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Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America online

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Crowell & company [1902] 17 v. front., pi., port. 15%cm. [Each volume has special t.-p. "Bib-
liography of the writings of Edgar A. Poe": v. 16, p. 355-379. Content* v. 1. Biography [by James
A. Harrison] v. 2-6. Tales. v. 7. Poems. v. 8-13. Literary criticism. v. 14. Essays and miscella-
nies. v. 15. Literati. Autography. v. 16. Marginalia. Kureka. v. 17. Foe and hi* friends. Letters
relating to Poe. Rev. In. Nation 75(1902)445-7 "an old-fashioned labor of lot e ... endeavor to reconsti-
tute the text. . .notwithstanding its shortcomings rnd errors... Is heartily welcome. . .collects. . .much. ..
scattered [matter]"; Dial 33(1902)277-S( W.M.Payne) "fully justified by the new matter which it offers,
as well as by Its corrections In the text. . .Indispensable. . .complete bibliography." L.C. 2-20043]

R i ch a rd son, Charles F. Edgar Allen Poe. world-author. Critic 41(1902)138-47, 111.

Stoddard. Richard Henry. Reminiscences of Hawthorne and Poe. Indou 54(1902)2756-8, 111., port.



Baton, Wyatt. Recollections of American poets. Sketch of the author. Cent 64(1002)842-51, tort.

Falblsaner, Adolf. Das deutsche Lied In der deutsch-amerlkanischeu Dichtung. Deutsch-Ain 6 2.2

M a b 1 e, Hamilton W. The poetry of the South. Internat Mo 5(1902)200-23.
POINT Pleasant (W. Va.). Battle between Va. troops of Lord Dunmore and Indians, Oct. 10, 1774.

Hunte-r, W. H. First battle of the American Revolution. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 11(1902)93-102.

Lewis, Virgil A. The national character of the battle of Point Pleasant. W Va Mag 2.2(1902)35-8.

M c A 1 1 1 s t e r, J. T. Contrlb. The battle of Point Pleasant. Va Mag 9(1902)395-407; 10,76-82,

M ' C u 1 1 o c h, D. A. Point Pleasant. Transallegheny Hist M 2(1902)43-55.

M a x w e 1 1, H. The last survivor of the Battle of Point Pleasant. Transallegheny Hist M 1(1901-2)

One hundred and twenty-seventh anniversary of the battle of Point Pleasant. The first battle of the
Revolution, October 10th, 1774. W Va Mag 2.1(1902)19-36, port.

Poage, Louella Kemper. Kentucky's part In the battle of Point Pleasant. W Va Mag 2.4(1902)17-28.
POLISH Americans. Natives of Poland resident in the IT. 8., and their descendants.

Tomkiewicz, John W. S. Polanders in Wisconsin. Wise Hist Proc '01(1902)148-52.
POLITICAL parties, XJ. S. Voluntary associations of citizens for united action in political affairs.

F e n t o n, Wm. I). Political history of Oregon from 1865-1876. Oreg Q 3(1902)38-70.

O g d e n, Rollo. New powers of the national committee. Atlan 89(1902)76-81.

Schmitt, Alfred C. Entsteuung der natlonal-politischon parteien In den Verelnlgten Staaten von Nord-
Amerika... Rossweln 1. S., Druck von A.Haubold, 1902. 86 p., 1 1. 24cm. [Inaug.-dis. Leipsig.
Vita. L.C. 3-8118]
POLITICS and gov't. Affairs of the state.

Adams, Charles Francis. An undeveloped function [Political debate]. Am Hist A Rep '01. 1(1902)47-93.

