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And thus, inspired with holy fear.

Before Thine altar kneel.

2 Here may Thy faithful people know

The blessings of Thy Love ;
The streams that thi*ough the desert flow.
The manna from above.

3 We come, obedient to Thy Word,

To feast on heavenlv food ;
Our meat the Body of the Lord,
Our drink. His precious Blood.

4 Thus may we all Thy words obey ;

For we, God, are Thine ;
And go rejoicing on our way,
Eenewed with strength divine.

Edward OOer. 1836.

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332 8.6.8A

1 T ORD, when before Thy throne we meet,
Jj Thy goodness to adore,

From heaven, the eternal naercy-seat,

On us Thy blessing pour.
And make our inmost souls to be
A habitation meet for Thee.

2 Thy Body for our ransom given,

Thy Blood in mercy shed, —
With this immortal food from heaven,

Lord, let our souls be fed :
And as we round Thine altar kneel.
Help us Thy quickening grace to feel.

3 Be Thou, Holy Spirit, nigh ;

Accept the humble prayer,
The contrite soul's repentant sigh,

The sinner's heartfelt tear ;
And let our adoration rise
As fragrant incense to the skies,

TresQian Otorge NUhoUu. 1838.


1 TESTIS, Master of the Feast,
O The Feast itself Thou art !
Now receive Thy every guest !

And comfort every heart!
Give us living Bread to eat.
Manna that from heaven comes down ;
See us waiting at Tliy feet,

And make Thy favor known.

2 In this earthly wilderness

Thou hast a table spread.
Richly filled with every grace
Our fainting souls can need :

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THE lord's supper. 689

Still sustain us by Thy Love,
Still Thy servants' strength repair,
Till we reach Thy courts above,
And feast for ever there.

a Wedey. 1745. a.


1 TESUS, at Thine invitation

V Draw we nigh with supplication ;
Thou Who hast Thy table spread,
With Thyself may we be fed.

2 Be Thy Cross our meditation ;
Be Thy Name our consolation ;
While Thy Death we call to mind,
May we here its blessings find.

3 Here in all revive contrition ;
Here renew to all remission ;
Here increase our love of Thee,
Let us Thy salvation see.

4 Visit us, O Bread of heaven ;
Life from Thee to us be given,
Life divine that never ends.
That from Thee alone descends.

Arthur Tozer Russell. 1851. a.

33o Esca viatorum. 7.6. D.

1 f\ BREAD to pilgrims given,
\J Richer than angels eat,
O Manna sent from heaven,

For heaven-born natures meet !
Give us, for Thee long pining,

To eat till richly filled ;
Till, earth's delights resigning,

Our every wish is stilled !

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2 O Fountain, life bestowing,

From out the Saviour's heart,
A Fountain purely flowing,

A Fount of Love Thou art !
O let us, freely tasting.

Our burning thirst assuage !
Thy sweetness never wasting,

Avails from age to age.

3 Jesus, this feast receiving.

We Thee unseen adore ;
Thy faithful Word believing,

We take and doubt no more ;
Give us, Thou true and loving.

On earth to live in Thee ;
Then, death the veil removing,

Thy glorious face to see !

B<m PfOmer. 1868. a.

336 Jesus dtdcedo cordium, L. M.

1 TESTIS, Thou Joy of loving hearts !

J Thou Fount of life ! Thou light of men !
From the best bliss that earth imparts
We turn unfilled to Thee again.

2 Thy truth unchanged hath ever stood ;

Thou savest those that on Thee call ;
To them that seek Thee, Thou art good.
To them that find Thee, All in all.

3 We taste Thee, O Thou Living Bread,

And long to feast upon Thee still ;
We drink of Thee, the Fountain Head,
And thirst our souls from Thee to fill.

4 Our restless spirits yearn for Thee,

Where'er our changeful lot is cast ;
Glad, that Thy gracious smile we see,
Blest, that our faith can hold Thee fast.

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5 Jesus, ever with us stay !

Make all our moments calm and bright ;
Chase the dark night of sin away,
Shed o'er the world Thy holy light.

Bernard of CUdrvaux. 1153.
Baif Palmer. 1858. a.

337 ^^^ Panis Angdorum. 78.

1 T 0, upon the altar lies

Jj Bread of heaven from the skies ;
Food to mortal wanderers given,
To the sons and heirs of heaven.

