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Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America online

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Nature (La). Paris Nature

Nebraska State Historical Society, Proceedings and collections.

Lincoln, Neb Neb Hist S

Neue Zeit. Stuttgart Neue Zeit

New England Catholic Historical Society Publications. Boston N E Cath Hist Pub

New England Hist, and Gen. Register. Boston, Mass N E Reg

New England Magazine. Boston N Eng Mag

New Hampshire Historical Society, Proceedings. Concord, N. H...JN H Hist 8

New Jersey Historical Society, Proceedings. Paterson, N. J N J Hist 8

New Liberal Review. London New Lib R

New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. New York N Y Rec

New York Public Library Bulletin. New York N Y Bull

New York State Historical Association, Proceedings N Y Hist A

Nineteenth Century. London , 19th Cent

Norddeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung. Berlin Norddeut allgem Zeit

North American Review. New York No Am

North Carolina Booklet. Raleigh, N. C N C Bookl

Notes and queries and Historic magazine. Manchester, N. H Notes and Q

Nouvelle France (La). Quebec Nouv-Fr

Nouvelle Revue. Paris Nouv Rev

Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society Publications. Colum-
bus, Ohio & Arch Hist Pub

Old Continental. Des Moines, Iowa Continental

Old Eliot. Eliot, Me Old Eliot

"Old Northwest" Genealogical Quarterly. Columbus, Old Northw Q

Ontario Annual Archaeological Report, 1901. Toronto Ontario Annual Arch Rept

Open Court. Chicago Open Court

Oregon Historical Society, Quarterly of the. Portland, Or Oreg Q

Ostasien. Berlin , Ofctasien

Out West. San Francisco Out West

Outing. New York Outing

Outlook. New York Outl

Overland Monthly. San Francisco. Cal Overland

The Owl. Kewaunee, Wl* Owl

Pall Mall Magazine. London Pall Mall M

Pastoralblatter fur Homiletik, Katechetik u. Seelsorge. Leipzig ... Pastoralbl f Homilet

Patriotic Review. Boston , Patriot R

Pedagogical Seminary. Worcester, Mass Fedagog Sem

Pennsylvania German. Lebanon, Pa Pa Germ

Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography. Phila Penn Mar

Fetermann's Mittheilungen. Gotha Petermann's Mittheil

Petit Temps (Le). Paris Pot Temps

Political Science Quarterly. Boston Pol Sci Q Centralblatt. Berlin Poly tech Central bl

Popular Science Monthly. New York Pop Soi Mo

Presbyterian and Reformed Review. Phil* Presb and Ref R

Presbyterian Quarterly. Richmond, Va Pres Q

Princeton Alumni Weekly. Princeton, N. J Princeton Alumni W

Princeton University Bulletin. Princeton, N. J Princeton Bull

Quarterly Journal of Economics. Cambridge, Mass. Q J Boon


Quarterly Review. London Quar Rev

Queens Quarterly. King-stem, Canada Queens Quarterly

Questions Actuelles. Paris Quest Act

Questions Diplomatiques et Coloniales. Paris. Quest Dipl et Colon

Quinabaug Historical Society Leaflets. Southbridge, Mass Quinabaug- Hist Soo Leaf

Razdn y Fe. Madrid ,. . . Razon y Fe

Reoherches Historiques. L6 vis Rech Hist

Reforme iconomique. Paris Bel con

Reforme Sociale. Paris Ref Soc

Review of Historical Publications relating to Canada for the year

1902. Toronto Hist Pub Canad

Review of Reviews. New York R of Rs (N Y)

Revista Contemporanea. ' Madrid Rev cont

Revue Canadienne. Montreal Revue Canadienne

Revue Chre tienne. Paris Rev Chre tienne

Revue de Droit international et de Legislation compares. Bruzelles . Rev Droit in ternat

Revue de Geographic. Paris Rev Geog

Revue de 1' Agenais. Agen Rev de L' Agenais

Revue de Metaphysique et de Morale. Paris ,. . .Rev Met et Mor

Revue de Paris. Paris Rev Far

Revue de Synthese Historique. Paris Rev de Synthese

Revue de Thfiologie et de Philosophic. Lausanne R Th Ph

Revue des Deux Mondes. Paris Rev Deux Mondes

Revue du Monde Catholique. Paris Rev Monde Cath

Revue Frangaise. Paris Rev Frang

Revue Gene rale du Droit International Public. Paris Revue Generate deDroitlnternationalPublio

