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Of one pearl each shining portal.
Where we are with the choir immortal.
Of angels round Thy dazzling throne ;
Nor eye hath seen, nor ear
Hath yet attained to hear
What there is ours,
But we rejoice, and sing to Thee
Our hymns of joy eternally.

Dr. PhiUp Nusolai. 1509.
3f<M WuikuKyrtii, TV. 1858.

581 8.7. D.

1 TJEAR what God the Lord hath spoken :
11 O my people, faint and few,
Comfortless, afflicted, broken.

Fair abodes I build for you.
Thorns of heartfelt tribulation

Shall no more perplex vour ways :
You shall name your walls salvation.

And your gates shall all be praise.

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2 There, like streams that feed the garden,

Pleasures without end shall flow ;
For the Lord, your faith rewarding,

All His bounty shall bestow.
Still in undisturbed possession,

Peace and righteousness shall reign :
Never shall you feel oppression,

Hear the voice of war again.

3 Ye no more your suns descending,

Waning moons no more shall see ;
But, your griefs for ever ending.

Find eternal noon in Me.
God shall rise, and shining o'er you.

Change to day the gloom of night :
He, the Lord, shall be your Glory,

God your everlasting Light.

}VUUam Oowper. 1T79.

582 78. D.

1 TITHAT are these in bright array,

YV This innumerable throng.
Round the altar night and day

Hymning one triumphant song?
" Worthy is the Lamb, once slain.

Blessing, honor, glory, power.
Wisdom, riches to obtain,

New dominion every hour."

2 These through fiery trials trod ;

These from great affliction came ;
Now, before the throne of God,

Sealed with His Almighty Name, .
Clad in raiment pure and white,

Victor-palms in every hand.
Through their great Redeemer's might,

More than conquerors they stand.

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3 Hunger, thirst, disease unknown,

On immortal fruits they feed ;
Them the Lamb amidst tne throne

Shall to living fountains lead :
Joy and gladness banish sighs ;

Perfect love dispels all fears ;
And for ever from their eyes

God shall wipe away the tears.

JamM Montgomerif. 1819.

583 D.

1 mHE goodly land I see,

X With peace and plenty blest !
A land of sacred liberty.
And endless rest.
There milk and honey flow,
And oil and wine abound,
And trees of life for ever grow.
With mercy crowned.

2 There dwells the Lord our King,
The Lord our Righteousness,

Triumphant o'er the world and sin,
The Prince of Peace ;
On Zion*s sacred height
His kingdom still maintains ;
And glorious, with His saints in light.
For ever reigns.

3 He keeps His own secure ;
He guards them by His side ;

Arrays in garments white and pure
His spotless Bride;
With streams of sacred bliss,
With groves of living joys.
With all the fruits of paradise,
He still supplies.



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4 Before the great Three-One
They all exulting stand,
And tell the wonders He hath done
Through all their land :
The listening spheres attend,
And swell the growing fame ;
And sing, in songs which never end.
The wondrous Name.

Thomas Oiiven. 1772.

584 Continued. D.

1 rpHE God Who reigns on high
X The great archangels sing,

And "Holy, holy, holy,^' cry,

" Almighty King !

Who was and is the same,

And evermore shall be ;

Jehovah, Father, great I AM,

We worship Thee."

2 Before the Saviour's face
The ransomed nations bow,

0*erwhelmed at His almighty grace.
For ever new :
He shows His prints of love ;
They kindle to a flame.
And sound, through all the worlds above,
The slaughtered Lamb.

3 The whole triumphant host
Give thanks to God on high ;

"Hail, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!"
They ever cry :
Hail, Abraham's Grod, and mine !
I join the heavenly lays ;
All might and majesty are Thine,
And endless praise.

T%otM* Olivers. 1772.

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585 s. M.

1 "nOR EVER with the Lord !
J: Amen ! so let it be ;

Life &om the dead is in that word,
'Tis immortality.

2 Here in the body pent,
Absent from Him I roam.

Yet nightly pitch my moving tent
A day's march nearer Home.

3 My Father's House on high,
Home of my soul I how near

At times to faith's far-seeing eye
The golden gates appear !

