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Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America online

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Moorehead, Warren K. Thomas Wilson. Am Ant 24(1902)404-7.
Thomas Wilson. Annals of Iowa 5(1902)478.

WILSON, William L. (1843-1900). W. Va. educator, Congressman, U. 8. Postmaster-General.
Herbert, Hon. Hilary A. William Lyne Wilson. South Hist A Pub 6(1902)15-7.
Straus, Hon. Oscar S. William Lyne Wilson. South Hist A Pub 6(1902)18-20.
WILSON, Woodrow (b.1856). President of Princeton University, writer.
Andrews, Sanford. Woodrow Wilson. Cosmopol 33(1902)651-4, port.
B r 1 d g e's, Robert. President Woodrow Wilson. R of Rs 26(1902)36-8, port.
C r a n e, L. Burton. The presidency of Princeton University. Indep 54(1902)1481-4.
D r. Woodrow Wilson. World's Work 4(1902)2585, port. only.
The inauguration of Woodrow Wilson as president of Princeton DniT. Princeton Bull 14(1902)


Princeton's new president. Outl 71(1902)589, port.
Woodrow Wilsou. Cent 65(1902)161-2.
[Woodrow Wilson note.] Sewanee 10(1902)382-3.
WINCHESTER, James (1752-1826). Officer in War of 1812.

B u r t o n, C. M. Papers and orderly book of Brigadier General James Winchester. Mich Hist Coll "01,

31(1902)253-313, port.
WINDER family.

Johnson, R[obert] Winder. Winders of America: John Winder, of New York, 1674-1675, Thomas Winder,
of New Jersey, 1703-1734, John Winder, of Maryland, 1665-1698. Philadelphia, J.B.Lipplncott company,
1902. 1 p. 1., 112 p. pi., map, geneal. tab. 23cm. [Printed for private circulation. Blank leaves In-
serted between p. 96 and 97. L.C. 3-3810]
WINDWARD and Leeward Us. Descriptive names of two groups of the Lesser Antilles, West Indies.

Saint-Amans. Journaux de mes voyages aux Isles du Vent et sous le Vent de I'AmeriqUe (publ. par J.

Mommeja) Rev de L'Agenais Ma:-Juin (1902).
WING, Isaao Hozie (1825-96). Sandwich, Mass, whaling captain.

W 1 n g, Mitchell. An old time whaler. The Owl 3(1902)105-108.
WING, John. Colonial clergyman and writer.
Godfrledus Wynge. The Owl 3(1902)67-8.

''The saints advantage." The Owl 3(1902)110-112 [ace. of Rev John Wings sermon.]
WING, Lucius Bliss (1822-1902). Ohio banker and business man.

Derby, Samuel Carroll. Lucius Bliss Wing. Old Northw Q 5(1902)73-9, port.
WING family.

H o x 1 e, H. N. The Wings as friends. The Owl 3(1902)66-100.
The Owl. Kewannee, Win. v. 3. Nos 5*6 and v. 4, nos. 1*2=1902.
WINNEBAGO County, Wis. Co. in E. central part of state.
L a w s o n, Publlus V. Clam eaters and their shell heaps In Winnebago County [Wls.]. Wls Arch 2(1902-

L a w s o u, Publins V. Ancient Cairns and stone circles In Winnebago County [Wls.]. Wls Arch 2(1902-

WINSLOW, Edward (1595-1655). Governor of Mass.

Governor Edward Wlnslow's will. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)1-3, facs.
WINSLOW, Isaac (b.1742). Boston merchant, loyalist.

W 1 n s 1 o w, Ervlng. A Loyalist in the siece of Boston. N E Reg 56(1902)48-54.
WINSLOW, John Ancrum (1811-73). U. S. Naval officer.

