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Solomon, son of Elisha and Eunice (Freeman) Strout, was
born 13 April 1777 in Goiham, Me. He was related to Joshua
Strout. He married, 20 Nov. 1800, Mrs. Patience (Wallace)
Fickett of Falmouth, and lived in Limington. They had two
sons who settled in Durham, Elisha and William W.



Elisha Strout, born 8 Sept. 181 1, married 14 Oct. 1838 Mary
Ann Tyler of Pownal, who was born 29 May 18 16 and died 12
Nov. 1895. He died 17 Sept. 1887. They had two daughters,
Emma who married in California, and Maggie who married
Wesley Day of Durham.

William Wallace Strout was born in Limington 4 Feb. 1804.
He married, 25 Aug. 1830 Harriet A., dau. of William and Anna
(Hoyt) Newell. He died in Durham 11 Nov. 1872.

William N. b. 25 Jan. 1832; m. 25 Feb. 1865 Carrie Turner of Dur-
ham. Lives in Wiuthrop, Me.

Freeman b. 9 Dec. 1834; m. 25 Dec. i860 Harriet E. Mitchell of Bath.
He was killed at the battle of Chantilly i Sept. 1862. No children.

Melissa J. b. 7 Mch. 1837;. m. 18 Feb. 1863 William S. Miller.

Frederick b. 2 Jan. 1840; m. 6 April 1871 Myra R. Fogg of Bath;
d. 19 Aug. 1878.

John Sydleman, sea-captain, was born in Norwich, Conn., in
1763. He married Esther Stickney of Portland and settled in
Durham, on the lower County Road, in 1791. Died 3 Oct. 1805,
lost at sea. His wife died 27 April 1850, aged 84 years.

Mary m. 25 Nov. 181 1 William Gerrish.

Sophia m. Elisha Jones of China, Me.

John m. 3 Nov. 1820 Mary Woodbury. Was Deacon in the Cong.
Ch. Farmer on the homestead. Died 20 Aug. 1867, aged 70 yrs. 10
mos. His wife died in 1880, aged 84 yrs. Ch. Esther; Louise who
m. 10 Oct. 1848 Reuben H. Byram and is now living in Colorado
Springs; George A., who m. 29 Nov. 1849 Frances E. Sylvester; and
John, who died, leaving a family in Mass.

Rebecca b. 22 Mch. 1795; m. 20 Oct. 1814 James Woodbury.

Charlotte b. 25 Sept. 1799; m. 21 Oct. 1817 Joshua Gerrish; d. in
Lisbon 22 Jan. 1879.

George A. d. at San Jago 30 Dec. 1820, aged 22 yrs.

Eliza m. 21 Feb. 1841 Amasa Sylvester of Freeport.

Richard Sylvester came from England about 1630 and settled
in Weymouth, Mass. He married in 1632 Naomi Torrey and
had eleven children. One was Joseph, born 1638, whose son
Amos was born 15 Nov. 1685 and married 20 Nov. 1706 Eliz-
abeth Henchman. He died 23 Oct. 1753. Amos Jr., born 14
Sept. 1707, married Patience Palmer 7 Feb. 1732 and had a son
Job, born 1742, who married Margaret Stetson in Hanover,


Mass., 8 June 1765. He moved to Durham and died there 6
Oct. 1S32. His wife died 8 Dec. 1818. Revolutionary soldier.

Job Jr. b. 9 Nov. 1767. See below.

Amos. Killed in War of 1812, leaving widow and children, one of
whom, Eben, m. 10 Nov. 1822 Eliza Tyler. Henry Sylvester of Dur-
ham is his son, who m. Clara Lunt and has two sons and two daughters.

Cynthia m. Ezekiel Merrill of Freeport 9 Sept. 1798.

Deborah m. Wm. Tuttle of Pownal. Died in Ohio.

ZiLPHA m. 8 Feb. 1810 Zebulon York. Lived in Strong.

