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Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America online

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Baker, Ray Stannard. The commerce of the Great Lakes. Outl 71(1902)28-40. ill.

W a 1 k e r, A. Early days on the Lakes, with an account of the cholera visitation of 1832. Pub Buffalo

Hist Soc 5(1902)287-318.

GREAT Salt Lake, Utah. Lake in the N.E. part of the Great Basin.
Lambourne, Alfred. Pictures of an inland sea, by Alfred Lambourne. [Salt Lake City] The Deseret news

[1902] 150 p. front., pi. 21cm. [L.C. 2-30084]
GREELY, Horace (1811-72). N. Y. journalist, writer, statesman.

W h i t n e y, E. J. The birthplace of Horace Greeley. Granite M 33(1902)214-15, 111.
GREEN, Duff (1791-1875). Mo. and Washington, D. C., lawyer, editor and diplomat.

B r o a d h e a d, G. C. General Duff Green (note). Va Mag 9(1902)427-8.
GREEN, Elizabeth Shippen (fl.1902). Phila. artist.

Morris, Harrison S. Elizabeth Shippen Green. Bk-Buyer 24(1902)111-5, ill., port.
GREEN, Jacob (1721-96). Mass. Presb. clergyman, Vice Pros. Princeton College, writer.
Tut tie, William Parkhurst. "Parsons Green," of Hanover. Spirit of '76 (1902)94.
GREEN, Will 8. (fl.1902). California editor.

Will Green of Colusa. Out West 17(1902)116-7, port.
GREEN family.

Collins, Holdridge O. The Green family (note). Va Mag 10(1902)214.
GREENE, Nathaniel (1742-86). R. I. General in Am. Revolution.

Gardiner, Asa Bird. The discovery of the remains of Major-general Nathanael Greene, first president of

the Rhode Island Cincinnati; address. . .delivered in. . .Newport, R. I., July 4th, 1901, at the annual

commemorative celebration at the society. Published by the Society. [New York, The Blumenberg

press, 1901] 30 pp. 23cm. [Copyright by Rhode Island state society of the Cincinnati, New York,

N. Y. Class A, XXc, no. 18129, Oct. 1, 1901; 2 copies rec'd Sept. 23, 1901. L.C. 1-25414 M 2 Nov. 14]

H 1 1 1, D. H. Greene's retreat. N C Bookl 1.7(1901)3-27.

Washington-Greene correspondence. New Eng M 25(1901-2)74-80,220-7,354-9,464-8,595-608,732-41;

26(1902)229-33,321-8,489-93,583-7,698-707, facs.
GREENFIELD, Mass. Village of Franklin Co. 86 m. N. of Springfield.

Alford, Henry E. & Russell, John E. Old home observances, Thursday, July 31, 1902, Greenfield, Mass.
[1902] Greenfield. 1902. pp. 42 80.


GREENLAND. An extensive region or island on the N.E. of North America, belonging to Denmark.
Douglas, (Miss) M. Across Greenland's ice-fields; the adventures of Nanseu and Peary on the great ice-
cap... London, Edinburgh and New fork, T. Nelson and sons, 1902. vi p., 2 1., [9]-218 p. front., pi.,
port. 18cm. [First edition, 1897. L.C. 3-6465]
GREENLEAF, James (1765-1843). Washington, D. C. capitalist, V. S. Consul to Amsterdam.

C 1 a r k, A. C. James Greenleaf. Rec Columbia Hist Soc 5(1902)212-37.
GREENLEAF, Moses (1778-1834). Mass, writer.

