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Wyoming Historical and Geological Society, Proceedings and collections. Edited by Horace E. Hayden,

Wllkes Barre, Pa. The Society. 80. v. 7 for the year 1901. 1902 pp. 258 111. [Wyoming, Pa.]
PERKINS, Henry Bishop (1824-1902). Ohio State senator.

[ R a 11 d a 1 1, E. ().] Henry Bishop Perkins. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 11(1902)164-65.
PERRAULT, Jean-Baptiste Olivier (1773-1827). Canadian judge.

R o y, P. G. L'Hon. Jean-Baptiste Olivier Perrault. Rech Hist 8(1902)33-6.' port.
PERRY, John T. (1832-1902). If. H. and Ohio editor and writer.

J o h n T. Perry. Granite M 32(1902)61.
PERRY. William Flake (1823-1901). Ky. Confederate General.

Gen. W. F. Perry. Confed Vet 10(1902-36), port.
PERRY County, 0. Co. in the S.E. central part of Ohio.

Martzolff, Clement L. History of Perry county, Ohio. New Islington, <>., Ward it, Wellaad; Colum

bus, O., Press of F.J.Heer, 1902. xii, 195 p. front., pi., p<>r>. , diagr. 0cm. [L.C. 2-20872]
PERRYVILLE (Ky.). Civil War battle, Oct. 8, 1862.

F i n 1 e y, Luke W. Battle of Perryvllle. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)238 50.
PERU. Republic of South America on Pacific between Ecuador and Chile.

Amadei, P. Mapa geograflco e histdrico del Peru. Lima, 1302. Ferrer 6 ptftB.

Apuntes historioos del Fern y notioias orono!6gicas del Cuzoo. Lima, Imprenta del estado, 1902. V p. 1.,
101, ii, 260 p. 24%cm. [Contents. Apuntes Mstoricos por el general Manuel de Mendiburu...
Noticlas cronolAgicas del Cuzco. Gobierno incasico y primer siglo de la conqulsta. Apendlce. El
aprendiz dc rlco, poeinita en silva, por Espinosa Medrano (El Lunarejo) [L. C. 3-12492]

Baessler, Arthur. Altperuanlsche kuust; beitraege 7ur archaeologie des Inca-reichs, nach seinen sainm-
lungen. Berlin, A.Asher & co., 1902-03. 4 v. 165 pi. (partly col.) 51x38cm. [In 10 portfolios.
Limited edition of 200 copies. Contents. 1.-3. od. Zelchnungen und malerelen, relief-und plastlsche
darstellungen auf nordperuanischen thongefaessen. i. bd. Malereien auf thongefaessen von Pachacamac.
Auserlesene stuecke. L.C. 3-27382]


Baessler, Arthur. Ancient Peruvian art; contributions to the archaeology of the empire of the Incas,
from his collections; tr. by A. H. Keane... Berlin, A.Asher & co. ; New York, Dodd, Mead & co.,
1902-3. 4 v. 166 pi. (partly col.). 51x37 Vjcm. Lin 10 portfolios. Limited edition of 200 copies.
Contents. T. 1.-3. Drawings and paintings, representations in relief and on the round on north Peru-
vian earthenware. T. 4. Paintings on earthenware from Pachacamac. Select specimens. L.C. 3-27383]

P 1 a n e, A. A travers 1'Amer. quatorlale : Le Peru. Par Plou( 1903* 347. 80.

Prescott, W. H. Conquest of Peru. (Popular lib. ser.) N. Y., Crowell, 1902.

Prescott, W. H. Kirk, J. F., ed. by. Hist, of the conquest of Peru. (Bonn's standard lib.) N. Y.,
Macmillan, 1902. 2 T. 12o.

Prescott, William H[ickling]. History of the conquest of Peru... ed. by John Foster Kirk... Phila-
delphia, J.B.Lippincott co. [1902] 2 v. front., pi., port., map, fie. JOVjCin. [L.C. 2-11720]

D h 1 e, M. Types of culture in Peru. Am Anthrop 4(1902)753(0).
PERU, Mass. Hamlet of Berkshire Co. 12 m. E. of Pittsfleld.

Peru, Mail. Vital records to the year I860... Boston, 1902. 112 p. Ita^cm. ( New-Englf.nd historic
genealogical society. [Vital records of the towus of Massachusetts]) [ICil. by Henry Ernest Woods.
L.C. 3-5265]
PETALUMA, Cal. City of Sonoma Co. 48 m. N. by W. of San Francisco.

