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Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America online

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the University council on the resignation of Seth Low, LL. D. us preseident. [New York, The uilliss
press, 1902?] [21] p. 26cm. ["Of this Minute there have been printed one copy, signed, for presenta-
tion to Mr. Low and one hundred copies for distribution." Initials in blue and gold; line border in gold
and black. L.C. 2-13000]

H a w 1 e y, Walter L. Personal responsibility in the city government. Gunton's M 23(1902)66-72.

8 1 o a n e, W. M. Seth Low. Columb Q 4(1901)1-12, port.

Woodruff, Clinton Rogers. Municipal situation in New York. Gunton'K M 23(1902)380-4.
LOWELL, Augustus (1830-1900). Boston merchant, philanthropist. .

L o t h r o p, Thornton K. Memoir of Augustus Lowell (obituary). Mass Hist Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)169-78
LOWELL, James Russell (1819-91). Mass, poet and writer, U. S. minister to Spain.

B 1 1 c h f e 1 d t, E. H. James Russell Lowell as viewed from our generation. Meth R 84(1902)883-98.

H o r w i 1 1, Herbert W. Lowell's influence in England. New Eng M 27(1602)321-5.

James Russell Lowell. Qt Rev 196(1902)61-81.

Johnson, William H. James Russell Lowell. Critic 40(1902)121-5.

Memorials of two friends, James Russell Lowell: 1819-1891, George William Curtis: 1824-1S92. New York,
Priv. print. [The Gilliss press] 1902. 5 p. 1., 102. [2] p. 25cm. ["Fifty copies printed at the GilUis
press for private distribution." Contents. James Russell Lowell, by G. W. Curtis. An epistle to
George William Curtis, by J. R. Lowell. The life and character of George William Curtis, by C. E. Nor-
ton. L.C. 2-23426]

Mlms, Edwin. Lowell as a citizen. So Atlan Q 1(1902)27-40.

S n y d e r, Henry N. The poetry of James Russell Lowell. Meth R South 51(1902)803-18.
LOWES MERION, Fa. Township forming southern part of Montgomery Co.

Harvey, Margaret B. [Rev. patriots born in Lower Merion]. Am Month M 21(1902)299-300.
LOWER NORFOLK County, Virginia.

The church In Lower Norfolk county. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)78-89.

Lower Norfolk County, Virginia, Antiquary. Vol. 4. Quarterly. Baltimore, Md., 1902. pp. 154.
LOWNDES, Wm. (1782-1828). S. C. planter, Congressman, writer.
C a r r, Fannie White. William Lowudes. So Atlau Q 1(1902)365-71.


LOYALISTS (Tories). The American supporters of the king- in the Am. Revolution.
Grisbrook, Edward O. A scion of New England. New Ens M 27(1902)477-86.

Van Tyne, Claude H. The Loyalists in the American Revolution. N. Y., Macmillau, 1902. 12o. [For de-
tails see same title under subject, Am. Rey.]
Ward, C. Some old letters. Acad 2(1902)170-8;5.
LUDLOW, Cornelius (1728 or 9-1812). N. 3. officer in Am. Revolution.

Cooper, Arthur E. Col. Cornelius Ludloiv. N J Hist S 3(1902)12-50.
LUDLOW, Vt. Village in Ludlow township, Windsor Co. 25 m. 8.S.E. of Rutland.

Fletcher memorial library, Ludlow (Vt.) The book of the Fletcher memorial library at Ludlow, Vermont
... [Ludlow, Printed by the Vermont Tribune, 1902] cover-title, [3]-39 p. front., ill., pi., port. 24cm.
[Illustrations: half-tones mounted in text. Dedication exercises, etc. of '.he building erected in memory
of Stoughton A. Fletcher, by his son, Allen M. Fletcher. L.C. 2-21666]
LUMBER industry. The business of transforming; trees into lumber.
A y 1 e 1 1, William. Lumber In 1774 (note). Va Mag 10(1902)103.

S in y t h, Lawrence T. The lumber industry in Maine. New Eiig M 25(1901-2)629-48, ill.
LUMMIS. Charles Fletcher (b.1859). New Mexico and Cal. editor and writer.

D u B o 1 s, Constance Goddard. Charles F Lummis, author and man. Critic 40(1902)326-30, ill., port.
LUNDY family.

