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tor of Chicago has made a tremendous success of the Cabinet light treatments. There is
a New Civilization gentleman here Dr. E. J. Stevens who has a light and color thera-
peutic institution in this city. There is great benefit to be derived from the light and color
appliances and cabinets, which I believe in. The colors assist our development, for it af-
fects our feelings and our emotions, thoughts, words and all our actions. Certain colors
for rooms have a restful influence on a patient. Music and colors are the great coming ther-
apeutic agencies. We should suit ourselves with colors, sounds and music."

The time will come when not only will color baths be taken in private homes, as well


as in public institutions in every civilized land, particularly in city residences, but music
baths will be used once or twice a week, or oftener, in order to cleanse inharmonious vibra-
tions from the mind and eliminate cross vibrations that entangle the souls, and thus be a
means to help maintain the tone of one's mind and soul, and calm and control the emotions.
Harmonious vibrations, such as music, cleanses the spirit's soul house, just as the
highest physical cleansing agents light and color cleanse and strengthen the body and
physical mind. All these color agencies maintain the tone of the individual. We should
seek every opportunity for the use of the highest order of cleansing. Besides, music
should be as much a part of our day's education and enjoyment as any other important


It may be well to add what W. J. Colville, the noted lecturer, has said concerning blue.
A "fit of the blues" is a very common expression to denote despondency of feeling, but we
also speak of "true blue," which conveys a totally different suggestion. The blue of des-
pondency may be called "false blue," as it is a bluish grey and not a genuine blue of any

Dr. Babbitt, who devoted much time and thought to practical investigation as well as
to literary research, when dealing with "Colors and Forces of the Brain," using language
common to phrenology, said that all grades of affection are expressed in different kinds of
red ; pure spiritual affection is shown in beautiful red, but merely sensual affections display
dingy red. Swedenborg's teachings regarding color-symbolism are precisely to the same
effect. Dr. Babbitt associated Benevolence with a very beautiful type of green, Religion
with yellow, Firmness with blue, Self-esteem with purple. The kind of religious feeling
dominant in a religious person must inevitably change the type or grade of yellow, so much
so that "pure and undefiled" religion emits a bright golden radiance, while the lower forms
of religious sentiment, sometimes selfish and often mingled with craven fear, show forth in
cull and uninviting yellow. Dr. James Rodes Buchanan, who gave much attention to this
subject, said that the blue of Reasoning Powers is a grade higher than that portraying sim-
ply firmness, and he spoke of a very fine grade of yellow betokening Veneration, pure and
simple. A normal nose, he said, gave forth a green emanation; lips yellow, with orange
below them; the chin emits scarlet.

Health and prosperity represent circulation, and money in motion spells circulation.
They say "a setting hen grows no feathers." Therefore, there is life in motion.



Physical and mental diseases are simply low rates congestions, causing crossed wires
to temporarily interfere by interrupting the progress of the higher thoughts of being. The
remedy for this uneven, inharmonious, interrupted condition is the use of Nature's higher
visible forces of Light in combination with the fine, light and color forces of the mind.
These pure and powerful agents will clean and clear out all the diseases caused by our mis-
takes or errors and bring back a harmonious, healthy, right of way to our heavenly (evenly)
progress. The primary colors of red, yellow and blue, or red, orange, green and violet, are
the great regulators or alteratives. A combination of all these colors produces a perfect
white or equilibrium. The spectrum colors of the natural agencies of Light, as seen by the
eyes and those felt by the mind (thoughts) are more natural and potent for an evolving
human being, than the use of the mineral or even the vegetable mediums, but perhaps
the masses of humanity are not yet prepared or evolved to the realm of higher octaves of
cleansing or healing rays. The higher rate colors operate in dispelling disease colors in the
body, restoring health by color potency. Thus, a person suffering from malarial fever is
treated with quinine, which is composed of blue waves, and these drive out the lower con-
gested agents truly a method of cleanliness and cure. Even this form of administering
blue will eventually be superseded by the sun and mind spectrum, containing the finer prim-
ary colors, which of course are preferable.

