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Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America online

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Medfleld, Mass. Medfleld, Massachushetts: proceedings at the celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth
anniversary of the incorporation of the town, June 6, 1901. Boston, G.H.Ellis co., printers, 1902. 112 p.
front., pi., facs. 28%cm. [Rev.lnrN E Reg 56(1902)330(F.W.Parke) "most entertaining. . .church his-
tories. . .particularly important." L.C. 3-8380]


V- /'"
MEDFORD, Mass. Village of Middlesex Co. 5 m. N.N.W. of Boston.

H o 1 1 i s, Benjamin Pratt. Grace church, Medford. An historical monograph. Medf Reg 5(1902)25-43.

The homo of the Historical Society. Medf Reg 5(1902)69-70.

Maun, Moses W. Forgotten industries and enterprises. Medf Reg 5(1902)18-9.

The Medford Historical Register. Vol. 5. Medford, Mass., Pub. by the Medtord Hist Soc., quarterly, ia02.

pp. 96.

Medford Square, 1835 to 1850. Medf Reg 5(1902)91-4.
The "Town House." Medf Reg 5(1902)90.

Welts, Herbert A. Lawyers of Medford. Medf Reg 5(1902)49-68, port.

W 1 1 d, H. T. Current events, 1724-1734. Extracts from town records of Medford. Medf Reg 5(1902)13-7.
Wild, Helen T. Medford In the war of the Revolution. Medf Reg 5(1902)24.
MEDICINE. Art of heading and drugs employed.

Carney, S. H. Early days of medicine and surgery in America. Munsey 28(1902)377(D).
Llcencies des bureaux medicaux du Canada-est de 1788 a 1848. Rech TUst 8(1902)175-80,201-9.
The new medical education. Nation 75(1902)259-60.
A Virginia doctor's medicines, 1729 (note). Va Mag 10(1902)216-7.
MEIGS, John (fl.1639). Conn, pioneer.

B e n t o n, Charles F. Little journeys to ancestral firesides. Conn Mag 7(1002)557-9.
MEIGS family.

Meigs, [Henry Benjamin]. Meigs chart of American ancestry. [Baltimore, 1902] sheet. 43% z 7%cm.

[ Northw Q 5(1902)154 "historical references. . .valuable notes." L.C. 3-3193]
Meigs, H. B. Record of the descendants of Vincent Melgs. Baltimore, H.B.Meigs, 1902. 80., ill.
MEIRCKEN, (Mrs.) Peter (Snowden) (b.1777). Wife of Peter Meircken, a merchant of Fhila.

Hart, Charles Henry. Two women of the eighteenth century. Cent 63(1901-2)377, port.
MELR08E, Mass. Village of Middlesex Co. 7 m. M. of Boston.

Goss, Elbridge Henry. The history of Melrone, county of Middlesex, Massachusetts. Melrose, The city,

1902. xvlll, 508 p. front., 111. (incl. port., facslm.) pi. 24%cm. [L.C. 3-11847]
MENARD County, 111. County in W. central part of state.

Onstot. T[hompson] G[ains]. Pioneers of Meuard and Mason counties; made up of personal reminiscences
of an early life In Menard county, which we gathered in a Salem life from iou^ to 1840, and a Peters-
burg life from 1840 to 1850; Including personal reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln and Peter C'art right.
Forest City., 111., T.G.Oustot, 1902. 400 p. Incl. front., 111., port., plan. 23cm. [L.C. 2-27721]
MENOMONIE, Wis. County seat of Dunn Co. 26 m. W. by E. of Eau Claire.

Chappie, Joe Mitchell. The Stout Manual Training School. Nat'l M(Bost)]5(1901-2)501-7, ill., port.
MENOTOMY, Mass. Ancient name of a precinct of Cambridge.

Brown, Abram English. Menotomy parsonage. New Eng M 26(1901)80-92, ill., port.
MERCHANT Marine. Vessels employed in domestic or foreign commerce.

