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Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America online

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Errors of Catholic American history. The settlement of Maryland. The Toleration act. Am Cath
Res 19(1902)147-9.

Hunt, Gaillard. James Madison and religious liberty. Am Hist A Rep '01,1(1902)163-71.
REMSEN, Ira N. (b.1846). Am. chemist, Pres. Johns Hopkins University.

D r. Ira N. Remsen. World's Work 3(1901-2)1801. port. only.

Johns Hopkins university. Johns Hopkins university; celebration of the twenty -fifth anniversary of tbe
founding of the university and inauguration of Ira Remsen, LL. D. [For details see same title under
subject, Johns Hopkins Univ.]
RENICK family.

The Renick family. Va Mag 10(1902)92-3.
REPUBLICAN PARTY. One of the two chief parties in the U. S., founded in 1854.

The Connecticut! Republican platform. R of Rs 26(1902)461-3.

Halstead, Murat. Victorious republicanism. Chicago, Dominion, 1902. 12o.
REUTERDAHL, Henry (b.1371). N. Y. artist.

Jane, Fred T. A marine illustrator. Bk-Buyer 24 (1902) .183-7. 111.
REVERE, Paul (1735-1818). Boston patriot, one of the Boston tea party.

G e t t e m y, Charles Ferris. The true story of Paul Revere's Ride. New Eng M 26(1902)131-61, 111.
REYNOLDS family.

Tenth Annual Reunion. The Reynolds Family Association. Middle-town, Conn. Pelton & King, 1902. 8vo.

pp. 31. 111. [ E Reg 56(1902)327(F.W.Parke) 'of much Interest to those of the name."]
RHODE ISLAND. An original N. E. state of U. 8.

Field, Edward. State of Rhode Island and Providence plantations at the end of tbe century: a history,
Illustrated with maps, fac-slmilea of old plates and paintings and photographs of ancient landmarks...
Boston & Syracuse, The Mason publishing company, 1902. 3 v. ill., port., map, plan, facs. 26cm.
[Contents. v. 1. History of the state of Rhode Island and Providence plantations, by C. S. Brigham.
The wars and the militia, by E. Field. The sea force in war time, by H. P. Smith. v. 2. Epidemics
and medical institutions, by C. V. Chapiu. Religions societies, their history and present condition, by
D. Goodwin. Growth of public education, by H. P. Smith. The sea trade and its development, by R.
Grieve. The printer and the press, by H. P. Smith. The growth of the library, by W. E. Foster and
H. P. Smith. v. 3. The political development of the towns, by G. G. Wilson. The struggle for Judicial
supremacy, by E. C. Stlness. Public and private finance, by H. K. Stokes. Industrial development, by
J. B. Bowdltch. The poor, the defective and the criminal, by J. H. Nutting. Frefe masonry and odd
fellowship, by H. 'P. Smith. Early habits and customs and old landmarks, by E. Field. Appendix:
Bibliography, by C. S. BriKham. [L.C. 2-13122]

Kimball, Gertrude Selwyn. The correspondence of the colonial governors of Rhode Island, 1723-1775.
Boston, Houghton, Nat. Soc. Co. Dames of Am. in the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
(1902-3) 2 vol. pp 62+434; 26+498. [ Hist R 9(1903)158-60(Willlam E. Foster) "a model in
methods of detail. . .securing from all Imaginable sources the unpublished correspondence belonging to
that period ... supplemented ... by a list of such letters of the same period... in Mr. Bartletts Colonial
Records of Rhode Island. . .exhaustive topical index. . .exceptional. . .list of contents. . .Judicious Insight
marks thhe. . .annotations. . .minute accuracy."]
Legislation concerning children in Rhode Island. Char 9(1902)99-100.

Murray, Thomas Hamilton, 1857 Gen. John Sullivan and the battle of Rhode Island. A sketch of the
former and a description of the latter. [For details see same title under subject, Sullivan, John.]