Roland ni. 1804, Mrs. Ruth (Estes) Barstow, widow of Daniel Bars-
tow; d. 17 Jan. 1812.

Joseph m. 20 Dec. 1813 the widow of his brother Roland; d. 28 Feb.
1852. Had a son Roland.

Roland S3'lvester, son of Joseph, born 21 Sept. 181 5, married
15 Jan. 1839 Ursula Nichols. Is still living on the old home-
stead. Blacksmith and farmer. Six children.

Ellen A. Unm.

Joseph H. m. Mary E. Gay. Lives in Freeport. Has seven daugh-

Willard N. m. 24 May 1876 Leona Parker. Lives on the home-
stead. Has nine sons.

Samuel N. m. April 1885 Ella Cushing of Freeport. Died, leaving
one son.

Sabie E. m. 26 Mch. 1875 Leroy Bowie.

ZiLPHA Ida m. Marcus W. Eveleth of Durham.

Job Sylvester, Jr., born 9 Nov. 1767, married 25 Nov. 1790,
in Hanover, Mass., Lydia Phillips, who was born 12 Feb. 1769.
They settled in Durham about 1800. He was a blacksmith and
farmer. About 1840 he and his wife went West to live with his
son Benjamin. He died at Manchester, Ind., 19 Oct. 1859. His
wife died 3 March 1850. They had nine children, of whom the
first five were born in Hanover, Mass.

John b. 10 Aug. 1791; m. Esther Collier. Settled in Avon. 6 ch.

Lydia b. 14 Dec. 1792; m. 22 April 1811 Luther Plummer. Settled
in Manchester, Ind.

Job Phillips b. 5 Dec. 1794. See p. 261.

William b. 27 April 1797. See p. 261.

Benjamin b. 18 Dec. 1799; m. (i) 22 Jan. 1824 Sarah Noyes. She
died in Aurora, Ind., 19 Jan. 1838. m. (2) Ann A. Drake, who died 27
Oct. 1872 in St. Paul, Minn. He died in St. Peter, Minn.

Patience b. 22 Dec. 1808; m. (i) i Feb. 1823 Rev. James Harring-


ton of R. I. 3 ch. m. (2) 17 Nov. i860 Henry Parker of Jay. She
died in Lynn, Mass., 19 Jan. 1890.

Roland b. 13 Oct. 1814; m. (i) Aurelia Nichols 23 Oct. 1839. (2)
25 Nov. 1847 Grace Nichols. He died in Portland 23 May 1888. 4
daughters by first marriage; 4 sons by second.

William Sylvester, born in Hanover, Mass., 27 April 1797,
married 3 Dec. 17 18 Sarah Gushing, who was born in Durham
21 April 1798 and died 24 Nov. 1877. He died in Durham 8
Feb. 1884. Farmer.

Harriet b. 27 Dec. 1820; m. Isaac Yeaton. She still lives in
Auburn. Mr. Yeaton was a soldier in the Rebellion and died in New
Orleans 14 Aug. 1864. 5 ch.

Benjamin F. b. 20 April 1822; m. Eudora Baker. Lives in Chicago.

John C. b. 15 Oct. 1824. Lives on the homestead. Unm.

Frances E. b. 11 Oct. 1827; m. 29 Nov. 1849 Geo. A. Sydleman.

William J. b. 11 Oct. 1829; d. 24 May 1888. Unm.

James C. b. 12 Feb. 1832; m. 6 July 1859 Margaret Tuttle of Pownal.
Farmer in Alton, Iowa. One son.

George W. b. 30 April 1836; m. 19 Feb. 1870 Elizabeth Boyce. Sol-
dier in the Rebellion. Lives in Illinois. No ch.

Job Phillips Sylvester, born in Hanover 5 Dec. 1794, mar-
ried 30 Nov. 1 82 1 Elizabeth G. Gushing. Blacksmith. Post-
master. Town officer several years. Justice of Peace. Gapt.
of Militia in 1828. Died 29 Mch. 1870.