Light, with its family of colors, is not only the Giart Cleanser and Heavenly Purifier,
but it is the greatest of foods for the nourishment of the human body, mind and soul. The
sunlight, as well as the Light of the higher intelligence of the mind, is now being used in
a remarkably satisfactory way for locating and diagnosing all manner of dis-ease.


(1) To "fall asleep," or for rejuvenating, rec'ir.e on your back, relax and think of a
"cream-white" (or light yellow) wall, then think away the white wall and "let go."

(2) Bask and relax while on your back or side, allowing the sun to shine on the
body. Keep the feet warm.



'During the years of 1917 and 1918, the author made a number of experiments on
himself in treating acidosis, caused by a lack of sunshine and exercise, which resulted in
poor elimination. Lack of the sun's nourishment and stimulation decreased the necessary
energy required for the human machinery. As a result of this depleted condition and a


mental strain, there was a deficient amount of magnetism to lubricate and sooth the nervous
system. Therefore, the electric acid, acidity of the stomach, resulted in periodic
attacks of acidosis. Sodas and hot-water drinking failed to relieve the intense pains, and
acidity, so while thinking what next to do, late one night, after returning from an
Oakland demonstrating lecture on drugless methods, and actually getting no bene-
fit from soda and hot water drinking, and remembering the very soothing and
healing effects of light and heat, and that inflammation and pain were asso-
ciated with the low rating of red, I tried a blue light turned on from a 60 watt
electric globe radiated just over the chest. The headache quickly disappeared. The
light was reflected from the metal reflector so as to cover the surface of the neck and the
thyroid gland, which is a most important organ for controlling the digestive juices and
functions. The light blue gave splendid and immmediate results. The acidity and pain, as
well as the inflammation, were quickly relieved. The acid seemed to turn into an alkaline
condition and became sweet and natural. In acute or semi-acute cases of indigestion
or sore throat or chest, the benefit was all that could be desired. In several extreme attacks
of acidity of the stomach the immediate application of the blue lights changed the acid
into an alkaline condition. When the mucus membrane is red and congested, the higher
hues of blue act as a natural alterative and the beneficial results seem miraculous.


Doctor George Starr White has diagnosed thousands of the most obscure cases the doc-
tors of America could "dig up" for him, and has never made a mistake in a non-complicated
condition. Doctor George Starr White, the noted physicist, diagnoses disease by the use of
Light, Color and Sound vibrations.

Dr. Bowers of New York says: "Remember that the light that elicits the reflex that
tells what the disease is if used faithfully and correctly for a period of time, tends to cure
the disorder that caused the abnormal condition. This is the hope held out to those suffer-
ing from tuberculosis, cancer, or the chronic toxemias, which, under our present methods,
are most generally incurable."


Affinities: Red and Blue, Yellow and Violet, Orange and Indigo.


Cool baths are for red-blooded persons, while warm baths are for blue-blooded



A truly normal woman is 60 per cent feminine and 40 per cent masculine, total 100
per cent.

The superior woman must be God-loving, good natured, refined and truthful. She
must be affectionate, unselfish, sympathetic and tactful, intelligent and able to see things
at a glance. Cheerfulness and humor should be amongst her attributes, such qualities help-
ing to lighten the burdens of life.

She should attract health for both body and mind, in order to expel the old-age disease
and other negative conditions. She should cultivate a sunshiny disposition, which will
grow and blossom marvelousJy and bear fine, serviceable fruit. She should be useful and
able to turn her hand to anything, and at the same time not neglectful of her mind, which
she should provide with strengthening food.

She must be patient and able to catch the idea which struggles through broken expres-
sion, by encouraging intuition.

In every true woman's soul is a depth of sweetness and tenderness, which she must not
allow to dry up. The more it is used the more it wi'l increase.

This true woman is nobly planned to warm, to comfort and command, by her strong,
sympathetic, intuitive influence.

This superior woman is ever on the alert to enjoy a clean, healthy body and mind; re-
fined in dress. Her religion shou'd be based on the Golden Rule, plus unselfish love toward
all. Her keynote is "B Natural."

