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Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America online

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Smith, Uriah. De Forenede Stater nationernes under; dets fortids, nutids og fremtids historic hTad de
Hellige Skrifter siger derom . . . oversat fra den tredje engelske reviderede udgave. Battle Creek, Mich,
[etc.] Reyiew and herald pub. co. ; Oakland, Cal. [etc.] Pacific press publishing co., 1902. 324 p. Incl.
ill., pi., port, front., col. pi., map. 22V6cm. [L.C. 2-13805]

Smith, Uriah. PSrenta Staterna nationcrnas under; dess fOrflutna, niirvarande, framtida historia brad
Skriften sager darom. . .8f versa ttning fran tredje reviderade eng-jlska upplagan. Battle Creek, Mich,
[etc.] Review and herld pub. co. ; Oakland, Cal. [etc.] Pacific press publishing co., 1902. 324 p. Incl.
ill., pi., port, front., col., pi., map. 22%cm. [L.C. 2-13804]

Smith, Uriah. Die Vereinigten Staaten das wunder der nationen; seine vergangenheit, gegenwart and
zukunft, und was die Heilige Schrift darttber sag t... Von ds 3. revidierten englischen ausg. fibersetzt.
Battle Creek, Mich, [etc.] Review and herald publishing co. ; Oakland, Cal. [etc.] Pacific press pub-
lishing co., 1902. 324 p. incl. ill., 'pi. front, (port.) col. pi., map. 22%cm. [L.C. 2-13802]

Statesman's year-book... Lond., MacMillan & co. 1902. [12o.] [U. S.=pp. 1188-1253.]

Steele, Joel Dorman, and Steele, Either Baker. A popular history of the United States of America...
Rev. and enl. ed. New York, A.S.Barnes & company [1902] ]8, [3], [9]-741, [3] p. front., 111., port.,
map. 24cm. [L.C. 2-29031]

Stratton, Mrs. Ella (Hines) Child's history of our great country from the earliest discoveries to the
present time... Philadelphia, Pa., National publishing co. [1902] 13, 17-292 p. col. front., ill., pi.
(partly col.) port. 25cm. [Also issued as p. 17-292 of the author's Story of our nation. 1902. L.C.

Stratton, Mrs. Ella (Hines). Young people's history of our country, from the earliest discoveries to the
present time... Philadelphia, Pa., National publishing co. [1902] 13, 17-504 p. front., 111., pi., port.
25cm. [Issued also under the titles: The story of our country; The thrilling story of the world's giant
republic, etc. L.C. 2-25435]

Tappan, Eva Mkroh. Our country's story; an elementary history of the United States... Boston, New
York [etc.] Houghton, Mifflin and company [1902] vii, 267, [1] p. front., ill., map. 19%cm. [61. Men.
in:Dial 32(1902)424 "elementary. . .plentifully furnished with pictures." L.C. 2-14118]

Thalheimer, M[ary] E[lsie]. ...The new eclectic history of the United States... New York, Cincinnati
[etc.] American book co. [1902] vlii, 9-398, xlli, [3] pp. incl. front, (port.) ill., map. col. pi. 19cm.
(Eclectic educational series) [L.C. 2-5210]

Thompson, Robert Ellis. The hand of God in American history: study of national politics... New
York, T.Y.Crowell & co. [1902] 3 p. 1., 236 p. 19cm. [L.C. 2-7108]

Verelnifte Staaten v. N.-A. Phanomenale Eotwicklg. d. Vereln. Staat. v. N.-A. Polytech. Cen-
tralbl. (1902)No.2.

Wagner, Harr. Supp. to the Cal. state series hist, of the U. 8.. from 1889 to the present time. San
Francisco, Whltaker & R. 1900; rev. ed. 1902.

