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Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America online

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WITCHCRAFT. The exercise of supernatural power.


BAPTIST Church (Am.). Immersion 1st Ch. introduced to Am. by Roger Williams.
CARMELITES. R. C. orders of monks and nuns.


CATHOLIC Church. Church under the government of the Roman hierarchy.

CHRISTIAN Science, "Hind cure". Healing- of body by mind, a theory and a church.

CONGREGATIONAL Church. Established Church of early New England.

CUMBERLAND Presbyterian Church. Branch of Am. Presbyter. Church originating in Cumberland Co., Ky.

DOUKHOEORS. Russian sect, emigrated to Manitoba in 1898-99.

DUNKERS (Dunkards, Tunkers). Penn. German Am. religious sect.

FRANCISCANS. Roman Catholic religious order.

JESUITS. Roman Catholic order of "Society of Jesus."

JEWS. People of Hebrew race, or adherents of Hebrew religion.

LUTHERAN Church. Church founded by Martin Luther.

METHODIST Church. Arminian church founded by John Wesley, having several branches in U. 8.

MISSIONS. Efforts to extend Christianity.

MORAVIAN Church. A branch of the Lutheran church noted for its missionary zeal.

MORMONS. A religious sect, founded by Jos. Smith, located mainly in Utah.

'NEW THOUGHT." A metaphysical movement in U. S.

PRESBYTERIAN Church. Church governed by presbyters.

PROTESTANT Episcopal Church, Am. Church with Episcopal form of Gov't.

QUAKERS. The religious society of Friends.

REFORMED Church in America. Am. denomination, formerly Ref. Prot. Dutch Church.

REFORMED Church of the U. 8. Formerly German Reformed Church.

REFORMED Episcopal Church. Am. denomination separated from the Prot. Episo. Church.

SALVATION Army. Religious organization founded by General Booth.

SANDEMANIAN8. A religious sect founded by John Glas, of Scotland, in 1725.

SHAKERS. Popular name of United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing.

SPIRITUALISM. Doctrine of direct communion of men and spirits.

"STJTSS." Name given French Protestants of the Province of Quebec.

TRAPPI8TS. R. C. Monastic order.

TRUTH-KNOWER8. A Mohammedan gnostic society of Boston.

UNITARIAN Church. Non-Trinitarian Church with Congregational form of Gov't.

UNIVERSALI8T Church. Church holding universal salvation as its cardinal doctrine.

VISITATION (Order of the). R. C. order of nuns.


ABBOTT, Lyman ib.1835). N. Y. Congregational clergyman, editor and writer.

ADAMS, Hugh. N. H. colonial minister.

AFPLETON, Nathaniel (1693-1784). Mass. Congregational olerg. and writer.

ARCHBOLD, Richard (b.1713). Irish Jesuit missionary to Maryland, convert to Protestantism.

AZARIA8 (1847-93). Catholic Brother.

BACHILLER, Stephen (b.about 1651). Anglo-Amer. Puritan minister, pastor of the Plough Co.

BACKUS, Isaac (1724-1806). N. E. Cong, and Bapt. olerg. and writer.

BALDWIN, Stephen Livingston (1835-1901). Am. Meth. missionary to China, writer, secretary.

BARBER, Jane (1816-87). Illinois nun.

BARBOUR, Catherine Hayden (1863-1901). Missionary teacher in Spain.

BARNARD, Thomas (1716-76). Massachusetts clergyman.

BARNWELL, Robert Woodward (1849-1902). Episcopal Bishop of Alabama.

BATTLES, James Monroe (1830-1901). Boston missionary among sailors.

BEACOM, John J. (1837-1902). Pa. Presbyterian clergyman.

BEATTY, Charles (1713-72). Pa. Presbyterian clergyman.

BEKKER8, B. J. (b.1844). Miss. Catholic missionary to the Chootaws.

BELCHER, Joseph (1669-1723). Dedham, Mass., clergyman.

BERNI2RES, Henri de (fl.1659). First cure of Quebec.

BIHN, Joseph Louis (1822-93). Catholic priest.

BILES, William (fl.1679). Pa. pioneer, Quaker preacher.

BININGER, Abraham (1720-1811). Moravian missionary to West Indies.

BIRD, Wm. (1823-1902). Presb. olerg. and missionary, Syria, 1852-1902.