Ellicott, John M[orris]. The life of John Ancrum Winslow, rear-admiral, United States navy, who com-
manded the U. S. steamer "Kearsarge" in her action with the Confederate cruiser "Alabama"... New
York and London, G.P.Putnam's sons, 1902. x p., 1 1., 281 p. front, (port.) pi., map, dlagr. 23%cm.
[Works consulted: p. Ix-x. Rev.ln:Am Hist R 8(1902)147-50(G.E.Belknap) "The diligent and painstak-
ing author... has done well with his subject"; Nation 75(1902)57 "Readers will recognize. . .tact and
skill with which... subject Is treated. ..simple and pleasing style." L.C. 2-2448 M 2]
WINSLOW family.
Governor Edward Winglow's will. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)1-3, facs,


WIN80R. Justin (1881-97). Boston and Harvard librarian, historical writer.

Yust, William Frederick]. ...A bibliography of Justin Wtnsor, superintendent of the Boston public
library, 1868-1877, librarian of Harvard university, 1877-1897... Cambridge, Issued by the Library of
Harvard unlyersity, 1902. 32 p. incl. cover-title. 25%cm. (Harvard university. Library. Biblio-
graphical contributions, no. 54) [Arranged chronologically. "Prefatory note" by William Coolidge
Lane. Hist R 8(1903)402 chronological record ... from 1849-1897. L.C. 2-26701]
WINTHEOP, John (1606-76). Sixth Governor of Connecticut.

Dow, George Francis. John Wiuthrop the younger. Ess Ant 6(190S)74-5. port.
WINTHROP, Kass. Village of Suffolk Co. 5 m. N.E. of Boston.

Hall, Charles W. Historic Winthrop, 1630-1902; a concise history of Wiuthrop; photographs by Rev. Al-
bert L. Squiers and W. E. R. Wells. Boston, Winthrop publishing company, 1902. 43, [5] p. incl. ill.,
pi. 18 x 28'icm. [L.C. 2-20017]
WISCONSIN. A northern state of TJ. 8. on the Great Lakes, admitted 1848.

Anderson, William J. The tax problem in Wisconsin. Outl 70(1902)128-30.

Baker, Florence Elizabeth. Wisconsin necrology for the year ending November 30, 1901. Wise Hist
Proc '01(1902)114-20.

Bruncken, Ernest. The political activity of Wisconsin Germans, 1854-60. Wise Hist Proc '01(1902)

B r y d e n, James A. The Scots in Wisconsin. Wise Hist Proc '01(1902)153-8.

Gregory, John G. Foreign immigration to Wisconsin. Wise Hist Proc '01(1902)137-43.

Hense-Jensen, W. Influence of the Germans in Wisconsin. Wise Hist Proc '01(1902)144-7.

Hense-Jensen, Wilhelm. Wisconsin's Deutsch-Amerikaner, bis zuin schluss drs neunzehnten jahrhunderts.
...Milwaukee, Die Deutsche gesellsehaft, 1900-02. '2 v. 22^cm. [Issud under tfi*e auspices of the
"D;utscher historischer vereln voo Wisconsin." Vol. 2 by W. Hense-Jensen and Ernest Bruncken. L.C.

L a w a o n, Publius V. Copper age in the United States. Am Ant 24(1902)459-74, 111.

L a w s o n, Publius V. Primitive keramic nrt in Wisconsin. Am Ant 24(1902)157-68, ill.

Proceedings of the twentieth annual reunion of ihe society of the 28th Winsoonsin Volunteer Infantry, held
at Elkhorn, Wis., June 26, 1902. Milwaukee, Houtkamp Pub. Co. 1902. pp93+5. 111.

The State Historical Society of Wisconsin. 49th annual meeting. Dec. 12, 1901. Reports, etc.
Wise Hist Proc '01(1902)9.

S t e v e n s, E. Ray. The La-Follette-Spooner campaign. World's Work 4(1902)2677-80.

Thwaites, Reuben Gold. ed. Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, vol. 16: The French
Regime in Wisconsin. I, 1634-1727. Madison, 1902. ppl8+514. [Rev.ln:Hist Pub Canad '02,7(1903)21-2
(E.Crulkshank) "undertaken with characteristic energy and diligence to bring together all existing con-
temporary materials for the history... of Wisconsin. . .until the year 1727. . .not. . .much has escaped...
attention. . .synopses. . .of. . .documents. . .translations from unpublished documents. . .translations. . .well
executed. . .notes. . .concise and accurate. . .index. . .full and satisfactory-"]

Thwaites, Reuben Gold. Down historic waterways; six hundred miles of canoeing upon Illinois and Wis-
consin rivers. [For details see same title under subject, Illinois.]

