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COWFEN8N. C.). Revolutionary battle, Jan. 17, 1781.

DECLARATION of Independence. Declaration of the Am. colonies July 4, 1776.

FRENCH treaty of Feb. 8, 1778. Treaty of alliance with the Am. Colonies.

FRIENDLY SONS of St. Patrick. A Phila. Society in Revolutionary times.

HARLEM (N.Y.). Revolutionary battle, Sept. 16, 1778.

HESSIANS. German soldiers hired by British in the Revolutionary War.

HOBKIRK'S Hill (B.C.). Revolutionary battle, Anril 25, 1781.

LIBERTY Bell. The bell which hung in Continental Hall, Philadelphia, July 4, 1776.

LOYALISTS (Tories). The American supporters of the king in the Am. Revolution.

PAOLI (Pa.) massacre. Attack of British upon Am. encampment, Am. Revolution, Sept. 20, 1777.

"PEGGY, Stewart." Brig burned at Annapolis.

RAMSOUR'S Mill, N. C. Revolutionary battle, June 20, 1780.

YORKTOWN, Va. Revolutionary War siege. October, 1781.


ADAMS, Alicia (Mrs. William Lawrence) (b.1767). Conn, bethrothed of Nathan Hale.

ALLEN, Ethan (1787-89). Vt. offioer in American Revolution.

ANDRE, John (1751-80). British major in Am. Revolution.

ARNOLD, Benedict (1741-1801). Brigadier-general in Am. Rev.

BAILEY, John (1730-1810). Mass, officer in Am. Revolution.

BARNEY, Joshua (1759-1818). Am. naval officer in Am. Revolution.

BARRY, John (1745-1903). Am. Commodore in Am. Revolution.

BEDEL, Timothy (ab. 1736-87). N. H. officer in French and Indian War and Am. Revolution.

BUTLER, Zebulon (1731-95). Conn, officer in French and Indian War and Am. Revolution.

CARROLL, Charles (1737-1832). Md. signer of the Declaration of Independence.


CATEECHE. 8. C. Indian girl, heroine in the Am. Revolution.

CHABOT (fl.1776). French Canadian officer of British army, Am. Revolution.

CHRISTIAN, Henry (d.about 1805). Va. Captain in Am. Revolution.

CILLEY, Joseph (1735-99). N. H. officer in Am. Revolution.

CLYMER, George (1739-1813). Fa. signer of the Declaration of Independence, public man.

COLEMAN, Samuel (fl.1780). Soldier.

CRAIK, James (1730-1814). Va. surgeon in Trench and Indian and Rev. wars.

CRUGER, John Harris (fl.1776). N. Y. loyalist, Br. officer in Am. Rev.

DE KALB, Baron (fl.1776). French officer in American army, Revolutionary War.

DICKINSON, John (d.1799). Va. pioneer Indian fighter, officer in Am. Revolution.

DUNCAN, Henry. Officer U. 8. Navy in Am. Revolution.

EVANS, Israel (1747-1807). N. H. Congregational clergyman, chaplain in Am. Revolution.

FAT, Jonas (1737-1818). Vt. surgeon in Am. Revolution, judge.

FELLOWS, Moses (b.1755). N. H. soldier in Am. Revolution.

FENTRESS, James (1763-1343). Tenn. pioneer, officer in Am. Revolution.

FORREST, Richard (b.1736). Va. General in Am. Rev., early citizen of Dist. of Columbia.

FRANKLIN, Benjamin (1706-90). Fhilada. printer, diplomat, writer.

FRANKS, David Salisbury. Officer in Am. Revolution.

GALLOWAY, Joseph (1731-1803). Fa. loyalist, lawyer, writer.

GAL VAN (Major) (d.1782). French officer in Am. Revolution.

GERRY, Elbridge (1744-1814). Mass, signer of the Declaration of Independence.

GREENE, Nathaniel (1742-86). R. I. General in Am. Revolution.

GTTNBY, John (1745-1807). Officer in Am. Revolution.

HALE, Nathan (1755-76). Conn, officer in Am. Revolution.

HALL, Amos (b.1761). N. Y. officer in Am. Revolution.

HALL, Lyman (1724-90). Conn, signer of Declaration of Independence.

HAMILTON, Alexander (1757-1804). N. Y. statesman, officer in Am. Rev., first Sec. of Treasury.

