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Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America online

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VON HUMBOLDT. Friedrich Heinrich Alexander (1769-1859). German Geographer, naturalist, explorer,

espec. of S. A.

Letter of Alexander von Humboldt 1845. Am Hist R 7(1902)704-6.
VOORHEES, Daniel Wolsey (1887-97). Ind. lawyer, U. 8. senator, writer.

T h o r n t o n, W. W. Daniel W. Voorhees, as lawyer and orator. Green Bag 14:355(Ag).
VREELAND. Herbert Harold (b.1856). President of Metropolitan Street Railway Co. of New York.

Price, Charles W. Herbert Harold Vreeland. Cosmopol 33(1902)654-6, port.
WACHOVIA, N. C. A Moravian settlement

Clewell, John Henry. History of Wachovia in North Carolina: the Unitas f rat rum or Moravian church in
North Carolina during a century and a half, 1752-1902, from the original German and English manu-
scripts and records in the Wachovia archives, Salem, North Carolina. New York, Doubleday, Page ft
company, 1902. xlv, 365 p. incl. ill., map. front., pi., port. 23cm. [ 75(1902)72-3 "Nar-
rative of .. .southern province of .. .Moravian church in America from. . .1752. . .plain and simple account
...contains many matters of interest"; Am Hist R 8( 1903)363-4(J.S.Bassett) "treatment is not that of
a trained historian ... most valuable ... is this mass of facts. . .from. . .manuscript records." L.C. 2-13392]
WADE family.

Howard-Wade (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)203-4.

Wade, Stuart C. The Wade genealogy. (Part III) Rutland, Vt., The Tuttle Co. 1902. pp97, 80, pamphlet.

[Rev.ln:N Y Rec 33(1902)255 "highly seasoned with history and biography."]
WAGNER, Fort (8. C.). Civil War assault, July 18, 1863.

E a s o n, J. T. Misslssipplans in the Virginia army. Confed Vet 10(1902)23.
WAIT, Benjamin (1736-1822). Vt. officer in French and Indian War and Am. Revolution.

A ve ry, Emma Wait. General Benjamin Walt. Am Month M 21(1902)97-104. ill.
WAITE, J. T. H. (d.1902). Ga. Presbyterian clergyman.

R e v. J. T. H. Walte. Ass Her 7(1902)452-3.

W h a y m a n, Horace W. Fragmenta Genealoglca, Walnman Wayneman. Old Northw Q 5(1902)42.
W AXEMAN family.
Wakemaii, Rob. P. Wakeman genealogy. Meriden, ft.. Journal Pub., 1902. So, ill.

WALDO family.

Lincoln, Waldo. Genealogy of the Waldo family; a record of the descendants of Cornelius Waldo of Ips-
wich, Mass., from 1647 to 1900... Worcester, Mass., Press of C.Hamilton, 1902. 2 v. pi., port.
iM'-nrm. [Rev.ln:Old Northw Q 6(1903)101-2(0,8.0.) unusually complete system of references. . .Index
of 238 pages. . .candor, sobriety of judgment and cautious statement conspicuous ... a very careful and
creditable piece of research, published in excellent form; N Y Rec 34(1903)228-9 "thorough and extensive
...most excellent ... too much can hardly be said in its praise. Copious footnotes"; N E Reg 57(1903)
229-30(C.K.B.) "thoroughly well done. . .letters used... to number the persons. . .are a great obstacle to
the reader." L.C. 3-3722]

"WALK-IN-THE- WATER." First steamboat on Lake Erie.
Palmer, M. A. W. The wreck of the Walk-in-the- Water, pioneer steamboat on the Western Lakes.

Pub Buffalo Hist Soc 5(1902)319-23.
WALKER, Horatio (b.1858). Canadian painter.

F a i r b a i r n, M. L. Horatio Walker and his art. Canad M 18( 1901-2) 494-J500, 111.
WALKER, Joseph A. (d.lBOl). Va. Confederate General.

B n c k, S. D. Gen. Joseph A. Walker. Confed Vet 10(1002)34-6, port.


WALKER, Robert James (1801-69). Miss. U. S. senator, Sec. of Treas., Gov. of territory of Kan.

