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m. 31 Oct. 1811 Wni. McKenney.

Andrew Hunnewell, son of Benjamin, married, 5 Mch. 1804,
Dorothy Webb of Scarborough. He was first taxed in Durham
in 1803. He died 26 May 1863, aged 86 yrs. His wife died 28
Sept. 1863, aged 84 yrs. Their children were Gardner, Jonas,
Loraine and Sarah.

Robert Hunnewell, born in Scarborough i Dec. 1777, mar-



ried 13 June 1801 Evinice Foy, who was born in Gorham, 16
April 1783. He married (2) 16 Oct. 181 1 Susannah, dau. of
Vincent Roberts. He died in 1832. His second wife died 30
July 1852. He was living, in 1800, on lot 136.

Elliott b. 16 Dec. 1802. Settled "in the English Provinces."

Peter b. 20 Oct. 1805. Supposed to have died young.

William m. Jane Plummer of Danville.

Ruth. Unm.

Ch. by second marriage.

Seward m. Patience Bragdon; d. June 1858.

Eunice b. 21 May 1812; m. 13 April 1834 Moses W. Thurston.

Elmira, died young.

Samuel. Unm.

Daniel. Unm.

True G. m. Rachel J. Harmon. Living in Durham.

Jotham Johnson was born in Harpswell 20 Sept. 1784, son of
Jonathan and Miriam (Booker) Johnson. He moved to So. Dur-
ham in 1810. He was a soldier through the War of 1812.
Farmer and fisherman. It is said that he once went to the Bay of
Fundy and with a companion caught 3360 cod in one day. Some
regard this as a fish story. He united wnth the Free Baptist
church after he was fifty-three years old, and often spoke of it
as the best day's work he ever did. He married in 1809 Mehita-
bel Hersey of Brunswick. Died 15 Dec. 1886, aged 102 yrs.
2 mos. 25 dys. 7 ch. His wife died 28 Feb. 1879, aged 91 yrs.

Hannah b. 1810; m. James P. Fuller.

William H. b. 13 Mch. 1812; m. 26 Nov. 1835 Hannah Collins.

Abner m. Caroline Alexander.

Thankful b. July 1815; m. (i) Thomas Crawford; (2) Abram Allen.

Jeremiah, m. Mary Morene.

Armina m. Levi Goddard.

Hiram m. Averill,

John Johnson and Elizabeth Reed married at Drrmibo, Ire-
land, 20 Sept. 1 79 1. He had a daughter Elizabeth by a former
wife, born in Ireland 8 June 1782, who seems to have married
Joseph Sawyer of Durham 9 April 1797. John Johnson died
in Durham 15 April 1799. Three children are recorded.

Sarah born in Ireland 31 Oct. 1792; Mary, born in Ireland 15 Feb.
1795; John born in Portland, Me., 26 Nov. 1797, m. 2J Dec. 1834 Eliza
Ann Webber.


The following children of William and Jane Johnson are

David b. 20 Sept. 1812; William Rhodick b. 10 Dec. 1816; m. 18 May
1837 Emma M. Dyer of Durham. He was then of Lynn, Mass.

The following marriages we are unable to classify.

15 Jan. 1787, James Johnson of Royaisborough and Hannah Webber
of Harpswell.

9 Nov. 1797, Daniel York and Hannah Johnson.

4 Nov. 1809, Noah Townsend of Freeport and Anna Johnson.


Ezekiel Jones born in 1728, as shown by a deposition, came
from Falmouth. He married before 1757 Elizabeth, dan. of
Joseph and Sarah (Jewett) Conant, who was born in Falmouth
3 Oct. 1733. They lived at Saccarappa. They sold their land,
19 Jan. 1 77 1 and in 1773 moved to Royaisborough. His name is
on records of Royaisborough in 1774. Feb. 10, 1786 he bought
14 acres of land in Royaisborough of Samuel Brown. Nov. 28,
1800 he and wife Elizabeth sold yj acres of Lot 35 to Thomas
Pierce of Scituate, the farm now owned by David Crockett. A
son Joshua Jones came with him to Royaisborough. He is
first mentioned in 1781. He bought, Oct. 23, 1799, lot 96 of
Abigail Lyman, widow, of York. He married 17 April 1783
J3orothy P'arr of Flarpswell. Died about 1836. Flis family are
recorded as follows.

