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Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America online

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B a r k e r, E. C. William Barrett Travis, the hero of the Alamo. South Hist A Pub 6(1902)417-21.
TREASURY department. Financial dep't of the IT. S. Gov't,

Phillips, J.B. Methods of keeping the public money of the U. S Ann Arbor, Mich., Mich. Pol. Sci., 1902.


TREAT family.

Treat, John H. Treate A correction (note). N E Reg 56(1902)204.
TRENT. William Peterfleld (b.1862). N. Y. professor, author, editor.

G u t h r 1 e, W. N. W. P. Trent. Sewanee 10(1902)68-71.
TRENTON, N. J. State Capital in Mercer Co. 34 m. from Philadelphia.

S t r o h m, Adam J. The free public library at Trenton, N. T. Lib J 27(1902)77142.
TREBLES family.

Will of Mrs. Ellinor Tresler. [Salem, Mass., ab. 1655.] Has Ant 6(1902)111-112.
S a 1 1 e y, A. S. Daniel Trezevant, Huguenot, and some of hia descendants. S C Hist Mag 3(1902)24-56,

TROTH family.

Haines, George. Ancestry of the Halnes, Sharp, Collins, Willa, Gardiner, Prlckitt, Eves, Evans, Moore,

Troth, Borton and Eugle families. [For details see same title under subject, Haines family.]
TROUSDALE, William (1790-1872). Term, lawyer, officer in war 1812, Seminole and Mexican wars, Gov.

Allen, B. F. Governor William Trousdale. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)311-14. port.
TROW, John Fowler (1810-86). New York publisher.

H e r r 1 c k, Henry W. John Fowler Trow. Notes and Q 20(1002)92-6.
TROY, N. Y. City of Reniselaer Co. 161 m. K. of New York City.

Hills, Frederick S[imon]. The Gardner Earl memorial chapel nud crematorium, Oak wood cemetery, Troy,
N. Y., by picture and prose. Albany, N. Y., F.S.HIlls, 1902. [18] p. 19 pi. (incl. front.) 23z28cm.
[L.C. 2-15199]

TRUE, Benjamin 0. (1846-1902). Baptist clergyman, professor.
Rev. Benjamin O. True. D.D. Granite M 33(1902)128.
TRUMBULL, James Hammond (1821-97). Conn, librarian, writer on Am. Indian languages.

James Hammond Trumbull. N J Hist R 2(1902)199.

TRUST companies. Financial institutions for the management of trust funds.
The banks and the trust companies. Nation 74(1902)302-3.

Cator, George. Trust companies in the United States. Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins press, 1902. 113 p.
24cm. (Johns Hopkins university studies in historical and political science, series \-x, nos. 5-6) [L.C.
Cator, George. Trust companies in the United States. J H Univ Studies in Historical and Political

Science 20.5-6(1902)1-113.

C o n a n t, Charles A. The growth of trust companies. R at Rs 26(1902)574-9.
TRUSTS. Monopolies.

Auerbach, Joseph S. President Roosevelt and "The Trusts." No Am 175(1902)877-94.
The big corporations commonly called trusts. Outl 72(1902)113-21.

Bolen, George L[ewis]. The plain facts as to the trusts and the tariff, with chapters on the railroad
problem and municipal monopolies. New York, London, The Macmlllan company, 1902. viil, 461 p.
lin-jcm. "List of books cited": p. vlll. [Rev.ln:Dlal 34(l903)(F.W.Blackmar) "valuable. . .all. . .the
salient points. . .abounds in facts. . .Coplus notes. . .chiefly filled with statistics. . .thoroughly useful and
Interesting." L.C. 2-21599]