BLACKBURN, Wm. Maxwell (1828-98). 111. and Dak. Presb. clerg., educator and historian.

BLAKE, B. Leroy (d.1902). Conn. Congregational clergyman and writer.

BOUTON, Nathaniel (1799-1878). Concord, N. H. Congregational clergyman and writer.

BRENNAN. Daniel A. (1845-96). Philadelphia Catholic priest.

BREV/8TER, William (1560-1644). Plymouth Colony elder.

BROOKS, Charles (1795-1872). Mass. Unitarian clergyman, educator and writer.

BROOKS, Phillips (1835-1893). Mass. Episcopal clergyman, bishop.

BROWN, Samuel Robbins (1810-80). Am. missionary and educator in China and Japan.


BRUTE, Simon William Gabriel (1779-1838). Catholic Bishop of Vincennes.

BUCHER, John Conrad (1730-80). Fa. Gcr. Ref. clergyman, provincial officer.

BUSHNELL, Horace (1802-76). Conn. Congregational clergyman, writer.

BUTLER, William (1818-99). Methodist missionary and writer.

BYINGTON, Ezra Hoyt (1S28-1901). N.E. Congregational clergyman, professor, historical writer.

CAHILL, (Mrs.) Sophia (d.1900).

CAHILL, Thomas E. (1828-78). Founder of the Catholic High School of Philadelphia.

CALOFNE, Jacques-Ladislaw Joseph de (1743-1822). Canadian Abbe.

CAMPBELL, Alexander (1788-1866). Founder of the Campbellites denomination, educator, theol. writer.

CARROLL, John (1735-1815). Bishop of Md., first Catholic bishop of the U. S.

CARTER (Father) (fl.1884). Philadelphia Catholic priest.

CASAS, Bartholome de Las (1474-1566). Bishop of Chiapa.

CHAMBERLAIN, George W (d.1902). Fresb. missionary to Brazil.

CHANNING, William Ellery (1780-1842). N. E. Unitarian clergyman, theologian, writer.

CHEYERU8, John (fl.1801). Mass. Catholic priest.

CHINIQUY, Charles Pascal Telesphore (1809-99). Canadian priest, later Presb. clergyman.

CLARK, Francis E. (b.1851). Founder of Young People's Soc. of Christian Endeavor.

CLOUGH, John Everett (b.1836). Bapt. missionary to the Telugus of India.

COFFIN, Enoch (1696-1728). N. H. clergyman.

COGHLON, Gerald P. (b.1848). Phila. Catholic priest.

COLMAN, Benjamin (1673-1747). Boston clergyman and writer.

CONSTANT, Nicholas Benort (d.1706). Canadian Catholic priest.

CORRIGAN, Michael Augustine ..1839-1902). Archbishop of N. Y.

CRAIGHEAD, Thomas (ab.1750 ab.1825). Tenn. Presb. clergyman, educator.

CROOKS, George Richard (1820-97). Meth. clerg., prof., theolog. writer.

CROSS, Moses K. (1812-1902). Iowa clergyman, writer.

CURTIS, S. W. (1847-1902). Presb. missionary to Chili and Mexico.

CUYLER, Theodore Ledyard (b.1822). Brooklyn (N. Y. ) Presb. clergyman.

BALL, Charles Henry Appleton (1816-86). Unit, olerg., missionary to India.

DAULi, Jean-Denis (1766-1821). Canadian Cath. priest.

DAWSON, Thomas (fl.1752). Va. Epis. olerg., Pres. of William and Mary college.

DIX, Morgan (b.1827). N. Y. Episcopal clergyman and writer.

DOWDGE, Francis (fl.1818). Va, Methodist clergyman.

DOWER, Samuel (1826-1901). Clergyman.

DOWIE, John Alexander (d.1903). Founder of Ziou, 111., a religious communistic settlement.

DREXEL, Francis A. (1824-86).

DRIESSCHE, Amandus Van den (1825-1901). Detroit (Mich.) Catholic priest, writer.

DUSTAN, George (1828-1902). N. E. Congregational clergyman and legislator.

EATON, Charles H. (1852-1902). N. Y. Unitarian clergyman.

EDWARDS, Arthur (1834-1901). Mich and II!. Meth. clergyman, editor.

EMERY, Samuel Hopkins (1815-1001). Congregational clergyman, local historical writer.

