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at once more endearing and profound. We should no more think of criti-
cizing such poetry than criticizing the clear blue skies, the soft green earth,
the 'liquid lapse' of an unpolluted stream, that

' Doth make sweet music with the enamell'd stones.
Giving a gentle kiss to every flower
It overtaketh on its pilgrimage.'
Beauty is there,— purity and peace: as we look and listen we partake of the
universal calm, and feel in nature the presence of Him from whom it
emanated."— Secreaiicms of Christopher North, {John Wilion).



PIONEER WOMEN OP THE WEST. One volume, 12mo, pp. 434.
Illustrated, clotli extra, $1.50.

The history of the wives and mothers who ventured Into the Western
wilds, and bore their part in the struggles and labors of the early pioneers,
is sketched in this work. The materials were collected from the records of
private families, and the recollections of individuals who passed through
the experiences of frontier and forest life. Descriptions of the domestic life
and manners of the pioneers, and illustrative anecdotes, have been woven
into the memoirs of prominent women, and notice has been taken of such
political events as had an influence on the condition of the country.

" The biographies contain fine descriptions, enlivened with anecdotes of
the domestic life and manners of those pioneer matrons, and are worthy of
a perusal."— rfte Watchman and Sejlector {Baptist).

" This volume is devoted to the history of the wives and mothers who
bore a part in the struggles of the early pioneers in the Western wilds. Mrs.
Ellet is familiar with this branch of the American annals. She has given
much lime to research on this subject. Her inquiries have been attended
with remarkable success. Gathering a rich fund of local anecdote and
tradition, furnished with interesting details by the descendants and the
acquaintances of her subjects, and in many cases visiting the scenes of their
adventures, she has obtained abundant materials for an attractive work,
and has wrought them up with evident ability and good taste. Her volume,
though full of interest to all classes of readers, is especially adapted for cir-
culation at the Great 'We^V—Marpef's Magazine.

Portraits of Mrs. John Hancock, Mrs. President Polk, Mrs.
Senator Crittenden, Mrs. Jessie Benton Fremont, Mrs. Henry
J. Butterfleld, Madame Le Veit, Mrs. W. A. Cheatham, Mrs.
James W. White, and Mrs. Coventy Waddell ; beautifully en-
graved. 8vo, cloth extra, bev. boards, $3.00; French morocco,
gilt, $4.50 ; Turkey morocco, extra, S7.00.
In this volume Mrs. Ellet gives us sketches of prominent belles and lead-
ers of fashion, from the early days of the Kepublic to the present time, and
full space is also assigned to the ladies of our own day, who have been and
are most conspicuous in our first social circles. Not only are the brilliant
circles of fashion in the metropolis and larger cities illustrated, but those of
the West and South. The customs in dress and entertainments, at different
periods, have also been noted; and a marked line of distinction has been
drawn between the ladies whose mental culture and refining influence have
benefited the society in which they presided, and the vulgar parvenues who
claim distinction merely on the score of wealth and lavish expenditure.

*** This volume is adorned with original and exquisite steel engravings
of portraits of the most distinguished leaders of " the ton" in New York,
Boston, Philadelphia, &c. , ^ ^, , , ., .. , ,

"In literary and aesthetic character the work Is quite unexceptionable,
and must prove highly acceptable."— Oft)\ Advocate, N. Y.

" It is of course of special interest to women, and will doubtless occupy a
prominent position among books."— JBostore Transcript.

" Among the most popular books of the rapidly closing year, this volume
of interesting biographies will take a first place. Mrs. Ellet has executed
her somewhat delicate task with rare taste and ability."— Pftiia. Inquirer.

"This royal volume contains sketches of nearly three hundred ladies who
have been, or are now, recognized as leaders in social circles in different
sections of our country. These ladies, it will be seen, from these honest and
graceful portraitures of Mrs. Ellet, had substantial claims to their honored
distinction in society. They were none of your shallow pretenders, of re-
cent shoddyism, whose only worth is in the vulgar glitter of their money.
The subjects of this volume are the flowers of the sex, and won their promi-
nence in society by mental superiority, and the refinement of taste growing
out of mental culture, as well as, in some instances, by a noble spirit of
benevolence. The author savs: 'It is curious aud interesting to trace the
noted families whose descendants have spread over the land, and parting
with the aristocracy derived from ancient blood, have risen to individual
distinction.' ., „ ^ •