Ezekiel b. i Dec. 1783; m. (int. rec. 10 Oct. 1806) Catherine Wood-
ard of New Meadows.

William b. 12 Jan. 1786; moved to Mexico, Me.

Sarah b. 18 July 1788; m. Thomas Austin i Nov. 1804.

Samuel b. 13 Aug. 1790; lived and died in Norridgewock.

Joel b. 14 Nov. 1791; m. 11 Jan. 1821, Sally Thomas; d. 15 Sept. 1864.

Joshua b. 24 Jan. 1794; m. 2 March 1817, Isabel Raines.

Dorothy b. 24 May 1797; m. 21 Dec. 1817, Abijah Collins.

Moses b. 14 March 1799; see below.

Phineas b. II Sept. 1801 ; d. 19 Sept. 1803.

Moses Jones lived and died on the homestead of his father.
He m. (i), 1825, Sarah Hodgkins ; (2) 21 Nov. 1844, EHzabeth
Hodgkins, who died 22 Mch. 1870.

Lydia b. 19 Sept. 1825; m. 3 March 1845 Rufus Thomas.
Benjamin b. 13 Sept. 1827; unm. Died in Auburn.
Eliza b. 14 Sept. 1829; m. Joseph Barker.
Joseph b. 7 Nov. 1833; went West.


George b. 10 May 1836; d. unm.
Sarah J. b. 11 Dec. 1839; d. young.

Moses Everett b. 10 March 1847; m. Ellen Rice; lives on the home-

Alered p. b. 9 Oct. 1850; m. Lizzie Philbrook of Lisbon.

Thomas Jones who married Thanktul came " with two

brothers" (?) from \Vales in 1690 and settled in Hanover, Mass.
Later he moved to Harpswell, Me. He had three sons, Thomas
lost at sea, Noah and Lemeul.

The intentions of marriage of Noah Jones and Patience Joy
were recorded in Brunswick 10 June 1774. He was one of the
first settlers of Royalsborotigh and was last taxed in 1803. He
with all his family moved to China, Me. Their children, born in
Royalsborough, were

Ephraim b. II Feb. 1776; m. Susanna Dudley. Their daughter Sybil
Jones was the famous preacher.
Mary b. 30 Nov. 1777.
Thomas b. 20 July 1780.
Thankful b. 6 Dec. 1783.

Lemuel, son of Thomas Jones, born in Hanover, Mass. 30
July 1730, m. 7 Mch. 175 1 Wait Estes, dau. of Edward and
Patience (Carr) Estes. She was born 31 Mch. 1733. He bought,
in 1792, lot 9 of David Dunning. It may be that he bought it
for his son Israel who afterward lived there. Lemuel Jones was
a preacher in the Friends' Society. He had twelve children.

Mercy b. 15 May 1752; m. 27 July 1771, Nathaniel Hawkes of Wind-

Rachel b. 2 Feb. 1754; m. 26 Sept. 1773, Andrew Pinkham of Harps-
well, afterwards of Durham.

Caleb b. 3 July 1755; m. 26 Oct. 1776, Peace, dau. of James and Sarah
Goddard of Falmouth. 6 ch. born in Brunswick.

Lemuel b. 26 Feb. 1738; m. (i) Catherine Allen; (2) 9 Oct. 1800 Deb-
orah Hawkes. Settled in Wmdham before 1790. 12 ch.

Sarah b. 10 Feb. 1760; m. James Goddard.

Edward b. 7 April 1762; see p. 206.

Mary b. 9 March 1764; m. Joshua Frye.