Richman, Irving Berdine. Rhode Island; Its making snd Its meaning: a survey of the annals of the com-
monwealth from its settlement to the death of Roger Williams, 1636-16S3, with an introduction by
James Bryce... New York and London, G.P.Putnam's sons, 1002. 2 v. fold. map. 22%cm. [Men. in:
Am Hist R 8(1003)404-5 ".. .important. . .has a place in the field of general history .. .introduction by
Mr. James Bryce"; Am Hist R 8(1003)545-6(H.L.Osgood) "ready sympathy and an attractive style...
not a little original investigation and generalizing power. . .ex celleut. . .accurate and fair"; Nation 76
1903)10-7 "plain narrative. . .from 1636-1683. . .unusually careful and impartial. . .investigation. ..
valuable contribution. . .[no] bibliography"; Dial 35(1903)345-8(J.O.Pierce) "essentially a biography of
Roger Williams... a keen Investigation into primitive government ... the best exposition extant of the
Rhode Island experiment." L.C. 2-26760]

Rhode Island (Colony) Governor*. Correspondence, 1723-1775; pub. by the National society of the Col-
onial dames of America iu the state of Rhode Island and Providence plantations; ed. by Gertrude Sel-
wyn Kimball... v. I. Boston and New York, Houghtou, Milttin and company, 1902. front., pi., port.
23cm. [Rev. in: Nation 76(1903)227 "spelling and punctuation of the originals have been followed...
notes... give precisely the ... supplementary aid. . .wish[ed for]... well done"; Nation 76(1903)354 "sec-
ond. . .volume. . .confirms the favorable Judgment we passed upon the first. . .can-fully prepared index...
work of the editor. . .shows. . .restraint, exactness, and good judgment. . .most valuable"; Dial 34(1903)
312 "not been edited. . .retain their original wording and spelling. . .annotation. . .laudably brief and
apparently correct." L.C. 3-846]
W e e d e n, William B. Three commonwealths, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island; their early

development. Am Antlq Soc N S 15 II. '02(1903)130-64.

RHODES Scholarships. Oxford scholarship* for American* founded by Cecil Rhode*.
American scholarships at Oxford. Nation 74(1902)461-2.
Dyer, Louis. The Rhodes scholarships [for Americans]. Outl 72(1902)884-7.

Stephens, H. Morse. The Rhodes scholarships for Americans at Oxford. World's Work 4(1902)2222-8
RICHARD (Father) Gabriel. French Catholic priest in America.

Pa the r Richard's escape. Am Catb Res 19(1902)168.
RICHARDS, Dexter (1818-90). N. H. manufacturer, State senator.

Hon. Dexter Richards [obituary]. N H Hist S 111.2,1897-9(1902)506-10. port.
RICHARDS family.

''Mayflower' 1 ancestry of Mr. Jeremiah RIchardb through Phincas Pratt. Gen Q M 3(1902)48-54.
RICHARDSON, John (1796-1858). Canadian soldier, writer.

Carstairs, John Stewart. Richardson's War of 1S12. Canad M 10(1902)72-4.
HIGHLAND COUNTY, 0. A Co. in N. central part of state.

B a u g h m a n, A. J. Pre-hlstorlc earthworks of Richard County. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)67-71.
RICHMOND. Va. Capital city of Va. on James R. about 100 m. 8. by W. from Washington.
The first Federal to enter Richmond. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)152-3.

G a r n e 1 1, James Mercer. Seven days' battle around Richmond. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)147-51.
James, Edward Wilson, commu. Some death notices in the "Richmond Enquirer" (note). Wm M Q

RICHMOND COUNTY, Va. A Co. in the . part of state.

Be a 1 e, G. W. Early tombs in Westmoreland, Richmond cud Northumberland counties. Wm M Q 11


RICHER, Henrich Franz (b.1822). 111. German American merchant and banker of Quincy.
Z w e 1 c-rfolgrelche deutsche Finanzm&nner von Illinois. Eduard Abend, Heinrlch Franc Joseph Rlcker.

Deutsch-Am G 2.4(1902)22-5.
RICKET8ON, Daniel (1813-98). American writer.