Smith, Edgar Crosby, Hoses Greenleaf, Maine's first map-maker, a biography: with letters, unpublished
manuscripts and a reprint of Mr. Greenleaf's rare paper on Indian plac? -names, also a bibliography of
the maps of Maine. Bangor, Printed for the De Burians, 1902. xviii, 105, [1] p. front, (port.) pi.,
facsim., fold. map. 21cm. ([The De Burians. Publications. 2]) [Title in red and black. Edition ot
201 copies. This copy number 13. Hist R 9(1903)203-4(W.F.Ganong) "elaborate with loving
minuteness and... the exaggeration inevitable with a local biographer. . .interest of the volume ... chiefly
local. To the student outside of the state... some value for. . .accurate synopses of Greenleaf 's. . .books
...the account of his... map of 1S15, and for the "Bibliography" of maps of Maine." L.C. 3-4215]
GREENOUGH, Horatio (1806-50). Mass, sculptor.

Horatio Greenough (letter). Collect 15(1902)33.
GREENWICH, Conn. Village and township of Fairfleld Co. 27 m. W.S.W. of Bridgeport.

Indian Harbor estate, Greenwich, Conn. Ctry Life Am 2(1902)148.
GRIDER, Rufus Alexander (1817-1900). K. T. artist, archaeologist, writer.

Dickinson, Thos. A. Rufust Alexander Grider. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)110-13.
GRIFFIN, Simon G. (1824-1902). N. H. General in Civil War.

Gen. Simon G. Griffin. Granite M 32(1902)125-27.
GRIMES, John (1799-1887). Ey. artist.

[ P r i c e, S. W.] John Grimes. Fllson Club Pub 17(1902)85-92.
GRISCOM, Clement Acton (b.1841). Phila. financier, Pres. Internal. Navigation Co.

Perry, Lawrence. The head of the international nhipping corporation. World's Work 5(1902-3)2857-60.
GROSEILLIERS (fl.1652). French explorer and trader in Northwest.

K c r r, R. F. The voyage of Groseilllers and Radlson, 1652 to 1684. S Dakota Hist Soc Col 1(1902)163-78.
GROTON, Conn. Township of New London Co. on Long Is. Sound.

Thresher, Callsta Potter. Homes and haunts of the Pequots. New Rng Mag 25(1901-2)742-54.
GROUT family.

Grout family. Wor Soc Ant 18(1902)12-27.

GUAM. The largest of Ladrone Islands, in Pacific, ceded to V. S. 1899.
Channel!, Mary Augusta. A bit of Guam life. Indep 54(1902)607-16, 111.
Price, Francis M. The island of Guam and its people. Miss R 25(1902)11-19.
S a f f o r d, W. E. Guam, and its people. Am Anthrop 4(1902)707.
GUATEMALA. A republic of Central America.

Guatemala. Delegados a la segunda Conferenoia internaoional americana, Mexico, 1901-02. [Mexico?]

1902] [L.C. 2-21274]
P e r e z, A. Garcia. Organizacion mill tar Jc America: Guatemala. Estud Millt 5 & 20 Fev 5 & 20 Mara

5 & 20 Avril (1902).
GUERILLA warfare. Irregular fighting which avoids pitched battles.

General Lee against guerilla warfare (note). South Hist A Pub 6(1902)96-7.
GUERRANT family.

John Guerrant, Jr.'s qualifications as ensign in militia, 1781 (note). Win M Q 10(1902)279.
John Guerrant, Sr.'s qualifications as lieutenant in militia, June, 1771 (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)279-80.
GUESS, George (1771-1840). Cherokee Indian, inventor of the Cherokee alphabet, educator.

Logan, Margaret A. The American Cadmus [Sequoya]. Out West 16(1902)173-6,390, port.
GUILD, Amasa (fl.1862). Mass, officer in Civil War.

Guild, Amasa. War diary kept by Amasa Guild, in 1861, together with an account 'of its loss and re-
turn. Dedh Reg 13(1902)41-7.
GULF states. States bordering on the Gulf of Mexico.

Postmasters of the principal towns in the Gulf states. Gulf Mag 1(1902)38-40.
GUMBELL, Joseph M. (1800-86). 111. and Iowa German Am. clergyman.

Bornmann, Helnrlch. Joseph M. Gumbell. Deutsch-Am G 2.4(1902)33-5.


GUNBY, John (1745-1807). Officer in Am. Revolution.