Wilson, Woodrow i. e. Thomas Woodrow. A history of the American people ... Illustrated with portraits,

HIM ps, plans, facsimiles, rare prints, contemporary views, etc New York and London, Harper It

brothers, 1902. 5 v. front., ill., pi., port., map, plan, facs. 22 Mi cm. [Contents. v. 1. The swarming
of the English. v. 3. Colonies and nation. v. 3. The founding of the government. v. 4. Critical
changes and civil war. v. 5. Reunion and nationalization. Hist R 8(1903)762-5(F.J.Turner)
"brilliant in style. . .artistic literary form... is that of interpretation ... In ... general perspective and
proportion. . .has shown good judgment. . .it is Impossible to find in similar compass... so sustained and
vital a view of the whole first cycle of American history ... not ... more errors of fact than are common
to first editions"; Dial 33(1902)393-5(F.W.Shepardson) "will be much better appreciated by those who
have read widely about American men and measure)!, who are. . .better equipped to enjoy a philosophical
analysis and review. . .suggestive and interesting, filled with striking sntences, and convincing in their
thoughtful declarations. . .notable addition"; Nation 76(1903)117-8 "general verdict- .commendatory, .a
brilliantly written essay summarizing the general course of events. . .inevitably. . .comment and opinion
...predominate over fact ... achievement Is praiseworthy. . .occasionally a slip." L.C. 2-25622]
UNITED States of America (description and travel).

[Eddy, Arthur Jerome]. Two thousand miles on an automobile; being a desultory narrative of a trip
through New England, New York, Canada, and the West, by "Chauffeur," with eighteen illustrations
by Frank Verbeck. Philadelphia and London, J.B.Lippincott company, 1902. 1 p. 1., 329 p. 111.
21%cm. [Rev. in: Nation 75(1902)224 "Reflections on. . .any. . .subject suggested by. . .station, or not
suggested ... Chief worth. . .In. . .account of roads." L.C. 2-21604]

Reminiscences of C. C. Cox. Qunr Tex Hist Ass 6(1902)113-38.

Reumert, Elith [Foul Ponsaing]. ...Mln Amerikarejse; personlige indtryk og oplevelser. . . Kobenhavn,
Forlagt af Brodrene Salmonsen (J.Salmonsen) 1902. 1 p. 1., 241 p., 1 1. 19%cm. [L.C. 3-26275]


Seligmann, Julius. Eln ausflug nach Ameriku. Leiprig, H.Seemann nachfolger, 1902. 1 p. 1., T, 175 p.

18cm. [L.C. 3-685]

Stoddard, John L[awson], Beautiful scenes of America from Battery Park to the Golden Gate. Akron,
O., New York [etc.] The Saalfield publishing company, 1902. 1 p. 1., [128] p. of ill. with descriptions.
28 x 34%cm. [L.C. 2-18020]

Waldenstrbm, P[aul Potter]. fftrder i Atnerlkas Ffirenta Stater; reseskildringar . . . Stockholm.
Aktiebolaget Normans forlag [1902] 2 p. 1., 540 p. iiu-1. 111., port, front., fold. col. pi. 23cm. [L.C.
Weiller, Lazare. ...Les grandes idees d'un grand peuple. [5. ed.] Paris, F.Juven [1902?] 2 p. 1., 400,

[1] p. 19cm. [L.C. 3-26837]
UNIVERSALIST Church. Church holding universal salvation as its cardinal doctrine.

Mason, Edward Oilman. The founding of a faith. New Bug M 27(1902)464-9, ill.
UPPER Canada. Rebellion. Canadian disturbance 1837-9.

Contributions towards a bibliography of the Niagara Region. The Upper Canada Rebellion of
1837-'39. Being an appendix to volume fire, Buffalo Historical Society Society Publications. Buffalo,
N. Y. 1902. Pub Buffalo Hist Soc 5(1902)427-95.

K o b e r s t e 1 n, P. Die ersteu deutsch-amerikanischen Mlliz-Compagnien. Deutseh-Am G 2.2(1001)43-5.
UPSHTJR, Abel Parker (1790-1844). Va. lawyer, Congressman, judge, Sec. of the navy.

