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1804-7. Samuel Gooch, Esq., was, in 18 19, the town's agent
''to collect the taxes due from these people who have been run
into the town of Pejepscot." Between 1840 and 1850 Esquire
Simmons had an olBce at S. W. Bend, and Judge Nahum Mor-
rill, now of Auburn, practiced law here, 1844-6.

The first trader at So. Durham was Amos F. Lunt who begun
m 1844 and is still in trade. No man has ever charged him with
dishonesty. Later George Tuttle and Nathan Hawkes each had
a store at So. Durham. Before Lunt's time the people traded
in Brunswick.

Frances A. B. Hussey kept store and So. Durham Post Office
on lot 12 before 1850.

The first itinerant tailor remembered by " the oldest
inhabitant " was John Demerit. The shop-tailors of the early
part of this century were Bradley, Frost, Samuel Shehan, and
William Wording.

The first wagon and sleigh maker was Francis Harmon, on
the '" County Road. '' He was succeeiied by his sons Francis,
Jr., and Lora. The latter had his shop at the Bend and was
succeeded by Sidney Bailey.

The first harness-makers were Joseph Estes in So. Durham
and Joshua Barstow at the Bend, near where Marcus Eveleth
lives. George W. Tukey came from Portland and made
harnesses and trunks, near where R. M. Strout's store now is.

The first and only saddle-tree maker was Matthew Estes,
whose shop was near the Bend on the County Road.

The only dentist Durham ever had was David B. Strout,
who afterward became so well known in Lewiston and Auburn,
and who handed down in writing many of the above historical

The earliest inn-keeper was O. Israel Bagley. William
McGray is mentioned on Town Records as " Inholder " in 1797-
Still earlier John Hoyt kept an inn near Methodist Corner.





Joseph Proctor had a tavern a Httle north of Eunice's brook as
early as 1795, and WilHam Stoddard had one, about 1800, in the
house now occupied by Everett Macomber, on the River Road.
About 1812 Nathaniel Gerrish, who a little later moved to Lisbon,
built the house where Prescott J. Strout now lives, at the Bend,
and kept hotel, being- succeeded by Samuel McGray. Here Dr.
Ricker^ afterward lived, and 1859-65, Dr. M. C. Wedgwood,
now of Lewiston, lived here.

Near the beginning of the century Dr. Symonds Baker built
a one-story house at the Bend. It is mentioned in 1805. Here
he had an apothecary's shop. The house was afterward enlarged
and became Durham's principal hotel, kept by Jonathan C.
Merrill, Joshua Miller, Samuel Miller, John Miller and Abner
Merrill in succession.

The old tavern is shown in the accompanying cut, with the
long-unused band-stand in front, around which lingers the shade
of Joseph Tyler. The house on the opposite corner was built as
a store by Winslow Hayward in the early part of the century.
By enlargement it became a dwelling-house and has been suc-
cessively occupied by Job Sylvester, Daniel Holland, Lora Har-
mon, Dr. Wm. L. Harmon, Mr. Mason, J. Gushing Merrill,
Simon W. Miller, James H. Eveleth and Wm. E. Greely.

Much has been jocosely said by the political speakers about
the Durham ship-yards. They do not know, perhaps, that in
1823 Joshua Miller and sons built a fishing schooner on lot 97
and hauled it to Maquoit Bay, Brunswick, where it was launched.
Theophilus Thomas was the skipper. History does not mention
any other ship-yard in Durham, though it once supplied a great
quantity of ship-timber.

'Dr. John Ricker was born in Buckfield, 17 Feb. 1787. He graduated
at the Medical School in Brunswick in 1822 and practiced medicine in
Durham many years. His intentions of marriage with Charlotte Hay-
ward of Fairfax were recorded in Durham 18 Aug. 1816. He moved to
Orono. Died at Waterville 25 Jan. 1867.




The beginning of the struggle for American independence
found Royalsborough with only a few scattered families. There
was, however, a quick response to the patriotic call and one at
least joined Col. Phinney's Regiment that marched in 1775 to the
relief of Boston. Besides others who enlisted for shorter terms
of service, a petition shows that seventeen men from Royals-
borough had enlisted, m 1778, for three years in the Continental
army, and this, too, when there were but forty-six men in town
capable of bearing arms. Many Revolutionary soldiers from
other towns settled in Durham after the War.