Rivista delle Biblioteche. Firenze Riv bibl

Royal Historical Society, Transactions. London. Royal Hist 8

Royal Society of Canada, Proceedings and Transactions Proo & Trans Royal Soc Canad

Saturday Review. London Bat R

School Review. Chicago. School R

Science Sociale. Paris Sci Soc

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Sewanee Review. Sewanee, Tenn Sewanee

Smithsonian Institution, Annual Resort. Washington ? . . Smithson R

South Atlantic Quarterly. Durham, N. C So Atlan Q

South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Charleston . . S C Hist Mag

South Dakota Historical Collections. Aberdeen, 8. D ...8 Dakota Hist Soo Col

Southern Historical Society Papers. Richmond, Va South Hist Soo Pap

Southern History Association Publications. Washington, D. C South Hist A Pub

Southern Workman. Hampton, Va South Work

Spirit of '76. New York Spiru of '76

Texas State Historical Association, Quarterly of the. Austin, Tex. Texas Q

Tour du Monde. Paris Tour Monde

Transallegheny Historical Magazine. Morgan town, W. Va Transallegheny Hist M

Trinity Archive. Durham, N. C Trinity Arch

Ueberall. Berlin Ueberall

Umschau. Frankfurt a. M Umschau

United States Catholic Historical Society V S Cath Hist

Vermont Antiquarian. Burlington, Vt Vt Ant


Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Richmond. Va Va Hag

Vom Fel Zum Meer. Berlin Vom Fels i Mer

Wage (Die). Wien Wage

Wartburg (Die) . Miinchen Wartburg

West Virginia Historical Magazine. Charleston, W. Va W Va Mac

Westminster Review. London Weitm

Wide World. New York Wide World

William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Will-

iamsburg, Va Wm M Q

Windsor Magazine. London Windsor M

Wisconsin Archaeologist. Milwaukee, Wis Wis Arch

Wisconsin State Historical Society Proceedings. Madison, Wis Wise Hist Proc

Woche (Die). Berlin Woche

Worcester Society of Antiquities, Proceedings. Worcester, Maas...Wor Soc Ant

World's Work. New York World's Work

Wyoming Hist, and Geol. Soc., Proceedings tc collections. Wilkes-

barre, Pa Proo Wyoming Hist Soc

Yale Review. New Haven, Conn Yale R

Year Book of the Pennsylvania Society of New York Penn Soo of N Y

Zeit (Die). Berlin Zeit

Zeitschrift fur Ethnologic. Berlin , Z Ethnol

Zeitsohrift der Gesellschaf t fur Erdkunde lu Berlin Ztsoh d Ges f Erdkunde s Ber

20. Jahrhundert. Augsburg ... 80 Jahrh



ABBOTT, Henry (1832-98). N. H. banker, U. B. War agent, Sanitary commissioner, State senator.

Henry, Abbott, [obituary] N H Hist S 111.2,1897-9(1902)295-6.
ABBOTT, Lyman (.b.1835). X. Y. Congregational clergyman, editor and writer.

M a b 1 e, Hamilton Wright. Doctor Lyman Abbott. World's Work 3(1901-2)1772-5, port.
ABEILLE Canadienne." Canadian Literary journal, founded 1818.

I. ' A b e 1 1 1 e Canadienne. Rech Hist 8(1902)29-30.
ABENAKIS Indians. Algonquian tribe of Canada and Maine.

A u c a 1 r, fille J. I'n Tfimoln du Passe. Nouv Fr 1(1902)276-81.
ABEND, Eduard (b.1822). 111. lawyer and legislator.

Z w e 1 deutsche Flnanzmanner v. 111. Eduard Abend, F.J. Bicker. Deutsch-Am G 24(1902)22-5.
ABITIBI Indians. Hudson Bay tribe.

II e m 1 u g, Arthur. The Abltlbl fur brigade. Scrlb M 32(1902)36-50. 111.
A CADI A. Original name of Nora Scotia and neighborhood.