T h o m p s o n, R. A. Petaluma, Sonoma county. Out West 16(1902)683-97, 111.
PETER family.

W. J. J. Cole-Peter (note). Va Mag 9(1902)429-30.
PETERBOROUGH, N. H. Village of Hillsborough Co. about 33 m. 8.W. of Concord.

S m i t h, J. Peterborough in the French and Indian War. Granite M 3311902)110-24.
PETERS, Arthur (fl.1902). Premier of Prince Edward Island.

M c C r e a d y, J. E. B. Hon. Arthur Peters, Premier of Prince Edward Island. Cauad M 19 ',1902)240-1.
PETERS, Wm. E. (b.1829). Va. Confederate officer, Prof, in University of Virginia.

Refused to burn it. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)266-9.
PETERSHAM, Mass. Village of Petersham township, Worcester Co. 28 m. N.W. of Worcester.

Putnam, John Jay. The Petersham Lyceum. 1833-1848. Worcester, Mass., 1902. Svo. pp. 16.
PHILADELPHIA, Fa. Third city of V. S. on the Delaware R., 90 m. 8.W. rf New York.

[Destruction of St. Augustine's Church, Phlludelphla, Pd., 1814.] Am Cath Res 19(1902)149.

Edmonds, Franklin Spencer. History of the Central high school of Philadelphia... Philadelphia, J.B.
Llppincott co., 1902. xlv, 7-394 pp. front., pi., port., tab. 20 Mi cm. Hist R 7(HK)2)612
"has. . .significance and ralue. . .development of public education In Pennsylvania. . .from. . .1836. . .well
and. . .accurately written ... [shows] careful work... and discretion in...ue of material"; Penn Mag 26
(1902)414-6 "[a] model... has done his work well... charm and quality of style. . .constant evidonce of
reflection and sound Judgment. . .research and accuracy." L.C. 2-3102 11 2]

The friendly Sons of St. Patrick, of Philadelphia. Am Cath Res 19(1902)97-101.

German schools of Philadelphia (note). Penn Mag 46(1902) 107.

Griffin, Philomena M. I. Our church and our rector 1389-1902. Am Cath Res 19(1902)102-6.

King, Moses. Philadelphia and notable Pbiladelpblans. . . Twenty one hundred & fifty two Illustration*,
fifteen hundred & sixty portraits, five hundred & ninety two views, A. D. 1902. New York, M.King,
1902. 112, 106 p. Incl. ill., port. 38%z26^cm. [L.C. 2-19734- Cancel]

List of armed vessels from port of Philadelphia, 1776-1777, with form of bond. Penn Mag 2f(1902)

List of patients... Marine Hospital, Phila., 1784. Penn Ma* 26(1902)92-100.

List of servants who sailed from Dublin February 26th, 1746-7, on the Kuryal, and arrived at Phila-
delphia April llth. Penn Mag 26(1902)287.

Mlddleton, Thomas C. Trans, witn note* by. Sacramental Register* of marriages and baptisms at
St. Augustine's church, Philadelphia, Pa. Am Cath Hist 13(1002)1 65-2 -0,334-76.

Muhlenberg's short sketch of Lutheran Congregation In Philadelphia, 17.f.. Luth Ch Rev 21

Phlladelphlschc Zeitung. Penn Mag 26(1902)91 .

Some abstracts of powers of attorney on file in Phlla [1777 and 1781]. Iran Mag 26(1902)411-12.

T h o m p s on, Jno. G. An old account book [1794-'3]. J Pol Bcon 10(19012)614-8.
PHILIPPINE Islands. Group of the Malay Archipelago, acquired by TJ. S., 1898.

A d 1 o r, Felix. The Philippine war: two ethical questions. Forum 33(1902)387-99.

Alba, [Maria del Rosario (Faloo y Osorio) Fitz Jamos* Nuevos aut6grafoa dp Crist6bal Colon y re'aclonei
de ultramar. [For detail see same titl<> under subject, Columbus, Chr.]