This woman will always vibrate love, joy and youth avoiding all old-age thoughts,
words and deeds. And like her counter or complementary part, called the super-man, she
should be independently dependent, and yet passionately enjoying individuality and

Fond of the out-of-door life, and yet loving the home and child life, as well as fields
and flowers, and cultivating creative thought.

"A rolling stone gathers no moss," but who wishes to be a moss-back? A rolling
stone represents energy.



God's ideal is now evolving;

With great forces men belong.
Super-men are now unfolding

For a race . . . super-strong.
Earth's the school-house, Life's the training;

Here we're dwelling but a time,
Nature's pupils! And we're making

Glorious strides on earth sublime.

Life's a study, Life's a blessing

When we understand the same.
Thought inspiring, soul refreshing,

We keep young in Life's great strain.
Light through darkness generating,

Mists give way to strength of sun;
Thus the Soul-rays, penetrating

Through "our clouds" when sorrows come.

Does not light come with the morning?

And through gray fogs bright rays shine ?-
Thus the soul-urge Light vibrating

God's own image Man divine.
Let all troubles, disappointments,

Oppositions, move along;
Count them problems and appointments

Friends they are to make us strong.

We are students, always learning

From the cosmos realms of thought.
Old age thoughts ne'er expressing,

By the man whom God has wrought.
Pluck and Push, and Perseverence,

Stepping stones to walk UP ON
Ah! it's joy great joy progressing.

Life's chimes ring. Oh! hear the song!


Let's be thinking! Let's be doing!

Let it be with song and smile!
For we're growing while we're going

On life's journey, mile by mile;
It's right thinking and right living

Breath of life to fight the wrong;
Food for mind and Soul inspiring,

For life's work to keep us strong.

Art and Science at our bidding;

Light and Love to help us grow;
Music thrills our very being;

In Life's feast we feel the glow;
Why lose time then, sighing, longing?

Heaven is not beyond the sun.
Heaven is here, to us belonging;

It's the home of Super-man.

E. J. S.



Red fire, hot water and steam belong to the lower rates and coarser grades of light
and heat; in fact, a person may become weak and even ill by the use of these applications.
On the other hand, the rays of Sunlight, together with its balanced colors and finer heat
rays in direct contact with the physical body pass through every tissue, entering and
cleansing every organ, atom and cell, revitalizing, regenerating the psychic and spiritual
forces. Clean, clear, healthy light, with its color rays, generate a more enduring warmth
and strength and is a far greater cleanser than the water and steam treatments and baths,
the same is true of air baths.


For persons who do not enjoy the natural out of doors natural life, too much cannot
be said in favor of the great benefit that is to be derived from systematic deep breathing.
The introduction of oxygen and the purifying of the blood is more fully accomplished. It
is natural to take an occasional deep breath.

Nature's purified air is drawn into the unused cells of the lungs, expanding and
strengthening those that may have been wholly or partially collapsed, and also the bron-
chial tubes, and all of the air passages to and in the lungs; thus the lung capacity has
been greatly increased, as indicated by a chest expansion of several inches more than could
be made before the inhaling treatment was used. It also has a very beneficial effect upon
the throat and vital organs, rendering them stronger and greatly increasing their capacity,
adding breath coloring to the speaking and singing tone.


Do you realize

That all our troubles may be good friends in disguisse?
That our mistakes can be strong steps on which to rise?
That it's not too late to turn from foolish to wise?
That those who fail or fall can soar to loftier skies?
That to doubt and say "I can't" are poor confessions?
That to lift our burdens means to stop depressions?
That our problems mean to us, our rich possessions?
That lack of ease means dis-ease or dis-app ointments?
That dis-appointments may bring us new appointments?

E. J. S.



Copy of a Letter Written by the Author to a Scientific Research Friend at Indio, Calif.,

August 26, 1918.

As you have asked me for more data on these strange odic lights and colors, a few
points relative to these finer forces would not be amiss, while our minds are on this line of
thought and investigation.

Odyl'ic, or odic light, is sometimes called flourescent light, and is generally connected
or associated with magnetic waves or the electric current, though it may be associated with
other light rays.