Bridge, James H[oward]. The trust: its book; being a presentation of the several aspects of the latest
form of industrial evolution, by Charles R. Flint, James J. Hill, James H. Bridge, 8. C. T. Dodd, and
Francis B. Thurber, with numerous expressions of representative opinion and a bibliography. New
York, Doubleday, Page & company, 1902. xxxvill, 256 p. 10cm. [Contents. America's commercial
primacy and the trust [by] James H. Bridge. Combinations and critics [by] Charles R. Flint. Aggre-
gated capital: its history and Influence [by] S. C. T. Dodd. The gospel of industrial steadiness [by]
Charles R. Flint. Combinations and the public [by] James J. Hill. The trust: an alliance of work,
brains and money [by] Charles R. Flint. Influence of the trust on prices [by] Francis R. Thurber.
What combination has done for capital and labour [by] Charles R. Flint. Appendix: 1. The trust and
representative opinion. 2. The trust in operation. 3. A list of books relating to trusts. Rev.ln:Dlal 34
(1903)149-50(F.W.Blackmar) "for. . .showing the necessity and advantage of the Trust... each writer
understands his subject well and presents it energetically." L.C. 2-16118]
D e s m e t s, J. La puissance des trusts aux fctats-l'nis. Rf ficon 26 Oct(1902).
Griffin, A. P. C. A list of books relating to Trusts. Washington. Gov. Print. Office, 1902. 42 p. O.
H u b b a r d, Evelyn. American "trust" and English combinations. Econ J 12(1902)159-76.
McReynolds, S. The home of trusts. World's Work 4(1902)2526-32, ill., fac.

M a t s o n, C. H. A grain-buyers' trust: how Kansas farmers are meeting it. R of Rs 25(1902)201-5.
M e r r 1 a m, William R. "Trusts" in the light of census returns. Atlan 89(1902)332-9.


Nelson, Henry Loomis. The great business combinations of today. The so-called steel trust. Cent 65

P a r s o n s, F. President Roosevelt and the trusts. Arena 2$(1902)449(N).

Roosevelt, Theodore. The trusts and the tariff. [Speech at Cincinnati.] Outl 72(1902)206-8.

8 o c 1 6 t 6 d'Sconomie polltiqne de Paris. Leg trusts, d'apres les documents aiuCricains. ficon Franc;
22 Nov(1902).

Stone, William A. The tariff and the trusts. Indep 54(1902)2520-2.

(Les) Trusts amfiricains. Quest Act 27 Sept(1902).

Les trusts et la concurrence. Jour ficon 51(1902)83-6.

The Trust Problem. The "Socialistic Basis." Outl 72(1902)671-3.

Y a r r o s, Victor S. The trust problem restudied. Am .T Sociol 8(1902-3)58-74.
TRUTH-KNOWER8. A Mohammedan gnostic society of Boston.

Vatralsky, Stoyan Krstoff. Mohammedan Gnostics in America. The origin, history, character and

esoteric doctrine of the Truth-Knowers. Am Jour Theol 6(1902)57-78.
TSILKA, Katerina Stefonovna. Bulgarian woman educated in IT. S., connected with Am. mission.

T s i 1 k a, Katerina Stefanovna. Born among brigands. McClnro 19(1902)290-300, port.
TUCK, Amos (1810-79). N. H. educator, Congressman.

Corning, Charles R[obert]. Amos Tuck. Exeter, N. H., The News-letter press, 1902. 99 p. 20% cm.

[L.C. 3-5243]
TUCKER, Benjamin Rioketson (b.1864). Mass, and N. Y. publisher, journalist, writer.

Ohio, Paul. Un anarchiste Amerlcain. Jour ficoo 52(1902)335-40.
TUCKER, Ervin Alden (1862-1902). N. Y. physician, educator.

Fielder, Frank Sidney. Ervin Alden Tucker, B.S., A.M., M.D. ColnmD Q 4(1902)277-85, port.
TUCKER, Josiah (1772-99). English clergyman, Dean of Gloucester.

Dean Tucker's Pamphlet. Penn Mag 25(1901)307-22 [facslm. title], 516-26; 26(1902)81-90,255-64.
TUCKER family.