Aoadiensis, a quarterly devoted to the Intercuts of the Maritime Provinces <>f Canada, vol. 1:1901; vol. II:
1902. St. John, N.B.Jack, 1901-2. pp256;288. [Rev.ln:Hlst Pub Canad '02,7(1903)73-5 "founded to dis-
cuss matters of Interest to the Maritime Provinces. . .satisfactorily carry. . .programme. . .Mr. Jack's
competence as editor. . .unquestionable."]

B a 1 1 e v, Hollis Russell. Acadla and New England. Acad 2(1902)98-106.
Collins, Charles W. New England Catholic Historical Society publication, No. 3. The Acadlans of the

Madawaska, Maine. [For details sec same title under subject, Madawaska, Me.]
D a b 1 o n, Claude. Father John Plerron's journey from Acadla to Maryland In 1674. Am Cath Bet


F o n t a 1 n e, L. U. L'etymologle du mot Acadie. Rech Hist 8(1902)375.
Jack, Edward. Lost In the forests of Acadla In 1677. Acad 2(1902)107-12.
Mayer, Mary Josephine. The land of Evangeline. Critic 41(1902)108-12, 111.
P o 1 r 1 e r, Pascal. Historic sites of Acadla. Acad 2(1902)229-37.
ACTON, Mass. Village, Middlesex Co., 18 m. 8.W. of Lowell.

N o y e s, Frederick Brooks. The tale of Brooks Tavern. New Eng M 27(1902)331-43, 111.
AD AIR, John (1759-1840). Governor of Ky., General in War of 1812, U. S. senator.

A d a 1 r, John. Observations on men and affairs In the old Southwest, 1809. Gulf Mag 1(1902)13-8.
ADAMS, Alicia (Mrs. William Lawrence) (b.1767). Conn, bethrothed of Nathan Hale.

Randall, Herbert. Alicia Adams betrothed to Natan Hale. Conn Mag 7(1902)364-5, port.
ADAMS, Charles Kendall (1835-1902). President of Cornell and of University of Wisconsin.
[Charles Kendall Adams] [obituary.] Am Hist R 8(1902)186.
The late Dr. Charles Kendall Adams. R cf Rs 26(1902)310. port.
ADAMS, Herbert Baxter (1850-1901). John Hopkins TJniv. Prof, of history and writer.

Oilman, Daniel Colt. Tribute to Herbert B. Adams. Mass Hist Soc Proc II 15(1901-2)198-200.
Johns Hopkins university. Herbert B. Adams; of friends, with a bibliography of the Department
of history, politics and economics of the Johns Hopkins university, 1876-1901. Baltimore, The Johns
Hopkins press, 1902. 160 p. front, port. 24%cm. (Johns Hopkins university studies In historical and
political science. Series xx. Extra number) [Contents. Herbert B. Adams: a biographical sketch by
J.M. Vincent. The life and services of Herbert Baxter Adams, by B.T.Ely. Other tributes: by D.O.


Oilman [and] B.J.Ramage. Resolutions: American historical association, Trustees of the Johns Hopkins
university, Johns Hopkins university historical and political science association. Bibliography of the
Department of history, politics and economics, 1876-1901. 10(1902)508-9 "Worthy
memorial"; Nation 74(1902)386; South Hist A Pub 6(1902)351-2; Dial 32(1902)353; So Atlan Q
1(1902)292-3. L.C. 2-10354]

Vincent, John Martin. Herbert B. Adams. Am Hist A Rep '01 1(1902)197-210.
ADAMS, Hugh. N. H. colonial minister.

Rev. Hugh Adams (letter). Collect 16(1902)13-4.
ADAMS, John (1735-1826). Mass. 2d President of United States.

Adams, John. Letter to William Plumer [1814]. Bost Bull 6(1902)342-4.
ADAMS, John Quincy (1767-1848). Mass. 6th President of United States.

A d a m s, C. F. John Qulucy Adams and martial law. Mass Hist Soc Proc II 15(1901-2)436-78.

Adams, John Qulncy. [letter] to William Plunmer [1818]. Bost Bull 7(1902)138-9.

F o r d, W. C. John Quincy Adams and the Monroe Doctrine. Am Hist R 7(1902)676-96; 8(1902)28-52.

