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Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America online

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F I t z g e r a 1 d, O. P. A California bandit. My three meetings with Vasquez. Cent 63(1901-2)739-43.

Guinu, J[ames] M[iller]. Historical and biographical record of southern California; containing a history
of southern California from its earliest settlement to the opening year of the twentieth century...
Also containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and present. Chicago, Chapman pub. Co.,
1902. 2 p. 1., U3M019 p. incl. port. 29cm. [L.C. 2-7320]

Halsey, Francis Whiting. The pioneers of Uuadilla village, 1784-1840, by Francis Whiting Halsey . . .
Reminiscences of village life and of Panama anil California from 1840-1850. [For detail see same title
under subject, Unadilla, N. Y.]

Harvey, Margaret B. California in the Revolution. Am Month M 21(1902)273-84.

Higgins, C[harles] A. To California and back. Chicago, Passenger dept., Sante Fe route, 1897. 175, [1]
p. 111., map. 19% cm. L.C. 2-23947-8]

Holder, Charles Frederick, A climatic .miracle in California. 20th thousand. [Chicago] The Santa Fe,
Passenger dep't, 1902. 31, [1] p. ill., map. 19cm. [Reprinted from the Wide world magazine. L.C.

Holmes, William Henry. Anthropological studies in California. Smithson R 1900(1902)154-87.

Howard, Emma S. Women farmers in California. Ctry Life Am l(1902)97(Ja).

Hudson, Horace BfushnellJ. California vineyards. A favored section of the golden state as it appears to
an eastern writer Scenes in Fresno county, the vineyard center. Minneapolis, H.B.Hudsan [1902] 34
pp. incl. front, (map) ill. 10 pi. 19% x 27cm. [L.C. 2-4972]

Huff or d, D. A. The real Ramona of Helen Hunt, Jackson's famous novel. Los Angeles, D.A.Hufford,
1902. ill.

Jackson, Mrs. Helen [Maria (Fiske)] Hunt. Father Juuipero and The mission Indians of California. [For

details see same title under subject, Serra, Junipen>.]

- Jackson, Mrs. Helen [Maria (Fiske)] Hunt. Glimpses of California and the missions. [For details see
same title under subject. Missions Cal.]

Jones, Helen Lukens. A great American olive ranch. World's Work 3(1901-2)1751-6, ill.

L e e, Annabel. Some sportsmen's clubs of California. Outing 39(1901-2)535-41. ill.

L u m m 1 s, Charles F. The right hand of the continent. Out West 16(1902)569-95; 17(1902)2-32,138-71,
268-99,398-428,527-56,654-83, ill.

M a r k h a m, Edward. Traces of Franciscans in California. Craftsman 1(1902)29(F).

Native daughters of the golden West. Historical landmarks committee. Report, written by Eliza D.
Keith, chairman. . .and accepted by the Grand parlor, 1902... [San Francisco, W.N. Brunt, printer,
1902] 71, [1] p. front, (port.) 23cm. ["Reprinted from Grand parlor proceedings, 1902." "Cali-
fornia books from the library of Capt. Isiah W. Lees": p. 39-68. L.C. 3-19771]

O'Leary, J[ames], Statistics of California production, commerce and finance for the years 1900-1, with
brief sketches of the origin and development of mining, agriculture and horticulture in the state. Pub-
lishers: M.M.Baruet, J.O'Leary... San Francisco, Printed by J.Partridge [1902] 191, iv p. front., pi.,
port. 20cm. [L.C. 2-19009]

Public works of irrigation. Out West 16(1902)88-92.

Robinson, Ednah. Chinese journalism in California. Out West 16(1902)33-42, ill., port.

Sexton, Ella M. Stories of California. New York, London, The Macmillan company, 1902. x, 211 p.
front., pi., port. 19%cm. [ 33(1902)479 "simple language. . .are addressed to a youthful
audience. . .well illustrated." L.C. 2-25196]

S m y t h e, William E. The 20th century west [irrigation]. Out West 16(1902)75-81.
-^Spanish friars in California. Am Cath Q 27(1902)760-81.