Armstrong, William Clinton. The Lundy family and their descendants of \vuatsoever surname, with a bio-
graphical sketch of Benjamin Lundy. New Brunswick, N. J., J.Heldingsfeld, printer, 1902. 485 p.

ront., 111., plate, port., facslrn. 24%cm. [L.C. 3-22580J
LUTHERAN Church. Church founded by Martin Luther.

Mubleneberg'8 short sketch of Lutheran congregation in Philadelphia, 1795. Lutb Ch Rev 21

Kyebroff, J. Gescb. d. ersten deutschen evang.-luth. Syuode in Texas. Zu ihrtm 50 jahrlgen Jubtlaum.

Chicago, 111., Wartburg Publ. House, pp. 4-r360. ill.
Stromme, Peer 0. Compend of church History for Lutheran young people. Chicago, J. Anderson publishing

CO., 1902. 4 p. 1., 6-154 p. front. 17&cm. [L.C. 2-21492]

Ulery, William Frederick], History of the southern conference of the Pittsburg synod of the Evangelical
Lutheran church. Ed. and pub. by R-?v. W.F.Ulery, A.M. and A.L.Yount... Greensburg, Pa., Church
register company, 1902. xv, [1], 416 p. front., pi., port., map. 23cm. [L.C. 3-34]
LYFORD family.

Welch, William Lewis. Francis Lyford of Boston and Exeter, and some of his descendants... Salem,
Printed for the Essex institute, 1902. 1 p. 1., 88 p. 24V4em. [From the Historical collections of the
Essex Institute, vol. XXXVII and XXXVIII. Rev.ln:N E Reg 57(1903)120(Gordon,G.A.) "Evidences
consistent and persistent labor... good index." L.C. 3-4170]
LYKAN, Theodore (1792-1849). Boston philanthropist, mayor, State senator.

Roe, A. S. ...Lyman school for boys, Westborougb, Mass. New Eng M 20(1902)399-416, 111., port.
LYNCH (d.1882). 8. C. Catholic Bishop.

Bishop Lynch's death. Am Cath Res 19(1902)7.

LYNCH law. Summary punishment, especially by death, without process of law.
K 1 1 g o, John Carlisle. An inquiry concerning lynchlngs. So Allan Q 1(1902)4-13.
Lynch law in California. Green Bag 14:291 (Je).
Lynch law In Texas In the Go's. Green Bag 14:382(Ag).
Matthews, Albert. "Lynch Law." Nation 75(1902)439-41.
Torture and lynching. Outl 71(1902)533-4.
LYNCHBURG (Va.). Civil War campaign Hay 2S-June 29, 1864, engagement June 17-18.

Blackford, Charles M. The campaign and battle of Lyncbburg. South Hist Soe Pap 30(1902)276-332.
LYNN, Mass. City and seaport of Essex Co. 10 m. N.N.E. of Boston.

H a w k e s, N. M. Meeting-house of the Third Parish. Lynn Reg 1901(1902)9-11.
Lynn Historical Society of Lynn, Mais. Register for year 1901. Lynn, Mass. So. 1902. pp. 66.
LYONS FARMS, N. J. Village of Union Co. 2 m. N. of Elizabeth.

Lyons Farms Baptist church records. N J Hist S 2(1902)158-68.
LYTTON, British Columbia. Town on the Fraser R. 57 m. from Yale.

Smith, Harlan I. Archaeology of Lytton, B. C. Records of the Past 1(1902)205-18.
McBURNEY, Robert Ross (1837-98). Secretary and leader in Y. M. C. A.
Doggett, L[aurence] L[ooke]. Life of Robert R. McBnrney... Cleveland, O., F.M. Barton [1902] 12, 280

p. front., pi., port., map, dlagr. 21'^ em. [L.C. 2-19279]
MoCALL, John Augustine (b.1849). N. Y. insurance president.

G 1 e e d, Charles S. John Augustine McCall. Cosmopol 33(1902)302-4, port

McCARTEE, Divie Bethune (1820-1900). Am. missionary to China and Japan, diplomat, naturalist, writer.
B a n k 1 n, Henry W. Divie Betbune UcCartee. N E Reg 56 Suppl (1302)xlil-xlUl.


