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Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America online

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sity. Princeton Bull 14(1902)1-36.

P a t t o n, Francis Landey. Address [at inauguration of Pres Wilson]. Princeton Alumni W 3(1002-3)

Williams, John Rogers. Academic honors in Princeton university, 1748-1902; comp. [Princeton, N. J.]
Princeton university, 1902. xxvlii, 254 p. 25cm. [Rev. In: Nation 75(1902)420 "List of salutatorlans,
valedictorians, honor-men, etc., since ... founding of .. .college' ? ; Nation 76(1903)311-12 "valuable. . .direct
interest for Princeton men ... carefully prepared and edited ... reflects very high credit"; Dial 34(1903)
125 "of marked interest ... full index." L.C. 3-3875]

Williams, John Rogers. Some notable Commencements. Princeton Alumni W 2(1901-2)243-4.

Wilson, Woodrow. Princeton for the Nation's service. Prlncaton Alumni W 3(1902-3)89-98.

W 1 1 s o n, W. Princeton University in the nation's service; Inaugural address. Pop Scl Mo 61(1902)

PRIVATEERS. Privately armed vessels licensed for warfare.

Rowland, Henry R. A British privateer In the American Revolution. Am Hist R 7(1902)286-303.
PROTECTION. Policy of encouraging home industries by preferential treatment.

R o u z e 1. La protection a-t-elle pronte aux fitats-Unis? Jour ficon 61(1902)349-62.

T r 1 c o c h e, G. N. La decadence du protectionism!- auz fitats-Unls. Jour ficon v. 60(1902)90-2.
PROTESTANT Episcopal Church, Am. Church with Episcopal form of Gov't.

The church In Lower Norfolk county. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)78-89.

C r a m, R. A. Heraldry of the American church. Am. Herald J 2(1902)7-28.

Cross, Arthur Lyon. The Anglican episcopate and thi> American colonies. [For details see same title
under subject, Colonies, Am.]

Juhlin, G. Protestantlska eplskcpala kyrkans mission bland svenskarne I Norra Amerika. Karlstad, 1902.

Peterkin, George W[illiam]. A history and record of the Protestant Episcopal church in the diocese of
West Virginia, and, before the formation of the diocese In 187?, in the territory now known as the
state of West Virginia. [Charleston, W. Va., The Tribune company, printers] 1902. 3 p. I., xv, 856.
zx p. front., pi., port., map. 23'cm. [L.C. 2-12935]

Westcott, Frank N[ash]. Catholic principles ns illustrated in the doctrine, history, and organization of
the American Catholic church in the United States, commonly called the Protestant Episcopal church.
Milwaukee, The Young churchman co. [1902] 410 p. 19cm. ["Books quoted In the text": p. [409]-
410. L.C. 2-20793]
PROVIDENCE. R. I. The northernmost Co. of R. I.

C a r pe n t e r, E. J. Roger Williams and the plantations at Providence. New Eng M 26(1902)353-64.

Field. Index to the Probate Records of the Municipal Court of the City of Providence, Rhode Inland,
from 1646 to and Including the year 1899. Prepared under the direction of Edward Field, clerk of the
Municipal Court of the City of Providence, exercising probate jurisdiction. Providence Press: Snow ft
Farnham. printers, 1902. Folio, pp. 4+333.
PUBLIC Debt (Am.). Formal obligations of a nation to its creditors.

A u s t i n, O. P. The public debt of the United States. I. No Am 175(1902)566-76,701-20.

B o n t e 1 1, Henry Sherman. The sinking fund and the public debt. Forum 23(1902)704-22.
PUBLIC LANDS. Lands owned by the state.

G 1 b s o n, P. United State public lands for home seekers. Nat'l M (Bost) 16(1902)698-702, port.

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on public lands. . . .Hearings. . .on the question of leasing the pub-
lic lands for grazing purposes. (H. R. 7212, 6246, 7964, 14108.) January 29 to June 4, 1902. Wash-
ington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 236 p. 23cm. [At head of title. 57th Congress, 1st session, House of
representatives. "A compilation of speeches, petitions, letters, and laws on the question of leasing the
vacant public lands for grazing purposes" by Wm. M. Reece, clerk of committee. Introd. L.C. 3-3153]
PUBLIC RECORDS. Official records of the state.