EMMONS, Nathaniel (1745-1840). N. E. theologian and writer.

ENGLAND (fl.1833). N. C. Catholic Bishop.

FINNEN, John (1824-99). R. C. vicar general of diocese of Scranton, Pa.

FISKE, Lewis Ranson (1825-1901). Mich. Methodist clergyman, educator, writer.

FLAGET, Benedict Joseph (1763-1850). Cath. Bishop of Bardstown (Ky.).

FLYNN, Mary (1840-1901). Superioress of the Sisters of Charity in the U. 8.

FORBIN-JANSON, Mgr. de (d.1844). French orelato.

FOSTER, Abiel (1735-1806). N. H. Congregational clergyman, State senator, Congressman.

GALLITZIN (Father). Catholic priest.

GAMBON, Thomas F. (1837-1901). Ky. Catholic chancellor and vicar general.

GAZELLE, Pierre (ft. 1793-6). French abbe, resident in Canada.

GERMAINE, M. 1851-1901). Catholic nun and teacher.

GIBAULT, Pierre (fl.1779). French Canadian priest of Kaskuskia.

GIFFARD, Ignace Marie Francis de Saint. First Canadian nun.

GILLET, Louis Florent (1813-92). Catholic priest.

GUMBELL, Joseph M. (1800-86). 111. and Iowa German Am. clergyman.

GURLEY, L, B. Ohio Meth. clergyman, pioneer and poet.

HALE, Edward Everett (b.1822). Boston Unitarian clergyman, writer.

HALL, Henry Edward (b.1831). Mass. Unitarian clergyman and writer.

HALL, John (1829-98). N. T. Presbyterian clergyman and writer.

HARDY, Anthony Colby (1828-1902). N. H. Methodist clergyman.

HECKER, Isaac Thomas (1819-88). N. Y. Catholic priest, founder of order of Paulist Fathers 1858.

HEYDEN, Thomas (1798-1870). Philadelphia Catholic priest, scholar.


HOFFMAN, Eugene Aug-ustus(1829-1902). N. Y. Dean of General Theological Seminary, philanthropist, writer.

HOGAX, John B. (1829-1901). Pres. of Divinity College of the Oath. Univ. of America, writer.

HOLLBHOOK, Z. Swift. 111., Mass. & 0. Congregational clergyman, editor of Bibliotheca Sacra.

HOWE, William Bell White (1803-94). S. C. Episcopal Bishop.

HTJBSEY, Abbe (fl.1780). Catholic Bishop.

IGNATIUS (Mother) (1829-1902). Catholic Sister.

JOGUES, R. P. Isaac (1607-1646). French Jesuit missionary to North America.

JOSEPH, Jacob (1840-1902). N. Y. Hebrew patriarch.

KENRICK, Francis Patrick (1797-1863). Cath. Archbishop of Baltimore, and writer.

KRAUTH. Charles Porterfield (1823-83). Pa. Lutheran clergyman, Professor, writer.

L'HALLE, Constantin do (or Challe) (d.1729). Canadian priest.

LANE, Hugh (1821-1902). Am. Catholic priest.

LAVAL, Francois de (fl.1663). Catholic prelate of Canada.

LAVIALLE, Pierre Joseph (1819-67). Ky. Catholic bishop.

LENIHAN, Thomas Mathias (1845-1902). Wyo. Catholic Bishop.

LITTLEJOHN, Abram Newkirk (1824-1901). L. I. and N. Y. Protestant Episcopal Bishop, writer.

LORD, Charles E. (1817-1902). N. H. Presbyterian clergyman, Professor and writer.

LYNCH (d.1882). S. C. Catholic Bishop.

MoBURNEY, Robert Ross (1837-98). Secretary and leader in Y. M. C. A.

MoCARTEE, Divie Bethune (1820-1900). Am. missionary to China and Japan, diplomat, naturalist, writer.

MoCONOMY, Augustine Jerome (1831-78). Catholic priest.

McDIARMID, A. P. (b.1852). Canadian Baptist clergyman and educator.

McGROARTY, Julia (d.1901). Provincial Superior of the Sisters of Notre Dame of Namur.

McPHILOMY, Hulbert (1869-1901). Philadelphia Catholic priest.

MARQUETTE, Father Jacques (1637-76). Canadian Jeseuit missionary to Am. Indians.