Rioketion, Anna. Daniel Ricketson and his friends; letters, poems, sketches, etc., ed. by his daughter
and son... Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflln and company, 1902. 5 p. 1., 397, [1] p. front.,
pi., port., facslm. 22%cm. [Contents. Sketch of Daniel Ricketson, by F. B. Sanborn. Sketch of
Henry D. Thoreau, by D. Ricketson, Letters of Daniel Ricketson and Henry D. Thoreau. Letters of
Sophia E. Thoreau and Daniel Ricketson. Letters of Mr. *ind Mrs. A. B. Alcott, Daniel Ricketson, and
Frank B. Sanborn. Letters of William Ellery Channlng and Frank B. Sunburn. Letters of "Theo."
Brown. Letters of Daniel Ricketson and Alexander H. .Tanp, LL. D. -Letters of Daniel Ricketson and
Henry S. Salt. Letters of Daniel Ricketson and Samuel A. Jones, M. D. Extracts from Daniel Rlcket-
son's journal. Extracts from Henry D. Thoreau's journal. Poems by Daniel Ricketson. Rev.ln:Natlou
76(1903)277-8 "With much [to] commend ... nowhere glv[o] In sequence the main facts and inci-
dents of Mr. Rlcketson's life"; Dial 34(1903)40-2(A.R. Marble) "Letters, Journal-extracts, and poems
are here collated ... all are interesting revelations. . .edited with the most delicate taste and sympathy...
[no] index." L.C. 2-26089]


RICORD, Frederick Wm. (1819-97). N. J. state super, of pub. schools, writer, librarian.

Frederick William Rlcord. N J Hist S 2(1902)194-5.
KIDDLE, Albert Gallatin (1816-1902). Ohio legislator, U. 8. consul to Matanzas, writer.

Albert Gallatin Riddle. Am Hist R 7(1902)821.
EIDOWAY family.

R 1 d g w a y, C. A. Rldgway family of Burlington Co., N. J., and Columbus, O. Old Nortliw Q 5(1902)

R i d g w a y, (Mrs.)J. L. Rldgway family of Penii. and Wiufleld, Iowa. Old Northw Q 5(1902)40-2.

HIGAL, Jose (1861-96). Filipino physician, writer, insurrectionist.

Clifford, Hugh. The story of Jos6 Rizal the Filipino. Blackwood 172(1902)620-38.
KIGAUVILLE, Jean-Maria des Bergeres (b.1720).

Suite, Benjamin. L'honorable Jean-Marie des BergOres de Riguuville. Rech Hist 8(1902)350-1.
EILEY, Franklin L. C. (b.1866). Miss. Professor of history, writer.

How a young man built up history In Mississippi. So Allan Q 1(1902)372-7.

KILEY, James Whitcomb (b.1835). Indiana poet.

[Hartpenoe, William Ross] Early recollections of James Wttltcomb Rlley. By Major Rldgeway [pseud.]
... Harrison, O., 1902. 2 p. i., 89 p. incl. pi., porl., facs. front, (port.) 17 x 14cm. [L.C. 2-20019]
RING family.

B o w m a n, George Ernest, Transc. by. Andrew Ring's will an<l Inventory. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)193-8.

RIO GRANDE DO SUL, Brazil. A state in the extreme of Brazil.

Funke, Alfred. Aus Deutsch-Brasilien. Bilder aus dem leben der Deutschen im staate Rio Grande do Sul.
Leipzig, B.G.Teubner, 1902. vill, 287 p. Incl. ill., porl. fold. map. 24^cm. [L.C. 3-9969]

Funke, Alfred. Deulsche siedlung ttber see. Eln abriss ihrer geschichte und Ihr gedeihen in Rio Grande

do Sul... Halle a. Saale, Gebauer-Scbwetschke, 1902. 2 p. 1., 80 p. Incl. map. 22cm. [L.C. 3-5679]
RITCHIE, Thomas (fl.1830). Richmond, Va. editor.

Letlers of Thomas Ritchie glimpses of the year 1830. Branch Pap No 2(1902)147-54.
RIYINGTON, James. Am. loyalist printer and journalist in the Am. Revolution.

