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a Bengali translation by Jaganmohana Tarka-
lamkara.] pp. 3, 16, 131. ^f^^l bb-oo [CoZ-
cutta, 1878.] 8^ 14038. d. 24.

^^ MKi^i<^A^ii«f w^sRT M^i?ri ^wf^ ^5^

^rPh Tnft ^ ^^fl ^n? ir^ w^qpc^^ »pTn?r^ nnn'src

etc. [Parasarasmriti. Sanskrit text with a Guja-
rati translation by Dahyabhai Ghelabhai Pandita.]
pp. i. xii. 71, 93. ^^ S^^M (nt^) [Boynbay,
1869.] 8°. 14038. c.' 27.

The Institutes of Par&s^ara. Translated

into English by Knshnakamal Bhattdch4ryya.
pp. X. ^2. 1887. See Academies, etc. — Cal-
cutta. — Asiatic Society of Bengal. Bibliotheca
Indica. vol. 111. 1848, etc. 8\

14002. a. (vol. m.)

Digitized by






PABASABA BHATTABAEA, Son of ^anJcara Misra.

vX;0$6e^S [Ashtasloki, a Vedantic tract with
a commentary by Prativadibhayamkara Acharya.]
pp. 48. "SrCi^rCiXTPgS [Madras'], 1879. 16^

14048. a. 8.

. . ^Xbo«e5^r*^§ etc. [Guna-

ratnakosa, a Vaishnava poem in praise of Lakshmi
at the Sriranga shrine, with a commentary by
Kanda^d Viraraghavacharya.] pp. 72. ^^^-
rC5XTr>§5a [Madras'], 1881. 12^

14033. a. 15.

,|^5oXTr>3rf^ST«gp§^eog8 etc. [§riran.

garajastava, a Vaishnava poem with a commentary
by Venkatacharya. Edited by Srirangacharya
called Mahabhashyam.] pp. 129. t3r:5^56)"^sSb
iMadras], 1879. 8^ 14033. bb. 16.

PABASK&BA. See Ramakrishna, Son of Konera-
dcva. Beitrage zur Kenntnis der vedischen
Schulen [the text of the introductory portion of
Ramakrishna's commentary on the Paraskara-
grihyasutra]. 1889. 8**. 14010. d. 25.

«|1mK4AII^i5 ffrfiflf ^t^m^(f{^^ [The Grihya-

sutra of Paraskara, edited with the commentary
of Harihara, by Ladharama.] pp. 8, 275. ^^'TT'^^
S<^««f [Bombay, 1889.] 8°. 14010. c. 42.

II l^nrinftlF ll Indische Hausregeln. San-
skrit und Deutsch herausgegeben von A. F.
Stenzler. 11. P&raskara. Leipzig, 1876-78. See
Academies, etc. — Germany. — Deutsche Morgenldn-
dische Gesellschaft. Abhandlungen, etc. Bd. 6.
1859-81. 8^ 753. b. 14.

P&raskara-grihya-sAtras. See Mueller

(P. M.) The Sacred Books, etc. vol. 29.
pp. 263-368. 1879, etc. 8°. 2003. a.

Wortverzeichniss zu . . . P&ras-

kara . . . von A. P. Stenzler. See Academies,
etc. — Germany. — Deutsche Morgenldndische
Oesellschaft. — Abhandlungen, etc. Bd. ix.,
No. 1. 1859, etc. 8^ 753. f. 9.

P&rvatiparinaya, translated . . . into Mardthi by
Parashurdm Bullal Godbole, etc. 1872. 12^.

14079.^^. 7.


Kalidasa [sakuntala. — Sanskrit and English.']
Kalidasa's Abhijndnasakimtal4 • . . Edited ... by
P. N. P. 1888. 8^ 14079. c. 63.

PABA7ASTTJ. [For South Indian names com-
mencing with this title, see the personal name
immediately following it.]

PABGITER (Peedebick Eden). See Puranas.—
Mdrkandeya-purdna. The M&rkandeya Par&na.
Translated by P. E. P. 1888, etc. 8°.