Ashley, Roscoe Lewis. The American federal state; a text-book in civics for high schools and academies.
New York, London, The Macmillan co., 1902. xlv, 599 p. 21cin. [ Hist R 8(1902)183 "a
text-book nn politics for high schools. . .much more comprehensive treatment than the conventional
books on civil government. . .sometimes inaccurate. . .nncouth words and phrases abound"; Nation 74
(1902)493-4 "Shows skill in . . . selection of facts. . .general presentation. . .clear, accurate and sensible...
will prove useful to. . .teachers"; Dial 32(1902)283 "attractive In presentation and logical in arrange-
ment... has long been needed. . .for. ..higher grades of... school work"; So Atlan Q 1(1902)378-9 "in-
conclusive and pointless manner. . .managed to leave unsaid... a great deal he ought to have said... too
long for primary text book... not scholarly enough for a reference book." L.C. 2-5846]

Boutmy, imile. elements d'une psychologle polltique du peuple Amerlcaln. Paris, Armand Colin, 1902.
pp. 10+366. [ Hist R 8(1902) 152-4( A. L.Lowell) "a companion to M. Boutmy's 'Psychologic
Politique du peuple Anglais an XIXc Sl&cle,' and like that It Is interesting and suggestive; but it Is a
better book... more closely connected by a central idea. . .less. . .fanciful or exaggerated."]

Boutwell, George 8[ewall]. Reminiscences of sixty years In public affairs... New York, McClure, Phil-
lips & co., 1902. 2 v. front, (port.) 23Vjcm. [Rev.ln:Natlon 75(1902)18 "Most valuable feature...
is. . .terse characterization of. . .men. . .judgments. . .affectod by. . .stern partisanship. . . rugged style. . .
some repetition ... Interesting and valuable." L.C. 2-14595]

Clark, Salter Storrs. The government; what It is, what it does... New York, Cincinnati [etc.] Ameri-
can book company [1902] 304 p. ill. 19cm. [ 32(1902)424 "elementary school text-
book ... covers a good deal of ground in a simple way." L.C. 2-13407]

Johnston, Alexander. History of American politics... Rev. and enl. by William M. Sloane ... continued
by Wintbrop More Daniels... New York, H.Holt and company, 1902. sill, 437 p. 16cm. (Hand-
books for students and general readers) ["Authorities": p. v-vll. L.C. 2-19196]

Lansing, Robert, and Jones, Gary M. Government; Its origin, growth, and form in the United States,
with special treatment of the constitution and government <>f New York state... New York, Boston
[etc.] Silver, Bnrdett and company [1902] 2 pts. in 1 v. pi. 19%cm. [L.C. 2-22675]

L o w e 1 1, A. Lawrence. The influence of party upon legislation in England and America. Am Hist A
Rep '01, 1(1902)319-542, chart.

Martin, George H. Civil government In the United States... Rev. ed. New York, Cincinnati [etc.]
American book company [1902] 335 p. 19cm. [L.C. 2-12100]

Ritchie, David G[eorge]. Studies in political and social ethics... London, S.Sonnenschein & co., limited;
New York, The Macmillan co., 1902. Ix, 283 p. 19'/6cm. [Contents. Social evolution [International
journal of ethics, January, 1896] Equality [Contemporary review, October, 1892] Law and liberty:
the question of state interference [Society for the study of social ethics, Oxford. Journal, October,
1891] Civic duties and party politics [Co-operative wholesale societies' annual for 1898] 1792 Year 1
[International journal of ethics, October, 1892] War and peace [International Journal of ethics, Jan-
uary, 1901] The ultimate value of social effort. Free will and responsibility [International journal of
ethics, July, 1886] [L.C. 2-11863]


Roberts, Frank H. H. The nation and the state; civil government of Ohio, with an introduction by Grace
Raymond Hebard... Syracuse, N. Y., C.W.Bardeen, 1902. 229 p. Incl. front., map. 18'^cm. [L.C.

S t e v e n s, C. Ellis. The evolution of American free government. N Y Hist A 2(1902)46-66.
West, Henry Ldtchfield. American politics. Forum 54(1902-3)3-17,163-76.
FOLK, James Enox (1795-1849). llth President of the United States.

Polk, James K. [Letter] to William C. Beach [1844]. Boat Bull 7(1902)316-7.
The Polk papers (note). South Hist A Tub 6(1902)94-5.
POLK, Leonidas (1806-64). Ala. Confederate General and Episcopal Bishop.

Lieut. Gen. Leonidas Polk. Confed Vet 10(1902)204, port.
POLLARD family.

Letters of Edmund Pendleton. Wm M Q 10(1002)200-2.

