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The Welsh book-plates in the collection of Sir Evan Davies Jones, bart., M. P. of Pentower, Fishguard; a catalogue, with biographical and decriptive notes online

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Welsh Book-Plates 107

PRICE. PRYCE. PRYSE continued.

Revd. D. F. Pryce. Spade Arm. c. 1800.

David Fitzpatrick Pryce, A.B., St John's College, Cam-
bridge, 1798; A.M. 1801 ; S.T.P. 1813.

Price. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. ? Dundas.

Of Foxley Court, co. Hereford.

George Price. Early XlXth Cent. Arm.

Gruflydd Price. Chip. Arm. with on an esc.

of pre.

? S. of Thomas Price, of Llangyfeleach, arm., co. Gla-
morgan; matric. Jesus College, Oxford, 1735.

[Pryce.] Dyffryn. Arm. c. 1820, with Austin on
an esc. of pre. Sixteen coats.

S. of John Knight, of Llanblethian, co. Glamorgan ; b. 1 784 ;
assumed names of Bruce and Pryce; m. (1807) Sarah Austin,
of Barbados ; father of ist Lord Aberdare.

John Bruce Pryce / Dyffryn. Early XlXth Cent.
Arm. Welsh motto.
The same owner.

John Wyndham Bruce Pryce. Early XlXth Cent.
Arm. Welsh motto.

Eldest s. of the above John Knight Bruce Pryce; elder
brother of ist Lord Aberdare; m. (1834) Mary Anne

Bulkeley Price. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh
motto. On tinted paper.

3rd s. of John Price, of Plas Cadnant, Anglesey; b. 1784;
ob. 1843.

[Price.] Early XlXth Cent. Arm. ? Gtffarde on an
esc. of pre. Welsh motto.
The same owner. Name cut off.

J. T. Price. Crest. Welsh motto. (The same
crest and motto.)

Probably a son of the above Bulkeley Price.

io8 Welsh Book-Plates

PRICE. PRYCE. PBYSE continued.

Mansfield Price, L.L.D. Chip. Arm. Signed
"W.S." [tephens].

Of St John's College, Cambridge; A.B. 1731; A.M.
1735; LL.D. 1751; bibliophile. (See Nichols, Literary
Anecdotes, vol. iii., p. 630.)

Richard Price. Chip. Arm.

Same coat.

David Tannatt Pryce. XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh

Edmund Price. XlXth Cent. Arm.

Eldest s. of Ralph Charles Price, of Carshalton, Surrey ;
b. 1836; m. his cousin, Eliza A., d. of Sir Charles Price,
Bart.; ob. 1868.

Charles Rugge Price. XlXth Cent. Arm. Printed
in gold.

6th Bart., of Spring Grove, Surrey. Descended from
North Wales stock.

Leonard Charles Price. / 1901. / Ewell, Surrey.
Modern Arm. Dated.

5th son of Ralph Charles Price, of Carshalton, and younger
brother of Edmund Price (vide supra}', b. 1855.

Frederick George Hilton Price. Modern Arm., signed
"C. W. S., 1 894," by Sherborn.

Thomas Phillips Price / Marks Hall. Modern Arm.
Welsh motto.

Only s. of Canon W. Price, of LlandafF; b. 1844 ; m. (i)
Frances Rowlatt ; (2) Florence Konstam ; H. Sheriff co.
Monmouth, 1882; M.P. for N. Monmouth, 1885-1895.

John Lloyd Price Esq. / Glangwilly, co. Carmarthen.
XlXth Cent. Arm.

S. of Jeremiah Price (by his wife, Jane Lloyd, of Laques,
Llanstephan) ; b. 1803 ; m. Sarah Anne Phelps, of Withybush,
co. Pembroke; H. Sheriff, 1840; ob. 1862.

Rees Price. Modern Pict. with crest. Signed
E. H. N."

W^elsh Book-Plates 109


E.P. Crest, with Welsh motto, c. 1770. Probably
Price, or Pryce.


W. H. Mackreth Pritchard. Crest.

Will. T. Pritchard. XlXth Cent. Arm.