Stephen b. 22 Feb. 1766; m. 5 Aug. 1786 Eunice, dau. of Jeremiah and
Anne Hacker of Brunswick. 12 ch. born in Brunswick.

Israel b. 11 May 1768; m. (i) Judith Tuttle; (2) Martha Preble; (3)
Widow Day. Lived in So. Durham later than 1810. Moved to Bruns-
wick and lived there. Had one son Caleb who died in Westbrook.


Thomas b. 7 May 1770; m. (i) Esther Hacker; (2) Hannah Winslow.
Phebe b. 18 May 1772; m. Nathaniel Owen.
Lydia b. 9 April 1774; m. Stephen Nichols.

Edward Jones, mentioned above, m. 11 Nov. 1784 Mary,
dau. of Reuben and Eliza (Varney) Tuttle, born 24 Mch. 1765,
died 15 Jan. 1804. He m. (2) Eleanor Morrison, born 22 July
1775, died 21 Jan. 1847. He died 6 Dec. 1833. The register of
his family is copied from the Records of the Friends' Society in
Durham, and from family records.

Rachel b. i Mch. 1786; d. 11 Sept. 1868.

Reuben b. 19 Dec. 1787; d. 17 Feb. 1868.

Levi b. 31 Oct. 1790; d. 5 Oct. 1861.

Mehitabel b. 8 May 1793; d. 4 Nov. 1793.

Tobias b. 4 Nov. 1794; d. 2^ Dec. 1884.

Asa b. 21 July 1796; d. 20 June 1856.

Elisha b. 19 June 1798; ni. (i) 4 June 1824 Sarah Hawkes of Wind-
ham, who was b. 25 Mch. 1794 and d. 20 June 1857; m. (2) Mrs. Sarah
(Winslow) Boody. He was a prominent man of Windham. Died 22
June 1879.

Silas b. 27 Mch. 1800; see below.

Elias b. 9 Feb. 1802; d. 3 July 1875.

Elizabeth b. 9 Jan. 1804; d. 2 July 1859.

Mary b. 9 Jan. 1804; d. 24 Nov. 1830.

Children of Edward Jones by second marriage.

Lydia b. 22 Oct. 1809; d. 27 Aug. 1885.
Edward b. 3 Feb. 1812; d. 2^ Dec. 1855.
Martha b. 27 Feb. 1814; d. 1896.
Olive b. 11 May 1816; d. i May 1839.
David b. i July 1818; d. i March 1821.
Abigail b. 3 April 1822.

Silas, son of Edward and Mary (Tuttle) Jones, lived in Wind-
ham. Whether he was born in Durham is uncertain. He m.
(1) 3 May 1827 Seviah Goddard, who died 28 April 1835 ; m. (2)
Lois Brown b. 16 July 1808; d. 2 Aug. 1887. He died 9 Oct.
1863. 4 ch. by first marriage ; 8 by second.

George b. 7 Feb. 1828; m. Charlotte S. Heald who was born 21 Aug.
1830 and died in Auburn 20 April 1894. Ch. George Edlon and Oscar W.
of Auburn and Mrs. Ham of Hartland.

Sarah b. 10 Dec. 1829.

Elijah b. 24 May 1832; d. 30 Mch. 1834.

Elijah b. i May 1834; d. 4 Jan. 1835.

Joseph b. 29 Aug. 1837; m. Abbie Goold.

David D. b. 2 June 1839; d. 20 Oct. 1892.



Charles W. b. 30 Dec. 1840; d. in Windham.
Phebe T. b. 7 Nov. 1843; d. 23 Feb. 1877.
Clarissa C. b. 3 Mch. 1846; d. 23 Feb. 1877.
James N. b. 16 Jan. 1848.
Mary E. b. 6 Dec. 1849; d. 28 Dec. 1849.
Byron W. b. 30 June 1851.