HANCOCK, John (1737-93). First Gov. of Mass., signer of the Declaration of Independence.

HARRISON, Benjamin (1726-91). Va. Governor, signer Declaration of Independence.

HAZLEWOOD, John (ab. 1726-1800). Commodore of Fenn. navy in Am. Revolution.

HEATH, William (1737-1814). Mass. General in Am. Revolution, State senator.

HENRY, Patrick (1736-99). Va. Governor, signer of the Declaration of Independence.

HIGGINSON, Thomas Wentworth (b.1823). Mass, clergyman, writer.

HINTON, John (d.1784). N. C. officer in Am. Revolution.

HOFKINSON, Francis (1737-1791). Fa. judge, signer Declaration of Independence, writer.

HOWE, Lord George Augustus (1727-58). British Brigadier-General in Am. Revolution.

INGHAM, Jonas. Fenn. officer in Am. Revolution.

IRVING, Washington (1783-1859). N. Y. writer, Sec. TJ. S. Legation at London, minister to Spain.

JAY, John (1745-1829). Fres. Continental Congress, 1st Chief Justice of IT. S. Supreme court.

TONES, Gabriel (1724-1806). Va. lawyer, member of Continental Congress, state legislator.

JONES, John Faul (1747-92). Va. naval officer in Am. Revolution.

JOYNE8, Levin (1753-94). Va. officer in Am. Revolution, State senator.

KELLEY, Moses (fl.1775). N. H. pioneer and officer in Am. Rev.

KIRBY, Ephraim (1757-1804). Conn, and Ala. soldier in Am. Revolution, judge, publicist.

KNOX, Henry (1750-1806). N. E. officer in Am. Revolution, Secretary of War.

LACEY, John (1755-1841). Pa. and N. J. politician, Brig-. -General in Am. Rev., manufacturer.

LAFAYETTE, Marquis (1757-1834). French General in Am. Revolution.

LATTRENS, Henry (1724-92). Fres. of the Carolina Congr. 1775, delegate to Continental Congr, 1777.

LAURENS, John (1753-82). S. C. officer in Am. Revolution, secretary to (ten. Washington.

LEE, Charles (1731-82). General in Am. Revolution.

LEE, Francis Lightfoot (1734-97). Va. signer of the Declaration of Independence.

LEE, Richard Henry (1732-94). Va. proposer and signer of the Declaration of Independence.

LTTDLOW, Cornelius (1728 or 9-1812). N. J. officer in Am. Revolution.

MARIE ADELAIDE, Duchesse de Chartres (fl.1776). Wife of "Philippe EgaMte," and supporter of Ameri-

MATLACK, Timothy (1730-1829). Fa. Revolutionary officer, Continental Congressman.

MATOON, (Mrs.) Mary (Dickinson). (1758-1835). Revolutionary matron.

MAZZEI, Filippo (b.1730). European Agent of Va. during Am. Revolution.

MILLER, William Turner (fl.1775). R. I. Colonel in Am. Revolution.

MOHGAN, Daniel (ab. 1733-1802). Va. General in Am. Revolution, Congressman.

MORGAN, George (1742-1810). Officer in Am. Revolution, 1st TT. S. Indian Commissioner, writer.

MORRIS, Mary White (fl.1767). Wife of Robert Morris.

MORRIS, Robert (1734-1806). Sitner of Declaration of Independence, financier of Am. Revolution,


MORTON, John (1784-77). Signer of the Declaration of Independence.

MURRELL, William (b,174G). S. C. merchant, officer in Am. Revolution.

NEILSON, John (1745-1833). N. J. officer in Am. Revolution, member Continental Congress 1778-9.

O'BRIEN, Jeremiah (1744-1818). Captain in the navy in Am. Revolution.

OTJRY, Eve (d.1848). Revolutionary War heroine of Fort Hannastown, Pa.

PAGAN, Robert (1750-1821). Me. loyalist, merchant, Nova Scotian judge and legislator.

PAINE, Edward (1746-1841). Ohio pioneer, officer in Am. Revolution.

PERCY, Hugh (1742-1817). British officer in Am. Revolution.

FINCKNEY, Charles Cotesworth (1746-1825). S. C. officer in Am. Rev., minister to France, Senator.