MATHER, Cotton (1668-1728). Mass, clergyman and writer.

MAY, Samuel (1810-1899). Mass. Unitarian clergyman, writer.

MAYNARD, Newland (d.1901). N. Y. Episcopal clergyman, writer and lecturer.

MAZZUCHELLI, Samuel Charles (1807-64). Catholic priest.

MILLER, John (1776-1887). Pa. Baptist clergyman.

MONTGOMERY, John (ft. 1766). Md. Episcopal clergyman.

MOSSOM, David (n.1729). Va. 1st Episcopal clergyman ordained in the Colonial church.

MOTT, George Scudder (1829-1901). N. J. Presbyterian clergyman, writer.

MOUNTAIN Mary. Pa. religious enthusiast and recluse.

MUHLENBERG, Frederick Augustus Conrad (1750-1801). N. Y. clergyman, Congressman.

MUHLENBERG, Gotthilf Henry Ernest (1753-1815). Pa: Lutheran clergyman and writer.

MUHLENBERG, John Peter Gabriel (1746-1807). Clergyman, U. S. senator, officer in Am. Revolution.

MULHOLLAND, James Eugene (1841-86). Catholic priest.

MURRAY, John (ab. 1741-1815). Mass, clergyman, founder of Universalism in America.

NENO, Paoifloo Antonio (1833-89). Catholic priest.

NEWLAND. William Augustine (1813-91). Phila. Cath. organist, musical composer.

NEWMARCH, John (d.1764). Maine clergyman.

NINDE, William Xavier (1832-1901). Am. Methodist Bishop over China, Japan and Korea.

O'CONNOR, Charles P. (1840-97). Pa. Cath. educator.

O'DONNELL, Lawrence (1818-1902). Catholic priest.

PACKARD, Joseph (1812-1902). Am. Episcopal clergyman, educator, writer.

PAIGE, Luoius Robinson (1802-96). Universalist clergyman, editor, writer.

PALMER, Benjamin Morgan (1818-1902). New Orleans Presbyterian clergyman.

PALON, Francisco. California Franciscan missionary.

PARK, Edward Amasa (1808-1900). Mass, theologian, Andovar Professor, editor, writer.

PARKER, Theodore (1810-60). Mass. Unitarian clergyman, writer.

PATTERSON, George (1828-1901). Texas, Tenn. Episcopal clergyman.

PEREA, Estevan (fl.1632). Custodian of the missions of New Mexico 1632-3.

PIERRON (Father) John (fl.1674). French Canadian Jesuit missionary.

PORTER, Aaron (ft. 1716). Mass, clergyman.

RALE (Rale, Rasles, Ralle, Rasle), Sebastien (1657-1724). Jesuit missionary to Abenakis.

RICHARD (Father) Gabriel. French Catholic priest in America.

ROU, Louis f ft. 1734). N. Y. Huguenot clergyman.

ROY, J. E. (fl.1860). Am. Congregational clergyman, missionary superintendent.

RUNNELLS, Moses T, (d.1902). Congregational clergyman, writer.

6T. THEODORE, Sister (1798-1856). Catholic sister.

SCHUYLER, Montgomery (1814-96). Episcopal clergyman, writer.

SEARS, Barnas (1802-80). Mass. Baptist clergyman, professor.

SERAPHIM, Mother. Catholic Sister.


SERRA, Junipero (1713-84). Founder of California, apostle to the Indians.

SHAPLEIGH. Major, 17th Century Quaker.

SHELDON, William (1830-1902). Clergyman.

SHEPARD, Jeremiah (fl.1674). Clergyman.

SHERWOOD, Smith ffl.1822). Va. Baptist clergyman.

SMITH, Joseph (1805-44). Founder of Mormonism.

SMITH, Thomas (1702-95). Me. clergyman.

STONE, Ellen Maria (b.1846). Am. missionary to Macedonia.

STRANG, James Jesse (b.1813). Leader of Mormon settlement on Beaver Is. Michigan.

TALMAGE, Thomas De Witt (1832-1902). Brooklyn and Washington, D. C.. Presbyterian clergyman.

TAPPAN, Charles L. (1828-1902). N, H. Congregational clergyman.

TENNENT, Gilbert (1703-64). Phila. Presbyterian clergyman.

THOMPSON, Wm. McClure (b.1806-1894). Am. missionary to Syria, writer.