Abbot, Willis J[ohn]. American merchant ships and sailor-*... illustrated by Ray Brown. New York,
Dodd, Mead & company, 1902. 1 p. 1., x, 372 p. front., ill., pi. 21cm. [Rev.ln:Nation 75(1902)481
"popular and fascinating account of .. .development of... oar mercantile marine. . .only lacks. . .bibliog-
raphy to make It of real value to... student of history"; Dial 34(1 90.") 89-110 "popular. .. [not much]
minuteness of detail... can be cheerfully recommended." L.C. 2-25189]

Marvin, Winthrop L[ippitt]. The American merchant marine; Its history and romance, from 1620 to 1902.
New York, C.Scribner's sons, 1902. xvi p., 1 1., 444 p. 21%cm. [ Hist R 8(1903)541-2(W.
B.Weeden) "sketchy and Interesting ... few of the qualities of history ... patriotic romance appeals to all
of ns"; Nation 76(1902)421 "somewhat incoherent enthusiasm. . .entertaining. . .other works on these
subjects... not likely to be superseded"; Dial 34(1903)89-90 "technical. . .explicit. . .copious. . .interesting
reading ... can be cheerfully recommended." L.C. 2-24825]
MERION, Pa. Village of Montgomery Co. 19 m. N.W. of Philadelphia.

Smith, Benjamin H. The lands of Edward Jones and company In Merlon. Penn Mag 26(1902)52-57, ill.
MEBRICK family.

Merriok, George Byron. Genealogy of the Merrick Mirick Myrlck family of Massachusetts, 1636-1902.
Madison, Wis., Tracy, Gibbs & company, 1902. vi, [2], 494 p. 3 pi. (1 col.) 12 port. (Incl. front.)
23cm. [ Northw Q 6(1903)27 "Printing. . .and binding. . .elegant. . .model genealogy." L.O.

MERRILL, Samuel (b.1822). Iowa soldier, Governor.

Fleming, Wm. H. Governor Samuel Merrill. Annals of Iowa 5(1902)335-51, port.
MERRILL family.

Will of Nathaniel Merrill [of Newbnry, Mass., ab. 1655]. Ess Ant 6(1902)38-9.


MEERIMAC-MONITOE battle. Civil War naval battle in Hampton Roads, Va., March 8-9, 1868.

B r o o k e, St. G. T. The Merrimac-Monitor battle. Transallegheuy Hist M 2(1902)30-42.
MESA GRANDE, Cal. Village of Messina Indians.

L u m m 1 s, Charles F. Two days at Mesa Grande. Out West 16(1902)602-12, ill., port.
METHODIST Church. Arminian church founded by John Wesley, having several branches in U. S.

C a 1 h o u n, John C. Documents on the Division of the Methodist Church 111 1844. Gulf Mag 1(1902)212.

King, Rev. I. F. Introduction of Methodism in Ohio. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)165-219.

Methodist Episcopal church. The constitution of the Methodist Episcopal church, and the constitutions and
charters of the several organizations authorized by the General conference, to which is added the con-
stitution of the Methodist Episcopal church. South. Cincinnati, Jennings & Pye; New York, Eaton it
Mains [c!902] vii, 313 p. 18cm. [Edited by R.T.Miller and W.F.Whltlock, D.D. L.C. 3-4985]

Methodist Episcopal church, South. The doctrines nnd discipline. 1902. Ed. by Jno. J. Tigert. . .Nash-
ville, Tenn., Dallas, Tex., Publishing house of the M. E. church, South, Bigham & Sminth, agents, 1902.
Till. 41S p. 16cm. [L.C. 3-4206]

S i b 1 e y, Hiram L. The constitution of 1808. Meth R South 51(1902)659-6J.

p e e r, J. Patriotism and education in the Methodist church. Trans Kan Hist Soc 1901-2 7(1902)494-500.