14002. a. (vol. 126.)

PAEIBHASHAH. W^ Mr<HI Miq u; UHWr [Another
edition containing text only without references
to Panini.] S. 4, lith. 'WipA ^fcta [Benares,
1880.] 12^ 14092. a. 3.(3.)



Soc)J©C>5> etc. [Pirit-pot, the Sinhalese name
of a collection of suttas and other auspicious
texts in Pali, said to have been taught by Buddha
for averting danger from disease and evil spirits.]
pp.15. Colombo [Anno Buddhae], 2411 [1869.] 8^

14098. c. 6.

(5b®^^ri c»D(33®0(3<J, . . . qpe)eD(S«)S etc. [Another
edition with some additional Gathas of the same
kind.] pp. 16. Colombo, 1877. 8^.

14098. c. 13.(1.)

8o^®Od^ etc. [Another edition, with

further additional matter. Revised by Don A.
de S. Devarakkhita of Batuvantudava.] pp. 20.
Colombo, 1883. 8^ 14098. c.

8ocJ©Cd^. [An enlarged edition.]

pp. 33. Coloynbo, 1887. 8^ 14098. c. 41.(1.)

®C5^8oo?®Od^ [a revision of the above.]

Colombo, 1891. 8^ 14098. c. 63.

2 pt.



^r c

I O/Q6Cr)0 [Pali text only.]


pp. 25. C|^)(7D^ OJ99 [Rangoon, 1873.] 12^

14098. a. 9.

Imperfect; wanting pp. 17-24, pp. 0-14 being repeated in

T 2

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Texthegins. ODO^Oll COOolcgODB etc.

[Another edition.] pp.20. Movlmein, 1877 . 8"^.

14098. b. 13.(1.)

j^OoQs ol^GODOOOSSO [Paritta.

Preceded by an introductory chapter chiefly in
Burmese, called Patichit.] pp. 24. Maulmain,
1877. 8^ 14098. dd.

Text with commentaries,

oodo(j^gotS(^§ o)S sa^)o5 [Pa-

ritta, followed by a Burmese nissaya or verbal
commentary, preceded by three short texts with
commentary.] pp. 116. Rcmgoon, 1877. 8**.

14098. c. 26.

' [Another edition, with the same addi-
tions.] pp. 111. Rangoon, 1879. 8**.

14098. 0. 27.

OODOO^OoQs o)g6ODS§a)00O I

[Text, with nt»«aya.] pp.133. Moulmein,l878. 8''.

14098. a. 16.

OOD00^[email protected]§o]Q2St)o5 [Text,

with commentary.] pp. 66. Rangoon, 1881. 8"*.

14098. 0. 33.

OCX)00^00 etc. [Text, with commen-
tary.] pp. 66. Rangoon, 1881. 8**.

14098. 0. 34.(1.)

I (DO etc, [Another edition.] {^Rangoon,
1889.] 8°. 14098. c. 60.


oKo309OGCD0G§^ (oCX)0(J^

(X)GOD'^\UJo) [Mangaladivisodhani, a Burmese

commentary on the Paritta, followed by another

commentary.] pp. 108. [Akyab, 1881.] 8^.

14098. c. 32.

The Jirst commentary contains extract* only from the text,
the second prints the entire text of each sUtra, There appears
to be no collective title to the book,

wnfTttn [With a Gujarati commentary {Jbdldva-
hodha) by P. S.] [1880.] 4^ 14100. f. 7.


PABSVACHAVDSA SUM. Sed Sutbaebitakoa. ^
mi^fPl etc. [With a Gujarati paraphrase by P. S.]
[1881.] 4^ 14100. e. 2.

SlJfT^ etc, [Samskrita-^abdaratnakara, a San-
skrit-Tamil vocabulary.] pp. 264. iMadras,^
1881. 8^ 14090. 0. 36.