POOR, Enoch (1736-80). N.E, officer in Am. Revolution.

POPP, Stephen (fl.1771). German-British military engineer in Am. Revolution.

PORTERFIELD, Charles (1750-88). Va. officer in Am. Revolution.

PUTNAM, Israel (1718-90). Conn. General in Am. Revolution.

RAWDON, Francis (1754-1826). British officer in Am. Revolution.

REED, Philip (d.1829). Md. officer in Am. Revolution, U. S. senator.

REVERE, Paul (1735-1818). Boston patriot, one of the Boston tea party.

RIVINGTON, James. Am. loyalist printer and journalist in the Am. Revolution.

ROBERTS, George (1755-1829). N. H. soldier and sailor in Am. Revolution.

ROCHAMBEATJ, Jean Baptiste Donation de Vimeure, Comte de (1725-1807). French Gen. in the Am. Rev.

ROSS, George (1730-79). Pa. lawyer, siprner of the Declaration of Independence.

RUSH, Benjamin (1745-1813). Pa. physician, signer of the Declaration of Independence.

ST. GLAIR, Arthur (1734-1818). Brit, officer in Canada, and later Am. General in Revolutionary war.

SARGENT, Winthrop (1763 1820). Secretary of the Northwest Terr., officer in Am. Rev., Gov. of Miss Terr.

SHERMAN. Roger (1721-93). Conn, signer of tho Declaration of Independence, U. S. senator.

SHIPPEN, Margaret (fl.1793). Wife of Benedict Arnold.

SMITH, James (ab.1720-1806). Fa. signer of the Declaration of Independence.

SMITH, Joshua Hett (1749-1818). N. Y. loyalist, accomplice of Andre.

STARK, John (1728-1822). N. H. General in Am. Revolution.

SULLIVAN, John (1740-95). N. H. General in Am. Rev., delegate to Continental Congress.

STTMTER, Thomas (1734-1832). 8. C. General in Am. Revolution, Congressman, minister to Brazil.

TARLETON, (Sir) Bannastre (1754-1833). British officer in Am. Revolution.

TAYLOR, Stephen (b.1757). N. Y. soldier in Am. Revolution.

THORNTON, Matthew (1714-1803). N. H. surgeon in Am. Rev., signer of the Declaration of Independence.

WAIT, Benjamin (1735-1822). Vt. officer in French and Indian War and Am. Revolution.

WAYNE, Anthony (1745-96). Pa. officer in Am. Revolution.

WELLFORD, Robert (1753-ab.94). British surgeon in Am. Revolution, Frederioksburg (Va.) doctor.

WHIFFLE, William (1730-85). N. H. judge, Signer of Declaration of Independence, Rev. Gen.

WIEDERHOLDT, Capt. (d. 18051. Capt. in American Revolution.

WINSLOW, Isaac (b.1742). Boston merchant, loyalitt.

WOLCOTT, Oliver (1726-97). Conn. Signer of Declaration of Independence, Congressman, Governor.

Am. Revolution titles may also be found under the headings: Boston; Buffalo Valley; California; Cohas-
set; Danbury, Conn.; Dedham, Mass.; Derryville: Detroit; Essex Co.; Geauga Co.; Germantown; Gooohland
Co.; Harlem; Hartford, Vt. ; Harvard; Lake Co.; Little Miami Valley; Lower Merion; Maryland; Medford;
New Jersey; New York City; North Carolina; Pennsylvania; Philadelphia; Quebec; Saratoga; South Caro-
lina; Valley Forge; Virginia; Westminster, Vt. ; Westmoreland; Worcester. See also Washington and others
classified under Presidents, Members of the Cabinet, etc.

WAK OF 1812.

BRODTC. Isaac (1769-1813). British General in War of 1812.

CATTLK'S Field (Md.). War of 1812 battle, 1814.

CRYSLER Farm (Can.). Battle, Nov. 11. 1813.

"ENTERPRISE." Am. cruiser in 1800, 1812-14 and apainst pirates.

"ERIE." Steamboat burned on Lake Erie, 1814.

HARTFORD convention,

JOYNES. Thomas R. (1789-1858). Va. lawyer and planter, officer in war of 1812.

LAKE ERIE. War of 1812 Naval battle, Sept. 10, 1813.