Ford, Paul Leicester. "The battle of Brooklyn." BiblioR 1(1002)69-71.
HO ADS, Public. Way* for public travel.

Crane, Bllery Blcknell. The Boston and Worcester turnpike. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)585-98.

Dodge, Martin. The good roads movement. R of Rs 25(1902)66-72, 111.
ROANE, Archibald (1755-1818). Tenn. lawyer, judge, Governor.

Gov. Archibald Roane. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)322-4, porl.
EOANOKE Is. North Carolina. Island between Albemarle and Famlioo Sound in N.E. of state.

Celebration of Raleigh's altempt al settlement (note). South Hist A Pub 6(1902)194-6.

Daves, Graham. Virginia Dare. N C Bookl 1.1(1901)3-16.

RO BARDS family.

R o B a r d s, John Lewis. The RoBards family. Va Mag 10(1902)98-9,205-6.

ROBERTS, Charles (fl. 1846-1902). Pa. merchant, public citizen.

I n memorlam Charles Roberts [obituary]. Penn Mag 26(1902)144.
ROBERTS, George (1756-1829). N. H. soldier and sailor in Am. Revolution.

R o b e r t s, C. H. A sketch of the life of George Roberts. Granite M 33(1902)91-97.
ROBERTS, Isaac (1754-1816). Tenn. pioneer, Brigadier General.

R o b e r I s papers. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)349-61.

ROBERTS family.

Grant, Mrs. Amorena [(Roberts)]. The Roberts family; a genealogy of Joseph Roberls of Windham,
Maine. 18lh cenlury... Chicago, West Chicago press association [1902] J43 p. 111. (incl. port.) 23cm.
[Rev.ln:N E Reg 57(1903)120(F.W.Parke) '-Does great credit. . .[to] the compiler. .. [no Index." L.O.
ROBESON, George Maxwell (1829-97). N. J. Attorney General, U. 8. Secretary of navy, Congressman.

George Maxwell Robeson. N J Hist S 2(1902)195-7.
ROBINSON, Charles (1818-94). Am. physician, lawyer, editor, Governor of Kansas, writer.

Blackmar, Frank W[ilson . The life of Charles Robinson, the firot statet governor of Kansas. . . Topeka,
Kan., Crane & co., 1902. 438 pp. front., pi., port. 21cm. [Rev.ln:Am Hist R 8 (1902) 142-4 (L.W.
Spring) "notably moderate and judicial In temper. . .does not throw much new light... more effective
[If] compress[ed]." L.C. 2-2446 M 2]

ROBINSON, Increase (1642-ab.l699). Citizen of Taunton, Mass.
D e a n, J. H. Iueras Robinson, senior, of Taunton. Robinson Family Gn * Hist Ass'n (1902)15-99.


ROBINSON family.

R o b 1 n s o n, C. E. Historical sketch of the Robinsons, early emigrants to America. Robiuson Family

Gen & Hist Ass'n (1902)61-98.

The Robinson Family Genealogical and Historical Association. Officers. Constitution and by-Laws, His-
torical sketches of early Robinson emigrants to America, Illustration's, Armorial Bearings, Members of
Association. New York. Published by the Association 80 1902. 104pp.
R o b 1 u s o n, M. G. Thomas Robinson, of Hartford, Conn., 1040, and Gullford, 1664, and some of his

descendants. Robinson Family Gen & Hist Ass'n (1902)31-7.
Robinson Notes (note). N B Reg 56(1902)206.
R o b i n s o n, W. A. Rev. John Robinson, of Leyden, and soiue of his descendants. Robinson Family

Gen & Hist Ass'n (1902)27-30.
S m y t h, R. D. Comp. by. and Stelner, Bernard 0. Comma, by. Mr. Thomas Robinson of tiullford (Conn.)

and his descendants. N E Reg 56(1902)57-9.