In Chrantha and Tamil characters,

PABTHASABATHI MISEA. y i i»lOPn* l etc. [The
Mimamsa-sutras, with the commentary called
Sastra-dlpika of P. M.] See Pbbiodical Publi-
cations. — Benares. The Pandit. New Series.
Vol. 7, etc. 14096. d. 6.

PASMULA MAHASAMI. Bhesajja Manjusa [a
work on medicine, in Pali verse] . . . with com^
mentary [in Sinhalese] . . . ®t55e3dd ®25^^C3d etc^
iGolomho,'\ 1889, etc. 8^ 14098. b. 17,

In progress,

PA8UPATI. See Sabvasatkabma-paddhati, 5T&*Vf
^f^^^^*f^ff^: [A compilation chiefly from the
works of Bhavadeya and of P.] [1873.] oil. 9".

14033. 0. 28.

[1878.] oil. 8^
[1878.] oil, 8^
[1878.] oli:8\

14028. a.

14028. aa.

14028. a.

§ASTBI, Pdtanjala,



See BhattojIdikshita. ^r ^r^C^ihg^ mtwn^ [A
commentary on the Navahnika of the Mahabha-
shya.] [1876.] oil. 8^ 14090. e. 18.

— — • See Kjelhobn (P.) K&tyAyana and Patan-
jali : their relation to each other and to P&nini.
1876. 8^ • 14092. b. 36.

— See NiGESABHATyA, also called Naqojibhatta.
'WlH^IMWH^lMi^l ^iftw . . . ftr^t^ [A supercom-
mentary on the Mahabhashya.] [1878.] oil. 8**.

14093. 0. 8.

See Ramabhadba Dikshita. (Tdam ''§ri-

Patanjalivijayakhyam^' mahakavyam, ^<c.) [A
poem on the mythical story of the grammarian
Patanjali.] 1888. 12°. 14072. b. 16.

Digitized by







OBAHMATiCAL WORKS {continued.)

The Vy&karana-MaMbh&sliya. Edited by

F. Kielhorn. S vols. Bombay, 1878-85. 8*".

14090. e. 19.
This foarh forms part of the '^Bombay Sanskrit Series,**

WI mj^MRld^il UrtW [The Mahabhashya,

i. 1-9, with a commentary, called Maniratnaprabha,
by Viprarajendra, preceded by an annotated in-
troduction in verse, called Kshudraghantika, by
the same author.] jBf, 4, 65, lith. [Benares,
1880.] obi 8^ 1409a. d. 6.

^^ifsirpW^ etc. [The Paninidar?ana, or

Paspasahnika, attributed to Patanjali, with the
commentary of Kaiyyata, and a Bengali transla-
tion by Brahmavrata Samadhyayi.] ^fiwtvSl hhoh
[Oalcutta, 1879.] 8"*. See Periodical Publica-
tions. — Calcutta. ^l^r^lfjIWlfilfifS pt. 2-9.
[1878, etc.'] 8^ 14096. d,


Mlv43l*«WH [The Patanjala-darsana, with

the commentary ascribed to Badarayana, and a
Bengali commentary by Brahmavrata Sama-
dhyayi.] See Periodical Publications. — Calcutta.
^lMr4Hily i ir*<fa § pt. 2-12. [1878, etc.l 8^

14096. d.

[The Yogasutra with the commentary, entitled
Yogachandrika or Padachandrika, of Ananta.
Edited by Bechanarama Tripathi.] 1878. See
Periodical Publications. — Benares* The Pandit,
New Series. VoLiii. pp. 216-255. 1876,6^. 8^

14096. d. 6.

Patanjaladarshana or Aphorisms of Pa-

tanjala philosophy with the commentary of Bho-
jaraja. Edited and published by Pandit Jiba-
nanda Vidyasagara, e^c. pp.98. Oalcutta,\QQ0. 8**.

14048. d. 30.