2 Jesus, Shepherd of the sheep !
Thou Thy flock in safety keep.
Living Bread ! Thy life supply,
Strengthen us, or else we die.

3 Thou, who feedest us below !
Source of all we have or know !
Grant that with Thy saints above
We may reach Thy feast of love !

ThonuM Aqukuu. d. 1274.
IfVom Edward GoivoaU, Tr. 1848.

33S Admv Te^evote, L. M.

1 T17ITH all the powers my poor heart hath

Y T Of humble love and loyal faith,
I come, dear Lord, to worship Thee,
Whom so much Love bowed low for me.

2 O dear memorial of that Death

Which still survives, and gives us breath !
Live ever. Bread of Life, and be
My food, my joy, my all to me !

3 Come, glorious Lord ! my hopes increase.
And mix my portion with Thy peace !
Come, and for ever dwell in me,

That I may only live to Thee.

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4 Come, hidden Life, and that long day
For which I languish, come away !
When this faint soul Thy face shall see,
And drink the unsealed Source of Thee :

6 When glory's sun faith's shade shall chase,
And for Thy veil, give me Thy face ;
Then shall my praise eternal be
To the eternal Trinity !

ThomoB Afukuu. d, 1274.

lYom Bidtard Oratkaw, Tr. 1646.

John Auatm, 1688. a.

339 7.6. Trochaic

1 T AMB of God, Who once wast slain,
Jj We, whose sins did pierce Thee,
Now commemorate Thy pain,

And implore Thy mercy.

2 Thine's an everlasting Love :

We have sorely tried Thee.
Whom have we in heaven above,
Whom on earth beside Thee ?

3 What can helpless sinners do,

When temptations seize us ?
Naught have we to look unto
But the Blood of Jesus.

4 Pardon all our baseness, Lord ;

All our weakness pity :
Guide us safely by Thy Word
To the heavenly city.

5 O sustain us on the road

Through this desert dreary.
Feed us with Thy Flesh and Blood,
When we're faint and weary.

6 Bid us call to mind Thy Cross

Our hard hearts to soften.

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THE lord's supper. 693

Often, Saviour, feast us thus ;
For we need it often.

Joteph Hcui. 1762.

340 7s^

1 T)READ of heaven, on Thee we feed,
3J For Thy Flesh is meat indeed ;
Ever may our souls be fed

With this true and living Bread.

2 Vine of heaven. Thy Blood supplies
This blest cup of sacrifice ;

Lord, Thy wounds our healing give ;
To Thy Cross we look and live.

3 Day by day with strength supplied,
Through the life of Him who died,
Lord of life, O let us be

Booted, grafted, built on Thee.

Joseph Conder. 1824. a.
After Communion,
341 ^*« ««)AZ hast Du gdabeU 7.6. D.

1 A LIVING Bread from heaven,
yj How hast thou fed Thy guest !
The gifts Thou now hast given

Have filled my heart with rest.
O wondrous Food of blessing !

O cup that heals our woes !
My heart, this gift possessing.

In thankful song overflows.

2 My Lord, Thou here hast led me

Within Thy holiest place,
And there Thyself hast fed me

With treasures of Thy grace :
And Thou hast freely given

What earth could never buy.
The Bread of Life from heaven,

That now I shall not die I

Digitized by VjOOQIC


3 Thou givest all I wanted,

The Food can death destroy ;
And Thou hast freely granted

The Cup of endless joy.
Ah, Lord, I do not merit

The favor Thou hast shown,
And all my soul and spirit

Bow down before Thy throne !

4 Lord, grant me that, thus strengthened

With heavenly Food, while here
My course on earth is lengthened,

1 serve with holy fear :
And when Thou callest my spirit

To leave this world below,
I enter, through Thy merit.

Where joys unmingled flow.

John Biil. 1661.

Pr<ym Mis$ Witdcwortk, Tt. 1868.

342 7.6. Trochaic.

1 T ORD, accept our feeble praise
\j For the banquet given ;
Though unworthy, we would raise

Hearts and hands to heaven.

2 Of the streams of grace divine

We have now been tasting :

On the mjTstic bread and wine

With rich comfort feasting.

