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Senr. of Scituate. John, who settled in Durham was, doubtless,
a descendant of this same Mordecai Lincoln.

John Lincoln was born in Scituate, Mass., 18 (or 29) of Dec.
1743. Was a soldier in the Revolution. Married 21 Nov. 1779
his cousin, Ruth Stetson who was born 7 April 1740. Moved
to Durham about 1791, and settled on the County-road. They
had, besides Joshua who died in infancy, six children, all born
in Scituate.

John Jr. b. 2 Jan. 1780; m. Martha Thompson of Topsham. Lived
in Aroostook Co., Me. Died in 111.

Elisha Stetson b. 5 Dec. 1781; m. 17 Sept. 1820 Clarissa Stetson; d.
2 Nov. 1823 in Litchfield.

Nathaniel Stetson b. 12 Oct. 1783; m. 21 Jan. 1820 Mary Stetson;
d. 21 Feb. 1845.

Christopher b. 3 Jan. 1785; m. i Jan. 1815 Thirza Gerrish. Lived and
died in Litchfield, Me.; d. 22 Sept. 1864.

Eunice Stetson b. 25 Aug. 1788; m. 27 Oct. 1812 Isaac Storer
Hooper; died May 1884.

David Stetson b. 15 Jan. 1790; m. 30 May 1816 Mary Mitchell; m.
(2) 30 March 1830 Susan Blackstone. Lived in Durham and Brunswick.

Nathaniel S. Lincoln, named above, lived in Durham oppo-
."iite the old North Meeting House. He built the part now stand-
ing. The front, which was the house of John Dean and of Wm.
McGray, was taken down in 1854, carried to Brunswick and is
still the framework of a house on Noble St.

Mary Ann b. 14 July 1821; m. 10 May 1840 Horace Wright; d. 17
Feb. 1891.

Charles b. 6 Nov. 1823; lost at sea Feb. 1851.


Nathaniel b. 3 Mch. 1826; m. 26 Sept. 1852 Mary E. Reed. Lost
at sea Nov., i38i. His family live in Brunswick.
Ruth Helen b. 13 Oct. 1828; d. 17 Nov. 1871.
John b. 8 Nov. 1831; lost at sea 17 Nov. 1871.
Olive b. 22 Dec. 1833; d. 9 Feb. 1832.
Rebecca b. 20 Nov. 1835; ™- 22 May 1856 Winthrop Farrin.
Clara Abbie b. 3 Feb. 1838; m. 23 Dec. 1864 Wm. Stevens.
George b. i July 1843; lives in Cal. Unm.

Elijah Littlefield son of Elijah and Mary (Stevens) Littlefield,
probably of Kennebimkport or Wells, was born about 1755. He
was a soldier of the Revolution. He m. (i) 4 Nov. 1781 Mary
Tukey of Portland, who died about 1806; (2) Hannah Cooper.
He was a cordwainer and farmer. He bought a farm in the
southern part of Durham 8 May 1798, selling out in Portland.

Uriah b. 7 Jan. 1796; m. Ruth Penley; d. 13 Aug. 1859.

Moses b. 25 March 1794; m. 25 Dec. 1815 Esther Lufkin; d. at sea
1848. 10 ch.

George b. Oct. 1786; m. int. 18 July 1812 Hannah Doughty of Tops-
ham; lived in Durham; d. 8 Nov. 1870.

Mary m. int. 13 Aug. 1808 Adam Morse of Brunswick; lived in

Abigail m. int. 13 Aug. 1808 Samuel Mitchell.

Nancy Penney m. 21 July 1816 Aaron Bickford of Gardiner.

Sally b. at Durham 9 March 1801.


This family is of Scotch origin. "William Maycumber,
cooper," was of Duxbury in 1638. He was fined in 1644 "for
speaking against the Indians." His descendant, Joseph Macom-
ber of Middleborough, Mass., was born in 1732 and died Jan. 24,
]8oo. He married Betsey Kennedy, whose Scotch ancestors
were among the first settlers of Plymouth. In the Revolution he
was a Sergt. in Capt. Levi Rounsevel's Co., Col. D. Brewer's
Regt. Enlisted May 5, 1775 ; time of service, three months, four
days. He was afterward Lieut, and Capt. of Militia. Their
children, all born at Middleborough, were,

Joseph b. 8 Sept. 1762: Thankful b. 21 Jan. 1764, d. 1854:
Betsey b. 21 Mch 1765, d. 28 Aug. 1784 : Nathan b. 2 Feb. 1767,
d. 10 Aug. 1788 : Frederick b. 19 Dec. 1768 : Elijah b. 14 Oct.
1770: Judith b. 24 Aug. 1772 : Olive b. 20 Mch. 1774: Lurana


b. 19 Feb. 1778: Hannah b. 23 May 1780, d. unm. 28 Mch.
1827 : she was a preacher among the Friends.