Brown, George W. Reminiscences of Gov. R. J. Walker; with the true story of the rescue of Kansas from

slavery... Rockford, 111., The author, 1902. 20-1 p. front., port. 19%crn. [L.C. 2-14681]
L e f t w i c h, George J. Robert J. Walker. Miss Hist P 6(1902)359-71.
WALKER, W. H. S. (1816-64). Ga. Confederate General.

Honor to Gen. W. H. T. Walker. Confed Vet 10(1902)402-7, 111., port.
WALKER family.

W a 1 k e r Tucker BaylorNorton Meade (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)205-7,281.

White, Mrs. Emma (Biggins). Genealogy of the descendants of John Walker of Wigton, Scotland, with
records of a few allied families. Also war records and ome fragmentary notes pertaining to the history
of Virginia. 1600-1902. Kansas City, Mo., Tiernan-Dart printing company, 1902. xxx, 722 p. front.,
pi. (partly col.) port., geneal. tab. 24cm. [ Mag 10(1902)223-4 "These. . .flaws. . .in no way
affect the great excellence or value." L.C. 2-19111]
WALLACE family.

Stearns, Hon. Ezra S. John Wallace of Londonderry, N. H. N K Reg 56(1902)185-7.
WALLER family.

B r y a n t, C. B. Waller (note). Va Mag 9(1902)328.
T 1 t u s, Anson. Crocum-Croackham (note). N E Reg 56(1902)410.
Waller (note). Win M Q 10(1902)278-9.
WALPOLE, Mass. Villlage of Norfolk Co. 19 m. 8.8.W. of Boston.

Dickinson, Thomas A. Inscriptions from the old graveyard, corner of Main and Kendall Streets, Wai-
pole, Mass. Dt-dh Reg 12(1901)27-9,63-5,94-7,129-31; 13(1902)32-5.

Walpole, Mass. Vital records to the year 1850. .. Boston, 1902. 216 p. 23%cm. (New- England historic
genealogical society. [Vital records of the towns of Massachusetts]) [Ed. by Henry Ernest Woods.
L.C. 3-5256]
WALSH, William (1850-1902). Tenn. Catholic priest.

Rev. William Walsh. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)56-7,126, port.
WALTHAM, Mass. City of Middlesex Co. 10 m. W. of Boston.

Chappie, Bennett. Factory for making Waltham watches. Nat'l M (Bost) 16(1902)602-8, ill.
WANAMAKER, John (b.1838). Phila. merchant, TJ. S. Postmaster-General.

G 1 e e d, Charles S. John Wanamaker. Cosmopol 33(1902)38-9, iort.
"WANDERER." . Last slaver (1859) to land cargo in U. S.

Bartlett. The last of the slavers. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)355-60.
WANNALANCET (d.lG9G). Last Sachem of the Merrimack River Indians, friend to the early colonists.

Early records of Manchester and vicinity. Notes and Q 20(1902)5-7.

' C h a in b e r 1 a .' u, Montague. The primitive life of the Wapanaki women. Acad 2(1902)75-86, ill., port.
WAR Department. IT. 8. Gov't office for military affairs.

Consolidating the army supply departments. Nation 74(1902)63-4.
WAR of 1812. British-American war.
B u r t o n, C. M. Papers and orderly book of Brigadier General James Winchester. Mich Hist Coll '01,

31(1902)253-313, port.
G a 1 1 o w a y, A. I. Firing the first shot. As told by the man who fired it. Reminiscences of Archer

Galloway. Pub Buffalo Hist Soc 5(1902)21-5.
H a 1 1, A. Militia service of 1813-1814. As shown by the correspondence and general orders of Major

General Amos Hall. Pub Buffalo Hist So'c 5(1902)27-62.

Harrison, J. VI. A war-time letter-book. Extracts from the correspondence of Jonas Harrison. Col-
lector of Customs for the District of Niagara during the War of 1812. Pub Buffalo Hist Soc 5(1902)99-109
Letters bearing on the war of 1812. Branch Pap No.2( 1902) 139-46.