3 Meat indeed Thv Flesh we find.

Drink Thy Blood so precious ;
Jesus, Saviour, Thou art kind.
Merciful and gracious I

4 On our guilty souls Thy rod

Falls with gentle chidings ;
And Thou healest with Thy Blood
All our great backslidings.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


5 May we to Thy bleeding Croes

8o\x\ and body fasten ;
All for Jesus count but loss,
To His coming hasten.

6 None from trials are below

Totally exempted ;
All-sufficient grace bestow,
Succor, Lord, the tempted.

7 To Thy Name, for evermore.

Be all glory given ;
None on earth will we adore,
None but Thee in heaven.

WhUeJield:$ Ck>l ne67

343 H.M.

1 A UTHOR of life divine,
A. Who hast a table spread,
Furnished with living Wine,

And everlasting Bread,
Preserve the life Thyself hast given.
And feed and train us up for heaven.

2 Our needy souls sustain

With fresh supplies of love,
Till all Thy life we gain,
And all Thy fullness prove ;
And, strengthened by Thy perfect grace.
Behold, without a veil, Thy face.

C. Wedey. 1745. o.


344 c. M.

1 rpHE King of heaven His table spreads, •
J. And dainties crown the board.
Not all the boasted joys of earth
Could such delight afibrd.

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2 Pardon and peace to dying men,

And endless life are given ;
And the rich Blood that Jesus shed
To raise the soul to heaven.

3 Ye hungry poor, who long have strayed

In sin's dark mazes, come ;
Come from the hedges and highways,
And Grace will find you room.

4 Thousands of souls, in glory now,

Were fed and feasted here ;
And thousands more, still on the way,
Around the board appear.

6 Yet are His house and heart so large.
That thousands more may come ;
Nor could the wide assembling world
O'erfiU the spacious room.

6 All things are ready : enter in,
Nor weak excuses Attme.
Come, take your places at the feast.
And bless the Founder's Name.

Doddridge. 1755. a.

345 c. M.

1 rpHE Saviour calls ; let every ear
± Attend the heavenly sound.

Ye doubting souls, dismiss your fear ;
Hope smiles reviving round.

2 For every thirsty, longing heart.

Here streams of bounty flow,
And life and health, and bliss impart,
To banish mortal woe.

8 Here springs of sacred pleasure rise,
To ease your every pain ;
Immortal fountain ! full supplies !
Nor shall you thirst in vain.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


4 Ye sinners, come, 'tis mercy's voice ;

The gracious call obey :
Mercy myites to heavenly joys,
And can you yet delay ?

5 Dear Saviour, draw reluctant hearts ;

To Thee let sinners fly,
And take the bliss Thy love imparts,
And drink and never die.

Anne Steele, neo.

346 Kevelation 22 : 17. S. M.

1 rpHE Spirit, in our hearts

X Is whispering, " Sinner, come :"
The Bride, the Church of Christ, proclaims
To all His children, " Come !"

2 Let him that heareth, say
To all about him, " Come !"

Let him that thirsts for righteousness
To Christ, the Fountain, come !

3 Yes, whosoever will,
O let him freely come.

And freely drink the stream of life :
'Tis Jesus bids him come.

4 Lo, Jesus, who invites.
Declares, " I quickly come ;"

Lord, even so ! I wait Thine hour ;
Jesus, my Saviour, come !

Henry Uttic Onderdonk.l«26.

347 7s.

1 /^OME, said Jesus' sacred voice,

\j Come, and make my paths your choice :
I will guide vou to your home ;
Weary pilgnm, hither come !

Digitized by CjOOQIC


2 Sinner, come ! for here is found
Balm that flows for every wound ;
Peace that ever shall endure ;
Rest eternal, sacred, sure.

Anna Letitia Barb€uUd. 1773.

348 7-^

1 r\OME, ye weary sinners, come,
\J All who feel your heavy load ;
Jesus calls His wanderers home ;

Hasten to your pardoning Gk)d.

2 Come, ye guilty souls opprest,

Answer to the Saviour's call :
" Come, and I will give you rest ;
Come, and I will save you alL"

3 Jesus, full of truth and love,

We Thy kindest word obey :

Faithful let Thy mercies prove,

Take our load of guilt away.

4 Fain we would on Thee rely.

Cast on Thee our sin and care :
To Thine arms of mercy fly.
Find our lasting quiet there.