Tigert, John J[ames]. The doctrines of the Methodist Episcopal church in America, as contained in the
disciplines of said church from 1788 to 1808, and so designated on their title-pages; comp. and ed. with
an historical introduction.. Cincinnati, Jennings & Pye; New York, Eaton & Mains, 1902. 2 v. 15cm.
(Little books on doctrine) [Contents. v. 1. The Scripture doctrine of predestination, election and rep-
robation. Serious thoughts on the infallible, unconditional perseverance of all that have once experi-
enced faith in Christ. Extract on the nature and subjects of Christian baptism. Against antinomian-
ism. v. 2. A plain account of Christian perfection, as believed and taught by the Rev. Mr. John Wesley,
from the year 1725 to the year 1765. Oi' Christian perfection. [51.Men.!n:Am Hist R 8(1902)200 "of
interest to students of American church history." L.C. 2-18962]

T u r r e n 1 1 n e, S. B. Methodism's educational mission in national life. Meth R South 51(1902)88-103.
METHTJEN, Mass. Town of Essex Co. 2 m. N.N.W. of Lawrence.

Mann, Charles W. The king's highway from Swan's Ferry to Back River Mill. New Eng M 26(1902)

525-35, iU.
MEXICAN War. War between U. S. and Mexico, April, 1846-Sept.. 1847.

French, Samuel G[ibbsJ. Two wars: an autobiography... Mexican war; war between the States, a diary;
reconstruction period, his experience; incidents, reminiscences, etc. Nashville, Tenh., Confederate vet-
eran, 1901. xv, [1], 404 pp. incl. ill., port, front, (port.) 14cm. [L.C. 1-27326 M 2]

[Letter] to Col. Jefferson Davis [1846]. Boat Bull 7(1902)330.

Mannbardt, R. Deutsche Tbeilnehmer am Mexlkanischen Kriege von La Salle County. Deutsch-Am

G 2.3(1902)48-9.
MEXICO. Republic of southern N. A. bounded by U. 8., Atlantic, Guatemala, and Pacific.

A n d r u s, S. G. Men and affairs in Mexico. Nat'l M(Bost)17(1902)345(D).

A u s 1 1 n, O. P. Commerce of Mexico and the U. S. Nat Geog M 13(1902)25(Ja).

B o y c e, Isaac. Mission work among Indians of Hob country, Vera Cruz, Mexico. "S*s Her 6(1902)221-3.

B r a s c h i, V. M. and Ordonez, Ezequiel. Mexican railway system. Cassior 22(1902)457(Ag).

Butler, (Mrs.) John W. The outlook in Mexico. Miss R 25(1902)109-12.

Butler, John W. Religious forces in Mexico and Central America. Miss R 25(1902)195-204.

Codex FejSrvary-Mayer. An old Mexican picture manuscript in the Liverpool free public museums (12014M)
Published at the expense of His Excellency the Duke cf Loubat. . .elucidated by Dr. Eduard Seler...
[For details see details see same title under subject, Aztecs.]

Codex vaticanus 3773. (Codex vaticanus B) eine altmexikanische bilderschrift der Vatikanlschen biblio-
thek; hrsg. auf kosten seiner excellent des herzoga von Loubat ... erlautert von Dr. Eduard Seler...
[For details see same title under subject, Aztecs.]

D a w 1 e y, Thomas R. Mexico's new territory. Outl 72(1902)212-4.

F o s t e r, J. W. The new Mexico. Nat Geog M 13(1902)l(Ja).

Foster, Volney W. Commercial expansion and growth of credits with some notes on the Republic of Mex-
ico. An address at the Banquet of Chicago Credit Men's Association, September 17, 1902. pp. 21.

General Synod of Mexico [Presbyterian]. Ass Her 6(1902)225-6.

Leon, (N.) Blbliografia Mexicana del sigl > xviii secession primera, prlmera parte. Mexico, Imp de Fr
Diaz de Leon. 1902. pp. 463. 30 ptas.

Leon, N. Compendio de la historia general de Mexico des de los tiempos prchistdricos hast a uuestras dlas.
Mexico, 1902. pp. 576.

Locke, Charles Edward. The evolution of freedom in Mexico. Meth R 84(1902)439-49.