Ford, Worthington Chauncey. John Quiucy Adams, his connection with the Monroe doctrine (1823) by
Worthington Chauncey Ford, and with emancipation under martial law (1819-1842) by Charles Francis
Adams... Cambridge, J. Wilson and son, 1902. 113 p. 25 x 16cm. [Pepr. from the Proc. Mass. his.
soc. for January, 1902. L. C. 2-16883]

ADAMS family.

Adams, Win. N. Adams family of Maryland and Virginia. Va Mg 9(1902)313-14,432-3.
ADDICKS, J. Edward (b.1841). Delaware politician.

B o s s 1 s m in Delaware. Outl 70(1902)471-4.
ADDISON, 111. Village, 18 m. W. by N. from Chicago.

Lindemann.F. Bvang.-luth. Schullehrer-Semlnars In Addlson, 111. Deutsch-Am G 2.3(1902)17-21.
ADEN A Indian Mound, 0. Near Chillioothe, southern Ohio.

M 1 1 1 s, W. C. Excavations of the Adena Mound. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)451-79.
AGLIONBY family.

A g 1 1 o n b y, F. K. The Yates and Aglionby families, of Jefferson Co. W. Va. W Va Mag 2.3(1902)44-51
AGRICULTURE. Cultivation of plants and animali for human use.

[Coburn, Foster Dwight] Kansas and her resources. 80th thousand. [Chicago?] Passenger de't, The
Atchlson, Topeka & Santa Fe railway company, 1902. 69 p. incl. front., 111. map. 15% x 8%cm.
( [Homeseekers' series, no. 7]) [L.C. 2-26021]

Draper, William R. The farmer's balance sheet for (1902). R of Rs 26(1902)332-5, map.

H a r w o o d, W. S. The new agriculture. . .experiment station work. Scrlb M 31(1902)643-60, 111.

Howard, Emma S. Women farmers ill California. Ctry Life Am l(1902)97(Ja).

M a t s o n, Clarence H. Improved conditions in the American farmer's life. R o,H.s 26(1902)329-31.

P h e 1 p s, Charles S. Is there a decadency of New England agriculture? New Eng M 25(1901-2)374-83.

V. S. Dept. of agriculture. Div. of publications. ...Index to the yearbooks 1894-1900. Prepared by
Charles H. Greathouse. Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 196 p. 24cm. (Its Bulletin, no. 7)
[L.C. 3-8705]

U. B. Dept. of agriculture. Div. of publications. ...List by titles from 1840 to June, 1901, inclusive.
Comp. and compared with the originals by R.B.Handy and Minna A. Cannon... Washington, Gov't
print, off., 1902. 216 p. 23cm. (Its Bulletin no. 6) [L.C. 3-6387]
AGUINALDO, Emilio (b.1870). Filipino insurrectionist against Spain and XT. 8.

Le R o y, James A. (letter). A rejoinder to Mr. Lopez. Indep 64(1902)1660-1.

Lopez, Slxto (letter). The real Agulnaldo. Indep 54(1902)1659-60.
AINOS. Aboriginal race of northern Japan.

M o r 1 c e, Rev. A. G. Carriers and Alnos at home. Am Ant 24(1902)88-93.
ALABAMA. Southern state of U. S., on Gulf of Mexico, admitted 1819.

An Alabama bicentennial. R of Rs 25(1902)304, ill.

Alabama department of archleves and history. Gulf Mag 1(1902)64.

The Alabama department of archives and history (note). South Hist A Pub 6(1902)90-1.

Annexation of West Florida to Alabama. Gulf Mag 1(1902)146-7.

Annual meeting of the Alabama Historical Society. Gulf Mag 1(1902)66-8.

Burton, J. Q. History of the 47th Regiment of Alabama Volunteers, C. S. A. 1902. pp. 4 [3 columns to
the page, without title, reprint, 100 cops.]

Cory, Chappell. The Negro and the Alabama constitution. South Work 30(1901)628-30.

Fleming, Walter L. The churches of Alabama during the Civil War and Reconstruction. Gulf Mag

H a 1 b e r t, H. S. Bernard Romans' map of 1772. Miss Hist P 6(1902)415-39, map.

LonuLZ, Tennent. The state and its university and other speeches. Montgomery, Ala. 1902. 42 p. 80.