Altamirano y Balcedo, Enrique. Flliplnas. Relato hlstOrico de acton y hechos reallzados en los ultimo*
dlas de nuestra domlnacl6n, Ultimo gobernadc en la provincia do Cagavan de Luzon. Madrid, luipr. d*
Q.Perrfn, 1002. 1J8 p., 1 1. 2l%cn. [L.C. 8-16810]


Les Americains aux Philippines. Tour Monde 1 Nov(1902).

Atkinson, Fred W. Education in the Philippines. Outl 70(1902)832-6. ill.

Atkinson, Fred W. The educational problem in the Philippines. Atlan 89(1 902 )7<X)-5.

B a c on, N. T. Some Insular Questions. Yale 10(1901-2)159-78.

Baldwin, Simeon E. The Supreme court and the insular casos. Yale R 10(1901-2)129-43.

Blumentritt, F. Zukunft d. Filipinos. Ostasien (1902) 163.

Bonsai, Stephen. The Philippines after an earthquake. No Am 174(1902)409-21.

Bonsai, Stephen. The work of the friars. No Am 175(1002)449-60.

Briggs, E. B. Impressions of Philippines. Cath World 75(1)02) 141(My).

Brown, Arthur J. Some Filipino characteristics. Miss R 25(1902)518-24,- ill.

Bumpus, E[verett* C. Tribute... to the memory of my son Edward Avery Bumpus. first lieutenaM Com-
pany C, Ninth U. S. infantry, and of his companions in arms, Captain Thomas W. Connell, Surgeon
Richard S. Griswold and the members of his company who were killed 28 September, 1901, in the island
of Samar, P. I. E.C.Bumpus. [Norwood, Mass.] W.M.Jackson [1902?] 2 p. 1., 122 p. front., port.
26cm. [On cover: In memoriam. L.C. 2-19843*

Burg-uete, R. La guerra! Filipinas (Memorias de un herido) . . . Barcelona, Mauccl, 1902. pp. 239.

Catholics and the Philippines. Nation 75(1902)84-5.

Chamberlain, Alexander F. Philippine studies, VI. The American Indian in the Philippines.
Am Ant 24(1902)97-100.

Clinch, Bryan J. The formation of the Filipino people. Yale R 10(1901-2)53-69.

Clinch, Bryan J. The new language despotism in the Philippines. Am Cath Q 27(1902)369-88.

Colquhoun, Mrs. Ethel [Maud (Cookson)] Two on their travels, with eight coloured plates, sixteen full-
page and numerous text illustrations by the authoress. New York.A.S.Birnes and co., 1902. xvi, 242
p., 1 1. col. front., ill., pi. (partly col.) 20cm. [Printed in England. Rev. in: Nation 75(1902)507
"severe criticism., .of American manners [has] an underlying mirthfuiness. . .always t-vident. . .of . . .
Filipinos. . .general Impression is... that 'the United States is leavening the whole lump with the spirit
of utilitarianism and progress. 1 " L.C. 3-893]

C o n a n t, Charles A. The currency of the Philippine Islands. Annals Am Acad Pol and Soc Sci 20

C o o a n t, Charles A. The economic future of the Philippines. Atlan 89(1902)366-71.

C o n a n t, Charles A. Our work In the Philippines. Internal M > 5 (1902) 358-70.

Condiot, Alice Byram. Old glory and the gospel In the Philippines; uotos gathered during professional
and missionary work. Chicago, New York [etc.] F.U.Revell compuuy, 1902. 124 p. pi., port.
19%cm. [L.C. 2-25610]

C o r t e s i, Salvatore. The first American mission to the Vatican. Indep 54(1902)1942-6, ill.

C o r t e s 1, Salvatore. The Vatican and the Philippines. Indep -4(1902)430-9, port.

Currency reform in the Philippines. Nation 74(1902) 15-6.

D a v 1 s, O. K. Philippine Moros in peace and war. Munsey 27 (1902) 787 (Ag).

D e n b y, Charles. Promise the Philippines a Territorial government. Imicp 54(1902)1215-6.

D o y 1 e, A. P. Vexed question of friars in Philippines. Cath World 75(j?02)711(S).

dnBoscq de Beaumont, G. Difficult*- de Amgricaius aux Philippines. Tour Monde 15 F6v(190).

Education in the Philippines. Nation 75(1902)144-5.

Edwards, Clarence R. Our trade with Cuba and the Philippines. Ann Am Acad Pol Sci 19(1902)370-6.