It can be seen through the Crookes X-ray tubes by the use of a screen to shut off the
outer lights.

Natural, or made) up by a chemical process substance, of a crystaline composition, is
now used for producing some marvelous results. Tungstate of calcium (or lime), when
fused in a furnace, produces at a certain heat crystals about the size of a pin head, which
are glued together, and under certain conditions produce extraordinary results. (The
X-rays and the tungsten lamps use this combination.) Thus we have one of the sub-
stances for polarization uses (the polarizing along electronic lines).

Polarized rays are the methods- of developing colors by means of refraction. Glass
prisms of the highest grade vitreous material are used in the scientific manufacture of the
triangle and diamond-shaped reflectors, to produce, or rather to reflect the colors, as they
cross and recross in order to appear on the surface of animate and so-called in-animate
things something like an aura. Diamonds produce this effect in a small way ; in fact, the
principle is the same as using the ordinary scientific vitreous triangle, which is so very
much larger. As the writer possesses several imported high grade prismatic, or "pris-
matoidal," cut glasses, of from two ounces to half a pound in weight, you may have the
pleasure of doing a little research work, or rather play, on your return from your trip
away down in the "desert of America." I would like to enjoy the privilege of experiment-
ing a little on the "Irdio Oasis," but can hardly spare the time away from our Research
Studios in San Francisco.

Bear in mind that the real electric color is blue and its nature cold to freezing, and
that its complementary color is red; this is its natural affinity, and these colors attract
each other. This applies to every realm of nature throughout the Universe, whether it be
in connection with the visible or the invisible world. There are many octaves of colors
that as yet have not been seen. We have splendid reacons to believe thd same is true of
the hues and shades. All colors have their color affinities, or, more strictly speak-
ing, each color has opposite as well as its near associates. This is aa true with the colors


of the ode, i. e., ocfrc colors, as of any other color realm; in fact, in a deeper and far
reaching sense, these odic colors represent greater potentiality.

We are on the eve of marvellous discoveries and mighty inventions in connection
with these odyllic mysterious and fascinating color forces. Heretofore, it has been left to
the poet, the artist and to the inventor to enjoy the happy dreamland of special soul visual-
ization. Of course, others at times cognize this spirit of intelligence and enjoy the varied
colored rays of inner consciousness, but the great mass of human beings see slight glim-
merings (if they observe at all) of those finer colors and hues; some are interested, and a
few students of Nature are even alive to the potential possibilities, and a very few advanced
thinkers are commencing to realize that these color forces may be unfolded, developed
and harnessed sometime for "every-day use" for light and power.

For Vol. II of "Vibrations, Their Principles; Light and Color, Their Uses," the author
is gathering together from his own experiences and research work, perhaps more data,
along the odic color line, than can be found in any one book.


The odic -activity ray, more powerful than the X-ray or the) radium ray, is to com-
pletely conquer the air.

The giant sky liner, safe as any conveyance ever perfected, equal in luxury and com-
fort to the palatial greyhounds of the ocean lanes, is a posiibilty and probability of the
near future.

These were the announcements made by Prof. Edgar L. Hollingshead, scientist of
Pasadena, in an exclusive interview in May, 1921.

For, he declares, this powerful ray will make metals so light that a huge steel sky ship
would become light as a bubble.

Not only this, but the odic-activity ray, Prof. Hollingshead claims, will take the place
of radium, valued at $120,000 a gram, and revolutionize the scientific world in the treat-
ment of certain diseases.

And the cost of Lightening metals, of using the rays for medical purposes, is so min-
ute as to be almost negligible.

The odic-activity ray, according to Prof. Hollingshead, so far has successfully
changed the weight of metal over 100 times in as many tests; it has caused hard clay to
explode the instant the ray touched it; rock, opaque to the eye, has been made transparent
and by means of the ray, an actual photograph has been taken through a solid sheet of
lead. One application of the ray on metal has caused it to become permanently cold be-


yond the possibility of ever becoming heated. And it has instantly changed water Into
its primary gases hydrogen and oxygen.