Richardson, John. Richardson's War of 1812; with notes and a !ife of the author, by Alexander Clark Cas-
selman. Toronto, Historical publishing co., 1902. Ivili, [2] p., 1 1., 320 p. front., pi., port., map,
facs. 24cm. [No. 264 of an edition of 1000 copies. With facsim. of original t.-p. : War of 1812. First
series. Containing a full and detailed narrative of the operations of the Right division, of the Canadian
army, by Major Richardson, K. S. F. 1842. "The history of the war was to be written in three series
...the history was not completed." p. xxxv-xxxvi. Bibliography of the works of Richardson: p. liil-
Iviii. "The Richardson genealogy": p. xlvi-xlix. "The Askln genealogy": p. xlix-lli. Pub
Canad 7(1902)49-51 (E.Cruikshank) "Mr. Casselman's life of the author is a noteworthy contribution to
the history of Canadian literature. . .notes. . .remarkably accurate, indicating great industry and re-
search. . .Illustrated"; Am Hist R 8(1902)176 "new edition. . .of considerable value. . .biography of Rich-
ardson, maps and plans of battles, footnotes." L.O. 2-22584]


Roberts papers. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)349-61.

Roosevelt, Theodore. ...The iiaval war of 1812; or, The history of the United States navy duriug the last
war with Great Britain, to which is appended an account of the battle of New Orleans, by Theodore
Roosevelt. Philadelphia, Gebbie and company, 1902. 2 v. front, (port.) pi., diagr. 21 1,2 cm. [(Hia
[The complete writings. Uniform ed.) "Principal authorities referred to": v. 1, p. xxxl-xxxii. "Au-
thorities referred to in chapter IV [v. 2]": v. 2, p. iii. "The edition de luxe is printed from type and
will be limited to five hundred copies." This copy not numbered. L.C. 3-157]
8 a b i n, Edwin L. The privateers of 1812. Chaut 35(1902)557-62.

Severance, Frank H. ed. by. Publications of the Buffalo Historical Society Volume 5. Buffalo, 1902. pp
12+536. [ Pub Canad '02,7(1903)52-3 "Achievements of Captain John Moutresor on the Niag-
ara and the first construction of Fort Erie". . .letter-book of Major-General Amos Hall of... New York
Militia ... Host valuable part. . .bibliography of the "Literature of the Canadian Rebellion."]
Smith, 6. C. Moore. The autobiography of Lieutenant-General Sir Harry Smith, baronet of Aliwal on the
SutleJ, G. C. B. London, John Murray; N. Y. E.P.Dutton & Co. 1902, 2 vol. [Rev. in: Nation 75(1902)
73-4 "Aide-de camp to Gen. Ross. . .in. . .burning of .. .Washington. . .and. . .took part in Pakenham's. . . New Orleans"; Dial 32(1902)271-2(P.F.Blcknell) "tells his story with... dash and fire...
There are no flowers of rhetoric. . .yet. . .not always a plain, unvarnished tale."]

Society of the second war with Groat Britain, in the state of New York. Spirit of '76(1902)39.
WARD, Andrew Henshaw (1824-1901). Boston merchant, agricultural writer.

Ward, Clarence Stuart. Andrew Henshaw Ward, 2d. N E Reg 56 Suppl (1902)xlv-xlvi.
WARD, Artemus (d.1867). Maine humorist, lecturer.

R y d e r, James F. Recollections of Artemus Ward. Cent 63(1901-2)151-5.
Woodbury, Charles J. Artemus Ward at Springfield, Massachusetts. Cent 63(1901-2)636-7.
WARD, Hamilton (1829-98). N. Y. lawyer, Congressman.

Ward, Hamilton. Life and speeches of Hamilton Ward. 1829-1898. Buffalo, N. Y., Press of A.H.Morey,

1902. 3 p. 1., 429 p. front., port. 23%cm. [L.C. 2-19236]
WARD, John Quincy Adams (1830-1904). N. Y. sculptor.

S t u r g 1 B, Russell. The work of J. Q. A. Ward. Scrib M 32(1902)385-99, 111.
WARD family.