McCLEARY, Samuel Foster (1822-1901). Boston lawyer, local hist, writer.

B u g b e c, James M. Memoir of Samuel Foster McCleary. Mass Hist Soc Proc>(1901-2)255-63, port.
Samuel Foster McCleary. Mass Hist Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)72-7.
Smith, Charles C. [eulogy]. Mass Hist Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)75-8.
MoCLELLAN, George Brinton (1826-85). General in Civil War, Governor of N. J.

Owen, Frederick D. Notes and specifications of a design for the equestrian statue of the late Maj. Gen.
G. B. McCllellan, Washington, D. C. Respectfully submitted. General design and pedestal. Assisted by
U. S. J. Dunbar, sculptor. Horse and rider. Melva B. Wilson, sculptor. Base figures and panels. May
1, 1902. [Washington? D. C., 1902] [6] p. 3 pi., 1 port. 23y 2 cm. [L.C. 2-15182]
McCONOMY, Augustine Jerome (1831-78). Catholic priest.

Rev. Augustine Jerome McConomy. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)251, port.
MoDIARMID, A. P. (b.1852). Canadian Baptist clergyman and educator.

Fox, W. Sherwood. Canadian celebrities. Canad M 18(1901-2)332-3, port.
MACDONALD, John B. (b.1884). K. V. engineer.

Stevens, Raymond. The builder of the New York subway. World's Work 5(1902-3)2833-6, port.
McDONALD, John R. (1843-1902). Ala. Confederate officer,

Porter, R. R. Maj. John R. McDonald. Confed Vet 10(1902)122-3, po.-t.
McDONOUGH, Patrick (b.1786). Fa. V. S. o .-fleer in War of 1812.

M c D o n o u g h, P. A Hero of Fort Erie. Did he cause the explosion of the bastion, Aug. 15, 1814 ? Let-
ters relating to the military service of Lieut. Patrick McDouough. Pub Buffalo Hist Soc 5(1902)63-93.
O'Reilly, Isabel. One of Philadelphia's soldiers in the war of J812. Rec Am Cath Hist Soc Phil*

XoGILLIVRAY, Alexander (1746-93). "The Talleyrand of Alabama" U. 8. Gen. Agent to Creek Indians.

McGillivray, Alexander. McGlllivray Documents, (iulf Mag 1(1902)47-50.
McGROARTY, Julia (d.1901). Provincial Superior of the Sisters of Noire Dame of Namur.

Mother Julia. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)55,130, port.
If AC HENRY COUNTY, 111. Northeastern Co. of state, bordering on Wisconsin.

Seller, Lena B. Die Pionlere von McHeury County. Deutsch-Am G 2.1(1902)54-56.
MACHIMOODUS (the places of noises). Name applied by Indians to region about Moodus, Conn.

Clemens, W. Harry. The legends of Machimoodua. Conn Mag 7(1902)451-8.
HACKAY, John William (b.1831). Nev. mine owner and capitalist.

G 1 e e d, Charles S. John William Mackay. Cosmopol 33(1902)40-2, port.
McKEAN family.

ICcKean, Cornelius. McKean genealogies, from the early settlement of McKeans or McKeens in America
to the present time, 1902; with portraits representing the different branches of the family. Des Moiues,
The Kenyou printing & mfg. co., 1902. 213 p. front., pi., ports., geneal. tab. 23%cm. [L.C. 3-24079]
MACKENZIE, William Lyon. Canadian journalist.

Y e I g h, Frank. Some reminders of William Lyon Mackenzie. Ca::ad M 19 (: 002) 195-203, ill., port., facs.

Mackenzie of Garloch (Gairloch). Old Northw Q 5(1902)80-1, ill.
MACKENZIE COLLEGE. Presbyterian Mission College at San Paulo, Brazil.

I. a n e, H. M. Mackenzie College, San Paulo, Brazil, S. A. Assembly Heraici ( (1902)216-ai(..
McKINLEY, William (1848-1901). 25th President of the United States.