Loubat, [Joseph Florimond] due de. Address of the Duke of Loubat, honorary president of the thirteenth
International congress of Americanists, held at the American museum of natural history in the city of
New York, October 20-25, 1902. New York, The Knickerbocker press [1902] 8 p. 24cm. [L.C. 8-27276]


Lumholtz. Karl [Sofus]. Unknown Mexico; a record of five years' exploration among the tribes of the
western Sierra Madre; In the tlerra callente of Tepic and Jalisco; and among the Tarascos of Mlchoacan.
New York, C.Scrlbner's sons, 1902. 2 v. front., ill., pi. (partly col.) port., fac., fold. map. 25cm.
[Rev. in: Nation 76(1903)272-4 "painstaking. . .worthy contribution ... style unaffected, ordinarily agree-
able, generally lucid. . .honest, earnest, and important"; Nation 76(1903)296-8 "utter worthlessness of
the index cannot be too strongly deplored": Dial 34(1903) 198-9( A.H.Noll) "the most valuable contri-
bution... of recent years... to scientific exploration. . .in the Western World ... pleasant literary style...
keen sense of humor... of deep Interest. . .scarcely a dull page." L.C. 2-27727]

Marin Bimbela (R). Codlgo sanitario de los Estados Unities mexicanos. M6x Herrero Hermanns 1 peso,
pp. 344.

Morris, [Ida DormanJ "Mrs. J. . Morris." A tour in Mexico; illustrated from photographs taken en
route by James Edwin Morris. New York, London [etc.] The Abbey press [1902] 1 p. 1., 322 p. front.,
pi. 20cm. [L.C. 2-30131]

Paso y Troucoso, F. del. Hlstolre mexicainc de Cristobal del Castillo. Par. Leroux, 1902.

P e r e z, A. Garcia. Orgauizackm milltar de Mexico. Rer cont 15 Mai(1902)16 Aout, 15 Sept(1902).

Prescott, W. H. Conquest of Mexico. (Popular lib. ser.) [2 v. In 1 v.] N. Y., Crowell, 1902, ill.

Prescott, William H[iokling]. ...Selections from "Ferdinand and Isabella," "The conquest of Mexico"
and "The conquest of Peru." New York and London, Street and Smith [1902] xli, 205, [1] p. front,
(port.) 15'.ji-m. (S & S little classics) [L.C. 2-24859]

R e i n s c h, Paul S. A new era In Mexico. Forum 32(1902)028-38.

Robinson, Wilfrid C. The last Mexican empire. Am Cath Q 27(1902)541-562.

Schiess, Wilhelm. Quer durch Mexiko vom Atlantischon cum Stllleu Ocean. Mit 55 lllustratlonen und 16
lichtdrucktafeln. Berlin, D.Relmer (E.Vohsi>ii), 1902. xii, [1], 233, [1] p. front., 111., pi., fold. map.
25%cm. [L.C. 3-19776]

Squire, Louis II. Ancient Mexican theogomy and cosmogony. Notes and Q 20(1902)65-71.

Wilkini, Ja. H. Glimpse of old Mexico. San Francisco, Whitaker & R., 1902. 16o., ill.

W 1 n t o n, George B. The liberator of Mexico. Meth R South 51 (1902)211-9.
MICHIGAN. An upper Lake state of V. 8. admitted 1837.

Barber, Edward W. Recollections and lessons of pioneer boyhood. Mich Hist Coll '01, 31(1902)178-
227, port.

B n r t o n, C. M. Papers and orderly book of Brig. Gen. James Winchester. Mich Hist oil '01, 31(1902)
253-313, port.

Burton, C. M., and Moore, Charles. Historical Collection. Collections and researches made by the Michi-
gan pioneer and historical society, T. 31. Lansing, Mich., 1302. pp. 8+649.

G lib e rt, John. The Great conspiracy. Mich Hist Coll, '01, 31(1901)232-8.

<; r <> s v e n o r, Ebeuexer O. The new state capitol. Mich Hist Coll '01, 31(1901)227-32.

Keith, Hannah E. Hist, sketch of Internal Improvements in Michigan, 1836-46. . Ann Arbor, Mich., Pol.
Sci., 1902. 16o.