The first town action was Sept. 15, 1777 when Josiah Dunn,
Benjamin Vining, Ebenezer Roberts and Charles Hill, Esq., were
chosen a Committee of Correspondence, Inspection and Safety,
and also to " purchase some corn for to supply the women whose
husbands are gon in the army." This reveals something of the
privations and sacrifices endured. The following petition shows
still more clearly what our ancestors paid for Independence.

At a town meeting held 12 Jan. 1778 the following action was
taken :

"Voted to send a pertision to the General Court to see
whither they will take of the Tax laid on us by Brunswick for
the two years last past 1776 and 1777.

Voted fifteen pounds Lawful money to git our pertision writ
and to carry it and Present it to the Court.

Voted Mr. Benjamin Vining to git Said Pertision and Carry
it to Court, likewise Voted to defray all additional Cost of Said

The Petition was as follows : —

State Massachusetts Bay.

To the honorable the Council and hon'l. house of
Representatives in General Court assembled.

The petition of the Inhabitants of a new plantation or settle-


ment called Royalsbourg, in the County of Cumberland humbly
showeth : —

That the inhabitants of Brunswick did in the year 1776 assess
the polls of the inhabitants of said Royalsbourg towards the
public tax laid on said Brunswick that year and have required
the inhabitants of said Royalsbourg to give a list of their polls
and estates in order to assess them towards said Brunswick's part
of the tax for the year 1777, which the said Inhabitants of
Brunswick suppose they have a right to do by virtue of the tax
acts of those years respectively.

Your petitioners beg leave to represent to your honors that
by far the greater part of the families in said Royalsbourg (not
being now more than 49 in all) have been settled no more than
four or five years, that they entered on wild uncultivated lands,
had a wilderness to subdue and buildings to erect for shelter with
great ditficulty labour & expense and are yet struggling for life,
that an early frost the last year 1777 in a great measure cut ofif
their Indian Corn Crops so that not half enough was raised there
for the necessary use & support of the Inhabitants, that they have
nothing else to dispose of nor any business or trade by which
to procure a supply of so necessary and at present dear as well as
scarce an article, much less to obtain money to pay in taxes — that
they have but 46 men on the training band list, of whom seven-
teen are enlisted for three years in the continental army — many
of whom have left families wdiom they must supply agreeable to
a late Resolve of the General Court, which is, in the present
scarcity & dearness of provisions, a heavy burden upon them,
notwithstanding the provision made in said Resolve for their
reimbursement of that expense.

That their being taxed in Brunswick towards their proportion
of the public tax (and which is no more than their proportion if
Royalsbourg was not in being) is a benefit and relief to Bruns-
wick only, and is not of the least advantage to the State, and
there appears to your petitioners no good reason why they should
help Brunswick pay its public tax rather than any other town in
the State.

Wherof your petitioners humbly pray your honors to take the
premises into your wise and merciful consideration, and order
that the Collector of Brunswick for the year 1776 be directed not
to demand of any of the Inhabitants of said Royalsbourg the
poll tax laid on them by said Brunswick that year, But that the
same be remitted them and that the same Brunswick should not
assess them for the year 1777 or in case they have done it or
may do it before your honors pass upon this Petition that such
assessment may be vacated & the sums assessed remitted to them
— or that your honors would otherwise relieve your Petitioners


in such a way & manner as your Honors shall seem meet & your
Petitioners as m duty bound shall ever pray &c.

Charles Gerrish Jona Armstrong

Charles Hill hue Gatchell

Judah Chandler John Gatchell

Ebenezer Robards Robert Gatchell

William Gerrish John blethen

Israel Bagley John Gushing

David dyer Samuel Smith

Charles Gerrish Robinson Crockett

Nathl Garish Ezekiel Jones

Micah dyer Vinsen Robats

John Parker Benja Sawyer

Benjamin Vining Moses Mariner

Elias davis Josiah Day

Samuel Ray Stephen Wesson

Samuel York Joshua Strout

The above petition was read in the House 2 Feb. 1778, and
referred to a Committee. The House, 12 Feb. 1778, resolved to
abate the above taxes of Royalsborough, which was consented
to by the Council.

The greater part of the signers of the above petition were old
men. Two at least had been in the army, and several others had
sons there.