6 Lo, we come to Thee for ease :
True and gracious as Thou art,
Now our weary souls release,
Write forgiveness on our heart.

a Wedey. 1746. a.


1 /^OME to Calvary's holy mountain,
\J Sinners, ruined by the Fall ;
Here a pure and healing fountain

Flows to you, to me, to all ;
In a full perpetual tide.
Opened when our Saviour died.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


2 Come in poverty and meanness,

Come defiled, without, within ;
From infection and uncleanness.

From the leprosy of sin,
Wash your robes and make them white ;
Ye shall walk with God in light.

3 Come in sorrow and contrition,

Wounded, impotent, and blind ;
Here the guilty free remission.

Here the troubled peace, may find :
Health this fountain will restore ;
He that drinks shall thirst no more.

4 He that drinks shall live for ever ;

'Tis a soul-renewing flood :
God is faithftil ; God will never

Break His covenant in Blood,
Signed when our Redeemer died,
Sealed when He was glorified.

Jatm«9 Montgomery, 1819.
350 ^^ ^M 'f^^* ^ ^•

1 n OD calling yet !— shall I not hear ?

Ij Earth's pleasures shall I still hold dear?
Shall life's swift passing years all fly.
And stiU my soul in slumbers lie ?

2 God calling yet ! — shall I not rise ?
Can I His loving voice despise,
And basely His kind care repay ?
He calls me still : can I delay ?

3 God calling yet ! — and shall He knock,
And I my heart the closer lock ?

He still is waiting to receive.

And shall I dare His Spirit grieve ?

Digitized by VjOOQIC


4 God calling yet ! — ^and shall I give
No heed, but still in bondage live ?
I wait, but He does not forsake ;

He calls me still : — my heart, awake !

5 Ah, yield Him all : in Him confide :
Where but with Him doth peace abide ?
Break loose, let earthly bonds be riven,
And let the spirit rise to heaven !

6 God calling yet ! — I cannot stay ;
My heart I yield without delay :

Vain world, farewell ! from thee I part ;
The voice of God hath reached my heart !

Gwhard Tenleegen. ab. 1730.
From Jane Borihtoiek^ 2V. 1853.


351 78.

1 r\ OD of mercy ! God of grace I
Vj Hear our sad repentant songs.
O restore Thy suppliant race.

Thou to whom our praise belongs !

2 Deep regret for follies past,

Talents wasted, time misspent ;
Hearts debased by worldly cares,
Thankless for the blessings lent :

3 Foolish fears and fond desires.

Vain regrets for things as vain :
Lips too seldom taught to praise,
Oft to murmur and complain ;

4 These, and every secret fault.

Filled with grief and shame, we own.
Humbled at Thy feet we lie.

Seeking pardon from Thy throne.

John Toffhr, 1799.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


352 c. M.

1 f\ THOU Whose tender mercy hears
\J Contrition's humble sigh ;
Whose hand, indulgent, wipes the tears

From sorrow's weeping eye !

2 See, low before Thy throne of grace,

A wretched wanderer mourn ;
Hast Thou not bid me seek Thy face ?
Hast Thou not said. Return r

3 And shall my guilty fears prevail,

To drive me from Thy feet ?

let not this dear refiige fail,
This only safe retreat.

4 Absent from Thee, my Guide, my Light,

Without one cheering ray,
Through dangers, fears, and gloomy night,
How desolate my way !

6 O shine on this benighted heart,
With beams of mercy shine ;
And let Thy healing voice impart
A taste of joys divine.

6 Thy presence only can bestow
Delights which never cloy ;
Be this my solace here below,
And my eternal joy !

Anne Steele. 1760.

353 Herr leh hahe missgehandelt

1 T ORD, to Thee I make confession,
Jj I have sinned and gone astray,

1 have multiplied transgression.
Chosen for myself my way.

Forced at last to see my errors.
Lord, I tremble at Thy terrors.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


2 Yet, though conscience' voice appall me,

Father, I will seek Thy face ;
Though Thy child I dare not call me.

Yet receive me to Thy grace ;
Do not for my sins forsake me,
Let not yet Thy wrath overtake me.

3 For Thy Son hath suffered for me,

And the Blood He shed for sin.
That can heal me and restore me.

Quench this burning fire within ;
'Tis alone His Cross can vanquish
These dark fears, and soothe this anguish.