Stoddard, Charles Warren. In the footprints of the Padres. San Francisco, Robertson, 1902. [
34(1903)26 "Missiou Padres is confined to a single chapter. . .entertaining. . .phases of life in San Fran-
cisco"; 51.Men.ln:Am Hist R 7(1902)837 "consists chiefly of reminiscences of a trip across the isthmus
in 1855 and of the conditions in San Francisco in the early days."]

T h o m p s o n, R. A. The discovery of our Pacific coast. Out West 16(1902)352-66.489-502.

Well s, A. J. Country life of California. Ctry Life Am l(1902)75(Ja).

Williams, Carrie. Silk culture in California. Overland n s 40(1902)363(0).
CALIFORNIA University. State University at Berkeley, founded 1868.

Jones, W. Carey. Illustr. Hist, of the University of California. 1868-1901. Berkeley, Cal. rev. ed. '01
[1902] pp. 430.

R o y c e, J. California university. Old and new. Calif Univ Chron 5(1902) (Jl).
CALKINS family.

D e W o 1 f , John Ovlatt. A Calkins family record. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)17-9, faes.
CALONNE, Jacques-Ladislaw Joseph de (1743-1822). Canadian Abbe.

C h e v r o t, G. Du. M. de Calonne. Rc-ch Hist 8(1902)283-5.


CALVERT, Sir George (1582-1682). First Baron of Baltimore, statesman.

Brooke, Charles. A short sketch of the origin of the Maryland mission. Am Cath Res 19(1902)126-8.

Hall, Clayton Colman. The Lords Baltimore aud the Maryland Palatinate. [For details see same title
under subject, Maryland.]

Report of the commissioners of Virginia that Lord Baltimore refused to take the oathes of supremacy
and allegiance, 1629. Am Cath Res 19(1902)26-7.

[Sir George Culvert and the beginnings of Maryland.] Am Cath Res 19(1902)101.
CALVERT family.

G r i f f i n, Martin I. J. The apostate, Lord Baltimore The Calverts Was Maryland a Catholic coun-
try? Am Cath Res 19(1902)58-60.
CAMBRIDGE, 0. Village, Guernsey Co., 59 m. N. of Marietta.

S t o n e, M. A. Burials in the old cemetery at Cambridge, Guernsey Co., O. Old Northw Q 4(1901)12-16,

50-2; 5(1902)127-30.
CAMERON family.

Price, W. T. The Camerous. Family history of the Camerons of Virginia. W Va Mag 2.4(1902)57-65.
CAMINO Real. Old Catholic Mission road in California.

W e y, Auguste. The Camiuo Real and its old art. Out West 16(1902)480-88. ill.
CAMPBELL, Alexander (1788-1866). Founder of the Campbellites denomination, educator, theol. writer.

C r a n m e r, G. L. Alexander Campbell. Teacher, preacher and statesman. W Va Mag 2.4(1902)65-74.
CAMPBELL, Duncan (1703-58). British officer in French and Indian War.

B a s c o m, Robert O. Legend of Duncan Campbell. N Y Hist A 2(1902)32-8.
CAMPBELL, John Archibald (1811-89). Ala, Justice U. 8. Supreme Court, assistant Sec. of War.

Campbell, John A. [Letter] to Prof. Henry Tutwiler. Gulf Mag 1(1902)213.
CAMPO BELLO, N. B. Island of New Brunswick, in Bay of Fundy.

Wells, Kate Gannett. Four old houses at Campobello. Acad 2(1902)222-7, ill., port.
CANADA, Dominion of. A federal union of British possessions in N. A.

A.. F. A. A holiday trip to Canada. Young Woman NOT (1902) 55-9.

The advance of Canada. Sat R 92(1902)198-9.

Bellerive, Georges. Conferences et Discours de nos homines publics en France. Quebec, Leger Broussea,
1902. pp. 18+206. [Rev.ln:Hlst Pub Canad '02.7(1903)98 'speeches delivered in Paris in recent years
by French-Canadians."]