"This volume is a most interesting and valuable contribution to Ameri-
can history. The work abounds with anecdotes and incidents, with descrip-


tlons of changes in costume and dress, which give interest and historic
value to the work. It b also adorned with fourteen original steel engrav-
ings."— iMifteran Observer, Phila,

" This is really a pleasing book, which only a woman could write. If it is
Interesting to know the costume of an ancient Greek Lady, or to understand
the arrangements of a Roman dwelling, or to revive the picture of Puritan
or Cavalier, we cannot see why we should not be attracted by information
in regard to the cues, and knee-buckles, and breakfasts, and dinners, and
dancings, and, generally, the dress, manners, and habits of our Republican
ancestors. Many incidents of family history are here gracefully preserved,
which would otherwise soon have faded even from household tradition.
Such collections of minute, and, to some apprehensions, trivial facts, exert
a powerful, but unconscious influence on history itself, and at some distant
day may, perhaps, afford material for the reflections of the philosopher.
We are thankful for the industry which gathers and arranges these inci-
dents in pleasing style, and hope the pictures of the dignified courtliness of
our ancestors may have some effect in restraining and refining the manners
of their children."— ^m. Quart. Ch. Meview,

"The Queens of Ameeican- Societt, et Mes. Ellet.— This is a
beautiful book, which should have a place upon every centre-table in the
land. The self-imposed task of Mrs. Ellet was a difficult one, because some
one of the ' queens^ might have been omitted, and the omission would have
led to much of jealousy and ill-feeling. But so far as we can judge, the work
has been well done. We have scattered through 458 pages a brilliant galaxy
of female beauty and intelligence of which our young country may well be
proud, from Mrs. Washington and the women of the Revolution, down to
our own days, when 'shoddy' and 'petroleum' essay to fill the vacant
niches. Mrs. Ellet portrays her characters with truly feminine gusto, and it
is to her evidently a labor of love. She does not limit her descriptions to
the intellectual attractions of her 'queens,' or even to the beauty of feature
and grace of form with which God had endowed them, but delights to dwell
upon the dresses and decorations which added to and aided their fascina-
tions, both mental and physical. The volume is embellished by thirteen
portraits, which bring before us the 'counterfeit presentments' of many
who have been called away, and others who still shine as stars in our firma-
ment."— Pfti to. Age.


STORIES FROM HISTORY. 12mo, illustrated, cloth extra, black
and gold. Price, $1.25.

arranged from the Creation of the "World to the Death of Charle-
magne. 12mo, illustrated, cloth extra, black and gold. $1.25.

STORIES FROM MODERN HISTORY. 12mo, illustrated, cloth
extra, black and gold. $1.25.

STORIES FROM ENGLISH HISTORY. I2mo, illustrated, cloth
extra, black and gold. $1.25.


TEENTH CENTURY, in Germany, Switzerland, France,
England, &c. Five volumes in one. Royal 8vo, 852 pp. With
20 engravings on steel, and a superb portrait of the author,
$5.00; sheep, library style, $6.00; half calf, antique, $8.00.

Now that the dogma of infallibility of the Pope has been promulgated,
this charming history of similar events, over three hundred years ago,
acquires a new interest. The narrative is so picturesquely told, it has all the
attractions of a romance.



HEAVENWARD LED; or, The Two Bequests. 12nio, paper, $1.25.
Cloth extra, $1.75.

" It is really an excellent ■woT'k."—Cfermantovm Telegraph.

" This story is one of good society, is graphically told, and a sound moral
is inculcated."— iJuiiond Herald.

" Artless in style and simple in plot, it is a pure and beautiful story, and
richly merits a place in every Sunday-school library in the country,"— ToJedo

"After a careful perusal we strongly recomm.end the work as one worthy
of a place on the centre-table of every Christian family in the land. The
story is well written, couched in beautiful language, and shows how much
good may be done by those who take an interest in religious m.atters."— ban-
ner o/ifte CImrch, Atlanta, &a.


the French by Mrs. Charles Pendleton Tutt. 8vo, paper, $1.00 ;
cloth, $1.50.

" This is a translation from the French of a very fresh, quietly written, and
Interesting story, as unlike the average modern French novel as any thing
can well be. There is perhaps som.ewhat more sentiment than Americans
will care for, but the skill with which the story is told will more than atone
for that."— /San Francisco Daily liecord.