C o u r s e y, W. S. William McKinley as commauder-in-chief of D. S.'l M (Bost) 16(lCj'\ .-t.t&J..
Grand army of the republic. Dept. of Ohio. McKinley post, No. 25. Memorial souvenir of Uuuuurie Wm.
McKinley... Portraits by Rowley, Buffalo. [Buffalo, N. Y.] McKinley memorial puljlKjing eo., 1902.
[28] p. incl. 111., port., facsim. 16% x 25cm. [L.C. 2-13244]
Halstead, Murat, and Munson, A. J. Life and services of William McKtnley. Chlca^, >, Dominion, 1902.

560 p. 12o.

H a n n a, M. A. Personal reminiscences of William McKinley. Nat'l M (Bost) 15(1901-2)405-10,509-14.
H a u u a, M. A. William McKinley in the White House. Nat'l M (Bost) 16(1902)291-4.
Hay, John. William McKinley; memorial address, delivered in the Capitol, February 27, 1902, by Invita-
tion of the Congress. New York, T.Y.Crowell & co. [1902] 1 p. 1., 27 p. 18%cm. [L.C. 2-13117]
K a s s o n, John A. Impressions of President McKinley. With especial reference to his opinions on reci-
procity. Cent 63(1901-2)268-75, port.

Long, John D. Some personal characteristics of President McKinley. Cent 63(1901-2)144-6.
McKinley, W. Last speech of President McKinley. Canton, Pa., Klrgate Press, 1902. 12o.
M r. MoKinley's political legacy. Sat R 92(1902)350-7.


Ohio. General assembly. In mcmoriam, Sn loving tribute to the memory of William McKinley, of Ohio,
soldier, congressman, governor, and president of the United States of America, in the hall of the House
of representatives, Wednesday, January 20, 1902. Columbus, Press of F.J.Heer, 1902. 85 p. front,
(port.) 24%cm. [L.C. 3-2333]

Ohio Republican association of Washington, D. C. Memorial service to William McKinley, late president
of the United States, under th auspices of the Ohio Republican association of Washington, D. C. (In
conjunction with all citizens of Ohio resident In Washington) In Chase's theater, October 6, 1901. Pub-
lished by request of T. M. Sullivan, secretary. Washington [Press of B.S Adams] 1902. 43 p. 12 port.
23%cm. [L.C. 3-24611]

Owen, Mrs. Elizabeth. Biography of William McKiuley, 25th president of the Lnlted States of America,
and his noted address at the Pun American exposition. September 5th, 1901. [Toledo V O.] 1902. 37 p.
incl. oort., facslm. IS^cm. [L.C. 2-19408]

President William McKinley, main events In his life. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)232-35.
R a n d a 1 1, E. O. William McKinley. Ohio Arch &. Hist Pub 10(1902)243-49.
Stapleton. A. Genealogy of William McKinley. Ohin Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)230-42.
T 1 t h e r i n g t o n, R. II. Lincoln Garfleld McKinley. Munsey 27(1902)300(My).

Underwood, Bert. A stereograph record of William McKinley as president of the United States, stereo
graphs by Henry A. Strohmeyer. New York, London [etc.] Und?rwoo>l &. Underwood [1902] 183 p.
18 x 9cm. [L.C. 2-12939]

William McKinley at Thomasvllle, Ga. Nat'l M (Bost) 15(1901-2)424-2S. 111.
William McKinley: Memorial at Cantou, O. Nat'l M (Bost) 15(1901-2)^24-8, port.
Wilson, Edward E[ugene]. "It is God's way." A book dedicated to the memory of our beloved president,
William McKinley, consisting of the story of the assassination and death, funeral services at Washing-
tor and Canton, newspaper editorials, poems and eulogies from all over tie world, pt. 1. Cleveland, 0.,
E.E.Wilson, 1902. v. 111. 22%em. [L.C. 2-17062]

Worcester, Mass. City council. Memorial observances of William McKinley by city of Worcester. Wor-
cester, Mass. [The Blauchard press] 1902. 55 p. front, (port.) 23 '-join. [L.C. 3-7948]
MACLANE, Mary (b.1881). American writer.

Maclane, Mary. The story of Mary Maclane. Chicago, H.S. Stone and company, 1902. 2p. 1., 322 p. front.

(port.) 19%em. [L.C. 2-13619]
McLEAN Co., 111. A central county of state.

McLean County Historical Society Transactions. Bloomington, 111.
McMASTER, George H. (1828-1902). 8. C. merchant, teacher, legislator, wriUr.