Bourinot, J, G. How Canada is Governed: a short account of its executive, legislative, Judicial and munici-
pal institutions, with an historical outline of their origin and development, with numerous illustrations.
Toronto, Copp, Clark Co., 1902. pp. 15+344. [ Pub Canada '02.7(1903)193.]

Britain beyond the seas; a descriptive account of the British colonies and dependencies. London and
Edinburgh, W. & R. Chambers, limited, 1903 [1902] 288 p. col. front.. 111., col. pi., maps. 18%cm.
(Chambera's geographical readers) [ Pub Canada '02.7(1903)135-6 "portion relating to Can-
ada... most inaccurate. . .needless to multiply mention of inaccuracies. . .ought to be withdrawn from
circulation." L.C. 3-2240]

Bryroner, Douglas. Report on Canadian archives for 1901. Sessional paper no. 18, for 1902. [
Hist R 7(1902)817 "contains calendar of... state papers of lower Canada from 1836 to 1857, and... Up-
per Canada for 1836."]

Canada and the empire; symposium. Canad M 19(1902)307-13.

Canada. Royal commission on Chinese and Japanese immigration. . . . Report. Session 1902. Printed by
order of Parliament. Ottawa, Printed by S.E.Dawsou, 1902. xiv p., 1 1., 430 p. 25. (Sessional paper
no. 64, 1902) [L.C. 3-4712]

[Canadian Pacific railway company] Western Canada: Manitoba, Assinibola, Alberta, Saskatchewan and
New Ontario; how to get there, how to select lands, how to make a home, [n.p.] 1902. 80 p. ill., fold,
map. 21cm. [L.C. 2-19449]

Captain Mahan on Imperial Federation. Nation 74(1902)400-1.

Carnarvon, Henry Howard Molyneux, 4th earl of. Speeches on Canadian affairs. Edited by Sir Robert
Herbert, G. C. B. London, J.Murray, 1902. xvi p., 1 1., 386 p. fold. map. 19%cm. [L.C. 2-9256]

Charlton, John. Reciprocity with Canada. Outl 72(1902)209-12.

C o 1 1 i s o n, B. W. and Munro, John K. Lacrosse in Canada. Canad M 19(1902)410-26, ill., port.

Cooper, J. A. ed. by. Men of Canada, a portrait gallery of men whose energy, ability, enterprise and pub-
lic spirit are responsible for the advancement of Canada, the premier colony of Great Britain. Montreal
and Toronto. Canadian Historical Co., 1901-2. pp. 18+314. [ Pub Canad '02.7(1903)65 "no
letter-press except a three-page introduction and an index."]

Cox, Harold. The public debts of the British possessions. No Am 174(1902)422-32.

Cruikghank, E., ed. The documentary history of the campaign upon the Niagara frontier in the year 1813.


Part I. (1813.) January to June, 1813. Welland, 1902. pp. 305+20. [ Pub Canada '02.7
(1903)61 "when... history of that war. . .finally. . .written. . .careful and scholarly work... will be of in-
estimable ralue."]

Dayldson, John. The foreign population of the Cenadlan West. Econ J 12(1902)97-111.
D e n 1 s o n, George T. Canada and the imperial conference. 19th Cent 51(1902)900-7.
D6portes Canadiens ft la Nouvelle-galles du sud (1837). Rech Hist 8(1902)70-1.
D I o n n e, N. E. Mgr De Forbin-Janson et les deportes Canadiens. Rech Hist 8(1902)65-9.
D 1 o n n e, N. E. Vice-rois et Lieuteuant-Generaux de la Nouvelle France. Trans Royal Soc Canada 1901


Durham, John George Lambton, 1st earl of. The report of the earl of Durham. A new ed., with an intro-
ductory note. London, Methuen & co., 1902. xxviii, 246 p., 1 1. 23cm. ["This edition is an exact re-
print of the Report, but the appendices, to which reference is made in the body of the Report, not being
of value equal to their bulk, are omitted." [Rev. in: Nation 74(1902)132 "Has long held its fame as a
model of wise statesmanship." L.C. 2-12269]

E g e r t o n, Hugh E. Lord Durham's Canada report. Enx Hist R 17(1902)539.
The Empire and the Colonies. Ed R Oct(1902)464-86.