TSILKA, Katerina Stefonovna. Bulgarian woman educated in XT. S., connected with Am. mission.

TUCKER, Josiah (1772-99). English clergyman, Dean of Gloucester.

TURELL, Ebenezer (1702-78). Medford, Mass., clergyman.

VALENTINI, Valentino (d.1892). Catholic priest, scholar and educator.

WAITE, J. T. H. (d.1902). Ga. Presbyterian clergyman.

WALSH, William (1850-1902). Tenn. Catholic priest.

WEAVER, Jonathan (1824-1901). 0. United Bretheren clergyman, writer.

WHIPPLE, Henry B. (1828-1901). Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Minn., friend of Indians.

WHITE, Andrew (d.1656). Md. R. C. priest.

WHITFIELD, James (1770-1834). Archbishop of Baltimore.

WHITMAN, Marcus (1802-47). N. Y. Presbyterian clergyman, missionary to Oregon.

WILLARD, George (1824-1901). Michigan clergyman, educator and journalist, Congressmen.

WILLS, William Henry (1809-89). N. C. itinerant Methodist preacher, merchant.

WING, John. Colonial clergyman and writer.

WISE, John (1652-1725). Ipswich (Mass.) clergyman, chaplain in Sir Wm. Fhips expedition 1690, writer.


"BIBLE IN SCHOOLS." Question of teaching it in Am. public schools.

COLLEGES (and Universities). Institutions of higher learning.

EDUCATION. Training of the less by the morfe developed.

FREEDOM of teaching. Question of liberty of thought and expression in college teaching.

MEDICINE. Art of heading and drugs employed.

RHODES Scholarships. Oxford scholarships for Americans founded by Cecil Rhodes.

SCIENCE. Systematic pursuit of knowledge and its ordered results.

SOCIT DES AMIS, La. Montreal literary society est. 1842.

VIRGINIA Literary Museum. First periodical used by the University of Virginia 1829.


AMERICAN Academy, Rome, Italy. Art school for American students, founded IS'Jl.

AMERICAN Economic Association, est. 1885.

AMERICAN Historical Association, founded 1884, inoorp. 1889.

AMERICAN Philosophical Society. Scientific soo. founded in 1769 in Phila. by Franklin.

AMERICAN School of classical studies at Athens, founded 1882.

BOWDOIN College. Founded 1744 (1802) Brunswick, Me.

CALIFORNIA University. State University at Berkeley, founded 1868.

CARLETON College. Congregational College at Northfleld, Minn., founded 1866.

CARNEGIE Institution. Washington, D. C., Inst. for promoting scholarly research.

CHAUTAUQUA. Summer and correspondence school on Lake, N. Y., founded 1874.

CHICAGO University. Founded in 1891 by John D. Rockefeller.

COLUMBIA University. Founded at New York in 1754 as King's College, incorp. as Columbia 1784.

DARTMOUTH College. College at Hanover, N. H., fd. 1709.

EATON Free School. School of Elizabeth City Co., Va., founded 1659.

EMPORIA College, Kan. Presbyterian college at Emporia, Kan., founded 1882.

GEORGIA University. State University at Athens, Ga., fd. 1785.

GILL school city. School with self-gov't on the model of city gov't.

HALL of Fame. Hall of University of N. Y. commemorating famous Americans.


HAMPTON Normal and Agricultural Institute. School for Negroes and Indians at Hampton, Va., est. 1868.

HARVARD UNIVERSITY. Univ. at Cambridge, Mass., fd. 1636.

JOHNS Hopkins University. Univ. at Baltimore, Md. fd. 1876.

LAVAL University. French Cath. institution at Quebec, Canada, est. 1852.

MACKENZIE COLLEGE. Presbyterian Mission College at San Paulo, Brazil.

MASSACHUSETTS Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. Lst. 186!.

MODERN Language Association.

NASHVILLE, University of. Institution at Nashville, Tenn., est. 1828.

NATIONAL Academy of Science, organized 1863.

NEWCOMB College. Women's Dep't. of Tulane Univ., New Orleans, La.

PENNSYLVANIA, University of. Univ. at Philadelphia.

PRINCETON University. At Princeton, N. 3., fd. 1740 as College of N. J., incorp. 1896 as Princeton U.