Memorial report. [This contains necrological reports from various counties, chiefly of pioneers, but
only here and there one worth separate reference.] Mich Hist Coll '01 31(1901)13-98.

M o o r e, Charles. The beginnings of territorial government in Michigan. Mich Hist Coll '01, 31(1901)

Smith, Harlan I. The antiquities of Michigan, their value and Impending loss. Mich Hist Coll '01 21
(1901)238-52, ill.

Stocking, W. Michigan's New Hampshire pathmakers. Granite M 33(1902)81-9, port.
MIDDLEBOROTJGH, Mass. Village of Plymouth Co. 34 m. 8. by E. of Boston.

Mlddleborongh, Mass., births, marriages and deaths. Mayfl Desc 3(1901)83-6,232-36; 4.67-7S.
MIDDLETOWN, Conn. City and port of Middlesex Co. 15 m. 8. of Hartford.

Jackson, Margaret Ellen. Some old Mattabeseck families. Conn Mag 7(1902)473-82, ill., port.
MIGHILL family.

Will of Thomas Mlghill [of Rowley, Mass., ab. 1655]. Ess Ant 6(1902)72-4.
MILFORD, Mass. Village of Worcester Co. 18 m. 8.E. of Worcester.

Wilson, Lewis G. Mllford and Hopedale. New Eng M 27(1902)487-508, ill., port.
MILITIA. Volunteer defensive military organization under state control.

Powell, Ja. W. Customs of the service: national guards and volunteers. Rev. ed.. Kansas City, Mo.,
Hudson-K., 1902. 16o.

W h e 1 p I e y, J. D. The militia force in the United States. No Am 174(1902)275-80.
MILLER, John (1775-1887). Pa. Baptist clergyman.

D e a n, A. D. Blog. sketch of Rev. John Miller. Proc Wyoming Hist Soc 7(1902)171-7.

Marriage Records Kept by Rev. John Miller, of Abington Township, Luzerne Co., Pa., 1802-1856.
Proc Wyoming Hist Soc 7(1902)178-200.


MILLEK, William Turner (fl.1775). R. I. Colonel in Am. Revolution.

Miller, William Turner. [Letters] to his wife, from the camp before Boston, 1775. Boat Bull 7(1902)

MILLER family.

Miller, Joseph Lyon. The Millers and their kin. W Va Mag 2.2(1902)38-53, port.
MILLIONAIRES, Am. Persons worth a million dollars or more.

Barlow, Jane. The founding of fortunes. New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1902. 3 p. 1., 348 p.

19%cm. [L.C. 2-23908]
Fornaro, C[arlo] de. Millionaires of America. Caricatures by Max Cramer dc Pourtales. New York, The

Medvsa pvb. co., 1902. cover-title, 2 1., 12 pi. 38x30cm. [L.C. 3-1887]
Schierbrand, Wv. Binfl. d. Milliardars auf Amerika. Kultur(1902)Okt.39B-404.
MILLS, Darius Ogden (b.1825). Cal. and N. Y. capitalist.

M o f f e t t, Samuel E. Darius Ogden Mills. Cosmopol 33(1902)289-92, ill.
MILLS, Elligood (1744-1832). K. H. sea captain, patriot, privateer.

E 1 1 i g o o d Mills. Am Month M 21(1902)118.
MILWAUKEE, Wis. City of Milwaukee Co. on Lake Michigan 85 m. N. of Chicago.

Souvenir album of the Cream city. Pictorial Milwaukee... Souvenir-album von Deutsch-Atheu. . . Mil-
waukee, Wis., C.N.Caspar company [1902] 1 p. 1., Ill pi. on 56 1. 15%x20^cm. [Each plate is accom-
panied by descriptive text in English and German. Photographed by J.Brown, S.L.Stein and A.J.Breit-
wish. Collodiotypes by Hammersmith engraving co. L.C. 2-23104]

Usher, Ellis B. New England influcuce in Milwaukee. Wise Hist Proc '01(1901)170-4.
MIMBRES Valley, New Mexico.