The Fillplna memorial. [The Federal party of Philippines to U. S. Congress, an abstract.] Outl

Flllpplnas-su estado economico. Razon y Fe Avril(1902).

First American-born naval officer in the Philippines. Va Mag 10(lj902)212-3.

Governor Taft on the Philippines. Outl 71(1902)297-9.

Halatead, Murat. Story of the Philippines. Chicago, Dominion, 1902. 12<>.

The House Philippine bill. Nation 74(1902)458-9.

An Indefensible act [defining treason in Philippines]. Nation 74(1902)84.

International Catholic truth society. The Philippine friars. . .testimony from the natives from an able
non-Catholic, and from* one of themselves. 1. Protest of the Catholic centre party. 2. Father Fir-
min San Julian's statement. 3. Stephon Bonsai's article (complete) from the North American review.
New York, International Catholic truth society, 1902. cover-title. 20 o. 22%cm. (International Cath-
olic truth society. [Publications, v. 1, no. 5]) [L.C. 3-9226]

An investigation on the spot. Nation 74 < 1902)479-80.

J e n k s, Jeremiah W. The labor problem in the Philippines. Indep 54 ('902) 2025-9.

J e n k s, Jeremiah W. The Philippine constabulary and its chief. R of Us 26(1902)436-8, port.

J e n k s, J. W. Some Philippine problems. McClure 20(1902-3)111-2

K e n n a n, George. Governor Taft's testimony. Outl 70(1002)417-9.


Knapp, Adeline. The story of the Philippines for use in .he schools of the Philippine islands. . . Hew
York, Boston [etc.] Silver. Burdett and company [1902* 250 p. col. front., 111., map. 19cm. [Rev.
in:Dial 34(1903)343 ''reading-book for schools. . .deserving of a certain measure of praise." L.C.

L e g a r d a, Benito. Filipino views of American rule No Am 174(1902)79-81
Le Roy, James A. Education In the Philippines. Indep 54(1902)1882-7. ill.
L e R o y, James A. The Moro and the 1'anan question. Indep 54(1902)i7G2-7.

Le Roy, James A. The opinion of an American in the Philippines. World's Work 4(1902)2350-2.
L e R o y, James A. The Philippines health problem. Outl 71(1902)777-82.
L e R o y, James A. Race prejudice in the Philippines. At Ian 90(1902)100-12.
Lodge, H. C. ; Hoar, G. F., and others. The United States and the Philippine Islands. (Brooklyn Eagle

lib., v. 17, no. 9; serial no. 68.) Brooklyn, Brooklyn Eagle. 1902.

Lodge. Henry Cabot. The Philippine civil government law. Nat'l M(Best)16(1902)660-2.
L o p e i, Sixto. Do the Filipinos desire American rule'/ Gunton's M 22(1002)602-10.
Lusuriaga, Jose Rui* de. Filipino views of American rule. No Am 174(1902)81-4.
McDougall, Isabel. Verestchagin in the Philippines. Cosmopol 33(11)02)148-52. ill.
Mason, Otis T. The people of the Philippines. Miss R 25(1902)536-8.
Middleton, Thomas C. Two Philippines atlasses. Am Oath Hist 13(1902)4-21.
M o e 1 1 e n d o.r f f, O. v. Land u. Leute auf d. Phllippluen. Ber d Seuckerberg Naturf Ges(1902)144.
Oregon. Adjutant-General's office. The official records of the Oregon voluteers In the Spanish war and
Philippine insurrection. Comp. by Brigadier-General C. U. Gantenbeiu. Adjutant General... Saleui,
Ore., W.H.Leeds, state printer, 1902. xv, 700 p. front, (port.) pi., fac. 24cm. [L.C. 3-8390]
Our Sulu treaty. Nation 75(1902)458-9.

P a r k s, S. C. Causes of war in Philippines. Arena 27 ( 1902)661 (Je).
The Philippine inquiry. Nation 74(1902)124-0.
The Philippine money question. Nation 74(1902)302-3.
P h i 1 1 p p in e n problem. Meer u KUste( 1902) 156.
The Philippine problem. Outl 70(1902)261-4,409-11,466-3,603 6.

