Reg 56 Suppl(1902)xlix-l.
ELDER, John (1799-ab.l879). Penn. emigrant to Prince Gallitzin's district.

Flick, Lawrence F. Reminiscences of John Elder, deceased, of Carrolltown, Cambria Co., Pa., one of
the pioneer settlers of Prince Gallitzin's district. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)227-30.


ELECTIONS. Choosing for public office.
The election forecast. Nation 75(1902)338.
Kendall, Amos. Card from [1856]. Bost Bull 7(1902)266-7.

Seize millions votauta pour an flu, une campagne electorate aux fitats-Unls. Lect pour tous Fer(lBOS),
Vereinigte Staaten T. N.-A. D. Wahlen. Ann f gewerb u bauweseu(1902)Nr.48.
ELIOT, Charles (b.1859). Haas, landscape architect.
Charles Eliot. Landscape Architect. Harv Grail M 11(1902-3)31-6.

[Eliot, Charles William], Charles Eliot, landscape architect, a lover of nature and of his kind, wh
trained himself for a new profession, practised it happily and through it wrought much good. Boston
and New York, Houghtou, Mifflin and company, 1902. xxiv p., 1 1., 770 p., 1 1. front., 111., pi., port.,
maps (partly fold.) plans, facslm. 23cm. [Fold, maps in pockets. 33(1902)284-5 "tell*
the simple and faithful story of this well-spent llf e ... enriched with extracts." L.C. 2-18949]
Ellsworth, William Webster. Charles Eliot, landscape architect. Outl 72(1902)135-8.
A story of achievement. Nation 75(1902)47-8.
ELIOT, Charles William (b.1834). President of Harvard University.
Charles William Eliot. World's Work 4(1902)2249, port. only.

Morris, George Perry. Charles William Eliot, pres. of Harvard. R of Rs 25(1902)280-97, ill., port
ELIOT, Me. Village of York Co. on R.

Fogg, Wm. The early families of Eliot and Klttery, Me. Old Eliot 5^1902) 1-29,39-62,87-154,159-lM.
Old Eliot. Eliot, Maine. 80., v.5. 1902. [Periodical]
Stackpole, Rev. E. S. Joeselyns Point. Old Eliot 5(1902)30-4.
ELIZABETH, N. J. City of Union Co. 14 m. W.8.W. of New York.

Meyer, Ernest L. The site of the first Government House of New Jersey. N J Hist 3 3(1902)52-61.
ELLIS family.

L a E e 1 1, Theodore 8. Additional contributions to an Ellis genealogy. Dedh Reg 13(1902)106-7.
ELLSWORTH, Oliver (1745-1807). Conn, statesman, Justice U. S. Supreme Court, envoy to Francs.

Cook, Frank Gay lord. Oliver Ellsworth and federation. Atlan 89 ( 1902) 524-36.
ELKA, N. Y. Village in Elm* township, Erie Co., 13 m. 8.E. of Buffalo.

Jaokman, Warren. History of the town of Elrna, Erie county, N. Y., 1620 to 1901. Buffalo, Printed by

G.M.Hausauer * son. 1902. 4 p. 1.. 11-331 p. plan. 23 ft cm. [L.C. 2-12291]
EL WELL family.

Elwell, Levi Henry, corap. by The descendants of Thomas Elwell, of Westhampton, Mass. Amherst,

Mass.. Printed by comp.. 1902. pp. 24. 32o.
ELY family.

Beach, Hoses S[perry] The Ely ancestry; Uncage of Richard Ely of Plymouth, England, who came to
Boston, Mass., about 1655, & settled at Lyme, Conn., In 1660. Collected by the late Moses S. Beach, of
New York & by the Rev. William Ely, D.D., of Philadelphia. Ed. & enl. by Geo. B. Vanderpoel. With
a very interesting sketch of the origin & history of the Elyes of Utterby & of Wonston. Kindly fur-
nished by Sumner A. Ely, esq. New York, The Calumet press, 1902. 2 p. L, xllv, 639 p. incl. ill.,
1 pi. front., pi., port., fold, facsim., fold, geneal. tab. 26cm. [Title vignette (coat of arms in colors) Y Rec 34(1903)74 "Carefully compiled. . .fitting memorial. . .of special interest ... very elab-
orate index." L.C. 3-9163]

EMERSON, Ralph Waldo (1803-82). Concord, Mass., philosopher and writer.

