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The Welsh book-plates in the collection of Sir Evan Davies Jones, bart., M. P. of Pentower, Fishguard; a catalogue, with biographical and decriptive notes online

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Charles Jones. XlXth Cent. Arm. Impossible
marshalling of heraldic chargings.

Welsh Book- Plates 55

JONES continued.

Revd. J. Jones. Revd. W. Wilds. Allegorical design
with wreath. Probably the book-plate of some
missionary society or lending library.

Revd. Ellis Jones. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp.
? Dove. Welsh motto. Signed "Warwick sc.
145 Strand."

? S. of Roger Jones, of Llanrhydd, co. Denbigh ; matric.
Jesus College, Oxford, 1780; perp. curate of Lymington,
Hants ; ob. 1830.

Maurice Jones. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. Coat of
Marchudd ap Cynan, founder of the VIII th Noble
Tribe of Wales.

Jones of Ystrad / co. Carmarthen. XIX th Cent. Arm.
Welsh mottoes.

John Jones, of Ystrad and Capel Dewi, co. Carmarthen ;
b. 1777 ; 2nd s. of Thomas Jones, of Ystrad (by Anna Maria
Jones, of Crynfryn, co. Cardigan, his wife) ; M.P. for Borough
and County of Carmarthen ; ob. 1842.

[Jones.] Modern Arm., with mitre, imp. Archibald.

Rt. Rev. Llewelyn Jones, consecrated 4th Bishop of
Newfoundland and Bermuda, 1878 ; m. Elizabeth Alice, d.
of Sir A. G. Archibald, K.C.M.G.

E. A. Goddard Jones. Modern Arm.

J. Jones. Crest. Signed " Gretton fecit." Un-
known to Fincham. C. 1770.

R. H. Jones. Wreath and Ribbon, Label. Signed
"Eddowes, Printers" (of Shrewsbury). Not
mentioned by Fincham.

R. D. G. Jones. Pict. Chip.

W. Jones. Landscape. Signed "Duchesne ft.

The only specimen given of this engraver (Fincham, p. 26).
C. 1810.

56 Welsh Book-Plates

JONES continued.

John Jones. Label, floral design, XlXth Cent. C.

John Dalston Jones /P.L.S. XlXth Cent. Pict.
Welsh motto.

A Fellow of the Literary Society.

Rosalie Gardiner Jones. Mod. Arm., Pict. and
Allegorical. Signed "C. W. S. R.E. 1908."
Arms of Tudor Trevor in lozenge.

Theatre Bills, / collected by / John Jones / 1839.
Label with date.

David Francis Jones. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. with
Topping on an esc. of pre.

Otherwise Atcherley ^ s. of David Francis Jones, of Cymman,
co. Flint (by Jane Atcherley, his wife) ; b. 1783 ; serjeant-at-
law ; m. (1817) Anne Topping; assumed name of Atcherley
on inheriting the Marton Estate, 1834; ob. 1845.

[? Jones.] XlXth Cent. Arm. with "Jno. Jones"
in writing. Name of original owner erased.

Jones. XlXth Cent. Arm.

Thomas Jones. XlXth Cent. Arm.

Martin Jones. XlXth Cent. Arm.

W. Parry Jones / Whitchurch. XlXth Cent. Arm.

[Jones.] XIX th Cent. Arm. Imp. Campbell. In
writing, " D. Jones of Pantglas."

David Jones, of Pantglas, M.P. for co. Carmarthen, 1857-
1 868 ; s. of John Jones ; m. ( 1 845 ) Margaret Charlotte, eldest
d. of Sir George Campbell, Bart.; ob. 1869.

John Jones. Crest. Welsh motto.

3rd s. of John Jones, of Blaenos and Pantglas, co.
Carmarthen; .1812; H. Sheriff, 1854; M.P. for Carmarthen
County, 1868-1874; m. Anne Thomas, of Wellfield, co.

Welsh Book-Plates 57

JONES continued.

Walter J. H. Jones / Esquire. XlXth Cent. Arm.
Edward Jones. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. \Hanmer.