4 Then on Him I cast my burden.

Sink it in the depths below !
Let me feel Thy gracious pardon.

Wash me, make me white as snow.
Let Thy Spirit leave me never,
Make me only Thine for ever !

John Fratik. 1640.

JtfiM Winkworth, Tr. 1862.

354 Psalm 130. Iambic

Au8 H^er Noth schrei ich zu Dir.

1 AXJT of the depths I cry to Thee,
\J Lord, hear me, I implore Thee !
Bend down Thy gracious ear to me.

Let my prayer come before Thee !
If Thou remember each misdeed.
If each should have its rightful meed.

Who may abide Thy presence ?

2 Our pardon is Thy gift ; Thy Love

And grace alone avail us.
Our works could ne'er our guilt remove.
The strictest life must fail us.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


That none may boast himself of aught,
But own in fear Thy grace hath wrought
What in him seemeth righteous.

3 And thus my hope is in the Lord,

And not in mine own merit :
I rest upon His faithfiil word

To them of contrite spirit.
That He is merciftil and just, —
Here is my comfort and my trust,

His help I wait with patience.

4 And though it tarry till the night.

And round till morning waken.
My heart shall ne'er mistrust Thy might.

Nor count itself forsaken.
Do thus, O ye of Israel's seed.
Ye of the Spirit born indeed,

Wait for your God's appearing.

5 Though great our sins and sore our woes.

His grace much more aboundeth ;
His helping love no limit knows.

Our utmost need it soundeth.
Our kind and faithful Shepherd, He,
Who shall at last set Israel free

From all their sin and sorrow.

Martin Luther. 1524.
Miss Winkworthy 2V. 1862.

355 Psalm 51. L. M.

1 QHOW pity. Lord ; O Lord ! forgive ;
O Let a repenting rebel live.

Are not Thy mercies large and free?
May not a sinner trust in Thee ?

2 Great God, Thy Nature hath no bound.
So let Thy pardoning Love be found.

O wash my soul from every sin.

And make my guilty conscience clean I

Digitized by VnUUgle


3 My lips with shame my sins confess
Against Thy law, against Thy grace :
Lord, should Thy judgment grow severe,
I am condemned, but Thou art clear.

4 Yet save a trembling sinner, Lord,

Whose hope, still hovering round Thy Word,
Would light on some sweet promise there.
Some sure support against despair.

Watt*. 1719. a.

356 Psalm 51. L. M.

1 f\ THOU that hear'st when sinners cry,
\J Though all my crimes before Thee lie,
Behold them not with angry look.

But blot their memory from Thy book.

2 Create my nature pure within.
And form my soul averse to sin ;
Let Thy good Spirit ne'er depart,
Nor hide Thy presence from my heart

3 I cannot live without Thy lirfit,

Cast out and banished from Thy sight ;
Thy holy joys, my God, restore.
And guard me that I fall no more.

4 Though I have grieved Thy Spirit, Lord,
His help and comfort still afford ;

And let me now come near Thy throne.
To plead the merits of Thy Son.

5 A broken heart, my God, my King,
Is all the sacrifice 1 bring ;

Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye,
And save the soul condemned to die.

6 O may Thy Love inspire my tongue 1
Salvation shall be all my song ;

Digitized by CjOOQIC


And all my powers shall join to bless
The Lord, my Str^gth and Righteousness.

W<iV». 1719. a.

357 CM.

1 f\ LORD, turn not Thy face from me,
\J Who lie in woeful state.
Lamenting all my sinful life

Before Thy mercy-gate :

2 A gate which opens wide to those

That do lament their sin :
Shut not that gate against me. Lord ;
But let me enter in.

3 And call me not to strict account

How I hare sojourned here ;
For then my guilty conscience knows
How vile I shall appear.

4 So come I to Thy mercy-gate,

Where mercy doth ftb<raiid>

Imploring pardon for my gin,

To heal my deadly wound.

5 O Lord, I need not to repeat

The comfort I would have :
Thou know'st, O Lord, before I a$k.
The blessing I do crave.

B Mercy, good Lord, mercy I ask.
This is the total sum ;
For metcy, Ijord, is all my suit;
Lord, let Thy mercy come I

John Mardley. 1662.