LI v 1 n gs t o n, Luther S. Two little-known first editions of American authors. Bibliog 1(1902)455-7.
Roc, Flrmln. L'ldelisme Americain, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Rev Deux Moudes 7(1902)651-75.
EMERY, Samuel Hopkins (1815-1901). Congregational clergyman, looal historical writer.

D a v o 1, Ralph. Samuel Hopkins Emery, D.D. N E Reg 56 Suppl(1002)lxviii-lxix.
EMMAUS Mission. Mission near Buckatunna creek, Miss.

Evans, John H. Location and description of the Emmaus Mission. Miss Hist P (1902)411-13.
EMMON8, Nathaniel (1745-1840). N. E. theologian and writer.

M 1 1 1 a r d, Abel. Nathaniel Emmons. Amer Jour Theol 6(1902)17-84.
EMORY, Frederick (b.1853). Chief of Bureau of Foreign Commerce U. 8.

Frederic Emory. World's Work 3(1901-2)1579. port. only.
EMPORIA College, Kan. Presbyterian college at Emporia, Kan., founded 1882.

M a r 1 1 n, G. W. The College of Emporia, Andrew Carnegie, and John Byars Anderson. Trans Kan Hist

Soc 1901-2 7(1902)502-20.

EMUCKFAU (Ala.). Creek War battle, Jan. 21, 1814.
Proposed monument to soldiers who fell at Emuckfau in the Creek War, 1814. Gulf May 1(1002)61.


ENCYCLOPAEDIAS. Abstracts of human knowledge on many subjects.

Collier's new encyclopedia. . .an entirely new and original work containing a greater number of titles than
any other similar compendium; with articles by over three hundred contributors... New York, P.F.Col-
lier and son, 1902. 16 v. ill., pi. (partly col.) maps (partly fold.) 25%cm. L.C. 2-18116]

Oilman, Daniel Coit. Peck, Harry Thurston, Colby, Frank Moore, editors. The new International encyclo-
paedia. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & co., 1902. [Far the best encyclopaedia at date for general use. Typog-
raphy is compact and clear, the number of articles is large and well chosen, and a very large number
of them are treated in the most competent manner. The general proportioning and the method are also
good. 76(1903)150-1 "later volumes there is undoubtedly at many points a marked im-
provement. . .especially of the sub-editing and proof reading ... not yet immaculate. . .biography remains
...the poorest"; Dial 34(1903)48 "exceptionally useful for ready reference ... something like sixty thou-
sand articles. . .in the matter of lucidity and general attractiveness of style... well done."]

Hazell's annual, 1902; ed. by W. Palmer. N. Y., Scribner, 1902. 12o. [ 74(1902)307
"Character of this work is established beyond ... need of praise."]

International year book (The) : a compendium of the world's progress during 1899-1901 ; F.M. Colby, B.L.
Engle, H.T.Peck, eds. N. Y., Dodd, 1902. [ 32(1902)423 "index, which is cumulative, be-
comes more and more valuable with every year."]
ENDICOTT, William Crowninshield (1826-1900). Mass, judge, Secretary of War.

Adams, Charles Francis. Commu. by. Memoir of William C. Endicott. Mass Hist Soc Proc 11.15
(1901-2)523-37, port,

Adams, Charles Francis, jr. Memoir of William 0. Endtcott, LL.D., communicated at a meeting of the
Massachusetts historical society, February 13, 1902. Cambridge [Mass.] J.Wilson and son, 1902. 20 p.
front, (port.) 24%cm. [L.C. 2-19824]

Proceedings of the meeting of the Essex Bar Association to take suitable action upon the death of William
Crowninshield Endicott, late an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Mass. Cambridge, Univ.
Press, 1902. pp. 13. 80.