The Committees of Correspondence, Inspection and Safety
were, in 1778, O. Israel Bagley, Charles Hill and William
Gerrish; in 1779, O. Israel Bagley, Jonathan Armstrong and
Joshua Strout; in 1780, Joshua Strout, Nathaniel Gerrish and
John Getchell ; in 1781, O. Israel Bagley, Ebenezer Newell and
John Getchell ; in 1782, O. Israel Bagley, Josiah Day and Lieut.

July 29, 1778, Voted " that this town shall pay those men that
provide clothing for the soldiers who are gon in Continental
army what Cost they are to if the Court will not pay for them."
An entry in Bagley 's account book seems to have a connection
with this. He says in Feb. 1779. " Received of John Lues,
Esq, 212 Dolars for the Clothen sent the soldars."

Nov. 8, 1779 the town voted to "pay eich Solger that went
to Pernopscot^ Seventy five pounds."

Nov. 30, 1780, Voted to " provide the Beef the Cort have sent

^This refers to the Bagaduce expedition to the Penobscot.


Jan. 16, 1781. Voted to " give the two men that Shall goe in
the Continental army 20 dollars bounty and 10 dollars wages a

March 20, 1780. Voted "not to get the Beef the State sent

Sept. 12, 1 78 1. Voted "not to Rase the too men the Cort
have sent for," and "not to get the Beef the Cort have sent
for." This action was caused by the feeling that they had raised
all the men and money they could, but nevertheless they supplied
the men and money, as a later petition shows. The war cost
Royalsborough in taxes ten thousand nine hundred and ninety-
six pounds, eleven shillings and seven pence.

Jan. 29, 1782. Voted to pay Nathan Lewis bounty and that
"he return himself to the Superintendent at Boston upon the
risk of the town." Voted to "return Samuel Wage for this town
Provided they Don't get Nother man." Voted that "O. Israel
Bagley Shall goe to Amesbury to Stand trial with them for
Samuel Wage" (Wagg).

The petition for incorporation, given in the preceding
chapter, shows plainly the privations and burdens endured during
the time of the Revolutionary War. Clothing was scanty and
food was coarse and insufficient. It is an oft repeated tradition,
that when any one was fortunate enough to shoot a deer or any
wild game, a horn was blown to call the neighbors to share it.

Who were the men of Royalsborough that bore arms in the
war for Independence ? The following list, probably incomplete,
has been drawn from the Mass. archives, pension rolls, and
publications of Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution.

CHARLES GERRISH, who had been Captain of Militia from
before 1758,^ appears as ist Major of the 2d Mass. Regt. Cumb.
Co., 7 Feb. 1776, Col Jonathan Mitchell commanding. Before
that date the Town Records call him Captain ; afterward, always

NATLIANIEL GERRISH was private in Capt. John
Worthley's Co., Col. Edmund Phinney's 31st Regt. of Foot. He
enlisted 8 May 1775 and served eight months near Boston.

'20 Oct. 1789 Lt John Stackpole of Biddeford, aged 81, deposed that
in 1758 he "went a soldiering up Saco River with Capt. Charles Gerrish."
— Records in the Registry of Deeds at Alfred, Me.


GEORGE GERRISH served three years in Capt. Blaisdell's
Co. Col. Wigglesworth's Regt.

JAMES GERRISH enlisted for three years in the same Co.
as his brother George and died in the service.

EBENEZER NEWELL was first Lieut, in Capi. Samuel
Dunn's Co. Col. Phinney's Regt. in 1775.

INCREy\SE BLETHEN was in Capt. Stephen Hart's Co.
Col. Jonathan Mitchell's Regt. He enlisted at Boston for town
of Royalsborough 6 Dec. 1777, for three years. Was promoted
Corporal in Capt. Smart's Co., Col. Calvin Smith's Regt. Was
at Valley F'orge 5 Feb. 1778. He had previously enlisted 29
Aug. 1776. He died in Phillips, Me.

JOLIN CHANDLER enlisted 8 June 1777 for three years.
Was in Capt. Hill's Co. Gen. Peterson's Regt. He also appears
in Capt. John Read's Co. Col. Ichabod Allen's Regt. Reported
as having died in May, 1778. He was son of Judah Chandler.

NATHAN LEWIS is repeatedly mentioned on the Town
Records as a soldier from Royalsborough. He is last named in
T787. His widow Sarah was supported by the town for some
years and died in 1801. Her daughter Sarah was also cared for
by the town. The latter died in 1806 and the town voted to give
her small property to her sisters. Barnabas Strout was allowed
$1 for digging her grave.