[Bev.iu: South Hist A Pub 6(1902)358 "An especially open, earnest plea for support of the state uni-

Martin, William Elejius. ...Internal improvements in Alabama. Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins' -press,
1902. 87 p. 24%cm. (Johns Hopkins university studios in historical and political science. Series 20,
110. 4) [L.O. 2-17637]

System of land division adopted by the Tennessee Yazoo Company. Gulf Mag 1(1902)141-3.

T i in ni o ii s, James E. The dispensary system in Alabama. Outl 71(1902)454-5.

[Willett, Elbert Decatur]. History of Company B (originally Pickens Planters) 40th Alabama regiment,
Confederate States army, 1862 to 1863. [Aniiiston, Ala., Printed by Norwood, 1902] 1 p.L, 89 p.
22 Mi cm. [Preface signed J.J.W. (i. e. Joseph Jackson Willett) "Taken without revision or correction
from the diary of Captain. . .E.D. Willett of Company B.'' Pref. Pages 85-89 are from diary of J.H.
Curry. L.C. 3-5825]
ALABAMA Claim*. Claims of U. 8. agst. Gt. Brit., arbitrated at Geneva, 1872.

Wilson, James Grant. Two famous international arbitrations. Indep 54(1902)2410-11.
ALAMO. Fort at San Antonio, Tex., scene of siege and massacre March 6, 1836.

B a r k e r, E. C. William Barrett Travis, the hero of the Alamo. South Hist A Pub 6(1902)417-21.

Bennett, Leonora, Historical sketch and guide to the Alamo. San Antonio, Tex., 1902. 131 p. Incl.
front., plan. port. 19'^cm. [L.C. 2-24343]

B r a d y, C. T. David Crockett and the most desperate defense iu Am. hist. McClure 18(1901-2)252-61, ill.
ALASKA. Territory of U. 8. extreme northwestern N. A., purchased from Russia in 1867.

Baker, Marcus, 1849 ...Geographic dictionary of Alaska. Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 446,
ill p. 23%un. (U. S. Geological survey. Bulletin no. 187. ser. F, Geography, 27) [L.C. 3-5817]

B a r r 6, P. Lea mines de 1' Alaska et du Yukon. Rev Franc Nov (1902).

B r o o k a, A. H. Proposed surveys in Alaska, 1902. Nat Geog M 13(1902)133(Ap).

Dunn, Robert. Finding a volcano and wiping a... tut. from the map of Al. Outiiig 41(1901-2)321-32.

G a m b e 1 1, F. H. Carrying the mail farthest north. World's Work 3(1901-2)1757-62, ill.

1 m in .1 M u r i, Fr. Nordwest-Amerika u. Nordost-Aslen. Petermanns Mltthell (1902)49-58.

Jackson, Sheldon, 1834 Facts about Alaska: its people, villages, missions, schools... New York,
Woman's board of home missions of the Presbyterian church [1902?] 29 p. 111. (Incl. map) 20 Mi cm.
[L.C. 3-21696]

K i d d e r, James U. Hunting the big game of Western Alaska. Outing 41(1901-2)348-57, ill.

1... G. W. Harriman Holiday cruise to Alaska. Nature 66(1902)176(Jel9).

R o b o t, C. Acclimation du rennedous 1' Alaska. Nature 11 Jan (1902).

Sullivan, May Kellogg. A woman who went to Alaska. Boston, J. H. Earle & company [1902] 392 p.
lucl. front, (port.) pi., map. 19cm. [L.C. 2-29911]

V. 8. Kept, of justice. Instructions to United States judges, marshals, attorneys, clerks, and commis-
sioners for the district of Alaska. Effective from and after August 1, 1902. . . Washington, Gov't print,
off., 1902. 104 p. 23cm. [L.C. 3-4102]

Wlckersham, James. Contact between Asia and America. Am Ant 24(1902)187.

Y o u n g. S. Hall. The situation in Alaska. Ass Her 6(1902)231-6.
ALASKA-CANADA boundary Question. Controversy between Canada and 17. 8.

The Alaska boundary. Nation 75(1902)258-9.