ENGLAND (fl.1833). N. C. Catholic Bishop.

England. Bishop England's relation to the benefactions of Catholics of Germany and Austria to the

church in America. Am Cath Res 19(1902)111-2.
ENGLE family.

Haines, George. Ancestry of the Haines, Sharp, Collins, Wills, Gardiner, Prlckitt, Eves, Evans, Moore,

Troth, Borton and Engle families. [For details see same title under subject, Haines family.]
ENO family.

From family Bible of Mary Adams Eno. Gen Q M 3(1902)97-8.
"ENTERPRISE." Am. cruiser in 1800, 1818-14 and against pirate*.

Spears, Johii R. A charmed American war-ship. Harper 104(1901-2)927-36, ill., port.
EPPES family.

Poythress-Batte, &c. (note). Va Mag 10(1902)105-6.
"ERIE." Steamboat burned on Lake Erie, 1814.

Koberstelu, Paul. Der Brand des Passagier-Dampfers "Erie" auf der H3ch von Silver Creek am 9.

August 1841. Deutsch-Am G 24(1902)36-9.
ESKIMO. Tribes of Polar Indians.

Boas, Franz. The Eskimo of Baffin Land and Hudson Bay. Bull Am Museum Nat Hist 16, part 1, 1-370.

Cook, F. A. Life and habits of Eskimos. Everybody's 6(1902)19.

Wickersham, James. The Eskimo dance house. Am Ant 24(1902)221-3.
ESKRIDGE family.

Eskrldge-Corrections. Va Mag 10(1902)95-6.
ES8ELLEN, Christian (1823-59). Mich., HI., and N. Y. German-Am, editor.

F r 1 t s c h, W. A. Christian Essellen. Deutsch-Am G 21(1902)45-7.
ESSEX COUNTY, Mass. The northeasternmost Co. of state.

Earthquakes in Essex County. Ess Ant 6(1902)166-170.

Essex Antiquarian, The. A quarterly devoted to the biography, genealogy, history and antiquities of
Essex Co., Mass. Salem, Mass. 80. v.6, 1902. (Sidney Perley, ed.) 202 p.

Essex County, Mass., court records. Gen Q M 3(1902)26-42,83-92,161-6.

Soldiers and sailors of the Revolution. Ess Ant 5(1901)10-12, 174-9; 6(1902)41-4, 80-3,116-20,164-5.

Waifs and straws. Gen Q M 3(1902)95.
ESTERHAZ, Canada. A Hungarian colony.

Esterhiz, Magyar colonia ijszak-nyugati Tartomanyok, Kanada. Levelek a telepesektO s ffinykepfelvC-
telek, melyeket a helyszinen vettek fel 1902, Julius hav&ban. Ottawa, Kormanycosagi nyomda, 1902.
84 p. 111. (incl. port, group) fold. plan. 22%cm. [L.C. 3-27191]


ESTEY, James Lawrence (1814-1601). Mass, printer.

James Lawrence Estey. [Memorial.] Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)599-601.
ESTILL, J. H. (b.1840). Georgia Confederate officer, journalist, politician.

Col. J. H. Estlll, Savannah, Ga. Confed Vet 10(1901 -Z) 38-9, port.
ETHNOLOGY. Science of races.

P e e t, Stephen D. Different races in America. Am Ant 24(1902)199-212. 111.

Putnam, F[rederic] W[ard]. Archaeological and ethnological research In the United States: a brief sum-
mary for 1901. Reprinted from vol. xiv, Proceedings of the American antiquarian society, October meet-
ing, 1901. Worcester, Mass., Press of C.Harnilton, 1902. 1 p. 1., 461-470 p. 25%cm [L.C. 2-19447]
EVANS, Israel (1747-1807). N. H. Congregational clergyman, chaplain in Am. Revolution.

Thome, John Calvin. A monograph of the Rev. Israel Evans, A.M. Concord, N. H., 1902. pp. 26. 80.
EVANS, John H. (1824-1902). Kiss, historical writer.