Maria L. B. b. 15 Jan. 1822; m. 25 Nov. 1847 Philip W. Capron of
R. 1.; died in Quincy, 111., 23 May 1870. He died in Chicago 2 Jan. 1885.

Delphina p. b. 13 Dec. 1825; m. 7 April 1844 Wm. U. Thwing, son
of Rev. James Thwing of Maine Conf. Residence, Chicago. 8 ch.

Clarissa D. b. 22 Dec. 1S31; m. 29 April 1861 Hiram J. Drinkwater.
He was a farmer in Durham and died 3 April 1892. To her we are
indebted for the historj' of several families. They had a daughter who
d. young. They adopted Minnie G. Thwing in 1878 in legal form, b. 16
Oct. 1866.

Gushing b. 27 May 1833; d. 6 Oct. 1883. He served three years in the
Rebellion on the gun-boat Cumberland. Married in Chicago 27 June
1865 Mary McLaughlin. 4 ch., only one of whom is living. His wife
died in Chicago 13 Sept. 1895.

Roscoe G. b. 17 Nov. 1836. Served throughout the Rebellion. Was
Lieut; m. in Carbonsdale, 111., 24 Dec. 1867 Marietta A. Bricker. One
son. He is a druggist in Carbonsdale, 111.

Eugene B. b. 7 Aug. 1842; m. 5 Dec. 1870 Phebe Ella Haskins. She
died at Cape Elizabeth 15 Oct. 1896. A son and three daughters live in



Humphrey, Moses, Peter and William Thomas were taxed
in old Falmouth in 1766. William and Sarah Thomas owned the
covenant at the First Parish Church 25 Nov. 1764. It seems

that by the first marriage with Sarah William Thomas

had children, William, Joseph and Sarah who married Jacob
Stanford, all of Cape Elizabeth. William Jr., married 19 Dec
1793, Eunice Robinson and lived in Durham 1798- 1804 on lot
100. He was a sea-captain and moved back to Cape Elizabeth.

William Thomas, Senior, married (2) 24 Dec. 1769 Mrs. Abi-
gail (Marriner) Simonton, widow of Capt. Theophilus Simonton,
whom she had married 10 Jan. 1765. Her daughter by first mar-
riage married Joshua Miller. After the death of her second
husband Mrs. Simonton married, 4 April 1793, William Ray. In
her old age she lived in the family of Joshua Miller, Senior, of
Durham, and was known as "Granny Ray." It is related that
on one occasion there was a husking at Mr. Miller's and the
young people were having a social time, when some o^ie in sport
offered to give a bushel of corn to Samuel Jordan, familiarly
called "Linsey," if he would kiss Granny Ray, who sat quietly
knitting in her high-backed chair in the corner. While the old
man hesitated and the laugh went round, the old lady exclaimed
encouragingly, "come right along, Mr. Jordan, come right along,
you can't get a bushel of corn any easier." This turned the tide
of merriment in another direction.

William and Abigail (Simonton) Thomas had a son Theophi-
lus Simonton Thomas, born in Cape Elizabeth in 1775. He mar-
ried, 20 Nov. 1794, Elizabeth, daughter of Josiah and Priscilla
Stanford, who was born in Cape Elizabeth in 1779. He was
first taxed in Durham in 1809 and died there 2 Mch. 1841. His
wife died 13 Mch. 1863.

James b. 20 Feb. 1799. See p. 263.

William b. 30 May 1802. See p. 263.

Woodbury b. 14 Jan. 1804. See p. 263.

Eunice b. 30 July 1806; m. 12 April 1840 John Merrill; d. 21 Feb.


Joseph b. 1809. Lost at sea. Unm.

Louisa J. b. i Jan. 1813. See p. 264.

Mary b. 22 July 1814; m. 8 May 1845 Benj. Duran; d. i June 1885.

RuFUS b. 9 Oct. 1717. See p. 264.