Alabama department of archives and history- Gulf Mr 1(1902)64.

The Alabama department of archives and history (note). South Hist A Pub 6(1902)90-1.

MacDonald, William. Report of the public archives commission. [A. H. A.] Am Hist A Rep '01,2

Mississippi department of archives and history. Gulf Mag 1(1902)65.

State aid to history in South Carolina (note). South Hist A Pub 6(1902)197-8.


Swan, Robert T. The Massachusetts public record commission and its work. Am Hist A Rep '01,1

Tables of and annotated index to the Congressional Series of United States public documents, part II.
[ 74(1902)309 "Covers. . .issues of .. .fifteenth to. . .fifty-second Congress. . .far bettor than
any ... yet ... Index convenient, not too elaborate and yet Jull for... great Items."]
FUEBLO INDIANS, Village (Spanish Pueblo) or semi-civilized Indians of southwestern V. 8.

F e w k e s, J. W. Pueblo settlements near El Paso, Texas. Am Anthrop 4(1902)57(Ja).

Lewis, Frances W. Life ampng the Pueblos. South Work 30(1901)757-60.
PULITZER, Joseph (b.1847). New York journalist.

Brisbane, Arthur. Joseph Pulitzer. Cosoiopol 33(1902)51-4, port.
PURGATORY RIVER, Col. River in 8.E. of state, flowing N.W. into Arkansas R.

Matthews, Albert. The Purgatory River of Colorado. Renrinti-d from the Publications of the Colonial

Society of Massachusetts, vol. VI. Cambridge, Jolin Wilson & Son, Univ. Press. 1902, pp 11, 80.
PUTNAM, Israel (1718-90). Conn. General in Am. Revolution.

Gen. Israel Putnam's commission. Gulf Mate 1(1902)144-5.
PUTNAM family.

Converse Putnam. Vt Ant 1(1902)34.
PUTNAM, Pa. Township of Luzerne Co. in N.E. of state.

Original records of Putnam Township, Luzerne County, I'a. Proc Wyoming Hist Soc 7(11902)157-70.

O 8 t e r h o u t, P. M. The early history of Putnam Township, Luzerne County, Pa. Proc Wyoming Hist

Soc 7(1902)151-6.
PYRAMIDS. Ancient monuments in pyramid form.

P e e t, Stephen D. Pyramids and palaces In America. Am Ant 24(1902)429-50, 111.
QUAKERS. The religious society of Friends.

The church In Lower Norfolk county. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)78-89.

C o f f 1 n, W. H. Settlement of the Friends In Kansas. Traas Kan Hist Soc 1901-2 7(1902)322-61.

Early Quaker records In Virginia. South Hist A Pub 0(1902)220-38,304-13,408-14,499-508.

England. Papists and Quakers In Pennsylvania. Am Cath Res 19(1902)79.

H o x 1 e, H. N. The Wings as Friends. Owl 3(1902)96-100.

Myers, Albert Cook. Immigration of the Irish Quakers Into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750, with their early his-
tory In Ireland. [For details see same title under subject, Pennsylvania.]

Myers, Albert Cook. Quaker arrivals at Philadelphia, 1682-17(4), being a list of certificates of removal
received at Philadelphia monthly meeting of Friends... Philadelphia, Ferris & Leach, 1902. vl, [2],
131 p. 19%cm. [ Hist R 8(1903)357-9(Kliz;ibeth Lloyd) "record of over a thousand certin-
cates...for Friends coming to reside ... several of the minutes. . .Interesting reading"; Nation 75(1902)
150 "Consists of abstracts of .. .certificates of removal. . .arrangement. . .chronological. . .index. . .value
...[is] historical and genealogical. " L.C. 2-15183]

Sharpless, Isaac. A Quaker experiment In zovernmeut; hUtory of Quaker government In Pennsylvania,

1682-1783. [For details see same title under subject, Pennsylvania.]
QUANTRILL, William C. (fl.1860). Kansas outlaw.