EHjah Macomber came to Durham in 1801. He married at
Windham, 6 June 1802, EHza Swett, fourteenth and youngest
child of Dr. Stephen and Sarah (Adams) Swett of Gorham. In
the Revolution Swett was a Surgeon in Col. Edmund Phinney's
31st Regt. of Foot. He was descended from John Swett of New-
bury, 1642, who came from Devonshire, Eng. Sarah Adams
was the daughter of Dr. Samuel Adams of Durham, N. H. and
sixth in descent from Governors Winthrop and Dudley of Mass.

Elijah Macomber bought, in 1808, lot 83 of John and Sarah
Bagley, heirs of Col. Jonathan Bagley. It is quite certain that
he had been living on this farm some time before the purchase.
His house stood a little north of where George Miller now lives
and was burned many years ago. Here he kept a store and
carried on the farm. He was Lieut, in the Militia, constable, and
five times Selectman. Died 26 Sept. 1849. His wife, born 28
Sept. 1783, died 26 April 1853. Their children were,

Stephen b. 26 May 1803; m. 9 Nov. 1826 Sarah B. Francis; d. 30
April 1877 at Parkman.

JuLi.A. Ann b. 26 Feb. 1805; m. 30 May 1822 Joseph Curtis of Lisbon;
d. 30 May 1882 in Bangor.

Joseph b. 6 Nov. 1806; m. 20 Oct. 1853 Mrs. Mary (Miller) McArthur;
d. s. p. about 1890 in Abmgton, Mass.

Adams b. 26 July 1808; m. 10 Dec. 1832 Betsey Briggs of Minot; d.
8 Nov. 1853 in New Paris, Ind.

Eliza Swett b. 9 April 1810; m. 8 Nov. 1838 Samuel Owen Stack-
pole; d. 12 May 1888 in Brunswick.

Washington b. 10 Sept. 1812; m. 19 Sept. 1839 Abigail Davis; d. 12
Sept. 1874 in Lynn, Mass.

Horatio M. b. 22 June 1814; m. (i) 28 July 1836 Mary Wingate; (2)
Mrs. Phillips; d. about 1890 in Ind. See p. 71.

Leonard b. 30 May 1816; see below.

John b. 16 Mch. 1819; m. (i) 31 May 1846 Caroline Weston; (2) 22
Sept. 1875 Mrs. Mary F. Tufts; d. s. p. 26 Nov. 1883 in Lynn, Mass.

Leonard Macomber was the only one of this family who lived
long in Durham. He settled on the old Stoddard farm, lot 85,
in 1856. He married (i) 28 April 1842 Eliza Jane Swett, who
was born in Turner 8 June 18 19 and died in Durham 27 Sept.
185 1 ; (2) I July 1852 Louisa A. Teague, b. in Turner 8 Aug. 1828
and d. 14 Sept. 1852: (3) i May 1853 Abigail Gerrish, who died




March 1868; (4) 7 April 1869 Sarah Alexander of Brunswick,
born 15 Jan. 1824 and is still living.

Leonard Macomber was a prosperous farmer, a good citizen,
and was honored by being elected Selectman and Representative
to the Legislature. He died 13 June 1889. ^J his first marriage
there were, besides an infant, two sons : — Joseph, b. at Turner

8 Jan. 1845, soldier in the Civil War and died at the rebel prison
at Andersonville 29 (?) July, 1864: and George L., born at Dur-
ham 29 Nov. 1848. He also was a soldier in the Rebellion.
Graduated at the State College at Orono and settled as a farmer
and teacher at Windom, Minn.

The only child of Leonard and Abigail (Gerrish) Macomber
was Everett Leroy, born 4 Sept. 1854. He lives on the home-


Joshua Marston married Rebecca Sawyer and settled in the
western part of the town early in the century. He died 20 Jan.

1884, aged 85 yrs. 8 mos. and 8 days. His wife died 28 Oct.