JOHN DAIN (spelled also Dane and Dean) was private in
Capt. James Patch's Co. which marched on the alarm of April
19, 1775, from Ipswich to Mystic. Length of service 4 days. He
also appears as private in Capt. James Mallor's Co., Lieut. Col.
Putnam's Regt. enlisting 18 Aug. 1781 and discharged 4 Dec.
1 78 1. Time of service 3 mos. 28 days.

JOSHUA JONES enlisted in 1778 for three years in Capt.
Hill's Co. Col. Vose's Regt.

JOHN VINING marched to Roxbury from Weymouth April
'^9> 1775- He is said to have served throughout the war.

PELATIAH WARREN was private in Capt. John Lane's
Co. Enlisted from No. Yarmouth 29 July 1775 ; discharged i
Nov. 1775. In list of pensioners he is accredited to Royals-
borough, which implies a subsequent re-enlistment.

BARTHOLOMEW REED of " Royalstown " was in Capt.


Richard Mayberry's Co., Col. Francis' Regt. in 1775. Served at
Dorchester. He was in Capt. Nathan Watkins' Co. ; Col.
Phinney's i8th Regt. from Dec. i, 1775 to Sept. 20, 1776.

EBENEZER DEAN of Royalsborough, 6 Dec. 1777, joined
Capt. Lane's Co., Col Alden's Regt. for three years. Reported

CARL McMANNERS enlisted from Royalsborough May
14, 1775 in Capt. John Worthley's Co., Col. Phinney's 31st Regt.

LEMUEL WELSH enlisted i Dec. 1775 in Capt. Nathan
Watkins' Co., Col. Phinney's i8th Continental Regt. Re-
enlisted 20 Nov. 1776. Was at Ticonderoga.

GEORGE GOODWIN was a Revolutionary pensioner
accredited to Royalsborough. " The last two years of the war
he was waiter to some General." The Mass. Archives mention a
George Goodwin who enlisted for three years for town of Brad-
ford. He was in the 6th Regt. from i Jan. 1778 to 31 Dec. 1782.
His receipt for bounty was dated 14 June 1782. He rec'd
clothing 3 Feb. 1784.

JOSHUA STROUT enlisted 9 July 1776 in Samuel Knight's
Co. of Falmouth and was stationed on the sea-coast for defense
of that town.

Other soldiers accredited to Royalsborough in list of
pensioners are DANIEL GREEN, afterwards of Readfield, and
JOSHUA DUNN, afterwards of Phillips.

A goodly number of Revolutionary soldiers from other towns
settled in Royalsborough soon after the war. Among them were.

JACOB SAWYER, enlisted from Cape Elizabeth and served
six months in Capt. Daniel Strout's Co. in 1775 and nine months
in Capt. Wilham Crockett's Co. in 1776, and again in Capt.
Joshua Jordan's Co. Col. Jonathan Mitchell's Regt. in the
Penobscot Expedition from July 7, to Sept. 25, 1779.

ISAAC TURNER enhsted for three years from No.
Yarmouth in Capt. Hill's Co. ; Col. Vose's Regt. Was a

CHRISTOPHER TRACY was private in Capt. Henry
Dyer's Co. Col. Foster's Regt. Served at Machias from Aug. to
Oct. 1777. Also private in Capt. Reuben Dyer's Co. on
Expedition against St. John from Oct. to Dec. 1777.


DANIEL HARMON was corporal in Capt. Samuel Whitte-
more's Co., Col. Reuben Fogg's Regt. of Mass. Bay Militia and
served at Peekskill, N. Y.

EBENEZER WOODBURY was in Capt. Richard Davis'
Co., Col. Joshua Wingate's Regt. stationed at Piscataqua Harbor
four months in 1775. Again he was in Capt. Jesse Page's Co.,
Col. Drake's Regt., enlisting 9 Sept. 1777, discharged 15 Dec.
1777. Took part in battle of Saratoga. The American forces
were drawn up in parallel lines facing inward, and Gens. Gates
and Burgoyne passed between arm in arm. It took over two
hours for the captured army to pass through, during which time
Woodbury gave his gim to a comrade and lay down and slept.
He was also private in Capt. Jacob Webster's Co. mustered at
Portsmouth, N. H., 23 Nov. 1775, a company of minute men
who served twenty-three days.

JOHN DOW enlisted from Gilmanton, N. H., at the age of
sixteen in Capt. Worthern's Co., Col. Mooney's Regt. Served
5 mos. 27 days in R. I.