Tomklewlcz, John W. S. Polanders in Wisconsin. Wise Hist Proc '01(1902)148-52.

C n d e r w o o d, H. G. Wisconsin's contributions to American Inventions. Wise Hist Proc '01(1902)163-9.

V 1 a c h, J. J. Our Bohemian population. Wise Hist Proc '01(1902)159-62

Wisconsin Archaeologist. A Quarterly Bulletin published by the Wisconsin Archaeological Society. Mil-
waukee, Wis. So. v. 1, nos. 3,4; v. 8. nos. 1,2, 1902.

Wisconsin. State historical society. Report of the Wisconsin state historical convention held at Milwau-
kee October 11 and 12, 1901, under the auspices of the State historical society of Wisconsin... (From
proceedings of the State historical society of Wisconsin, 1901.) Madison, State historical society of
Wisconsin, 1902. 1 p. 1., [121]-211 p. 23cm. [Contents. The Mississippi Valley organized, by J. K.
Hosmer. Foreign immigration to Wisconsin, by J. G. Gregory. Influence of the Germans in Wisconsin,
by W. Hense-Jensen. Polanders In Wisconsin, by J. W. S. Tomklewicz. The Scots in Wisconsin, by J.
A. Bryden. Our Bohemian population, by J. J. Vlach. Wisconsin's contribution to American Inventions,
by H. G. Underwood. New England Influence in Milwaukee, by E. B. Usher. Our northward Nesb>tah,
by J. N. Davidson. Population of St. Crolx Co., 1850-70, by J. B. Graham. Political activity of Wis-
consin Germans, 1854-60, by E. Bruncken. L.C. 3-32073]
WISE, John (1652-1725). Ipswich (Mass.) clergyman, chaplain in Sir Wm. Phips expedition 1690, writer.

Green, Samuel A. Narratives of the expedition of Sir William Phips against Canada, in 1690. Mass

Hist Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)281-320.
WISTER, Owen (b,1860). Philadelphia lawyer, novelist.

M r. Owen Wister'i stories of Americanism. World's Work 5(1902-3)2792-5, port.


WISTER, Sally (fl.1778). Quakeress,

Wister, Sarah. Sally Wister's journal, a true narrative; being a Quaker maiden's account of her experi-
ences with officers of the continental army, 1777-1778; ed. by Albert Cook Myers, with reproductions of
portraits, manuscripts, relics and views. Philadelphia, Ferris & Leach [1902] 224 p. col. front., pi.
(partly col.) port., facs. 20cm. [L.C. 3-29]
WITCHCRAFT. The exercise of supernatural power.

Whittermore, James O. The witch's curse. New Kng M 27(1902)111-3, 111.
Witchcraft In Virginia. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)36.
WOLCOTT, Oliver (1726-97). Conn. Signer of Declaration of Independence, Congressman, Governor.

W o 1 c o t t, Oliver. [Letter] to Topping Reeve [1781]. Host Bull 7(1902)83-4.
WOLCOTT, Roger (1847-1900). Governor of Massachusetts.

Cutter, William R. Hon. Roger Wolcott. N E Reg 56 Suppl (1902)xllii-xliv.

Lawrence, William. Roger Wolcott. Boston and New York, Houghton, Mlfflin and company, 1902. v p.,
2 1., 238 p., 1 1. front., pi., port. 19%cm. [Rev.ln:Natlon 75(1902)482-3 "a brief but effective biog-
raphy... six portraits... constitute a very notable addition to the pleasure which this book assures"; Dial
34(1903)49 "simple record ... replete with inspiration for American youth... easy flowing style... a port-
folio of eloquence." L.C. 2-29032]
WOLFE, James (1727-59). 4 British General, the capturer of Quebec.

W r o n g, G. M. Wolfe et 1' "filegie" de Gray. Rech Hist 8(1902)51-2.
WOMACK family.

Hubert, Sarah D. Genealogy of part of the Cody and Womack families of America. [For details see

same title under subject, Cody family.]
WOMAN SUFFRAGE. Right of women to vote.