1885, aged 89 yrs. 8 mos. and 11 days. Their children were
William K., Mariam, Sarah and Edward.

William K. Marston died 22 Dec. 1883, aged 60 yrs. 11 mos.
24 days. His wife, Elizabeth died 26 June 1849, aged 26 yrs.

9 mos. 15 days. The details of the history and genealogy of
this family could not be obtained after many inquiries.

Capt. William McGray came to Harpswell probably from
Scituate, Mass. ; thence to N. Yarmouth ; and to Durham about
1 78 1. He m. (i) July 1764 Susannah Turner, born at Scituate
8 Jan. 1742 and died in Durham 5 Feb. 1801 ; m. (2) 6 Aug. 1801
Peace Turner. It is not known when he died. The family
name has long been extinct in Durham. Several of his family
moved to Lisbon.

Lemuel b. in Harpswell 5 Oct. 1764; m. 1786 Sarah Strout. 2 ch.
He died 4 Oct. 1788. Jeremiah b. 14 April 1787; Sarah b. 23 Jan. 1789.
The widow of Lemuel McGray m. 1791, Nathaniel Gerrish.

Molly b. 2 Feb. 1767.

Elizabeth b. 10 March 1769; m. 20 March 1788 James Wilson.

John b. 10 Aug. 1771; m. 27 Oct. 1791 Rebecca Nichols.

Sarah b. 17 May 1774; d. 22 Dec. 1775.

William b. 8 Oct. 1777; m. 25 Oct. 1798 Betty Mitchell.


Asa b. i8 Sept. 1780; m. 29 March 1801, Susanna Stoddard.
Sally b. i Nov. 1783; d. 6 May 1784.

A Samuel McGray m. Betsey Nichols and settled in Lisbon,
and kept the ferry at S. W. Bend. He died 19 Mch. 1872. His
wife died 28 Mch. 1872.

John Mcintosh a Scotchman came from Harpswell soon
after 1780. Was a Revolutionary soldier from Harpswell. The
name of his first wife is unknown. He m. (2) 29 Nov. 1810 Sally

Jane b. 13 Dec. 1778.
Peggy b. in Harpswell 31 Dec. 1780.
John b. in Royalsborough 20 Aug. 1785; d. 17 Jan. 1787.
Hannah b. 19 May 1787; m. 10 Mch. 1808 Richard Clough.
Nanny b. 2 May 1789.

Susannah b. 4 April 1792; m. 1808, Eliphalet Welch of Brunswick.
Mercy b. 16 May 1794; m. 26 Nov. 1812 Peter Parker.
EzEKiEL b. 15 May 1795; m. 29 May 1832 Miriam Estes.
William b. 15 June 1796; m. 1821 Nancy Jennings of Farmington;
in. (2) 18 Mch. 1837 Sophronia Jennings.

Alexander b. 4 April 1798; m. i June 1826 Hannah Jordan.
Dorothy b. 26 Oct. 1801; m. Isaac Estes.
Asenath b. 25 June 1803; m. Mitchell.

Roger Merrill, a Rev. Soldier, son of Nathaniel and Mary
(Sargent) Merrill of Nottingham, N. H. was born at Newbury,
Mass. I Feb. 1761. His ancestors came from England in the ship
"Hector," in 1633. He m. in New Gloucester 2 Feb. 1785 Doro-
thy, dau. of Hon. John Gushing, then of Royalsborough, after-
ward of Freeport. They lived in Durham till 1802, where their
first eight children were born ; afterward in Portland and Litch-
field. He was a mason by trade. The last part of his life was
spent in Durham where he died 15 June 1852, aged 91 years,
4 mos. 15 days. His wife died in Litchfield 28 Dec. 1863. Their
children were.

Orlando b. 30 June 1786; m. Sarah Wagg of Lisbon.
Dolly b. 30 Sept. 1788; m. 1806 Wm. Bartlett.
John b. ii Dec. 1790; died at sea.
Jonathan C. b. 20 Feb. 1793; see p. 219.

[ TEE A'rW YQ?X ]

.'.."vXX6>l jkK|» I




Polly b. 5 May 1795; d. at age of 22 years.

Betsey b. 8 Dec. 1797; m. Robinson.

Edward b. 24 July 1800; m. 15 Oct. 1827 Mary Converse. Lived in
New Bedford, Mass. Died 11 Sept. 1884.

Caleb b. 24 June 1802; d. 14 Oct. 1805.