U p s h u r, Abel Parker. Recommendation to President Tyler [1841]. Boet Bull 7(1902)314-5.
USHER. Ellis Baker (1785-1850). Citizen of Maine.
Usher, Ellis Baker. A short biographical sketch of Ellis Bakor Usher of Hollls, Maine, by his grandson of

La Crosse, \Vls. [n. p.] Priv. print., 1002. 14 p. front, (port.) 21Vjcm. [L.C. 2-15494]
USHER, John (1648-1706). Mass. Treas. and Receiver Gen'l of New England.

Montague, Cha. Action of privy Council on petition of John Usher, 1689. Bust Bull 7(1902)346-7.
UTAH. A western state of the U. S. between Col. and Nev., admitted 1896.

[Donan, Patrick]. Utah; being a concise description of the vast resources of a wonderful region... !0th

ril., 100,000. . . [Denver] Passenger department of the Denver & Rio Grande and the Rio Grande and

western, 1902. 80 p. ill. 23%cm. [Added title: "Utah; a peep Into a mountain-walled treasury of

the gods. By P. Donan. Rhymes by Cy. Warman." L.C. 2 19010]

Jones, Marcus Elugene]. ...Utah... New York, London, The Macmlllan company, 1902. vl, 131 p. 111.,

map. 18% T 16%cm. (Tarr and McMurry geographies. Supplementary volume) [L.C. 2-14591]
UTICA, N. Y. City of Oneida Co. 95 m. W.N.W. of Albany.

B r og a n, J. C. Two notable pioneers of Utlca, N. Y. Illus. Cath World 76(1902)77(0).
VAIL family.

[Vail, Henry Hobart], (ienealogy of some of the Vail family descended from Jeremiah Vail at Salem,
Mass., 1639... New York [The De Vlnne press] 1902. 371, [1] p. Incl. ill., facs. 4 pi., map. 26cm.
[Preface signed: Henry H. Vail. Y Rec 34(1903)153 "[of] literary merit. . .elaborate index...
In many respects... a model." L.C. 17938]
VALENTINE, John J. (1840-1902). N. Y. and Cal. President Wells-Fargo Express.

Moody, Charles Amadon. The simple story of a man. Out West 18(1902)159-65, ill., port.
Passing of a modern Galahad. Out West 16(1902)65-6.
VALENTIKI, Valentino (d.1892). Catholic priest, scholar and educator.

R e v. Valentino Valentin!. Am Cath Hist 13(190?)57,128. port.
VALLEY FORGE, Pa. Village of Chester Co. 4 m. 8.E. of Phcenixville a Revolutionary War camp.

Foster, W[alter] Bert[ram], With Washington at Valley Forge. . .illustrated by F.A. Carter. Philadel-
phia, The Penn publishing company, 1902. 369 p. front., pi. 19cm. [L.C. 2-20644]
Revolutionary Parks In Pennsylvania. Year book Penn Soc of N Y (1902)108-111.
U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on military affairs. National military park at Valley Forge, Pa.
Hearing before the Committee. . .January 29, 1902, in relation to the bill (S. 614) to establish a National
military park at Valley Forge, Pa. Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 14 p. plan. 24cm. [L.C.
VAN BUREK, John (1810-66). N. Y. Attorney-General of the State.

Van B u r e n, John (letter) to James [1864]. Boat Bull 7(1902)324-5.
VAN BUREN, Martin (1782-1862). 8th President of the United States.

Van B a r e n, Martin. [Letter] to Governor Bouck [1844]. Bost Bull 7(1902)315-6.
VANDERBILT, George Washington (b.1862). N. Y. capitalist.
W e t o n, G. F. Blltmore, estate of Geo. W. Vanderbilt. Ctry Life Am 2:180(8).


VANDERBILT University. Meth. Univ. at Nashville, Tenn. eft. 1872.

Bulletin of Vanderbilt University, No. 6, Series 1. Nashville, Tonn. pp 40. 1902. [ Hist A
Pub 6(1902)356 "numerous notes illustrative of the work of this Methodist institution, past and pres-
VANDERLIP, Frank Arthur (b.1864). Assistant U. S. Treasury, N. Y. banker, writer.