J o h n s o n, W. A. Early life of Quantrill In Kansas. Trans Kan Hist Soc 1901-2 7(1902)212-29.
QUAYLE, Wm. (1825-1901). Tex. Confederate officer.

Col. William Quayle. Confed Vet 10(1902)372-3, port.
QUEBEC, Can. A province of Canada on the St. Lawrence R. and its capital.

American prisoners at Quebec during the Revolution. Gen Q M 3(1902)43-7.

A u d e t, F. J. Coroners de Quebec. Rech Hist 8(1902)147.

Bouchette, Errol. L'fivolution fconomique dans la Province de Quebec. Royal Soc of Canad N 8 7
Section I (1902) 117-44.

C a s g r a i n, P. B. La Maison Montcalm sur les remparts, a Quebec. Rech Hist 8(1902)225-37.

Cathollques ot protestants dans le rneme temple (St. Pierre). Rech Hist 8(1902)127 [St. Pierre]

C h a n n e 1 1, L. S. Eastern townships of Canada. Canad M 19(1902)34-9. ill.

C h a r 1 a n d, R. P. Paul- Victor. La chapelle Sainte-Anne ou du Pomalne. Rech Hist 8(1902)193-7.

Codman, John. Arnold's expedition to Quebec. New York, London, The Macmillan co. Ix, 340 p. front.,
pi., port., fold. maps. 2 ed. 1902, 80. [L.C. 1-23552 M 2 Oct. 31]

C o u r b o n, Pierre. Les FStes de Quebec. Nouv Fr 1(1902)305-10.

De Celles, A. D. Pages d'epopee. Nmiv Fr 1(1902)311-18.

Desjardins, Joseph. Guide parlementalre historlque de la Province de Quebec, 1792 a 1902. Quebec, 1902.
pp24+396. [ Ptib Canad '02,7(1903)91 "tables of sovereigns, viceroys, governors, ministers,
councillors, senators, members of the legislature, and all other persons who have had a hand In the gov-
ernment... of Quebec up to the year 1902... .immense amount of research."]


Doughty, A. and Parmelee, G. W. The Selge of Quebec and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Que-
bec, Dussault and Proulx. 1902. pp30+280. 10+317; 101-340; 134334; 11+362; '346. 6 vols. ports, plans
and views. [Rev.ln:Hlst Pub Canad '02,7(1903)33-9 "a vory big book... six volumes dealing with a
single siege and battle. . .three. . .volumes form an .\ppeudlx containing. . .material of the story... im-
mense amount of detail. . .amidst abundance traces of great industry, we find little that is really new...
too many digressions ... unique undertaking ... calls for hearty recognition from historical scholars."]

G a g n o n, Ernest. Le college des Jesuites a Quebec. Recb Ulst 5(1902)247-9.

G o s s e 1 1 n, L'Abbo A. H. Cures en Titre de Quebec. Rech Hist 8(1902)276.

Kelvin, James Journal private soldier in Arnold's expedition against Quebec in the year 1775. With
notes and an introduction by Andrew A. Melviu. Portland, Me., H.W.Bryant, 1902. 1 p. 1., 90 p. ill.
21% cm. ["Edition limited to> two hundred and fifty copies, numbered, of which this is number 83." Pub Canad 7:46-7 "excellent Introduction and notes by the editor, who has mastered his
subject thoroughly. . .accurate. . .always fairminded" ; Nation 75(1902)72 "Reprinted with notes... oc-
casionally of some interest ... furnishes few facts. . .introduction. . .most considerable feature." L.O.

Murray, [Jameg]. Report of the state of the government of Quebec in Canada, June 5, 1762. . . Quebec,
Dussault & Proulx, 1902. 64 p. 3 fold. tab. 24 x 19cm. [25 copies printed for A. G. Doughty, Nov.,
1902, from an official copy of the original, supplied by the British museum. L.C. 3-3440]

O ' F a r r e 1 1, G.D. Notes on the lighthouses i-f the Province. Trans Literary & Hist Soc 110. 24 (1902) 24-36

Ordinance respecting lack of reverence iu the churches of Quebec 1686. Am Cath Res 19(1902)16.