Begin. ^ftn^rrf^^lwftniT [Yogavarttika, a

commentary by Vijnana Bhikshu, on the Yoga-
sutras with the text of the sutras. Edited by
Ramakrishna ^astri Patavardhana and Ke^ava
Sastri.] 1883. See Periodical Publications. —
Benares. The Pandit. New Series. Vol. 5.
1876, etc. 8^ 14096. d. 6.


philosophical works {continued.)

ift^nniH^U ® [Yogasutra, with the com-
mentary, called Yoga-chandrika, of Ananta or
Anantadeva. Edited with short grammatical
and critical notes by Harinatha Dube.] pp. 50.
^I H I gi: <^^do [Dvnapore, 1884.] 8°. 14048. bb. 12.

(^itn^^^) [Yogasutras with translations

and notes, English and Marathi, and a Sanskrit
commentary.] See Periodical Publications. —
Poona, Saddarshana Chintanika. Vol. 5, etc.
1877, etc. 8^ 14048. bb.

MU1*I CTt'^tJ^f . . Patanjal Joga Sutra.

Text, and its explanation in Bengalee, pp. 4^ 44.
^U^\^\ blro\S [Calcutta, 1884.] 12^

14048. b. 18.(1.)

The Yoga Philosophy, being the text of

P. with Bhoja Rajahs commentary, with their
translations in English by Dr. Ballantyne and
and Govind Shastri Deva, an Introduction by
Col. Olcott and an Appendix. Revised, edited
and reprinted for the Bombay Theosophical Publi-
cation Fund by Tookaram Tatya. Second edition,
pp. xxxviii. 226. Bombay, 1885. 8°.

14048. bb. 17.

— — The Yoga Aphorisms with the commentary
of Bhoja Rdj4 [also called Ranarangamalla] and
an English translation [and preface] by R&jen-
draldla Mitra. [With an appendix containing a
list of extant works on the Yoga system.] Sansk.
and Bng. pp. ccxxvi. 4, 227, 118. 1883. See
Academies, etc. — Calcutta. — Asiatic Society of
5en^aZ. — Bibliotheca Indica. Vol.93. 1848,
etc. 8^ 14002. a. (vol. 93.)

PATAITKAB (P. N.) See Parasuraka Narataka

PATHYAPATHTA. »t«rW^ l [Pathyapathya, a
collection of medical maxims from ancient sources,
revised with annotations derived from the Susruta
by Gangadhara Kaviratna.] pp. 74. 'f^^^tinJ
h<i>h [Berhampur, 1874.] 12^ 14048. b, 6.

— ^^irW^ [Pathyapathya, with Bengali trans-
lation by Dharanidhara Raya, the Sanskrit text
being somewhat abridged.] pp. 3, 114. ^^TTsr^^t?
•b^W [Berhampur, 1879.] 12. 14048, b. 6,

Digitized by






PATHTAVAKYA. Pathya-vakya, or Nlti-sastra.
Moral maxims . . from Oriental [i,e, Hindu]
philosophers, . . . paraphrased [in Sinhalese] and
translated into English. Published [with pre-
faces in English and Sinhalese] by A. D. A. Wi-
jayasinha. pp. viii. 52. Colombo^ 1881. 12°.

14085. b. 24.(2.)

PAXmOEEHA. See I^anakitti. Bhikkhu pati-
mokkha gantidipani ... [A commentary on the
Patimokkha] etc. 1889. 12°. 14098. b. 16.

Bhikkhu Pati Mokkham. tS^OD^)-

©®3^5^0 g©23)d'<!f?r(3(j etc. [Pali text, with a
preface.] pp. x. 39. ©^3)36® [Oolomlo,] 1875. 8°.

14098. b. 10(1.)

OQL§o)cDGCc)^^ [Patimokkha for bhikkhus and
for bhikkhunis.'] pp. 64. See Nana-naya. S)'5S)'5
S)(X)n etc. pp. 1-64. 1882. 8^ 14098. dd. 2.

OS)gSC(JO6(X)GO0C [Bhikkhu- and

Bhikkhuni- patimokkha, together with the khudda-

and Mula- sikkhas, followed by a Burmese nis-

C c
mya for all four works.] pp. 440. Q'^QD'S)

^J3^ [Bangoon, 1889.] 8^ 14098, d. 37.