B. Jones-Bateman / Pentre Mawr. XlXth Cent.
Arm. Imp. yennens.

Rev. John Burlton Jones-Bateman, M. A. (Cantab.) ; b.
1825 ; eldest s. of John Jones, of Pentre Mawr, Abergele,
co. Denbigh, who assumed (1834) the additional name of
Bateman, and died 1849 ; m. Mary Jennens ; rector of Sheldon.

Liber E. Bibliotheca Domestica Joseph Jones.
Modern gothic Arm. printed in red and black.

? Joseph Jones, J.P., of Abberley Hall, co. Worcester
(H. Sheriff, 1873).

T. Gilbert Jones. Modern. Pict., signed "Ad. J.

Rev. Wm. Jones. Crest.

John Jones. Label with date "May 20, 1845 "in
writing. Welsh motto.

Robert R. Mansel Jones. Crest.

William Jones. Crest.

Ebenezer John Jones. Crest.

Philip Jones. Crest.

Joseph Jones / Dolobran. Crest.

Ivan Charles Jones. Crest.

D. Lloyd Jones. Crest.

Elizabeth / Jones / 1816. Leather Label dated.

Evan. D. Jones. Ornamental monogram printed in

Sir Evan Davies Jones, Bart., of Pentower, Fishguard,
Pembrokeshire, and of 6 Addison Road, London, W. Eldest
8. of Thomas Daniel Jones, of Pentower; b. 1859; H. Sheriff
co. Pembroke, 1911; cr. a Baronet 1917; M.P. for co.
Pembroke, 1918.

58 Welsh Book-Plates

JONES continued.

Evan Davies Jones. Modern Arm. Welsh motto.

Evan Davies Jones. Modern Arm. Welsh motto.
Renaissance design.

Sir Evan Davies Jones, Baronet /D.L., J.P., of
Pentower, co. Pemb. Arm. and Pict. Welsh
motto. Signed "J. Vinycomb, M.R.I. A., 1919."

Sir Evan Davies Jones, Baronet /D.L., J.P., of
Pentower, co. Pemb. Arm. and Pict. Signed
J. Vinycomb, M.R.I. A., 1919."

The same plate.


Jos. Joseph, F.S.A. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh

Joseph Joseph, b. 1825; s. of John Joseph, of Pantygwin,
Llanddeusant, co. Carmarthen ; m. Elizabeth Hughes, of
Cilposte, co. Carmarthen ; elected Fellow of the Society of
Antiquaries, 1854. (See Nicholas, i., pp. 116-117.)


Lent by Mrs Kaye / to the / George Reading Room,
Laugharne / July, 1862. Dated Label.


C. I. Kemeys-Tynte. XlXth Cent. Arm. with
Swinnerton on an esc. of pre. Welsh motto.

Charles-John Kemeys-Tynte, M.P., of Cefn Mably, co.
Glamorgan, and of Halswell Park, co. Somerset; b. 1800;
only s. of Col. C. K. Kemeys-Tynte; m. (i) Elizabeth, d. and
co-h. of Thomas Swinnerton; (2) Vincentia Brabazon.

[Kemeys-Tynte.] Modern Arm. with Frome on an
esc. of pre. Welsh motto.

Col. Charles Kemeys-Tynte, eldest s. of Charles Kemeys-
Tynte, M.P. ; b. 1822; m. Mary Frome; ob. 1891.

[Kemeys-Tynte.] Modern Arm. with Frome on an
esc. of pre. Welsh motto.
Another plate of the same owner.

Welsh Book-Plates 59

KEMEYS-TYNTE continued.

[Kemeys-Tynte.] Modern Arm. Imp. Walsh. Welsh

Halswell Milbourne Kemeys-Tynte, of Cefn Mably, co.
Glamorgan, and of Halswell Park, co. Somerset; b. 1852;
m. (1875) Rosabelle Clare Walsh, of Tyrrelstown, co. Kildare ;
ob. 1899.

Dorothy Kemeys-Tynte. Modern Pict.