Perrault, Frs. Bishop's charge. Providing for the celebration of the anniversary of the evacuation
of Quebec by the Americans on the 31st., December, 1775. Am Cath Res 19(1902)67-70.

Lea pupitres de la Chambre IV Assembles. Rech Hist 8(1902)199.

Roy, P. G. Coroners do Quebec. Rech Hist 8(1902)78.

Scott, H. A. Notre-Dame de Saiute-Foy, une Parolsse Historique de la Nouvelle-France. Histoire Civile
et Rellgieuse d'apres les Sources. Tome I, 1544-1670. Quebec, J.A.K.Laflumme, 1902. pp9+620. [Rev.
in:Hist Pub Canad '02,7(1903)92-4 "promontory upon which stands Quebec was until recent times com-
posed of two parishes, Quebec itself and Saiiite-Foy, the latter. . .including the Plains of Abraham Sil-
lery, and other places. . .conspicuous in the early history of Canada. . .among the best Canadian parish
histories ... mainly of local Interest, though. . .historian of Canada cannot ignore it in future researches
...scholarly and attractive."]

Tetu, Mgr. Henri. Le musee Chasseur a Quebec. Rech Hist 8(1902)251-2.

Transactions of the Literary and Historical Society [of Quebec], No 24. Sessions of 1900-1902. Quebec.
1902 pp36. 80.

Wise, John. Two narratives of the expedition against Quebec, A. D. 1690, under Sir William Pbips. The
one by Rev. John Wise, of Ipswich, Mass., and the other by an unknown writer. WHh an introduction,
by Samuel A. Green. Cambridge, J.Wilson and son, 1902. 42 p. 24 14 cm. ["The two papers. . .belong
together, and probably were written by the same person." p. 4. Rev.ln:N E Reg 56 (1902) 216 (F.W.
Parke) "from... two manuscripts. .. [in] the Lenox Library in New York." L.C. 2-8216]

W a t o n, John. Thirty years of Queen's University. Queen's Q Oct( 1902) 188-96.
QUERNS. Iriih handmills formerly used in America.

O ' F 1 y n n, Timothy. Querns. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)580-3.
QUETZAL. Sacred bird of Central America, a Phoenix or Sun-bird.

C r o n a u, Rudolf. The Phoenix of the Aztecs. Harper 104(1901-2)155-61, 111.
QUINCY, Mass. City of Norfolk Co. 8 m. 8. of Boston.

M a y n a r d, George. Field day at Quincy. Wor Soc Ant 18(1902)166-76.

Wilson, Daniel Munro. Where American independence began; Quincy, its famous group of patriots; their
deeds, homes, and descendants... Boston and New York Houghton, Mifflin and company, 1902. xlll,
289, [1] p. front., pi., port. 21cm. [Rev.ln:Nation 76(1003)72 "little more than a working over of...
memorial volume which he edited. . .on. . .occasion of the 250th anniversary of the First Church In
[Quincy, Mass.] L.C. 2-29426]
QUINCY, m. City of Adams Co. 104 m. W. of Springfield.

B o r n m a n n, Helnrlch. Geschlchte der Deutschen Qulncy's. IV. Deutsch-Am G 2.1(1902)24-31,2.2.20-

RADCLIFFE COLLEGE. Women*' College at Cambridge, Mass. est. 1879, and incorp. 1894.

Goes, Mary. Radcllffe College. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)69-80.
HADISSON. Peter Esprit (fl.1652). French explorer and trader in Northwest.

K e r r, R. F. The Voyage of Grosellllers and Radisaon. 1652 to 1684. S Dakota Hist Soc Col 1(1902)163-78.


RAILROAD Y. M. C. A. Social clubs for railroad employees under auspices of the T. M. C. A.
Carnegie, Andrew, and Arthur, P. M. Capital and Labor: the estimate that a prominent representative of
each places on the work of the Railroad Young Men's Christian Associations. N. Y., International
Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations. pp31.