Rev. Robert Jordan was established on Richmond Island in
1641. He married Sarah, only child of John Winter, and died in
Portsmouth, N. H., in 1678, aged 67 years.

Secomb Jordan was fifth in descent from him. He w^as son
of Noah Jordan and was born at Cape Elizabeth in 1764. He
married 15 July 1787, Sarah Robinson and died in Durham
I Aug. 1825. His wife died i Oct. 1827. He settled in Durham,
moved to Lisbon, thence to Brunswick and back to Durham.
He was a farmer and also kept store in a shop near where Everett
Macomber now lives. Dept. Sheriff, Selectman (1818-1820),
Representative to General Court in 1812 and 1813, and delegate
to form the Constitution of Maine in 1820. "Old Squire Jordan"
IS remembered as one of the leading men of Durham. A biog-
rapher says he was "subject to occasional bursts of violent tem-
per." This is the worst thing ever said of him. His family were
as follows :

Apollos b. 24 Dec. 1788. See below.

Rhoda m. 22 Mch. 1827 Henry Moore; d. 5 July 1834, aged 31 yrs.

Eleanor m. Samuel Skinner; d. 14 Feb. 1849, aged 60 yrs. 8 mos.

Apollos Jordan married, 29 Nov. 1810 Sarah, dau. of Joshua
and Anne (Simonton) Miller. Lived on lot 88. Died 20 Nov.
1827. His widow m. 24 Nov. 1833 Jeremiah Dingley. She died
in Auburn 14 Jan. 1885, aged 93 yrs. She is well remembered
for her kindness, generosity and piety. The familiar name,
"Aunt Sally," shows liow^ the neighborhood regarded her. All
will be glad to see her portrait.

RuFus K. b. 31 Jan. 1812; m. 28 Dec. 1837 Aurelia Rowe; resided in
Chicago. Children: Henrietta m. Mr. Wheeler of San Francisco; Helen.
I'esides in Cal.; Josephine.

Secomb b. 27 April 1814. See p. 208

Elizabeth b. 19 Jan. 1817; d. 9 Aug. 1836.

Abigail Miller b. 16 Oct. 1819, m. 7 May 1840 Orin Dill of Lewiston.

Sarah Ann b. 18 Nov. 1822; m. 20 Jan. 1846 Ambrose Quimby.

Albion K. P. b. 20 May 1826; m. Anna Foss of Auburn. ,


Secomb Jordan married (i) 31 Dec. 1840 Jane, dau. of John
Hoyt of Durham, b. 5 Nov. 1819. She died 19 Mch. i860. He
married (2) 18 Oct. 1862 Mrs. Mary C. Hoyt, widow of John
Hoyt of Yarmouth. She died 4 Jan. 1886. Mr. Jordan died 27
May 1889 in Maiden, Mass. He hved in Durham tih 1868. In
his early life he was engaged especially in the manufacture of
Sugar Boxes for export. He was a prominent member of the
M. E. Church, and led the singing at the Union Church several
years. His house was always open to pastor and people. The
house in which he lived is now occupied by Ralph H. Hascall.
He was a blameless Christian and a good citizen. Five ch.

Elizabeth b. 13 Oct. 1841.
John Q. b. 9 Oct. 1843.
Ferdinand b. 24 Aug. 1845.
Lyman B. b. 16 June 1849.
Ada B. b. 10 June 1853.

James Jordan, son of Capt. Joshua, was born 20 Aug. 1780
at Cape Elizabeth and died 28 Jan. 1866. He married 26 Jan.
1805 Martha, dau. of John and Martha (Jordan) Robinson, and
settled in Durham. Their children were :

Eleanor b. 1806; m. 25 Dec. 1827 John Webster, who died in Webster
about 1850.

Martha b. 1S08; m. Rev. John Cobb.

Rhoda E. b. 1810; m. 21 June 1835 Foxwell C. Marr of Wales; d. 1870.