D u f f, U. Francis. The ruins of the Mimbres Valley. Am Ant 24(1902)397-400.
MIMS FORT, Ala. Fort 35 m. N. of Mobile, scene of Indian massacre, Aug. 30, 1813.

H a 1 b e r t, Henry S. Ensign Isaac W. Davis and Hanson's Mill. Gulf Mag 1(1902)151.
MINING Industry. The mining of coal and metals.

A c k e r m a n n, A. S. E. British and American mining by machinery; a comparison. Engin M 23(1902)

357 (Je).

Leroy-Baulieu, P. L'industrie minerale et Metallurgique aux fitats-Unis. Econ franc 15 Fev(1902).
The Mineral Industry, its Statistics, Technology, and Trade, 1902. vol. 10. N.Y., Scientific Pub. Co., 1902.

[ Pub Canad '02 7(1903)156 "latest and most complete mineral statistics of Canada."]
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. City of Hennepin Co. on Miss. R. 10 m. W. by N. of St. Paul.

Lange, [Dietrich]. Paul and Lange's twin city guide, St. Paul and Minneapolis. [For details see same

title under subject, St. Paul, Minn.]
MINNESOTA. A north central border state of U. S., admitted 1853.

A u d e r s o n, F. M. The test of the Minnesota primary election system. Annals Am Acad Pol and Soc

Sci 20(1902)610-26.

K n a p p e n, T. M. Results of the Minnesota direct primary system. Indep i4( 1902) 2694-5.
Men of Minnesota; a collection of the portraits of men prominent in business and professional life In
Minnesota... St. Paul, The Minnesota historical company, 1902. 1 p. !., |.5]-540 p. incl. port. 23cm.
[L.C. 2-24341]

Sketches, historical and descriptive, of the monuments and tablets erected by the Minnesota Valley His-
torical Society in Renville and Redwood counties, Minnesota. [For details see same title unffer subject,

Stanchfield, Dan. Hist, of lumbering in Minnesota. Minneapolis, D.Stanchfield, 1902. 80.
MINOR family.

Blackford, Charles M. Four successive John Minors. Va Mag 10(1902)97-8,204.
MISSIONS. Efforts to extend Christianity.

Beach, Harlan P[age]. A geography and atlas of Protestant missions; their environment, forces, distri-
bution, methods, problems, results and prospects at the opening of the twentieth century. . . New York,
Student volunteer movement for foreign missions, 1901-03. 2 v. 21% cm. (atlas: 37x25icm.) [Con-
tents. v. 1. Geography. -v. 2. Statistics and atlas. L.C. 2-752 M 2]

B o y e e, Isaac. Mission work among Indians of Hoh County, Vera Cruz, Mexico. Ass Her 6(1902)221-3.
d e P e r e a, Estivan. Second ''Report" on New Mexico 1632-3. Out West 16(1901)465-9.
D o y 1 e, S. H. What our church [Pres.] has done for foreigners in D. S. Ass Her 7(1902)319-21.
Doyle, Sherman. Presbyterian home missions. Phila., Pres. Bd., 1902., ill.

Jackson, Mrs. Helen [Maria (Fiske)] Hunt. Glimpses of California and the missions; with illustrations
by Henry Sandham. Boston, Little, Brown, & company, 1902. xii, 292 p. incl. front., ill., pi., facsim.
20%cm. [Papers on California and the missions, by the author of "Ramcna" first published in 1883 and
reprinted 1886 in "Glimpses of three coasts." cf. Note. Contents. Father Junipero and his work.


The present condition of the mission Indians in southern California. EoUoes in the City of angels.
Outdoor industries in southern California. Chance days in Oregon. 75(1902)265 "Illus-
trations by Henry Sandham. . .reissue. . .drawings. . .certainly enhance. . .reader's interest in... narra-
tive." L.C. 2-12717]

Ketler, Isaac C[onrad]. The tragedy of Paotlugfu; an authentic story of the U\es, services and sacrifices
of the Presbyterian, Congregational and China Inland missionaries who suffered martyrdom at Paotiugfu,
China, June 30th and July 1, 1900. New York, Chicago [etc.] F.H.Revell company, 1902. 16, [3_, 19-
400 p. front., pi., port. 21 %cm. [L.C. 2-17061]

[Letters of Don Miguel CostansO and Fray Junlpero Serra]. Out West 16(1902)56-9.