HADCLIFFE COLLEGE. Womens' College at Cambridge, Mass. est. 1879, and incorp. 1894.

RANDOLPH MACON COLLEGE. Meth. college at Ashland, Va. est. 1830.

SMITHSONIAN Institution. Scientific Inst, at Washington founded by James Smithson.

SOUTH CAROLINA COLLEGE. State College at Columbia, 8. C. fd. 1801.

STANFORD University. The Leland B. Stanford, Jr. Univ. at Palo Alto, Cal. fd. 1885.

VANDERBILT University. Meth. Univ. at Nashville, Tenn. est. 1872.

VILLANOVA COLLEGE. Cath. College at Villanova, Pa., fd. 1842.

WILLIAM AND MARY College. College at Williamsburg, Va., fd. 1893.

YALE University. Univ. at New Haven, Conn., fd. 1701.


ADAMS, Charles Kendall (1835-1902). President of Cornell and of University of Wisconsin.

ADAMS, Herbert Baxter (1850-1901). John Hopkins Univ. Prof, of history and writer.

AMES. Nathaniel (1708-64). Mass, mathematician.

AUDIT BON, John James (1780-1851). American naturalist.

BARNARD, Henry (1811-1900). Am. educator, editor, writer.

BARROWS, John Henry (1847-1902). 111. Congregational clerg.. writer, Pros, of Oberlin College.

BEARDSHEAR, William Millar (1860-1902). Iowa educator, Pres. of State College.

BLAKE, Francis (b.1850). Mass, astronomer and inventor.

BttCHER, Ferdinand (1832-1902). Harvard Prof, of modern languages.

BOWDITCH, Henry Ingersoll (1808-92). Mass, physician, professor, writer.

BROWN, (Mrs.) Tabitha (fl.1850). Oregon pioneer school teacher.

BUGBEE, Lester G. (d.1902). Tex. educator and historian.

BUTLER, Nicholas Murray (b.1862). N. Y. educator, writer, Pres. Columbia University.

CHASSEUR, Pierre (d.1842). Quebec naturalist and founder of museum.

CILLEY, Bradbury Longfellow (1838-99). N. H. educator.

CHURCH, Edward P. (1835-1901). Mich, educator, lecturer, mathematician.

CLEVELAND, Charles Dexter (1802-69). Pa. educator, U. 8. consul to Wales, writer.

COOK, (Mrs.) Adeline Francis (Pettee) (1359-1900). Mass, teacher.

CORBETT, Thomas (fl. 1739-53). Charleston (8. C.) teacher.

DUER. William Alexander (1780-1858). N. Y. lawyer, Pres. Columbia College, writer.

DOUGLASS, Andrew Ellicott (1819-1902). Wis. Pres. of Kenyon College, scientist, aroheologist.

EDWARDS, Jonathan (1703-58). Theologian, third President of the Princeton College.

ELIOT, Charles William (b.1834). President of Harvard University.

FINNEY, Charles Grandison (1792-1875). Presb. and Cong, oler?., Pres. Oberlin College, writer.

GILDER8LEVE, Basil Lanneau (b.1831). Johns Hopkins Univ. professor, writer.

OILMAN, Daniel Coit (b.1313). President Johns Hopkins Univ. and Carnegie Institution, writer.

GREEN, Jacob (1721-96). Mass. Presb. clergyman, Vice Pres. Princeton College, writer.

HADLEY, James (ab. 1786-1869). Conn, professor, scientist.

HARVARD, John (1607-38). Mass, clergyman, founder of Harvard college.

HARVEY, Moses (1820-1901). Newfoundland minister, scientist, writer.

HOLDEN, Serena (1810-92). Norfolk, Va., school teacher.

HOPKINS, Henry (b.1837). Mass. Congregational clergyman, Pres. Williams College.

HOPKINS, Mark (1802-87). Mass. Congregational clergyman, educator, Prea. Williams College.

HUMPHREYS, Willard (1867-1902). Princeton Univ. Professor.

HYATT, Alpheus (1838-1902). Mass. Professor and zoologist, officer in Civil War.

JAMES, Edmund Janes (b.1855). HI. educator, Fres. Northwestern Univ.

JANES, Lewis George (1844-1901). Am. educator and writer.

JORDAN, David Starr (b. 18521. Stanford University president, naturalist, writer.