Pollard, Stephen. Pollard Genealogy; being a Record of One L'ue of the Pollard Family descended from
Thomas Pollard, of Billerlca, Mass. East Orange, N. J., Printed by Frank L. Pollard. 1902. 1. 8ro.
pp. 8.
POMO Indians. A linguistic group of California tribes.

Pnrdy, Carl. The Porno Indian baskets and their makers. Out West 15(1901)438-49,9-19,150-8,262-73.
PONCE de Leon, Juan (ab. 1460-1521). Spanish explorer, discoverer of the coast of Florida.

Brown, G[eorge] H. Ponce de Leon land anri Florida war record. 4th ed... St. Augustine, Fla [The
Record printing company] 1902. 1 p. 1., vl, [2], 180 p. front, (port.) 20'/jcm. [The Florida war
record on p. 119-180 comprises lists of soldiers In the U. S. army who lost their lives in the Second
Seminole war. 1836-1842. L.C. 3-1269]
PONTIAC (ab. 1720-69). Ottawa Indian Chief.

Parkman, Fi. Conspiracy of Pontiac. (Home lib.) N. Y.. Burt. Jfl02. 12o.
POOR, Enoch (1736-80). N.E. officer in Am. Revolution.

Beane, S. C. General Enoch Poor. N H Hist S III. 2, 1897-9(1902)435-73.
Gen. Enoch Poor. Continental l(1902)no.8.
POFHAU Beach, Me.

Wilson, Joseph Keuuard. The door-step of New England. New Eng M 27(1902)3-14, ill.
FOPP, Stephen (fl.1771). German-British military engineer in Am. Revolution.

R o s e n g a r t e n, Joseph G. Popp's Journal, 1777-1783. Penn Mag 26(1902)25-41, 245-54,map.
PORTER, Aaron (fl.1716). Mass, clergyman.

Letter of Rev. Aaron Porter to his father-in-law. Major Stephen Sewall, of Salem. Gen Q M 3(1902)

PORTER, Edward Griffin (1837-1900). Mass. Congregational clergyman.

Dexter, Morton. Memoir of Rev. Edward Griffin Porter (list of 43 writings). Mass Hist Soc Proc H.

15(1901-2)55-68, port.
G r e e n, S. S. Memoir of the Rev. Edward Grlfflu Porter. Pub Col Soc of Mass Trans 7(1902)55-62.

PORTER families.

C o p e, P. F. Porter families of Chester anil York Co., Pa. Penn Mag 26(1902)156-8.
PORTERFIELD, Charles (1760-88). Va. officer in Am. Revolution.

Journal of Charles Porterfleld. South Hist A Pub 6(1002)113-31,199-209,295-303,400-7.
PORTLAND, Me. Seaport City of Cumberland Co. 60 m. S.S.W. of Augusta.

Rich, M. N. Portland, the metropolis of Maine. Nat'l M(Bost) 15(1901-2)712-17, 111., port.
PORTLAND, Oregon. Seaport city of Multnomah Co. 772 m. by rail from San Francisco.

Lewiston commercial club, Lewiston, Id. Abstracts from editorials in the newspapers of the Columbia
River basin, indicating that the construction of the Dalles-Celilo> canal is paramount in Importance to
the deepening of the channel for ocean vessels from Portland to the sea. Lewiston, Id. [1902?] cover-
title, 14, [1] p. 20%cm. [L.C. 3-680]
PORTO RICO. West Indian island ab. 1000 m. E. by S. of Florida, acquired by U. 8. 1898.

Allen, Charles H. How Civil Government was established in Porto Rico. No Am 174(1902)159-74.
Allen, Charles H. Porto Rico -reorganization of the courts, and the new tax law. Indep 54(1902)84-

90, port.

A u s 1 1 n, O. P. Our trade with Hawaii and Porto Rico. Ann Am Acad Pol Sci 19(1902)377-82.
C a 1 d w e 1 1, M. E. The government and the church in Porto Rico. Assembly Herald 6(1902)175-7.
Conditions in Porto Rico. Nation 74(1902)107-8.

Degetau [y Gonzalez], Federico. The political status of Porto Rico... Washington, Globe printing com-
pany, 1902. 16 p. 23cm. [L.C. 2-25695]
D r e y f u s, P. Porto Rico, ficon Fr 5 Jull(1902),


B t n i e r, Ruth Schaffner. The educational problem in Porto Rico. South Work 30(1901)260-4,352-7, 111.