Brooks, Frank H. Frank A. Vanderlip. World's Work 4(1002)2185-90, port.
VAN DORN, Earl (1820-63). Miss, soldier in Mexican War, Confederate General.
B a r r o n, S. B. Van Dorn at Holly Springs. Confed Vet 10 (1901-2)455-6.

[Miller, E. V. D.] A soldier's honor, with reminiscences of Major-General Earl Van Dorn; by his com-
rades. New York, London [etc.] The Abbey press [1902] 3(59 p. front, (port.) pi. 20%cm. [L.C.2-19195]
VAN DYKE, Henry (b.1852). N. Y. Presbyterian clergyman, Princeton Professor, writer.

The Rev. Henry Van Dyke. World's Work 4(1902)2252. port. only.
VAN METER family.

Van Meter, Anna Hunter, with addenda by Laidley, W. S. A glance at the Van Meter family in the

United States of America. W Va Mag 2.2(1902)5-18.

P., R. Libraries vs. family chests. Blbliog 1(1902)362-8 [Van Rensselaer mss.]
VAN8ITTART, Ralph (fl.1861). Member Canadian Parliament.

Cameron, Edward Robert. Memoirs of Ralph Vansittart, a member of the Parliament of Canada, 1861-
1867. Toronto, Musson Book Co. 1902. pp229. [ Pub Canad '02,7(1903)197 "history, or...
fiction. . .difficult to tell. ..(. ..was no member of Parliament named Vansittart for the period In ques-
VASOUEZ, Tiburcis (fl.1853). California bandit.

F 1 t z g e r a 1 d, O. P. A California bandit. Cent 63(1901-2)739-43.
VAUGHAN, Sir Charles (b.1794). English Ambassador to U. 8.

Document s The papers of Sir Charles Vaughan. Am Hist R 7(1902)304-29,500-33.
VAWTERS Church, Madison Co., Va.

G r 1 n n a n, Andrew G. Sale of a colonial church. Wm M Q 10(1902)257-8.
VENEZUELA. A republic occupying the N.E. portion of South America-.

Brandt, Conrad. A fight in the South American Revolution. Indep 54(1902)2464-72, ill.
The coercion of Venezuela. Nation 75(1901)474-5.
Venezuela and the Monroe doctrine. Outl 72(1902)971-3.
Venezuela then and now. Nation 75(1902)457-8.
The Venezuelian crisis. Nation 75(1902)494-6.

W o o 1 8 e y, Theodore S. Venezuela and international law. Indep 54(1902)2988-91, ill.
VENTURA County, Cal. Co. in the S. part of the state.

Barry, Harriet H. Ventura county. Out West 17(1902)789-804, ill.
VERMONT. The north westernmost of the New England states of the U. B., admitted 1791.

English policy toward America in 1790-1791. XVIII. Stephen Cottrell to W. W. Grenville. Am Hist

R 8(1902)78-86.

Liquor legislation in Vermont. Nation 74(1902)500-1.
THE Vermont Antiquarian. Burlington, Vt. v. 1. 1902-3.

Wilbur, La Fayette. Early history of Vermont, v. 3. Jericho, L.F.Wilbur, 1902. 80.
VESPUCIUS, Americus (1452-1512). Italian navigator sent by Spain and Portugal to America.
Martino, Antonio de. ...In quale anno Amerigo Vespucci compt il suo primo viaggio in America. Avel-
lino, Tip.-lit. E. Pergola, 1902. 73 p. 20%cm. [Contents. Amerigo Vespucci nei document! degli
archivil d'ltalia e di Spagna. Esamc critico delln relazione del Vespucci al gonfalonlere Pier Soderini.
Amerigo Vespucci ed 1 suoi critic!. Conclusione. L.C. 3-32923]