C u n n 1 f f, M. G. Social clubs for railroad men [Y. M. C. A.]. World's Work 3(1901-2)2002-5.
RAILROADS. Roads with track of parallel rail*.
C o u p 1 n, H. (?) Dfiveloppement enorme <ies voles ferrees aux fitats-Unis Les trusts des chemlas de fer.

Tour Monde 12 et 19 Juil (1902).

C u n n 1 f f, M. G. Increasing railroad consolidation. World's Work 3(1901-2)1775-80, map.
G r e g o r y, W. D. The folly of railway subsidies. Cantd M 19(1902)47-9.
Knapp, U. A. Government ownership of railroads. (Pub. of the soc., no. 326.) Phila., Am. Acad. Pol.

Scl. 1902. 80.

M c L e a n, S. J. Railway rate regulation in Canada. Forum 33(1902)419-29.

M a y e s, B. Origin of the Pacific railroads, and esp. of the Sout. Pacific. Miss Hist P 6(1902)307-37.
N e w c o m b, H. T. The Anthracite-carrying railways. R of Rs 26(1902)66-9, map.
N e w c om b, H. T. The industrial commission on transportation. Pol Sci Q 17(1902)568-608.
N e w c o m b, H. T. Railways and industry. Gunton's M 22(1902)26-36.

T u n e 1 1, George G. American and German high-speed trains. J PoJ Econ 10(1901-2)361-93.
RALE (Rale, Rasles, Ralle, Rasle), Sebastien (1657-1724). Jesuit missionary to Abenaki*.

Father Halle's scalp. Am Cath Res 19(1902)12-13.
RALEIGH, N. C. State capital, Wake Co., 386 m. S.8.W. of Washington.

Amis, Moses N. Historical Raleigh from Its foundation in 1792; descriptive, biographical, educational,
industrial, religious; reminiscences reviewed and carefully compiled... [Raleigh, Edwards & Broughton,
printers] 1902. 1 p. L, [5]-230 p. Incl. 111., port. 19>4ciu. [Advertising matter interspersed. L.C.

Battle, Kemp P. Raleigh and the old town of Bloomsburg. N C Bookl 2.7(1902)3.20.
EAMSAY, David (1749-1815). 8. 0. writer of American hittory.

L 1 b b y, Orin Grant. Ramsay as a plagarlst. Am Hist R 7(1902)697-703.
RAMSOUR'S Mill, N. C. Revolutionary battle, June 20, 1780.

B u 1 1 e r, A. P. ...the battlefield of Ramsour's Mill. Am Month M 21(1902)361-4.
RANDOLPH family.

H u t c h i n s o n, Cary T. Randolph family (note). Wm M Q 11(1902)146-7.
RANDOLPH MACON COLLEGE. Meth. college at Ashland, Va. est. 1830.

Dodd, William E. ed. The John P. Branch historical papers (No. 3) Randolph-Macon College. [Rev.ln:
Nation 76(1903)474 "short biographical sketches of men who have had great influence in ... Virginia'*
RAKSONE (or Ransoms) family.

R a n g o n e family. Wm M Q 10(1902)264-7.
RAVENEL, Samuel Prioleau (1828-1908). 8. 0. merchant. Confederate oAoer.

Samuel Prioleau Ravenel. [Obit] 8 C Hist Mag 8(1902)192.
RAWDON, Francis (1754-1886). British officer in Am. Revolution.

Letter of Capt., Right Hon. Francis, Lord Rawdon. Proc Hunker Hill Mon A*s'n 42-5.
RECIPROCITY. V. 8. policy of mutual tariff preference.
An appeal to the people. Nation 75(1902)64.
Charltou, John. Reciprocity with Canada. Outl 72(1902)209-12.
C h a r 1 t o n, John. Reciprocity with Canada. Forum 32(1902)582-93.

Colquhoun, Arthur H. U. The reciprocity of to-day (Canada & U. S.) Cauad M 18(1901-2)226-8.
Griffin, A. P. C. List of references on reciprocity, books, articles In periodicals, Congressional document*.

Washington, Government Printing OflSce, 1902. 38 p. 1 O.