[Richard Pritchett, A.M.] Chip. Arm. Name cut
off. A scarce plate.

S. of Richard Pritchett, pleb. of Narberth, co. Pembroke ;
matric. Jesus College, Oxford, 1727 ; rector of Richard's
Castle, Salop; ob. 1772.

( ? An elder brother of the Rev. Delabere Pritchett, vicar of
Carew. )


A. P. Modern Arm. Welsh motto.

? Propert.

John Lumsden Propert. Modern Pict. By Aubrey
Beardsley, with the artist's device and date 1893.
The only book-plate designed by this artist.

Dr J. L. Propert, of London, and Blaenpistyll, co. Cardigan ;
physician and author of History of Miniature Painting ; s. of
John Propert, of Blaenpistyll, H. Sheriff co. Cardigan, 1857 ;
b. 1834; m. Mary Jessica Hughes.


[G. W. Prosser.] XlXth Cent. Arm. The owner's
name in writing.


Maurice Pugh / E Coll. Bal. Jac. Arm., printed in

S. of Maurice Pugh, gent., of Bishop's Castle, Salop ;
matric. Balliol College, Oxford, 1724; M.A. 1731.

Benjamin Pugh / M.D. Chip. Arm. The same coat
and crest. Imp. Wollaston.

(Hazlitt's Roll of Honour , p. 189.)

no Welsh Book- Plates

PUGH continued.

Edwd. Pughe/of Tu Gwyn Esqr. Chip. Arm.
Welsh motto.

? H. Sheriff co. Merioneth, 1 766.

John Pugh. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Same coat.

John Pugh. Festoon, with crest and cipher on shield.
Signed " W. et W. sculp."

Lewis Pugh Pugh. Crests. Welsh Motto.

2nd s. of John Evans, of Lovesgrove, co. Cardigan ; b. 1837 ;
M.P. co. Cardigan, 1880-1885; assumed name of Pugh',
m. Veronica Hills ; of Abermaed, Aberystwyth.

John Robertson Pughe / Major General. XlXth Cent.
Arm. Welsh Motto.

B. 1822; m, (i) Francis; (2) Madeline Alcock ;

served in Indian Mutiny and other Eastern campaigns ; of
St Margaret's Mansions, Victoria Street, London (1893).


[Pulestone.] Jac. Arm. with angelic figures and

Philip Puleston Esqr. / of Esclusham / Denbighshire.
Chip. Pict. Arm. Signed "E. Evans sculpt."
Unknown to Fincham. Probably engraved

? S. of Richard Puleston, arm., of Chester ; matric. Brase-
nose College, Oxford, 1759. (The coat varies from that of
Puleston of Emral sa t 3 mullets arg. and the crest is wholly

PEMBROKE, Earl of, see Herbert.
PENGWERN, see Mostyn.
POMFRET, Countess of, see Fermor.
POWIS, Earl and Marquess of, see Herbert.

Welsh Book-Plates \ 1 1


Edward Ravenscroft. Spade Arm. c. 1800. Imp.

Of Upper Harley Street, London; m. (1793) Emma
Boycott, of Rudge Hall, Salop ; a descendant of the ancient
family of Ravenscroft of Bretton, co Flint. (See Dwnn's
Visitations, ii., pp. 315-316.)


S[arah] R[awlinson.] Leather gilt Label.

D. and co.-h. of Thomas Rawlinson, of Grantham; m.
(1798) Revd. (afterwards Archdeacon) Benjamin Millingchamp,
of Plas Llangoedmore, co. Cardigan; ob. 1869, aged 95.


W. H. Reece. Crest, an antique galley.


William Edward Rees. Spade Arm. c. 1800. Imp.
? Moyser or Morser.

John. Rees. Landscape c. 1800. In the style of

[Rees.] Killy-Maen-Llwyd Library. Label.

John Hughes Rees, s. of John Rees, R.N. ; b. 1806; m.
Isabella Rutson; of Cilymaenllwyd, co. Carmarthen ; ob. 1871.