4 Ah, then my spirit faints
To reach the land I love,

The bright inheritance of saints,
Jerusalem above !

5 For ever with the Lord!
Father, if 'tis Thy will,

The promise of that faithful word
E'en here to me fulfill.

6 Be Thou at my right hand.
Then can I never fail ;

Uphold Thou me, and I shall stand,
Fight, and I must prevail.

7 So when my latest breath
Shall rend the veil in twain.

By death I shall escape from death,
And Life eternal gain.

8 Knowing as I am known.
How shall I love that word.

And oft repeat before the throne,
" For ever with the Lord !"

Jantet Mmitgomerff. 1835.

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oS6 Hora Novissima. 7.6. D.

1 T)RIEF life is here our portion :
Jj Brief sorrow, short-lived care ;
The Life that knows no ending,

The tearless Life, is there,
O happy retribution !

Short toil, eternal rest.
For mortals and for sinners

A mansion with the blest I

2 That we should look, poor wanderers,

To have our Home on high I
That worms should seek for dwellings

Beyond the starry sky !
And now we fight me battle,

But then shall wear the crown
Of Aill and everlasting

And passionless renown.

3 For thee, O dear, dear Country I

Mine eyes their vigils keep ;
For very love, beholding

Thy happy name, they weep :
The mention of thy glory

Is unction to the breast,
And medicine in sickness,

And love, and life, and rest.

4 Thou hast no shore, fair ocean I

Thou hast no time, bright day I
Dear fountain of refreshment

To pilgrims far away !
Upon the Rock of Ages

They raise thy holy tower :
Thine is the victor's laurel.

And thine the golden dower.

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5 There glory yet unheard of

Shall shed abroad its ray,
Resolving all enigmas,

An endless Sabbath day.
There God, our King and Portion,

In fulness of His grace.
Shall we behold for ever,

And worship face to face !

Bernard de JWortoiaj, ab. 1150.
John Maaon NedU, Tr. 1851.

587 Continued. 7.6. D.

1 JERUSALEM the golden,

t! With milk and honey blest !
Beneath thy contemplation

Sink heart and voice opprest :
I know not, O I know not,

What social joys are there !
What radiancy of glory.

What light beyond compare !

2 And when I fain would sing them

My spirit fails and faints.
And vainly would it image

Th' assembly of the saints.
They stand, those halls of Zion,

Conjubilant ^dth song.
And bright with many an angel,

And all the martyr throng :

3 There is the Throne of David ;

And there, from care released,
The song of them that triumph,

The shout of them that feast ;
And they who, with their Leader,

Have conquered in the fight.
For ever and for ever

Are clad in robes of white !

Bernard de Morlaix. ah. 1150.
John MoBon NeaU^ Tr. 1851.

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588 Continued. 7.6. D.

1 JERUSALEM the glorious!
V The glory of the elect !

O dear and luture vision

That eager hearts expect :
E'en now by faith I see thee :

E'en here thy walls discern :
To thee my thoughts are kindled,

And strive, and pant, and yearn.

2 Jerusalem the only.

That look'st from heaven below !
In thee is all my glory ;

In me is all my woe !
And though my Dody may not.

My spirit seeks thee fain,
Till flesn and earth return me

To earth and flesh again.

3 O land that seest no sorrow !

O state that fear'st no strife I
O princely land of glory !

O realm and home of life !
Exult, O dust and ashes.

The Lord shall be thy part :
His only. His for ever.

Thou shalt be, and thou art I

Bernard de Morlaix. oft. 1150.
John Maaon UkaU^ Tr. 1861. a.

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589 I>^ Herrscher aUer WeU, L. M.

1 T ORD of all worlds, Whom angels fear,

Jj To Whom Heaven's hosts their voices raise I
As earth and dust Thy bounties share,
Let earth and dust attempt Thy praise.

2 Of all, Thou the Beginning art ;

Of all things, Thou alone the End ;
O fix on Thee my steadfast heart,
To Thee let all my being tend.

3 Lord, Thou art Light ; Thy smallest ray

No shade or variation knows ;
My inward darkness drive away.
As when Thy light on chaos rose.