5th d. of Sir Arthur Ellis, G.C.V.O. ; m. Charles T. H.
Kemeys-Tynte, eldest s. of H. M. Kemeys-Tynte ; afterwards
Baron Wharton, of Cefn Mably and Halswell.


Henry Kemmis. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. Welsh

and s. of Thomas Kemmis, of Shaen Castle, Queen's
County ; b. 1776 ; M.P. for Tralee, 1800 ; m. Maria Dawson ;
ob. 1857.

** This family claims descent from the ancient family of
Kemeys, of Keven Mabley."


John Kennion Esqr. Chip. Arm.

(Hazlitt's Roll of Honour, p. 127.)

E Libris Georgii Wyndham Eennion Bathonensis et
Wellensis Episcopi. Seal Arm., a vesica. Arms
of see of Bath and Wells imp. Kennion.

Rt Rev. G. W. Kennion, Bishop of Bath and Wells (1894) ;
s. of George Kennion, M.D., of Harrogate; b. 1845; m -
Henrietta, d. of Sir C. D. Fergusson, Bart.


Jarvis Kenrick/ A.M. Early Chip. Arm. with

? A.M. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 1763.

Matthew Kenrick / of Ye Middle Temple Esqr. Early
Chip. Arm. (the same plate with a different

5th s. of John Kenrick, of London; admitted Middle
Temple, 1715; Bencher 1750; Treasurer 1763; ob. 1782.

60 Welsh Book-Plates

KENRICK continued.

Matthew Kenrick, L.L.B. Chip. Arm.
The same owner, a later plate.

Kenrick / Nantclwyd. Chip. Arm.

Andrew Kenrick, of Woore, Salop ; m. Martha, d. and h.
of Eubule Thelwall, of Nantclwyd, co. Denbigh.

John Kenrick. Chip. Arm.

? S. of Rev. John Kenrick, of Llangerniew, co. Denbigh ;
matric. Brasenose College, Oxford, 1750; M.A. 1761.

Wm. Kenrick. Chip. Arm.

The plate of " Matthew Kenrick, LL.B.," altered. ? Dr
William Kenrick. (See Nichol's Literary Anecdotes^ vol. ii.,
p. 331, etc.)

The Revd. Jervis Kenrick / Blechingley. Early XlXth
Cent. Arm.

? A.B. Trinity College, Cambridge, 1827 ; A.M. 1832.

The Revd. Jervis Kenrick / Blechingley.

The same, smaller size.

Richard Kyffin Kenrick. XlXth Cent. Arm. with
sixteen coats. Welsh motto.

Eldest s. of Richard Harry Kenrick, of Nantclwyd (by his
wife Ermine, d. and h. of Sir Thomas Kyffin, of Maenan and

Watkin Charles Kenrick. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp.


Honble. T. Kenyon / Pradoe / Salop. Early XlXth
Cent. Arm. with diapered background. Impaling

3rd s. of ist Baron Kenyon; b. 1780; m. Louisa, d. of
Rev. J. R. Lloyd of Aston Hall, Salop; ob. 1851.

Lloyd Kenyon. Modern Arm. with coronet, books,
and mottoes in Welsh, Greek and Latin. Signed
"Inv. W.P.B. 1900."

Sir Lloyd Kenyon, Baronet and 4th Baron Kenyon ; b.

Welsh Book- Plates 61

KENYON continued.

Lloyd Lord Kenyon. / Baron of Gredington. Modern
Arm. Signed " C. W. Sherborne." A fine
specimen of this artistic engraver's work.
The same owner.


Rd. Basset King Esq. / Royal Artillery. Early XlXth
Cent. Arm. Welsh motto. The coat is Basset.

Major-Genl. R. B. King, R.A. ; 2nd son of William
King, who married Catherine, only d. of Col. Henry Basset, of
Beaupr, Glam.


Walter Knight. Jac. Arm. qting B/agrave.
A doubtful book-plate.

Henry Knight Esqr. / Tythegston / Glamorganshire.
Spade Arm. c. 1800.

S. of Henry Knight (by Catherine Lynch, his wife) ;
H. Sheriff co. Glamorgan, 1794; ob. s.p. 1828.


Thomas Kymer Esqr. Arm. shield borne on a


Natt. Kynaston / Oswestry. Chip. Label.