Walker- Tucker-Baylor-Norton Meade (note). Wm M Q 10(J902)205-7,281.
TUCSON, Arizona. Town of Fima Co. about 250 m. E. of Yuma.

Ford, Rochester. Tucson, Arizona. Out West 17(1902)380-95, 111.

P 1 e r a o n, Arthur T. The Indian training-school, Tucson, Arizona. Miss R 25(1902)561-4, 111.
TUFTS, James.

Tufts, James Hayden. James Tufts. A Memorial. Printed for the Editor by the Unlr. of Chicago

Press., 1902. 8vo. pp. 145, 111. [Rev.ln:N E Reg 57(1903)m(F.W.Parke) "Well- written."]
TULARE County, Cal. Co. in the 8. central part of the state.

Barry, Geo. A. Tulare county. Out West 17(1902)772-88, ill.
TUPELO (Miss.). Civil War engagement, July 14-15, 1863.

Lee, Stephen D. The battle of Tupelo, or Harrisburg, July 14th, 1863. Miss Hist P 6(1902)52, map.
TURELL, Ebenezer (1708-78). Medford, Mass., clergyman.

Wild, Helen T. Rev. Ebenezor Turell. Medf Reg 5(1902)22-3.
TURELL (Mrs.) Jane (Coleman) (1708-85). Mass. poet.

Morss, Myra Brayton. Mrs. Jane Turell. Medf Reg 5(1902)1-12, 111.
TURNER, J. J. (d. 1901). Tenn. Confederate officer.

Col. J. J. Turner. Confed Vet 10(1902)33-4, port.
TURNER, Josiah (1821-1901). N. C. politician, editor, lawyer, Confederate officer.

Memoirs of Josiah Turner (note). South Hist A Pub 6(1902)92-4.
TU8CARORA war in N. C. 1711-'1S.

Clark, Walter. Indian massacre and Tuscarora war 1711-'13. N C Book! 2.3(1902)3-18, map.
TUBKEGEE, Ala. Capital town of Maoon Co. 45 m. E. of Montgomery.

Johnson, Clifton. Tuskegee, a typical Alabama town. Outl 72(1902)519-26, ill.


S e b r e e, D. Progress in American Samoa. Indep 54(1902)2811-21, ill.
TWIGG8, H. D. D. Georgia Confederate officer.

B a s o n, J. T. Mlssissippians in the Virginia army. Confed Vet 10(1902)23.

TWO Rivers, Wis. Village of Manitowoo Co. 7 m. N.E. of Manitowoo.

D a v 1 d s o n, John Nelson. Our Northward Neshotah. Wise Hist Proc '01(1902)175-81.
TYLER, Fisher Ames (d.1902). Miss. Confederate officer.

1. Fisher ABM* Tyler. Confed Vet 10(1902)321-2, port.


TYLER. John (1747-1813). Va. lawyer, judge. Governor.

Imported horses. Wm M Mag 10(1902)210.
TYLER, John (17&0-1868). 10th President of the United States.
John Tyler (letter 1857). Collect 15(1902)46.

Tyler, John, [letter] to Brautz Mayer [1847]. Boat Bull 7(1902)321-3.
TYLER, Moses Colt (1885-1900). Mich, and N. Y. Cong, clergyman, later Episcopal olerg., Prof., writer.

Burr, George L. Moses Colt Tyler. Am Hist A Rep '01.1(1902)187-95.
UHL, Edwin F. (1341-1901). Mich, lawyer, U. 8. Asst. Secretary of State, Ambassador to Germany.

Edwin F. Uhl. Mich Hist Coll '01,31(1902)67-71.
UINTA Valley Indian reservation. Ute Indian reservation in Utah.