[John H. Evans.] Miss Hist P 6 (1902)411.

EVANS family.

Haines, George. Ancestry of the Haines, Sharp, Collins, Wills, Gardiner, Prlckltt, Eves, Evans, Moore,

Troth, Bortou and Engle families. [For details see same title under subject, Haines family.]
EVART8, William Maxwell (1818-1901). N. Y. lawyer, U. 8. senator, Sec. of State.

[Obituary]. Mass Hist Soc Pros 11.15(1901-2)1-2.
EVERETT, family.

Everett, Edward Franklin. Descendants of Richard Everett of Dedhain, Mass. Boston, Prlv. print. [T.
R.Marvin & son, printers] 1902. 389 p. front., port. 24cm. [Rev.ln:Nation 75(1902)443 "Moderate size
and sufficient f ullness . . . well joined. . .notices. .. [are] models"; N Y Rec 34(1903)70 "In. . .everything. ..
[most] worthy of praise. . .Index"; N E Reg 57(1903) 118(A.L>.H. Jr.) "A success ... Index is very good."
L.C. 3-14592]
EVES family.

Haines, George. Ancestry of the Haines, Sharp, Collins, Wills, Gardiner, Prickett, Eves, Evans, Moore,

Troth, Borton and Engle families. [For details see same title under subject, Haines family.]
EWTNG, Thomas (1789-1871). 0. lawyer, U. 8. senator, Sec. of Treasury, Seo. of Interior.

E w 1 n g, Thomas. [Letter] to Peter Hitchcock [1834]. Bost Bull 7(1902)275.
EXPANSION. Territorial growth of the U. 8.

Mowry, William A[ugustus]. The territorial growth of the United States... New York, Boston [etc.]
Silver, Burdett and company [1902] vil, 237 p. front., maps. 2G%cm. [ Hist R 8(1903)561-2
(F.H.H.) "falls to tell the true story. . .style. . .entertaining. . .subject matter Is superficial. . .some er-
hors of detail"; Dial 34(1903)51 "fair and succinct ... evidently careful study ... thirteen colored maps...
suitable for ready reference." L.C. 2-21267]
Schllde.S. Nordamerikan Expansion. Wage (1902) Nr. 46.

V i a 1 1 a t e, A Le developpement territorial des fitats-Unls (fin). Rev geog Mars (1902).
EXPOSITIONS. Exhibitions of the state of fine and useful arts.

Frost, Miss M. E. Expositions In the history and development of states and peoples. Trans Kan Hist

Soc 1901-2 7(1902)96.

K u u z, George Frederick. The management aud uses of expositions. No Am 175(1902)409-22.
FACTORIES. Manufacturing organizations and their buildings.

Baldwin, Jesse Annon. Evils of southern factory life. Gunton's M 22(1902)326-37.

Whitteliey, Sarah 8. Tendencies of the factory legislation and inspection in the U. S. (Pub. of the soc.,

no.347.) Phlla., Am. Acad. Pol. Scl., 1902. 80.
FAIRFAX, George William (ft. 1747). Va. surveyor.

Snowden, William H. The story of the expedition of the young surveyors, George Washington and George
William Fairfax, to survey the Virginia lands of Thomas, sixth Lord Fairfax, 1747-1748. Copiously illus-
trated by Miss Eugenie De Land. Strictly authentic. 1st ed. Alexandria, Va., Printed by G.H.Ramey
& son, 1902. 16 p., 111. 24cm. [L.C. 2-22722]
FAIRFAX stone. Monument erected 1746, boundary of Fairfax est., later of West Va. and Md.

Miller, Joseph Lyon. The Fairfax stone. W Va Mag 2.1(1902)9-18, ill., port.
FALL. American word for Autumn.

"Fall of the year" [note]. Penn Mag 26(1902)409.
FALLEN Timbers (Ohio). Indian War battle, Aug. 20, 1794.

B u r t o n, C. M. Anthony Wayne and the Battle of Fallen Timbers. Mich Hist Coll '01, 31(472-89), map.
FARMER'S ALLIANCE. An organization, esp. in South and West, est. 1876.