Guuby, A[ndrew] A[ugustus], Colonel John Gunby of the Maryland line; being some account ot his contri-
bution to American liberty... Cincinnati, The R. Clarke company, 1002. v, 136 p. front., pi., plan.
20cm. [Exonerating Col. Gunby from blame for the defeat at Hobklrk's Hill, and criticizing Gen.
Greene's generalship. Rev.iu:Dlal 33(1902)285-6 "To correct the errors and misstatements. . .sets down
correctly and preserves unstained the truth"; N K Reg 57(1903)122(F.W.Parke) "Written with zeal,
knowledge. . .and. . .falr[ness]"; Nation 76(1903)53 "results. . .not conclusive. . .Incidents. . .not. . .of
much general importance." L.C. 2-22684]
GUNN, Alexander (1837-1901).

Gunn, Alexander. ...Letters. New York [The De Vinne press] 1902. 4 p. 1., 194 p., 1 1. 23V4cm.
["This copy of 'Letters' is no. 500 of u limited edition printed on hand-made paper in the month of
November, nineteen hundred and two." L.C. 2-26312]
GUKLEY, L. B. Ohio Meth. clergyman, pioneer and poet.

Love, N. B. C. Rev.L.B.Gurley.D.D., pioneer, poet and preacher. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)21-37.
GURNSEY, Alfred Hudson (1818-1908). N. Y. writer, editor, historian.

Alfred Hudson Gurnsey [oMtuary]. Mag Am Hist N S I (1902)33.
GUTHRIE, William Norman (b.1868). Lecturer, writer.

Henneman, John Bell. William Norman Guthrie. Sewauee 10(1902)71-9.
HABEAS corpus. Order of court to produce a prisoner.

C a r p e n t e r, A. H. Habeas corpus in the [Am.] colonies. Am Hist R 8(1902)18-27.
HABITANTS, La Compagnio des.

i; o s s e 1 1 n, L' Abbe A. H. La Coinpagnle des Habitants. Rech Hist 8(1902)279-80.
HADDAM, Conn. Village of Middlesex Co. 26 m. S. by E. of Hartford.

Haddam, Conn. First Congregational church. The two hundredth anniversary, October 14th and 17th,
1900. Church organized, 1696. Pastor installed, 1700. Haddam, 1902. xx, 360 p. front. 21%cm.
["From the church records": p. [189]-360. E Reg 57(1903)234 "deserving of high praise...
thorough. . .accurate." L.C. 3-26285]
HADLEY, James (ab. 1786-1869). Conn, professor, scientist.

H a d 1 e y, Mary Hamilton. An old time pilgrimage in pursuit of science. New Eug M 25(1901-2)760-9.
HAGGIN, James Ben Ali. California horse-breeder.

M o f f e t t, S. E. James Ben All HagKln. Cosmopol 33(1902)163-7, port.

HAGUE Court of Arbitration. International tribunal outgrowth of the Intenat. peace Conference.
P e n f 1 e 1 d, W. S. The first session of the Hague Tribunal. Indep 54(1902)2808-11, ill.
Taylor, Hannis. International arbitration and the Pan-American Conference. No Am 174(1902)303-14.
HA IT) A Indians. Residents of Queen Charlotte Island, British Columbia.
K e e n, J. H. Totems of Halda Indians. Canada M 18(1902)407.

S w a n t o n, John R. Notes on the Halda language. Am Authropolo N S 4(1902)392-403.
HAINES family.

Haines, Andrew Mack and Haines, Thomas Vanburen, collected by. Deacon Samuel Haines of Westbury,
Wiltshire, England, and his Descendants In America, 1635-1901. Containing the origin of fhe name of
the Shropshire Family, the Coat of Arms, ancient Wills and other Records, Biographical Sketches, Maps,
Pictures, ect. North Hampton. N. H. 1902. L. 8vo. pp. 400. ill.