358 S.M.

ND wilt Thou pardon, Lord,
L A sinner such as I ?
Although Thy book his crimes l?ecOrd,
Of «uoh a Grimson dye ?



d by Google


2 So deep are they engraved,
So terrible their fear; —

The righteous scarcely shall be saved,
And where shall I appear?

3 O Thou, Physician blest,
Make clean my guilty soul !

And me, by many a sin opprest,
Restore, and keep me whole !

4 I know not how to praise
Thy Daercy and Thy love ;

But deign 147 servant to upraise,
And I shall learn above.

Jomph of the fibtdMiin. ob. 860.
John Mason Neah, Tt. 1862.

359 . l..M.61ine8.

1 rpHE abyss of many a former sin .
X Encloses me^ and bars me in :
Like billows my transgressions roll ; —
Be Thou the Pilot of my soul !

And to salvation's harbor bring.
Thou Saviour and Thou glorious King !

2 My Father's heritage abused,
W asted by lust, by Bin misused ;

To shame and want and nfeery brought,
The slave to many a fruitless thought : —
I cry to Thee, Who lovest men,
O pity and receive again !

3 In hunger now, no more possest

Of that my portion bright and blest,
The exile and the alien see.
Who yet would fain return to Thee I
And save roe, Lord^ who seek to raise
To Thy dear Love the hymn of praise !

Digitized by VjOOQIC


4 With that saved thief my prayer I make,
Remember for Thy mercy's sake !

With that poor Dublican I cry,
Be merciful, O God most high !
With that lost prodigal I fain
Back to my home would turn again !

5 Mourn, mourn, my soul, with earnest care,
And raise to Christ the contrite prayer : —

Thou Who freely wast made poor,
My sorrows and my sins to cur^,
Me, poor of all good works, embrace.
Enriching with Thy boundless grace !

JoMph of iSheStudwim, db. 860.
» Jolm Mamm Neaie, Tr. 1862.

360 L.M.61me8.

1 TITEjIRY of wandering from my. Grod,
. Vf And now made wilUiig to return,

1 hear, and bow me to the rod ;

For Thee, not without hope, I mourn ;
I have an Advocate above,
A Friend before the throne of Love.

2 O Jesus, full of truth and grace.

More frill of grace than 1 of jsin ;
Yet once again I seek Thy face.

Open Thine arms and take me in !
And freely my backslidings heal,
And love the faithless sinner still.

3 Thou know'st the way to bring me back,

My &llen spirit to restore ;
O, for Thy truth and mercy's sake.

Forgive, and bid me sin no more :
The ruins of my soul repair,
And make my heart a house of prayer.

a Wedeg. 1749.

Digitized by VjOOQ It:


361 a M. D.

1 f\ THOU Who wouldst not have
\J One wretched sinner die,

Who diedst Thyself, my soul to save

From endless misery !

Teach me my course to run,

While yet I sojourn here,
That when Thou comest on Thy throne

I may with joy appear.

2 Thou art Thyself the Way,
Thyself in me reveal ;

So shall I pass my lifers short day

Obedient to Thy will ;

So shall I love mv God,

Because He first loved me.
And praise Thte in Thy bright abode,

Through all ^bemity.

a Weiei/. 1749. a.


362 aM.D.

1 TESUS, my Lord, attend

J Thy fallen creature's cry :
• And show Thyself the sinner's Friend,
And set me up (m high ;
From, hell's oppressive p^wer.
From earth and sin release ;
And to Thy Fadier'g grace restore,
And to Thy perfed; peace.

2 Thy Blood and Bi^hteousnesa
I make my only pfea ;

My present and eternal peace
Are both derived fit)m Thee :

Digitized by VjOOQIC


Rivers of life divine

From Thee, their fountain, flow ;
And all who know that love of Thine,

The joy of angek know.
3 O then, impute, impart

To me Thy righteousness,
And let me taste how good Thou art,

How full of truth and grace :

That Thou canst here forgive

Grant me to testier,
And justified by faith to live,

And in that faith to die.

a Wedefi. 1746.

363 c. M.

1 TF Thou impart Thyself to me,
J. No other good I need :

If Thou, the Son, shalt make me free,
I shall be free indeed.

2 I know in Thee all fulness dwells.

And all for wretched man :
Fill every want my spirit feels.
And break off every chain !

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