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came to Durham about 1790 and settled on lot 87, which he
bought of Willis Hall of Medford for sixty pounds. Hall
received this lot by will of Isaac Royall. Skinner sold 74 acres
of this, 24 March 1808, to Samuel Nichols Jr., for $1120. He
died 16 March 1844. He married i June 1775 Catherine Jordan
of Cape Elizabeth. His wife died 19 Jan. 1832. This family
moved to Lewiston. Their children were :

John Jr. b. at Cape Elizabeth 28 Mch. 1777.

Andrew b. 10 Jan. 1781; m. 21 Aug. 1806 Wealthy Green; d. 26 Feb.
1857. A son Jordan b. 18 May 1808, d. 29 Dec. 1863.

Sarah b. 18 Aug. 1782; m. 1808, Job Mitchell of Raymond.

Peter b. 17 Jan. 1784.

David b. 10 Nov. 1786.

Joseph b. 11 Oct. 1789.

Samuel b. in Durham 18 Dec. 1791; m. 18 Mch. 1819 Eleanor Jordan;
d. 1876.

Freeman b. 2 Oct. 1794; m. 15 Jan. 1824 Joanna Robinson of Durham;
d. 29 Dec. 1838.

Joanna b. 27 Dec. 1797; d. 21 Feb. 1840.

Capt. Joshua Snow, of Scotch descent, was born m Salisbury,
Mass., in 1760. He entered the Revolutionary Army at the age
of seventeen and served through the war. Was first sergeant
at the time of his discharge. Was wounded, wintered at Valley
Forge. He came to Royalsborough about 1782. Married (i)
13 Jan. 1785 Molly Roberts of Durham ; (2) 29 July 1800 Sarah
Snow of Harpswell. Six children by first marriage, two by sec-
ond. Lived about a mile from the Friends Meeting House, on
the road to Brunswick. The old homestead is now occupied by

T>:£ aTw vork: I











his grandson Actor Snow. He died in Bowdoin, Me., in 1839.
T\YO sisters were the wives of Simeon Sanborn and O. Israel

Joshua m. (Int. Rec. 3 Sept. 1808) Lucretia Mclntire of New Glouces-
ter. He settled in New Gloucester and died there about 1843.

Ebenezer m. 23 Oct. 1815 Makeda Mclntire. Died in New Glouces-
ter at age of zi ys.

Sarah m. 2 Oct. 1803 Jonathan Ham of Wales. They moved to
Ohio in 1817.

Anna, died young.

Simeon b. 11 April 1792; m. Sally Wilson of Durham. Lived and
died on the homestead. Four ch. Actor b. 4 June 1831; Thankful;
Rachel Ann; and Apphia Wilson.

Moses b. 1794; m. 4 Dec. 1817 Deborah Bishop of Harpswell. Died
in Bowdoin in 1884. His wife died in 1874, aged 80 yrs.

Mary m. 2s Mch. 1828 Ebenezer Newell 3d.

Hannah m. 8 Mch. 1827 Tappan Prescott.


On the southern coast of Wales, about six miles from Pem-
broke, there rises a cokunnar mass of limestone, called The
.Stack Rock. It is at the mouth of an inlet or pool, which
is named from the Rock the Stack-pool. A Norman, said to
have been knighted by William the Conqueror, built his castle
on this inlet and was called Richard de Stackpol, since pol in
old English meant a pool of water. The castle has been remod-
eled more than once, yet the foundations remain the same, and
it has for about eight centuries borne the name of Stackpole
Court. It is at present the seat of the Earl of Cawdor. The
Stackpole coat of arms, as old as 1250, is a red rampant lion,
having a gold collar, on a silver shield. The lineage of the Pem-
brokeshire Stackpoles for two or three centuries is on record at
the College of Heraldry in London. It declares that Sir Robert
Stackpole went with Strongbow to the conquest of Ireland in
1 168. His descendants became numerous m Dublin, Cork and
Limerick, holding many official positions. Twenty mayors.
Aldermen and Recorders by the name of Stackpole are found in
the records of Limerick from 1450 to 1650.