Horatio Nelson b. 12 April 1813: m. (i) 27 Nov. 1834 Elizabeth J.
Wagg; (2) 16 Oct. 1859 Mary E. Miller. 9 children by ist wife; 2 by
2d wife.

James b. 1815; m. 19 Aug. 1838 Sarah Haskins.

Louise b. 1817; m. Saml. Whitney of Durham.


There were three distinct families of this name. Joseph
Knight was living on lot 60 earlier than 1782. He married in
Falmouth i April 1777, Laurana Getchell, who died 27 Mch.
1804. Fie married 22 Nov. 1804 Barsheba Mitchell. Besides
five who died young the following children are recorded.

Enoch b. 15 Sept. 1785; m. 1809 Martha Mitchell.

John b. 12 Sept. 1787; m. 18 Oct. 1812 Hannah Beal. Their children
were Mariam b. 30 Nov. 1813 m. Philip Douglas; Jonathan b. 21 Jan.
1815; m. Mary Taylor and had twins Edwin and Frederick, born 1845, and
Charles; Belina b. 16 Dec. 1817; ni. George Frye.













^^^^^^T^ ^H


/ ^^^^^^^1



Christopher b. 3 July 1794.
Stephen b. 18 Feb. 1796.
William b. 20 Feb. 1800.
Simeon b. 28 Mch. 1802.

Mark Knight, born 8 Dec. 1756, lived near Woodford's Cor-
ner in old Falmouth. He married 4 Dec. 1785 Mary Hunt, born
in Nova Scotia 6 June 1758. He died 30 Jan. 1835. His wife
died 3 June 1850.

Francis b. 16 May 1784. See below.

Parker b. 8 Dec. 1790; d. 29 Mch. 1826; m. 21 Nov. 1811 Mary Grant;
three ch., Mark m. Augusta Newell; Charlotte m. Clement Jordan; and
Julia. Unm.

Sophia B. b. 25 Jan. 1794: m. 21 Oct. 1821 Wm. Weeks; d. 20 June

Joanna b. 2 Oct. 1800; m. 2 Dec. 1824 John B. Reed; d. 8 Dec. 1840.
Their dau. Mary Elizabeth m. Nathaniel C. Lincoln.

Francis Knight married, 28 Nov. 1810, Betsey, dau. of Amos
and Betsey (Titcomb) Knight, who was born 13 April 1786 and
died 17 Nov. 1824. He lived in Durham and died 27 June 1862.

Adaline H. b. 3 Feb. 1812; m. Alfred son of Barnard Nichols.

Susan C. b. 7 Aug. 1815; d. 2 June 1856. Unm.

Mehitabel S. b. 21 July 1816; m. 30 Aug. 1840 Sharon Estes.

Charles H. b. 24 Aug. 1818; m. 10 Nov. 1842 Mary C. Parker. She
was dau. of Peter Parker and was born in Durham 23 Mch. 1816 and died
in Deering 21 Mch. 1897. He was a farmer on the County Road, a man
of sterling character. Died 8 Nov. 1869. Their only child was Charles
Emerj^ Knight.

William W. b. 17 Nov. 1821; m. Susan G. Newell; d. s. p. 6 April 1891.

Francis b. 17 Nov. 1824. Unm.

Charles Emery Knight, born in Durham, i Oct. 1845, was
educated in the school at South West Bend and in a Business
College. He has for more than a score of years been connected
with the Patron's Cooperative Corporation, 209 Commercial St.,
Portland, Me., first as book-keeper and later as agent. He is
fidelity and honesty personified. That statement will not be
doubted by any one who knew him in his youth. His long
employment m one firm bears evidence also to his business
ability. The number of his friends is limited only by his acquain-
tances. He married 24 Oct. 1872 Oriana Louise, dau. of James


Strout, Jr. She died in Deering 30 Jan. 1879. They had two
children ; Frank Herbert b. 30 July 1873, gradviated at Bowdoin
College in 1894; and Orie Louise b. 5 Jan. 1879.