The Pdtimokkha, being the Buddhist

office of the Confession of Priests. The Pali

text, with a translation, and notes. By J. F.

Dickson. [London, 1875.] 8^ 14098. d. 10,

A reprnntfrom the ^* Jourmal of the Royal Asiatic Society/
of Great Britain and Ireland."

Vinaya texts, translated from the P&li

by T. W. E. Davids, and H. Oldenberg. Pt. I.
The patimokkha, the Mah^vagga I-IV.- See
Mueller (F. M.) Sacred Books of the East . . .
Voi; xiii. 1879, etc. 8\ 2003, a.


See Annambhatta.
S^F-^^^Xi^^^-^g etc. [The Tarkasangraha,
followed by P.^s Tarkasangraha- tippani.] [1876.]
8^ 14048. d. 35.

«|1*l?l1f^Himi1 fnnnr ii ^iniSTJft^^ n etc. [Revised
by p. S.] 1874. 8^ 14039. a. 11.





000 [Tika-patthana, chapter iii. of the Pat-
thana-ppakarana, a work on causation, forming
the last portion of the Abhidhamma-pitaka.]
See Anquttaka - nikata. — Dhammachakkappavat-

tana-sutta. OQO(mOODg pp. 8-18. 1882. 8**.

14098. 0. 34.(2.)

c ^r CO

^^^ O/gGODOSOD IH [Patthana, or

rather Tika-patthana. Followed by a lengthy
Burmese commentary and by several shorter
treatises in Burmese.] pp. 63. Rangoon, 1883. 8"*.

14098. c. 36.

FEAEEE MOHTTlf . See PyarImohana.

FEILE (John). Notes on the Nalop&khyAna or
Tale of Nala, for the use of Classical students,
pp. vii. 244. Cambridge, 1881. 8°.

14066. 0. 38.

FESCIVAL (Peter) . See Manu. Mdnava Dharma
S4stra . . . edited by P. P. 1880. 8".

14038. 0. 31.

FKUETRA (John). The Oriental Moralist ®^-
«c3D^c»3C3^3) [Aindriyanufasaka.] A selection
of IGO Moral Precepts .... from Oriental
[t.c. Sanskrit and Sinhalese] authors, and translated
into English, pp. 52. Colombo, 1876. 12^

14085. b. 24.(1.)

FESEBA (M. P.) See Yogasataka, ®o5o5t3^23)0
. . . Published by M. P. P. [with a prefatory note]
etc. 1877. 8^ 14043. a. 3.(1.)



VI^Dhiiwi [Arya-siddhanta, a monthly journal in
Sanskrit and Hindi, compiled and edited for the
dissemination of the views of Dayananda Sarasvati
on criticism and on the Arya Samaj, by his pupils
Bhimasena and Jvaladatta, with the concurrence
of the Aryasamaj of Allahabad.] inm ^^W [AUa-

habad, 1887.] 8^ 14033. b, 48.

In progress; dated also *Samvat4i* qf the era of Dayananda.

r^VIHI^IK II [Vidyamartanda, a monthly journal
for the publication of Sanskrit standard works with
Hindi interpretation. Conducted by Pandit Jvala-
datta.] ^gmpiTT^ <^«M [Allahabad, 1889- ] 12^.

14096. 0. 9.

In progress.

Digitized by








^Hnr^g| l 4|MirH fin l . . . The Pandlt. A monthly
journal of the Benares College, devoted to San-
skrit Literature. 10 vol. Benares, 1866-76. fol.

14096. f. 4.

• . . New Series. Benares, 1876-79, 1882,

etc. 8^ 14096. d. 6.

In progress. Discontinued from May 1879 till July 1882.