Henry Reveley. Chip. Arm. Signed " F. Kirk sc."
C. 1760.

? S. of George Reveley, of a Yorkshire family; b. 1737;
m. (1771) Jane de Crespigny; settled in Wales; father of
Hugh Reveley, of Bryn-y-gwin, co. Merioneth. Henry
Reveley was author of Notices illustrative of Drawings, etc., of
Masters, and himself an artist. (See Nicholas, ii., p. 707.) Ob.


Francis Reynolds Esqr. Chip. Arm.

? Of co. Wilts ; m. Mary Provis, of Shepton Mallet.

I 12

Welsh Book-Plates

REYNOLDS continued.

James J. Reynolds. Early XlXth Cent. Arm.
"Mathews sc. Oxford."

Rev. James Jones Reynolds, s. of James Jones Reynolds,
arm., of Kentish Town, Middlesex ; matr'tc. St John's College,
Oxford, 1837 ; rector of South Hykeham, Lines, 1867.

Reynolds. Early XIX th Cent. Arm.
John Reynolds. Crest.

Llyfrgell Syr John Rhys. Celtic design in colours
for the Welsh library of Sir John Rhys, Principal
of Jesus College, Oxford. Designed by J. Kelt
Edwards, 1917.


Westley Richards. XlXth Cent. Arm. Very small

B, 1814; s. of Westley Richards, of Birmingham (ob. 1865) ;
TO. Emma Fane ; H. Sheriff co. Rutland, 1880.

Harry Lord Richards. Crest, embossed.

Rev. T. Richards / Llangynyw / 1843. Dated Label.

3rd s. of Rev. David Richards, vicar of Llansilin ; curate
at Berriew, also schoolmaster ; incumbent of Llangynyw, 1826 ;
ob. 1856. "Chiefly identified with the Welsh Press, as a
warm advocate of the claims of 'Y Gwyliedydd.' " (See
T. R. Roberts, Dictionary of Eminent Welshmen, p. 459.)

John Richards Junr. F.S.A. XlXth Cent. Arm.
Imp. May.

Elected F.S.A., 1843.


Thos. Richardson. XlXth Cent. Arm.

Rev. Thomas Richardson, s. of Rev. Peter Richardson, of
St Dogwells, co. Pembroke ; vicar of Rhyl, and canon of
St Asaph; ob. 1897.

Father of C. E. D. Morgan- Richardson, of Cardigan, and
of Morgenau, co. Pembroke.

Welsh Book-Plates 113

RICHARDSON continued.

John Crow Richardson / Swansea / Glamorganshire.
XlXth Cent. Arm.

Of Pantygwydir, co. Glamorgan ; father of John Crow
Richardson, jun., of Glanbrydan Park, co. Carmarthen ; ob,

Ernald Richardson. XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp. Surges.

Eldest s. of John Crow Richardson, of Glanbrydan Park,
co. Carmarthen; b. 1869; m. Irene C. Burges ; ob. 19 .

F. H. Richardson / 1818. Dated leather Label.


Robert Rickards / of the Priory of Usk in the / county
of Monmouth, Esq. / 1904. Modern Jac. Arm.
with Richards on an esc. of pre.

3rd s. of H. R. Rickards, of Llantrissant, Glam. ; b. 1839 ;
m. (1865) Isabella, d. of Rev. E. Windham Richards, rector
of St Andrews, Glam.


The Revd. Thomas Roberts, M. A. / Llanruth, Den-
bighshire. Chip. Arm.

Of St John's College, Cambridge ; MA. 1759.

Roberts / Kinmell. Festoon Arm.

Revd. Edwd. Roberts. Wreath and Ribbon Arm.
Welsh motto.

Coat of Roberts of Llwyndderw, co. Brecknock.

Revd. Thos. Roberts, A.M. Wreath and Ribbon Arm.

? S. of Thomas Roberts, gent., of Denbigh ; matric. Jesus
College, Oxford, 1782 ; exhibitioner of Exeter College, 1783 ;
MA. 1789.

Roberts. Wreath and Ribbon Arm.