U. S. Geological survey. ...Surveys and examinations of Nirua Indian reservation. Letter from the sec-
retary of the interior, transmitting, in response to an inquiry by the House [of representatives] a re-
port... [The water supply of the Ulnta Indian reservation, Utah. By Cyrus Cates Babb] Jane 19,
1902. Referred to the Committee on Indian affairs and ordered to be printed. [Washington, Gov't
print, off., 1902] 53 p. pi., map. 23cm. (57th Cong., 1st sess. House. Doc. no. 671) Running title:
Dinta Indian reservation. [L.C. 2-23252]

U. 8. Congress. Senate. Committee on Indian affairs. ....Leasing of Indian lands. Hearings ... [Jan.
16, 23, February 4, 13, 1902] on the resolution submitted by Mr. Rawlins proposing an inquiry relative
to leases of Indian lands, Senate bill 145, in relation to certain lands within the Uintah Indian reserva-
tion, and the resolution submitted by Mr. Jones, of Arkansaa, In regard to leases of the Standing Rock
Reservation lands. February 22, 1902. Submitted by Mr. Platt, of Connecticut, and ordered to be
printed... Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 120 p. 23cm. (57th Cong., 1st BOSS. Senate. Doe.
no. 212) [L.C. 2-23952]

UMATILLA County, Or. A northeastern Co. of the state.

Parsons, William. An illustrated history of Umatllla County, and of Morrow County, by W. S. Shiacb;
with a brief outline of the early history of the state of Oregon, [n. p.] W.H. Lever, 1902. xv, 581 p.
pi., port. 30 x LMI.J.-III. [L.C. 2-29728]

UNADILLA, N. Y. Village of Otsego Co. 43 m. E.N.E. of Birmingham.

Halsey, Francis Whiting. The pioneers of Unadilla village. 1784-1840. . . Reminiscences of village life
and of Panama and California from 1840-1850, by Galus Leonard Halsey... Unadilla, N. Y. [Press of
G.D.Raltt] 1902. xv, 323 p. front., pi., port., fold. plan. lV&cm. ["650 copies only printed." "The
surviving author has presented six hundred copies of these memorials to the vestry of St. Matthew's
church in Unadilla. N. Y.. with a view to their sale." L.C. 2-18369]
"UNCLE BAM." Nickname for the United States.

"Oncle Sam." Rech Hist 8(1902)372-3.
UNDERGROUND railroad. Anti-slavery organization for helping escaped slaves.

R a s t a 1 1, John E. Underground railroad in Nebraska. Neb Hist S 11.5(1902)323.
UNDERTAKERS. Those who manage funerals.

Undertakers bill, 1809. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)75-6.

Underwood (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)275-0.
UNIFORMS. Official dress.

An Army Button. Ess Ant 6(1902)135, 111. [Facsimile and half a dozen lines on army button of IV

Mass. Reg. in 1757]

R o y, P. G. L'uniforme de mllicien sous 1'ancieu regime [1700]. Rech Hist 8(1902)156-7.
UNION VILLAGE, Ohio. A Shaker village of Warren Co. 4 m. W. of Lebanon.

M a c 1 e a n, J. P. Mobbing the Shakers of Union Village. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 11(1902)108-33.
UNITARIAN Church. Non-Trinitarian Church with Congregational form of Gov't.

Cooke, George Willis. Unitarianlsm In America; a history of Its origin and development... Boston, Amer-
ican Unitarian association, 1902. xi, 463 p. front., pi., port. 21%em. [Rev.ln:Natlon 76(1903)401-2
"a monument to... careful diligence In the collection of material and to [the] Judicious use of It...
agreeable literary form"; Dial 34(1903)206 "most serviceable manual of ref erence . . . as a record of
Unitarian achievement. . .supplies a want." L.C. 3-605]
Crooker, J. H. The Unitarian Church, its history and characteristics, a statement. Boston, American

Unit. Assoc. 1902. pp. 64.

Earliest records of the Unitarian Society, Burlington, Vermont. Vt Ant 1(1902)56-70.
Hlgglnson, Thomas W. Two New England heretics: Cbaunlng and Parker. Ind 54(1902)1234-6.
Memorial to Charles Henry Appleton Dall. [For detail see same title under subject, Dall. C. H. A.]