Will of John Ward. [Ipswich, Mass. ah. 1656] Ess Ant 6(1902)114-15.
Will of Mrs. Alice Ward [Ipswich, Mass, ab.1655]. Ess Ant 6(1901)107.
WARDER, John (fl.1778). Philadelphia citizen.

John Warder, of Philadelphia [note]. Penn Mag 26(1902)408-9.
WARNER'S RANCH, Cal. Mission Indian village of San Diego Co.

L u m m i s, Charles F. The exiles of Cupa. Out West 16(1902)465-79, ill., port.
WARREN, Daniel Knight (b.1837). Oregon pioneer, State senator.

L y m a n, H. S. Daniel Knight Warren. Oreg Q 3(1902)296-309.
WARREN, George William (1828-1902). N. Y. musician, composer.

George William Warren, Doctor of music. Columb Q 4(1902)274-77, port.
WARREN, Herbert Langford (b.1857). Harvard Prof, of architecture.

Herbert Langford Warren, A. M. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)333-4.
WARREN family.

Bowman, George Ernest. Joseph Warren's will and Inventory. Mayfi Desc 4(1902)14-7.

Warren, Orin. Warren; a genealogy of the descendants of James Warren who was in Kittery, Maine,

1652-1656. . . Haverhill, Mass., The Chase press, 1902. 138 p. front., port. 23% cm. [L.C. 2-21264]
WARREN, R. I. Village of Bristol Co. 10 m. 8.S.E. of Providence.

Baker, Virginia. Notes from the Warren, R. I., probate records. N E Reg 56(1902)362-3.
WARWICK, Jacob (1744-1826). Pioneer of West Va., Indian scout.

P r i c e, W. T. Jacob Warwick. W Va Mag 2.3(1902)51-9.
WABHBTTRNE, Elihu Benjamin (1816-87). 111. politician, U. S. Sec. of State, minister to France, writer.

E. B. Washburne (letter). Collect 15(1902)32.

WASHINGTON, Booker T. (b. about 1859). Ala. negro educator, President Tuskegee Institution.
C r o p p c r, R. P. Booker T. Washington. Chamb J 79:102(F).
E s c 1 a v e bier, grand homme aujourd'hui. Lect pour tous Sept (1902).

L e n p p, Francis E. Why Booker Washington baa succeeded in hia life work. Outl 71(1902)326-33.
Pike, G[odfrey] Holden. From slave to college president; being the life story of Booker T. Washington...
London, T.F.Unwln, 1902. 3 p. 1., Ill, [1] p. front, (port.) 18%cm. ([The "lives worth living"
series]) [L.C. 3-566]
P r 1 1 1 r m a n, B. Booker T. Washington among his W. Va. neighbors. Nat'l M (Bost) 17(1902)353 (D)


Washington, Booker T(aliaferro]. De esclavo ft cathedrfttico; autobiograffa , vertida del ingles al ospaflol
por Alfredo Ellas y Pujol... Nueva York, O.Appleton y compaGIa, 1902. vll, 297 p. front., pi., port.
18cm. [L.C. 2-15637]

WASHINGTON, George (1732-99). First President of the United States.

B 1 a c k f o r d, Chus. M. Mildred Washington Willis (note). Va Mag 10(1902)108-10.

Cameron, Alexander. Washington and the town he loved so well. New Eng M 27(1902)259-77, ill.

Custis, G. W. P. Life of George Washington. (Biographies of famous men.) Chicago, Donohue, 1902. 12o.

Excerpts from Washington's first inaugural. Mag Am Hist N S 1(1902)32.

Friedenwald, Herbert, conip. under. Calendar of Washington manuscripts in the Library of Congress.
Washington, L. C. 1901. 315 p. 1. O.

G a 1 w a y Catholics as settlers on land of Washington's. Am Catb Res 19(1902)128-31.

G r e e n, T. E. Address delivered by Reverend Thomas Edward Green ... at the tomb of Washington April
18th, 1902. Gen Soc Sons of the Rev Proc Triennial Meet (1902)51-8.