John Roberts. Wreath and Ribbon Arm. Signed
"Johnson set."

Jocular Latin motto.

William Lewis Roberts. Wreath and Ribbon Arm.


H4 Welsh Book-Plates

ROBERTS continued.

G. J. Roberts, M.D. Early XIX th Cent. Arm. Signed
" Riddell delt."

Jane Roberts. Early XlXth Cent. Arm., a lozenge.
James Roberts. Label.

Thomas Roberts. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Signed
"Warwick sc. 145 Strand."

Roberts. Early XlXth Cent. Arm.

Revd. John Roberts. Early XIX th Cent. Arm.

? Of Yspytty, co Denbigh.

Herbert Roberts. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Same
coat and crest.

? 2nd s. of Rev. John Roberts, of Yspytty, co. Denbigh ;
matric. Jesus College, Oxford, 1858; vicar of East Lulworth,

John D. Roberts. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh

R. Lawton Roberts, M.D. / Ruabon / N. Wales. XlXth

Cent. Seal Arm.

Richard Lawton, only s. of R. C. Roberts, F.R.C.S., of
Ruabon ; b. 1 846 ; m. Christiana Hughes.

Ellis William Roberts. Mod. Arm. and Pict. Signed
"R. A. B."


John Rogers M.A. / Vicar of Carmarthen. Festoon

Arm. Imp. A very rare plate, much

mutilated. (Not in Franks Collection.)

S. of John Rogers, pleb. of Cilymaenllwyd, co. Carmarthen ;
matric. Jesus College, Oxford, 1746 ; vicar of Carmarthen and
Abergwili, 1752 ; ob. 1796.

John Rogers. Chip. Arm.

Rogers. Chip. Arm.

Adam Rogers. Chip. Arm. with military accessories.

Welsh Book-Plates 115

ROGERS continued.

Revd. Robert Ker Rogers. XlXth Cent. Arm. qting
? Rome.

Revd. John Rogers, M.A. Festoon Arm.

S. of Rev. Edward Rogers, of Wentnor, Salop ; matric.
Balliol College, Oxford, 1760; M.A. 1768.

? Brother of Rev. Edward Rogers and uncle of Charles
Rogers, of Stanage (vide infra].

Rogers / Stanage, Radnorshire. Early XlXth Cent.

Charles Rogers, 5th s. of Rev. Edward Rogers, of The
Home, Salop ; purchased Stanage ; m. Harriet Heptinstall ;
H. Sheriff co. Radnor, 1806; ob. 1830.

0. C. Rogers / Stanage, Radnorshire. XlXth Cent.
Chip. Arm.

Charles Coltman Rogers, s. of Rev. John Rogers, ot The
Home and Stanage Park; b. 1854; m. Muriel A. Chapman,
of Stonehouse Court, Glos. ; H. Sheriff co. Radnor, 1882;
M.P. Radnor Borough, 1884-1885.

The annulet is omitted in a later state of this plate.

Muriel A. G. Rogers / Stanage Park, Radnorshire.

Modern Landscape. Signed " Will Foster, 1899."

Wife of the above C. C. Rogers ; m. 1888.

The same, printed in red.

Muriel A. G. Rogers. / Stanage Park. Circular plate
with a group of daffodils.

William Rogers / Lincoln's Inn. Crest.


[Rolls.] Llangattock. Modern Arm.

John Allan Rolls, cr. Baron Llangattock, 1892; eldest s.
of J. E. W. Rolls, of The Hendre, co. Monmouth; b. 1837 ;
m. Georgiana M. Maclean; M.P. for Monmouthshire, 1880-
1885; ob. 1912. (Title extinct.)

1 1 6 Welsh Book-Plates


Danl. Rowland. Early XlXth Cent. Arm.

2nd s. of Rev. John Rowland, rector of Llangeitho, co.
Cardigan (by Mary Gorsuch, his wife); b. 1778; F.S.A. ;
barr.-at-law ; H. Sheriff of Sussex, 1824; m. Katherine
Maitland ; biographer of the Nevill family; ob. 1859.