Anthony, Susan B. Woman's half-century of evolution. No Am 175(1902)800-10.

History of woman suffrage... New York, Fowler & Wells, 1881-[cl902] 4 v. fronts., ports. 24%cm.
[Imprint of v. 3: Rochester, N. Y., Susan B. Anthony; London, [A. Strahan; etc., etc.] 1887; v. 4:
Rochester, N. Y., Susan B. Anthony [c!902] Vol. 1-3 edited by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. An-
thony, and Matilda Joslyn Gage; v. 4, by Susan B. Anthony and Ida Husted Harper. On t.-p. of T. 1:
In two volumes; v. 2-3: In three volumes; v. 4: In four volumes. Contents. v. 1. 1848-1861. v. 2. 1861-
1876. v. 3. 1876-1885. v. 4. 1883-1900. Rev.iu:Nation 76(1903)250 "(1883-1900)... for Instruction only,
not for pleasure." L.C. 3-16908]
WOMAN'S crusade. A movement against the liquor traffic.

L e 1 g h t o n, (Mrs.) Harriet W. Reminiscences of the crusade in Nebraska. Neb Hist S 11.5(1902)165-71.
WOOD, George (fl.lG82). Darby (Fa.) Quaker pioneer.

Certificate of removal of Genrge Wood, 1682. Recorded in Darby (Penna,) Monthly Meeting Min-
ute Book, Vol. II.p.7. Penn Mag 26(1902)408.

WOOD, Leonard (b.1860). Officer in Spanish-American War, Military Governor-General of Cuba.
General Leonard Wood. World's Work 4(1902)2246, port. only.
Roosevelt, Theodore. Three college-bred Americans. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)1-5.
WOOD family.

Wood, James A. Collector of Internal Revenue, Portsmouth, N. H. Legal Residence, Acworth, N. H.
Descendants of the twin Brothers John and Benjamin Wood. Rumford Press. 1902. 12mo. pp. 187. port.
[ E Reg 56(1902)328(F.W.Parke) [has] "Impaired. . .usefulness by [no] index."]
WOODBTJRY, Levi (1789-1851). N. H. U. S. senator, Sec. of Navy, and of Treas. Justice of Supreme Court

W o o d b u r y, Levl. [Letter] to William Plumner [1826]. Bost Bull 7(1902)182-3.
WOODBT7RY, Conn. Village of Litchfleld Co. 12 m. W. of Watertury.

Strong, Julia M., ed. The town and people: chronolog. comp. of writings fr. residents of Woodbury, Ct.

J.M.Strong, 1902. 12o, ill.
WOODLAND, Cal. Village of Yolo Co. 81 m. N.N.E. of San Francisco.

T h o m p s o m, R. A. Woodland Yolo county. Out West 17(1902)121-35, 111.
WOODRUFF family.

Woodruff, Francis E. A branch of the Woodruff stock. Morristown, N. J. "The Jerseyman" Office. 1902.

pp 38.
WOODS, Henry (1820-1901). Boston merchant.

Henry Woods. N E Reg 66 Suppl (1902)lxxv-lxxvil.
WOODS, Thomas H. (b.1838). Miss judge, Confederate officer, hist, writer.

Thomas H. Woods. Miss Hist P 6(1902)91.
WOODSON family.
W o o d s o n family. Wm If Q 10(1902)185-91; 11:50-8.



Wood-worth, Elijah B. Descendants of Walter Woodworth of Seiluate, Mass.: Sketch of Samuel Woud-

worth and his descendants. Boston, G.W.Humphrey, 1902. So.
WOOL manufacture. Making of woolen goods.

P r a t t, L. E. The origin and history of the Willamette Woolen factory. Oreg Q 3(1902)248-59.
WORCESTER Branch railroad. Mass, railroad incorporated 1838.

Bancroft, James H. Worcester Branch railroad. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)642-50.
WORCESTER, Mass. City of Worcester Co. 44 m. S.W. of Boston.

Bancroft, Jas. H. History of the Central Exchange from 1804 to 1896. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)324-62.