Haines, George. Ancestry of the Halues, Sharp, Collins, Wills, Gardiner, Prlckett, Eves, Evans, Moore,
Troth, Borton and Engle families. Comp. from notes. With some additions by the compiler, Richard
Haines... Camden, N. J., S. Chew & sons co., printers, 1902. 1 p 1., 456 p. front., pi., port., facslm.
26%cm. [L.C. 2-11124]

HAITI. West Indies IsL betw. Cuba and Forto Rico, containing republics of Haiti and San Domingo.
Alba, [Maria del Rosario (Falco y Osorio) Fitz James] 9. duquesa de Berwick y 16. duquesa de, 1854
Nuevos autografos de Cristobal Colon y relaclones de ultrauiar. [For detail see same title under subject,
Columbus, Chr.J

Hale, William Bayard. The disorder in Haiti. Indep 54(1902)1180-3. port.

Heraux, Auguste A. Republlijue d'Haiti. Lois ct tarifs relatifs aux douanes de la rgpublique; recuell con-
tenant toutes les lols constituant la legislation douanidre de la republique, classics et pub... Port-au-
Prlnce, A.A.Heraux, 1896. 152 p. 24cm. [L.C. Agr 3-320-1]

Poujol.A. De la nationality dans la republique d'Haiti. Rev G6n de Drolt Internal Public 9(1902)591-623.
HALE, Edward Everett (b.1822). Boston Unitarian clergyman, writer.
D r. Edward Everett Hale. World's Work, 4(1902)2040, port. p. 2025.
Edward Everett Hale. Chaut 35(1902)120. port.

Hale, Edward Everett. Memories of a hundred years. Outl 70(1902)31-47,549-61,840-52; 71.70-80,404-14,
620-30,863-75; 72.78-91,301-14, ill., port., facs.


Hale, Edward Everett. Memories of a hundred years. . . New York, London, The Macmillan company,
1902. 2 v. front., 111., port., facs. 21cm. [ Hist K 9(1903) 184-6(H.V. Ames) "part of the
remembering. . .by proxy. . .succession of reminiscences of anecdotal character. . .much to be desired in
the accuracy of its historical details. . .too often. . .violent prejudices. . .little continuity. . .peculiar charm
...from the delightful personality of the author"; Nation 76(1903)74-5 "should not be taken too seri-
ously... no definite information. . .are. . .slap-dash reminiscences of an octogenarian of imperfect mem-
ory, of violent prejudices and excursive f ancy ... provide a fund of entertainment"; Dial 33(1902)319-22
(P.F.BIcknell) "writer's own personality lends it its peculiar interest and charm." L.C. 2-27220]
HALE. Nathan (1755-76). Conn, officer in Am. Revolution.

Logan, Walter S. Courage of Nathan Hale. Spirit of '76 (1902)36-37.

Partridge, William Ordway. Nathan Hale, the ideal patriot; a study of character; with views of the
author's statue of Nathan Hale, portraits of Hale's contemporaries and of kindred characters; also three
drawings by W. R. Leigh, together with an introduction by George Cary EgglestTSn. New York and
London.. Funk & Wagnalls co., 1902. 184 p. incl. faca. front., pi., port. 19%cm. Hist R
8(1902)175(V.H.Paltsits) "bombastic eulogy. . .from Stuart's life of Hale, 1856, and [its] numerous er-
rors... has added a medley of others. ..a freak among American biographies"; Gulf Mag 1(1902)233-4
"not so much for a biography, as a study in patriotic purpose ... ought ... to have carefully avoided r-
ror[s] of fact." L.C. 2-10026]
HALE family.

[Smith, Elizabeth Hale]. Descendants of Major Samuel Hale. Cambridge [Mass.] The Riverside press,
1902. v, 117, [1] p. 17%cm. [ E Reg 56(1902)413(F.W.Parke) "genealogy In the strictest

sense index is unusually complete ... list of 'Reference Books.' " L.C. 2-17874]

HALIFAX, Mass. Hamlet of Plymouth Co. in Halifax township 9 m. N.W. of Plymouth.