ISAAC DAVIS appears in a descriptive list of the men
enlisted from Cumberland Co. for the term of nine months from
the time of their arrival at Fishkill. Age 20 yrs, stature 5 ft. 10
in. Complexion light. Residence, Scarborough. Belonging
to Capt. Larrabee's Co. Col. Fogg's Regt. Arrived at Fishkill
June 17, 1778. Mustered May 26 1778, of Gen. Thompson's
Brigade. Discharged March 17, 1779.

JAMES WAGG of Danville is given because the ancestor of
many who lived in Durham. He enlisted i Jan. 1776 in Capt.
Hart Williams' Co. Edmund Phinney's Regt. from Falmouth.
He served over four years in several re-enlistments. Was at
Valley Forge in 1778. During that year was in Capt. Sewall's
Co. Col. Sprout's Regt.

MARTIN ROURK was in a Picket Guard as early as May
23, 1775, having enlisted April 27, 1775. His first term of service
was 3 mos. 12 dys. Residence, Sudbury. He re-enlisted several
times, serving throughout the war. Was at Ticonderoga in
1776. Was Sergeant after 1777. Stature 5 ft. 4 in.
Complexion light. Eyes, gray. Is said to have acted as clerk.

JOEL RICHARDSON, born in Townsend, Mass. 22 Jan.
1758; enlisted from Topsham. Married 9 Dec. 1786 Lydia Babb.


Lived in Litchfield, and Durham, on lot 92, where he died and
was buried 20 Feb. 1827. Also his son Joel, b. 13 Aug. 1787,
died here in March 1838. He had seven other children. (See
Hist, of Litchfield.) Widow afterward lived in Guilford.

ELISHA STETSON was at Point Shirley, 13 June 1776, as
private in Capt. Nathaniel Winslow's Co., Col. Whitney's Regt.
Enlisted i May 1776. Service 7 mos. Again in Capt. Hayward
Pierce's Co., Col. Jeremiah Hall's Regt. Enlisted 2 Jan. 1777.
Service 2 mos. 10 days. Again in Capt. Pierce's Co., Col.
Theophilus Cotton's Regt. Enlisted 25 Sept. 1777. Service 10
mos. 6 days. Again, Corporal in Capt. Wm. Barker's Co., Col.
Cotton's Regt. Enlisted 6 Mch. 1781. Service 28 days.
Served principally in Rhode Island.

JOHN SCOTT was private in Capt. David Bradish's Co.,
Col. Phinney's Regt., enlisting 23 May 1775. Was also matross
in Capt. Abram Lowell's Co. at Falmouth Sept. i to Dec. 31,

ROBERT PLUMMER appears on a certificate dated 9 Oct.
1778 as mustered into Lt. Ethan Moore's Co. for three years.
He was matross in Capt. Joseph McLellan's Co. Service from
Nov. I, 1780 to May i, 1781, in the Artillery Corps at Falmouth.

WILLLVM TRUE was first Sergeant of Capt. Morrill's Co.
Col. Caleb Cushing's Regt. of Mass. Militia in 1775, and Lieut,
in Capt. Benj. Evans' Co. in 1776.

ROGER MERRILL was private in Capt. John Pearson's
Co., Lt. Col. Putnam's Regt. from Sept. 2 to Dec. 8, 1781.

JOHN STACKPOLE enlisted 23 Sept. 1779 in Capt. George
Rogers' Co., Col. Nathaniel Jordan's Regt. Discharged 23 Oct.
1779. Service at Falmouth.

JOHN LINCOLN was private, from Scituate, Mass., in
Capt. Nathaniel Winslow's Co., Col. John Thomas' Regt.
Enlisted May 3, 1775. Served 3 mos. 6 days.

ABRAHAM JORDAN of Cape Elizabeth was in Capt.
Joseph McLellan's Co. Artillery Corps, at Falmouth, Nov. 11,
1780 to May I, 1781. He died in Durham 18 April, 1835.

JOHN LINCOLN was private, from Scituate, Mass. in Capt.
Ebenezer Cook's Co. Enlisted May 3, 1775. Service 3 mos. 6
days. Re-enlisted several times for short terms of service.


JOSEPH WEEMAN enlisted from Cape Elizabeth in 1776.
VINCENT FICKETT was in Col. Phinney's i8th Regt.
Dec. 12, 1775 — Nov. 8, 1776.