Thompson, J. M. The Farmers' Alliance in Nebraska. Neb Hist S 11.5(1902)199-206.
FARMING of Revenues. Leasing of taxes.
Bouffard, Jean. La Feme du Rol dans la NouveUe-France. Rech Hist 8(1902)210-12.


FAEMINGTON, Me. Village, capital of Franklin Co., 29 m. 1-I.W. of Augusta,

T h w i n g, Charles F. A study of the "Maine Law." Indep 54(1902)2054-66.
FARRAGTTT, David Glasgow (1801-70). Tenn. Admiral U. 8. Navy.

Frothingham, Jessie Peabody. Sea fighters from Drake to Farragut. [For details see same title under

subject, Jones, Paul.]
FARRAR family.

The Farrar family. Va Mag 9(1902)322-4; 10,86-7,206-7.

F e r r a r, Michael Lloyd, commu. by. The Ferrar papers at Magdalene College, Cambridge. Va Mag 10

FAY, Jonas (1737-1818). Vt. surgeon in Am. Revolution, judge.

Jonas Fay. [Letter 1810.] Collect 15(1902)31-2.
FAY family.

Will of Henry Fay, of Newbury [Newbury, Mass., ab.1655]. Ess Ant 0(1902)147-8.
FAYETTE COUNTY, Texas. Co. in S.E. part of state.

Lotto, F[rank]. Fayette County [Texas] ber history and her people... Schulenburg, Tex., The author,
1902. xvl, 424 p. incl. front., ill. 23%cm. [Advertising matter interspersed. Contents. pt. 1. D^-
scription of Fayette County. pt. 2. History of Fayette County. [pt. 3] Cities and towns of Fayette
County. L.C. 2-23423]
FELLOWS, Moses (b.1755). N. H. soldier in Am. Revolution.

Foster, John. The story of a private soldier of the Revolution, n.p. ;n.d. [1902.] pp. 13. 80.
FENTRESS, James (1763-1843). Tenn. pioneer, officer in Am. Revolution.

Fcntress, Willie Blount. James Fentress. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)178.
FERRIS, George M. (1835-1901). N. Y. druggist.
George M. Ferris. N I Hist A 2(1902)11.
FIELD, Eugene (1850-95). Chicago writer.

Wilson, Francis. Eugene Field, the humorist. Cent. 64(1902)446-52, port.
FIELD, Marshall (b.1835). Chicago merchant.

G 1 e e d, Charles S. Marshall Field. Cosmopol 33(1902)172-3. port.
FINANCES (Am.). Dealings with wealth, especially public wealth.

Burton, Theodore E. Financial crises and periods of industrial and commercial depression; with diagrams,

bibliography and index. N. Y., D.Appleton & co., 1902. 80. 392 p. [Rev.ln:Nation 74(1902)232-3 "A

very interesting book... in the main ... reasonable and plausible ... but ... cannot admit. . .soundness of

all. . .arguments. . .index. ..valuable statistical tables."]

Check list of American Federal documents relating to finance in the New York Public Library. N Y

Bull 6(1902)287-92,293-314,315-27.

Cleveland, Frederick A. Is the United States Treasury responsible for the present monetary dis-
turbance? Annals Am Acatl Pol and Soc Sci 20(1902)493-517.
C o o k e, Jay. A decade of American finance [1863-73]. N Am 175(1902)577-86.
G e o r g e, H. The next American financial depression. Westm 157(1902)527.
I g n o t u s. Finanzielle Bedeutg. d. Verein. Staat. v. N.-A. Wage( 1902)4-6.
N o y e s, A. D. Finance. Forum 34(1902-3)34-50,191-207.

Vanderlip, Frank A. A conservative word of warning. World's Work 5(1902-3)2906-12.
FINCH, Francis Miles (b.1827). N. Y. lawyer and writer.

Cornell university. . . . Exercises in honor of Francis Miles Finch . . . upon the occasion of big seventy-fifth
birthday, June 9, 1902. Ithaca, N. Y., The University, 1902. 25 p. front, (port.) 25%cm. L.C.