Hammond, Elizabeth Penn. Halifax, Mass., vital records. Mayfl Desc 3(1901)30-2,157-9; 4.20-2.
{CALL, Amos (b.1761). N. Y. officer in Am. Revolution.

H a 1 1, A. Militia service of 1813-1814. As shown by the correspondence and general orders of Major

General Amos Hall. Pub Buffalo Hist Soc 5(1902)27-62.
HALL, Henry Edward (h.1831). Mass. Unitarian clergyman and writer.

Edward Henry Hall, D. D. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)335-6.
HALL, John (1829-98). N. Y. Presbyterian clergyman and writer.

Hall, Thomas C[uming]. John Hall, pastor and preacher; a biography. London, Hodder and S tough ton

[1902] 341 p. front., pi., pert., fac. 21%cm. [L.C. 3-7191]
HALL, Lyman (1724-90). Conn, signer of Declaration of Independence.

Ly m a n Hall (note). S C Hist Mag 3(1902)114.
HALL family.

Coe, Mrs. S[ophia] F[idelia] (Hall). Memoranda relating to the ancestry and family of Sophia Fidelia
Hall. Meriden, Conn., Printed by the Curtiss-Way co., 1902. 3 p. 1., 231, iv, 111 p. front, (port.) 24cm.
[ E Reg 57(1903)228-9(F.W.Parke) "lacks a good index." L.C. 16249]

Shepard, James. John Hall of Wallingford, Conn. A monograph. New Britain, Conn., Record press, 1902.
60 p., 1 1. 24tcm. [ E Reg 57(1903)118(F.W.Parke) "Prepared with special care... many
[new] facts." L.C. 3-3187]
HALL of Fame. Hall of University of K. Y. commemorating famous Americans.

Banks, Louis Albert. ...The story of the Hall of fame, including the lives and portraits of the elect and
of those who barely missed election. Also a list of America's most eligible women. New York, The
Christian herald, 1902. x, 13-409 p. incl. front., pi., port. pi. 22J&cm. [Title and text within green
ornamental border. L.C. 2-27724]

Smith, Helen Ainslie. One hundred famous Americans, revised to date, with article on "Hall of fame" by
Chancellor H. M. MacCracken. [Hall of fame ed.] [For details see same title under subject, Biog-
raphy, Am.]
HALSEY, Edmund Drake (1840-96). N. J. lawyer, officer in Civil War.

Chambers, Theodore Frelinghuysen. Edmund Drake Halsey. N J Hist 3(1902)62-85, port.
HAMBLIK, Joseph Elbridge (1828-70). H. T. Major-Oeneral in Civil War.

[Hamblin, Deborah]. Brevet Major-General Joseph Eldridge Hamblln, 1861-65. Boston, Privately printed,
1902. 2 p. 1., 60 p. front., ill., (Incl. map) pi., port. 22%cm. ["Prepared. . .with the valuable aid of
Mrs. Thomas C. Bray, for the historical branch of the public library in. . .Yarmouth, Cape Cod, Mass."
Pref. (signed Deborah Hamblin) L.C. 3-11781]
HAMILTON, Alexander (1757-1804). K. Y. statesman, officer in Am. Rev., first Sec. of Treasury.

Atherton, Gertrude. The bunt for Hamilton's mother. No Am 175(1902)229-42.

Atherton, Gertrude Franklin. The conqueror; being the true and romantic stc.ry of Alexander Hamilton...
New York, Landon, The Macmillan co., 1902. xiv, 546 p. 20cm. [L.C. 2-8117]

F i s k e, John. Alexander Hamilton. Counopol 33(1902)003-22, port.


Jenkinson, Isaac. Aaron Burr, bis personal uud political relations with Thomas Jefferson nud Alexander

Hamilton... [For details see same title under subject, Burr, Aaaron.]
HAMMOND, George Albert (1313-1902). Maine.

In Memory of George Albert Hammond, Eliot, Maine. Born June 3, 1818. Died January 5, 1902. Printed

at Eliot. 8vo. pp. 20. port.
HAMMOND, J. H. (1807-61). S. C. journalist, Governor, IT. S. senator, writer.