Grenfell, Helen L. The birthdays of Washington and Lincoln. Colorado anniversary number. Prepared
for the public schools ... superintendent of public instruction, February, 1902. [Denver, The Smith-
Brooks co., printers, 1902] cover-title, 69 p. ill. 23cm. [L.C. 3-11786]

Hart, Charles Henry. Gilbert Stuart's portraits of men. I. George Washington. Cent 63(1901-2)508-9.

H a y w o o d, Marshall De Lancey. Canova's statue of Washington. So Atlan Q 1(1902)278-87.

Headley, J. T. Washington and his generals. (Home lib.) N. Y. Burt, 1902. 12o.

Hemstreet, Charles M. In the footsteps of Washington. Outl 70(1902)300-8, ill.

Kozlowskl, W. M. A visit to Mt. Vernon a century ago. A few pages of an unpublished diary of
the Polish poet, J. C. Niemcewicz. Cent 63(1901-2)510-22, 111., port., facs.

Lamberton, James M. Washington as a freemason... An address delivered before the Grand lodge of
Pennsylvania ... November the fifth, nineteen hundred and two... Philadelphia, Printed by J.B.Lippin-
cott company, 1902. 61 p. 25cm. [L.C. 3-14060]

Locke, Charles Edward. ...The typical American... Cincinnati, Jennings & Pye; New York, Eaton &
Mains [1902] 28 p., 1 1. front. 19cm. (The hero series [v. 2]) ["These two essays, with twenty
others, are published in book form under the title of Freedom's next war for humanity, by Charles Ed-
ward Locke." Contents. The typical American [George Washington] America's new mission and op-
portunity. L.C. 2-13642]

Snowden, W[iUiam] H. The story uf the expedition of the young surveyors, George Washington and
George William Fairfax, to survey the Virginia lands of Thomas, sixth Lord Fairfax, 1747-1748. Copi-
ously Illustrated by Miss Eugenie De Land. Strictly authentic. 1st ed. Alexandria, Va., Printed by G.
H. Ramey & son, 1902. 16 p. ill. 24cm. [L.C. 2-22722]

Sparks, Jared. The life of George Washington; with an introduction by G. Mercer Adam... New York,
The Perkins book company [c!902] x, 461 p. front., ill., pi., port., map. 19cm. ([Heroes of history])
[L.C. 3-9582]

Washington, George. [Letter] to George William Fairfax [1763]. Bost Bull 7(1902)382.

Washington and Catholicity. Am Cath Res 19(1902)55.

Washington Green correspondence. New Eng M 25(1901-2)74-80.220-7,354-9,595-608,732-41; 26

Washington the Free Mason. Am Cath Res 19(1902)131-5.

The Washington-Jefferson letters. Nation 75(1902)112-13.
WASHINGTON, Martha (1732-1802). Va. wife of President Washington.

Dudley- T eeto r, H. The Republican court. Spirit of '76 8(1902)78,80[Reception 1780].

Mrs. Washington to Miss Mary Ann Altkeu. Pann Mag 26(1902)406-7.

Dw 1 g h t, Melatlah Everett. Washington's Genealogical table. N Y Rec 33(1902)200-8, facs.

W a s h i n g t o n, George. New facts regarding the English Washlngtous. Indep 54(1902)1758-61, facs.
WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ohio. A Co. in the S.E. part of state bordering on W. Va.

Jennings, William H. tr. Marriage record, Washington County, Ohio. July 9, 1789 April 25, 1822.

Old Northw Q 4(1901)8-12,57-60,86-9,128-31; 5(1902)17-22.43-8.
WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. A southwestern Co. of state, bordering on W. V*.

Crumrine, Boyd. The courts of Justice, bench nnd bar of Washington county, Pennsylvania; with sketches
of the early court-houses, the Judicial system, the law Judges, and the roll of attorneys of that county;
and a history of the erection and dedication of the court-house of 1900... under the auspices of the

Washington bar association, Washington, Pa [Chicago, R.R.Donnelley & sons company] 1902. rli,

352 p. front., pi., port., map, facs. 25%cm. [L.C. 2-17543] .

Header, F[rancis] S[mith]. Some pioneers of Washington County, Pa. A family history. New Brighton,
Pa., Press of F.S.Reader & son, 1902. 4 p. 1., 154 p. 111., port. 21cm. [L.C. 3-8719]


WASHINGTON, D. C. Capital city of the V. S., in District of Columbia, on Potomac R.