William b. 20 Sept. 1804; d. 9 Oct. 1805.

Jesse b. 17 Dec. 1806; d. 10 July 1813.

Mary S. b. 20 Sept. 1809; m. Aaron True of Litchfield 27 Jan. 1830.
"She died 16 April 1875.

Sarah b. 26 Dec. 1812; d. 19 Aug. 1813 in Portland.

Infant b. 22 Nov. 1817; d. soon after.

Jonathan C, son of Roger Merrill, born 20 Feb. 1793, mar-
ried 12 April 1818 Sarah Joy of Portland. He worked at the
trade of a cooper till about 1820, when he moved back from Port-
land to Durham and opened a hotel and country store. He was
in trade and lumber business the greater part of his life and was
known as an active business man, identified with all the interests
of the town. He twice represented the town in the State Legis-
lature and was on the Board of County Commissioners. He
died in Durham 5 May 1865.

Sarah E. b. 19 Nov. 1820; m. Dec. 1858 Nathaniel Dunning. He
died 22 July 1880, aged 83 yrs.

Ap.bie H. b. 25 Aug. 1823; m. 3 Oct. 1842 William ]\Ierrill of Durham.

Mary C. b. 24 May 1827; m. Wm. E. Morris.

John Cushing b. 26 March 1830; m. 26 Jan. 1854 Marcia A. Cary.
Their daughter Maria S. Merrill has long been a teacher of French in
Abbot Academy, Andover, Mass. Another daughter, Sarah J., lives
with her father in Portland.

John Merrill, of another family, married Lucy, dau. of Rob-
ert Plummer (Int. Rec. 2 June 1810) and died 8 May 1818, aged
28 yrs, 4 mos. Their son John, born in Brunswick 13 Oct.
1814, was the only one of their children who has descendants.
He married, 12 April 1840, Eunice S., dau. of Theophilus S.
Thomas. He died 17 June 1864 in New Orleans, being then a
soldier in the Union Army.

Pamelia T. b. 2-j Mch. 1841; m. 27 Nov. 1862 Joseph Dennison of
Freeport, born 14 April 1837, a Union soldier. He died i April 1876.
One son, John M. Dennison, was born 31 July 1865.

John H. b. 10 Jan. 1843; m. 12 Jan. 1874 Sarah Jane, dau. of Gardner
G. and .Sarah (Stackpole) Larrabee. They have one child, Alzo Selden,
born 20 Aug. 1875.

William H. b. 10 Jan. 1843; m. 9 June 1872 Laura E., dau. of Joseph
and Jane (Randall) Osgood. Their children are Francis W. b. 29 May


1873, d. 2 Aug. 1874; George E. b. 15 May 1875; Howard J. b. 25 Nov.
1877; Sadie E. b. 21 April 1880; Pamelia J. b. 10 Oct. 1881; John E.
b. 28 April 1866; Charles b. 16 April 1888, d. 27 Oct. 1888; William I.
b. 26 Feb. 1893.

Joseph A. b. 14 Sept. 1845; ™. 12 Jan. 1867 Elizabeth B. Pierce of
Vassalborough. They have one son, Adelbert B., born in Topsham 24
Aug. 1869. Joseph A. Merrill now lives in Augusta, Me.


Joshua, David and James Miller, brothers, came from Cape
Elizabeth in 1792. James bought lot 95 in 1796 and sold the
westerly part of it in 1806 to his brother Joshua, who sold it in
1832 to Edmund Titcomb. James Miller moved to Gardiner and
later to Ohio.

Joshua Miller was born in Cape Elizabeth 12 Oct. 1765. He
married 16 Oct. 1787 Anne Wilson Simonton who was born 30
Nov. 1763. He has been described as "tall and lank" and his
wife, "short and stout." He lived on lot 97. Here he died 22
Oct. 1852. His wife died 21 Jan. 1852.

Joshua Jr. b. 9 Nov. 1788; m. Dorcas Wagg of Danville. For a long
time they kept hotel at S. W. Bend, and were familiarly known as "Uncle
Josh" and "Aunt Dorcas." Having no children they adopted and
brought up several. They were highly esteemed. He died 6 Sept. 1862.
His wife died 24 June 1869.

Sarah b. 22 Dec. 1791; m. (i) 29 Nov. 1810 Apollos Jordan; m. (2)
24 Nov. 1833 Jeremiah Dingley Esq.