4 Lord, Thou art Love ; forth from Thee flow

Exhaustless streams that glad the skies ;
Grant that I too Thy love may know,
And taste the bliss Thy grace supplies.

5 Lord, Thou art Life ; whatever lives

Hath had its life and spring from Thee ;
Life to the dead Thy Spirit gives,
Impart that blessM life to me.

6 Lord, Thou art good ; and Thou alone ;

No other good let me desire ;
Be Thou my portion. Thou mine own,
Nor let me dream of blessing higher.

- 87x1

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7 So shall my every power to Thee
In thankful praise for ever rise,
And my whole soul and body be.
One, holy, living sacrifice.

J. A. Freylmghcaueny d. 1739.
Tr. Moravian Col. 1754.
Much altered^ 1890.

590 87.4.7.

1 "pRAISE, my soul, the King of heaven :
Jr To His feet thy tribute bring ;
Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven.

Who like thee His praise can sing ?

Praise Him, praise Him,
Praise the everlasting King.

2 Praise Him for His grace and favor

To our fathers in distress ;
Praise Him, still the same as ever,
Slow to chide, and swift to bless :

Praise Him, praise Him,
Glorious in His faithfulness.

3 Father-like He tends and spares us,

Well our feeble frame He knows ;
In His hand He gently bears us.
Rescues us from all our foes :
Praise Him, praise Him,
Widely as His mercy flows.

4 Angels in the height adore Him,

Who behold Him face to face ;
Sun and moon bow down before Him ;
Dwellers in all time and space :

Praise Him, praise Him,
Praise with us the God of grace.

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591 S.M.

1 mmS is the day of light,

X Let there be light to-day ;
O Dayspring, rise upon our night,
And chase its gloom away.

2 This is the day of rest.

Our failing strength renew !
On weary brain and troubled breast
Shed Thou Thy freshening dew.

3 This is the day of peace.

Thy peace our spirits fill ;
Bid Thou all ill and discord cease,
The waves of strife be still.

4 This is the day of prayer.

Let earth to heaven draw near ;
Lift up our hearts to seek Thee there,
CJome down to meet us here.

5 This is the first of days.

Send forth Thy quickening breath,
And wake dead souls to love and praise,
O Vanquisher of death i

John Ellerton. 1868.

592 Hcdldujah sehmer Morgen,

1 A LLELUIA ! Fairest morning !
XJL Fairer than our words can say !
Down we lay the heavy burden

Of life's toil and care to-day :
While this morn of joy and love
Brings fresh vigor from above.

2 Sunday, full of holy glory !

Sweetest rest-day of the soul !
Light upon a world of darkness
From thy bless^ moments roll !

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Holy, happy, heavenly day,
Thou canst charm our grief away.

3 In the gladness of His worship

I will seek my joy to-day :
It is then I learn the fulness
Of the grace for which I pray,
When the word of life is given.
Like the Saviour's voice from heaven.

4 Let the day with Thee he ended.

As with Thee it has begun ;
And Thy blessing. Lord, he granted,
Till earth's days and weeks are done :
That at last Thy servant may
Keep eternal 8abbath-day.

Jonathan Krmue. 1732.
IV. Jane BorOmiek. a.

593 Opening. C. M.

1 A LORD, our languid souls inspire,
yj For here, we trust. Thou art !
Send down a coal of heavenly fire

To warm each waiting heart.

2 Dear Shepherd of Thy people, hear,

Thy presence now display ;
As Thou hast given a place for prayer,
So give us hearts to pray.

3 Show us some tokens of Thy love,

Our fainting hearts to raise ;
And pour Thy blessings from above,
That we may render praise.

4 The feeling heart, the melting eye,

The humble mind, bestow;
And shine upon us from on high,
To make our graces grow.

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5 May we in faith receive Thy Word,
In faith present our prayers,
And in the presence of our Lord
Unbosom all our cares.

John Newton. 1779.

594: OoBifig. lOs.

1 Q AVIOUR, again to Thy dear Name we raise
i^ With one accord our parting hymn of praise ;
Once more we bless Thee ere our worship cease,
Then, lowly bending, wait Thy word of peace.

2 Grant us Thy peace upon our homeward way ;
With Thee began, with Thee shall end the day ;
Guard Thou the lips from sin, the hearts from shame.
That in this house have called upon Thy Name.