Baloh, Thomas Willing. The Alasko-Canadian frontier. Read at the annual meeting of the Franklin in-
stitute, January 15th, 1902, and reprinted from the "Journal of the Franklin Institute" for March, 1902.
Philadelphia, Allen, Lane and Scott, 1902. 2 p. 1., 45 p. Incl. maps, front, (map) 26%cm. [also 2 ed.
1902] [Rev.ln:Am Hist R 8(1902)204 "...concludes in favor of the American contention..." L. 0.

B a 1 c h, T. W. Canada and Alaska. Nation 74(1902)109-10.

B a 1 c h, Thomas Willing. La Frontiers Alasko-Cauadieune. Rev. Drolt Internat. 34(1902)5-23.

H o d g i n s, Thomas. The Alaska-Canada boundary dispute. Canada Law J 38(1902)570-88, map.

Hodgint, Thomas, 1828 The Alaska-Canada boundary dispute, under the Anglo-Russian treatyof 1825;
the Russian- American Alaska treaty of 1867; and the Anglo-American conventions of 1892, 1895 an<l
1897. An historical and legal review. (From the Contemporary review) Toronto, Printed by R.G. Mc-
Lean, 1902. 24 p. map. 25cm. [L.C. 3-3959]

Johnston, Arthur. Facts about the Alaskan boundary. Nation 74(1902)69-70.

S h a n n o n, R. W. Canada and Alaska. Nation 74il902)51.

Wade, F. C. The Alaska-Yukon boundary dispute; its practical side. Empire R Jan. 1903 (1002)577-86.
ALBANY, Ga. County seat of Dougherty Co. on Flint river.

Davis, (Mrs.)W. L. Confederate monument at Albany, Ga. Confed Vet 10(1902)26-9, ill.
ALBEMARLE. Confederate ram blown up Oct. 27, 1864.

B i n k i n s, James. The Confederate ram Albemarle. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)206-14.


ALCOTT family.

Clark, Annie M[aria] L[awrence] 1836 The Alcotts ill Harvard. Lancaster, Mass., J.C.L.Clark, 1902.
43, [1] p. front., pi., facsim. 20 x 16cm. "A part of these reminiscences have already appeared in
the New England magazine." [Rev. in: Nation 75(1902)266 "Does not contain much in ... addition ... adds
...modicum of personal recollection. . .photographs. .." L.C. 2-22201]
ALDEN family.

Alden, Augustus E. Pilgrim Alden; the story of the life of the first John Alden in America, with the
interwoven story of the life & doings of the pilgrim colony, and some account of later Aldens. Boston,
J.H.Earle & company [c!902] 4 p. 1., [13J-232 p. front., pi., facsim. 19%cm. [L.C. 3-9360]
ALEUTIAN Islands. Alaska chain of islands extending nearly to Asia.

M e r r 1 a m, C. Hard. Bogcslof volcanoes. Smithson R 1901(1902)367-75, ill., charts, plan.
ALEXANDER, E. F. (b.1835), Confederate General, R. R. president.

A 1 e x a n d e r, E. P. Lee at Appomattox. Personal recollections. Cent 63(1901-2)921-31, port.
ALEXANDER, Francis (1800-80). American portrait painter.

L e o n a r d, B. A. Francis Alexander. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)363-4.
ALEXANDER, Simon (b.1819). German American pioneer, McLean county, Illinois.

H a r i n g, T. Zwel ploniere von McLean co. (Heinrlch Funk Simon Alexander.) Doutsch-Am G 2.2


Alexander family. Wm M Q 10(1902)178-85; 11. 60-65, 115-121
ALEXANDRIA, Va. Town on Potomac 7m. below Washington, D. C.

C a m e r o n, Alexander. Washington and [Alexandria, Va.] New Kng M 27(1902)259-77, port., ill.
ALFORD, Mass. Township, Berkshire Co., 10 m. S.W. of Lenox.

Alford, Mass. Vital records of Alford, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. . . Boston, 1902. 32 p. 23%cm.
(New-England historic genealogical society. [Vital records of the towns of Massachusetts]) Ed. by
Henry Ernest Woods. [L.C. 3-5251]
ALGONKIN8. Indian tribes including Ottawa, Delaware, etc.