The chief Sanskrit texts in the Old Series of this journal,
not being reprints or subsequently reprinted, appear under
the following headings:— ~

$a1]'kanatliS| yoU. 1, 2 and 6 ; Lolimbsraja, vol. 2 ; Kalidasa,
ihid ; Utpala, vols. 2 and 8 ; Sanknra Aoharya, vols. 3-5 ; Ma-
thnradasa, vols. 8, 4 ; Amaraohandra. vol. 4, etc. ; Hanumat,
vol. 6; Jaimini, vol 5, etc ; Bamatirtha Tati, vol. 6-8; Badara-
ya^ia, vol. 6, 7 ; Purnananda, vol. 6 ; Bamachandra Somayaji,
vol.6; Bajasekhara (two works), vol. 6, 7 ; Gange^a Upadhyaya,
vol. 6-8 ; Lakshmidhara, vol. 8, 9 ; Badarayai^a, vol. 8, 9 ; Ka-
viraja Yati, vol. 9, 10; Eedara, vol. 9 ; Kavikari;iapura, vol. 9,
10 and vol, 1-3 (New Ser.); Baudhayana, vol. 9, 10, and (New
Ser.) vol. 1.; Berkeley (G.), vol. 8-10; Looke (J.), vol. 10, and
New Series.

New Series .—

$rTniv&sacharya Fod^vZa, vol. 1 ; Gotama, vol.2; Badarayana,
vol. 3, 4 ; Jaimini, vol. 8, 4 ; Pataiijali, vol. 3 ; Chitsakha Muni,
vol. 4, eic; Sayai^ftcharya (two entries), vol. 4-7 j Sarvainatma,
vol. 4 ; Dharmarajadhvarindra, vol. 4, etc, ; Pnranas, Skanda-
purdna, vol. 5, 6; Patafijali, vol. 5, 6 ; Nage$a Bhatta» vol. 6, etc. ;
Earshadeva. vol. 6, etc. ; Jaimini, vol. 7, etc, ; Bamannja, vol. 7,
etc.; id. vol. 9, etc.; Haradatta Mi§ra, vol. 10, etc; Govinda,
vol. 10, etc.; Praka^ananda, vol. 11, etc,

A somewhat imperfect classed index to the Old Series and
New Series, vols. 1-8, has been drawn up by the publishers,
and is bound at the end of vol. 8 (New Series),

TO! Wi ^H.A\ q l ^ H T fVm i (mftiw ^iftmr). The
Hindu Commentator. [Pratnakamranandini. A
monthly periodical for the publication of Sanskrit
texts in parts, under the superintendence of
Satyavrata Samasrami.] Nos. 1-40. Vol. 1-3.
Benares [Calcutta printed], 1867-70. 4®.

14096. f. 2.

H H H I ^ I t: [New Series.] Vol. 4-7. [Be-
nares'] Calcutta [printed], 1871-74. 8^.

14096. d.

Texts completed since the puljlication ofDr, Haas's cata^
logue, and not separately published, are catalogued under :^^
Baraanatba, Son of Raghundtha,
Jiuadatta Suri.


Indische Studien. Zeitschrift fiir die Kunde des

indischen Alterthums . . . herausgegeben von A.

Weber. 14 Bde. BerUn,18oO,etc. 8^ 14096. c.
In progress.

After Bd. 1, the title reads ^* Indische Studien, Beitrdge
fur die Kunde,'* etc. A separate title-page of Hrft 1 of the
1st vol. is dated 1849.

The longer texts published in this journal are separately
catalogued under the follotoing headings,*'^

Katyayana. I §ankhayana.

Piogala. I Varaha Mihira.

Vedas (several entries).



il*vj<M«1lc^l (Granth Eatna Mdl4, a pionthly San-
scrit magazine • . . rare and not hitherto published
Sanscrit works with commentaries, and with cri-
tical and explanatory notes by two . . . Shastris,
etc.) gvm^ <^tt9 [Bombay, 1887, etc,] 8°.

14096. c. 8.

In progress.

The chief works in this collection are entered under the
following headings :-^

Vol. 1.