George Tempest Rowland. Early XlXth Cent. Arm.

? A brother of the above.

A. W. Rowland. XlXth Cent. Arm.

Same coat-of-arms.

David Rowlands, M.D., F. A. 8. /Surgeon H.M. Dock
Yard, Chatham. Early XlXth Cent. Arm.

Son of Rowlands, of Cardigan; b. 1778 ; of Wimpole
Street, London ; m. ( i ) Hassall, of Tygwyn, co. Pembroke ;
(2) Mary Griffith, of Llwynduris, co. Cardigan; (3) Dorothy
Bowen, of Burry Hill, Newport, Pern. ; ob. 1846. Tablet in
St Mary's, Cardigan.

David Rowlands, M.D., F.A.S. / F.G.S. Early XlXth
Cent. Arm. Imp. ? Bowen. Signed " W. West

Same owner.


Barthw. Rudd Esqr. LL.B / Barrister at Law. Spade

Arm. Imp. Robinson.

Rumsey. Chip, or Festoon Arm. qting ? Astley or

? John Rumsey, of Trellech, co. Monmouth ; m. Frances,
d. of Thomas Evans, of Llangattock, co. Brecknock.

RADNOR, see under Pleydell.

RHUAL, see under Edwards and Griffith.


St. David's College Library. Modern Arm. Vesica.

Welsh motto.

St. David's College / Welsh Library. Modern Arm.
Vesica. Welsh motto.

Lampeter College plates.


]Vf ofit, in die C ountyuf Rm

^f/l //tS

Welsh Book-Plates nj


Salisbury, Rug. Spade Arm., printed in green.

Col. Edward Williams Vaughan, 2nd s. of Sir Robert
Howel Vaughan, Bart., of Nannau ; assumed name of Salisbury
under the will of Mrs Charlotte Pryce, of Rug, co. Merioneth ;
Col. E. W. V. Salisbury, who commanded the 1st Regt. of
Foot, ob. unm, 1807.

Salisbury, Rug.

A similar plate, printed in black, with a crescent for cadency.


Thomas Salwey, LL.D. / of Richards Castle / Salop.
Late Jac. Arm.

S. of Rev. John Salwey, of Salop ; matric. Pembroke
College, Oxford, 1729; rector of Richards Castle, 1742; m.
Constance, d. of Francis Biddulph, of Amroth Castle, co.
Pembroke; ob. 1759.

Thomas Salwey, LL.D. / of Richards Castle / Salop.
Chip. Arm., with Biddulph on an esc. of pre.

The same owner.


6. F. Scott, Penmaenucha / Dolgelley, Merioneth.

Modern Arm. with Taylor on an esc. of pre.

Col. George Frederick Scott, s. of J. G. Scott, of Prest-
wick, Lanes. ; b. 1854; m. Beatrice M. Taylor, of Penmaenucha
and Arthog Hall, co. Merioneth.


Wm. Scourfield Esqr. / of New Moat in the county
of Pembroke / and of Brecon in the county of
Brecknock. Chip. Arm. and Pict. signed " Darling
ft." with Phillips (being the coat of Brychari) on
an esc. of pre. A scarce plate.

S. and h. of William Scourfield, of New Moat, who was
H. Sheriff of co. Pembroke, 1699; m. Anne, d. and h. of
William Phillips, Recorder of Brecon. (See Jones's History of
Brecknockshire, Appendix, p. 29. )

n8 Welsh Book- Plates


John Cheesment Severn, Esq. / Penybont Hall, Go.
Radnor. XlXth Cent. Arm. with Price on an
esc. of pre.

S. of John Cheesment, of Marylebone, arm. ; matnc. Ch.
Ch., Oxford, 1800; assumed name of Severn; barr.-at-law,
Lincoln's Inn; M.P. for Wootton Bassett, 1807; m. Mary-
Anne Price, only child of John Price, of Devanner Park, co.
Radnor; H. Sheriff co. Radnor, 1811 ; ob. 1875.