Chamberlain, Alexander F. Algonkian words in American English. J Am Folk-Lore 15(1902)240-67.
Chamberlain, A. F. Signlf. of certain Algonquian animal-names. Am Anthropol n s 3(1902)669-83.
L a t u 1 1 p e, E. A. Une Vislte Pastorale- chez les Algonquins. Nouv Fr 1(1902)478-91,574-82.
Leland, Charles Godfrey. Kul6skap the master, and other Algonkin poems; tr. metrically by Charles God-
frey Leland...and John Dyneley Prince... New York and London, Funk & Wagnalls company, 1902.
370 p. col. front., 111., pi. 19V4cm. [Contents. pt. 1. The epic of Kul6skap. pt. 2. Witchraft lore.
pt. 3. Lyrics and miscellany. Appendix: The Passaraaquoddy wampum records [in Passamaquoddy and
English] Rev.!n:Hist Pub Canad '02,7(1003)175-8<A.F.Chamberlain). L.C. 2-28508]
ALLEGHANY County, Va. A western Co. S.E. of Allaghany Mtt.

M c A 1 1 1 s t e r, W. A. Pioneer days in Alleghany County. Va Mag 10(lM)2)183-7.
ALLEN, Ethan (1737-89). Vt. officer in American Revolution.

Brown, Charles Walter. Ethan Allen, of Green Mountain fame, a hero of the revolution. Chicago, M.A.

Donohue & co. [1902] 1 p. 1., 281 p. front., pi., port., map, facsim. 20cm. [L.C. 2-24345]
B u c k h a m, John Wright. The Robin Hood of Vermont. New Eng M 25(1901-2)102-19, port., facs., ill.
Melville, Ernest. Ethan Allen. N. Y. Hist A 2(1902)16-23.
ALLEN, Henry T. (b.1859). Chief of Philippine constabulary.

J e n k s, Jeremiah W. The Philippine constabuary and its chief. R of Rs 26(1902)436-8, port.
ALLEN family.

Allen, Frank W. Charles Allen of Portsmouth, N. H., 1657, and some of his descendants. Boston, David
Clapp & Son, 1902. 8vo. p. 7. [3 1. Men In N E Reg 56(1902)211 (F.W.Parke) "Greater part reprinted
from the New Bug Hist and Gen Register."]

Allen, Frank W. Charles Allen and some of his descendants. N E Ref 56(1902)26-30.
ALLEN, "Land Bill" (1809-91). Ohio advocate of "Homestead Bill."

R n n d a 1 1, E. O. "Land Bill" Allen. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)98-101.
ALLENTOWN, Pa. City, Lehigh Co. on Lehigh r. 60 m. N. by W. from Philadelphia.

[ A 1 1 e n t o w n, Pennsylvania.] Am Month M 21(1902)240-4, 111.
ALLERTON, Isaac (ab. 1583-1659). Plymouth Colony merchant.

I s a a s Allerton's deposition. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)109-10.
ALLISON, William B. (b.1829). Iowa TT. S. senator.

Senator William B. Allison of Iowa. World's Work 3(1901-2)1910, port only.
ALMANACS. Books with calendar and miscellaneous information.
Baltimore Sun Almanac. Bait.. Sun pr. off.. 1902. 176 p. 12o.


Brooklyn daily Eagle almanac, v. 17. Brooklyn. c!902. 622 p. So.

C u m 1 n g a, Elizabeth. A bundle of old almanacs. New Eng M 27(1902)49-58.

T.angland, James. The Dally News Almanac, 1902. Chicago, Dally News.

Tribune almanac and political register, 1902. N. Y., Tribune Association, 1902. 432 p. [12o.]

World almanac and encyclopedia, 1902. N. Y. Press Publishing co., c!902. 608 p. [12o.]

Note. Various other newspapers publish similar almanachs full of useful information on American affairs.
ALMIRA, Kich. Township, Benzie Co.

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AMANA, Iowa. Village 26 m. N.E. of Cedar Rapids.

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AMENTA, N. Y. Village, Dutchess Co., 86 m. N. by E. of New York.

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AMERICA. (1) The Western Hemisphere or (2) the U. S. of America q. v.

Acton (Lord) planned by, Ward, A. W. ; Litt, Prothero; Loathes, Stanley, ed. by. The Cambridge modern

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