Abigail b. 4 June 1794; m. 12 Feb. 1815 James Strout of Durham; d.
3 Mch. 1819.

Theophilus b. 21 May 1797; m. 1822 Anna Bridgham of Danville.
He was killed 3 July 1830, at a muster in Brunswick, by a wad from a
cannon discharged by William Card. He was drummer for a military
company. His widow married Robert Bowie. A son Wm. B. Miller
b. 8 April 1823; m. 2 Nov. 1845 Irene G. Tyler and d. 2 May 1858, leaving
a daughter who is now Mrs. Sarah Morse of Auburn.

William b. 4 April 1800; see below.

Mary b. 28 Aug. 1803; m. (i) 15 Sept. 1836, her cousin, Peter
McArthur of Limington; (2) Joseph Macomber of Durham. She died
in Durham 7 May 1868.

John b. 13 May 1806; see p. 221.

William, son of Joshua and Anne (Simonton) Miller married
23 Feb. 1826 Betsey, dau. of William and Hannah (Stackpole)


■"the i^r^ ^^^- ^


Webster. Farmer at "'Methodist Corner." Died 26 Aug. 1856.
See portrait.

Simon b. 10 May 1828; m. 27 Feb. 1856 Josephine, dau. of William and
Abbie P. (Wescott) Robinson; was for some time a trader in Durham.
Died in Lewisfon 3 Jan. 1883. They had two children, Gertrude W.,
who is a teacher in Lewiston. and William R., who is an architect in the
same city.

William S. b. 13 Dec. 1830; m. 18 Feb. 1863 Melissa J. dau. of Elisha
and Mary (Tyler) Strout. He lives on the old homestead at "Methodist
Corner." Has one son, Frederick Henry b. 14 Feb. 1865; m. 21 June
1893 Julia L. dau. of Andrew and Fanny (Libby) Fitz. This son is one
of the Selectmen of Durham.

H.^NNAH E. b. 22 Feb. and d. 5 Mch. 1835.

James Henry b. 7 July 1839; m. Annie Johnson of Bridgton. He is
remembered as a musician. Resides in Bowlder, Montana. Their only
son, Frank C, was accidentally killed Nov. 1896, at Bowlder, aged 20 yrs.

John Miller (See Biog. Sketch) married 2 Dec. 1830, Hannah
dau. of Samuel and Catherine (Clark) Robinson. Lived on the
homestead. Died 5 Dec. 1869. Three children.

Joseph b. 5 Nov. 1832; m. 5 May 1858 Mary E. dau. of Benjamin Bur-
gess. He was a farmer on the River Road, afterward a builder in Lew-
iston and Cambridge, Mass., where he died 24 May 1896. He was my old
Sunday School Teacher, and I revere his memory. I was present at his
death and officiated at his burial in Lewiston. He left two children,
Florence and Charles.

Angelia b. 26 July 1834; d. 28 Feb. 1888.

Samuel b. ii Feb. 1837; m. 19 Nov. 1863 Elizabeth Hodgkins of
Greene. He used to teach the Singing Schools, and was a man of piety
and refined spirit. He died triumphantly 19 Nov. 1869 in Lewiston.
Tlioir children are Carrie, John W., Sarah R.

David iVliller m. in Cape Elizabeth 18 Dec. 1786 his cousin
Elizabeth Miller. He settled in Durham on lot 96.

Mary b. 17S8; unm.; d. Jan. 1844.

Elizabeth b. 10 Jan. 1792; m. Wm. Wagg; d. 24 Nov. 1870.

David b. 1794; m. Apphia Miller; d. 3 March 1877. His wife d. 30
April 1871, aged 78 yrs. Their children were Sarah d. 16 April 1855, aged
29; David, d. 24 May 1856, aged 32; Edmund, James and Mary E.

Hugh b. 1796;' m. 1825 Sally Jordan, who was born 22 Jan. 1797 and
died 13 Dec. 1886. He died 9 Oct. 1884. Their children were James
Jordan b. 20 May 1826; Elizabeth b. 5 Jan. 1830; George W. b. 27 Feb.
1832 and Harriet D. b. 7 Sept. 1834.

Joshua b. 1800. Unm.; d. Oct. 1887.

Ann b. 1806; m. 29 Jan. 1837, Abel C. McKenney; d. Jan. 1844.