Vespucci, Amerigo. The first four voyages of Ann-rfcus Vespucius: a reprint in exact facsimile of the
German edition printed at Strassburg, by John Grtiniger, in 1509. New York, Dodd, Mead & company,
1902. 3 p. 1., 32 1. (facs. sig. A to F, in sixes except A and D, in fours) ill. (5 wdct.) 25cm. ["50
copies only printed, no. 9." Half-title: The first four voyages of Americus Vespucius. il. Although
originally announced as no. 2 of a proposed series of reprints from the Bibliographer, this work was not
pub. in that periodical, nor has any other number of the Beries appeared (Sept. 1903") Colophon: Ge-
druckt zu Strassburg durch JohanS Griiniger j Im iar. M.CCCCC.IX. vff mltfast... The woodcut on p.
[60] is a reproduction of the title vignette. Preface signed "L. S. L." i. e. Luther S. Livingston. In-
cludes facsim. of original t.-p. (4th p. 1.): Diss biichlln sagct wie die zwS | durchluchtigste' herrfi her
Fernandus. K. zn Castilien | vnd herr Emanuel. K. zu Portugal haben das weyte I mor erouchet vnnd
funden vil Insulen, vnnd eln Ntiwe | welt von wilden nackenden Leiiten, vormals vnbekant.) [wdct.]


"There are two varieties of the book iu German, differing only lit a single word in the second line of the
colophon. The copy from which this reproduction was made has "vff mitfast.." the other variety has
"vff Letare.." This German edition ... seems never to have beeu reproduced." Prefatory note. L.C.
VICE-PRESIDENTS. Officers chosen to act in ease of inability of President.

Vice- Presidents of the United States. Collect 15(1902)72.
VICKBURG (Hiss.). Civil War campaign 1862-63.

Thompson,!. K. P. Iowa at Vleksburg and tho Vicksburg National Military Park. Annals of Iowa
5(1902)272-92, port.

Vicksburg Vistas. Chicago, 111., R.M.Hynes, 1902. cblong, pp 25, ill. [Rev.ln:Gulf Hag 1(1902)69 '-40

panoramic views [and] 'Vicksbnrg Campaign ill Brief.' "]
VIELE, Egbert Ludovickus (1825-1902). K. Y. military engineer in Hex. and Civil Wars, Cong, writer.

Obituary. NYRec 33(1902)184-5.
VIETS family.

Viets, Francis Hubbard. A genealogy of the Viets family with biographical sketches; Dr. John Viets of
Simsbury, Connecticut, 1710, and bis descendants. [Hartford] The Case, Lockwood & Brainard co.,
1902. 228 p. front., pi., port. 24ftcm. [ Northw Q 5(1902)154 'biographical sketches...
add greatly to the interest. . .complete Index." L.C. 2-8226]
VILLANOVA COLLEGE. Cath. College at Villanova, Fa., id. 1848.

G r i f f 1 n, M. I. J. The beginning of Villanova as a manual labor college. Am Cath Res 19(1902)174-5.
VILLERS, Villiers, Villiers-Stuart family.

W h ay m a x, Horace W. Vlllers, Vllllers, Villiers-Stuart. Old Northw Q 5(1902)1-4,38-9, facs.
VINCENNES, Ind. City of Knox Co. 51 m. N. of Evansville.

Cauthorn, Henry S[ullivan]. A history of the city of Vincennes, Indiana, from 1702 to 1901... [Vin
cennes? Ind.] M.C.Canthorn [1902] 220 p. incl. 111., port, front. 20cm. [L.C. 2-29909]

Smith, Hubbard Madison. Historical sketches of old Vincenues, founded In 1732; Its Institutions and
churches, embracing collateral incidents and biographical sketches of many persons and events con-
nected therewith. Vlnci-nncs, Ind., 1902. 288 p. iucl. front., 111., port., map. 20cm. [L.C. 3-564]
VINCENT PINZON river, S. A. River of northeastern 8. A.