J. Shipley. Mitre within an oval.

Jonathan Shipley (s. of Jonathan Shipley and Martha
Davies, his wife); b. 1714; m. Anna-Maria Mordaunt ;
bishop of Llandaff, 176-; translated to St Asaph, 1769; ob.

W. D. Shipley. Chip. Arm. qting Mordaunt.

William Davies Shipley, Dean of St Asaph, and only s. of
Bishop Jonathan Shipley, of St Asaph ; m. Penelope Yonge, of
Acton Hall, co. Denbigh.


The Rt. Honble Lord Charles Somerset / second son
to ye late Marquess of Worcester / 1703. Early
Jac. Arm. Dated. A very scarce plate.

Younger brother of Henry 2nd Duke of Beaufort; b.
1689; "died on his travels in Italy, 1710." This member
of the House of Somerset is omitted in the modern Peerages,
but is mentioned in the early Peerage of England, 1714 (vol.
i., P- 78).

[Somerset.] The most noble Henry / Duke of
Beaufort, 1705. Dated Jac. Arm.

2nd Duke of Beaufort; b. 1684; succ. his grandfather,
1699 ; ob. 1714.

The Rt. Honble. the Lord / Charles Noel Somerset. /
1725. Late Jac. Arm. Dated. Signed " Hulett

2nd s. of 2nd Duke of Beaufort (by his second marriage) ;
succ. his elder brother as 4th Duke of Beaufort, 1745 ; m.
Elizabeth Berkeley ; ob. 1756.

Book-Plates 119

SOMERSET continued.

Beaufort. Late Jac. Arm.

Henry Somerset, 3rd Duke of Beaufort ; who succ. 1714;
m. Frances Scudamore, of Holme Lacy, co. Hereford ; ob. s.p.

Beaufort. Late Jac. Arm.

Another plate of the same owner.

[Somerset.] Arm. surrounded by the Garter, with
a duke's coronet.

Henry Somerset, 5th Duke of Beaufort, K.G. ; b. 1744;
succ. 1756; m. Elizabeth Boscawen ; obtained confirmation of
the barony of Bottetourt ; ob. 1803.

[Somerset.] Chip. Arm. (mutilated). Imp. Berkeley.

4th Duke of Beaufort (vide supra'), who m. (1740) Elizabeth
Berkeley, of Stoke GifFord, co. Gloucester.

Beaufort. Coronet and Badge (portcullis) borne on
a mantle.

Probably a plate of Charles Noel Somerset, 4th Duke.

[Beaufort.] Arm. with coronet and Garter.

Henry Charles Somerset, 6th Duke of Beaufort, K.G. ; If.
1766 ; m. Lady Charlotte Leveson-Gower ; ob. 1835.

Elizabeth Duchess of Beaufort. Arm. Imp. Boscawen.

Elizabeth, d. of Admiral Hon. Edward Boscawen, 2nd s.
of ist Viscount Falmouth ; m. (1766) Henry Somerset, K.G.,
5th Duke of Beaufort; ob. 1828. (Reproduced in Ex Libris
Society's Journal, vi., p. 131.)

[Somerset.] Arm. with label of three points.

Eldest s. of Duke of Beaufort ; perhaps the plate of 6th
Duke before succeeding.

Henry Somerset / 9th Duke of Beaufort / 1900.
Modern Arm. Dated.

S. and h. of 8th Duke ; b. 1847 ; succ. 1899 ; m. Louise E.
Harford, widow of Baron de Tuyll.

Henry Somerset. Second state. (Note alteration in
visor of helmet.)

120 Welsh Book-Plates

SOMERSET continued.

Lord Granville Somerset. XIX th Cent. Arm. Imp.

Rt. Hon. Lord Granville Charles Henry Somerset, M.P. ;
2nd s. of 6th Duke of Beaufort; b. 1792 ; m. Hon. Emily
Smith, d. of ist Lord Carrington ; ob. 1848.

Alfred Plantagenet Somerset. XlXth Cent. Arm.

Eldest son of Lord John H. T. Somerset and gds. of 5th
Duke of Beaufort; b. 1829; m. Adelaide H. Pechell ; of
Enfield Court, Middlesex.