The Philippines: The first civil governor, by Theodore Roosevelt; Civil government in the Philippines, by
William H. Taft... New York, The Outlook company. 1902. 142 p. front, (port.) 21^ciD. L.r.
2-20491* Cancel]

Plehn, Carl C. Commerce and tariffs in the Philippines. J Pol Econ 10(1901-2)501-13.
P 1 e h n. Carl C. Taxation in the Philippines. Pol Scl Q 17(1902)125-48.
President Roosevelt's memorial-day address. World's Work 4(1902)'4344-S.
Redeem in g the American name. Nation 75(1302)64-5.
The religious question in the Philippines. Outl 71 (1302)764-6.

Retina, W[enceslao] [milio]. Catalogo de obras Qllplnas que ofrece ; venta. Madrid [Barcelona.
Impr. "El Slglo xx," 1902] 1 p. 1., 160 p., 1 1. 21cm. 1.906 titles. "Del presente catalogo hanse
tlrado 300 ejemplares: 150 en papel oorrlente y otros 150 en papel superior." This copy ou "papel
superior." L.C. 2-17075]

Roop, Curtin G. Religion in the Philippine Islands. Miss R 25(1902)678-88.
Rowe, Leo 8. Establishment of civil government in the Philippines. (Pub of the HOC., no. 350.) Phila.,

Am. Acad. Pol. Scl., 1902. 80.

8 c h 1 1 c k, H. F. Japan u. d. Philippines Dtsche Stimmen( 1302) 773-75.

Schurman, Jacob Gould. Philippine affairs; a retrospect and outlook... New York, C.Scribner's sons,
1902. 4 p. 1., 109 p. 20%cm. [K"v.lit :I>lnl 32(1902)164 '-deserves the attention of all thoughtful
Americans." L.C. 2-3912 M 2]

Schurman, Jacob Gould. The Philippines again. Indep 54(1902)1104-7.
Schurman, Jacob Gould. Philippine fundamentals. Gunton's M 22 ( 1902) 303-16.
Schurman vs. Taft [self-government in Philippines]. Nation 74(1902)104.
Senator Hoar's speech. Nation 74(1902)418.
Senator Hoar's speech. World's Work 4(1902)2348-50.

Shafroth, John F. The Philippines and our military pow-;r. Forum :)2< 1902)594-7.
Starr, Frederick. The Philippine library [of W. E. Retana]. Am Ant 24(1902)168-72.
Status of the Philippines. Chaut 34(1001-2)355-6, port.
The suppressed Philippine reports. Nation 74(1902)302.
Taft.W. H. Political parties in the Philippines. (Pub. of the soc., ao. 243.) Phila., Am. Acad. Pol.

Scl., 1902. 80.

Taft, William H. Civil government in the Philippines. Outl 71(1902)305-21.
Taft, William H. The people of the Philippine Islands. Indep 54(1902)1017b-20,1099-104, port.
T a v e r a, T. H. Pardo de. Filipino views of American rule. No Am 174(1902)73-9.

T/. 8. Bur. of insular affairs. A pronouncing gazetteer und geographical dictionary of the Philippine
Islands, United States of America, with maps, charts and Illustrations. Also the law of civil govern-
ment In the Philippine Islands passed by Congress and approved by tho President July 1, 1002, with *


complete Index... (September SO, 1902.) [By De Benneville Randolph Keim] Washington, Gov't
print, off., 1902. xxxix, 933 p. pi., map. 23%cm. [An advance issue (text only of the flrst part of
this work) was pub. under date of July 4, 1002.>nn Mag 26(1002)482 "maps, charts and Illus-
trations. . .a wealth of Information. . .from authoritative. . .sources." L.C. 2-29030]

TJ. S. Congress. House. Committee on insular affairs. Statement on conditions in the Philippine
Islands, by Felipe Buencamlno. May 31, June 3 and 4, 1902. Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902.
1 p. 1., 86 p. 23%cm. [L.C. 3-5342]

V a 1 1 e, Robert B. Living with the Filipinos World's Work 4(1902)2238-9.

Wade, Mary Hazelton. Our little Philippine cousin; illustrated by L. J. Bridgman. Boston, L.C.Page &
company, 1902. vl p., 2 1., 9-102 p. front., pi. liOcm. [The little cousin series) [L.C. 2-18025]

Walk ley, C. S. Philippine funerals. South Work 30(1901)211-13, 111.

Webster, Sidney. The new Philippine government. No Am 175(1902)299-308.