Bancroft, James H. The Merrlfleld flre of 1854. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)142-161.

Bancroft, James H. Manchester Street flre. AVor Soc Ant 18(1902)33-48.

C o g s w e 1 1, M. L. T. The Trumbull mansion and Its occupants. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)241-49, ill.

Crane. History of the Jo Bill road. Wor Soc Ant 18(1902)206-17.

Dodge, Mary Cochran. A list of the soldiers in the war of the revolution, from Worcester, Mass., with a
record of their death and place of burial. Comp. and arranged by Mary Cochran Dodge. Worcester,
Mass., Col. Timothy Bigelow chapter, Daughters of the American revolution [1902] 28 p. 23 Ms cm.
["Exercises In commemoration of revolutionary heroes held at City hall, May 30tb, 1901, under the
auspices of the historical and patriotic societies of Worcester, Mass.": p. 14-28. L.C. 3-32196]

E a r 1 e, Stephen C. The architecture of the second court house. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)212-16.

Early Worcester families. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)507-24.

R x e r c 1 s e B at the sencond court house, June 30, 1900. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)209-56, 111.

Fifty glimpses of Worcester and Lake Quinsigamond. Worcester, Mass., Denholm, 1902.

Green, Samuel Swett. The second parish in the second court houee. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)237-240.

H 1 1 1, B. T. The second court house and the early bar. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)220-236, ill.

J a q u e s, George [The Chandler farm]. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)114-6.

Old Lincoln Street. The Daniel Henchman farm. Wor Soc Ant 18(1902)255-65.

The Nathan Patch house and north end of Main street. Wor Soc Ant 18(1902)242-53.

Rippel, J. A. Worcester, Mass. Nat'l M (Bost) 16(1902)614-21. ill.

Roe, Alfred S. My flower garden. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)423-41.

S t 1 1 e s, F. G. 1899. Old Market street sixty years ago. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)101-6.

S t i 1 e s, F. G. School street in the thirties and early forties. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)93-101, plan.

Stiles, Frederick G. A sketch of the Worcester light infantry, 1803-1902. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)616-39

S t u rg I s, Mrs. B. O. P. Old Lincoln street [in Worcester]. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)123-34.

S t a r g 1 s, (Mrs.)E. O. P. Old Worcester. Wor Soc Ant 18(1902)69-90.

S t u r g 1 s, (Mrs.)B. O. P. Old Worcester. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)402; 19:470-89.

S t n r g I s, Mrs. B. O. P. A story of three old houses. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)134-142.

Worcester artillery roll. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)607-12.

Worcester Society of Antiquities, Proceedings of the Worcester M IKS. Th Society 80. v. 17 1901, pp668
[Published 1902]; v. 18, 1902, nos. 1-6 pp. 276. [Actually Issued 1902-3 but for the year 1902 and with
title page so dated.]
WORTHINGTON, Thomas (b.1773). Ohio pioneer.

Cole, Frank Theodore. Thomas Worthlngton. Old Northw Q 5(1902)33-7,121-6, 111.
WRAY, James. Va. midshipman in British capture of the Philippines, 1762.

First American-born naval officer in the Philippines. Va Mag 10(1902)212-3.
WRIGHT, Carroll D (b.1840). Mass Sociologist, U. 8. commissioner of labor, Statistician, writer.

Carroll D. Wright. World's Work 5(1902-3)2694, port. only.

N e w c o m b, H. T. Carroll D. Wright: A character sketch. R of Rs 26(1902)548-51, port.
WRIGHT, Silas (1795-1848). N. H. State senator, V. 8. senator, Governor of New York.

Wright, Silas. [Letters] to B. Croswell [1833] and Gov. Harcy [1838] and A. P. Upshur [1842] Bost

Bull 7(1902)270-2.
WRIGHT family.

Bowman, George Ernest. Adam Wright's will and Inventory. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)239-41.

Bowman, George Ernest. Richard Wright's will and Inventory. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)165-7.
WRIGHTS Tavern, Concord, Mass. Revolutionary landmark.

Tolman, George. Wrights Tavern. Concord, Mass. Pub. by the Patriot Press. 1902. 8vo. pp. 22. 111.
WYATT family.