J. H. H a m m o n d "Mud-Sill" (letter, 1836). Collect 15(1902)74-6.
HAMMOND families.

Hammond, Frederick Stam. History and genealogies of the Hammond families in America, with an ac-
count of the early history of the family in Normandy and Great Britain. 1000-1902. V. I. Oneida,
N. Y., Ryan & Burkbart, printers, 1902. front., pi., port. 23%cm. [ North w Q 6(1903)4S
"well arranged. . .good indexes. . .illus. . .good work." L.C. 2-22724]
HAMPDEN County, MEM. County in S.W. part of state.

Copeland. Alfred Minot. "Our county and its people;" a history of tlumpden county, Massachusetts...

[Boston] The C'cntury memorial publishing company, 1902. 3 v. ill. 26cm. [L.C. 2-25938]
HAMPTON, Wade (1818-1902). 8. C. statesman, U. 8. senator, Confederate General.

D u B o s e, William Porcher. Wade Hampton. Sewanee 10(1902)364-8.

R a m a g e, B. J. Wade Hampton. Sewanee 10(1902)368-73.
HAMPTON Normal and Agricultural Institute. School for Negroes and Indians at Hampton, Va., est. 1868.

Cooley, Jr., Leroy C. The all-around training of the Hampton cadet. South Work 30(1901)493-500, ill.

F r i B s e 1 1, H. B. Thirty-third annual report of the principal of Hampton Institute. South Work 30

L u d 1 o w, Helen W. The girls' half of Hampton Institute. South Work 30(1901)763-70, ill.
HAMPTON, Va. Capital of Elizabeth City Co. 16 m. N.N.W. of Norfolk.

Hampton town: first feoffees (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)282.
HANCOCK, John (1737-98). First Gov. of Mass., signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Harrison and Ansley, of London, to John Haucock [1770]. Bost Bull 7(1902)391-2.

Hay ley and Hopkins, of London, to John Hancock [1770]. Bost Bull 7(1902)387-91.
HAND, Clifford Augustus (1830-1901). N. Y. lawyer.

Clifford Augustus Hand (obituary). N Y Rec 33(1902)53-4.
HANFORD, Cal. Village of Tulare Co., Gal.

O o o d r 1 c h, F. M. Kings county and Hanford. Out West 17(1902)637-44, til.
HAWKINS, William Stewart (1837-1866). Confederate officer and poet.

Beaumont, Henry Francis. From behind prison tnrs. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)413-5, port.
HANNA, Hugh H. (b.1848). Indiana manufactuier, philanthropist and financial expert.

M r. H u g h H. Hanna. World's Work 3(1901-2)1967-70, port.
HANNA, Marcus Alonzo (b.1837). Ohio capitalist and politician, V. S. senator.

R a 1 p h, Julian. Marcus Alonzo Hanna. Cosmopol 33(1902)153-7, port.

Senator Marcus A. Hanna. World's Work 3(1901-2)1689, port. only.
HANSCOM, A. J. Neb. journalist.

F u r n a s, R. W. A. J. Hanscom. Neb Hist S 11.5(1902)59.
HANSON'S Mill. A fortified place near Fort Mims at time of Indian massacre.

H a 1 b e r t, Henry S. Ensign Isaac W. Davis and Hanson's Mill. Gulf Mag 1(1902)151.
HARDING, William B. (1840-1900). Worcester lawyer, officer in Civil War.

William B. Harding (obituary). Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)299.
HARDINGE, Henry (b.1786). British officer served in Canada.

S 1 r Henry Hardlnge. Rech Hist 8(1902)370-2.
HARDY, Anthony Colby (1828-1902). N. H. Methodist clergyman.

Rev. Anthony C. Hardy. Granite M 33(1902)257-58.
HARDY family.

W a r d, C. Some old letters. Acad 2(1902)170-83.
HARDYMAN family.

Hardyman family. Wm M Q 11(1902)47-9.