Raglan Somerset De Raglan / in Comitatu Monume-
thensi / et de Hospitio Graii, Arm. / Jurisconsultus.
/ 1912. Modern Jac. Arm. Dated. Signed
" Harry Soane, London W."

Only s. of Raglan T. H. Somerset, s. of Rev. William
Somerset ; b. 1885.

Isabel Somerset / Reigate Priory. Label with wreath.

Elder d. and co.-h. of Charles 3rd Earl Somers ; b. 1851 ;
m. (1872) Rt. Hon. Lord Henry R. C. Somerset, 2nd s. of
8th Duke of Beaufort ; of Eastnor Castle and Reigate Priory.


William Wynne Sparrow. Early XlXth Cent. Arm.

S. of John Sparrow, arm., of Chester ; matric. Brasenose
College, Oxford, 1812 ; of Red Hill and Bodychan, Anglesey ;
H. Sheriff, 1822 ; m. Emma F. Bodychan Sparrow ; ob. 1858.


Joseph Spurrell. Chip. Arm.

Of Barking, Essex; b. 1723; s. of Capt. George Spurrell,
of Stepney and Barking; m. (1753) Elizabeth Brooks, of
Plaistow; ob. 1779.

George Spurrell. Spade Arm. c. \ 800, qting ? de

Of Barking, Essex. Sir George Spurrell, s. of the above
Joseph Spurrell ; b. c. 1755; served in the East India Company's

i b 61jaleJSamut e

Welsh Book-Plates



Georgius Stepney. Early Jac. Arm.

Poet, diplomatist and a member of the Council of Trade ;
b. 1663 ; ob. 1707.

Commemorated by a fine monument in the south aisle of
Westminster Abbey. (See D.N.B.)

George Stepney Esq. / of the Gouncill of Trade. Early
Jac. Arm. A rare plate.
The same owner.

[Stepney.] Wreath and Ribbon Arm.

Sir John, eldest s. of Sir Thomas Stepney, of Llanelly
House ; succ. as 7th Bart., 1773 ; M.P. for Monmouth Borough ;
envoy at the courts of Berlin and Vienna ; ob. s.p. at Vienna,
1811; brother of Sir Thomas Stepney, 8th and last Bart.
(ob. 1825).


John [Stewart] Earl of Bute. Chip. Arm., a doubtful

3rd Earl (1713-1792) ; K.G. ; the favourite minister of the
Princess of Wales, 1760-1763. (See "John Stuart y Earl of
Bute" by J. A. Lovat Eraser, 1912.)

James Stewart / Alltyrodyn. Modern Arm, printed
in sepia.

S. of A. Stewart, Cambridge Square, London; b. 1830; m.
Louisa Butler ; Captain R. A. (Madras) ; purchased Alltyrodyn,
co. Cardigan; H. Sheriff, 1888; ob. 19 .


H. Stodart, Deganwy. Wreath Arm.

? Hugh Stodart, s. of Hugh, of Eglwys Rhos, co. Carnarvon,
arm. ; matric. Jesus College, Oxford, 1765.


Nicholas Stokes / of the Inner Temple Esq. Wreath
and Ribbon Arm.

122 W^elsh Book- Plates


Thos. Stradling of St. Donats Castle / Esqr. Jac.
Arm. Welsh motto.

6th and last Baronet of St Donat's, Glamorganshire ; succ.
to title 1735 ; ob. unm. at Montpellier, France, 1738.

W. Stradling. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh

Arms of Stradling of St Donat's.

Wm. Stradling. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Welsh
motto. Printed in blue.

Probably same owner.

Anthony Langley Swymmer Esqr. / of Mold in the
county of Flint. Late Jac. Arm.

M.P. for Southampton; ob. 1760. (See Henry Taylor,
F.S.A., The Lords of Mold.)


Johannes Symmons, Arm. Pict. and Arm. Signed
"F. Sanson del. et sculp."