Thomas Lawrence. XlXth Cent. Arm. qting Tanner.
Welsh motto.

? Admitted Lincoln's Inn, 1827.


Edward Laws, his Book / Brython Place, Tenhy.
Modern Landscape.

Eldest 8. of Rear- Admiral J. M. Laws; b. 1837; m.
Georgiana Nantes; H. Sheriff co. Pembroke, 1899 ; F.S.A. ;
eminent antiquary and author of Little England beyond Wales.
and other valuable works ; ob. 1913.

62 Welsh Book-Plates


John Lewis. Chip. Arm. (A Glamorganshire coat.)

Miss Lewis. Arm., a lozenge, c. 1780. Coat not
given in Burke or Papworth.

William Lewis. Arm. c. 1790.

Arms of Lewis of Stoke, Dorset.
Matthew Lewis Esqr. Wreath and Ribbon Arm.

S. of William Lewis, arm., of Jamaica ; matrlc. Ch. Ch.,
Oxford, 1765; M.A. 1772; Diplomatic Secretary of War
Dept. ; father of Matthew Gregory Lewis, M.P., author of
The Monk. A scarce plate.

Willm. Lewis Junr. Festoon Arm.

Elder brother of above; matric. Trinity College, Oxford,
1765; Fellow of the Linnean Society ; ob. 1823.

George Lewis. XIX th Cent. Arm. Same coat and

Percival Lewis. Spade Arm. c. 1790. Printed in

Barrister-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1780.

Percival Lewis. Spade Arm. with Craye on an esc.
of pre.

Of Lymington, Hants. (See Franks Coll. Catalogue,
vol. ii., p. 173.)

Edmd. Burke Lewis. Early XlXth Cent. Arm.

S. of James Lewis, arm., of Littlehampton, Sussex ; matric.
Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1809; rector of Toddington, Beds, 1816;
ob. 1846.

James Lewis. Early XlXth Cent. Arm.

Arthur Lewis. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Colclough.

George Cornwall Lewis. XlXth Cent. Arm.

The eminent statesman and historian ; s. and h. of Sir
Thomas Frankland Lewis, ist Bart, of Harpton Court, co.
Radnor ; b. 1 806 ; m. Lady Maria Theresa, d. of 4th Earl
of Clarendon ; ob. 1863.

Welsh Book-Plates 6 3

LEWIS continued.

James Henry Frederic Lewis. / 24 Essex St., Strand.
XlXth Cent. Arm.

B. Lewis. XlXth. Cent. Arm.

James Lewis. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Lynch-
Blosse. Welsh motto.

James Lewis, M.D., m. Charlotte Diana, d. of Sir Robert
Lynch-Blosse, 8th Bart.

Edward Lewis. Gothic Arm. Imp. Howard. Signed
" Cleghorn." Welsh motto.

(Coat-of-arms of Lewis of Bodior, Anglesey.)

Nichs. Win. Lewis. Festoon Arm.

(A variation of the coat-of-arms of Lewis of The Van,
Glamorgan. )

Samuel Cleghorn Lewis. Crest. Welsh motto.
T. L.[ewis.] Crest and Wreath c. 1790.

Thomas Lewis, of Clynfiew, co. Pembroke. ; m. Elizabeth
Lewis, of Llwyngrawys, near Cardigan; ob. 1845; father of
Wm. H. Lewis, of Clynfiew, H. Sheriff co. Carmarthen,

John Henry Lewis. Crest.
B. L. Lewis. Crest.

Richard Lewis Esq. / Inner Temple. Crest with
Welsh motto.


Joseph Lord / Pembroke. Label.

" An Irishman settled at Pembroke " ; m. Corbetta Owen, of
Orielton, co. Pembroke ; ob. 1801. His s. and h., John Lord,
under the will of Sir Hugh Owen, 6th Bart., succ. to the estate
of Orielton, and assumed the name of Owen, being created a
baronet, 1813.

6 4 Welsh Book-Plates


Edward Loveden Loveden Esq. / Buscot Park, Berks.
Spade Arm.