Henderson, C. Hanford. Some Impressions of Porto Rico arid her schools. Atlan 90(1902)783-92.

H o 1 1 a n d e r, J. H. The merit system In Porto Kico. Forum 33(1902)77-84.

Hunt, William H. The Porto Rico of to-day. Indep 54(1902)1813-4.

Lindsay, Samuel McCune. Education in Porto Rico. Indep 54(1902)1697-700,2937-45, 111.

M a c r a y, E. L. Jury system in Porto Rico. Green Bas 14(1902)420(8).

The new Porto Rican law codes. R of Rs 26(1902)205-7.

Notes on colonies and colonial government. Annals Am Acad Pol and Soc Scl 20(1902)657-66.

Porto Rico. Military governor. George W. Davis, 1899-1900. . . . Report on civil affair*. Washington,
Gov't print, off., 1902. 834 p. 120 pi., 2 maps. 8 plans. 23cm. (Annual reports of the [U. S.] War
department for the fiscal year ended June 30. 1900. vol. 1, pt. 13) [''Contains an account of the stew-
ardship of the three military governors," Generals Brooke, Henry, and Davis, Oct. 18, 1898-May 1. 1900.
L.C. 3-13068]

R o w e, L. S. Political parties In Porto Rico. Ann Am Acad Pol Sci 19(1902)351-69.

Scott, (Mrs.) Charles B. Glimpses of life among the lowly in Porto Rico. Am Miss 56(1902)427-32.

T r 1 c o c h e, G N Porto Rico et les Ame>icains. Rev Frang de 1'fitranger. Mai(1902).

Wade, Mary Hazelton. Our little Porto Rican cousin: illustrated by L. J. Bridgman. Boston, L.C.Page
& company, 1902. vii p., 2 1., 9-106 p. front., pi. 20cm. (The little cousin series) [L.C. 2-18021]

W 1 1 1 o u g h b y, William F. Two years' legislation in Porto Rico. Atlan 90(1902)34-42.
PORTSMOUTH, N. H. City and port of Rookingham Co. 54 m. N. by E. of Boston.

B r a y 1 e y, Arthur W. The first crgan in America. New Eng M 27(1902)212-9, ill.

DeNormandie, James. Jonathan Edwards at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Mass Hist Soc Proc II.

Gurney, C[aleb 8[tevens . Portsmouth, historic and picturesque, a volume of Information; being a very
complete and accurate compendium of over two hundred historic places and things, from the earliest
settlement, in 1623... Portsmouth, N. H., C.S.Gurney, 1902. 3 p. 1., 225, [3] p. incl. ill., pi., map,
pi. 18r23%cm. [L.C. 3-24]
PORTSMOUTH. Va. City and seaport of Norfolk Co. about 1 m. 8. W. of Norfolk.

Trinity church, Portsmouth. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)72-4.
POSTAL System. Organization for the transmission of letters and certain merchandise.

Castle, Henry A. Defects and abuses in our postal system. No Am 174(1902)807-19; 175, 115-27.

G a m b e 1 1, Francis H. Carrying the mail farthest north. World's Work 3(1901-2)1757-62, ill.

Reagan, John H. An account of the organization and operations of the postofflce department of the
Confederate States of America, 1861 to 1865. South Hist A Pnb 6(1902)314-27.

Tunell, George Gerard. Railway mall service: an historical sketch; being a lecture delivered at the Dnl-
vorsity of Chicago and at the University of Minnesota. Chicago, R.R. Donnelley ft sons co., 1902. 1
p. 1., 24 p. 20%cm. [L.C. 2-16228]

V, 8. Congress. Senate. Committee on commerce. ...Ocean mall service... Report [with views of
the minority. Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902] 55, 8 p. 23cm. (57th Cong., 1st sess. Senate.
Rept. no. 201. Calendar no., 220) [Ordered to be printed, January 20 and March 15, 1902, to accom-
pany S. 1348. L. C. 3-6857]
POTTAWATOMIE County, Kan. Co. in the N.E. part of state.