Fiike, John. New France and New England. Boston and New York, Hought.on, Mllllin and company, 1902.
1 p. 1., v-xxiil p., 1 1., 378 p., 1 1. front., maps. 20%cm. [Rev.iu:Hlst Pub Canad 7.18-9 "Mr. Fiske
...never paid special attention to conditions in Canada. . .lacks. . .firmness and breadth of information
.. .second-hand. . .Occasionally. . .lucid insight ... hardly more than a fairly well written text-book";
Nation 75(1902)428 "Gives a final unity to ... sequence of remarkable volumes. . .[of] American history
...not... by any means the best of his works... no systematic attempt to examine the relations of New
France and New England... or to delineate the successive phases of national rivalry"; Dial 33(1902)206-8
(F.W.Shepardson) "The... death of the author prevented him from giving. . .careful and final revision
...very interesting. . .show[s] well the author's characteristics as a thinker and writer"; Am Hist R
8(1903)359-61(R.G.Thwaites) [has] "not... made good. . .promise in. . .preliminary announcement. . .with
all its limitations... a welcome addition. . .fitly concludes a notable series. .. index. . .creditable." L.C.

Ford, Frank. Titles of Honor in Canada. Queens Quarterly 10(1902)Oct.
Foster, John W. Canada and the Monroe Doctrine. Indep 54(1902)721-3
G a r n e 1 1, R. The authorship of Lord Durham's Canada report. Eug Hist R 17(1902)268-75.
Geddes, J[ames] jr. Canadian French. The language and literature of the past decade 1890-1900, with a
retrospect of the causes that have produced them. Erlangen, Jungp & sohn; [etc., etc.] 1902. 66 p.
25cm. ["Sonderabdruck aus: 'Kritlscber jahresbericht iiber die fortschritte der romanischen phllologie,
herausgegeben von Karl Vollmoller' bd. v, heft 2." [ Pub Canad '02.7(1903)210-2 "welcome
.. .not. . .restricted to works in French." L.C. 3-7311]

Geographic Board of Canada, third and fourth annual report. Ottawa, S.E.Dawson, 1902. pp.
33: 16. [ Pub Canada '02.7(1903)160 "upon cases in which the proper form of name...
doubtful or. . .misspelling. . .habitual."]

G e r i n, Leon. Notre Mouvement Intellectuel. Pro & Trans Royal Soc Canad 1901(1902)sec.I,145-72.
G e r r I e, John P. The prohibition movement in Canada. R of Rs 25(3902)591-2.
H a d 1 e y, E. D. Our first war of aggression. Canada the object. Granite M 32(1902)314-24.
Hatheway, W. Frank. An appeal from Canada [for preferential tariffs]. Contemp 82(1902)89-98.
Hopkins, J. Castell., ed by. Morang's annual register of Canadian affairs, 1901. Toronto, G.N.Morang Sc
Co., 1902. pp. 540. [Rev.ln:Hist Pub Canad '02.7(1903)118-22 "boon to future students of Canadian
history .. .convenient for current use."]

H o y 1 e s, N. W. The criminal law of Canada. Canada Law Journal 38(1902)225-60.
H u r d, Archibald S. The foreign invasion of Canada. Fortn R 78(1902)1055-65.
J e b b, Richard. Colonial nationalism. Empire R August (1902) 6-1 5.

Jenkyns, Henry. Ilbert, Courtenay, preface by. British rule and jurisdiction beyond the seas. Oxford,
Clarendon Press; N. Y., H.Frowde, 1902. [Rev.ln:Hlst Pub Canad 7(1903)189-92 "contains analyses of
the differences between the constitutions of Canada, Australia ond the United States"; Nation 75(1902)
98-9 "Disagree. . .that, .constitution of .. .Dominion of Canada is ... modelled on our own."]
J u 1 1 a n, T. E. Canadian railways and immigration. Westm Feb( 1902) 202-7.