Vidal de La Blache, P[aul]. ...La riviere Vincent Pinzon; etudo sur la cartography de la Guyane...
Paris, F. Alcan, 1902. 2 p. 1., 114 p., 1 1. map. 25^cm. (Paris. Universite. Bihliothequp de la
facnlte des lettres. XV) [L.C. 3-57]
VIRGINIA. An original Atlantic state of U. 8. between Maryland and North Carolina.

An abridgement of the laws of Virginia. Compiled in 1694. Va Mag 9(1902)273-88,369-84; 10:

B a s s e t t, John Spencer. The relation between the Virginia planter and the London merchant. Am
Hist A Rep '01,1(1902)551-75.

R. S. P. Black Horse Troop [Va. Confederate Calvary]. South Hist Soc Pub 30(1902)142-6.

Brenaman. J[acob] N[eff]. A history of Virginia conventions... With constitution adopted by convention
of 1867-'68, and constitution adopted by convention of 1901-1902 appended. Richmond, J.L.H111 printing
company, 1902. 122, x p., 1 1., 87 p. 22 '/a cm. ["The constitution of the state of Virginia, adopted by
the convention of 1901-2" has separate title-page. L.C. 2-26499]

Brereton's "Discovery of the north part of Virginia." Bibliog 1(1902)406 sq(9-16).

Chandler, Julian A[lvin] C[arroll]. ... Virginia ... and William L. Foushee... New York, London, The
Macmlllan company, 1902. viil p., 1 1., 59 p. front, (fold, map) 111. 21% x 16%cm. (Tarr and Mc-
Murry geographies. Supplementary volume) [L.C. 2-24850]

Character of the early Virginia trade. So Atlan Q 1(1902)73-81.

David Wlckllffe. Wm M Q 10(1902)175-7.

D a v 1 s, J. B. The lower Virginia Peninsula. IV. Pirate* cf the Virginia capes. South Work 30(1801)
214-7; 31:21-6,393-7,659-61.

Early Presbyterians in Virginia [1699] (note). Va Mag 10(1902)214.

Early Quaker records in Virginia. South Hist A Pub 6(1902)220-31,304-13,408-14,499-508.

Edwards, Wm. H. A bit of history [secession of Va.]. W Va Mag 2.3(1902)59-66, port.

Elliot Grays of Manchester, Va. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1901)161-4.

Extracts from the proceedings of the Council. Wm M Q 10(1902)158-66.

The fight for Virginia [negro disfranchisement]. Nation 75(1902)496-7.

Hall, Edward Hagaman. Jamestown [1607-1907] a sketch of the history and present condition of the site
of the first permanent English settlement in America. New York, The American scenic and historic
preservation society, 1902. 30 p. Incl. map. front., pi. 18%cm. [L.C. 2-8105]


Hall, Granville Davisson. The rending of Virginia, a history... [Chicago, Mayer & Miller] 1902. 3 p. 1.,
[11]-630 pp. 111., pi., port. 20%em. Advertising matter: pp. 624 630. [Rev.ln:Dial 33(1902)91-2(James
M.Garnett) "serviceable ... preserves official papers... far from. . .Judicial. . .one-sided. . .[no] index";
South Hist A Pub 6(1902)260-1 (Hu.Maxwell) "From the standpoint of those favoring the 'rending' [the
formation of West Virginia] .. .no tone of conciliation." L.C. 2-4975]

Horton, L. H. [Virginia and Tennessee Boundary Commission, 1802.] Am Month M 21(1902)207.

J a m e s, E. W. Notes from colonial papers, America and West Indies 1685-'88. Wm M Q 10(1902)198.

John P. Branch Historical Papers of Randolph Maoon College. Pub. annually by the Dept. of History.
No. 2. 1902.

Journal of Col. James Gordon, of Lancaster County, V'a. Wm M Q 11(1902)98-112.