ROCHAMBEAU, Jean Baptiste Donation de Vimeure, Comte de (.1725-1807). French Gen. in the Am. Rev.
du Pouteray, J. Les fetes de Rocbambeau (En Amerique). Gaulols 24-2fi Mai 1902).
Bochambeau. Nation 74(1902)418-9.

Society of the Cincinnati, New York. Dinner in honor of the official delegates from France to the United
States, on the occasion of the dedication, at Washington, if the statue of Count de Rochambeau . . . and
of the representatives of the families of Rochambeau and Lafayette, given by members of the order,
May twenty-seventh, 1902. [New York, Printed by T.D.Rich, 1902J 4 1. 23cm. [Contents. Menu.
Toasts. Official guests. L.C. 2-18830]

W r i g h t, D. J. La Fayette et Rochambeau devaut les bistoriens amerlcans. Rev Hebdom 24 Mai (1902)
ROCHESTER, N. Y. City of Monroe Co. 360 m. by rail N.W. of New York.

Hooker, Susan H. Planting of school grounds in Rochester, N. Y. Ctry Life Am l(1902)219(Ap).
ROCK RIMMON. Cliff near Manchester, N. H.

Moore, William Ellery. Rock Rlmmon. Notes and Q 20(1902)150-1.
ROCKAWA Y, N. J. Village of Morris Co. 9 m. N. by W. of Morristown.

Crayon, Joseph] Percy, 1841 Rockaway records of Morris county, N. J., families. Cemetery records,
church history, military lecords, local history, genealogies of the old families, nearly 20,000 data...
Rockaway, N. J., Rockaway publishing co., 1902. 1 p. 1., 300, [4] p. front., pi., port. 20%cm. [L.C.
ROCKEFELLER, John Davison (b.1839). N. Y. capitalist.

Beannler, A. L'homme le plus rich dn moude (M. John Rockefeller) Jour Debats 25 Juiu (1902).
R a 1 p b, Julian. John Davison Rockefeller. Cosmoool 33 ( 1 902 j 160-3. port.
ROCKEFELLER, William (b.1841). N. Y. capitalist.

Mo ffe t t, Samuel E. William Rockefeller. Cosmopol 33(1902)407-11. port.
ROCKHILL, William Woodville (b.1854). Director Bureau of Am. Republics.

W. Wood vl He Rockhlll. World's Work 3(1901-2)1577. port. only.
HOCKINGHAM. Vt. Hamlet and township of Windham Co. 5 m. N. of Bellows Falls.

Peck, Thomas Bellows. Records of the First Church of Rockingham, Vermont, from Its Organisation, Oc-
tober 27, 1773, to September 25, 1839, with an historical introduction. Boston, David Clapp tc Son, 1902.
STO, cloth, pp. zl-60. [Rev.ln:N Y Rec 34(1903)69 "Repriatud from the New Eng. Hist. Gen. Register
...fully indexed."
ROCKWOOD, Elias Jefferson (1838-98). Worcester, Mass, local antiquarian.

Dickinson, Thos. A. Sketch of E. J. Rockwood [obituary]. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)189-188.
ROCKY MTS. Mountain range of western IT. 8. and Canada.

Beaton, Welford W. A new Canadian glacier. Canad M 18(1901-2)213-9, 111.
C h a p m a n, R. H. Our northern Rocky Mountains. Nat Geog M 13(1902)361(0).
O n t r a m, James. The Ottertail group, Canadian Rockies. Appalachla, 10(1902)1-19.
W 11 cox, W. D. Recent explorations in Rocky Mountains. Nat Geog M 13(1902)141 (My), 185(Je).
ROEBLING, Ferdinand William (fl.1902). N. J. wire manufacturer.

P r 1 c e, Charles W. Ferdinand William Rcx-bllne. Cosmopol 34(1902-3)98-9.
ROEBLING, Washington Augustus (b.1837). N. J. civil engineer.

Washington A. Roebling, with portrait. Cassler 22(1902)542(Ag).
ROGERS, Benjamin Armstead (1835-1902). Ala. Confederate officer.