J u s t e, J. L'acte medical du Canada et nos privileges en matlfire d'Mucation. Nouv Fr 1(1902)458-77.
Knight, E[dward] F[rederick]. With the royal tour; a narrative of the recent tour of the Duke and
Duchess of Cornwall and York through Greater Britain, Including His Royal Highness's speech delivered
Ht the Guildhall on December 5, 1901... With 16 illustrations and a map. London, New York and
Bombay, Longmans, Green, and co., 1902. xii, 410 p. front., pi., fold. map. 20cm. [Published under
the auspices of the Victoria league. Reprint of letters published in the [London] Morning post. [Rev.
in:HIst Pub Canad '02.7(1903)137-9 "little... of permanent value." L.C. 2-21164]
L a f 1 a m m e, M. J. L. K. Les Canadleus Aux fitats Unls. Revue Canadlenne (1902).
L a n d r y, Philippe. L'lmperialisme [British]. Nouv Fr 1(1902)184-93.
L 4 S i 1 * t 1 o u Fed6rale (1902). NOUT Fr 1 (1902)291-4.


Longley, J. W. Religions development of Canada. Canad M 18(1901-2)317-22.

McEvoy, Bernard. From the Great Lakes to the Wide West: impressions of a tour between Toronto ana
the Pacific. Toronto, William Briggs, 1902. pp. 288. [Rev.ln:Hist Pub Canad '02.7(1903)139 "de-
scriptive articles. . .vivid and entertaining. . .superficial aspect of things. . .well described."]

Mackenzie, Sir Alexander. Voyages from Montreal through the continent of North America to the frozen
and Pacific oceans in 1789 and 1793; with an account of the rise and state of the fur trade. New York,
New Amsterdam book company, 1902. 2 v. front, (port.) fold. maps. 18cm. ([The commonwealth
library]) [Title in red and black. [Toronto, Morang, 1902] Introduction signed: Robert Waite. [Rev.
in:Nation 75(1902)344 "reprint. . .inexpensively got up but clear of print"; Dial 33(1902)289 "its reissue
in the present convenient form Is a real boon." L.C. 31132]

M c L e a n, S. J. The Canadian government and the railway problem (note). Econ J 12(1902)403-16.

McLean, S. J. Railway rate regulation in Canada. Forum 12(1902)419-29.

Marmier, X. Les fitats-Unis et le Canada. Tours, Mame, 1902. pp 239, 80.

M 1 1 h e w s, R. C. The Canadian budgetary system. J Pol Econ 10(1901-2)409-28.

Maxwell, William, journalist. With the "Ophir" round the empire; an account of the tour of the Prince
and Princess of Wales, 1901... London, New York [etc.] Cassell and company, limited, 1902. xvlil,
332 p. front, (map) pi. 20cm. [ Pub Canad '02.7(1903)137-3 "little... of permanent value."
L.C. 2-30202]

Miller, J. O. Brief biographies supplementing Canadian history- Toronto, Copp, Clark Co., 1902. pp.
152. [ Pub Canad '02.7(1903)66 "designed as a text-book in schools."]

Molyneux, Henry Howard. Herbert, Robert, ed. by. Speeches on Canadian affairs. London, John Murray,
1902. pp. 18+388. [ Pub Canada '02.7(1903)3-5 "can hardly be called eloquent ... full of
sober common sense and. . .discrimination, and he masters thoroughly ... a real value for. . .student. ..
Canadian affairs. . .cover a wide range of questions."]

M o u r o, R. Canada's trade with the empire. Canad M 19(1902)314-6.

Moore, W. H. A new national highway (Canadian Northern Railway). Canad M 18(1901-2)334-7, ill.

M u n r o, John K. Curling in Canada. Canad M 18(1901-2)527-34, 111., port.

Notes of Catholic Canadian Interest. Am Cath Res 19(1902)70.