James Thomas, son of Theophilus, born in Cape Elizabeth

20 Feb. 1799, married, 19 Nov. 1822, Eunice, dau. of Samuel and
Catherine (Clark) Robinson.

Lizzie b. 21 Jan. 1824.

James W. b. in Lewiston 28 Aug. 1826; d. 29 Mch. 1870.
Sylvanus D. b. in Lewiston 19 Jan. 1829. Living in Lewiston.
Sarah J. b. in Lewiston 7 Oct. 1831 ; d. 10 Dec. 1850.
Dexter S. b. in Lewiston 21 Oct. 1833; died in 1897, in 111.
Elbridge G. b. in Lewiston 2."] May 1837.

William Thomas, son of Theophilus, born in Cape Elizabeth
30 May 1802, married 30 Deo. 1828 Harriet Lucy Fennelly, b.

21 Dec. 1806. He died 17 i\pril 185 1. His wife died 24
Aug. 1 87 1.

Joseph Edward b. 2 Jan. 1830. Soldier. Died in Andersonville
Prison 17 Oct. 1864.

Harriet Elizabeth b. 2 Jan. 1832; d. 30 Mch. 1832.
Mary Elizabeth b. 5 Mch. 1833; m. Wm. D. Carter.
Harriet Lucy F. b. 26 May 1835; m. Arthur Harmon.

Woodbury Thomas was born in Cape Elizabeth 14 Jan. 1804.
He came to Durham with his parents about 1809. They lived at
first near Parker Hill, but soon moved to the Brunswick Road,
a third of a mile below the Free Baptist Church. After mar-
riage he settled on lot 58, where he resided till his death. He
was a man of genial nature and made many friends. His firm-
ness of character made him hold tenaciously to opinions once
formed, whether in religion or in politics. When the Whig
party disbanded, his transition was easy to the Republican ranks.
About 1835 he united with the Alethodist Episcopal Church of
which he continued a zealous supporter. A large part of the
New Testament was stored in his memory, and he made good
use of it in public exhortations.

Fie married, Nov. 1832, Pamelia, daughter of James Jordan
of Lisbon, who was born 14 April 1810 and died 2 Mch. 1840.
His second wife was Lovina N., daughter of Dea. Christopher
Tracy, born 18 Sept. 1814, died 27 Mch. 1882. He died 26 Feb.
1875. Children by first marriage :

Joseph W. b. 22 Sept. 1833; m. 28 Feb. 1861 Matilda G. Vining. Ch.
Fred b. 18 Jan. 1862; Mary E. b. 29 Nov. 1867; Everett b. 9 Feb. 1870.
Mary Frances b. 24 May 1836; d. 2 Nov. 1859.
George H. b. 13 April 1838; d. 26 April 1840.
Pamelia A. b. 15 Feb. 1839; d. 23 May 1840.


Children by second marriage.

George Harvey b. 2 May 1842; d. 7 Oct. 1844.

William Harrison b. 24 Aug. 1843. See Biog. Sketch.

Elvira Jane b. 2 Dec. 1844; d. 21 July 1883.

Marouis Leslie b. 28 Nov. 1847.

Margaret Elizabeth b. 7 Feb. 1850; m. Seward A. Parker.

James Bradford b. 27 July 18^2; d. 6 Aug. 1855.

Rufus Thomas, born 9 Oct. 1817, married (i) Lydia, dait. of
Moses Jones, who was born 19 Sept. 1826, and died 8 Nov. 1856;
(2) 3 June 1858, Esther Hodgkins of Lewiston, who was born
5 May 1823 and died 28 Sept. 1896. He died 12 Oct. 1880.

George H. b. 5 May 1846.

Albion S. b. 6 Sept. 1848.

Francis E. b. 8 Jan. 1852.

Eliza J. b. 8 Jan. 1855; d. 14 Mch. 1857.

Louisa J. Thomas, dau. of Theophilus, married (i) 19 Oct.
1833 John Orr Jordan, who was born in Freeport 3 Dec. 1809,
and died 8 Dec. 1842; (2) 28 Dec. 1847 Samuel Wooster Chase,
who was born in Yarmouth 12 July 181 1 and died 20 May 1869.
She died 2-}^ Mch. 1895. Ch. by first marriage.