James Stacpole (for the name was till within a century spelled
without a k) was born in 1652 and was probably a son of Philip
Stacpole of Limerick, Ireland. He was living in Dover, N. H.,

250 HISTORY OF Durham

(now Rollinsford) in 1680, and had married Margaret, dau. of
James and Margaret Warren, ancestors of all the Warrens of
Durham. He died in 1736, and of his six children Philip

received the homestead. He married Mercy and died in

1 76 1. They had seven children, of whom James married Eliz-
abeth Pierce and had six sons and two daughters. Of these John
Stackpole was born in Somersworth (now Rollinsford) 4 Aug.
1749. He was a tailor by trade. He married 4 July 1775, Eliz-
abeth, dau. of David and Mary Dunning of Brunswick and set-
tled in Harpswell at High Head. In 1792 he removed with his
family to Durham and settled on lot 91. He died 26 June 1829.
Jrlis wife was born 9 Sept. 175 1 and died 29 Feb. 1836. Nine

John Dunning b. 20 May 1776. See below.

Hannah b. 27 Oct. 1778; m. Capt. William Webster; d. 29 June 1851.
Ten children.

David Dunning b. ii June 1781. See below.

Mary b. 7 June 1783; m. 25 Dec. 1806 Capt. Joseph Webster of Gray;
d. 19 Sept. 1871. Mr. Webster was born 26 Sept. 1776 and died 26 Feb.
1843. Nine children.

Lydia b. 30 June 1785; m. 26 Nov. 1808 David Thompson, then of So.
I.cwiston, afterward of Greene. She died 17 July 1870. Mr. Thomp-
son was born 14 Sept. 1786 and died 30 Dec. 1874. Nine children.

Jane Dunning b. 2^ Dec. 1788; d. 10 April 1851. Unm.

James Dunning b. 15 Mch. 1790; d. Aug. 1810 at Salem, Mass. Unm.

Samuel Owen b. 19 Dec. 1794. See p. 251.

Henry Ricker b. 9 Feb. 1797; d. Oct. 1819 at City Point, Va. Unm,

John Dunning Stackpole, born 20 May 1776, married 26 Mch.
1797 Betty, dau. of Stephen and Desire (Turner) Weston. He
was a farmer in Durham, Lisbon and Gardiner. Died in Gardi-
ner 15 Oct. 1850. His wife, born 6 Sept. 1777, died 19 May 1854.
Their six children were all born in Durham.

Deborah b. 31 July 1798; m. Wm. Smith of Lisbon.

Aaron b. 13 Jan. 1801; m. 21 Feb. 1828 Mary B. Hinkley of Lisbon.
Farmer and merchant. Died in Gardiner 22 June 1885. Nine children.

Eliza b. i Feb. 1804; m. 15 Aug. 1824 Joel Chandler of Freeport.

Mary b. 8 June 1807; m. (i) Wm. Kempton; (2) Capt. Charles J. Fogg
of San Francisco. She died in Los Angeles, Cal. Jan. 1898, aged 90 yrs.
7 mos.

Judith b. 1810; m. (i) Charles Wilson of Gardiner; (2) Mr. Ricker.

Harriet b. 29 April 1814; m. Seth Kempton; d. s. p. 28 April 1857.

David Dunning Stackpole, born 11 June 1781, married 4 Jan.



1807, Judith, dait. of Walter and Deborah (Gushing) Hatch of
ilingham, Mass. He studied navigation in Portland and became
a wealthy sea-captain. Most of his life was spent in Portland
and on the sea. He was generous and much beloved, a man of
thought and activity. He was one of a few attendants at the Sec-
ond Parish Church in Portland who helped through college lads
who afterward became well known as Prof. Calvin Stowe and
Pres. Cyrus Hamlin. He moved to S. W. Bend in old age and
died there 20 May 1856. His wife, born 20 Mch. 1788, died in
Lisbon 17 Jan. 1879. Their eleven children were born in Port-

William Henry b. 2 Oct. 1807; m. 20 Aug. 1829 Susan M. Bond of
N. Y. He died at sea, leaving two daughters.