Crevecoeur, F[erdinand F[rancis]. Old settlers' tales. Historical and biographical sketches of the early
settlement and settlers of northeastern Pottawatomie and southwestern Nemaha counties, Kansas, from
earliest settlement to the year 1877. [Onaga, Kan., 1902] 162 p. 15x23%cm. [L.C. 3-7941]
POTTER, Chandler Eastman (1807-68). N. H. editor, historical writer.

Potter, Joe H. Chandler Eastman Potter. Notes and Q 20(1902)81-91.
POTTER, Cora Urquhart (fl.1900). American actress.

Kaufman, Emma B. Cora Urquhart Potter. Cosmopol 34(1902-3)185-90, port.
POTTER family.

Shepherd, James. The New Haven (Conn.) Potters, 1039. Boston, 1902. pp. 9. 80., paruph. [Repr. N.

K. Reg.]
POTTERY (Indian). Clay wares fixed by firing.

L a w s o n, Publlus V. A list of the aboriginal earthenware in Wisconsin collections. Wis Arch 1(1901-2)
95-9, plate.

L a w s o n, Publlus V. Primitive keramic art in Wisconsin. AID Ant 24(1902)167-68, 111.
POUNDS (Town). Enclosures for keeping stray cattle.

L e a v 1 1 1, Orrin H. The old pound. Notes and Q 20(1902)161-6.
POWDER River (Neb.). Massacre of 1866.

D 1 1 1 o n, Lee A. The Indian massacre of 1866. Neb Hilt S 11.5(1902)223-5.


POWDERLY, Terence Vincent (b.1848). Labor leader, politician, IT. 8. Commis. of Immigration, writer.

'Labor 1 ' and Principle. Nation 74(1002)282-3.
POWELL, John Wesley (1834-1902). Am. geologist, director U. 8. Geological Surrey, writer.

Lincoln, (Mrs.) M. D. (Bessie Beech.) John Wesley Powell. Open Court 16(1902)706-15.

[ M a J o r J. W. Powell, Memoir of.] Wis Arch 2(1902-3)31.

Major Powell and his work. Am Ant 24(1902)484-5, port.

Major Powell, the chief. Open Court 16(190?)716.
POWELL, Leven (ft 1 . 1787). Virginian.

The Leven Powell correspondence 1775-1787 [letters]. Branch Pap No 2(1902)111-38.

POYTHRE88 family.

Poythress-Batte, Ac. (note). Va Mag 10(1902)105-6.
PRATT, Phineaa (d.1630). Plymouth, Has*., early settler.

Macdonough, Rodney. Pblneas Pratt of Plymouth and Chnrlestowu. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)87-98,

129-40, port.
PRATT family.

B d e s, Henry H. Pratt (note). N E Reg 56(1902)408.

'Mayflower'' ancestry of Mr. Jeremiah Richards of the city of New York, through Phlneaa Pratt.

Gen Q M 3(1902)48-54.
PREAKNESS. N. J. Hamlet of Passaic Co.

Labaw, George Warne. Preakness and the Prcakness Reformed church, Passaic county. New Jersey.
N. Y. Board of Pub. of the Reformed Church in Am., 1902. pp 7+344. 80. [Rev.ln:Old Northw Q 6
(1903)50 "genealogical notes remarkably full... well arranged. . .Illustrated"; N Y Rec 34(1903)151
"excellent and carefully prepared."
PREISWERK. Wilhelm (d.1901). HI. German- Am. settler.

Hammerschmidt, Adolph. Wilhelm Prelswerk. T/ebensblld aus der Pionierzeit. Dentsch-Am <>

PRENTIS. Noble L. (1883-1900). Kan. editor and writer.

V a n d e g r i f t, F. L. Noble L. Pr.-nt is. Trans Kan Hist Soc 1901-2 7(1902)410-17.
PRESBYTERIAN Church. Church governed by presbyters.

C a v e n. W. Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Canada. Presb A Ref R 13(1902)629(0).
Cecil, Russell. The General Assembly [South] of 1902. Pn sb Q 16(1902-3)225-39.
Early Presbyterians in Virginia (1699 note). Va Mag 10(1902)214.
A hundred years of Home Missions, historical sketch. Asa Her 6(1902)3-6.