FINLAY, Hugh (fl.1774). Pioneer official in Canadian and colonial postal system.
H e n d y, John G. Hugh Finlny: pioneer of Canadian posts. Emp R 4, 174-180.
FINNEN, John (1824-99). R. C. vicar general of diocese of Scran ton, Pa.

Very Rev. John Finnen. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)57,127, port.

FINNEY, Charles Grandison (1792-1875). Presb. and Cong, olerg., Pres. Oberlin College, writer.
Finney, C. G. Vorwort von J. Vetter. Uebers. v. E. T. Fellltzsch. Lebenserlnnerungen. DUsaeldorf.

Schaffnit. pp. 84-351.
Hills, A[aron] M[erritt], 1848 Life of Charles G. Finney. Cincinnati, O., Office of "Goff's revivalist."

1902. 240 p. front., port. 19^cm. [L.C. 2-16100]
FIRE arms. Weapons discharged by explosions.

R o c o c k, John Paul. Collectors and collections of pistols. Outing 39(1901-2)407-16, 111.
Dickinson, Thoe. A. Rufus Alexander Grider, [collector of powder horns]. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)

1 10-13.

The flintlock used in Philip's war. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)67-92.
Wheeler, Joseph. The evolution of fire-arms and ordnance. Journ of Frankl Inst 153 (1902) 193*220.


FIRE fighting

H a 1 b e r t, Philip G. Fire-lighting to-day and to-morrow. Scrlb M 32(1902)449-66, 111.
FIRELANDS, Grant in Western Reserve, Ohio.

L a y 1 i n, C. D. The Flreland's Grant. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)435-50.
FIRST-BORN in a colony.

Privilege du premier ne dans une colonie. Keen Hist 8(1902)216.
FISH, Elisha (1762-1833). N. Y. and R. I. Quaker fanner, housewright, and surgeon.

Fish, George T. Notes from the diary of Elisha Fish, 17S5-1804. N E Reg 56(1902)121-32.
FISH, Thomas (d.1664). Plymouth, Mass., settler.

The disposition of Richard Church. Mayfl Desc 4(1902) 1,'2.
FISHER, George Pumell (1817-99). Del. Congressman, judge.

Lore, Charles B[rown]. ...The life and character of George P. Fisher... Read before the Historical
society of Delaware, Feb. 17, 1902. Wilmington, The Historical society of Delaware, 1902. 16 p.
front., pi., port. 24%cm. (Delaware historical society. Papers [no.] 36) [L.C. 3-14079]
FISHER, Lydia (b. 1(554). Dedham (Mass.) patriot, caretaker of Regicides at Old Hadley.

L y d 1 a Fisher. Ded Reg 13(1902)95-6.
FISHER family.

F 1 s h e r, J. E. Some additions to the Fisher genealogy. Dedh Reg 13(1902)5-7.

O w e n, Thomas McAdory. The Fisher family. Gulf Mag 1(1902)134-8.
FISHERIES. The industry of catching fish.

C a r r y 1. Guy Wetmore. New England fisher-folk [descriptive not historic]. Harper 105(1902)909-16, 111.

P r o w e, D. W. The Atlantic fishery and protection. Nation 75(1902)111-12.
FISHERS HILL (Va.). Civil War engagement, Oct. 19, 1864.

Fisher's Hill and "Sheridan's ride." Confed Vet 10(1 901-2 ) 165-0.
FISKE, John (1842-1901). Am. historical, philosophical writer.

Adams, Chas. F. [John Fiske]. Mass Hist Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)180-2.

Gary, Edward. John Fisko. Bk-Buyer 23(1901-2)15-6.

Davis, Andrew MoFarland. John Flske. [From the Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and
Sciences, vol. xxzrll.] [1902.]

Green, Samuel Swett. Reminiscences of John Flskt>. From the Proceedings of the meeting of the Amer-
ican antiquarian society, held October 30, 1901. Worcester, Mass., Press of C.Hamilton, 1902. 10 p.
24ttcm. [L-C. 2-19823]

Hart, Albert Busbnell. The historical service of John Flake. Conn Mag 7(1902)611-17.