Baldwin, Elbert F. Washington fifty years hence. Uutl 70(1902)817-29, ill., port.

B e 1 1, 8. Greenleaf public school; an educational object lesson. Pedagog Sem 9:237 (Je).

B 1 a g 1, G. II catalogo a schede della Blbl. del congresao di Washington La Instituzlou Carnegie. Klv
blbl Fev. (1902).

Brent, J. The Capital city, Washington, D. C. Munsey 27:230(My).

C h a p p 1 e, JT. M. Washington, D. C. Social customs, past and present. Nut'l M (Boat) 15(1901-2)396-
404, ill., port.

D a v 1 s, H. E. Ninth and F. Streets and thereabout. Rec Columbia Hist Soc 5(1902)238-68.

Greenwood, Grace. Reminiscences of Washington before the war. Indep 54(1902)3030-2.

Greenwood, Grace. Washington; before and during the war. Indep 54(1902)1929-31.

Harvey, Frederick L[oviad]. History of the Washington national monument and of the Washington na-
tional monument society... Washington, D. C., N.T.Elliott printing co., 1902. 1 p. 1., 137 p. 2 pL
24cm. [L.C. 2-28222]

Hazelton, George C[oohrane]. The national Capitol; Its architecture, art and history... New York, J.F.
Taylor & company, 1902. 3 p. 1., 301 p. incl. HI., pi., port., plan, front. 23 Mi cm. [On cover: The
Capitol edition. L.C. 2-27725]

K a n f f m a n n, S. H. Equestrian statuary in Washington. Rec Columbia Hist Soc 5(1902)112-38.

L o w, A. Maurice. Society In Washington. Harper 104(1901-2)088-99, 111.

Moore, Charles. The Improvement of Washington city. I. Cent 63(1901-2)621-8,747-57, ill., map.

M u d d, A. I. Early treatres In Washington city. Rec Columbia Hist Soc 5(1902)64-86.

Rand, MoNally & co.'s pictorial guide to Washington and environs; Including complete descriptions of the
Capitol, Library of Congress, White House, the departments, Mount Vernon, Arlington, and all other
points of interest... Chicago and New York, Rand, McNally & company, 1902. 2 p. 1., [9]-204 p. 111.,
map, plan. 21%em. [L.C. 2-16758]

Records of the Columbia historical society. Washington, D. C. 1902, 8vo. pp 329. Vol. 5. [
Hist A Pub 6(1902)434-5 Report. . .[on] condition ... of the municipal annals. . .rest. . .chiefly of personal
utterances. . .gossipy. . .fine biographical articles.]

Rives, Mrs. J. T. Old families and houses Gretuleaf's Point. Rec Columbia Hist Soc 5(1902)54-63.

Sunderland, B. Washington as I first knew it. 1852-1855. Rec Columbia Hist Soc 5(1902)195-211.

Z e v e ly, D. Old Houses on C Street and those who lived there. Rec Columbia Hist Soc 5(1902)151-75.
WA8HINGTONS ROAD=Nemaoolin's Path. Indian trail.

Hulbert, Archer Butler. Historic Highways of America, Vol. 3: Washington's Road (Nemacolln's Path)
The first chapter of the Old French War. Cleveland, A.H.Clark Co. 1902. pp215. ill., maps. [Rev.ln:
Hist Pub Canad '02,7(1903)136 "good when. . .describing roads... not so Illuminating In his history."]
WASHINGTON (State). A Pacific state of the U. 8. admitted 1850.

Dryer, Susan H. Famous men and women of Washington and Oregon. Am Month M 21(1902)364-71.
WASHINGTON treaty. Treaty of 1871 between Great Britain and V. S.

Adams, Charles Francis. Before and after the treaty of Washington: the American civil war and the war
In the Transvaal; an address delivered before the New York historical society on Its ninety-seventh an-
niversary, Tuesday, November 19, 1901 . . . New York, Printed for the Society, 1902. 141 p. 25cm.
L.C. 2-26826]
WATCHES. Time pieces for pocket use.