UNITED STATES. Republic of North America founded July 4, 1776.

B a r g y, H. Le fatalisme d'action aux fitats-Unis. Rev Met et Mor NOT (1902).

Barker, Wharton, ed. The great issues; repr. of some editorials fr. The American, 1897-1900. Phila. Vf.
Barker. 1902. 12o.

Boeoklin, August. Wanderleben in den Vercinigten Staaten. N.nch den erinnerungen eines ehemaligen
offlzors. Leipzig, J.Cotta nachfolger [1902] 355 p. 18%cm. [L.C. 3-499]

Brady, Cyrus Townsend. Border fights & fighters; stories of the pioneers between the Alleghenies and the
Missippi and in the Texan republic. [For details see same title under subject, Indians, Am.]

Bryoe, James. ...La republique americaine . . . Edition francaise, completee par 1'auteur en quatre vo-
lumes avec une preface de M. B. Chavegrin... Paris, V.Giard & E.Briere, 1900-02. 4 v. 23cm. (Bi-
bliotheque Internationale de droit public). [L.C. 3-10691]

Calwer, Richard. Die meistbegiinstigung der Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerica . . . Berlin [etc.] Aka-
demischer verlag fflr sociale wissenschaften, dr. John Edelheim, 1902. 154 p. 23%cm. [L.C. 2-11211]

Coffin, Charles Carleton. Building the nation; events in the history of the United States from the revolu-
tion to the beginning of the war between the states. . . New York and London, Harjfer & brothers, 1902.
485 p. incl. front., plate, map, facs. 23cm. [First pub. 1883. L.C. 3-15295]

Colonel Alexander K. McClure's recollections of half a century... Salem, Mass., The Salem press com-
pany [1902] viii, 502 p. front., pi., port. 23V 2 cm. [Rev.inrAm Hist R 9(1903)184-7(H.V.Aines)
"some fifty miscellaneous sketches of men prominent in the. . .history of the republic ... with papers upon
important events. . .style. . .of the experienced journalist. . .substantially free from errors of fact."
L.C. 2-25939]

Davenport, Benjamin R[n*h] The youths' history of the United States from the discovery~of the Ameri-
can continent to the present time... Cincinnati, O., W.H.Ferguson company [1902] 1 p. 1., 739-938 p.
Incl. pi. front., ill., pi. 24cm. ["Some of these pages are used in the 'Library of history' "... Also
issued as a part of The discovery and conquest of the New world . . . Introduction by the Hon. Murat
Halstead... L.C. 3-2963]

Davidson, William H. A history of the United States. Chicago, Scott, Foresman and company, 1902.
1 p. 1., xxiv, 9-541 p. front., ill., pi., port., map. 19fc,cin. [L.C. 2-13800]

D e h n, P. Aufschwung d. nordamerik. Union. Illus Zeit (1902)Na.3063.

Ende, A. v. Amerikan. Brief. Litt Echo (1902)481,847-50,1130,1282; 4:1419,1569-72; 5:273-6,414.

Fiske, John. Essays historical and literary... New York, London, The Macmillan company, 1902. 2 v.
front, (port.) 23cm. [Contents. v. 1. Scenes and characters in American history: Thomas Hutchlnson,
last royal governor of Massachusetts. Charles Lee, soldier of fortune. Alexander Hamilton and the
Federalist party. Thomas Jefferson, the conservative reformer. James Madison, the constructive
statesman. Andrew Jackson, frontiersman and soldier. Andrew Jackson and American democracy sev-
enty years ago. Harrison, Tyler, and the Whig coalition ("Tippecanoe and Tyler too") Daniel Web-
ster and the sentiment of union. v. 2. In favourite fields: Old and new ways of treating history. John
Milton. The fall of New France. Connecticut's influence on the federal constitution. The deeper sig-
nificance of the Boston tea party. Reminiscences of Huxley. Herbert Spencer's service to religion.
John Tyndall. Evolution and the present age. Koshchei the deathless. Hist R 8(1903)514-
C(K.C.Babcock) "In reality artist's sketches. . .value [variable]. . .add nothing to the reputation of Dr.
Fiske. . .publication is... hardly excusable''; Nation 76(1903)17 "possesses a good deal of interest. . .are
...for a popular audience and must not be read too critically. . .all have merit. . .we. . .strongly recom-
mend the volumes"; Dial 33(1902)387-9(P.F.Bicknell) "all. ..have already been [printed]. . .has Insured
...a finish and symmetry... a certain tendency to colloquialism . . . " L.C. 2-25499]