The Knights of Durham, doubtless, descended from John
of Newbury who came from Southampton, Eng., in 1635. He
had a son John, born 1622. who married in 1647 Bathshua Tnger-
soll. Their son, Richard, b. 26 July 1666, married Elizabeth
Jaques and had a son Henry b. 6 July 1697. This Henry is
thought to be the one who with his wife Priscilla came from
Newbury and united with the First Parish Church of Old Fal-
mouth in 1746. Their son, Samuel, married in 1750 Mary
Knight, and these were the parents of the Amos Knight who set-
tled in Durham.

Amos Knight was born in Falmouth 27 Sept. 1758. He
married, 2^ Jan. 1784 Betsey Knight (some say Betsey Titcomb)
who was born 30 Dec. 1765. He was a Revolutionary soldier.
In i8t6 he bought of Israel Estes fifty acres of lot 29. He and
his wife were buried on that farm.

Betsey b. 13 April 1786; m. Francis Knight.

Levi b. 3 Aug. 1787; d. 1865. Unm.

Theophilus b. 13 Mch. 1790; d. 1861. Unm.

Roland b. 31 July 1792; m. 21 May 1818 Dorcas Blake. Ch. Addison,
George, Alfred, John, Eunice, and Julia. All but George died young.

Mary b. 27 Dec. 1797; m. 24 April 1823 the Rev. Daniel Clarke, who
was born in Lisbon (Webster) 15 Feb. 1801 and died in Richmond 22
May 1869. His wife died in Richmond 19 Feb. 1862. Eight children.

Louis b. 12 Aug. 1800; died young.

James b. 2^ Dec. 1802; m. Almira Sawyer, dau. of Nathan Sawyer of

Eunice P. b. 5 June 1805: m. 31 Mch. 1825 Joseph G. Sawyer; d. 6
May 1866. Ch. Joshua Lewis, Amos, Ellen and Elmira.

Dea. Isaac Lambert, born in Abington, Mass. 9 March 1771 ;
d. in Auburn 28 Jan. 1861. His wife died 26 April 1862, aged
85 yrs. 9 mos. 10 days. He married Mary Strout of Durham 3
Sept. 1795. He had a brother Asa who lived in Freeport and a
brother Thomas who m. 19 Nov. 1795 Abigail Strout and settled
in the southern part of Durham. Isaac Lambert settled on the
northern half of lot 90 in 1801, and had a farm of 46^ acres. In


1804 its estimated value was $88.35. He did not receive a deed
of the place from Josiah Little till 18 Aug. 1813. The price then
paid was $465.

Abigail b. in Durham i March 1796; m. 10 Nov. 1814, Stephen Wes-
ton; lived in Litchfield.

Sophia b. in Freeport i March 1798; d. 22 June 1802.

Hannah b. in Freeport 31 March 1800; d. 24 June 1802.

Betsey b. in Durham 22 June 1802; m. i Jan. 1824 Joshua Wormell;
moved to Unity.

Maryan b. 22 Dec. 1804; d. young.

Joshua b. 10 April 1808; m. 26 Nov. 1833, Susan Garcelon; see below.

Jane b. 6 Aug. 1809; m. 21 Aug. 1831 Nelson Dingley; d. 2 Dec. 1871.

Isaac Jr. b. 4 March 1813; m. 21 Dec. 1837 Lucy Dingley who was
born 18 Aug. 1819 and died 2 Feb. 1844. He m. (2) 31 May 1849 Apphia
Whitney of Lisbon who died 2 June 1851, aged 23 yrs. 10 mos. He died
9 Oct. 1850, having lived on his father's farm. Ch. Frances J. b. 27 Sept.
1840; m. Sutton Stevens of Auburn; Wm. Henry b. 8 Aug. 1842, see
Biog. Sketch; Edward E. b. i April 1850; lost at sea.

Mary m. 27 April 1826 Simeon Bailey of Durham.

Harriet M. m. Harrison Otis; moved to Unity.