Bhanudatta, *) .
Kalidasa, pseud. ] '* •*■•
Somadeva Suri, i. 2.
Pnranas.-NW«»7n?ia/mra>ia, i. 8.
Bamananda Saras vatl.

Vol. 2.

Halayndha Bhat^a.
Ramakpshna Suri, ii. 3. 4.
Venkatadh vari Suri, ii. 4-9.
Tadnnandana, ii. 10-11.

The Indian Antiquary. A Journal of Oriental
Research in archaeology, history, literature, lan-
guages, philosophy, religion, folklore, etc. Edited
by J. Burgess. (Vol. xiii. . . by J. Burgess and
A. Fiihrer; vol. xiv.-xvii. . . by J. F. Fleet and
R. C. Temple; vol. xviii., etc,, by J. F. Fleet,
R. C. Temple and W. Crooke). Bombay, 1872,
etc. 4^ 14096. e.

The Orientalist. See below: Kandt.

The /Sacfdarshana-Chintanikft. See below: Poona.


^Tftftrfltj^rtftfts [Arshavidyasudhanidhi. A
monthly periodical for the publication of San-
skrit texts, with Bengali criticism and comment,
and of critical treatises in Bengali. Compiled
and edited by Vrajanatha Vidyaratna, with the
assistance of Brahmayrata Samadhyayi.] Pt. 2-12.
^f^mn b^W [Calcutta, 1878-9.] 8^.

14096. d.

Imperfect; wanting pt, 1. j^ffer pt, 12, which was pub-
lished at Nuddea, apparently no more was published,

Th^ chief Sanskmt works in this periodical are separately
catalogued under the following headings :^'

Vrs^'anatba Vidyaratna.
Baghnnandana Bba^^aobarya.
Pnranas. — Bj^haddharma purdna,

^I^U^I^i: I [§abda-prakasa, a quarterly magazine
for the publication of grammatical works, com-
bined with Brahmist teaching.] nf^TVlirr <\fcot
[Calcutta, 1886, etc.] .8^. 14093. b. 20.

In progress,

7^ first numbers are reprinted from the * ^rutaprakdfa,^
on the wrappers qf which the chief work^ Drishtdnta-i^aT^asva
is described as ** compiled to teach Pdnini with the help of
religion, morality arCd philosophy. Its primary object is the
I dissemination of a knowledge of these three; its secondary,
the spread (fa knowledge of Pdnini.**

Digitized by







CALCUTTA (continued,)

Tf^^vJ-^fiW [Samskrita - chandrika, a monthly

periodical edited by Jayachandra Siddhantabhu-

shana.] Pt. 2. ^Ff^f^TSI [Calcutta, 1883.] 8^

14096. c.

Onl^ Spt*. of this periodical are registered as having ap'

^Jlll^Hi: (/Srutaprakasah ... A monthly Sanskrit
journal [for the publication of works illustrating
the teachings of the Brahma Samaj and other
'new dispensations.' Edited by Gauragovinda
Raya.]) wf^nnm ^toS [Calcutta, 1886, etc.] 8°.

14096. 0. 5.
In progress.

'^m \ *2^fTff^tf3Jft [Usha, a journal of Vedic and
general criticism, issued usually monthly, con-
sisting of Sanskrit texts with commentaries,
reviews and other articles both in Sanskrit and
in Bengali. Compiled and edited by Satyavrata
Samasrami Bhattacharya.] unf^F^ITWT ^tS^ [CaU
cutta, 1889- .] 8^

14010. 0. 43.

In progress; a separate text, edited by the above
compiler, is catalogued under the heading : — Madhoiudana,

f^nr^ [Vidyodaya.] See below: Lahore.


(Brahmavidya) ucnLLD6i3)^eflujrTU^enrn<30D<5
[A monthly journal of literature. Edited by Ra.
Srinivasa §astri.] Sansk. and Tarn, Vol. I. etc.
^^iLufJlD <5Sl|a^«9fo [Chilambaramyl886,etc.'] 4*^.

14096. dd. 2.