Charles Augustus b. 13 Sept. 1809; m. 4 Aug. 1835 Mary Smith Mer-
rill of Portland. He became prominent as an advocate of total abstinence
and of the abolition of slavery. He was merchant, bank cashier, editor
and farmer. He sacrificed much for conscience's sake. He was an
uncompromising moral reformer. Died 16 Dec. 1890 at Lexington, Mass.
Four children.

David Dunlap b. 2 Aug. 181 1; m. 24 Nov. 1852 Celinda Plympton.
He became a wealthy merchant of Boston and died there 11 Mch. 1879.
Three children.

Frances Hall b. 13 July 1813; m. (i) Mr. Dominicus Parker of
Bangor; (2) the Rev. George Bradburn. Died in Melrose, Mass., Jan.


Elizabeth Angelia b. 16 Oct. 1815; m. 16 May 1831 John E. Godfrey,
lawyer and Judge of Bangor. Died 17 May 1878. Two sons.

Addison b. 21 Oct. 1817; died young.

Susan Wood b. i Sept. 1820; d. 30 Aug. 1890. Unm.

Helen Louise b. 8 Feb. 1823; m. Charles Adams of Galveston, Texas,
d. s. p. 8 Nov. 1857.

Mary Blanchard b. 28 Jan. 1825; d. 14 April 1844. Unm.

Ellis Merrill b. 2.2 May 1828; m. 5 Feb. 1851 Eliza L., dau. of the
Rev. Robert and Susan (Hardy) Crozier. He was interested in a line of
steamers from N. Y. to Galveston, Texas, and had a successful business
career. Died in Galveston, i Dec. 1886. Twelve ch.

Henriette Maria b. 2 May 1830; m. 18 April 1850 James F. Cruger.
Living in Texas.

Samuel Owen Stackpole, born 19 Dec. 1794; married (i) i
Jan. 1 8 18 Sarah, dau. of Samuel and Catherine (Clark) Robin-
son ; (2) 8 Nov. 1838 Eliza, dau. of Elijah and Eliza (Swett)
Macomber. His first wife was born 22 June 1794 and died 8
Feb. 1837. His second wife was born 9 April 1810 and died in


Brunswick 12 May 1888. He died in Brunswick 7 April 1876.
See p. 123. Nine children by first marriage.

Sarah b. 10 Nov. 1818; m. 5 Oct. 1837 Gardner G. Larrabee; d. 14
Aug. 1889.

Elizabeth b. 5 Sept. 1820; d. 20 Sept. 1823.

Hannah b. 19 May 1822; m. (i) 21 May 1848 Daniel R. Fickett; (2)
10 April 1856 the Rev. Christopher C. Covell. She died at Pownal 17
Aug. 1875.

Samuel b. 25 Aug. 1824: m. 24 July 1847 Emeline Wyman; d. s. p.
in Auburn 25 July 1890.

Henry Ricker b. 2"] Oct. 1826; m. 14 July 1851 Apphia Swasey. Lives
at Montpelier, Vt. Five children.

David b. 20 Sept. 1828; m. 12 April 1867 Hattie, dau. of Jeremiah and
Mary (Gerrish) Day. After spending some years in Gal. he returned and
settled on the homestead, where he died 2 June 1897. His only child
Ralph, born 31 Jan. 1876, holds the old homestead which has been held
in the Stackpole name since 1783.

Catherine b. 14 Jan. 1831; d. i Sept. 1832.