John Miller of Cape Elizabeth was born 4 Jan. 1745 and
died 25 May 1820. He was probably son of John Miller who
married Jane Craige in Falmouth (Int. Rec. 27 Aug. 1738). He
was baptized at the First Parish Church in old Falmouth in 1752.
He married, 15 April 1781, Mrs. Margaret (Johnson) McLellan
of Gorham, widow of Alexander AlcLcllan. She was born 22
June 1744 and died 20 Mch. 1820. They had, besides two
children who died young, a son Samuel, born in Gorham 10
May 1786. The first wife of Samuel was Jane Brackctt Smith
Avho died Jan. 1812, aged 28 yrs., leaving one dau., Jane B. Miller.
b. 8 Jan. 1812, d. 22 Nov. 1888. He married (2) Nov. 1817,
Mary, dau. of Randall and Miriam Johnson, born 18 Mch. 1794.
She died 20 June 18S5. He died in Durham 21 April 1861.
Their children were Elizabeth M., who married Emery S. War-
ren, and John, born in Gorham 22 May 1822.

John Miller, in 1843, moved to Durham with his father, who
with William Miller had bought of Joshua Miller the hotel at
South West Bend. Thus it was known for many years as
"Miller's Tavern." William Miller was in partnership but one
year. John Miller sold, in 1871, to the present occupant, Abner
Merrill. He afterward served as clerk in various hotels, includ-
ing the Poland Spring House, the Elm House at Auburn and the
Brighton House, at Brighton, Mass. He retired from business
in 1877, lived at Durham till 1879, and then moved to Lewiston,
where he died 11 Oct. 1881. He married, 28 June 1858, Kate
White Miller, who was born in Cabron, Lincolnshire, Eng., 7
Dec. 1823. They had one daughter. Belle, born in Caistor,
Eng., 23 Sept. 1873.

Mr. Miller had a genial spirit and a kind word for all. Thus
he secured many friends. He cultivated the habit of thinking
charitably and speaking well of everybody mentioned. He was
earnestly devoted to his business and accumulated thereby a
j)roperty sufficient to enable him to spend his last years with
his family in comfortable rest.

William Mitchell is mentioned in Bagley's Account Book in
1772. His intentions of marriage with Elizabeth Clark were
recorded in old Falmouth 21 April 1759. She was a sister to the
Rev. Ephraim Clark, long pastor of the church at Cape Elizabeth.
She probably came from Cape Ann, Mass. William Mitchell's


:^x n-^ ^^


sons in Durham were Peter, Thomas, WilHam, Jr., Samuel,
Richard and Robert. Peter married, 29 Nov. 1802, Kezia Ring
and moved to Avon. She was accidentally burned to death in her
old age. A son James lived in Letter E. Another son, Robert,
lived in Gardiner. Peter Mitchell lived in Durham on the "Hal-
lowell Road," south of the Gully, where Mr. Miller now lives.
It was probably his father's house that stood back in the pasture,
some little distance from the road.

Thomas Mitchell owned a part of lot 70 and sold it to Martin
Rourk. There is no record of him after 1807, when he was last

William Mitchell Jr. married Avis Gushing in 1797. Lived
on or near lot 121. Moved to Avon in 1834 and died about 1836.
He used to work in the shipyards as a caulker. Nine children.

John b. 19 Jan. 1798; m. 22 Aug. 1824 Lydia Spaulding of Durham.
Moved to Avon, thence to Strong, and d. 1892. His wife d. 1893. Had
9 ch., three of whom are living. Isaiah Mitchell of Auburn is one of

William 3D b. 28 Oct. 1799. Went to N. Y. and was never heard

Israel b. 14 Sept. 1801; d. i Oct. 1801.

Silence m. John Smith and died in Avon.

Aaron b. 1805; m. 28 Jul}' 1832 Susan, dau. of Rev. John Robinson
of Lisbon. He died in Winthrop, Mass., in 1895. She died in Linden,
Mass., in 1892, aged 85 yrs. Their children were Benjamin R., Dexter,
Stanford, Avis, Hoshea, Nellie. They lived in West Durham, Auburn,
North Durham, and finally the whole family moved to Mass. Stanford
became a Universalist minister.

James m. Anna Boston. Moved to Avon with his father. Settled and
died at Poland Corner.

Emeline m. Carr Barker; d. Out West after having lived some years
in Phillips, Me.

Betsey b. 13 Sept. 1807; m. 20 Oct. 1830 David Bowie of Durham; d.
30 March 1898.