A fine plate (reproduced in Hamilton, bk. Hi., p. 17) with
Barlow on an esc. of pre. Of Paddington House, London, s.
of John Symmons, of Llanstinan, co. Pembroke (by Maria
Phiiipps, his wife) ; m. Anne, d. and h. of George Barlow, ot
Slebech, and widow of Trevanion.

John Symmons Esqr. Festoon Arm., with Barlow
on an esc. of pre.

The same owner.

SHREWSBURY, Earl of, see Talbot.

H. S. Tait / Hartford, Cheshire. Modern Arm.

[Talbot] Shrewsbury. Wreath and Ribbon Arm.
Dated 1788.

John Chetwynd Talbot, 3rd Baron Shrewsbury ; cr. Earl
Talbot, 1784; ob. 1793.

Welsh Book-Plates 123


Tardy. Modern Arm. on lilac- tinted paper.

Mrs Tardy, of Llandefeilog, Kidwelly, co. Carmarthen ;
widow of Captain Chamberlayne, of Llanelly.


Edward Tenison, LL.B. / Arch-Deacon of Carmarthen.
Jac. Arm. (Reproduced in Old West Wales Book-

Of Clare College, Cambridge ; Archdeacon of Carmarthen,
1708-1727; m. Anne Searle ; bishop of Ossory, 1731; ob.


[Thirlwall.] Approved and recommended / by / the
Lord Bishop of St David's / 1846. Dated label.

Connop Thirlwall, D.D., the eminent scholar and Greek
historian; bishop of St David's, 1840-1873.


Geo. Thomas Esqr. Chip. Arm.

John Deere Thomas, D.D. Chip Arm. Imp. ? Romondly
or Dod.

S. of Evan Thomas, of Clerkenwell, gent. ; matric. Jesus
College, Oxford, 1754; D.D. 1786; rector of Kirby
Misperton, Yorks ; ob. 1819.

Wm. Thomas, Atty. at Law. Festoon Arm. Signed
" Ross sculpt."

Coat of William Thomas, Bishop of St David's (1678-

? A gds. of Bishop Wm. Thomas.

M. Thomas, A.M. / Christ. Coll. Cant. Chip. Arm.
Matthew Thomas, A.B. 1766; A.M. 1769.

Thos. Thomas Junr. Chip. Arm. The same plate

Wm. Thomas / Chester. Festoon Arm.

124 Welsh Book- Plates

THOMAS continued.

Morgan Thomas. Festoon Arm. Signed "Palmer

Of Lletty Mawr, co. Glamorgan; b. 1729; m. (1760)
Frances Goring; ob. 1800. (Reproduced in Ex Libris
Journal, xviii., p. 92.)

John Davies Thomas Esqr. / Lletty Mawr. Festoon
Arm. Imp. Davies.

John Thomas, of Llwydycoed and Lletty Mawr ; m. Anne
Davies; ob. 1812. His d. and h., Anna Davies Thomas,
m. Thomas Lloyd, of Bronwydd, co. Cardigan, father of
ist Bart. She died 1888.

Rees Goring Thomas. Spade Arm. qting Goring.

S. and h. of Morgan Thomas ; m. Sarah Hovell, of Norfolk ;
ob. 1821.

Rees Goring Thomas. Early XlXth Cent. Arm.
qting Goring and Gilbert.

Eldest s. and h. of Rees Goring Thomas; b. 1801 ; m.
(1824) Caroline Esdaile ; H. Sheriff co. Carmarthen, 1830.

Morgan Thomas. Early XlXth Cent. Arm.

2nd s. of Rees Goring Thomas, of Llannon, co. Carmarthen ;
b. 1803 ; m. (1835) Louisa Frances Dalrymple, of Mayfield,

Morgan Thomas. Early XlXth Cent. Arm. Imp.

The same owner.

Morgan Thomas. XlXth Cent. Arm.

Apparently a later plate of the same owner.

Edmond Thomas Esq. Chip. Arm. Signed "F.
Feninger sc."

B. 1712; 3rd Bart, of Wenvoe, co. Glamorgan ; m. Abigail

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