M i n t o n, H. C., and Seattle, F. R. Presbyterian Church in the U. S. Presb & Ref R 13(1902)619(0).

Presbyterian church in the U. 8. General assembly. ...Centennial of home missions in connection with

the one hundred and fourteenth General assembly New York city, May 16-20, 1902. Philadelphia.

Presbyterian board of publication and Sabbath-school work, 1902. 1 p. 1., 5-288 p. 19cm. [At head of

title: 1802, 1902. L.C. 2-30056]

Reed, R. C. The Northern Assembly [1902]. Pres Q 16(1902-3)239-43.
PRESCOTT, Robert (d.1815). Governor of Canada 1796-99.

Le gonverneur Prescott et sa famllle. Rech Hist 8(1902)90-3.
PRESCOTT, Arizona. Village of Yavapai Co. about 190 m. N.N.W. of Tucson.

Hall, Sharlot M. Prescott, Arizona. Out West 16(1902)101-15, 111.
PRESCOTT, Ontario. A town of Ontario, on St. Lawrence R. 54 m. 8. of Ottawa.

Prescott. Rech Hist 8(1902)209.
PRESIDENTS, U. 8. Chief executive officer of the 0. 8.

Abbott, John 8[tevens] C[abot]. Cor well. R. H. ...Lives of the presidents; a graphic history of the
United States. [Art ed.] [v. 1] Chicago, J.M.Towers ft co., 1902. front., ill., pi., port. 26%em.
[L.C. 3-2230]

A r n e 1 1, F. S. College days of the presidents. Munscy 26(1902)668(F), ill.

Bellamy, Francis. Presidents of the United States in the century from Jefferson to Flllmore. London,
Philadelphia [etc.] The Linscott publishing company, 1902. xiii, [1], 611 p. front., port. 21 1.4 cm.
([The nineteenth century series, v. xx]) [L.C. 2-27717]

B n c k 1 e y, J. M. The assassination of kings and presidents. Cent 63(1901-2)136-42.
Burial places of presidents. Mag Am Hlat N S 1(1902)30-2.

Gregg, W. A. Our presidents, their portraits and biographies. Embracing much useful and interesting
information concerning our country and its history. . . . Cincinnati, Lincoln publishing co. [1902] [64]
p. incl. port. I7cm. [L.C. 2-11718]

Grosvenor, Charles H[enry]. The book of the presidents, with bit-graphical sketches. Washington, D. C.,
London ft New York, The Continental press, 1902. 1 p. 1., 193 p. Incl. 111., facslm. port. 41x31cm.


[Title in red and black; captions and Initials In red. Title vignette. Added t.-p., engr. "Department
of autograph letters of the chief executives of the United States from Washington to Roosevelt" (with
special t.-p.): p. [125] -161. "Department of armorial bearings, including family crests, seals, signet-
rings, book-plates and coat-armor of our chief executives" (with special t.-p.): p. [163]-193. L.C.

Letters of the presidents of the United States and "Ladies of the White House." Penn Mag 25
(1901)355-65,527-36; 26(1902)115-25,271-9.

Stratton, Ella (Hines), Lives of our presidents. . .to which is added the history of our country from its
discovery by Columbus down to the present time... Philadelphia, National pub. co. [1902] 1 p. 1.,
viii, 17-512 pp. col. front., ill., pi. (partly col.) 25cm. [L.C. 2-6099]

Stratton, Ella (Hines). True stories of our presidents. . .to which it. added the early history of our great
country... Philadelphia, National pub. co. [1901] 1 p. 1., vl, 17-256 pp. col. front., 111., pi. (partly
col.) 25cm. [L. C. 2-6100]

Wilson, James Grant. The presidents of the United Slates 1789-1902, by John Fiske, Ckrl Schurz. Robert
C. Winthrop, George Tlcknor Curtis, George Bancroft, John Hay, and others. New York, D.Appleton
and company [1902] xiil, 578 p. front., 111., port., facslm. 22%cm. [ -.Nation 74(1002)385-6
"Convenient for reference. . .consists. . .of .. .respective biographies prepared for 'Appleton's cyclopaedia
of American biography'. . .possesses Intrinsic and literary value." L.C. 2-24090]

Wives of the presidents. Collect 15(1902)137.
PRESTON, Thomas (fl.1769). Captain,

M a t t h e w s, A. Capt. Thomas Preston uud the Boston massacre. Pub Col Soc of Mas* Trans 7(1902)

PRICE, Samuel W. (b.1828). Kentucky artist.