FOB t e r, John W. Pan-American diplomacy. Atlan 89(1902)482-91.

F ra n z, J. L. A us d. Verein. Staat. v. N.-A. Neue Zeit (1902)No.33.

Gilder, Joseph B[enson], The American idea as expounded by American statesmen; introduction by An-
drew Carnegie. New York, Dodd, & company, 1902. xx, 311 p. 20cm. [Contents. The declara-
tion of independence. The articles of confederation. The Constitution of the United States. Wash-
ington's Inaugurals. Washington's farewell address. The Monroe doctrine. Lincoln's Cooper institute
speech. Lincoln's inaugurals. The proclamation of emancipation. Lincoln's Gettysburg speech. Web-
ster's Bunker Hill speoch. Lowell on democracy. Cleveland on the self-made man. Roosevelt on na-
tional duties. McKinley's last speech. Hoar on free speech. Hay on our recent diplomacy. Rev. in:
Nation 75(1902)344 "Introduction. . .takes. . .hopeful view of our democracy. . .seventeen documents...
beginning with. . .Declaration of Independence"; Dial 34(1903)52 "of the typical American documents
...Speeches by the last three. . .President. . .a very dubious choice ... sophomoric introduction." L.C. 2-

Oordy, J. P. Political history of the United States. Vol. II. N. Y. Henry Holt. 1902, pp 581, 4 vol.
[Rev.ln:Am Hist R 8(1903)367-8(A.D.Morse) "points that [are] .. .questionable. .. [do] not detract sensi-
bly from... many and solid merits. . .well wrought out and. . .instructive"; Nation 76(1903)95 "not...
very even... In space or in fulness of detail. . .within its limits... an excellent performances, and on*
hrtll/ to b ntcomBieuded . . .too sever* on the Federalists."]


Hart, Alb. B., ed., and Chapman, Annie B. Source readers in Am. history, no. 3, How our Grandfathers
lived. N. Y., Macmillan. 1902. 12o. ill.

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. Young folks' history of the United States... New York, London [etc.]
Longmans, Green, and co., 1902. vl, 400, [5]-33 p. front., ill., map. 19%cm. [Books for consulta-
tion: p. 349-354. L.C. 2-19886]

Hill, David J. Our National Development. Phila., Avll Print. Co. 1902. ppll.

I g n o t u s. Nordamerikan. Eutwicklgn. Akad. Blatter (1902)No.ll.

K a r d o r f f - W a b n 1 t z, W. v. Gesprach m. e. Nord-amerlkauer. Dtsche. monats. f . d. ges leben

Lavasseur, E. La population des fitats Unis. Rev Geog Jull (1902).

Lodge, Henry Cabot. A fighting frigate, and other t-ssayg and addresses. New York, C.Scribner's sons,
1902. 4 p. 1., 316 p. 21cm. [Contents. A fighting frigate. John Marshall. Oliver Ellsworth. Daniel
Webster: his oratory and his influence. Three governors cf Massachusetts: Frederick T. Greenhalge,
George D. Robinson, Roger Wolcott. The treaty-making powers of the Senate. Some impressions of
Russia. Rochambeau. Appendix: Letter from Hon. George F. Hoar. Hist R 8(1903)571-3
F.M.Anderson) "a capital illustration of how history may be made attractive. . .accuracy and fair-
mimledness pravent mlsstatements of fact. . .partisanship is that of tone, emphasis, and implication; but
it is after all... not history"; Dial 34(1903)153 "scholarship und vigor. . .little Christianity, so far as
ideals are concerned"; Nation 75(1902)421 "Several addresses. . .reprinted." L.C. 2-24749]