William b. i Sept. 1832; m. 20 Nov. 1855 Lucy, dau. of Dea. William
and Maria (Blethen) Dingley. He lives on lot 89. Has been Selectman
and Representative. A daughter, Maria L. b. 6 April 1865, m. 24 Nov.
1887, Frank M. Drinkwater. They live in West Somerville, Mass. A son
Merton G. b. 15 Nov. 1866, m. 21 Nov. 1889 Marietta, dau. of Isaiah and
Sarah (Doughty) Trufant. They have a child Hazel T. born 13 Mch. 1891.

Charles b. 15 Feb. 1835; m. i Jan. i860 at Calais, Me., Carrie A. Doyle.
He is a farmer in Auburn. Their son, the Rev. Charles Henry Stack-
pole is mentioned in a Biog. Sketch.

Children of Samuel O. and Eliza (Macomber) Stackpole.

Julia Ann b. 18 Sept. 1839; m. 11 May 1880 Charles Harrison Brown
of Lowell, Mass. He died at Winthrop, Mass., 25 Feb. 1897. She
resides in Brunswick, Me.

Elizabeth Dunning b. 2 Jan. 1842; m. i Oct. 1865 Dennis Callahan.
Died in West Bridgewater, Mass., 19 Mch. 1873, leaving daughter Lizzie
Mildred and son Corydon Howard. The daughter was brought up in the
family of her uncle, Samuel Stackpole, and so assumed his surname be-
fore her marriage to Leon Strout.

Mary Blanchard b. 21 Sept. 1843.

Benjamin Franklin b. 2 Oct. 1845; d. 2 June 1867 in Worcester,

Sylvia Nye b. 22 Dec. 1847; d. 21 Nov. 1873. Graduate of Mass.
State Normal School and teacher in Worcester, Mass.

Everett S. b. ii June 1850. See p. "]}, and portrait.

Howard Vinton b. 22 Mch. 1853; m. 13 April 1896 Cora J., dau.
of George W. and Hattie (Doyle) Curtis of Brunswick. After one year
in Bowdoin College he entered into business. Is a shoe-dealer in Bruns-




■ ^j»>-.»«»i«-.»T7i-jTm»iMir',i»V-fc>ir'>.— • '



Elisha Stetson was descended from Robert Stetson (1613-
1702), who settled in Scituate, Mass., in 1634, coming- from the
County of Kent. Eng. The descent is through Joseph (1639-

1724), Robert (1670 ), Anthony (1693-1747), and Isaac

(1722-1811). The last married 16 Nov. 1749 Ruth Prouty.
Elisha was the sixth of their eleven children, born 8 April 1759,
in Scituate, Mass. He married Rebecca Curtis in 1784 and
moved to Durham m 1789, settling on the County Road. He
died Feb. 1848.

Ruth b. 18 Nov. 1784; m. May 181 1 Nathaniel Parker.

Sally b. 20 July 1786; unm.

Elisha b. 17 Nov. 1788. See below.

Stephen b. 28 May 1791; m. 13 Aug. 1813 Betsey Dennison of Free-
port. Lived in Lewiston. 6 ch.

Isaac b. 3 March 1793; m. 23 Nov. 1819 Betsey Curtis of Boston.
Lived in Pownal. 9 ch.

Clarissa b. 18 May 1795; m. 20 Oct. 1820 Eljsha Lincoln; d. 11
March 1840.

Abigail, twin to Clarissa; ni. 14 Feb. 1828 Nathaniel Parker; d. 24
Jan. 1844.

David b. 30 March 1798; m. 4 Dec. 1824 Elizabeth Sylvester of Free-
port. Lived in Auburn. 11 cji.

Mary b. 6 April 1800; m. 21 Jan. 1821 Capt. Natlianiel Lincoln; il.
16 Oct. 1890.

Charles b. 11 April 1802; m. Elmira Watson of Calais. Lived in
Durham. 3 ch. Isaac b. 2 Aug. 1832; d. young. Ebenezer b. i April
1834; m. dau. of Benj. P. Roberts. Susanna b. 19 Sept. 1841.