George H. McMaster. 8 C Hist Mag 3(1902)249-50.
XcMILLAN, James (1838-1902). Mich. IT. 8. senator.

The Michigan campaign. Nation 75(1902)125.
MACMONNIES. Frederick (William) (b.1863). American sculptor.

G r e e r, H. II. Frederick Macmonnles, sculptor. Brush & P 10(1902)1 (An).
MoNEILY, John 8. (b.1841). Miss, journalist, writer, Confederate officer.

[John S. McNeily]. Miss Hist P 6(1902)129.
MACON, Nathaniel (1767-1837). N. C. Congressman, Speaker of the House.

D o d d, William E. The place of Nathnnl ! Macon In Southern history. Am Hist R 7(1902)683-75.
Pittman, Thomas M. Nathaniel Macon, an uddress on occasion of unveiling of a monument to Wm. Macon

at Gilford battle ground, July 4, 1902. Pub. by Gilford Battle Guard Association, Greeneboro, 8. C.
MACON family.

Macon family (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)276-8, 11(1902)76-7.
MACON COUNTY, N. C. Western Co. of state, bordering on Georgia.

Stewart, Henry. Macon county, North Carolina... Hlghtlands [N. C.] Blue Ridge ass'n press, 1902. [30]

p. 16'/a x 0%em. [L.C. 2-15985]
McFHILOMY, Hulbert (1859-1901). Philadelphia Catholic priest.

Rev. Hubert P. McPhllomy. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)58,130, port.
McWHORTER family.

M c W h o r t e r, L. V. Henry McWhorter and descendants Col. John McWhorter. W Va Mag 2.1(1902)


MADAWASKA, Me. Township of Aroostook Co. about 100 m. N. of Houlton.
Collins, Charles W. New England Catholic Historical Society publication, No. 3. The Aeadlans of the

Madawaska, Maine. Boston, 1902. pp. 66. 80. pamphlet.
MADISON, James (1751-1836). 4th President of the United States.

Ford, Worthington C. Letters from Joseph Jones to Madison. Mass Hiat Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)116-61,
Hunt, Galllard. James Madison and religious liberty. Am Hist A Rep 01,1(1902)163-71,


Hunt, Gaillard. The life of James Madison... New York, Doubleday, Page & co., 1902. vlii p., 1 1., 402
p. front, (port.) 23%cm. [ Hist R 9(1903)170-3(T.C.Smith) "The book is really a temper-
ately and Independently written history of the United States from 1776 to 1817... merit of breadth and
true perspective. . .style. . .clear and vigorous. . .historical workmanship ... sound and scholarly ... respect-
able. . .index"; Dial 34(1903)341-2 "solid. . .painstaking care, fortified with references and footnotes...
altogether worthy of respect. . .lack of brightness in... style." 3-4211]
MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. Western Co. of state.

C i s c o, J. G. Madison County. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)328-48
MADISON township, 0. Township of Franklin Co. in central Ohio.

Bareis, George Frederick], History of Madison township, Including Groveport and Canal Winchester,
Franklin county, Ohio... Canal Winchester, O., G.F.Barels, 1902. vlil, 515 p. front., pi., port., fold,
map. 20cm. [L.C. 2-20675]
MAGELLAN STRAIT. Strait separating Patagonia, 8. A., from Tierra del Fuego.

Abribat, Jean Marie. ...Le dStroit de Magellan au point de vue international... Paris, A.Chevaller-

Marescq & elf, 1902. 3 p. 1., 311 p., 1 1. 25cm. [These Univ. de Paris. L.C. 3-13258]
MAGITIRE, Luke (b.1796). Pennsylvania emigrant.

Flick, Lawrence F. Reminiscences of Mr. Luke Maguire, of St. Augustlni's, Cambria County, Pa., taken

In 1879. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)231-2.
MAHAN, Alfred Thayor (b.1840). N. Y. Capt. U. S. navy, writer.

Captain Alfred T. Mahan. World's Work 3(1901-2)1690, port. only.

M a h a n, Alfred T. The growth of our national feeling. World's Work 3O901 -2)1763-8.
MAHTOTOHPA (fl.1832). Second chief of the Mandan Indians.