Mlssionsarbeit unter den Chinesen u. Japaneru uu d. Westkiiste der V. St. [sett 1852] E M M
46, 22-35.

Predigerleben im Westen in der Bcsiedelungszeit. Deutsch-Am G 2.1(1902)47-9.

R i c h t e r, Aug. Vor bundert Jahren. Deutsch-Am G 2.2(1902)63-5.

Serra, Junipero. Diary, 1769. Out West 16(1902)293-6,399-406,513-8,635-42; 17(1902)69-76, facs.

Thompson, Charles L. One hundred years of Home Missions [Presbyterian]. Miss R 25(1902)530-4.

Trumbull, H[enry] Clay. Old time student volunteers; my memories of missionaries... New York, Chi-
cago [etc.] F.H.Revell company. 1902. 281 p. 20om. [L.C. 2-26370]

W a d d e 1 1, W. A. The Central Brazil Mission [Presby]. Ass Her 6(1902K'26-227.

Warneck, Gustav. Outline of a history of Protestant missions. N. Y.. Rev?!!, 1902. go.
MISSISSIPPI. A Gulf State of U. S., admitted 1817.

An account of manuscripts, papers, and documents pertaining to Mississippi in public repositories
beyond the state. Miss Hist P 5(1902)49-117.119-227.

Administrative Report to the Governor. By the Commission. Miss Hist P 5(1902)9-47.

Battlefields and other historic places [in Miss.]. Miss Hist P 5(1902)384-6.

B e k k e r s, B. J. The Catholic church in Miss, during the colonial times. Miss Hist P 6(1902)351-7.

C a 1 h o o n, S. S. The causes and events that led to the calling of the Constitutional Convention of 1890.
Miss Hist P 6(1902)105-110.

D e u p r e e, (Mrs.) N. D. Some historic homes in Mississippi. Miss Hist P 6(1902)245-64.

Development of historical work In Mississippi. South Hist A Pub '1(1902)335-40.

Evans, John H. Location and description of the Eminaus Mission, utss Hist P 6(1902)411-3.

G a n n e t, Henry. The origin of certain place names in the state of Mississippi. Miss mat P 6(1902)

H a 1 b e r t, H. S. Bernard Romans' map of 1772. Miss Hist P 6(1902)415-39, map.

H a 1 b e r t, H. S. The small Indian tribe* of Mississippi. Miss Hist P 5(1902)302-8.

H a 1 b e r t, H. S. Story of the treaty of Dancing Rabbit. Miss I list P 6(1902)373-402.

H a 1 b e r t, H. S., and Brown, A. J. Published accounts of prehistoric remains. Miss Hist P 5(1902)

Hamilton, Peter J. The Yowanne, or Hlowaunl, Indians. Miss Hist P 6(1902)403-10, map.

Johnston, Frank. Suffrage and Reconstruction in Mississippi. Miss Hist P 6(1902)141-244.

J o n e s, J. H. Penitentiary reform In Mississippi. MUs Hist P 6(1902)111-28.

M c N e 1 1 1 y, J. S. History of the measures submitted to the Committee on elective franchise, appor-
tionment, and elections In the Constitutional Convention of 1890. Miss Hist P 6(* 902) 129-40.

Mississippi department of archives and history. Gulf Mag 1(1902)65.

Mississippi Historical Papers. Publication of the Miss. Hist. Society, Franklin L. Rlley, editor. Oxford,
Miss. v. 5, 1902. 383 p. v. 6, 1902. 567 p. 80. [Rev.ln:South Hist a Pub 6(1002)428-31 ''unbounded
gratification, in the main, is to be expressed. . .methodically arranged."]

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