" A very clear and natural, though rather un-Gallican story. A novel
without a hero, unless M. De Verteins, who puts in a tardy appearance in
time to marry Jeanne Derville, say at page one hundred and fifty, or there-
abouts, it is a remarkably fresh, vivid story, nevertheless— the more vivid,
I)erhaps, from the fact that, with the exception of Miss Derville herself,
who is a sort of female John Halifax, it is all overwrought, and has
none of the spectacularity so common in modern Gallic romance. Bio-
graphical in tone, and written in the manner of 'John Halifax,' it details
the struggles of a young girl , Miss Derville, with exceeding minuteness, and
considerable subjective power. The translation is well executed."— Some
Journal, New York.


THE DESERTED VILLAGE. A Poem. Exquisitely illustrated

with thirty designs by George Thomas and Birket Foster.

Elegantly printed in square 16m.o, on the finest calendered

paper. Cloth, gilt, extra, $1.50; morocco, antique, gilt edges,


" There is no poem xn the English language more universally popular

than the Deserted Village. Its best passages are learned in youth, and

never quit the m.eTa.oxY.'"— Chambers' s Encyclopedia of English Literature.

" ' The Deserted Villagd' has an endearing locality, and introduces us to
beings with whom the imagination contracts an intimate friendship. Fiction
in poetry is not the reverse of truth, but her soft and enchanted resemblance ;
and this ideal beauty of nature has been seldom united with so ranch sober
fidelity, as in the groups and scenery of the ' Deserted Village.' "—Thomas


illustrated by George Cruikshank. Sq. 16mo, boards, 25 cents.

YE BOOK OF SENSE. A new comic book. A companion to Book
of Nonsense. With thirty-two illustrations. Oblong 8yo,
boards, 50 cents ; cloth, with plates colored, gilt, $1.00.



graphical an l{ Critical Notices. Elegantlv printed on the finest
paper. With fine steel portraits. 6 vols-.-crown 8vo. cloth, bev.
boards, gilt lops, $9.00; half calf, gilt, $18.00; half morocco, gilt
tops, !i-18,00; or bound in 3 vols., thick crown 8vo, fine English
cloth, bev. boards, gilt tops, per set, $7.50; half calf, gilt, $12.00.
Selecting some ohoice passage of the best standard authors, of sufficient
length to occupy half an hour in its perusal, there is here food for thought
Jor every day in tt e year ; so that if the purchaser will devote but one half-
hour each day to its appropriate selection, he will read througli these six
volumes in one ;;ear, and in such a leisurely manner that the noblest
thoughts of many of the greatest minds will be firmly implanted in his mind
forever. For every Sunday there is a suitable selection from some of the
most eminent wrilers la sacred literature. We venture to say, if the editor's
idea is carried out, the reader will possess more information and a better
knowledge of the English classics at the end of the year than he would by
five years of desultory reading. The variety of reading is so great that no
one will ever tire of these volumes. It is a library in itself.


The two following are new stereotype editions, in large, clear type, with
initial letters, head and tail pieces, &c. The illustrations were designed
expressly for this edition, and engraved in the highest style of art.

THE SCOTTISH CHIEFS. Illustrated by F. O. C. Darley. CroAvn
8vo,718pp, Fine English cloth, gilt. Price, $1.50; half calf,
gilt, $3.50.

" Sir Walter Scott, in a conversation with King George IV, in the library
at Carlton House, admitted that 'The Scottish Chiefs' suggested his
' Waverly Novels.' "—AlUbone's Dictionary of Authors.

'•This is a now and by far the best edition of a national romance which
has been as much read and admired as almost any of Scott's or Dickens'
novels. It i3 low-priced, well printed, and handsomely bound. Thousand*
of readers will be glad to go over this stirring tale onco more."— P/iiYarfeJ-
phia rrcss.


THE CHILDREN OF THE ABBEY. Illustrated by P. O. 0. Dar-

LKY. Uniform with " The Scottish Chiefs." Crown 8vo, 646 pp.

Fine English cloth, gilt. Price, $1.50; half calf, gilt, $3.50.