Lossing, Benson John. Harper's encyclopaedia of United States history from 458 A. D. to 1902, based upon
the plan of Benson John Lossing. . .with special contributions covering every phase of American history
and development by eminent authorities. . .with a preface on the study of American history by Wood-
row Wilson... New York, London, Harper & bros., 1902 [1901] 10 T. col. front., ill., pi. (partly col.)
port., map, facs. 24cm. [L.C. 1-28079 M 2]

Mabie, Hamilton Wright. This country of ours; Its great achievements and wonderful progress from the
fifteenth to the twentieth century ... assisted by a corps of special writers on various phases of our his-
tory; embellished with over 150 fine engravings by the best American artists... !Philadelphia? 1901]
1 p. 1., 11-424 p. front., ill., pi. 25cm. [A new ed. of the work pub. under titles Memorial history of
America, Home school of American history, etc. Omits somo chapters of former editions and has new
matter. L.C. 2-24342]

McMaster, John Bach. Compendio dp hlstoria de los Estados Unldos. . .tr. y adaptaclon por Marcos More 1
del Solar... New York, Cincinnati [etc.] American book company [1902] 547, 36 p. Incl. front., 111.,
map. 19cm. [Spanish translation of A school history of tin- United States. L.C. 2-24094]

McVey, [Isidore Van Aernam] "Mrs. 3. D. KoVey." Manual of United States history. Being volume II
of the Cheney series of school manuals. Designed for terms of fourteen weeks. Frankllnville, N. Y.,
Mrs. J.D.McVey, 1902. 89 p. lH'-i-m. [6 blank pages for notes follow p. 89. L.C. 2-13806]

Mann, William Justin. America in its relation to the great epochs of history. Boston, Little Brown, and
company, 1902. xvii, 315 p. ISVicm. ["Suggestions for reading or reference": p. [299]-304. Rev.ln:
Dial 35(1903)8(J.O.Pierce) "has necessarily confined himself to a generalization that disappoints the
hearty interest which his treatment of his thesis awakens. . .small but weighty." L.C. 2-30081]

Marmier, X. Les fetats-Unts et le Canada. Tours, Mame, 1902. pp 239. 80.

Montgomery, D[avid] H[enry]. The beginner's American history... Boston, Ginn & co., 1902. Till, 258,
xviil pp. Incl. front., ill., port, pi., map. 19cm. (Leading facts of history series) ["A short list of
books of reference": app., pp. l-ll. L.C. 2-3453 M 2]

Morris, Charles. Ny og fuldstscndig historic af do Fort-nde Stater; omfattende vort lands vsext og be-
v drifter fra den forste opdagslse og bebyggelse til den dag idag. . .oversat til norsk-dansk af Slgvard
Sorensen... Philadelphia, Chicago [etc.] The J.C.Winston co. [1902] 607 p. incl. front., 111., pi. pi.
25cm. [L.C. 2-26087]

Mowry, William A[ugustusJ and Mowry, Arthur May. First steps in the history of our country... [Enl.
ed.] New York, Boston [etc.] Silver, Burdett and co. [1902] 334 pp. Incl. front., 111. 19cm. [L.C.2-4712]

Northrop, Henry Davenport. Home studies in American history; the triumphant progress of a great na-
tion; or, Standard history of the United States... Philadelphia, Pa., National publishing co. [1902]
xxlv, 17-997, xxxli, [8], xiv p. front., 111., pi. (partly col.) port., maps. 27cm. [The same text with
some variations in plates and appended matter has been pub. under various titles: Story of the New
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