Nathaniel b. 20 July 1804; m. 24 Dec. 1829 Ann Osgood. Lived in
Durham. Died 17 Mch. 1887. Ch. Charles B. b. 20 Oct. 1839; m.
Maria, dau. of Elisha Lincoln. Educated at Bowdoin College. A. M.
Teacher. Died at Maiden, Mass. Mary A. b. 13 Mch. 1832. Unm.
John Duran b. 13 Mch. 1834; taught Lewiston High School four years
after graduating at Bowdoin Coll. in 1858. Studied law in Lewiston. and
practiced there till 1877. Resides at Red Wing, Minn. Married 1871
Maria H. Lyon. David Osgood b. 13 Nov. 1836. Bowdoin College,
i860. Teacher for a time. Now engaged in lumbering business in
Mason. 111. Married and has one son.

Elisha Stetson, Jr., born in Scituate, Mass., 17 Nov. 1788.
came to Durham in 1789. For several years he was a seaman.
After his marriage he settled in Lewiston. The growth of that
city enabled him to sell his land at a great advance. For the
remainder of his life he was a well known citizen of Auburn,


He helped build the first toll bridge between Lewiston and
Auburn and was clerk of the company thirty years. He was
interested in the manufacture of woolen goods and in railroads.
For several years Auburn had his services on the Board of Select-
men. He was a broad-minded man and interested in everything
that pertained to the public welfare.

Mr. Stetson married (i) 29 Oct. 1815, Pamelia Haskell of
New Gloucester, who died 22 May 1822, leaving three children;
(2) 5 April, 1823, Laura Bradford of Turner, who died 20 June
1862, leaving seven children. He died in Auburn 26 Jan. 1876.

Elizabeth A. b. 10 Sept. 1816; m. Dec. 1839 Nathan Briggs of
Auburn; d. Jan. 1895.

Alfred b. 5 Nov. 1818; m. June 1848 Eleanor Barden.

Emeline b. 27 Oct. 1820.

Bradford b. 15 Jan. 1824.

Pamelta H. b. 19 Feb. 1826; m. Howe Weeks of Auburn.

Laura B. b. 8 Dec. 1827; d. 10 Aug. 1839.

Sylvanus C. b. 28 Sept. 1829.

Maria L. C. b. 27 Nov. 1832.

Abigail L. b. 8 Dec. 1837.

Elisha F. b. 26 Dec. 1841; d. SepL,i86y.

Elijah Stetson was descended also from Robert of 1613-1702,
but through another line, viz., Benjamin (1641-171 1), Benjamin

(1668-1740), Abijah (170-I ). Elijah was born in Scituatc.

]\Iass., March 1747, m. y April 1772 Susannah Curtis of Han-
over, Mass. He bought, 8 Aug. 1786, of Charles Gerrish, Jr.,
lot 31 and built his cabin near the Reed Brook. His first framed
house is now over one hundred years old. He m. (2) 17 April
1791 Dorothy Merrill of Durham. By first marriage there were
children, Charles and Asenath. The latter married Barnabas
Strout. Charles married, 9 Aug. 1798, Sagy Stetson of Free-
port. They had children, Asenath, Charles C, Washington,
Albert, Dexter and Solomon.

Cl.arles C. Stetson, son of Charles and grandson of Elijah
m. 24 Jan. 1838 Lydia, dau. of Samuel G. Osgood. He was a
farmer and mechanic. 5 ch.

Sarah b. 16 Sept. 1843; d. 21 Aug. 1862.

Leonard A. b. 7 Dec. 1845; i"- Dora Scott; lives in Durham.
Lydia R. b. 24 Dec. 1847; m. and lives in Vineland, N. J.
Emma O. b. i Jan. 1851 ; m. and lives in Vineland, N. J.
Osgood C. b. 16 Nov. 1852; deceased.