S. of Thomas Loveden, of Cirencester; matric. Trinity
College, Oxford, 1767; M.P. for Abingdon and Shaftesbury,
1783-1812; m. (i) Margaret, d. and sole h. of Lewis Pryse,
of Gogerddan (ob. 1784); (2) Elizabeth Darker; (3) -
Linthall ; ob. 1822. Father of Pryse Pryse, M.P. of Buscot
and Gogerddan.

(Reproduced in Ex Libris Society's Journal, iv., p. 20.)

Edward Loveden Loveden Esq. Ribbon Arm. with
Pryse on an esc. of pre.
The same owner.


Revd. Mr Lowder. / Cardiff. Festoon Arm.

Samuel Molyneux Lowder, s. of Thomas Lowder, of
Bristol; matric. St John's College, Oxford, 1755; B.D. 1768 ;
vicar of Cardiff, 1777.


Alfred Edward Lawson Lowe. Modern Arm.

Eldest s. of Edward Joseph Lowe, F.R.S., of Highfield
House, Notts ; b. 1 849.

Major Alfred Edward Lawson Lowe, F.S.A. / Shire-
newt on Hall, Monmouthshire. Modern Arm. Imp.
The same owner.


J. Loxdale, Salop. Festoon Arm.

Joseph Loxdale, 2nd s. of Thomas Loxdale (by Hannah
Skitt, his wife); b. 1759; Mayor of Shrewsbury, 1797; m.
Anne Maria Wood, of Bagston, Salop.


William Llewellin. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp.
? Lloyd. Signed "Jarrett, London."


Fanny Llewelyn. Arm., a lozenge, c. 1800. Qting
Givynne with ? Clutton on an esc. of pre.

Welsh Book-Plates 65

LLEWELYN continued.

Robert William Llewellyn. Modern Seal Arm. Imp.
Elandy. Welsh motto.

Eldest s. of William Llewellyn of Court Colman, co.
Glamorgan ; b. 1 848 ; m. Harriet Blandy, of Baglan Hall,
Briton Ferry.

Katharine Minna Dillwyn-Venables-Llewelyn. 1893.
Modern Arm. with Venables on an esc. of pre.

Eldest d. and co-h. of Rev. Richard Lister Venables, of
Llysdinam, co. Brecknock; m. (1893) Charles, 2nd s. of Sir
J. T. Dillwyn-Llewelyn, 1st Bart, of Penllergaer, co. Glamorgan.


Will. Lloyd. Episcopus Vigorn. 1717. Jac. Seal Arm.,
dated, the arms of the see of Worcester imp.
Lloyd (coat of Llywarch ab Bran).

William Lloyd, b. 1627 ; s. of the Rev. Richard Lloyd,
of Henblas, Anglesey ; successively bishop of St Asaph ( 1 680),
Lichfield and Coventry, and Worcester ; one of the Seven
Bishops committed to the Tower in 1688; m. Anne Jones,
1 668 ; ob. 3Oth August 1717, the same year as this book-plate
was issued.

lo. Lloyd. Aedis Xti. Alumnus, 1730. Jac. Arm.

The Rev. John Lloyd, s. of the Rev. William Lloyd,
rector of Fladbury, co. Worcester, and of Hartlebury ; matric.
Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1725; M.A. 1732; gds. of Bishop William
Lloyd, of Worcester.

John Lloyd, A.M. 17 . Late Jac. Pict. with date
and Welsh motto.

Apparently a later plate of the same owner.

The Reverend / John Lloyd, A.M. / 173 . Late
Jac. Arm. Pict., signed "Bickham Junr. fecit,
1730." The same plate with different inscription
and a Latin motto. (Reproduced in Castle, p. 77.)

66 Welsh Book-Plates

LLOYD continued.

The Reverend / John Lloyd, A.M. 1734, the last
figure added in writing.

Another state of the same plate.

Thomas Lloyd / Lincolns Inn. Chip. Arm., the same

Evan Lloyd. Landscape Arm. c. 1780. Probably
designed and engraved by W. Sherwin. (See
Fincham, plate of Wm. Bentham, p. 96.)