W 1 1 s o n, H. W. A parallel to the South African war the struggle in the Philippines. Fortn 77(1902)

W i t t e. D. spanisch. Monche auf d. Philippines Wartburg(l902)Nr.21.

A working plan for the Philippines. Nation 74(1902)02.
PHIPPS, Henry (b.1839). Fa. steel and coke manufacturer and capitalist.

Bridge, James H. Henry Phlpps. Cosmopol 34(1902-3)163-7, port.
PHIP8, Sir William (1651-95). Mass, colonial Governor and soldier.

Green, Samuel A. Narratives of the expedition of Sir William Phips against Canada In 1690. Mass

Hist Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)281-320.
FIEECE, Franklin (1804-69). 14th President of the United States.

Pierce, Franklin. [Letter] to James R. Rlx [1846]. Boat Bull 7(1902)321.

FIEECE family.

E d e s, Henry H. Pierce or Pelrce (note). N E Reg 56(1902)90.
Hall, Virginia. Plerce-Eames (note). N E Reg 53(1902)409.
PIERRON (Father) John (fl.1674). French Canadian Jesuit missionary-

D a b 1 o n, Claude. Father John Plerron's Journey from Acadla to Maryland in 1674. Am Cath Res 19

PIGEON Roost, Scott County, Ind. Scene of Indian massacre Eept. 4, 1812.

Monument to victims of Indian Massacre (note). South Hist A Pub 6(1902)197.
PIKE, National. Road from Baltimore to St. Louis built 1803 sq.

Wilson, Rufus Rockwell. The National pike and Its memories. New Eug M 26(1902)306-20, ill.
PIKE'S Feak, Col. Feak of Rooky Hts. in El Pasco Co. about 10 m. W. of Colorado Springs.

Views of the Fike's Feak region. Denver, Col., The WllllamsDn-Haffner engraving company, 1902. 1

p. 1., 24 pi., 1 1. 18x25V6cm. [L.C. 2-19194]
PILGRIMS. Settler* at Plymouth, Hats., distinguished from Puritans of Boston.

Allen, Frederick Baylies. Permanent contributions by the Pilgrims to the cause of religion. Mayfl

Desc 4(1902)3-14.
Brown, 3. The IMlgrim Fathers of New England and their Puritan Successors. London, Religious Tract


Mead, Edwin D Pilgrim ports in Old England. New Eng M 25(1901-2)395-412, ill., port.
Vital statistics of the Mayflower passengers. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)128.
PILLSBURY, George Alford (1816-98). N. H. and Minn, banker, miller, Mayor of Minneapolis.

George Alfred Pillsbury (obituary). N H Hist S 111.2,1897-9(1902)505-0, port.
PILLSBURY, Josiah Webster.

Rich, A Judson. Joslah Webster Pillsbury. Elizabeth Dinamorv Pillsbury. Memorial Dlsconrses deliv-
ered at Milford, New Hampshire. (1902.) 12mo. pp. 37, 111.
PINCKNEY, Charles Cotesworth (1746-1885). S. C. officer in Am. Rev., minister to France, Senator,

J e n k s, H. F. [Letter] from the Grenvllle H. Norcross collection. Mass Hist Soc Pioc 11.15(1901-2)89-92.
PINEHURST, N. C. Health resort in sand-hill section of N. C.

Redan, Harry. Pinehurst of today. New Eng M 25(1901-2)256-64, 111., plan.
PINTARB, John (1759-1844). N. Y. editor, writer, benefactor.

Wilson, James Grant. John Pintard, founder of the New York historical society; an addreas delivered
before the New York historical soclaty December 3, 1901. New York, Printed for the Society, 1902.
37 p. front, (port.) 111., fac. 24^cm. [L.C. 2-11389]
"PIOUS Fund." Trust fund for Mexican and California Missions.
P e n f i e 1 d, W. L. The "Pious Fund" arbitration. No Am 175(1902)835-43.

S t e a d, W. T. The United States and Mexico at the opening of the Hague Court. R of Rt 26(1902)
419-24, port.