Joshua Lambert lived for a while at Methodist Corner, but
r.iter the death of his brother Isaac took the old homestead, lot
go, and lived and died there, Aug. 30, 1890. His wife was born
Dec. 25, 1805 and died Feb. 22, 1890. Their children were.

Isaac G. b. 10 Oct. 1835; d. 7 Oct. 1838.

Isaac W. b. 27 Aug. 1839; m. Susan, dau. of Rev. L. P. Gurney and
settled on a farm in Auburn.

James G. b. 25 April 1841; lives in Idaho. Unm.

Elizabeth b. ii Oct. 1843; m. John McBoyle of Ottawa, 111.

Mary b. ii Oct. 1843; m. John Hatch. Lives in Mass.

Lorenzo S. b. 4 Feb. 1850. Graduated at Amherst College, 1872.
One of the Selectmen of Durham. Married and went West.


This family is of Huguenot extraction. Stephen Larrabee
came from Maiden to North Yarmouth. His son Thomas, born
1660 lived at Portsmouth N. H. and Scarborough, Me., where he
\\as killed, with his oldest son Anthony, by the Indians 19 April
1723. He was a man highly respected. His son Thomas 2d
married in Portsmouth, N. H. 7 May 171 5 Abigail Pitman.
Their son Thomas 3d m. Mary Long. (Pub. at Falmouth 14
Feb. 1742.) They had a son Nathaniel, bap. at Scarborough


22 April 1753, who m. 11 Nov. 1773 Sarah, dau. of Josiah and
Rebecca (Brown) Hunnewell of Scarborough, who was bap. 17
Sept. 1752. Nathaniel and Sarah Larrabee had at least three
daughters and two sons, Thomas H. and Josiah. The last two
settled in Durham.

Thomas H. Larrabee came as early as 1797. He married
1 March 1798 Anna Pari<er of Gorham. He lived on lot 140
till 1813, when he bought lot 135. He is remembered as a man
of piety. He died 10 May 1850, aged JJ yrs. i mo. His wife
died 17 P'eb. 1843, aged 64 yrs. Their children were

Mary m. Mark Nelson of Parsonsfield.

Eliza d. 25 Oct. 1837, aged 17 yrs. 26 dys.

Dorcas b. 3 Feb. 1800; m. 2j April 1827 George Rice of Durham; d.

23 Aug. 1859.

Nancy Ann m. 4 Mch. 1838 James Fickett; d. 11 May 1894, aged 82
yrs. I mo. 18 dys.

Thomas m. Margaret . Unknown.

Deborah m. James Brackett of Saco.

Eliza. Unm.

Gardner G. b. 8 July 1809; m. 5 Oct. 1837 Sarah, dau. of Samuel
and Sarah (Robinson) Stackpole; d. 12 Oct. 1861. They had nine chil-
dren, as follows:

Sarah Jane b. 2 Mch. 1839; m. 12 Jan. 1874, John H. Merrill of

Hannah E. b. 19 May 1842; m. George Grover of New Gloucester.

LuciNDA W. b. 6 April 1844.

Royal E. b. 26 Jan. 1846; m. 24 Dec. 1872 Emma S. Dunham. Lives
at Lisbon Falls.

Emeline S. b. I April 1848; m. 28 Nov. 1867 John Rice of Pownal.

Eliza E. b. 16 Dec. 1850; m. Rufus Waterhouse of Durham.

Clara E. b. 13 Dec. 1855; m. 4 Dec. 1880, John F. Waterhouse of

Abbie S. b. 9 Sept. 1858; m. Samuel Dyer of Durham.

Gardner G. b. 27 Feb. i860; m. 21 Dec. 1882 Henrietta Sawyer. Lives
on the old homestead.