Several of this name came from Provincetown, Mass., to
Cape Elizabeth about 1730. Joshua Strout married (Int. Rec.
10 Jan. 1 741) Sarah Sawyer of Cape Elizabeth. He came to
Royalsborough with his son Joshua, Jr., in 1771. His other
children were Jacob, who settled in Jay, Joseph of Salem, Mass..
Nehemiah of Poland, Sally, Deborah, Thankful and Rebecca.

Capt. Joshua Strout was born in Cape Elizabeth in 1745. He
married, 6 April 1769, Betsey Cobb, who was born in 1750 and
died in Durham in 1832. He built a log house near where the
road to South Durham branches from the County Road. In
1780 he built a frame house near where Geo. Washington Strout
lately lived at S. W. Bend, and his son Jonathan occupied the
log house till later than 1803. Joshua Strout w^as a master mari-
ner and died in the West Indies 3 Dec. 1793. His widow mar-
ried, 25 July 1795, Joseph Proctor of Lewiston.

Sarah b. 30 May 1770; m. (i) Lemuel McGray; (2) Nathaniel Ger-
rish; d. in Lisbon 17 Nov. 1829.

Barnabas b. 28 June 1772. See below.

Betsey b. 6 Feb. 1775; m. i Mch. 1791 John Dow; d. in Wilton, 1847^

Molly b. 16 July 1777; m. 3 Sept. 1795 Dea. Isaac Lambert; d. 1865.

Jonathan b. 2"] April 1779. See p. 256.

Abigail b. 31 Mch. 1781; m. 19 Nov. 1795 Thomas Lambert; d. v.x
Lisbon 1820.

Tamar b. 16 April 1783; m. 18 Oct. 1798, Abel Curtis, Jr.; d. 13
June 1859.

Dolly b. 16 May 1785; m. 25 Dec. 1803 Simeon Blethen; d. 27 Mch.

Ebenezer b. 19 April 1787. See p. 256.

Joshua Jr. b. 21 Aug. 1789. Lost at sea.

James b. 2 April 1792. See below.

Barnabas Strout, son of Joshua, m. (ij 4 Dec. 1794 Asenath
Stetson ; (2) 2}^ Dec. 1800, Polly Merrill ; d. in Durham 1837.
Sea-Capt. He lived in the house wdiere Wesley Day now
resides, which he bought of David Dyer and enlarged. He
built the house next south and kept hotel in both houses.

Lusannah Curtis b. 2 Aug. 1796; m. 26 Sept. 1816 Ivory Warren.
Sagy b. 5 Jan. 1800; m. 20 Jan. 1820 John Newell.
Sally b. 5 Sept. 1802; m. 2 Dec. 1824 John Spaulding.
Lucretia b. 12 Feb. 1805; m. 6 June 1822 Sam'l Soule.
Abigail b. 7 July 1807; m. 24 Nov. 1825 Joseph Warren.
Osgood b. 7 Nov, 1809; unm.


Mary Ann b. 6 May 1813; m. 6 Nov. 1855 James Spollett of Bruns-

Merrill b. 17 Dec. 1815. See p. 258.

Caroline b. 30 May 1820; m. 24 Sept. 1848 Addison J. Stoddard.

Jonathan Strout, son of Joshua, m. 9 Nov. 1797, Sarah Vining
who was born in Durham 22 Dec. 1779 and died 25 Feb. 1863 in
Auburn. He died in Auburn Aug. 1867. Was a master mari-
ner. Lived first in the old log house, the homestead, then at
the Bend, then in 1809 bought a farm on the River Road of
Sam'l Nichols, Theophilus Thomas and George Williams, sev-
enty-five acres of the first, fifty acres each of the others. He
kept a store and sold West India goods. Cotton he sold on
shares. Women carded and spun a pound of it and returned
lialf a pound of yarn to him.

Betsey b. 26 July 1798; m. 21 Sept. 1817 Ammi Vining.