MoKinley, W. Last speech of President McKtnley. Canton, Pa. Kirkgate Press, 1902. 12o.
Vlallate, Achllle. Les fitats-Unls et la reciprocity commerciale. Jour ficon V. 49(1902)47.61.
Work of the reciprocity convention. Chaut 34(1901-1)357-8. port.
RECONSTRUCTION. Period of adjustment in South after the Civil War.

Burgess, John W[illiam] ...Reconstruction and th<> constitution. 1866-1876... New York, 0. Scrlbner's
ons. 1902. ill p., 1 1., 342 p. 19cm. (The American history Berfei) [ 75(1902)158-9
"...decidedly readable. . .to understand. . .constitutional questions Involved., .(does not) meet. ..require-
ments." Am Hist R 8(1902)150-2(W.G.Brown) "It is all statement and reasoning; forcible, but hard;
relieved by no grace of style, suffused with no tenderness, charged with no enthusiasm." Dial 33 (1802)
157-60(J.O.Plerce) "minute, discriminating, and often masterly. . .Impartial. . .such a profusion of epi-
thet* 18 out of place In dispassionate history." South Hist A Pub 0(1802)843-4 "When the author arise*


above bis befogging theories, be moves with a force of reasoning and earnestness of conviction that will
make the volume almost a classic. . .The country, the South, owes the Professor a debt of unspeakable
gratitude for his boldness, candor and ability." Sewanee 10(1902)239-43(8. W.Weils). L.O. 8-8895]
D n B o s e, William Porcher. Wade Hampton. Sewanee 10(1902)364-8.

F 1 e m 1 n g, W. L. Churches of Ala. during the Civil War and Reconstruction. Gulf Mag 1(1902)108-27.
Johnston, Frank. Suffrage and Reconstruction In Mississippi. Miss His P 6(1902)141-244.
L Incoln, (Mrs.) Abraham. A letter to Charles Sumner. 1866. Indep 54(1902)7-10.
Ogg, Frederick Austin. The Reconstruction period. Current Hist 12(1902)7-10.
Pierce, James Oscar. Constitutional phases of the Civil War and Reconstruction. (Rv.) Dial 33(1902)

157-60. [Rev. of Burgess]

R a m a g e, B. J. Wade Hampton. Sewanee 10(1902)368-73.
RED RIVER SETTLEMENT, Canada. Agricultural community in southern Manitoba.

Hunt, Frank L. Britain's one Utopia. Hist. & Scien Soc of Manitoba, Transao. No. 61. 1902 pp 16.
REED, Fanny.

Reed, Fanny. Reminiscences, musical and other... Boston, Knight and Millet, 1903 [1902] iz p., 1 1.,
158 p. front., pi., port., facslm. 20cm. [Contents. Early days. Liszt. The marquise de Bloquevllle.
Paul Deschanel. Benjamin-Constant. Munkaczy. Madeleine Lemaire. Coquelin. Massenet. Pade-
rewski. Bayreuth. Finale. 76(1903)298 "on friendly terms with Liszt, etc... has rea-
son to write her reminiscences." Dial 34(1903)150-2(1. A. Pylt>) "a trifle too laudatory. . .racy, gossipy...
will be appreciated." L.C. 2-28276]
REED, Philip (d.1829). Md. officer in Am. Revolution, V. S. senator.

General Philip Reed and Caulk's Field memorial. [For details see same title under subject, Caulk's Field

(Md.) Battle of.]
REED, Thomas Bracket! (1839-1902). Me. Congressman, Speaker of House.

Speaker Reed. Nation 75(1902)456.
REED, Walter (b.1861). Am. physician and writer.

Walter Reed. A. M. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)334-5.
REFORM SCHOOLS. Institutions for correction of wayward children.

Roe, Alfreds. . ..Lyman school for boys, Wus thorough, Mass. New Bng M 26(1902)399-416. ports., ill.
REFORMED Church in America. Am. denomination, formerly Ref. Prot. Dutch Church.