3 Grant us Thy peace. Lord, thro' the coming night,
Turn Thou ^or us its darkness into light ;

From harm and danger keep Thy children free,
For dark and light are both alike to Thee.

4 Grant us Thy peace throughout our earthly life,
Our balm in sorrow, and our stay in strife ;
Then, when Thy voice shall bid our conflict cease.
Call us, O Lord, to Thine eternal peace.

John EOertoH. 1866.

595 L.M.

1 TESUS, Thy Church with longing eyes
V For Thine expected coming waits :
When will the promised light arise.

And glory beam from Zion's gates ?

2 E'en now, when tempests round us fall.

And wintry clouds o'erca«t the sky,
Thy words with pleasure we recall,
And deem that our redemption's nigh.

Digitized by VnUUV IC


3 Come, gracious Lord, our hearts renew,

Our foes repel, our wrongs redress,
Man's rooted enmity subdue,

And crown Thy Gospel with success.

4 O come, and reign o'er every land ;

Let Satan from his throne be hurled.
All nations bow to Thy command,
And grace revive a dying world.

5 Teach us in watchfulness and prayer

To wait for the appointed hour ;
And fit us by Thy grace to share
The triumphs of Thy conquering power.

mil. HileyBaUthmnl. 1881.

OUo -^ fdmer nu tU Jvlefesl, L. M.

1 rpHE happy Christmas comes once more,
X The heavenly Guest is at the door,
The blessed words the shepherds thrill,
The joyous tidings : Peace, good-will.

2 The lowly Saviour meekly lies.
Laid off the splendor of the skies ;
No crown bedecks his forehead fair,
No pearl, nor gem, nor silk is there.

3 O holy Child, Thy manger gleams

Till earth and heaven glow with its beams.
Till midnight noon's bright light has won.
And Jacob's Star outshines the sun.

4 Thou Patriarch's joy. Thou Prophet's song.
Thou heavenly Day-Spring, looked for long,
Thou Son of Man, Incarnate Word,
Great David's Son, great David's Lord!

6 Come, Jesus, glorious heavenly Guest,
Keep Thine own Christmas in our breast,

Digitized by VjOOQIC


Then David's harpstrings, hushed so long,
Shall swell our Jubilee of song.

From (he Danish. Ch. Parterfldd JSTrotttt, 1868.

597 Odobet seist Du, Jem Christ L. M.

1 A LL praise, Lord Jesus Christ, to Thee,
j[\. Who condescendest man to be !

Of Virgin-mother born on earth.
The angels celebrate Thy Birth.

2 Th' Eternal Father's only Son
Accepts a manger for His throne ;
Arrayed in our poor flesh and blood,
Now comes to us th' eternal Good.

3 He Who pervades all worlds, all space,
A virgin's arms do now embrace !

In infant form before us lies

He Who upholds both earth and skies I

4 The midnight brings th' eternal Light ;
A newborn glory gilds the night ;

It shines the darkness far away,
To make us children of the day.

5 The Father's Son, true God of God,
Now takes this world for His abode.
And in our human life appears.

To lift us from this vale of tears !

6 In mercy to our fallen race,
In poverty He takes His place,
That heavenly riches we may own.
And dwell as angels round His Throne I

7 All this for us. Thou, Lord, hast done.
And thus Thy matchless goodness shown ;
For this all Christendom now sings,
And thanks eternal to Thee brings.

Martin LuHur. 1624.
2V. Joseph A. Beits, 1890.

Digitized by VnUU^lC



598 11.10.

1 T>RIGHTEST and best of the sons of the morning,
JD Dawn on our darkness and lend us thine aid ;
Star of the East, the horizon adorning.

Guide where our infant Redeemer is laid.

2 Cold on His cradle the dewdrops are shining.

Low lies His head with the beasts of the stall ;
Angels adore Him in slumber reclining.
Maker and Monarch and Saviour of all.

3 Say, shall we yield Him, in costly devotion.

Odors of Edom and offerings divine ?
Gems of the mountain and pearls of the ocean.
Myrrh from the forest, or gold from the mine ?