"This classic ia more neatly published in tho new edition than we have

ever seen it. It was long a standard, and had more favor than 'Thaddeus

of Warsaw,' and it deserved better. It takes a new lease of existence now,

and we almost envy those who read it for the lirst time."— iVoriA Ainerican,



ing a Familiar Description of tho American Stable; the most
approved Method of Feeding, Grooming, and General Managc-
jTient of Horses; together with Directions for the Care of
Carriages, Plarness, &c. Expressly adapted for the owners of
equipages and fine horses. Cloth extra, illustrated. $1.50.
A handy manual, giving to the owner of a horse just the information of

a pracMcal nature that he often feels the need of, and bj' an author who

thoroughly understands what he is writing about, and what is needed by

every gentlema-j.
"Such a t^reatijehas been needed for years, and we think this volume will

supply the want. The illustrations arc very good and timeiy. "—J^ittsbu]-g/»

Daily Gazette,



Directions for tlie Propagation and Culture of Fruit Trees in
flie Nursery, Orcliard, and Garden. Witli Descriptions of tlio
Principal American and Foreign Varieties cultivated in tlic
United States. Second edition. Illustrated with 480 accurate
ligures. Crown 8vo. Cloth, extra, bev. bds., gilt back. $3.00.
We have read hundreds of criticisms on this book, and they unanimously

pronounce itthe raostthorough, practical, and comprehensivewoTli published.

The engravings are not copies of old cuts from other books, but are mainly

original with the author.

J. H. WALSH, F.R.C.S. ("Stonehenge.")

ment in Health and Disease. From tlie last London edition,
with copious Notes and Additions, by Robekt McCltjre, M.D.,
V.S., author of " Diseases in the American Stable, Field, and
Farm-yard," with an Essay on the American Trotting Horse,
and suggestions on the Breeding and Training of Trotters, by
Ellwood Harvey, M.D. With 80 engravings, and full-page
engravings from photographs from life. Crown 8vo. Cloth,
extra, bev. bds. $2.50.
"This Americanizing of Stonehenge' gives us the best piece of Horse
liiteratnre of the season. Old horsemen need not be told who ' Stonehenge'
is in the British Books, or that he is the highest authority in turf and veteri-
nary affairs. Add to these the labors of such American writers as Dr.
McClure and Dr. Harvey, with new portraits of some of our most popular
living horses, and we have a book that no American horseman can afford
to be without."— 0/iio Farmer, Cleveland, April 24, 1869.

" It sustains its claim to be the only work which has brought together in a
single volume, and in clear, concise, and comprehensive language, adequate
information on the various subjects of which it tve&Xs." —Marioer' s Ma^/azine,
July, 1869.


AMERICAN FISH CULTURE. Giving all the details of Artificial
Breeding and Rearing of Trout, Salmon, Shad, and oth«r
Fislaes. 12mo, illustrated. $1.75.
'"Norris's American Fish Culture' published in this city by Porter &
Coates, is passing around the world as a standard. Mr. Norris's authority
will be quoted beside the tributaries of the Ganges, as already by those of
the Hudson, the Humber, and the Thames. The English publishers of the
book are Sampson Low, Son & Co. ; and a late number of the Athenmum,
after an attentive review of Mr. Norris's metliods, concludes thus: 'Mr.
Norris has rendered good service to the important subject offish-culture by
the present publication; and, although his book goes over ground (or water
rather) occupied to a great extent by English writers on fish culture, it con-
tains several particulars respecting this art as practised in the United
States, which are valuable, and may be turned to profitable account by our
pisciculturists.' "—Philadelphia Evening Bulletin,

THE AMERICAN ANGLER'S BOOK. Embracing the Natural
History of Sporting Fish, and the Art of Taking Them. With
Instructions in Fly Fishing, Fly Making, and Rod Making;
and Directions for Fish Breeding. To which is added Dies Pis-
catorise; describing noted fishing places, and the pleasure of
solitary fly fishing. New edition, witli a supplement, contain-
ing a Description of Salmon Rivers, Inland Trout Fisliing, &c.
Illustrated with eighty engravings. 8vo, cloth extra. $5.50.
"Mr. Norris has produced the best book on Angling that has been pub-
lished in our time. If other authors would follow Mr. Norris's example,
and not write upon a subject until they had practically mastered it, we
should have fewer and better works, /fis volume will live. It is thoroughly
instructive, good-tempered, and genial."— PAitocfeipA/a iYes«.