The royal descent of Mabel Harlakenden. N E Reg 56(1902)40-1.

T a 1 c o t t, Mary K. Harlakenden (note). N E Reg 56(1902)319-20.
HARLAN, Andrew J. (b.1815). Western Iwyer and politician.

H a r 1 a n, Andrew J. Last survivor of a great Congress (1831). Nat'l M (Bost) 16(1901-2)625-31, port.


HARLEM (N.Y.). Revolutionary battle, Sept. 16, 177S.

H a y d e n, Joslah (letter). The battle of Harlem. Collect 15(1902)129-30.

Jervey, Theodore D. The Harlestons. S C Hist Mag 3(1902)150-73 [coat-of-arms] ; 243-4.
HARMON, Johnson (fl.1724). Mass, colonial officer, Indian fighter.

Father Ralle's scalp. Am Cath Res 10(1902)12-13.
HARPS WELL, Me. Township of Cumberland Co. 14 m. E. of Portland.

Putnam, Eben. Genealogical records of the town of Harpswell, Cumberland Co., Me. Gen Q M 3(1902)

HARRISBUR0, Fa. City, capital of Pennsylvania, IOC m. W. by N. of Philadelphia.

McFarlaud, J. Horace. The awakening of a city. World's Work 3(1901-2)1930-2.
HARRISON, Benjamin (1726-91). Va. Governor, signer Declaration of Independence.

Hoss, Mary. The will of Benjamin Harrison, the Signer (note). Va Mag 10(1902)103-4.
HARRISON, Benjamin (1833-1901). Ind. lawyer, 23d President U. 8.

T h o r n t o n, W. W. Benj. Harrison, as lawyer and orator, with portrait. Green Bag 14(1902)49(F).

White, William Allen. Harrison [Benj.]. Cosmopol 32(1901-2)489-96, port.
HARRISON, William Henry (1773-1841). 9th President U. S.

Archbishop Eccleston and the funeral of President William Henry Harrison in 1841. Am Cath Res

C o r w 1 n, Thomas. [Letter] from Thomas Corwiii [1840]. Bost Bull 7(1902)274.
HART, Joel T. (1810-77). Ky. sculptor.

[ P r i c e, S. W.] Joel T. Hart. Filson Club Pub 17(1902)145-81.
HART family.

John Hart, of Marblehead, shipwright. Gen Q M 3(1902)57-70.
HARTE, F. Bret (1836-1902). American writer.

B o y d, Mary Stuart. Some letters of Bret Harte. Harper 105(1902)773-6.

Bret Harte. Acad 62(1902)484.

Bret Harte. Dial 32(1902)337-8.

Bret Harte. Nation 74(1902)502-3.

A brief sketch and a bibliography of Bret Harte. The Book-lover, 3(1902)no.3.

Brooks, Noah. Biographical and critical sketch: Bret Harte. Overland n a 40(1902)201(8).

Chesterton, G. K. Bret Harte. Pall Mall M 27(1902)428(J1).

The death of many notable men. World's Work 4(1902)2143-4, port.p.2134.

M e r w i n, H. C. Bret Harte. Atlan 90(1902)260-8.

M u r d o c k, C. A. Bret Harte in Humboldt. Overland n a 40(1902)301(8).

North, Ernest Dressel. Check list of first editions of Bret Harte's books. Bk-Buyer 25(1902-3)257.

Reminiscences of Bret Harte. Overland n s 40(ld02)220(S).

S t r a c h e y, Lionel. Bret Harte. Critic 40(1902)557-8.

Two American novelists. K of Rs 25(1902)698-9, port.

Watts-Dunton, T. Bret Harte. Ath '02,l(1902)659(My24).
HARTFORD, Conn. City, capital of Connecticut, 112 m. N.E. from New York.

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HARTFORD convention.

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HARTFORD, Vt. Village in Hartford township, Windsor Co., 60 m. S. of Montpelier.

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HARVARD, John (1607-38). Mass, clergyman, founder of Harvard college.

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