Frances Emery Jordan b. 4 Aug. 1834; m. 6 June 1857 Sophronia
Curtis of Harpswell; lost at sea 1874. Ch. Jennie L., Nellie, Frank
and Curtis.

John Albert Jordan b. 13 April 1837; d. 8 Dec. 1852.

Ch. by second marriage.

Howard Wooster Chase b. 19 Oct. 1849; m. 3 April 1881 Sarah
Abbie Hoyt of Freeport, who was born 22 Feb. 1857.

Tufts Thomas of N. H. married Fannie Bootman and settled
in Gorham, Me. His oldest son James was born 7 May, 1771
and married (Int. Rec. 25 Aug. 1793) Charlotte, dau. of Joseph
and Mar}- (Hanson) Libby, b. 25 Sept. 1776. They lived in Dur-
ham not far from Gerrish's Mill, where he died i Oct. 1847.
His wife died 2 Sept. 1829.

Mary b. 3 Nov. 1798; m. April 1821 John Richards.

Sophia b. 8 Mch. 1800.

Sally m. (i) 11 Jan. 1821 Joel Jones; (2) John Richards.

James Lewis m. Almira Moulton. Removed to Lee.

Elias m. Martha Ann Moulton. Removed to Lee.

Benjamin. See below.

Eliza m. 20 Dec. 1834 Samuel Williams.


Benjamin, son of James and Charlotte Thomas, was born in
Gorham 25 May 1807 and died in Durham 29 May 1881. He
married in 1834 Adahne Favor, who was born in North Yar-
mouth 20 Feb. 181 1 and died in Durham 15 Oct. 1886. Their
children were :

Mary E. b. 18 Nov. 1835; Ch.arles E. b. 2 July 1837.
William B. b. 2y Mch. 1839; Amanda A. b. 15 Oct. 1840.
Mahala b. 24 Jan. 1848; George P. b. 3 Aug. 1849.
Howard b. 15 April 1853: Laura b. 16 April 1855.


The ancestor of the Tracys came from Normandy with Wil-
liam the Conqueror. His coat of arms may be seen in the Roll
of Battle Abbey, "Argent, an escallop in the chief point sable,
between two bandlets gules.'' Grace, dau. of Henri de Traci,
Lord of Barnstable, married, 1104, John de Studeley, and her
second son assumed the name of his maternal ancestor, William
de Traci, and had the coat of arms above described, except that
the color argent was changed to or. The tenth Sir William
Tracy of Toddington had a son, Richard Tracy Esq. of Stanway,
whose son Nathaniel was the father of the Lieut. Thomas Tracy,
born about 1610, who was enrolled at Salem 23 Feb. 1637. He
married in Wethersfield, Conn., 1641, the widow of Edward
Nason, and lived in Saybrook fourteen years. He settled in
Norwich, Conn., about 1655. He was Deputy or Representa-
tive of the town twenty-one semi-annual sessions, and his son
Solomon nineteen sessions. He m. (2) 1676 Mrs. Martha Brad-
ford ; (3) Mrs. Mary (Foot) (Stoddard) Goodrich. He died in
Norwich 7 Nov. 1685.

By first marriage he had seven children, of whom Jonathan
was born in 1648. He married 11 July 1672 Mary, dau. of Fran-
cis Greswould and settled in that part of Norwich, Conn., which
is now Preston. He was Town Clerk, Lieut, in the Training
Band, and Justice of the Peace. He died in 171 1. He had a
son Christopher, who was the father of the Jonathan Tracy who
was born in Norwich (or Preston) 29 Dec. 171 3. This Jonathan
came to old Falmouth, Me., and married in 1743 Abigail, dau. of
Jeremiah and Rachel Riggs. (Riggs was a tanner, son of John
and Ruth (Wheeler) Riggs of Gloucester, Mass. He came to
Falmouth in 1725 and lived near Stroud water.) Their first


four children were baptized at the First Parish Church, of which
the parents became members in 1744. They Hved in the vicinity
of Back Cove, and he was Sergeant of a miHtia company there
in 1757.