M a J. B. A. Rogers. Confed Yet 10(1902)423, port.
ROGERS, Henry Huddleston (fl.1902). Mass, capitalist.
M o f f e t t, Samuel E. Henry Huddleston Rogers. Cosmopol 3ii( 1902) 532-5, port.


ROGERS, James (1686-1755). Londonderry, N. H., early settler.

I) r u iii in o n (1, J . H. The Two James Rogers . . . Reprinted from a pamphlet published by S. C. Gould, in

1897, with notes and revision by the author. Historic Quart 3(1902)97-106.
ROGERS, James (d.1752). Dunbarton, N. H., early settler.

D r u IB m o n d, J. H. The two James Rogers. . .Reprinted from a pamphlet published by 8. C. Gould, in

1897, with notes and revision by the author. Historic Quart 3(1902)97-106.
ROGERS family.

Rogers, Ja. S. James Rogers of New London, Ct., and his descendants. Boston, J.S.Rogers, 1902. 12o.
[ Northw Q 6(1903)27-8 "Compiler has done his work in excellent manner ... full Index.,
table of contents. . .illustrated. . .printing fine. . .binding elegant. . .most important contribution"; N E
Reg 57(1903)120-l(George Clark) "Original sources ... thoroughly and carefully examined ... Index is
very . complete ... valuable contribution"; N Y Rec 34(1903.173 "Valuable. . .painstaking research ... com-
plete., .index."]

Rogers, James Swift. Hope Rogers (note;. N E Reg 06(1902)408-9.
ROOD, Ogdon Nicholas (1831-1902). Columbia Univ. Professor of physics, writer.

Van. Amringe, J. H. Ogden N. Rood. Columb Q 5(1902)47-62.
ROOSEVELT, Theodore (1831-78). New York, prominent citizen.

New York (City) Union league club. Theodore Roosevelt, senior, a tribute; the proceedings at a meeting
February 14, 1878. New York, Published by request, 1902. 2 p. 1., 9-27 p. front, (port.) 22cm. [Re-
print, with preface by William E. Dodge. L.C. 3-940]
ROOSEVELT, Theodore (b.1858). 26th President of the United States.

A ue r b a c h, Joseph S. President Roosevelt and "The Trusts". No Am 175(1902)877-94.

B o n, J. A. des Rotours. La greve charbon et M. Roosevelt. Ret BOC 16 Nov (1902).

Conant, R. W. comp. Theodore Roosevelt. (Student's ser. of four penny classics.) Chicago, O. Brewer.

D e n 1 o n, Lindsay. The President on his tours. World's Work 5(1902-3)2754-60, ill.

Fallows, Samuel. ...Life of William McKinley, our martyred president, with short biographies of Lincoln
and Garfleld, and a comprehensive life of President Roosevelt. [For details see same title under sub-
ject, McKinley, William.]

Halstead, Murat. The life of Theodore Roosevelt, twenty-fifth president of the United States... Akron,
O., New York [etc.] The Saalfleld publishing eo., 1902. xxl, 23-391 p. incl. front, pi., port. 24%cm.
[L.C. Z-22200]

Meyers, Robert C[ornelius] V. Theodore Roosevelt, patriot and statesman; the true story of an ideal
American... Philadelphia, Pa. and Chicago, 111., P.W.Zieglei- & co. [c!902] 526 p. incl. front., plate,
port. 23%cm. [L.C. 3-23487]

Nelson, Henry Loomls. Three months of President Roosevelt. Atlan 89(1902)145-54.

P a r s o n 8, F. President Roosevelt and the trusts. Arena 28(1902)449(N).

The personality of President Roosevelt. Cent 63(1901-2)277-9. port.

President Roosevelt at Cincinnati. Outl 72(1902)204-6.

President Roosevelt at the general assembly. Outl 71(1902)338-40.

President Roosevelt's first year. No Am 175(1902)721-45.

Preslden Roosevelt's message. Sat R 92(1902)706-7.

The president's message. Outl 72(1902)768-72.

Qnelques Idfies du president Roosevelt. Quest Act 29 Dec (1902).