Joshua b. 16 Aug. .1800; d. 25 Oct. 1822 at 2.30 A. M. at Havana.

Thirza b. 12 May 1803; m. 5 Sept. 1819. John Weston; d. 30 Nov.
1830 in Durham.

Jacou H. b. 14 May 1805: d. in Durham 28 Jan. 1831.

Alfred b. 5 Mch. 1807; d. i^^ Jan. 1826 at Point Peter. Guadi^Ioupc.

George W. b. 16 May 1809. See p. 258.

Harriet B. b. 7 Dec. 181 1; m. (i) i May 1836 Henry Moore o?
Durham; (2) i Jan. 1850, David Cheney of Lisbon. Her children,
Fmma Moore and Frank Cheney, died young. She died 11 Dec. 1859.

David B. b. 5 April 1814. See Biog. Sketch.

Sewall b. 24 Sept. 1816; m. Dolly, dau. of Orlando Merrill. Repre-
sentative to the Legislature and often Selectman. A son Edward died
26 Jan. 1866, aged 23 yrs. Another son, Horace, married Laura Var-
ney of Brunswick and had a son Leon, who married Lizzie Mildred

Nelson b. 3 Sept. 1819; m. Jane Williams of Durham; d. 8 Aug.
1867. Was Deputy Sheriff and Representative. Had two sons, Pres-
cott R., who m. Clara Colley and lives on the homestead at S. W. Bend,
and Sumner who was a Lieut, in the Civil War and was killed in battle.

Harrison B. b. 19 Oct. 1821; m. Vesta Williams; lived as a farmer on
the River Road, moved to La Porte, Ind., and died there. A son, Alfred
Otis, is a physician in Iowa. Daughter, Mabel L.

Mary E. b. 26 Aug. 1826; m. (i) 31 May 1846 Horace L. Corbett;
(2) 18 Dec. 1852 Lewis Whitney, R. R. Conductor of Portland.

Ebenezer Strout, son of Joshua, married 27 Nov. 1806, Mary
Weenian. Lived at S. W. Bend. Died 27 Sept. 182 1. Their
children were :

Catherine W. b. 9 Oct. 1807; d. 27 Jan. 1828. Unm.

Joshua b. 10 Sept. 1809; m. 1835 Rhoda Jordan of Lewiston. Their


TKE ,vrw YOU

' TKS .N'^vr YOKi:




son James G. was born Mch. 1836 and m. 25 Nov. 1858 Olive E. Lambert
of Durham.

Joseph W. b. 10 July 1811.

George Washington b. 10 Aug. 1813; m. 29 Dec. 1857 Harriet Ellen
Roak, who was born 9 June 1826. He died 12 Nov. 1889. 3 ch. Liz-
zie Jane b. 30 Mch. i860; m. 19 Dec. 1887 Thomas Dyer Sale. Lin-
coln b. 16 Feb. 1862; d. 9 July 1876. Sherman b. 6 Nov. 1864.

Ebenezer King b. 2^ Feb. 1816; d. in N. Yarmouth in 1865, leav-
ing a widow and five children.

Elizabeth Cobb b. 8 May 1818; m. 18 May 1837 John Hinkley of

Elbridge Gerry b. 16 June 1820; unm. ; d. at sea, at age of 20 yrs.

James StroLit (See Biog. Sketch and portrait) married (i) 25
Nov. 1810, Patience Harrington; (2) 12 Feb. 1815, Abigail
Miller; (3) 13 July 1823, Hannah Gerrish.

Joseph m. Matilda Brewster. Died in Parkman.

James Jr. b. 28 July 1816. See below.

Albion P. b. 5 Dec. 1824; m. Geraldine Harmon. Resides in Brook-
lyn, N. Y. Sons, Edwin B. and William H.

Allen C. b. 14 Nov. 1830; m. Emma L. Lodewick of N. Y.; d. s. p.
6 July 1880.