In progress. The Sanskrit portion is printed in the Orantha
character in parallel columns with the equivalent Tamil,


TVI^HI<S9I^$ [Kavyanatakadar^a, a serial for the
publication of Sanskrit works, chiefly poetical,
with commentaries in Sanskrit, Marathi or Cana-
rese.] VT^^Tf "Mt^ [Dharwar, 1882, etc] S"",

14076. d. 36.

In progress.
The works in this collection are catalogued under: —



"Sf^tftft [Dvaibhashiki, the "Bilingual,'' a monthly
literary journal containing articles both Sanskrit
and Bengali in prose and in verse. Edited and
published by Krishnachandra Majumdar.] Vol. I.
Pt. 1. b^W [Jessore, 1887, etc.] 8^.

In progress? 14096. C. 7.


The Orientalist, a monthly journal of Oriental
literature, arts, etc. (edited by W. Goonetilleke) •
Kandy, Bombay [printed], 1884. 4®.

Inprogreu. 14096. e.


■Puft^: [Vidyodaya, a monthly Sanskrit journal,
edited by Hrishike?a Bhattacharya.] ikf^j^^MI
[^nftt] [Laliore, Calcutta^ 1874, etc. 8°.

14096. CO.

In progress. Published^ from 1887 onwards^ at Calcutta;
from September 1878 to March 1882 printed, as well as pub'
lished, at Lahore : no number seems to have been published
for August 1878.

Imperfect; wanting all brfore vol. Hi. jj<.6, and vol.vUi.
pt. 1-4, X. pt. 2, 12.


^JhlT^r^ufWfT Lokananda Patrica, A monthly
Sanskrit-English Journal published ... by the
Lokananda Samaj, etc. Madras, 1887. 8®.

In progress. 14096. CO. 7.


▼RQfir^nr-^txnf [Kavyetihasa-safigraha, a monthly
serial for the publication of early Marathi, and
of Sanskrit, poetry ; edited by Janardana Bajaji
Modaka and Kasinatha Narayana Sane.] ^ ^t$t
[Poona, 1878-88.] 11 vol. 8°. 14072. d. 37.

The Sanskrit works contained in the above, are catalogued
under the following headings:

BhojarSja Pa94'^^*

Anaota Bbatta, the Poet.
Yy a tpatti -rat nakara.

Ea^Tpati, vol. i. pt. 1-5.
Moropanta, vol. i. 5- ii.

„ vol. iii. 9, 12.

$ankara Acharya, vols. ii. 1-3;

V. 10- vi. 5 J viii. 5-12.
Trivikrama Bhatta,vol.iii.l-6.
Kllakantha Dlkshita, vol. iii. 6.
Vamana Pa^^i^* ▼ol. iii. 12*

iv. 8.

Vithoba A^na Karha4akar,
vole. iv. 2.10j vi. 6-vii. 12;
X. 10-12.

Sada^iva, vols. iv. 3 ; v. 7, 8, 10.

Anantadeva, vol. iv. 10-12.

BiQdamadhava,vol. iv. 12-v. 1.

Bharadvaja, vol. v. 2-6.

P urn shot tama Eavi, vol. v. 2-
vi. 10, and viii. 11, etc.

Tuvaraja Eavi, vii. 5-viii. 4.

Title-pages, and sometimes long lists of errata, appeared
in several cases long after the completion of the corresponding
texts. There is also a miscellaneous collection of short poems,
of which a title-page and index is to be found at the end of
vol. X, A rough index of authors is given on the advertise-
ment-sheets bound in at the end of vol. ar>.

Digitized by







POONA {continued.)

The SfacZdarshana-Cliintaiiik&^ or Studies in Indian

Philosophy. A monthly publication [beginning

from January 1877] stating and explaining the

aphorisms of the six schools of Indian Philosophy,

with their translation into Marathi and English

(^f^^$«fWirftwr etc) [Compiled and edited by

Madhavarava More§vara Kunte.] Vol. i.-v.,

vol. vi. pt. 1-11. Poona, Bombay, 1877-82. 8^.

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