4 Vainly we offer each ample oblation.

Vainly with gills would His favor secure ;
Richer by far is the heart's adoration.

Dearer to God are the prayers of the poor.

5 Brightest and best of the sons of the morninff.

Dawn on our darkness and lend us thine aid ;
Star of the East, the horizon adorning,
Guide where our infent Redeemer is laid.

BegiMid Haber, 1811.

599 78. D.

1 QONGS of thankfulness and praise,
O Jesus, Lord, to Thee we raise,
Manifested by the star
To the sages from afar ;
Branch of Royal David's stem
In Thy Birth at Bethlehem ;
Anthems be to Thee addrest,
God in Man made manifest.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


2 Manifest at Jordan's stream.
Prophet, Priest, and King supreme ;
And at Cana wedding-guest

In Thy Grodhead manifest ;
Manifest in power Divine,
Changing water into wine ;
Anthems be to Thee addrest,
God in Man made manifest,

3 Manifest in making whole
Pakied limbs and fivinting soul ;
Manifest in valiant fight,
Quelling all the deviFs might ;
Manifest in gracious will,
Ever bringing good from ill ;
Anthems be to Thee addrest,
God in Man made manifest.

4 Grant us grace to see Thee, Lord,
Present in Thy holy Word ;
May we imitate Thee now,

And be pure, as pure art Thou ;
That we like to Thee may be.
At Thy great Epiphany ;
And may praise Thee, ever blest,
God in Man made manifest.

CkHfitopker Word9W<nih,


600 C.P.M.

1 A THOU Who dost to man accord
\J His highest prize, his best reward ;

Thou Hope of all our race ;
Jesus, to Thee we now draw near,
Our earnest supplications hear,

Who humbly seek Thy face.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


2 With self-accusine voice within,
Our conscience teUa of many a sin

In thought and word and deed :
O cleanse that conscience from all stain,
The penitent restore again,

From every burden freed.

3 If Thou reject us, who shall give
Our fainting spirits strength to live ?

Tis Thine alone to spare ;
With cleans^ hearts to pray aright
And find acceptance in Thy sight.

Be this our lowly prayer.

4 O blessed Trinity, bestow

Thy pardoning grace on us below.

And shield us evermore ;
Until within Thy courts above,
We see Thy face, and sing Thy love,

And with Thy saints adore.

fWmt the Latim,

Tr. J. W. Hewttt, 1859. a.

601 CM^

1 T ORD, when we bend before Thy throne,
Jj And our confessions pour.

Teach us to feel the sins we own.
And hate what we deplore.

2 Our broken spirits, pitjring, see ;

True penitence impart ;
Then let a kindling glance from Thee
Beam hope upon flie heart.

3 When we disclose our wants in prayer,

May we our wills resign ;
And not a thought our bosom share,
AVhioh is not wholly Tfaine.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


Let faith each weak petition fill,

And waft it to the skies,
And teach our hearts 'tis goodness stiU
. That grants it, or denies.

Joseph Dacre CarlyU, 1805.

602 ^7.4.7.

1 "TIROM Thy habitation holy,
J} Spirit of all truth, descend,
While we sinners, poor and lowly.

At Thy throne of mercy bend :

Help our weakness,
And a gracious answer send I

2 Come Thou, as the dew of Hermon

Softly falls on Zion's hill ;
Let us in Thy strength determine
Henceforth to obey Thy will. . .

Dwell within us :
Let Thy grace our bosoms fill.

3 Brooding o'er us, as on chaos,

Cause our darkness to retredt; \

Shine into our hearts, and lay us
Humbled at the mercy-seat; .

Guide us — use us
As Thy sovereign love sees meet;

4 When we tread the waves of Jordan,

O be nedr us, Sacred Guest !
Seal to us our hope of pardon ;
Dove-like o'er each billow's crest

Do Thou hover,
Guiding to eternal rest.

/. R. M<^cd^f. 1863-75.

Digitized by VjUU^lC


603 L.M.

1 T17ITH broken heart and contrite sigh,

T T A trembling sinner, Lord, I cry ;
Thy pardoning grace is rich and free ;
O God, be merciful to me !