Willm. Lloyd. Jac. Arm. The coat is that of
Cadifor ap Dyfnwal, of Castell Hywel, Llandyssul,
co. Cardigan.

Thos. Lloyd. Chip. Arm.

Wm. Lloyd. / Queens Coll. Cam. Chip. Arm. The
same plate as the above with the inscription altered.

Probably a son of the above Thomas Lloyd. A.B. Queen's
College, Cambridge, 1758; A.M. 1761.

Griffith Lloyd. Chip. Arm. A large, handsome

Sir Herbert Lloyd, Bart. Chip. Arm., without
tinctures and incorrectly marshalled. (Reproduced
with note in G. Eyre Evans' Lampeter, p. 207.)

Of Peterwell, co. Cardigan; b. 1720; M.P. for Cardigan
Borough, 1761-1768; cr. a Baronet, 1763; m. Anna Beatrix
Powell, of Nanteos ; ob. s.p. 1769.

David Lloyd. Chip. Arm. with mantle.

Of Alltyrodyn, co. Cardigan ; H. Sheriff, 1 742 ; m. Justina
Price, of Blaendyffryn. ( Reproduced in Old West Wales Book-
Plates^ op. cit.)

[Lloyd.] Chip. Arm., the same plate without any

Probably David Lloyd, junr., of Alltyrodyn, s. of the above ;
H. Sheriff co. Cardigan, 1781 ; m. Elizabeth Evans, of

Welsh Book-Plates 67

LLOYD continued.

John Lloyd / Clerk / Coll. Jesu, Oxon. Festoon
Arm. with Watkins on an esc. of pre. Signed
"F. Protheroe sculp.," the only signed plate of
this engraver. (See Griggs, Armorial Book-Plates,
2nd series, p. 102.)

? ? Rev. John Lloyd, 2nd son of David Lloyd, of Alltyrodyn,
co. Cardigan (by Jane Lloyd, his wife) ; poet and man of
letters; vicar of Llanarth ; ob. 1771. (See Theakstone and
Davies, Lloyd Family Records, 1913.)

William Lloyd. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp.

John Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. ? Sbinglehurst.

H. R. Lloyd, A.M. Dni. C. T. Archiep. Cantuar. A
Sac. Dom. XIX th Cent. Seal Arm., a vesica.
Welsh motto. Impaling Grey.

The Rev. Henry Robert Lloyd, of Danyrallt, co.
Carmarthen ; b. 1 809 ; m. ( 1 843 ) Harriet, d. of Hon. Edward
Grey, bishop of Hereford.

E Libris Daniel Lewis Lloyd, S.T.P., Episcopus
Bangoriensis A. 8. 1890. Modern Seal Arm.,
a vesica. Arms of see of Bangor imp. Lloyd.

Rt. Rev. Daniel Lewis Lloyd, b. 1844; s. of John Lloyd,
of Penywern, co. Cardigan; m. (1874) Elizabeth Lewis;
consecrated bishop of Bangor, 1890; ob. 1899.

George Lloyd Esq. Chip. Arm., signed "Billinge

George Lloyd, s. of Gamaliel Lloyd, of Manchester, F.R.S.;
m. (i) Eleanor Wright; and (2) Susannah Horton ; ob. 1783.
The family claims descent from Lloyd of Llanynys, co. Denbigh.

George Lloyd Esq. Chip. Arm., signed "Billinge
sculp." The same plate with heraldic differences.

George Lloyd Esq. Chip. Arm. Another state of
the same plate.

68 Welsh Book-Plates

LLOYD continued.

Gamaliel Lloyd. Chip. Arm., signed "Billinge
sculp." The same plate with the son's name and
a crescent for difference introduced.

2nd s. of the above George Lloyd, by his 2nd marriage ;
Mayor of Leeds, 1779; m. Elizabeth Attwood ; ob. 1817.

Gamaliel Lloyd. Chip. Arm. A different plate,

Gamaliel Lloyd. Chip. Arm. The same plate as
the above with the field or instead of argent.