LEAVENWORTH, Henry (1783-1884). N. Y. General in War of 1812, Indian agent for northwest territory.

McDONOTTGH, Patrick (b.1786). Pa. T. S. officer in War of 1812.


MATTOON, Eber.ezer (1755-1843). Mass, officer in War of 1812, Congressman.

8TEIGER, Rodolphe (1780-1847). Swiss-English officsr, resident in Canada, physician in War of 1812.

WAR of 1812. British-American war.

WINCHESTER, James (1752-1826). Officer in War of 1812.


MEXICAN War. War between U. S. and Mexico, April, 1846-Sept., 1847.

MONTEREY, (Mexico). Battle and siege of Mexican War, Sept. 20-25, 1846.

O'BRIEN, John P. J. (1818-50). Phila. officer in the Mexican War.

SCOTT, Winfleld (1786-1866). Officer in War of 1812, General-in-Chief in Mexican War, writer.


ALBEMARLE. Confederate ram blown up Oct. 27, 1864.

APPOMATTOX (Va.). Civil War campaign, March 29-Apr. 9, 1865.

BALLS Bluff (Va.). Civil War engagement, Oct. 21, 1861.

BELMONT(Mo.). Civil War engagement, Nov. 7, 1861.

BRICE'S Cross Roads (Md.). Civil War engagement, June 10, 1864.

CEDAR Creek (Va.). Civil War battle, Oct. 19, 1864.

CEDAR Mountains (Va.). Civil War battle, Aug. 9, 1862.

CHATTANOOGA (Tenn.). Civil War campaign, 1863.

CHICKAMAUGA (Ga.). Civil War battle. Sept. 19 20, 1863.

CIVIL WAR. War between North and South, 1861-1835.

COLD HARBOR (Va.). Civil War campaign . June, 1884.

CONFEDERATE States. Organization of seceding states formed in 1861.

FISHERS HILL (Va.). Civil War engagement, Oct. 19, 1864.

FRANKLIN (S. C.). Civil war battle, Nov. 30, 1864.

GETTYSBURG (Pa.). Civil War battle, July 1-3, 1883.

GRAND Army of the Republic. Association of Union veteran* of the Civil War.

HART8VILLE (Tenn.). Civil War action, Deo. 7, 1862.

HOLLY Springs (Miss.). Civil War raid, Dec. 20, 1862.

HUNLEY. Confederate torpedo boat whioh sank the Housatonio off Charleston, 8. C., Feb. 17, 1884.

JACKSON (Miss.). Civil War engagement, May 14, 1863.

LYNCHBURG (Va.). Civil War campaign May 25-June 29, 1864, engagement June 17-18.

MANASSAS (Va.). Civil War battle, July 21, 18S1.

MERRIMAC MONITOR battle. Civil War naval battle in Hampton Roads, Va., March 8-9, 1862.

MURFREE8BORO (Tenn.). Civil War battle. Dec. 31, 1852-Jan. 3, 1868.

PERRYVTLLE (Ky.). Civil War battle, Oct. 8, 1862.

SECESSION. Doctrine of the right of a state to resume independence.

SHILOH (Tenn.). Civil War battle, Apr. 6-7, 1862.

THOMPSON'S conspiracy (1864). Plot to liberate Confederate prisoners.

TUPELO (Miss.). Civil War engagement, July 14-15, 1863.

VICKBURG (Miss.). Civil War campaign 1862-63.

WAGNER, Fort (8. C.). Civil War assault, July 18, 1863.


ABBOTT, Henry (1832-98). N. H. banker, U. 8. War agent, Sanitary commissioner, State senator.

FREEMAN, Julia (Wheelook) (d.1900). Mich, teacher, Civil War nurse, writer.

HALSEY, Edmund Drake (1840-96). N. J. lawyer, officer in Civil War.

HARDING, William B. (1840-1900). Worcester Itwyer, officer in Civil War.

HITCHCOCK, Henry (1829-1902). Mo. lawyer, officer in Civil War.

HOPKINS, William Swinton Bennett (1836-1900). Mass, lawyer, officer in Civil War.

JOHNSTON, Frank (b.1843). Miss. Attorney-General, Confederate officer, hist, writer.

JONES. J. H. (b.1838). M'ss. lawyer, Confederate officer.

KINSMAN, William H. (1834-63). Iowa lawyer and officer in Civil War.