In Aug. 1762 Jonathan Tracy moved to Gouldsborough, Me.,
induced by the proprietors by the free grant of lots of land for
himself and sons. His descendants in that town and vicinity are
very numerous. In an old family Bible, now in the possession
of Wm. H. Thomas, the following children are recorded:

Jeremiah b. q Aug. 1744; Jonathan b. 24 Mch. 1746.
Lydia b. 21 Feb. 1748; Solomon b. 4 Mch. 1750.
Mary b. 17 May 1752; Abigail b. 3 June 1754.
Rhoda b. 17 Aug. 1756; Christopher b. 2 Oct. 1758.
Asa b. 4 Aug. 1760; Samuel b. 30 June 1762.
Wheeler b. 3 Feb. 1765; Thomas b. 30 May 1767.
Daniel b. 16 Aug. 1769.

Of these Solomon, Christopher and Samuel settled in Dur-
ham. Solomon Tracy married 8 April 1773 in Falmouth Mary
Getchell. They lived for a while in Durham, where sons Solo-
mon Jr., Nathaniel, who m. 24 Dec. 1801 Molly Beal, and prob-
ably other children^ were born. They removed to Rome, Me.
Solomon Jr. returned to Durham, married Deborah Dunn of
Poland and had the following children :

Nathaniel b. 10 July 1795, d. in Rome, Me., at the age of 93 yrs.
Polly b. 26 May 1797; Joseph b. 4 Aug. 1799; Peggy b. 16 May 1802;
Benjamin b. 7 Mch. 1804; James; and Solomon 3d.

Rev. Christopher Tracy (See Biog. Sketch and Revolutionary
Record) born in Falmouth 2 Oct. 1758, came to Royalsborough
about 1778. He married Anna Getchell in 1780 and settled on
lot 79. Tracy's Island still bears his name. His wife was born
14 June 1761 and died 19 Oct. 1835. He died 12 Nov. 1839.
The number thirteen did not prove very unlucky in the Tracy
family, since he, his father and his brother Samuel had each
thirteen children. /^^fli,.-</ ^ вЦ† ^ 1

Hannah b. 25 Oct. 1780; m. 28 Nov.. 1799 Joseph Orr. \J /-'S^ vvM^

Jonathan b. 28 Dec. 1782. See Biog. Sketches of ministers.

Mary b. 3 May 1785; m. Wm. Beals of Augusta^ d. 27 June 1874.

Christopher b. 13 July 1788. See p. 267.

'm. 25 Sept. 1803 Wm. Beal and Mary Tracy.

m. 5 Dec. 1805 James LeBarron and Rhoda Tracy.

m. int. 24 Feb. 1810 Wm. Grant and Peggy Tracy.


Sally b. 18 April 1790; m. 12 June 1810 Isaac Witham.

Asa b. 12 May 1792; m. 1814, Fannie Briggs of Greene. Lived in
Carmel, Me.

Samuel b. ii April 1794; m. 10 May 1815, Olive D. Tibbetts. who was
born 13 July 1791 and died 19 Jan. 1875. He died 19 Aug. 1873. A
daughter Betsey, born 14 Oct. 1818 married 29 July 1841, Elisha Keene
of Auburn, and died 5 Nov. 1883. Other daughters died young.

Daniel b. 6 April 1796; m. 1817, Polly Bicknell of Buckfield; m. (2)
19 Dec. 1830, Thirza Bicknell. Lived in Durham. Died 23 Mch. 1875.
First wife died 22 Sept. 1830, aged ^^ yrs. Second wife died 16 Dec.
1880, aged 76 yrs. 4 mos. One dau., Margaret, who died 4 Jan. 1893.