JOHN SKINNER was in Capt. Samuel Dunn's Co., Col.
Phinney's 31st Regt., enlisting 24 April 1775.

SAMUEL PROCTOR enlisted from Falmouth. The
Pension Rolls say he died at Durham 12 March (29 Nov.)
1795. His widow, Joanna, married Mr. Thompson of Wayne.

JOHN McINTOSH appears in Capt. David Bradish's Co.,
Col. Phinney's 31st Regt., enlisting May 12, 1775 from Falmouth.

ELIJAH LITTLEFIELD was, m 1780, in Gen. Peleg
Wadsworth's command, as a deposition shows.

JOHN CUSHING. See Biog. Sketch.

REV. JACOB HERRICK. See Biog. Sketch.

Other Revolutionary soldiers who settled in Durham were
Joshua Snow, Matthew Duran, Jonathan Larrabee, Jonathan
Currier, Robert Getchell, Nathaniel Osgood, and Amos Knight.


There was a Training Band in Royalsborough as early as
1778. Who the officers were can not be told. From the roster in
the Adjt.-General's Office in Boston it is learned that July i, 1781,
O. Israel Bagley was commissioned Captain, Ebenezer Newell
1st Lieut., and Nathaniel Gerrish 2d Lieut. These held office
till 1797. In his Account Book already mentioned Bagley gives
the names of the men who formed his military company,
specifying who had a musket, bayonet, etc. They were evidently
very poorly equipped. The date of Bagley's Muster Roll is
March 23, 1787. The following are the names enrolled. "The
soldiers under command of Capt. Bagley " were voted $10 per
month if called into service, Aug. 28, 1794.

In 1826 William Newell Jr., organized a company of light
infantry called the Cumberland Guards, whose uniform was a
red coat and white pants. This organization continued about a
dozen years under several Captains. About the same time
Durham had a company of Cavalry commanded first by Paul
Douglass and later by Abel Tracy.




Captain. O. Israel Bagley.
I St Lieut., Ebenezer Newell.
2nd Lieut., Nathaniel Gerrish.
Sergeant, George Gerrish.
Sergeant, John Randall.
Sergeant, Joshua Snow.
Sergeant, John Vining.
Corporal, Isaac Davis.
Corporal, Jacob Sawyer.
Corporal, Joseph York.
Corporal, Benjamin Vining.


Enoch Bagley
William Blake,
Jonathan Currier,
John Gushing,
John Gushing, 3d,
Josiah Day,
Joseph Davis,
Joseph Dean
Matthew Duran,
David Dyer,
Micah Dyer
Henry Farr, Jr.
John Farrar,
Hugh Getchell
Joseph Getchell
Nathaniel Getchell
Robert Getchell,
Robert Plummer
Stephen Randall
Benjamin Roberts
Vincent Roberts
William Roberts
Samuel Tracy,
Christopher Tracy,
Solomon Tracy,

George Goodwin,
Sam'l Goodwin, Jr.
James Hibbard,
William Hoyt,
Elijah Jones,
Joshua Jones,
Nathan Lewis,
Lemuel McGray,.
John Mcintosh,
Roger Merrill
Jeremiah Mitchell
John Mitchell.
John Monroe,,
Aaron Osgood
Nathan [iel] Osgood.
James Parker
John Parker
Joseph Parker,
Pelatiah Warren
John Wagg,
Nathaniel Ware
Joseph Weeman
Samuel Wells,,
Edward Welsh,^
Edmund Weston,,



Abel True,
Jonathan True,
Bela Vining,
Samuel York.

John Gushing, Esq.,
Henry Farr,
Charles Gerrish, Esq.,
William Gerrish,
Samuel Goodwin,
John Hoyt,
Ezekiel Jones,
James Mars,

Stephen Weston,
John Winslow,
Ebenezer Woodbury,

Alarm List.

William McGray,
John Parker,
Samuel Ray,
Ebenezer Roberts,
Charles Stetson,
Joshua Strout,
William True,
Benjamin Vining.


Nearly all of these served as Ensigns and Lieutenants before
being promoted to the captaincy, and so their names are not
repeated in the lists to follow. '

1781. O. Israel Bagley, 1829.

1797. Nathaniel Gerrish, 1830.

1701. Abel Stoddard, 1834.

1806. Joshua Snow, ^^35-

1809-15. William Webster, 1836.

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