LIPPITT, Francis James (1812-1902). D. C. lawyer, officer in Civil War, writer.

MARSH, Lucius Bolles (1818-1901). Boston merchant, officer in Civil War, writer.


RAVENEL, Samuel Prioleau (1822-1902). 8. C. merchant, Confederate officer.

TABB, Thomas (d.1902). Va. lawyer, Confederate officer, educator.

TURNER, Jos; ah (1821-1901). N. C. politician, editor, lawyer, Confederate officer.

ALEXANDER, E. F. (b.1835). Confederate General, R. R. president.

AMES, Adalbert (b.1835). U. S. officer in Civil war, Miss. Gov., U. 8. senator.

ANDERSON, Charles D. (d.1901). Confederate officer.

ANKENY, R. V. (1836-1901). Officer in Civil War.

AUSTIN, Charles W. (d.1889). Texas Confederate officer.

BEAUREGARD, Pierre Gustave Toutant (1818-93). Miss. Confederate general.

BELL, Tyree H. (d.1902). Tenn. Confederate officer.

BELO, Alfred Horatio(1839-1901). N. C. Confederate officer and Texas editor.

BICKERDYKE, Mary A. (1817-1901). Nurse in Civil War, Kan. organizer of relief.

BRAGG, Edward Stuyvesant (b.1827). N. Y. lawyer, brig.-gen. in Civil War, Congressman.

BREATHED, James (b.1838). Va. Confederate officer.

BROOCKS, John H. (1827-1901). Texas Confederate officer.

BUTLER, Benjamin Franklin (1818-93). Mass, lawyer, Gen. in Civil War, Gov. of Mass., politician.

COWLE8, Wm. Henry (1840-1901). N. C. Confederate officer, Congressman.

CRANDALL, Lee (fl.1862). Confederate officer.

CU8TER, George Armstrong (1839-76). 0. General in Civil War, Indian fighter.

DAVIS, Isaac W. Confederate officer, brother of Jefferson Davis.

DAVIS, Jefferson (1808-89). Miss. U. 8. Sec. of War, President of the Confederate States.

DAVIS, Sam (fl.1862). Confed. spy, executed at Nashville, Tenn.

DICKINSON, J. J. (d.1902). Florida Confederate officer.

DUFUR, Simon Miltimore. Soldier in Civil War.

EARLY, Jubal Anderson (1816-94). Va. lawyer, Confederate General, writer.

ECHOLS, John (1823-96). Va. lawyer, Confederate Brigadier-General.

ESTILL, J. H. (b.1840). Georgia Confederate officer, journalist, politician.

FARRAGUT, David Glasgow (1801-70). Tenn. Admiral U. 8. Navy.

FORREST, Nathan Bedford (1821-77). Tenn. Confederate General.

FOSTER, John G. (1823-74). N. H. officer in Civil war, writer.

FRANCIS, John W (1813-1902). Tex. Confederate officer.

FREITCHIE, Barbara. Woman of Frederick, Md., subject of poem by Whittier.

FREMONT, John Charles (1813-90). Am. explorer, Major-General in Civil War, writer.

GARNETT, Robert Selden (1819-61). Va. Confederate General.

GARRETT, William Robertson (fl, 19011. Tenn. Confederate General, educator and writer.

GEORGE, J. Z. (1826-97). Miss, politician, U. S. senator, Confederate General.

GIBBON, John (1827-96). Union General in Civil War, writer.

GRIFFIN, Simon G. (1824-1902). N. H. General in Civil War.

GUILD, Amasa (fl.1862). Mass, officer in Civil War.

HAMBLIN, Joseph Elbridge (1828-70). N. Y. Major-General in Civil War.

HAMPTON. Wade (1818-1902). 8. C. statesman, U. S. senator, Confederate General.

HAWKINS, William Stewart (1837-1865). Confederate officer and poet.

HEMPHILL, W. A. (1842-1902). Ga. Confederate officer and journalist.

HERRON, Francis (b.1838). Iowa Brigadier-General in Civil War.

HILL, Mary 8. (d.1902). "Florence Nightingale of the army of Northern Va." Confederate nurse.

HINTON, Richard J. (1830-1901). Kan pioneer, officer in Civil War, writer.

HOPKINS, Warren M (1839-75). Va. Confederate officer.

