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where he took up his residence. At about
this time he accepted a position in the
City Engineer's office, where he remained
for several years.

Mr. Haviland has been connected witli
the Department of Engineering in various
capacities in Alameda County for the past
eigliteen years. As County Surveyor he
has conducted the work of liis office in
a business-like and systematic manner,
and the public are to be congratulated in
securing the services of a man of his
broad experience, integrity and unques-
tioned ability in the Engineering Depart-
ment of the county. He is uniformly
courteous and prompt in his business
transactions and in his dealing with his
associates and office stafif. The best proof
of his popularity is the fact that he has,
for two elections, received the endorse-
ment of both the Republican and Demo-
cratic parties, and at the last election was
nominated by the Republican, Democratic
and Union Labor parties.

Mr. Haviland has recently had super-
vision of some very important public
work. The construction of the county
boulevard, wliich was planned by him, is
widely known as one of the finest works
of its kind in the State. He is at present
engaged in work involving several millions
of dollars, in the matter of laying out a
sewer system from Oroville to Tulare
and similar work in Pleasanton and other
points in the State.

Mr. Haviland's marriage to Miss Anna
Knight of San Francisco, who comes from
a prominent English family, took place in
that city in 1895. There are two children
in the family, one boy, Carlton, aged 10,
and Marian, a daughter of 12.

Mr. Haviland has had to make his own
way in tlie world, and is what is generally
called a "self-made" man. During his long
residence in Oakland he has become well
liked in both his social and business inter-
course, and has many firm friends through-
out the county.

Maurice S. Stewart


Maurice S. Stewart


WELL-KNOWN young art-
ist of Oakland, who has liad
a unique and interesting
career, is Mr. Maurice S.
Stewart. A native of St.
Louis, he attended a military academy, in
his early j'outh, but received most of his

education through broad travel and ob-

He was practically raised in the theatrical
profession, and has visited nearly every city
in the country during his tours. He came to
the Pacific Coast with the "Crystal Slipper"
company in 1891, and played for two years in
the old Grand Opera House in San Fran-

cisco, and quite recently in the Alcazar
Theatre in that city. He also acted as lead-
ing comedian for Bishop's Players in Oakland
for four years.

Mr. Stewart has always been keenly inter-
ested in the art of photography, and even
when an actor derived considerable pleasure
from it as a pastime. About seven years
ago, he established his present studio at 460
Thirteenth Street, Oakland, and has been pre-
eminently successful. For a number of years
he did all the outside work for Wickham-
Havens, and during the construction of the
big plant of the Standard Oil Company at
Point Richmond, made all the photographs
which were sent to the headquarters of that
concern in New York. He has also made
a specialty of lantern slides for the use of
lecturers, and moving picture theatres; he is
agent for Bausch & Lomb of Rochester, N. Y.,
manufacturers of stereopticon appliances and
agent for the Edison moving picture machines.

It is significant that Mr. Stewart has se-
lected the city of Oakland as his home and
place of business, notwithstanding the unusual
opportunities he has had to study many cities
in the country.

Mr. Stewart's marriage to Miss Carolina
M. Stivers, a daughter of Dr. Stivers, a well-
known professional man, and for a number of-
years member of the Faculty of Cooper's
Medical Institute of San Francisco, occurred
in Oakland in 1893. He has one daughter,
Gladys, aged 11. About two years ago he
built one of the most artistic little homes in
Piedmont, at a cost of $9,000.

Mr. Stewart is widely known among pro-
fessional people, literary men and artists. He
also takes an active interest in all athletics,
and was for a long time captain of athletics
of the Reliance Club of Oakland.

Many of the pictures in this volume are the
products of Mr. Stewart's studio.

Alameda County Jail, O iklaiid, California

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Bacon Bnilding, 12th and Washinifton Sts.. one of the handsome and well-appointed office buildings of Oakland

Oakland's Y. M. C. A. — Postoffice


Spa, Bowling Alley. Gymnasium and Billiard Rooms in Oakland's Y. M. C. A.

Post Office, 16th and Broadway, Oakland, California

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