Harriet M. b. 28 Aug. 1834; m. 20 Aug. i860 Wm. Noble of Port-

Charles B. b. 9 Aug. 1836; m. (i) Isabel Holt of Bangor; (2) Louise
Davis. Resides in Buffalo, N. Y. One son, George Holt Strout.

Caroline G. b. 23 Sept. 1838; d. 10 June 1885.

Sarah H. b. 23 May 1841; m. 22, May 1861, Henry Fitz; d. 11 Oct.
1868, leaving two children, Marcia and Charles Fitz.

Martha E. b. 19 April 1844; m. i Oct. 1868 Fred Stanwood of
Brunswick; d. s. p. 29 April 1894.

J^mes Strout, Jr., born 28 July 1816, married in July 1842
Mehitabel A. Whitney of Lisbon and died 10 Aug. 1870. His
wife, born i April 1822, died 9 Oct. 1871.

He was for many years a trader at South West Bend, serving
also a long time as Postmaster. He was an active politician of
the Democratic party. He filled the office of Town Clerk eight
years. Considering the opportunities that Durham afforded, it
may be said that he accumulated large wealth. He possessed
a genial disposition and attractive social qualities. See portrait.

Revillo M. b. 3 Aug. 1843. See p. 258.

Orianna L. b. 15 May 1845; m. C. Emery Knight; d. 30 Jan. 1879.
Melville C. b. 29 April 1847. Merchant in Boston.
Orville D. b. 8 Oct. 1849. Merchant in Boston.


Francilla b. 17 Mch. 1852. Resides in Boston.
EuLALiA b. 3 May 1854; d. 21 July 1882.
Idella b. 9 July 1856; m. Whittier.

George W. Strout, son of Jonathan, born in Durham 16 May
1809, married 7 Sept. 1832, Sarah H. Hibbard, who was born in
IJsbon 17 June 181 1 and died 30 June 1887. He died in Lewis-
ton 15 Dec. 1890. He hved at South West Bend in the house
next to the Union Church, which now serves as a Masonic Hali
and Hall for the Grange.

Elizabeth A. b. 23 June 1833; m. Jordan; d. 29 Mch. 1888.

Jacob A. b. 21 May 1835; m. Sophronia Clymens; d. at Gold Hill,
Nev., 9 Dec. 1873.

Harriet A. b. 10 May 1837; d. 22 Sept. 1855.
Sarah M. b. i Dec. 1839; m. George Roberts.
Margery H. b. 2 Mch. 1842; m. Frederick Reed.
George J. b. 5 Sept. 1844; d. 12 May 1864.
Lucy E. b. 19 June 1847; m. Frank Brooks.
I. C. Knowlton b. 29 June 1850; d. 9 Dec. 1883.
Frank H. b. 9 Oct. 1854.

Merrill W. Strout, son of Barnabas, married, 28 Nov. 1830,
Marv Gerrish. Pie was a prominent and good citizen of Dur-
ham and of Brunswick. Died in Woburn, Mass., 8 Feb. 1893.

Adalantha b. 4 Dec. 1842; m. G. P. Lombard of Belfast.
Howard Everton b. 4 July 1846; lives in Brockton, Mass.
Charles Merrill b. 30 Nov. 1848; lives in Woburn, Mass.
Oscar L. b. 24 July 1850; lives in Boston, Mass.

Revillo M. Strout, son of James Strout Jr., born 3 Aug. 1843,
married, 4 Aug. 1872 Mary V., dau. of James and Sarah (Her-
rick) Newell. He has been in trade at South West Bend since
1872. It was principally through his influence that the stage
and mail route was established between Durham and Auburn,
and he drove the stage several years. His social and obliging
ways have made him well and widely known. Nothing can be
truthfully said to his discredit. His children are as follows :

Belle Gilman b. 13 July 1874.
Harry Herrick b. 21 June 1878.
Charles Emery b. i March 1881.

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