RICA : How TO Train and Drive Him. With Reminiscences
of the Trotting-Turf. The Results of the Author's Forty Years'
Experience and Unequalled Skill in Training and Driving, to-
gether with a Store of interesting Matter concerning Celebrated
American Horses. Edited by Charles J. Foster, of " Wilkes's
Spirit of the Times." New edition, with Supplement, bring-
ing it down to 1873. Illustrated with Steel-plate portrait of
Hiram Woodruff, and full page engravings from Photographs
fromLife,and Sketches of "Lady Thome," " Goldsmith Maid,"
" Mac," " Flora Temple," &c., &c. 12mo, cloth, extra, $2.25: half
calf, gilt, $f. 00. *- ' ' . , , ,

"The estimation in which we hold it is well known to our readers. We be-
lieve it to be t/ie most practical and instructive hook that ever loas published con-
cerning the trotting horse; and those who own or take care of horses of other
descriptions may buy and read it with a great deal of profit."— Wilkes' s Soirit
of the Times.

" Hiram Woodruff was the great trainer of his day; but, by his unsullied in-
tegrity and unequalled capacity, he rose above his profession. No man
could ever say of him that he had his price. Indeed, it is the universal tes-
timony of all who knew him,— friends and foes,— that his integrity was ab-
solutely unassailable. It is a book for which every man who owns a horse
ought tosubscribe. The information which it contains is ivorth ten times its cost."
—Mr. Bonner's New York Ledger,

" This is a masterly treatise by the master of his profession,— the ripened pro-
duct of forty years' experience in handling, training, riding, and driving the
trotting horse. There is no book like it in any language on the subject of
which it treats. It is accepted as authority by the owners of racing trotters,
and of fast roadsters. Its publication has been hailed by gentlemen as criti-
cally appreciative as Eobert Bonner, and by trainers and drivers as disting-
uished as Sam Hoagland, Dan Mace, and Dan Pfifer. The book is unques-
tionably one of great value. For in America and England the development
Of the horse has long been considered second only in importance to the de-
velopment of man. This wOrk contains the results of forty years' uninter-
rupted labor in bringing the trotter up to the highest speed and greatest
endurance of which he is capable. Before we read it we had seen with curi-
ous surprise very hearty commendation of it and eulogy of its author in the
leading Presbyterian, Baptist, and Methodist journals. No wonder, for
Hiram Woodruff's system is based on the law of love."— New York Tribune.

" We have a decided distaste for everything connected with horse-racing,
and when the "Trotting Horse of America" was put into our hands the
book dropped of its own weight on to the table. Ashamed of this prejudice,
we took it up, and soon found ourselves reading at full pace about the way
colts should be raised, and horses trained, and racers cared for, and the breed
improved In reading the book we were struck with the analogy be-
tween the scientific treatment of the horse and the best treatment of the
human being What a pity parents and teachers would not learn wis-
dom from the horse-trainer!"- The (iV. Y.) Liberal Christian ( Unitarian).

" One may read and study this book with profit, for it was written by a man
who loved the horse, knew his peculiarities, and from the experience of
years utters words of wisdom as to the best way of training and driving the
noblest animal ever given to man for service. The advice, the suggestions, the
rules given in the book are invaluable. If we owned a "stable," we would
make our grooms study it; if we were a Vermont farmer, each son should
have a copy, for. while it is specially devoted to trotting horses, the work
contains valuable information for every man who owns or drives ahorse."—
Boston Watchman and Reflector, (Baptist).

" The record of his experience and suggestions constitutes, therefore, a valu-
able accession to our knowledge, and will prove to be of standard authority
among the most skilful. The graphic style of his descriptions, the vivid pic-
tures he draws of the breeding and education of his favorites, and the remi-
niscences hfi recalls of incidents on the turf, form a work of great merit. . . .
Those who are desirous to form an accurate idea of the characteristics of the
trotting horse, for their benefit as riders or drivers, cannot find any other
work in our language so replete rvith useful information, interesting hints, and
readable anecdotes. Hiram Woodruff is now dead, and it will be many a
year before we shall look upon his equal in his line of business."— TAe



THE YOUNG AMERICA SPEAKER. Designed for the use of the

younger classes in Schools, Lyceums, Temperance Societies,

&c. Containing selections in Prose, Poetry and Dialogue ; in

st^le, sentiment and expression, suited to the minds and

spirits of the youth of the present day. ICmo, half bound, 75


"This little volume contains unexceptional selections of Prose, Poetry and

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