2 I smite upon my troubled breast.
With deep and conscious guilt oppressed
Christ and His Cross my only plea ;

O God, be merciful to me !

8 Nor alms, nor deeds that I have done.
Can for a single sin atone ;
To Calvary alone I flee ;
O God, be merciful to me !

4 And when, redeemed from sin and hell,
With all the ransomed throng I dwell.
My raptured song shall ever be,
God hath been merciful to me.

€bmaiu$ ElveH, 1852.

604 78.

1 T ORD, to whom except to Thee
Jj Shall our wandering spirits go—
Thee Whom it is light to see.

And eternal life to know ?

2 Lord, to whom except to Thee

Shall we go when ills betide ?
Who, except Thyself, can be
Hope, and help, and strength, and guide?

3 Who can cleanse the soul from sin.

Hear the prayer, and seal the vow ?
Who can fill the void within,
Blessed Saviour, who but Thou?

Digitized by VjOOQIC


4 Therefore evermore I'll give

Thanks and praise, my God, to Thee ;
Evermore in Thee I live,
Evermore live Thou in me.

John S. B. Monsel. 1862.

605 10b.

1 T17EARY of earth, and laden with my sin,

f V I look at heaven, and long to enter in :
But there no evil thing may find a home ;
And yet I hear a voice that bids me come.

2 So vile I am, how dare I hope to stand
In the pure glory of that holy land.
Before the whiteness of that throne appear?
Yet, there are hands stretched out to draw me near.

3 The while I fain would tread the heavenly way,
Seems evil ever with me day by day ;

Yet on mine ears the gracious tidings fall.
Repent, confess, thou shalt be loosed from all.

4 It is the voice of Jesus that I hear ;

His are the hands stretched out to draw me near ;
And His the Blood that can for all atone.
And set me faultless there before the Throne.

6 'Twas He who found me on the deathly wild.
And made me heir of Heaven, the Father's child.
And day by day, whereby my soul may live,
Gives me His grace of pardon, and will give.

6 O great Absolver, grant my soul may wear
The lowliest garb of penitence and prayer,
That in Thy Father's courts my glorious dress
May be the garment of Thy righteousness.

Samuel J. Btone, 1866.

Digitized by VjUUV IC


QOQ VeasiUa Begis prodeuwt, L. M.

1 rpHE Royal Standard forward goes,
X The Sacred Cross refulgent glows,
Where He in flesh, our flesh Who made,
Our sentence bore, our ransom paid.

2 From His pierced hands and riven side
Plows forth the precious crimson tide.
To cleanse us in the mystic flood

Of water mingled with His Blood.

3 Fulfilled is now what David told
In song prophetic, sung of old,
That God should Kine of nations be.
Ruling and reigning from the Tree.

4 O Tree of glory. Tree most fair.
Ordained those holy Limbs to bear 1
Empurpled o'er and o'er it stood^-
Empurpled by our Saviour^s Blood.

5 How blest upon those Branches then
Hung the best gifts of God to men I

A Balance where the price was weighed—
The ransom-price for sinners paid I

6 O wondrous Cross ! — Great Victim, hail !
Thy glorious Passion must avail ;

The very Life hath Death endured.
And by that Death our life procured.

JVom the Latin. 0/ FQrtmtaiti$^ 569.
Tr. Ckmpme, 1890.

607 LM^

1 TI7E sing the praise of Him Who died
T T Of Him Who died upon the Cross;
The sinner's hope let men deride,
For this we count the world but loss.

Digitized by VnUU^lC


2 Inscribed upon that Cross we see,

In shining letters, Gk)d is Lova
He bears onr sins upon the tree,
He brings us mercy from above.

3 The Cross ! it takes our guilt away.

It holds the fainting spirit up ;

It cheers with hope the gloomy day,

And sweetens every bitter cup.

4 It makes the coward spirit brave.

And nerves the feeble arm for fight ;
It takes the terror from the grave,
And gilds the bed of death with light.

6 The balm of life, the cure of woe,

The measure and the pledge of love,
The sinner's reftige here below,
The angels' theme in heaven above.

Thonuu KeOy. 1815.

608 C.M.D.

1 rpifEE, Jesus, suffering, crucified,
X Thee, dead and in the grave,

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