John Flske. Low Norf Aat 4(1902)lll-iv.

Perry, Thomas Sergeant. John Fiske: an appreciation. Atlan 89(1902)627-37.

Schonler, James. [Tribute to John Flske.] Mass Hist Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)193-8.
FISKE, Lewis Ranson (1826-1901). Mich. Methodist clergyman, educator, writer.

[Lewis Ransom Fiske.] Mich Hist Coll '01. 31(1902)26-7.
FITCH, Jabez (fl.1760). Plymouth colony settler.

The diary of Jabe* Fitch, jr. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)48-50.234-9.
FITCH family.

Stearns, Ezra S. The descendants of Dea. Zachary Fitch of Reading [Mass.]. N E Reg 55(1901)288-
94,400-7; 56(1902)41-7. "

Steams, Ezra 8[collay]. Fitch genealogy. A record of six generations of the descendants of Deacon
Zachary Fitch, of Reading, Mass. Boston, Printed by D.Clapp A son, 1902. 23 p. 24Vcm. ["Re-
printed from the New-England historical and genealogical register, void. 55, 56." Ant
6(1902)96 "accurate as well as full." L.C. 2-12086]
FITCHBTTRG, Mais. City of Worcester Co. 50 m. W.N.W. of Boston.

Davis, Walter A., oomp. by. The old records of the town of Fit oh burg, Mass. A copy of a portion of the
records contained in volume ill., paged 271 to 559, Inclusive, being Volume Five of the Printed Recorflu
of the Town. Fltchburg, 1902. pp. 366. 80. port.

Miller, G. W. Fltchburg, Mass. Nat'l M(Bost)17(1902)260.
FITZHUOH family.

E. C. F. Fltzhngh correction (note). Va Mag 9(1902)431.
FLAGET, Benedict Joseph (1783-1860). Cath. Bishop of Bardstown (Ky.).

F 1 a g e t, Benedict Joseph. (?) Erection of the see of St. Louis, Missouri. Am Cath Res 19(1902)108-9.
FLAGO, Ernest (fl.1900). N. Y. architect.

Works of Ernest Flagg. Archlt Rec 11, no. 4(1902)1.
FLAGLER, Henry Morrison (b.1830). N. Y. capitalist.

M o f f e 1 1, Samuel E. Henry Morrison Flagler. Cosmopol 38(1902)416-9, port.


FLAGS. Pieces of cloth with or without device, used as standards or signals.
The American flag. Mag Am Hist N S 1(1902)30.
Beauregard, B. T. The Confederate battle flag. Gulf Mag 1(1902)215-6.
H o p k 1 n 8, C. C. First Am. flag where unfurled [letter]. Spirit of '76, 8(1902)72.
Poems and songs on our dag [Bibllog]. Notes and Q 20(1902)8-13.
The Stars and Stripes St. Stanwix vs. Cooch's Bridge. Continental l(1902)no.8.
V a r n e y, George J. The Stars and Stripes a Bostou idea. New Eng M 20(1902)539-48, 111.
FLINT, Charles Eanlett (b.1850), K. Y. capitalist.

Bridge, James H. Charles Kanlett Flint. Cosmopol 33(1902)539-42, port.
FLORIDA. The southeasternmost state of U 8., admitted 1845.

Bridges, J. H. The Florida Agricultural College. Fla M 5(1902)71-84.

Brown, G[eorge] H. Ponce de Leon land and Florida war record. [For details see same title under sub-
ject, Ponce de Leon.]

D a T 1 s, R. \V. Florida in Congress. Fla M 4(1902)360-62
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de la proulncia de la Florida, y como f ueron librdas de los Luteranos que dellas se auiau apoderado.
Compuesta pod el maestro Barrientos, catredatico de Salamanca. Relacion de los trabados que la geute
de vna nao llamada Nra Sefiora de la Merced padecio y de algunas cosas que en aquella flota sucedleron.
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