Gamaliel Lloyd. Festoon Arm. Apparently a later
plate (c. 1 790) of the same owner.

Edwd. Jerh. Lloyd Esq. Chip. Arm., signed
"Billinge sculp." Being George Lloyd's original
plate with his grandson's name inserted below.

2nd s. of George Lloyd and younger brother of Gamaliel
Lloyd; b. 1790; of Oldfield Hall, Cheshire; m. Elizabeth

Edwd. Jerh. Lloyd Esq. Ribbon label. Being the
actual book label of the above E. J. Lloyd.

Thomas Lloyd Esq. Wreath and Ribbon Arm.
Signed "J. W. B."

3rd s. of George Lloyd, by his 2nd wife, Susannah Horton ;
merchant of Leeds ; m. Anne Wade ; ob. 1828.

Lloyd. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Another member
of this family, but no Christian name to identify.

George Lloyd Esqre. Crest with Welsh motto.

Possibly George Lloyd, of Coatham, Yorks, son of Thomas
Lloyd, of Leeds; b. 1786; m. (1820) Marian Maclean.

Philip Lloyd. Jac. Arm. A doubtful book-plate.

Welsh Book-Plates 69

LLOYD continued.

Lady Lloyd. Jac. Arm. Imp. Leigbton. A most
elegant little plate.

Jane, d. of Sir Edward Leighton, of Watlesboro', Salop,
and widow of Thomas Jones, of Shrewsbury ; widow of Sir
Charles Lloyd, 2nd and last Bart., of Garth, co. Montgomery ;
ob. 1734. (Reproduced in Ex Libris Society's Journal, vi.,

p. 121.)

Phil. Lloyd. Pict Arm. A fine plate in the style
of Bartolozzi, but unsigned.

S. of Philip Lloyd, gent., of Greenwich ; matric. Ch. Ch.,
Oxford, 1 746 ; rector of Piddelton, Dorset ; dean of Norwich,

1765; m. Joyce ; ob. 1790; monument in Norwich


E. S. & H. Lloyd. Wreath Arm., a lozenge.
Lloyd / Christs College. Early XlXth Cent. Arm.

Revd. John Griffiths Lloyd, matnc. 1819, Christ's College,
Cambridge; B.A. 1825; ordained 1828; of Trowscoed
Lodge, Cheltenham; ob. 1843. {Biographical Register of
Christ's College, Cambridge, vol. ii., p. 394.)

Lloyd of Trowscoed. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp.

Probably the same owner.

John Duplan Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm.

Revd. M. J. Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Imp. ? Carvell.

? Rev. Marten John Lloyd, B.A., St John's College,
Cambridge, 1829; M.A. 1834.

Charles Lloyd. Spade Arm. c. 1800. Qting Farmer,
of Ratcliffe, co. Leicester.

Charles Lloyd. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. with
sixteen coats.

Francis Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm., signed "T.
Radclyffe set." Large fine plate with twenty
coats, nearly all Welsh. C. 1810.

T. & E. Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm.
George Lloyd. Early XIX th Cent. Arm.

70 Welsh Book-Plates

LLOYD continued.

William Reynolds Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm.

Revd. John Lloyd, A.M. Jac. Arm. Gu., a lion ramp,
regard, or. Coat borne by Lloyd of Ferney Hall,

? S. of John Lloyd, gent., of St Mildred's, Poultry,
London; matric. St John's College, Oxford, 1731; M.A.
1738; B.D. 1745; vicar of Heyford, Northants ; ob. 1788.

John Bullock Lloyd Esq. / Brecon. Chip. Arm. Coat
of Bullock with Lloyd on an esc. of pre.

John Bullock, of co. Derby ; m. Sarah, d. and h. of Thomas
Lloyd, of Caerau, co. Brecknock, and assumed the name and
arms of Lloyd ; H. Sheriff, 1760.

Lloyd. Festoon Arm.

Mr Thomas Lloyd. Early XlXth Cent. Arm.

Arthur Frederick Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm.

John Grozier Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm.

Thos. Lloyd of Aston, Com. Salop Esqr. Jac. Arm.