W y a 1 1 families. Wm M Q 10(1902)260-4.
WYOMING. A western state of U. 8., admitted 1890.

The famous Wyoming law. Out West 16(1902)329-31.

S h e 1 d o n, A. E. A Nebraska episode of the Wyoming cattle war. Neb Hist S 11.5(1902)138-49.


WYOMING, Pa. A valley and Mt. section of N.E. Pa.

Correspondence of Col. Zebulon Butler, Wyoming, June-December, 1778. Proc Wyoming Hist

Soc 7(1902)131-150.

Haven, Horace Edwin, ed. Proceedings and collections of the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society
for the year 1901. Vol. VIII. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. printed for the Soc. 1902. pp 258, 80, ill. [
Penn Mag 26(1902)482 "several papers... of great value": N E Reg 57(1903)344(F.W.Parke) "admir-

Mathews, Alfred. Ohio and her Western Reserve, with a story of three states leading to the latter, from
Connecticut, by way of Wyoming, its Indian wars and massacre. [For details see same title under sub-
ject, Ohio.]

Mathews, Alfred. A story of three states. Scrib M 31(1902)408-19,558-70, ill., map.
Echoes of the Massacre of Wyoming. Proc Wyoming Hist Soc 7(1902)78-105.
Orderly Book of Colonel Zebulon Butler, at Wyoming, from Aug. 1, 1778, to Oct. 28, 1778. Proc

Wyoming Hist Soc 7(1902)106-30.
Marriages aud deaths in the Wyoming section of Pennsylvania, 1797-1810. Proc Wyoming Hist Soc


YAKIMA County, Wash. Co. in the central part of state.
Washington irrigation company, Zillah, Wash. Sunnyside irrigation canal... 3d ed. Seattle, Lowman &

Hanford stationery and printing co., 1902. [80] p. incl. 39 ill., map. 15% x 24cm. [L.C. 3-5065]
YALE, Elihu (1649-1721). Mass. Gov. of Madras, benefactor of Yale college, which received his name.

8 t e 1 n e r, Bernard C. Two New England rulers of Madras. So Atlan Q 1(1902)209-23.
YALE University. Univ. at New Haven, Conn., fd. 1701.

Dexter, Morton. Yale University Bicentennial Anniversary. Mass Hist Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)320-3.
The first Intercollegiate Eegatta, August 3, 1852, commemorated December 10, 1902, at the University club,

New York. pp23, ill.

G a 1 e, H. Yale education versus culture. Pedagog Sem 9:3(Mr).

Hart, Samuel, M.A., D.D. Yale college in Old Saybrook. Conn Mag 7(1902)266-72, ill., port.
O v 1 a t t, Edwin. The making of Yale. New Eng M 25(1901-2)426-42, ill., port., facs.
P., B. The Yale bicentennial publications. Atlan 89(1902)423-6.
YANDELL, Enid (b.1875). Am. sculptor.

Ladegast, Richard. Enid Yandell, the sculptor. Outl 70(1902)81-3, ill.
YARMOUTH, Mass. Village of Barnstable Co. 76 m. S.E. of Boston.

Yarmouth, Mass., vital records. Mayfl Desc 3(1901)36-9,245-9; 4:188-9.
YATE8 family.

A g 1 i o n b y, F. K. The Yates and Agllonby families, of Jefferson County, West Va. W Va Mag 2.3

YELLOWSTONE PARK. National Park at the N.W. corner of Wyoming.

Hatfield, W. F. "Geyserland and wonderland"; a view and guide book of the Yellow stone national park
[San Francisco, Press of the Hlcks-Judd company, 1902] 75 p. incl. pi. fold. map. 12 x 15cm.
[L.C. 2-13394]
YERKES, Charles Tyson (b.1837). N. Y. Capitalist, Donor of Yerket observatory, Chicago Univ.

M o f f e t t. Samuel E. Charles Tyson Yerkes. Cosmopol 33(1902)411-6, port.
YONKER8, N. Y. City of Westchester Co. 15 m. N. by E. of New York City.
Church Jubilee Memorial Year Book of the First Presbyterian Church of Yonkers N. Y. Youkers N. Y.