Clark m. Serena Boston. Lived and died in Avon. His son lives
in Avon, Me.

Mary. Unm.

Richard Mitchell married in Gape Elizabeth 31 Aug. 1788
Eleanor Webster. Lived for a short time in Durham on lot 92.
Six ch. recorded.

Patience b. 6 July 1789; m. int. 7 Aug. 1815 Jacob True of Pejepscot.
John b. 14 Peb. 1792.

Christopher b. 14 May 1795; m. Esther Penley of Danville. Lived
on the Hotel Road. 9 ch.


LuciNDA b. i8 May 1797.

Benjamin b. 8 Aug. 1799, m. Hannah Penley of Danville. Lived on
Hotel Road in Auburn.
James b. 25 April 1802.

Robert Mitchell married 25 April 1793 Sally Dyer of Durham.
The following children are recorded :

Hannah b. 26 Aug. 1794; m. int. 27 Aug. 1814 Riggs Getchell of

Folly b. 18 July 1796; m. 30 May 1816 David Lincoln of Durham.

David b. 28 Feb. 1798.

Jane b. i Oct. 1800; m. James Fowler of Unity, Me.

Francis b. 13 March 1803.

Samuel Mitchell was born 18 Dec. 1766; m. 19 Nov. 1802
Betsey Dingley, who was b. 24 Nov. 1776 and d. 3 Feb. 1853.
He d. 21 July 1835. They lived on the southern half of lot 90.

William b. 1803; d. 22 Oct. 1823.

Eliza b. Aug. 1805: m. Deacon Bangs of Sabattus; d. Aug. 1856.

Isaiah b. 1809; d. 13 Nov. 1823.

Sally b. July 1811; m. Sargent Whittum. Lived in Sabattus and
Lewiston, Me.

Mary b. Oct. 1813; d. 21 April 1863.

Samuel b. June 1815; m. (i) Harriet Eveleth; (2) 19 Sept. 1858 Laura
W. Jones. Died in Durham 12 Jan. 1869. His sons, George and Alvah,
live in Boston, Mass.

Israel b. 15 Sept. 181 7; m. 26 Oct. 1847 Eliza Fowler of Unity; d.
22 Dec. 1891. Lived on the homestead in Durham many years. Died
in Lewiston. 4 ch. James and Alonzo died young. Emma and Mrs.
Martha Lufkin live m Lewiston, Me.

Susan b. June 1822; d. 21 April 1897. Unm.


Samuel Moulton, probably son of Henry, was born in Lisbon
18 Nov. 1782, married, 2 Feb. 1806, Wealthy, dau. of Josiah Day
of Durham and died in Lee, Me., 27 Nov. 1866. His wife born
22 Oct. 1782, died in Lee 17 Aug. 1849. The town records say
she was born 4 Nov. 1782. The record of this family may be
seen in the History of Litchfield.

Jeremiah Moulton, son of Samuel, born 9 Sept. 1808, mar-
ried, Dec. 1830 Phebe, dau. of Josiah Day, Jr., and died in Dur-
ham 6 June 1889. His wife, born 30 July 1810, is still living.

Augusta W. m. 26 Jan. 1853 Daniel B. Blethen. Died 22 May 1897,
aged 65 yrs. 7 mos.

J. Elvira m. G. Wendell Blethen.




Mercy E. m. Elisha Day.

Lorenzo D. d. i Sept. 1863, aged 24 yrs. 7 mos.
Albert d. 27 Dec. 1885, aged 44 yrs. 11 mos.
JosiAH d. 8 Nov. 1857, aged 14 yrs. 5 mos.
CoRRis A. d. 3 May 1852, aged 6 yrs. 7 mos.
Laura E. m. Otis S. White.

Leander H. m. Laura Eleanor Whitney. He is Principal of the
High School at Lisbon Falls.


Ebenezer Newell born in Brookline, Mass. 18 Mch. 1747; m.
12 Dec. 1765 Catharine, dau. of James and Mary (Woodward)
Richards. She was born in Newton 25 Dec. 1747. He moved
to Cape Elizabeth, then to Durham in 1779, and settled on lot
66, which he bought of Charles Hill. His wife died 21 Nov. 1788.
He m. (2) 13 July 1789, Hannah Sylvester of Harpswell. He was
Lieut, in the Revolution and Town Clerk for several years. Died
20 Nov. 1791. His widow m. 19 Aug. 1802 Anthony Murray of

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