Lederer, John. The discoveries of John Lederer, in three several marches from Virginia, to the west of
Carolina, and other parts of the continent: begun in March 1669, and ended In September 1670. To-
gether with a general map of the whole territory which he traversed. Collected and translated out of
Latine from his discourse and writings, by Sir William Talbot, baronet... London, Printed by J.C. for
S. Heyrich, 1672; [Reprinted for G.P.Humphrey, Rochester, N. Y., 1902] 30 p. fold. map. 24%cm.
No. 98 of 300 copies printed. [Rev.ln:Va Mag 10(1902)112 "Excellent reprint." L.C. 2-15379]

Lee, Richard Henry. [Letter] to Arthur Lee. [1781] Boat Bull 7(1902)84-5.

List of Colonial Attorney-Generals. Wm M Q 10(1902)165-7.

List of Colonial secretaries. Wm M Q 10(1902)167.

Livingston, Luther S. Thomas Hurlot's "Briefs and truo report of tho new found land of Virginia."
Bibliog l(1902)35sq[10p. facsim. Remainder In following uos.]

Mcllwaine, Richard. Suffrage. An address before the Conference of Democratic Members of the Consti-
tutional Convention of Virginia, January 6, 1902. pp!4.

Members of the Virginia house of Burgesses, 1688. Va Mag 9(1902)312.

The Northern Neck (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)274-5.

[Old Dominion steamship company]. ...Old Dominion line. Along the historic James River. [New
York?] 1902. cover-title, 19, [5] p. 111., map. 20 14 x 10%cm. (Old Dominion series, no. 2) [Compiled
by R. P. Day. L.C. 3-53]

Opposition by Virginia to Lord Baltimore's settlement of Maryland. Am Cath Res 19(1902)28-9.

Personal notices from "Virginia Gazette." Wm M Q 11(1901)93-8.

Pirates in Virginia (note). Va Ma* 10(1902)216.

Robinson, Conway cont. Notes from the council and general court records, 1641-1682. Va Mag 9

Roll and roster of Pelham's battery. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)348-54.

Roster of the Buckingham Yancey Guard. South Hist Soc Pub 30(1902)154-60.

Sketches of the secretaries of the colony of Virginia. Wm M Q 10(1902)168-75.

Snowden, W[illiamJ H. Some old historic landmarks of Virginia and Maryland, described In a hand-book
for the tourist over the Washington, Alexandria and Mount Vernon electric railway... 4th ed. of five
thousand... Alexandria, Va., Printed by G.H.Ramey & son, 1902. 124 p. 111. 23%cm. [L.C. 3-13392]

Some colonial letters. Va Mag 10(1902)176-83.

Some Revolutionary soldiers from Virginia. Am Month M 21(1902)207-11.

Stanard. William Gr. and Mary Newton. The colonial Virginia register. A list of governors, councillor*
and other higher officials, and also of members of the House of burgesses, and the revolutionary con-
ventions of the colony of Virginia. Albany, N. Y., J.Munsell's sons, 1902. 249 p. 28cm. [Rev. in:
South Hist A Pub 6(1902)356 "The names of the authors are a guarantee of thoroughness and accu-
racy"; N Y Rec 33(1902)254 "of much value ... fully Indexed"; Gulf Mag 1(1902)166 "accuracy and
thoroughness. . .painstaking care." L.C. 2-19327]

Tyler, Lyon G. London company records. Am Hist A Rep '01,1(1902)543-50.

U p s h u r, Thomas T. Eastern shore history. Va Mag 10(1902)65-71.

Virginia. Constitutional convention, 1901-1902. Journal. Held In the city of Richmond, beginning June
12th, 1901. Printed by authority. Richmond, J.H.O'Bannon, 1901[-02] 574, [473], x p., 1 1., 87 p.
24cm. [Contains many documents and committee reports and "The constitution of the state of Vir-
ginia, adopted by the convention of 1901-2. Published by authority. Richmond: 1902." L.C. 3-3142]

Virginia legislative documents. Va Mag 9(1902)353-68: 10:1-16.

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VIRGINIA company. English colonizing corporation.

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VISITATION (Order of the). R. C. order of nuns.

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Online LibraryErnest Cushing RichardsonWritings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America → online text (page 44 of 54)