O 1 d lights and new in Canada. Nation 75(1902)218-9.

Parker, Gilbert. The first years of British rule in Canada. Emp R Aug(1902); Eel Mag '39(1902646(N).

Parker, Gilbert. Social life in Canada under the old regime. Emp R Dec (1902).

Parkman, Francis. The struggle for a continent; ed. by Pclham Edgar. . . Boston, Little, Brown, & com-
pany, 1902. zlz, 542 p. Incl. ill., maps, front, (port.) pi. 21cm. [L.C. 2-23431]

Parkman, Francis. Pelham Edgar, ed. The romance of Canadian history. Toronto, George N. Morang,
1902. pp. 19+416. [Rcv.inrHIst Pub Canad '02(1903)17-8 "excerpts from Parkman. . .skillfully woven
...Into a continuous story... only volume in the field that can command the enthusiastic attention of
the general reader. . .illustrations. . .badly executed."]

Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute, vol. 33, 1901-2. London, Pub. by Institute, 1902. pp. 12+486.
[ Pub Canad '02.7(1903)65-7 "three papers on Canadian subjects. . .Howard Angus Kennedy
...French Canadians ... British Colombia of to-day by Mr. J.H.Turner, Agent-General."]

Ragey, pere mariste. ...Une nouvelle France. Paris, A.Challamel, 1902. 2 p. 1., vili, 263, [1] p. 19cm.
At head of title: P. Ragey, mariste. L.C. 3-45]

R o p n e s, Joseph. La question Canadienne. Revue du Monde Cath Fev(1902)311-25.

R o s s, W. G. Development of street railways in Canada. Canad M 18(1902)276.

R o y, J. Camllle. Causerie lltteraire, 1'Cloquence Canadienne. Nouv Fr 1(1902)381-91.

Salmon, Edward. The story of the empire. London, George Newnes, 1902. pp. 177. [ Pub
Canad '02.7(1903)14 "a little Intolerant."]

[Severance, Frank Hayward], Contributions towards a bibliography of the Niagara region. The Upper
Canada rebellion of 1837-'38. Being an appendix to volume five, Buffalo historical society publications.
Buffalo, N. Y., 1902. [69] p. 24%cm. (In Buffalo historical society. Publications. Buffalo, 1902.
v. 5, p. [427]-495) [Introduction signed: F. H. S. The first of a proposed series of "Contributions" to
appear in the Buffalo historical society publications. An annotated "author catalogue, with cross-refer-
ences under the principal topical heads which the subject naturally suggests. Books are fully collated
... and ... titles ... trnscribed from the books themselves." Contains many facsimiles of early title-pages.
L.C. 3-19205]

S h o r t t. Responsible government In Canada. Queen's Quarterly 10(1902)Oct.

Smith, Alfred. The American Invasion of Canada and how to meet it. Econ R 12(1902)427-39.

Smith, Goldwin. In the court of history. An apology for Canadians who were opposed to the South
African War. Toronto, Wm. Tyrell, 1902. pp. 71. [ Pub Canad '02.7(1903)13-4.]

The statistical year-book of Canada for 1901. Ottawa, Government Printing Bureau, 1902. pp. 678. [Rev.
inillist Pub Canad '02.7(1903)127-9 "privileged to draw from its depths things new and old, true and

S t r a n g e, T. B. Horse-breeding for the empire In N. W. Canada. United Service M Nov(1902)202-5.

Summary Report of the Geological Survey Department for the Calendar Year 1901. Ottawa, B.E.Dawion,


1902. pp. 269. maps. [Rev.iniHist Pub Canad '02.7(1903)150-3 "wide lange of subjects. . .survey has
issued ... western sheet ... geological map of the Dominion of Canada (No. 783) on a scale of 50 miles to
an inch."]

Teece, Richard Clive. A comparison between the federal constitutions of Canada and Australia (Beau-
champ prize essay, University of Sydney, 1902) Sydney, W.E.Srnith, ltd., 1902. iv p., 1 1., 71, [1] p.
24 x 16cm. [L.C. 3-19573]

T h o m a s, W. Beach. Canada and imperial ignorance. Monthly R Dec (1902)69-79.