KING, Clarence (1842-1901). U. 8. Geological surveyor, scientist, writer,


LEFROY, John Henry (d.lS90). Pres. of Canadian Institute, founder of Canad. magnetic survey.

LOEB, Jacques (b.1859). Chicago and Cal. Prof, of physiology, writer.

LOW, Seth (b.1850). N. Y. President of Columbia Univ., Mayor of Brooklyn and of New York.

MARKOE, Thomas Masters (1319-1901). If. Y. surgeon in Civil War, Professor, writer.

MAXWELL, William Henry (b.1852). N. Y. educator, Supt. N. Y. City schools, writer.

MAYO-SMITH, Richmond (1854-1801). Columbia University Prof., writer.

MORSE, Jedicliah (1761-1826). Mass. Congregational clergyman, cartographer, writer.

MTTIR, John (b.1838). Am. explorer, naturalist, writer.

PARKER, Francis Wayland (1837-1902). Mass, and 111. educator, writer.

PATTON, Francis Landey (b.1843). N. J. Theologian, Pres. Princeton University and Theol. Seminary.

PENDLETON, William Kimbrough (1817-90). President of Bethany college.

POWELL, John Wesley (1834-1902). Am. geologist, director U. S. Geological Survey, writer.

PRIESTLEY, Joseph (1733-1804). English scientist, resident in U. S.

REMSEN, Ira N. (b.1846). Am. chemist, Pres. Johns Hopkins University.

ROOD, Ogdon Nicholas (1831-1902). Columbia Univ. Professor of physics, writer.

ROWLAND, Henry A. (1848-1901). Johns Hopkins Univ. prof., scientist.

RUFFNER, Henry (1789-1861). Va. Presbyterian clergyman, Pres. Washington and Lee college, writer.

RUFFNER, William Henry (b.1824). Va. Presbyterian clergyman, educator, writer. 1

SKINNER, Charles R. (b.1844). N. Y. state superintendent of public education, writer.

SPARKS, Jared (1789-1866). Mass. Unitarian clergyman, Pres. of Harvard University, writer.

8TALLO, John Bernhard (1823-1900). German-American philosopher, jurist, statesman.

STILES, Ezra (1727-95). Conn. Congregational clergyman, President Yale college, writer.

STRONG, James Woodward (1). 1833). Minn. Cong, clergyman and pros, of Northfield (Carleton) College...

THAYER, James Bradley (1831-1902). Mass, lawyer, educator, Harvard professor, writer.

THAYER, Joseph Henry (1828-1901). Mass. Congregational clergyman, Harvard professor, writer.

THOMPSON, Mary Pickering (1826-96). N. H. teacher.

TOPPAN, Robert Noxon (1836-1901). Boston economist, writer, lawyer.

TRUE, Benjamin 0. (1845-1902). Baptist clergyman, professor.

TUCK, Amos (1810-79). N. H. educator, Congressman.

TYLER, Moses Coit (1825-1900). Mich, and N. Y. Cong, clergyman, later Episcopal olerg., Prof., writer.

VON HUMBOLDT, Friedrich Heinrich Alexander (1769-1859). German Geographer, naturalist, explorer,

WARREN, Herbert Langford (b.1857). Harvard Prof, of architecture.

WATERHOUSE, Benjamin (1754-1846). Mass, educator, physician, professor, writer.

WATERHOUSE, Sylvester (1830-1902). Mo. Professor of Greek, geologist.

WHITE, Andrew D. (b.1832). Am. Prof., writer, Pres. Cornell Univ., Ambassador to Germany.

WHITE, Theodore G. (1872-1901). Columbia professor, scientist, writer.

WHITNEY, Barney. N. Y. teacher.

WILLAKD, Emma (Hart) (1787-1870). Conn, and N. Y. educator, writer, poet.

WILLIAMS, Henry (1816-1901). Boston educator.

WILSON, Woodrow (b.1856). President of Princeton University, writer.

WRIGHT, Carroll D. (b.1840). Mass. Sociologist, U. S. commissioner of labor, Statistician, writer.

YALE, Elihu (1649-1721). Mass. Gov. of Madras, benefactor of Yale college, which received his name.

ZAKRZEWSKA, Marie (1829-1902). Physician, Professor, founder of women's hospitals in N. Y. and Boston.

Online LibraryErnest Cushing RichardsonWritings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America → online text (page 52 of 54)