Apr. 1902. paper p. 206. Historical sketch p. 22-63.
YORK County, Maine. The most southwestern Co. of state, borders on N. H.

G o o 1 d, N. York County court records. Old Eliot 5(1902)77-80.
YORK, Me. Village of York Co. 8 m. E.N.E. of Portsmouth.

B o u v e, Pauline Carrington. Old York, a forgotten seaport. New Eng M 26(1902)679-96, ill.
YORK County, Va. An eastern Co. of state on Chesepeake Bay.
Proceedings in York County Court. Wm M Q 11 (1902)28-38.
Taxes in York County (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)281-2.
YORKTOWN, Va. Revolutionary War siege, October 1781.
The diary of Col. John Laurens [Yorktown]. Collect 15(1902)121-2.

Edward Hand to Jasper Yeates on the siege of Yorktown in 1781 (letter). N Y Bull 6(1902)286.
YORKTOWN, Va. Village of York Co. 36 m. N.N.W. of Norfolk.

Division of the land at Yorktown (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)273-4.
F o 1 s o m, A. A. Yorktown in 1854. Wm M Q 10(1902)213-21.
The old well at Yorktown (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)237.
Windmill at Yorktown (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)274.


YOUNG, Frederick (b.1817). Canadian statesman.

Young, Sir Frederick. A pioneer of Imperial federation in Canada. London, G.Allen, 1902. xi, 249 p. 10
port. Incl. front. 19%cm. [An autobiography. Rf> Pub Canad 7(1902)14-5 "...record of...
tour In Canada In 1901, with ... after-dinner speeches ... In support of .. .Imperial Federation. . .arguments
...neither new nor convincing." L.C. 2-25186]
YOUNG, William H. (1838-1901). Texas Confederate General.

M c C 1 a n a h a u, W. F. Gen. W. H. Young. Coufed Vet 10(1902)31.
YOWANNE (or Hiowanni) Indians. A branch of the Choctaws.

Hamilton, Peter J. The Yowanne, or Hiowanni, Indians. Miss Hist; P 6(1902)403-10, map.
YUCATAN. Peninsular state of southeastern Mexico.

Alba, [Maria del Rosario (Faloo y Osorio) Fitz James 9. duquesa de Berwick y 16. duquesa de. Nuevos
aut6grafos de Crlst6bal Colon y relaciones de ultranmr. [For details see same title under subject,
Coin minis, Chr.]

Brown, Hubert W. The story of Yucatan. Miss R 25(1902)281-9, ill., port.
D a w 1 e y, Thomas R. Mexico's new territory. Outl 72(1902)212-4.

YUKON river, Alaska, A river rising in Brit. Columbia, flowing across Alaska into Bering Sea.
V. S. Revenue cutter service. Report of the operations of the steamer Nunivak on the Yukon River sta-
tion, Alaska, 1899-1901. By First Lieut. J. C. Cantwell, R. C. S., commanding. Washington, Gov't
print, off., 1902. 325 p. pi. 24cm. ([Treasury dept. Doc. no. 2276]) [Contents. Letters of trans-
mlttal. Department orders. pt. I. Narrative. pt. II. General Information in regard to the Yukon Val-
ley region. pt. III. Mines and mining. pt. IV. Ethnological notes. pt. V. Kxplorations. pt. VI. Medi-
cal report, by Surg. James T. White, R. C. 8. pt. VII. Appendix: A. Table of distances between settle-
ments on the Yukon River. B. Schedule of freight and passenger rates oa the Yukon River. C. List of
vessels engaged in commerce on the Yukon River. D. Comparative vocabulary of the Eskimo and Ingulik
tribes inhabiting the region. E. Component parts of the ration issued to the crew of the Nunivak while
on the station. F. Natural history. G. Meteorological record. L. C. 3-9590]

ZAKRZEWSKA, Marie (18X9-1908). Physician, Professor, founder of women's hospitals in N. Y. and Boston.
C h e y n e y, (Mrs.)Ednah D. Sketch of Dr. Zakccewska's life. Open Court 16(1902)391-5. ill., port.


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