Corwin, Edward Tanjore. A Manual of the Reformed Church In America (formerly Ref. Prot. Dutch
Church) 1628-1902. Fourth edition, revised and enlarged. New York, Board of Pub. of Ref. Oh. 1902.
pp. 1082,80. 111. [Rev.ln:N Y Rec 34(1903)69 "Remarkable and permanent addition to. ..American
biography ... most valuable, chronological lists of the pastors and churches."]
D r u ry, J. B. Synod of Reformed church in America. Presb & Ref R 13(1902)634(0).
REFORMED Church of the 17. 8. Formerly German Reformed Church.

Dubbs, J. H. The Reformed Church In Pennsylvania. Lancaster, Pa. Pennsylvania-German Society, pp

REFORMED Episcopal Church. Am. denomination separated from the Prot. Episo. Church.

Price, Mrs. Annie Darling. A history of the formation and growth of the Reformed Episcopal Church,
1873-1902. Philadelphia, J.M.Armstrong, 1902. vlll, 808, [4] p. front., pi., port. 19^ cm. [L.O.
REGICIDES. Judges who condemned Charles II., refugees in America.

L y d 1 a Fisher. Dedh Reg 13(1902)95-6.
REICHEL, Adolph D. (1834-1902). Quincy. 111. German American.

Bornmann, Helnrlch. Adolph D. Relcbel. Deutsch-Am G 2.4(1902)47.
HEILLY, John T. (ft. 1908). Pa. Roman Catholic writer of American history.

A worker for history. Am Cath Res 19(1902)95.
REINDEER. Domestic animals used in Arctic Europe and America.

R o b o t, C. Acclimation du rennedous 1' Alaska. Nature 11 Jan (1902).
RELIGION. Man's relations to the superhuman.

A b b o 1 1, Ernest Hamlin. Religious life in America. Outl 70(1902)131-7,175-83,625-31,968-72; 71:455-9,

498-503,783-8; 72:122-8,366-71,589-96.
Abbott, Ernest Hamlin. Religious life In America; n record of personal observation. New York, The

Outlook company, 1902. xli, 370 p. 21% cm. [L.C. 2-28397]

Backus, Isaac. [Letter] to Benjamin Walllii [1764]. Bost Bull 7(1902)382-6.

Bargy, Henry. La religion dans la societe aux fitats-Uuis. Paris, A.Colin, 1902. zx, 299p. 18%cm.
[ 77(1903)35-6 "idealistic, optimistic, abounding in confident generalizations. . .entirely upon
written matter ... exaggeration" ; 61. Men. in: Am Hist R 8(1903)403 "traces toleration In America to our
Colonial religion." L.C. 8-4367]


Coleman, L. A history of the American Church to tbe close of the 19th century [Oxford Church text
books.] London, Riving tons, pp 116.

M ' C u 1 1 o c h, J. E. The place of revivals in American church history. Meth R South 61(1902)681-97.

Newman, Alb. Henry. Der Protestantisinus in Nord-amerika. Pr W B [s 6], 1113-48.

O a i m e t, Gustave. La devotion a sainte Anne au Canada. Reeh Hist 8(1902)218-9.

S c h 1 n z, A. Quelques notes sur le sectarlsme en Amgrique. R Th Ph 36, 60-60.
RELIGIOUS LIBERTY. Freedom to act according to one's conscience in religious matters.

B a r g y, H. L'origine de la tolerance aux tats-Unis. Rev. de synthCse hlstorique [P.] 5, 17-42.

Cobb, Sanford H[oadleyj. The rise of religious liberty in America; a history... New York, London, The
Macmillan company, 1902. xx p., 1 1., 541 p. 23cm. "Authorities" : p. xvii-xx. [ 36(1903)
345-8(J.O. Pierce) "work has been ably performed. . .clear idea of the distinctive characteristics of the
American doctrine. . .as well as of the peculiar features of the Old- World theory .. .Illustrated with per-
spicuity the differences. . .exhibits the true, historical spirit"; Nation 76(1903)119 "...essential outlines
...of considerable service ... not to be depended upon in detail and [needs] ... very thorough revision";
Am Hist R 8(1903)350-2(W.M.West) "unfortunate that the task fell to hands so ill-prepared. . .much
zealous labor ... perfectly open-ininded ... eminently fair and honest; but these statements exhaust the
praise that can be given ... commonest details of colonial history are mis-stated." L.C. 2-13240]

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