United States vs. Mexico. Report of Jackson II. Ralston, agent of tbe United States and of counsel, in
the matter of the case of the Pious fund of the Callfornias, heard before a tribunal of the Permanent
court of arbitration under The Hague convention of 1899, sitting at The Hague September 15, 1902, to
October 14, 1902, with pleadings, appendix, exhibits, '>rlefs, and reojrd of the entire proceedings.
December 9, 1902. Read, referred to the Committee on foreign relations, and r.rdered to be printed.
Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 801 p. 23cm. (57th Cong., 2d SPSS. Senate. Doc. no. 28)
[English and French. L.C. 3-7813]
PIRATES. Sea robbers.

Herrmann, Oscar. Ehrlich, Frederick, ill. by. Pirates and Piracy. N. T., Stettiner Bros., 1902. pp. 47.
12o. [21.Men.ln:N E Reg 57(1903)239(F.W.Parke) "not a history, but a narrative [of]... the vicissi-
tudes of a pirate's career."]

Pirates In Virginia (note). Va Mag 10(1902)216.
PISCATAWAY, N. J. Township of Middlesex Co.

Plscataway register of births. N J Hist S 2 (1902) 119-76; 3,10-8.
PITTSBURGH, Fa. City in west of state, at, confluence of Allegheny and Monongehala rivers.

Another view of Pittsburgh In 1817. [H. B. Fearon's.] Plttsb Bull 7(1902)l56-6.

Brackenridge's account of Pittsburgh In 1786. Pittsb Bull 7(1902)257-62,588-90,332-5.

An English farmer at Pittsburgh in 1817. Pittsb Bull < (1902)189-95.

A Glimpse at Plttsburg. Year book Penn Soc of N Y( 1902)96- 100, 111.

Pittsburgh In 1817 [for John Palmer's Journal 1S18]. Plttub Bull 7(1902)115 22.
PLAMONDON, Louis (fl.1830). French Canadian lawyer.

DoCelles, A. D. Louis Plamondon. Rech Hist 8(1902)242-1.
PLATT family.

Lines, Mrs. Eliza J[ennette (Marks)]. Maiks-Platt ancestry... South B>nch, Com.., Pub. by request of
A. A. Marks, 1902. 1 p. 1., 98, [16] p. front., pi., port., teneal. tab. 24'*.cm. [16 blank pages at end
for descendants' record L.C. 3-9126]
PLATTE township, Mich. Township of Benzie Co. 16 m. W. of Traverse City.

T h u r s t o n, M. E. History of the Township nf Platte. Mich Hist Coll '01, 31(1902)140-51.
PLOUGH Company (or Co. of Husbandiers). Dissenter Colonists, 1630.

Stephen Bachiller and the plough company of 1630. The Genealogist 19(1902-3)270-84.
PLTTMMER, William (1759-1850). N. H. Governor, V. 8. senator, writer.

A d a m s, John Qnincy. [Letter] to William Plummer [1818]. Bost Bull '< v 1 902) 136-9.

P 1 a m n e r, William. [Letter] to Salma Hale [1818]. Boat Bull 6(1902)445.
PLYMOUTH, Mass. Seaport town of Plymouth Co. 37 m. 8.S.E. of Boston.

H o b a r t, Ethel. The tourist and the native. New Eng M 27(1902)250-6, 111.

John Doty's deed to Wrestling firewater. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)65-7, facs.

Perkins, Frank H[erman]. Handbook of old Burial Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Its history, its fam-
ous dead, and its quaint epitaphs. Plymouth, Mass., A.S.Bnrbank [1902] 72 p. incl. ill., pi. 18%cm.
[p. 50-72, advertising matter. L.C. 2-18019]

Plymouth births, marriages and deaths. Mayfl Desc .U1901)12-:5,121-4; 4,110-14.

Plymouth Colony deeds. Mayfl Dos? 3(1901)39-41,78-83,138-42,225-8; 4,35-7,82-6.

Plymouth Colony wills and Inventories. Mayfl Dose $(1901; 74-8, 160-2, 220-5; 4,75-82,l8-71.
FOCOHONTAS Co., W. Va. An eastern county of the state.

P rl ce, W. T. Pocahontas County. W Va Mate 2.2(1902)73-86. ill., port.
POE, Edgar Allen (1809-49). Am. poet, writer, editor.

Letters of Edgar Allen Poe, 1846-49. N Y Bull 6(1902)7-11.

More, Paul Elmer. The origins of Hawthorne and Poe. Indep 54(1902)7453-60, 111., port.

Poe, Edgar Allan. The complete works; td. by James A. Harrison... [Virginia ed.] New York, T.Y.

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