Anna b. 28 Mch. 1798; m. Gould. Lived in Farmington.

Infant b. and d. 16 May 1800.

David b. 6 Oct. 1801 ; m. i Sept. 1822 Sally Sawyer.

Lydia b. 2 Jan. 1804; m. 1828 Wm. B. Joy of Minot.

Infant b. 27 July 1806; d. young.

Samvicl Tracy, born 30 June 1762, married Elizabeth W.
Getchell, sister of the wives of his brothers vSolomon and Chris-
topher. Lived in Durham.

Abigail b. 29 June 1783; m. 25 Nov. 1806 Stephen Story of Bowdoin.

Judith b. 11 Mch. 1785;' d. young.

Samuel b. 17 Mch. 1787; m. 21 April 181 1 Susanna Vining. Ch.
Alvin F. b. 24 Sept. 1812; m^ May 1835 Joan Brewer of Freeport; d.
June 1897; and Mary V. b. 27 Sept. 1814, d. 10 Aug. 1854. After Sam-
uel's death his widow m. James Newell.

Dorothy b. 2S Oct. 1789; m. 7 June 1812 Benj. Witham of New

Jeremiah. Unknown.

Wheeler b. 5 May 1797; m. 4 Dec. 1819 Nancy Gould of Lisbon;
died in Auburn in 1878, having lived in Livermore and Peru. Eight

Hugh b. 16 June 1799; m: 1820 Polly Hill of Durham. Lived and
died on the old Getchell homestead in Durham. Five daughters and a
son Phineas.

Abel b. 21 May 1801 ; m. 1824 Rachel Orr of Harpswell. Lived in
Durham opposite Lisbon Falls. Sons, Emor, who died young, and

Moses b. 20 July 1804; died when a young man, leaving widow and
two children.

Comfort m. 16 Sept. 1813 John McCathlin of Montville.

Sarah m. Littlefield of Brunswick.

Olive m. 31 Dec. 1829 James L. Getchell.

Patty m. 26 Mch. 1826 John Manuel or Manwell.

Dea. Christopher Tracy, son of Rev. Christopher, born 13
July 1788, married 31 Dec. 1809 Margaret Gatchell and lived in


Durham. He died i8 Dec. 1864. His wife, born 26 April 1787,
died 26 May 1862. Besides four children, who died in infancy,
they had.

Betsey W. b. 4 Mch. 1812; m. .

Lavina N. b. 18 Sept. 1814; m. Woodbury Thomas; d. t.'j Mch. 1882.

Elvira J. b. 19 Sept. 1817; m. 29 Nov. 1838 Bradford Sprague of

Sophronia B. b. 9 Oct. 1823; d. 21 Aug. 1885. Unm.

Sylvia A. b. 22 April 1826; d. 14 Jan. 1827.

Francis J. b. 14 Oct. 1835; m. . Corp. in Co. C, 31st Me.

Regt. Wounded at Port Hudson 14 Jan. 1863. Died at Baton Rouge,
La. 19 June 1863.


Deacon William True was the son of Deacon Benjamin and
Judith (Morrill) True and was bom in Salisbury, Mass., i Aug.
1737 and died in Durham, Me., i Nov. 1816. He married (i)
16 Jan. 1764, Miriam, dau. of Aaron Clough of Salisbury, Mass. ;
(2) 29 Jan. 1778 Mary, dau. of Ezekiel and Mary (Morrill) True,
who was born in Salisbury, 16 May 1755. Hfe bought land in
Bagley's Gore, Royalsborough in 1785 and 1787, the last being
lot ]8 of the plan made by Amos Davis, Surveyor. It was the
farm now owned by Williain Miller at Methodist Corner. He
evidently moved into Royalsborough about 1785. Jan. 28, 179T
his son Abel bought of him 50 acres of land. His remaining
estate was sold alter his death to Matthew Duran, Jr. William
True was for many years Deacon in the Cong. Church. He
united with the Methodist Church at its organization in Durham
and was an active member till his death, singing in the choir
led by his son-in-law, Daniel Harmon. His family were as fol-
lows. By first marriage.