Josiah, brother of Thomas H. Larrabee, married (Int. Rec.
27 Dec. 1806) Eliza Libby of Scarboro' and settled in Durham.
They had children, Dexter, Cyrus, Josiah, Patience, Irene, Beth-
une, Louisa, and

Dexter Larrabee was born in Durham in a log-house in 18 10
and is still living. He m. Nancy Hunnewell. They had three
children, Augusta, m. Emerson Bowie and lives in Auburn ;
Malinda m. James Jordan and lives in New Gloucester, and
Amos D. m. Rosa Jordan and lives in Durham.


The Thomas Larrabee above mentioned as killed by Indians
19 April 1723 had a son John who m. 13 Jan. 1726 Mary Inger-
soll of Kittery. Their son Jonathan settled in Durham. He
was born in Scarborough 16 April 1748; m. 9 July 1771 x\lice
Davis; d. in Durham 20 Oct. 1836. His wife died in 1818. He
was a Revolutionary soldier. He lived opposite Wm. D. Roak's.
He had ch. John, Ichabod, Emma, all bap. in Scarborough 27
Sept. 1781 ; also William, Jonathan, Caleb, and Joanna who m.
John Roak.

William, son of Jonathan and Alice (Davis) Larrabee was
born in 1775; m. 8 Nov. 1807 Elizabeth, sister of Nathaniel
Parker; d. 26 Mch. 1841. His wife died 29 June 1856, aged
70 yrs. Of their children Mary, Martha and Emeline d. young ;
Jane m. Jacob Larrabee ; William A. m. Susan Sawyer ; John P. ;
Hannah m. Zenas C. Arey ; Stillman m. Martha Roak; Mary E.
m. Wm. H. Rice; Martha m. George Barr.

Jonathan, son of Jonathan and Alice (Davis) Larrabee was
l)orn 21 April 1782; m. 28 Sept. 1809 his cousin Phebe Davis;
d. in Hartford 12 Feb. 1853. 13 ch. A full genealogical record
of this family may be seen in Ridlon's " Saco Valley Settlement,"

PP- 855-7-


Jonathan Libby, Jr. was born in Gray 31 Jan. 1812. He was
descended from John Libby, born in England in 1602, settled in
Scarborough about 1635. Jonathan Libby married 27 Dec. 1838
Matilda S. Bacon and lived in N. Yarmouth before moving to
Durham m 1847. He was a cooper and engaged in business
Avith E. Dow. He was Representative to the Legislature in 1869.
He was a man highly esteemed for honesty and integrity of char-
acter. His aftiliations were with the Universalist Church, but
when that church had no service, he could always be seen on
Sunday at the Union Church. He was a Republican, and that
meant in his day a friend of temperance and freedom. His wife
died 17 Dec. 1876. The children were all born in N.Yarmouth.

Adelia b. 6 Mch. 1839; m. 24 Nov. 1862 Nathaniel L Jordan. Lives
in Aubtirn.

George B. b. 8 Mch. 1841; m. 1868 Julia A. Dow of Buxton.

Samuel B. b. 29 Jan. 1843; m. 30 Nov. 1871 Cornelia W.,dau. of Henry
W. and Eliza A. (Eveleth) Paine of Durham. He was a soldier in the
Rebellion. Has been selectman and Representative. Carries on the


business of Cooperage at S. W. Bend. Children are Etta M. b. 22 Feb.
1874; Willard T. b. 4 April 1876, Bowdoin College, class of 189Q;
Gertrude E. b. 7 Aug. 1879.

Fannie M. b. 7 April 1845; m. June 1867 Andrew G. Fitz.


The ancestor of the Lincoln family was Samuel Lincoln who
came from Hingham, Eng. in 1637, and settled in Hingham,
Mass. He was a mariner and weaver. He died in 1690, aged
71 years. His son Mordecai settled in Scituate, Mass., in 1700,
built a spacious house and was proprietor of saw and grist mills
and of iron works. His son Mordecai Jr. went to Penn . and
from him was descended Pres. Abraham Lincoln. Dr. Isaac
Lincoln of Brunswick was a descendant of Isaac, son of Mordecai,

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