HOY, Robert W (1824-1901). Michigan officer in Civil War.

JACKSON, Thomas Jonathan ("Stonewall" Jackson) (1824-63). W. Va. Confederate General.

JOHNSON, Bradley Tyler (b.1829). Va. and Md. lawyer, officer in Civil War, writer.

JOHNSTON, Joseph Eggleston (1807-91). Va. Confederate general, U. 8. Congressman, writer.

LEE, Robert Edward (1807-70). Va. Confederate General in Civil War.

LITTLEFIELD, J. H. (1827-1901). Tex. Confederate officer.

McCLELLAN, George Brinton (1826-85). General in Civil War, Governor of N. J.

McDONALD, John R. ( 1843-1902). Ala. Confederate oncer.

MARTIN, Thomas (d.1865). Tennessee Confederate soldier.

MAYES, Edward (b.1846). Miss. Confederate soldier, politician.

MONTGOMERY, Joseph E. (1817-1902). Ky. Mississippi pilot, Confederate commodore.

MOORE, Roger (1838-1901). N. C. Confederate officer.

MURPHY, R. D. (1835 1902). Md. Confederate officer.

FARAMORE, J. B. (1840-1902). Fla. Confederate officer.

PELHAM, John (1838-63). Ala. Confederate "boy artillerist" cffioer.

PERRY. William Flake (1823-1901). Ky. Confederate General.

PETERS, Wm. E. (b.1829). Va. Confederate officer, Prof, in University of Virginia.


POLK, Leonidas (1806-64). Ala. Confederate General and Episcopal Bishop.

QU ANTHILL, William C. (fl.1860). Kansas outlaw.

QUAYLE, Wm. (1825-1901). Tex. Confederate officer.

ROGERS, Benjamin Armstead (1835-1902). Ala. Confederate officer.

SEDGWICK. John (1813-33). Conn, officer in Mexican and Civil Wars.

SEMMES, Raphael (1809-77). Md. Confederate naval officer in Civil War, writer.

SEYMOUR, Lucy A. (d.1902). Teacher, educator, nurse in Civil War.

SHAW, Robert Gould (1837-63). Mass, officer in Civil War.

SHELBY, Joseph (b.1831). Ho. Confederate General, U. S. marshall for the western district of Mo.

SHERIDAN, Philip Henry ( 1831-88). General in Civil War.

SHERMAN, William T. (1820-91). General in Civil War.

STEPHENS. Alexander Hamilton (1812-83). Ga. lawyer. U. 8. Congressman, Governor, writer.

STEVENS, Atherton H. (fl.1860). Officer in Civil War.

STEWART, James Turner (1834-1901). Ga. Confederate officer.

STUART. James Elwell Brown (1833-64). Va. Confederate General in Civil War.

TAYLOR (Mrs.) Susie King: (b.1818).

TENCH, John W. r a. 1365). Confederate officer.

TURNER, J. J. (d. 1901). Tenn. Confederate officer.

TWIGG8, H. D. D. Georgia Confederate officer.

TYLER, Fisher Ames (d.1902). Miss. Confederate officer.

VAN DORN, Earl (1820-63). Miss, soldier in Mexican War, Confederate General.

VIELE, Egbert Ludoviokus (1825-1908). N. Y. military engineer in Mex. and Civil Wan, Cong, writer.

WALKER, Joseph A. (d.1901). Va. Confederate General.

WALKER, W. H. 8. (1816-64). Ga. Confederate General.

WEST, Douglas (1825-1901). Miss. Confederate officer.

WHEELER, Joseph (b.1836). Ala. Confederate General, Congressman, officer in Spanish- American War.

WHITING, William Henry Chase (1825-65). Confederate General.

YOUNG. William H. (1838-1901). Texas Confederate General.

Civil War tities may also be found under the following headings: Alabama; Albany, Ga. ; Anderson -
ville; Appomattox; Columbia; Florida; Georgia; Harvard; Indiana; Jackson, Miss.; Kentucky; Maryland;
Massachusetts; Mississippi; Missouri; Natchez; New York; North Carolina; Pennsylvania; Slavery Southern
states; Timby; Virginia; Waterville, Me.; West Point; West Virginia; Worcester. See also Grant and
various names under Presidents, Members of the Cabinet, etc., in this index.