But of all uses of the ray, including treatment for medical purposes, that of light-
ening metals is the greatest, and will revolutionize the traffic of the world.

Compiled by the Author and With Compliments to His Contemporary, F. F. Burdick.

"Your EFFICIENCY PROGRAMME will be the most delightful experience you have
ever enjoyed. It will be equal to a mid-summer outing to your over-worked physical re-
sources, and far more effective in its results. The LIGHT BATH is like fresh air and sun-
shine to jaded nerves, fatigued muscles and poisoned blood. It brings the rest and recuper-
ation, the tonic and exhilaration of the sea-side sunbath every day in the year a continu-
ous vacation.

Light (sunshine) is the great germ destroyer, and when the electric light rays shine
directly upon the nude body, it kills not only the germs without but the germs within. Light
with its warming, healing powers opens the pores of the mind as well as of the body it
cleanses not only the blood, but the heart it pulses through. The sun must be focused
strongly enough on the body to bring out the poisons, to let in the vitalizing fight
to re-vivify and energize; not only to cure disease, but to maintain that equilibrium of
body, mind and heart which we call NORMAL POISE.

But our twentieth century civilization prohibits this. We are much too busy to take
an hour off for the daily sunbath, and there is no place to take it if we had the time. But
the need the imperative need of sufficient sunshine to bring 1 on a thorough sweat has
not passed along with our modern habits. The question is, if we cannot get it in the ordi-
nary way, what shall we do?

Electric light bottled sunshine is the answer, for this is simply sunshine that has
been stored for many centuries in the coal fields, waiting for your call and mine.
Chemically, it is practically the same as sunlight, so nearly so that it has been successfully
used to force the growth of plants.

With an Electric Light Bath Cabinet in your home you can get well and keep well.
It is always ready without preparation. Enter the Cabinet, turn the switch, and sit quietly
enjoying the luxury of the sunshine sweat. Your head is out and you breathe in the cool,
fresh air. The vitalizing Light rays brighten the eye, soften and beautify the skin of the
fair sex and "put spring in the heel."

The results are immediate. The first bath clears the brain, relieves nerve and muscle
tension, and stimulates the vital organs to increased activity. Soon all feelings of langour


disappear, the sleep is refreshing, the digestion normal, and life takes on a new meaning
the real joy of living.

The family physician is always glad to recommend the Light Bath for maladies com-
mon to every home the same as in the sanitarium or health institution. The Light Baths
develop the resisting powers of the body, and thereby prevent disease."


As the latest associate of Dr. E. J. Stevens' Research Institute, I am glad to add a word
of appreciation. From Scandinavia, where I studied in Stockholm, Christiania and Copen-
hagen, my intuition led me through New York, Chicago, Battle Creek and Kirksville the
home of Osteopathy to E. J. Stevens' Light and Color Institute in San Francisco. In all
my researches I have found no higher ideas in modern therapeutics than Dr. Stevens' meth-
ods. He not only realizes, but carries into practice, the combination of the mental, physical,
and spiritual principles, and it is upon this triangle that all healing rests.


Gudrun Friis-Holm, M. D., D. 0., the 1921 attendant-consultant physician of the E. J.
Stevens Light and Color Institute, and Dr. Howard G. Ellis, in charge of the mens' Electro-
Mechano departments, have directly and co-operatively, with other members of our faculty
staff rendered invaluable aid in demonstrating the marvelous and seemingly miraculous
uses of the colored lights and the bottled sun-light applications for the different classes of
erroneous, inharmonious physical and mental conditions, termed "disease" dis-ease (cor-
rectly meaning lack of ease).


Those who believe and receive, can conceive and achieve.

This is the golden age of opportunity and of constructive optimism.

A current of thought is a stream of passing electrons. Highly evolved electrons pro-
duce harmonious waves, as in the case of ultra-violet, actinic X-rays, and so on up through
the invisible color-realms. The higher the vibration! frequency the shorter and more
potential the wave length.

All expressions of art, including languages, are thought vibrations and inventions.
Even reflections in the mind and in a material sense those which we observe in the water

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