Bond, I'hineas. Jasper Yeates's gold watch (note). Penu Mag 26(1902)480-1.
WATER and Forest Association, Cal. An association for the promotion of irrigation.

A record of achievement. The epoch-making work of the Water and Forest Association. Ot West

16(1902)209-220, ill., port.
WATERHOUSE, Benjamin (1754-1846). Mass, educator, physician, professor, writer.

Waterhouse, Benjamin. [Letter] to John Bailey [1826]. Bost Bull 7(1902)188.
WATERHOUSE, Sylvester (1830-1902). Ho. Professor of Greek, geologist.

Prof. Sylvester Waterhouse. Granite M 32(1902)184.
WATERS family.

The Waters family (note). Va Mag 9(1902)428-9.
WATERVILLE, Me. City of Kennebec Co. 18 m. N. by E. of Augusta.

Bangs, Isaac S[parrow], Military history of Waterville, Maine, including the names and record, so far as
known, of all soldiers from Waterville, in the several wars of the republic; a portion of the records of
the Waterville monument association, and a sketch of W. S. Heath Post, No. 14, G. A. R., by Brevet
Brig Augusta, Kennebec Journal print, 1902. 75 p. front., port. 24%cm. [L.C. 3-1136]

Wbittemore, Edwin Carey. . . .The centennial history of Waterville, Kennebec County, Maine, including
the oration, the historical address and the poem presented at the celebration of the centennial adnlver-


sary of the town, June 23d, 1902... Arthur J. Roberts, Franklin W. Johnson, Mrs. Martha Baker Dunn,
Mrs. Estelle Foster Eaton, Horatio D. Bates, associate editors. \Vaterville, Executive committee of the
centennial celebration, 1902. vll, 592 p. front., pi., port. 25cm. [L.C. 3-1878]
W ATKINS family.

Descendants of William Watklns (note). Va Mag 9(1902)327-8.
WAUKESHA County, Wis. Co. in tho S.E. part of state.

Porter, Holland L. Aboriginal monuments at Mukwonago in Waukesha County [WIs.]. Wis Arch 2

(1902)8-13, diagram.
WAYNE, Anthony (1745-96). Fa. officer in Am. Revolution.

B a t e s, G. W. and Corliss, J. B. [Anthony Wayne]. Spirit of '76 8(1902)55-8.

Burton, C. M. Anthony Wayne and the Battle of Fallen Timbers. Mich Hist Coll '01,31(1902)472-89.

Spears, John R. A sane view of Anthony Wayne. Harper 105(1 902)885- 8, port.
WAYNE County, Miss. A Co. in the E.8.E. part of state, bordering on Ala.

W i 1 k i n s, Jesse Montgomery. Early times in Wayne county. Miss Hist 1' 6(1902)265-72.
WEARE, N. H. Village of Hillsborough Co. about 13 m. W.S.W. of Concord.

A d a m s, I. G. The passing of intemperance in a country town. Granite M 32(1902)300-3.
WEAVER, Jonathan (1824-1901). O. United Bretheren clergyman, writer.

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WEBB, William Seward (b.1851). Vt. R. R. Capitalist, politician.

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WEBSTER, Daniel (1782-1852). Mas*, lawyer, orator, V. 8. senator, Sec. of State.

Dartmouth college, Hanover, N. H. The proceedings of the Webster centennial. The commemoration of
the services of Daniel Webster to the college and the state. Held upon the occasion of the one hun-
dredth anniversary of the graduation of Mr. Webster. Edited by Ernest Martin Hopkins. . .and printed
under the supervision of Homer Eaton Keyes... [Hanover, Dartmouth college, 1902] 286 p., 11. front,
(port.) 23*4em. [ Nation 74(1902)289 "A volume of clear, if not always tasteful typography...
good deal of .. .matter. . .relates to. . .statesman's college career"; Ess Ant 6(1902)144. L.C. 2-15706]

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Fryeburg Webster centennial, celebrating the coming of Daniel Webster to Fryt-burg, 100 years ago, to
take the principalsbip of Fryeburg academy. Fryeburg. January 1st, 1902. Fryeburg, Me., A.F.Lewis.

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