CLINTON riot. Race war episode, Clinton, Miss., Sept. 4, 1875.

KU-KLTTX Klans. A Secret society in the Southern States in Reconstruction times.

RECONSTRUCTION. Period of adjustment in South after the Civil War.


CLARK, Charles Edgar (b.1843). Naval officer, Capt. of "Oregon" in Span. -Am. War.

DEWEY, George (b.1837). Admiral IT. S. Navy in Spanish-American War.

FORNANCE, James (d.1898). Captain in Spanish-Am, war.

FUNSTON, Frederick (b.1865). Kansas Congressman, officer in Spanish-Am. War.

JENKINS, William Dunbar (b.1849). Mass, civil engineer, officer in Spanish-American war.

"MAINE." U. 8. battleship blown up in Havana harbor, Feb. 15, 1898.

ROPER. Jesse M. (fl.1902). Lieutenant-Commander of the IT. 8. gunboat Petrel in Spanish-Am. War.

SAMPSON, William Thomas (1840-1902). Rear- Admiral TJ. 8. navy.

SCHLEY, Wiafleld Scott (b.1839). Rear-Admiral U. 8. navy.

SPANISH-AMERICAN War. War of TJ. 8. and Spain 1898.

WOOD, Leonard (b.1860). Officer in Spanish- American War, Military Governor-General of Cuba.



BIRTHRATE. Proportion of births to inhabitants.

CENSUS. Official enumeration of population and wealth.

ETHNOLOGY. Science of races.

MOROS. A tribe or race in the Philippines.

MOUNTAIN Whites. Poor mountaineers of the Southern States.


AMERICAN Colonization Society. Soc. founded in 1773 to restore negroes to Africa.

DOUGLASS, Frederick (ab.1817-86). Nesro slave, minister to Hayti, Marshal of D. C.

NEGROES. Colored people of African birth or descent.

SLAVERY (anti-slavery, abolition, emancipation). Property in human beings.

THOMPSON, Charles. Mass, freedman.

UNDERGROUND railroad. Anti-slavery organization for helping escaped slaves.

"WANDERER." Last slaver (1859) to land cargo in U. 8.

WASHINGTON, Booker T. (b. about 1859). Ala. negro educator, President Tuskegee Institution.


BOHEMIAN Americans. Natives of Bohemia living in the U. S.

CHINESE-AMERICANS. Natives of China (or their descendants) living in America.

FOREIGN population. Inhabitants not native-born or (more strictly) not naturalized.

FRENCH-CANADIAN Americans. French Canadians settled in the U. S.

FRENCH-CANADIANS. ..Canadians of French descent and language.

GERM AN- AMERICANS. Americans of German birth or (loosely) ancestry.

HUGUENOTS (in Am.). French Protestants and their desoendents.

IMMIGRATION. The incoming of foreigners for permanent residence.

IRISH Americans. Natives of Ireland resident in the U. S., and their immediate descendants.

JAPANESE Americans. Natives of Japan living in America.

NATURALIZATION. Investing a foreigner with native rights.

POLISH Americans. Natives of Poland resident in the U. S. , and the'.r descendants.

RUSSIAN JEWS. Jewish inhabitants of Russia.

SCOTCH-IRISH. Descendants of Scotch settlers in Ireland.

SLAVONIC AMERICANS. Members of Slavonic races living in America.

SPANISH Americans in U. 8.

ROUMANIANS. Inhabitants of Roumania, a state of 8.E. Europe.



CHRISTIANITY. Religions which accept Jesus Christ as God or as chief exemplar.

CHRISTMAS. Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, Dec. 25.

CHURCH and State. Problem of relation of organized religion to the State.

CHURCHES. Societies of worshippers or buildings for them.

CLERGYMEN. Ministers of a church.

EMMAUS Mission. Mission near Buckatunna creek, Miss.

"NATIVE AMERICANISM." A term for anticatholio movements in U. 8.

PAOTINGFU, China. Scene of massacre of American missionaries 1900, Shantung Province.

PARISHES (Canadian). Ecclesiastical and civil districts.

RAILROAD Y. M. C. A. Social clubs for railroad employees under auspices of the Y. If. C. A.

RELIGION. Man's relations to the superhuman.

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY. Freedom to act according to one's conscience in religious matters.

SUNDAY. First day of the week.

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