2nd s. of Foulk Lloyd, of Foxhall, co. Denbigh (by
Elizabeth Lloyd, of Aston, his wife) ; succ. his brother John
Lloyd, of Aston, 1741 ; ob. unm. 1754-

R. T. Lloyd / Aston. XlXth Cent. Arm.

Richard Thomas Lloyd, only s. of William Lloyd, of
Aston, Salop, b. 1820; m. Lady Frances Hay, 3rd d. of loth
Earl of Kinnoul; H. Sheriff, 1873.

William Lloyd Esq. Wreath and Ribband Arm.

Thomas Henricus Lloyd / Coll. Regal Cantab. Spade

A.B. Queen's College, Cambridge, 1807.

Revd. W. N. Lloyd. Above, "Lloyd of Marrington
and Hafodwen." Early XlXth Cent. Arm.

Charles A. Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm.

Welsh Book- Plates 71

LLOYD continued.

Arma Arturi Philippi Lloyd / Leaton Knolls. XlXth
Cent. Seal Arm. Imp. Bridgman.

Eldest s. of Rev. H. J. Lloyd, of Selattyn ; b. 1833; m.
Katherine Selina Bridgman, d. of Admiral the Hon. C. O.

Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm.

Llewelyn Lloyd. XIX th Cent. Arm. Same coat
imp. . Welsh motto.

Evan Lloyd. XIX th Cent. Arm. Welsh motto.

Lloyd of Clochfaen, co. Montgomery / and Flas Madoc,
co. Denbigh. XlXth Cent. Arm. with sixteen
coats. Welsh motto.

Jacob Youde William Lloyd; b. 1816; eldest s. of Jacob
William Hinde ; assumed name and arms of Lloyd, by royal
licence, 1868 ; Knight of the Papal Order of Gregory the
Great, 1870.

Lloyd. Chip. Arm.

Richard Borradaile Lloyd. XlXth Cent. Arm.
Welsh motto.

Richd. M. Lloyd. Crest within elegant Chip, bordure,
c. 1760.

William Lloyd / of / Maes-Annod in the Vale of
Clwyd / Denbighshire / North Wales. 1764. Label,
signed "Printed by J. Ross, Carmarthen." Ap-
parently the only signed book-plate executed by
this celebrated printer. (See Mr John Davies,
Rhestr o Lyfrau, etc., gan John Ross, Caerfyrddin,

John Lloyd. Jac. Arm.

72 Welsh Book-Plates

LLOYD continued.

[Lloyd.] Jac. Arm. with Welsh motto and dates
1287 and 1313. Imp. Lumley.

Rev. Robert Lloyd, D.D., rector of St Paul's, Covent
Garden, who claimed the Barony of Lumley, 1723. (Repro-
duced in Ex Libris Journal, vi., p. 20. See also Ibidem, note
vi., p. 38.)

The Rev. Dr Lloyd was only son of Henry Lloyd, of
Streatham, Surrey, and claimed this peerage as being fourth in
direct male descent from the famous antiquary and historian,
Humphrey Lloyd, or Llwyd, of Denbigh (ob. 1568), who had
married Barbara, sister of yth Baron Lumley. (See Burke's
Extinct Peerage, p. 338.)

Mountagu Lloyd, A.M. / Fellow of Trinity College / in
Cambridge, 1706. Fragment of the Early Jac.
Arm. dated plate of the Rev. Montagu Lloyd.

A.B. 1702; A.M. 1706; S.T.B. 1713; S.T.P. Corn.
Reg. 1717.

Revd. T. Lloyd, A.M. / Revd. William Lloyd, A.M.
Festoon Arm. with Welsh motto.

William Lloyd. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. with Welsh

John Augustus Lloyd. Early XIX th Cent. Arm.
Welsh motto.

John Augustus Lloyd, M.D., of Bath ; father of Rev. John
Augustus Lloyd, vicar of Broadhinton, Wilts, 1877.

Thomas Lloyd. Crest with Welsh motto.

William Lloyd. Crest, the same plate with " William
Lloyd " in writing.

Richard Myddleton Lloyd. Early XlXth Cent. Arm.

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