M c C o w a n, S. M. Indian heroes, the story of Mahtotohpa, second chief of the Mandans. South Work

30(1901)200-5, ill.
MAIDIT Indians. A group of tribes in northern Cal,

Dixon, Roland Bfurrage]. ...Maidu myths. Bulletin of the American museum of natural history, vol.
XVII, part II, p. 33-118. New York, June 30, 1902. [New York, The Knickerbocker press, 1902] cover-
title, 33-118 p. 24%crn. [At head of title: The Huntington California expedition. L.C. 3-20934]
MAINE. The northeasternmost state of U. S., admitted 1880.

Farnham, Mary Frances. ...The Farnhnm papers. 1698-1871... Portland, The Lefavor-Tower company,
1902. Ix, 383 p. 23ficm. (Maine historical society. Documentary history of ttie state of Maine, v.
VIII) [Running title: Documents relating to the territorial history of Maine. L.C. 2-18428]

MacDonald, William. ...The government of Maine; its history and administration... New York, London,
The Mncmillan company, 1902. ix, 263 p. front, (map) form. 19%cm. (Handbooks of American gov-
ernment) [Rev.ln:Am Hist R 8(1903)592-3(G.B.Fellows) "in every way commendable ... particularly In-
teresting is ... treatment of local government": Dial 33(1902)409 "adjunct to the teaching of American
history and government in our schools." L.C. 2-24428]

Maine Historical Society. Act of incorporation. By-laws and list of members. Portland, Me., April, 1902.
23 pp. 80.

Smyth, Lawrence T. The lumber industry in Maine. New Eng M 25(1901-2)629-48.
"MAINE." U. 8. battleship blown up in Havana harbor, Feb. 15, 1888.

Butler, Charles Henry- The responsibility of Spain for the destruction of the United States battleship
Maine in Havana harbor, February 15, 1898, and the assumption by the United States, under the treaty
of 1898, of Spain's pecuniary liability for the injuries to, and deaths of, her officers and crew. Argument
before the Spanish treaty claims commission, December 18-21, 1901, on behalf of claimants represented
by Butler & Harwood. New York, The Evening post Job printing house, 1902. 1 p. '!., vl, 94 p. 27cm.
[L.C. 2-18368]
MANASSAS (Va.). Civil War battle, July 21, 1861.

The first Manassas. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1002)209-76.

I r b y, Richard. Early days of the war. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)257-8.
MANCHESTER, N. H. City of Hillsborough Co. 59 m. N. of Boston.

Early records of Manchester and vicinity. Notes and Q 20(1902)5-7.

G 1 1 m o r e, G. C. Asiatic cholera in Manchester, IS49-54. Historic Quart 3(1902)53-7.

The Historical Quarterly, an ill. mag. containing tb/T contributions of the Manchester Historic Ass. and
misc. matter of local and general Interest. Manchester, N. H. Vol. 3.=1902. p. 120. with supple-
ment In each number.

K i d d e r, J. Early recollections of Manchester. Historic Quart 3(1902)65-78.

L e a v 1 1 1, O. H. The old Bridge-Street pound. Historic Quart 3(1902)27-32.

L e a v 1 1 1, Orrin H. The old pound. Notes and Q 20(1902)161-6.
MANIGAtTLT, Peter (1731-73). S. C. colonial statesman.

[Biographical note]. S C Hist Mag 3(1902)87.


MANILA, Philippine Is. Chief city of Philippines and seat of Gov't, on Is. of Luzon.
Eddy, Frederick W. Manila. Outl 70(1902)48-58, ill.

V a 1 1 a d o r e, B. F. Observaclones de Manila. Rozon y Fe Mars (1902).
MANITOBA. Province of Canada, adjoining Minn, and N. Dakota.

Brans, W. Sanford. Manitoba and territorial autonomy. Canad M 18(1901-2)450-61.
MANITOTTLIN Is. Island in northern part of Lake Huron, belonging: to Ontario, Can.

S t c 1 n e r, Bernard C. On Manitouliu. So Atlun Q 1(1902)333-40.
MANNING family.

Manning:, William H[enryj. The genealogical and biographical history of the Manning families of New
England and descendants, from the settlement in America to present time. I. The William Manning
family, of Cambridge, Mass. II. The Richard and Anstlce Manning fariily, of Salem-Ipswlch, Mass.
III. Miscellaneous families... Salem, The Salem press co., 1902. v, 857 p. front., pi., port., facslm.
23%cm. [ E Reg 56(1902)326<F.W.Farke) "based. . .upon original sources. . .six full Indexes."
L.C. 3-3809]
MANSUR family.