D u r r e 1 1, R. T. Preface. Filson Club Pub 17(1902)v-XTii.
PRICES. The equivalents in exchange.

A list of works in the New York Public Library relating to prices. N Y Bull 6(1902)115-59.

Warning from the census [prices and wages]. Gunton's M 22(]902)511-26.

PRICKITT family.

Haines, George. Ancestry of the Halnes, Sharp, Collins, Wills, Gardiner, Prickitt, Eves, Evans, Moore,

Troth, Bortou and Engle families. [For details see same title under subject, Halnes family.]
PRIESTLEY, Joseph (1733-1804). English scientist, resident in U. S.

Joseph Priestley (letter). Collect 15(1902)103.
PRIMARY elections. System of political nomination under state control.

Anderson, Frank Maloy. The test of the Minnesota primary election system. Annals Am Acad Pol

and Soc Sci 20(1902)616-26.
Direct nominations. Nation 75(1902)85-7.

K n a p p e n, T. M. Results of the Minnesota direct primary system. Indep 54(1902)2694-5.
Meyer, Ernst Christopher. Nominating systems: direct primaries versus conventions In the United
States. Madison, Wis., The author, 1902. xx, 501 p. 22%cm. [With bibliographical references. 74(1902)326 "Certainly of value but... will not supersede Mr.F.W.Dallinjrer's excellent
work, 'Nomination to elective office.' " L.C. 2-8236]

W a t k 1 n s, Albert. The primary election movement. Forum 33(1902)92-102.
PRIME, Samuel Irenaens (1812-85). N. Y. Presbyterian clergyman, editor, writer.

Prime, Samuel Irenreus. Under the trees. New York, Harper & brothers, 1902. 313 p. 21cm. [Miscel-
laneous letters and papers. L.C. 2-12171]
PRINCE Edward County, Va. Co. in S. part of state.

Marriage bonds, in Prince Edward Co. Clerk's office, at Farmvllle, Va., from 1780 to 1850. Wm M

Q 11(1902)141-3.
PRINCE Edward Island. A province of the Dominion of Canada, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

L'l 1 c du Prince-Edouard. Rech Hist 8(1902)286-7.
PRINCESS Anne County, Va. Southeasternmost Co. of state.

Land and slave owners Princess Anne county, 1778. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)1-7.
A list of white persons and bouses in Princess Anne in March, 1785. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)75.
Marriages performed by Rev. Smith Sherwood. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)89-92.
The owners of watches, Princess Anne county, 1859. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)47-9.
Princess Anne county marriages. Low Norf Ant 4"(1902)40-6.
Slave owners, Princess Anne county. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)24-6,34-5,64-9,76-7.
PRINCETON, Mass. Village of Worcester Co. 16 m. N. by W. of Worcester.

Princeton, Mass. ...Vital records Massachusetts, to the *nd of the year 1849. Worcester, Mass., F.P.
Rice, 1902. 195 p. 23%cm. (Systematic history fund [publications]) [Prepared under the direction
of F.E.Blake. L.C. 3-5656]


PRINCETON University. At Princeton, N. X., I'd. 1746 as College of N. J., incorp. 1896 as Princeton U.

Bridges, Robert. Princeton University the kind of men who made it. Outl 71(1902)834-8, ill., port.

C 1 e T e 1 a n d, Grorer. The address for the Board of Trustees [at inauguration of Pres. Wilson].
Princeton Alumni W 3(1902-3)98-102.

Collins, Varnum Lansing. Indian wards at Princeton. Princeton Bull 9-13(1896-02)101-6.

C r a n e, L. Burton. The presidency of Princeton University. Indep 64(1902)1481-4.

The Inauguration of Woodrow Wilson, Ph.D., Litt.D., LL.D., as president of Princeton Univer-

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