Ralph, Julian. The story of Theodore Roosevelt's life. V. His first public service. Cosmopol 32(1901-

Les recits de chasse du President Roosevelt. Petit Temps 9 Mai (1902).

R 1 i s, Jacob A. The story of Theodore Roosevelt's life. Cosmopol 32(1901-2)406-10.

Roosevelt, T. Message to the two houses at the beginning of the session of the 57th Congress. Albany,
N. Y. State Lib. 1902. fo.

Roosevelt, T. Works. N. Y., Putnam, 1900. Sagamore ed. 15 v. 16o; 1902. Standard lib. ed. 8 v. So.lll.

Roosevelt &, Addlcks. Nation 75(1902)394.

Teaching the President a lesson." Nation 74(1902)478.

Theodore Roosevelt, LL. D. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)311-2.

Walker, John Brlsben. The story of Theodore Roosevelt's life. Cosmopol 32(1901-2)277-80.624-6, port.

Woodruff, Clinton Rogers. A president who seeks practical reforms; what Theodore Roosevelt has accom-
plished along administrative lines... [Philadelphia?] 1902. cover-title, [3]-7, [1] p. 22cm. ["Re-
printed from the Pittsburg dispatch, the Chicago tribune and the Portland Oregonian." L.C. 3-18045]

Whittelsey, Charles Barney. The Roosevelt genealogy, 1649-1902. Hartford, Conn., C.B.Whlttelsey, 1902.
121p. 34cm. [L.C. 2-15636]


ROOT, Elihu (b.1845). K. Y. lawyer, Secretary of War.

Roosevelt, Theodore. Three college-bred Americans. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)1-5.

[Storey, Moorfield]. Secretary Root's record. "Marked severities" In Philippine warfare. An analysis of
the law and facts bearing on tho action aud utterances of President Roosevelt and Secretary Root...
Boston, G.H.Ellis co., printers, 1902. 119 p. 22cm. [Signed: Moorfleld Storey, Julian Codman. Rev.
in:Dial 33(1902)248 "as a whole convicts. . .of frequent misrepresentations, suppressions of the truth,
and deliberate attempts to gloss." L.C. 3-13114]
ROPER, Jesse M. (fl.1902). Lieutenant-Commander of the U. 8. gunboat Petrel in Spanish-Am, War.

W a t e r s, Theodore. American heroes: Lleutenant-Comman.ler Hoper. New Eng M 25(1901-2)123-8, HI.
ROSLER. Gustav Adolph (d.1855). HI. German Am. politician and editor.

Stelnwedell, Wllhelm. Gustax Adolph RSsler. Deutseh-Am G 2.2(1902)39-41.
ROSS, George (1730-79). Pa. lawyer, signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Clark, Martha Bladen. The homes of the signers. Am Month M 20(1902)1028-31, ill., port.

Boss, George. Circular letter from Governor Ross [1776]. Host Bull 7(1902)21.
ROSS family.

Owen, Thomas McAdory. The Ross family, with a sketch of Jack Ferrlll Ross, flrst territorial and state

treasurer of Alab. Gulf Mag 1(1902)207-11, silhouette.
ROU, Louis (fl.1734). N. Y. Huguenot clergyman.

The lost manuscript of the Reverend Lewis Ron's 'critical remarks upon the letter to the craftsman on
the game of chess' written in 1734 and dedicated to his exctllency William Crosby, Governor of New
York. Florence, I.andl Presat 1902. pp!8.
ROUMANIANS. Inhabitants of Roumania, a state of 8.E. Europe.

P r a n k e 1, L. K. Secretary Hay's note to the powers [concerning the Roumanians] Char 9(1902)327-32.
ROUND BOTTOM, W. Va. Hamlet of Wayne Co. 10 m. from Huntington.

M a t b e w s, Wm. Burdette. Round Bottom, Marshall County. W Va Mag 2.1(1902)73-5.
ROUSS, Charles Broadway (1836-1908). N. Y. merchant.

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RUFFNER, Henry (1789-1861). Va. Presbyterian clergyman, Pres. Washington and Lee college, writer. ..

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