[Triooohe, George] La vie militalre a 1'etranger. Les milices franchises et anglaises au Canada, 1627-1900
... Paris, H. Charles-La vauzelle [3902] 317, [1] p. incl. ill., maps. 22%cm. [On cover: Par George
Tricoche, avec 13 cartes au croquis dans le texte. "Bibliographie" : p. [313]-314. L.C. 2-23191]
Wallace, Sir Donald Mackenzie. The web of empire: a diary of the imperial tour of their Royal High-
nesses the Duke & Duchess of Cornwall & York in 1901 with illustrations by the Chevalier de Mar-

tino...and Sydney P. Hall... London, New York, Macmillan and company, limited, 1902. xiv p., 1 1.,
504 p. 78 pi. Incl. front., port. fold. map. 25^cm. [ Pub Canad '02.7(1903)137-9 "little. ..
of permanent value." L.C. 2-29420]

W a 1 1 a c e, W. B. Progress of criminal legislation in Canada. Canada Law Journal 38(1902)701-13.
W a r m a n, Cy. Migration to the Canadian northwest. R of Rs 26(1902)293-96, ill.
W h i t a k e r, Herman. Canada from sea to sea. Ainslie's M Mar(1902) 132-41.

W 1 1 c o x, Walter D. Recent exploration in the Canadian Rockies. Nat Geog M 13(1902)151-68,185-200.
Y e i g h, Frank. Thirty-five years of Canadian eonfederation. New Lib R Aug(1902)55-66.
Young, Egerton R[yerson]. My dogs in the Northland... New York, Chicago [etc.] F.H.Revell company
[1902] 9, [2] p., 1 1., 17-285 p. front., ill., pi., port. 21i,icm. [Rev.ln:Hist Pub Canada '02,7(1903)
140-1 "describing the pioneer conditions. . .seen much worth describing ... tells his story well"; Nation
75(1902)361 "Little more than. . .gossip about. . .particular Newfoundland dogs or mongrels. . .yarns. ..
pleasantly spun." L.C. 2-22004]

Young, James. Public men and public life In Canada, being recollections of Parliament and the press,
and embracing a succinct account of the stirring events which led to the confederation of Britrish North
America into the Dominion of Canada... Toronto, W.Briggs, 1902. 406 p. front., pi., port. 20cm.
[ Pub Canad '02,7(1903)57'9 "not a systematic account of political events. . .devotes. . . chap-
ter to the Presbyterian minister whose church he attended, and more than one to his own travels in
other countries. . .the hero is the Hon. George Brown. . .leader of the Reform party. . .style. . .careless. "
L.C. 3-17]
CANALS (Am.). Artificial water ways for navigation, irrigation or drainage.

Ford, Alexander Hume. New England ship canals. New Eng M 25(1901-2)712-26, in., port.
P y 1 e, Ingram A. Canals as a means of transportation. Current Hist 158-162.
CANNON family.

Rivers, Flourney. Littleberry Mosby-Williain Cannon. Va Mag 10(1902)99-100.
CANTERBURY, Conn. Village of Windham Co. 14 m. N.N.E. of Norwich.

Case of the church at Canterbury, 1768 [document]. Bost Bull 7(1902)386-7.
CANTON, Ohio. City of Stark Co. 59 m. S.S.E. of Cleveland.

Canton, Ohio, as an industrial center. Nat'l M (Bost) 16(1902)487-92, ill.
CAFE COD, Mass. Eastern extremity of state, forming Barnatable Co.
A b b o 1 1, S. W. The lakes of Cape Cod. New Eng M 26(1902)339-43.
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CAPERS family.

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CARACAS, Venezuela. Capital city, 16 m. S.S.E. from the seaport, La Guayra.

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CARDIFF Giant. A fraudulent fossil buried and dug up at Cardiff, N. Y., 1869.

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