Abel b. 10 Nov. 1764; m. 11 Feb. 1787 Abigail, dau. of Reuben and
Deborah Brown, who was born in Salisbury, Mass., 17 Sept. 1761. He
sold his farm in Durham, in 1810, to Wm. Fickett.

Betsey b. 7 Feb. 1767; m. 6 March 1788 Nathan Weston of N. Yar-
mouth. Res. Pompey, N. Y.

Jonathan b. 19 Nov. 1768; m. 20 Nov. 1794 Hannah Hoyt. He
m. (2) in Durham 2 June 1804 Rebecca Woodbury. Moved to Pitts-
ford, N. Y. The children by first marriage were, William b. 2 Oct.
1795; Anna b. 3 July 1797; Abigail b. 18 Nov. 1799, and died 3 Oct.
1803. First wife died 15 Dec. 1801. The children by second marriage
recorded were: Woodbury b. 27 Mch. 1805; Priscilla b. 5 Jan. 1808.

Samuel b. 15 April 1771; m. 28 May 1792 Lucy Currier of Durham,
who was born in Salisbury. They had children in Durham Jonathan


Jr. b. 15 Dec. 1792; Samuel Jr. b. 26 April 1796. This family moved to
Pittsford, N. Y., about 1817.

Daniel b. 17 Sept. 1773; m. (i) 13 April 1797 Lettice York. She
died in Mendon, N. Y., 12 Sept. 1812. He m. (2) Mrs. Sarah Williams
Ingersoll. He moved to N. Y. State in 181 1, and died 18 Sept. 1824.
Ch. b. in Durham. Enoch b. 29 April 1798; d. 10 Oct. 1803; Daniel,
Jr. b. 10 Jan. 1800; d. in Lima, N. Y., 3 June 1870; Hannah b. 21 April
1802; Ellet b. I March 1804; drowned 1807; Joseph b. 1808; Elea-
ZER Wells, b. 4 Oct. 1810; d. in Armada, Mich., 18 June 1874; Eliza-
beth b. in Mendon, N. Y., Jan. 1812; d. in Armada, Mich., 28 May

The children of \Vm. Trtie, Sen., by second marriage were :

William b. 9 Aug. 1778; m. 30 July 1805 Rebecca Mariner of Cape
Elizabeth, dau. of Moses and Rebecca Mariner. She was born 4 July
1785 and died in Ottawa, 111., 11 Mch. 1864. He died at same place 5
April 1850. For a long time he was a merchant in Portland. One of
his six children was Prof. Charles K. True of Wesleyan University,
Middletown, Conn., distinguished scholar and author.

Benjamin, a distiller of Portland.

Miriam, m. 15 Aug. 1799 Jeremiah Brown of Freeport.

Mary b. 28 Oct. 1781; m. 27 Sept. 1798 Daniel Harmon; d. 3 June

Sally m. 2"/ Nov. 1800 Thomas Runnels. Moved to Portland.

A son Wm. Runnels, probably born in Durham, became a Methodist


There is room for Httle doubt that the ancestor of the Turners
of Durham came from Hanover or Scituate, Mass. Lemuel
Turner and Abigail Starbird of No. Yarmouth (Freeport) were
married 16 Jan. 1755. They were, dotibtless^ the parents of
Isaac and Ezekiel who settled in Durham, and also of Desire,
who married Stephen Weston. The home of the Turner family
in Freeport was near Mast Landing. Lemuel Turner was a
Revolutionary soldier, as were also his sons Isaac and Starbird.

Isaac Ttirner of Royalsborough married Molly Hanscom of
Cape Elizabeth 21 1788. 7 ch.

Sally b. 18 Jan. 1790; m. 27 June 1810 Mr. Pingree of Norway.

Mary b. 30 Jan. 1792; m. 11 Dec. 181 1 Hezekiah Pingree of Norway.

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