T a f t, R. 8. Mansur note. Gen Q M 3(1902)47,96.
MANUSCRIPTS (incl. documents). Early unpublished writings of historic value.

An account of manuscripts, papers, and documents in private hands. Miss Hist P 5(1902)229-93.
Fb'rstemann, Ernst [Wilhelm], Commentnr zur Madrlder Mayahandschrlft (Codex Tro-Corteslanus) . Dan-
zig, L.Sauniers buchhandlung (G.Horn) 1902. 160 p. 111. 23M>cm. [L.C. 3-27200]
J o 1 1 n e, Adrian H. Meditations of an autograph collector. Harper 104(2901-2)969-74, ill.
New York. State library. . . . Descriptive list of French manuscripts cople:! for New York State library
from National archives and National library at Paris, 18S8... Albany, University of the state of New
York, 1902. 1 p. 1., [319]-382 p. 25cm. (New York State library. Bull-tin 57. History 5) [81 msa.
relating to America; described by A.J.F.Van Laer. Cover-title. L.C. 3-7520]
T h r u a t o n, G. P. Autographic collections and historic manuscripts. Sev/anee 10(1902)28-42.
MANZANO Salt lakes, N. M. Lakes of Valencia Co. in central New Mexico.
J o h n 8 o n, D. W. To the Manzano Salt lakes. Ont West 16(1902)367-76, ill.

MAFES family.

Records from the Mapes Bible In possession of Mr. E.L.Brown of Calveiton.L.I. N Y Roc 33(1902)62-3.

MARBLEHEAD, Mass. Town and port of Essex Co. 18 m. N.E. of Boston.

M a y n a r d, George. Field day at Marblehead. Wor Soc Ant 17(1902)489-506.
MAHCHANT family.

The Marchant family. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)39-40.
MARCONI, Guglielmo (b.1875). Inventor of wireless telegraphy.

Marconi, Guglielmo and McGrath, P. T. Marconi and his transatlantic signal. Cent 63(1901-2)769-82.

S o o t t, M. O. Guglielmo Marconi In Canada. Canad M 18(1901-2)338-40, 111., port.
MARCUS Is. Island of Oceanica, between Hawaii and Philippines, belonging to U. 8.

L e J a p o n et les fitats-Onls a 1'lle Marcus. Tour Monde 13 Dec (1902).
MARCY, William Learned (1786-1867). N. Y. lawyer, U. 8. senator, Governor.

M a r c y, William L. [Letter] to General John Jackson [1838]. Bost Bull 7(1902)276.

MARCY family.

Paige, Mrs. Calvin D. The Marcy family. Quliiabiing Hist Soc Leaf 1[ 19027] 131-46.

MARIE ADELAIDE, Duchesse de Chartres (fl.1776). Wife of "Philippe Egalite," and supporter of Ameri-
cans in Am. Rev.

Smith, Mary Stuart. Marie Adelaide of Orleans. New Eng M 26(1902)471-5, port.
MARKOE, Thomas Masters (1819-1901). N. Y. surgeon in Civil War, Professor, writer.

Gallaudet, Bern B. Dr. Thomas M. Marzoe. Columb Q 4(1901)47-50, port.
MARKS family.

Lines, Mrs. Eliza J[ennette (Marks)]. Marks-Platt ancestry... South Beach, Conn., Pub. by request of
A.A.Marks, 1902. 1 p. I., 98, [16] p. fiont., pi., port., geneal. tab. 21%cm. [16 blank pages at end
for descendants' record. L.C. 3-9126]
MARQUETTE, Father Jacques (1637-75). Canadian Jeseuit missionary to Am. Indians.

Cordier, H. Sur le pere Marquette. [Aus: Compte rendn de Cougres Internal, des Amerlcanistes. ] Paris,

Leroux, 1902. pp. 8.

Father Marqnette's crucifix (note). South Hist A Pub 6(1902)197.

Thwaites, Reuben Gold. Father Marquette... New York, D.Appleton & company, 1902. XT, 244 p. front,

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